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The Box by Fashionsta July 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the July 2020 The Box By Fashionsta! (Thanks for the heads up, Inge!)

The Box By Fashionsta is a monthly beauty box brought to you by online beauty store, Fashionsta, for $24.99/month with free shipping. Each box will include 5-7 full-size makeup, skincare, and other self-care products. They seem to focus on smaller indie brands that may be new to you, so it’s a great way to discover companies that haven’t blown up in popularity yet. They also have The Box For Men ($29.99/month) as well as a mystery box that costs $40 as an add-on with a subscription or $50 as a one-time purchase.

The July box will include:

Moonslice Beauty Moonshine Super-Fruit Facial Oil – $25

The Beauty Crop Sungazing Palette – $25

Fig+Yarrow Eyebright Coffee Bean Eye Cream – $36

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Subscription Box: The Box By Fashionsta

The Cost: $24.99/month w/ free U.S. shipping (Internationally for $65.00 USD/month w/ free shipping)

The Products: 5-7 full-size makeup and skincare products.

Ships to: The U.S. and worldwide for free

Good to Know: They just increased their monthly price from $19.99 to $24.99 starting in January 2020. If you subscribed before January, you are locked into the old price.

Also Good to Know: With each purchase, Fashionsta donates makeup, beauty, and self-care items to 1736 Family Crisis Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving vulnerable community members in the greater Los Angeles area.

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The Box By Fashionsta

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Comments (27)

  1. I want to make an honest post, I have been wanting to say this for awhile. I use to sale on EBay for years, but quit a few years back, as it just got to be too much.
    Some people get subscription boxes and turn it into a profit. I have a friend who buys 4 Boxycharm’s and spends 100’s at the pop-up sells and makes quite the profit, plus her products she keeps are basically free. I know many people who do this, it is the reason in my opinion, they should limit how many of each item you can buy at the pop-up.
    Subscription’s like this one with up and coming brands are not as profitable as established wanted brands.
    This subscription is for people who actually enjoy trying new products.
    There is no law against reselling what is in your boxes, but you should not cut a box down simply because you can’t make a profit off of it.

  2. Oh, my such hostility towards this box. I got my first box this month, I loved the products every single one. No, I don’t think they were cheap junk. Cheap junk is that 24k crap boxycharm sent that was like a sticky gel.
    The pallet had beautiful pigmented shades, I bought some glitter glue and put just a tad bit of glitter in inner corner of my eyes, I loved the look, even at 56 it was wearable.
    The sunscreen stick was great and chunky smelled wonderful.
    I loved that moon slice oil it smelled wonderful.
    I really love this box and trying little known brands.
    That is why I buy beauty boxes to try new products unfamiliar to me. Beauty boxes were not really meant to restock your supply it was meant to try and sample new things.

  3. I enjoy this box usually, my only concern this month is that my Fig and Yarrow eye cream is brown, it’s supposed to be white.

    • It’s coffee bean eye cream, i think that’s why it’s that clor, it also looks that coffee color on their website

  4. To Jamie- you are incorrect. the 2 items in the MB were FREE because they were running late with shipping the mystery box that month. So no, nobody got 2 items and paid $49.99 they got 2 free items + full mystery box later on that month. I also have been from the box since last June and not sure why you are so hostile where you can just cancel if this is not for you. I personally love the skincare and don’t care about the makeup which makes this my perfect box.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I’ll give it a try!

  6. I love this box!!! I love getting skin care cause it’s good to take care of it no matter how old you are. I enjoy getting new palettes and trying new looks also. I have got a lot of interesting products from this box and have found some really good brands. The price is really good for the products we receive. I have tried many other subscription boxes and this is one I get excited about every month.

  7. Ugh how many skincare items do we need?? And the pallette with pressed glitters are cheap and unusable unless you’re like 13 and just started playing around with makeup.
    They are not a new box at this point and should be networking with bigger brands. These so called “indie brands” are not legitimate indie brands. They are just the cheapest things you can buy from China.
    It’s not cool my subscription addiction censors and holds back posts on this subscription. Especially when people that pay money monthly have a opinion or thoughts…

    • The skincare does pile up, doesn’t it? I am a total eye cream junkie though so I can’t say no when I get the chance to try a new one. Really not into any glitters or metallics. I gift or trade most of the palettes I get.

    • I mean Fig and Yarrow is from Colorado and Kaliedosoaps is from Brooklyn. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t work for this sub, nor do I subscribe to it, actually– just considering it, but this post seems oddly hostile. Also, this is a skincare subscription. If you don’t want it, don’t subscribe.

      • Carrie,
        Fig and yarrow isnt really my kind of brand. If you google their bussiness, it even says the bussiness is “permanently closed” once again, I guess it’s a true indie brand, over the cheap china based junk they send. They like to send things in a glass bottle and want to act like it’s so fancy and nice. I’d rather have crap packaging and a brand I recognize and heard of vs random junk I’m not interested in and can’t buy or won’t buy. I dont get sub boxes and then just “move on” to the next month. I LOVE to get decent things that has a good chance of working and if it does, or I like the formula I will check out more from that brand, or try other things.
        I LOVE and collect eyeshadow pallettes. Sadly, they can send great brands in “mystery boxes” but can’t send them in monthly women’s box. I spend money on my skin care and makeup. Like this pallette, is junk. Its cheaply made, but I can say it’s a brand I’ve heard of. But they sent a matte lipstick from this brand not too long ago, but the sad thing was boxy and ipsy and other boxes sent the same matte lipstick down to the same color YEARS AGO. Like they want to cheap out on the monthly women boxes every month, without a gem in the mix . I’ve tried to support them since they started, but it’s still at the same kinda junky brands/items it started with. At least the second month I got a sigma baking brush (I dont bake) but I liked the brand and brush so much I have bought many sigma sets now. That is the ONLY thing in over a year and a half almost this box has “introduced ” me too. The rest is just stuff I find myself giving away or if no one wants it, I just leave it at random places in Hope’s someone comes along and can use it…but at some point you realise you’ve wasted a lot of money to support a smaller company, then wait around for it to grow and they said they would send better items the longer they go, and you see the, send out good decent name brands and known brands for other boxes, yet don’t for the regular it gets bad.
        I’ve had broken pallettes that have never been replaced, had moldy cdb “butt scrub” I gave as a gift from the November box (talk about embarrassing, and many others online talked about having this issue as well) .

      • Hostile?? Lololol. Um, okay. But no, it’s not a “skincare” box. It’s supposed to be a mix. I’ve been with them since the 2nd box. Nothing “hostile” about telling my own experience with this box, and my opinions. Especially since I have been subbed to it from the start. I like to support new companies and they said “stay with us and we will get better with time and as the “brand grows” okay, no biggie, then instead of improving on the box, they add mystery boxes, supposed surprise sales (but o ly select few was able to get on there), then a men’s box, etc. Yet they never I proved on the quality of the items in the original box itself. If you look online on youtube people were paying 49.99 for a mystery box and only receiving 2 items. Then they raise their price, okay…so that means better items like they said?? Nope. Same quality of items. Then covid hit and they ask people to bare with them..okay, so you feel bad and do, they paused for a month to get caught up…cool. but then you keep seeing not so good items, after you were loyal and stayed with them…at some pii t, instead of adding on sooo much, please work on what’s there. You start getting broken items, moldy items, forgotten items in boxes , having to track down your box every month in order to wonder why you havent got it(even though yes they ship late in the month, that’s cool because it’s at a slow time and always fun to get items) then you realise its into the next month and you have to bother them to get you box (this is the first month I got tracking already so that’s great!!) But then you realise you’re giving more away then you’re using, and then you can’t give away combined with everything else…its about time to cancel for me.
        I was so excited for this box, and then wanting to build and support a new box, but then combined with everything else, its frustrating. Go to the Facebook group and everyone is excited items are in a glass jar and cute packaging but okay with iffy brands. Then the other experiences…
        I’m allowed to come on here and state my experience, just like you are and then replied and I typed back. I’m not being rude or hostile at all. Just responding to you. Go ahead and try it. You may enjoy it, but I know I try many boxes and I spend thousands on makeup and skincare outside of boxes as well, I guess I’m upset for believing in what the hype was for the new box and then told by the owner to wait a few months until they got going and they would have better makeup and skincare brands and it’s been over a year and they just added more. Heck, to be honest, the men boxes look better then the other boxes. Lol. But since they came out saying they were going to be better then ipsy and boxycharm, I expected better products (even eventually 6/7mths down the line) and it’s never happened. And then gifting a moldy box to a friend (and you can Google that month and read reddit and other places, my box I gave her wasnt the only moldy one and it was all the cbd booty scrub having issues) they didnt replace or fix it either.
        By all means try it and see if you like it…for me and my money, I’m about to the point where I will be done because I was hoping for so much more and very excited by what they were going to do and I think they just got in over their heads to be honest.

    • Jamey- I agree with you 100%. There are 2 types of ‘indie’ brands. The ones most commonly found in beauty boxes are just relabeled made in China finds or cheap private label manufactured goods. These indie brands are just people who are looking to make money. I always cringe when their ‘about us’ info section is like I’ve been in IT for 23 years but I love makeup. True indie brands create their products. The rest are just marketing professionals looking to use their skills to market to naive people. Oh and yes this glitter palette is hideous.

      • Stephanie,

        I’m glad you get it. It seems this box sends the same things over and over. I would LOVE true INDIE makeup. But this isnt it. I’ve subbed with them for a while now and they kept saying it would “get better” and better names as they grew. I have only got 1 named brand item decent items which was a sigma brush, which then lead me to buy 3 different Sigma brush sets, but that was over a year ago. It just gets frustrating because I would rather have a couple good items over junk random junk. They seem to think because the container is glass that it means it’s amazing and fancy.
        I try boxes to try good brands, name brands or indie because I will then buy more from said brand if I get it and it works for me. And I know this was new and kept waiting for it to get better, and then the plauge hit, so I want to support smaller relative new bussiness but I decided I’m only giving it another month or two and then I’m done. I just can’t wait around anymore for this box to be interesting. On the other hand, the men boxes seem really good, and they had “mystery ” boxes that actually had brand name products in them, but they don’t send it in the monthly womens box.

    • Jamey- There is no skincare from China the Box, not sure where you get info from. Fig and Yarrow is from U.S., made in Denver; Moonshine is made in California, Habit multi cream is made in California, Sunblock stick is made in Korea.
      Also your comment about people only getting 2 items in mB- that is just not true. those were 2 free items that they sent to everyone who had Mystery Box because of the delay in shipping that month, which means people got their full Mystery Box with 5 items + 2 free items. Last Mystery Box included Fenty pallet by Rihanna so i really don’t know what you are talking about.

      • No, there was nothing from China in the box, there was one lovely Korean Sunblock stick.

  8. This has nothing to do with the box or the products but my brain is exploding from seeing that plant 🌱 that is not in the ground or a pot!!!! Somebody please put it back!!!! 😂

  9. Looks like a great box. I just subbed 😉

  10. That pallet is up my ally so I subscribed, been trying out 2 or 3 new boxes a month, looking for a few keepers!

  11. I’m thinking of cancelling Ipsy, which has honestly been a huge disappointment, and going for this instead.

  12. The Fig and Yarrow toner we got several months ago from Fashionsta is one of my favorites (smells like neroli oil). The packaging is nice, too (glass with a nice mister).

  13. Looks good. If I weren’t on eye palette overload, I’d probably sub! 😂

    (The bathroom where I used to keep all my makeup is being remodeled… when it’s done, it will have a shower in it! Yay for being clean, bad for palettes that can retain moisture & grow mold! Right now all my palettes are in a cardboard box… no idea where I’m going to put them!)

    • You can go to walmart, or menards and get the “shelf ” type frame that has white, black, grey, and it has 4, 6 or 12 pike “chubby holes” and you just buy those fold out material/cloth type storage type things and put them in that clubby holes and you can even get a couple and screw them together or put them side by side and pick out whatever colors of the storage things and also switch it up.
      So in trying to describe this and figure out what exactly they are…just google “cube storage organizer” that will give you ideas of what I’m trying to explain here. Lol. But they are super nice to put pallettes and other makeup stuff and be somewhat organized, but also look nice and for a reasonable price and you can always switch up the storage pop up things and change colors, styles etc if you want to jazz things up later on down the road.
      I’m in the process of getting my back bedroom drywalled, and the old plaster taken out, so I feel your pain. I have 100’s of pallettes I now consider myself a collector and not a horder… hahaha

  14. This is my first box with them, and I’m looking forward to trying brands I haven’t used before.

  15. I am really enjoying discovering new brands with this box. I do wish they would send fewer warm-toned eyeshadow palettes. The skincare has been great. I love facial oils and the oil in this box will be the third oil since I subbed in January 2020. I just started facial cupping, so I use the oil for that.

    • How did you do facial cupping without getting the skin red?
      I have the facial cupping tools from Bombay & Cedar and people’s views are mixed.
      Thank you!

      • Inge, you have to experiment a bit with facial cupping, for sure. The key is to use enough oil so the cups slide easily over your skin, and to keep the cups moving. That said, I don’t think you can avoid ending a cupping session without getting a little pink. You are stimulating your skin and blood vessels. Cupping is a before-bedtime activity only! I’m pretty new to it still so the jury is still out on the results you get. Hoping to reduce puffiness. I have a facial cup I bought during a recent Sephora sale.

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