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Tarte Cosmetics Create Your Own Beauty Kit Review – June 2020

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 box

tarte recently had a Create Your Own Beauty Kit sale that let you pick 7 items of your choice: 6 full-size makeup items (in your choice of shade), plus a makeup bag for $63!

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 packaging

Your choices were limited to select offerings, and one per category, but there were a ton of items and shade options to choose from!

 This box is no longer available for sale.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 all items

About this Create Your Own Beauty Kit

The Box: tarte Create Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63.00 + free US shipping

The Products: 7 full-size items of your choice.

Ships to: The US for free

tarte Create Your Own Custom Beauty Kit June 2020 Review

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 order summary

Here’s the list of what items I picked this time around.


Pink Zipper Makeup Pouch – Estimated Value $10 (based on similar items)

There are always a few different designs to choose from during this sale, and I picked this hot pink zipper pouch! I snagged it because I thought the wristlet and extra zipper pocket in the front would be practical. I think I could use this for lots of different things, and it’s big enough for everything in my box to fit in it (except for the moisturizer; you’ll see that that’s a big jar). I can definitely see using this for pens or as a grab bag of my items in my diaper bag, or something like that as well.


Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Retail Value $23

I got this mascara in my November tarte kit, but I got it again because I love it! The silicone wand really helps to separate, lengthen, and define my lashes. The formula is very opaque and I haven’t had any real issues with smudging under my eyes by the end of the day.


tarte Crystal Creme Lip Crayon in Creativity – Retail Value $24

These lip crayons are new to me, but I’m really happy with them! This shade is called Creativity and is a pink mauve color. The formula is creamy but still on the drier side, which helps it be longer-lasting. You can see this swatched below. I really like this product! I love trying new things from tarte.


tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Exposed – Retail Value $29

Okay, guys, if you’ve read my reviews of tarte’s kits before, you may know that my holy grail blush is this Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed. It is a nude pink and I cannot tell you how perfect the shade is (also swatched below). It works on any skin tone and looks so natural – it’s hard to overdo! Plus it blends easily and stays put. When I worked at Sephora, I sold this baby to just about every person who walked in the door, because I love it that much.


Face Tape Foundation, 8S – Retail Value $39

Of course, I had to grab tarte’s newest foundation! This is Face Tape, named after their cult best-selling product, their Shape Tape concealer. This foundation is definitely full-coverage! I think it does a good job of what tarte advertises: full coverage without the full feel. It feels natural on my skin and, even with my dry complexion, it doesn’t look flaky or weirdly textured, just a pretty natural finish. They also have a large number of color and undertone shades, which is great. It stayed solid throughout the day, too, and I didn’t notice any patches that had worn off by the end of the day.

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 swatches 1

Here’s the lip crayon, foundation, and blush swatched.

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 moisturizer

Baba Bomb Moisturizer – Retail Value $39

This is another new release from tarte, a moisturizer! As I previously said, my complexion is dry so I need my moisturizers to put in a lot of work for me. I’ve only used this moisturizer for a couple of days now, but I am excited about it. The first thing that’s cool about it is the packaging: after removing the lid, you press the top down and the perfect amount of moisturizer comes out for you to swipe and apply to your face. The vegan formula feels rich, smooth, and really packs some hydration goodness into my skin. This is my new favorite!


Sugar Rush “Keep Calm, Sunnies On” Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $25 (found here for $15.97)

This Sugar Rush palette is adorable. It features 8 eyeshadow colors, all warm-toned plus a glittery blue. I really like the way all of the colors go together well, and adding a pop contrasting blue can make your look really playful. Perfect for summer. The formula is a little powdery, but the pigmentation is solid. For the more glittery shades, I recommend pressing it onto your lid with your brush more than sweeping it across to help precision and prevent fallout.

Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit June 2020 eye shadow palette swatches

Here, I’ve swatched each of the eyeshadows.


Here I am, wearing everything I got in my kit! On my eyes, I used Summer Love eyeshadow all over, Spring Break in my crease, and Pool Party blended on my outer corners. I love the coverage and finish of the foundation, and the lip color seems flattering and easy to wear anywhere. The blush looks natural, and the mascara really helps me get the length and separation I like for my lashes.

The Verdict: These tarte Create Your Own Kits are not to be missed! They’re one of my all-time favorite beauty box releases of the year (they release twice – usually in May and November). It’s refreshing to have them offer your choice of each category rather than having it be a total mystery like typical subscription boxes, and that I can choose to use the discount to try new-to-me tarte products so I’m not risking paying full-price, or can take the opportunity to stock up on favorite products. And they’re all full-size! The value is fantastic for the products you get. This box cost me $63 including free shipping, and my items add up to a retail value of about $179, or ~$190 if you include the bag. I am absolutely happy with that, especially because I got to try some new products from a brand I know I love.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you order today? No, tarte only offers these Create Your Own Kits twice a year! Last year, their second kit of the year was released in November so keep an eye out around then for the next one.

Value Breakdown: At $63 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Bag: $3.33
  • Mascara: $7.60
  • Lip Crayon: $8
  • Blush: $9.67
  • Foundation: $13
  • Moisturizer: $13
  • Eye palette: $8.33

Alternatively, the $63 breaks down into $9 per item.

Check out all of our tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory for more makeup boxes!

What do you think about the tarte Build Your Own Beauty Kit this time around? What did you get?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (29)

  1. I haven’t caught a (makeup) review from you in so long. You and Ragan are too of my favorite reviewers!

    • *two. Autocorrect sabotaged me.

    • Oh, gosh, Morgan that made my day! I had cut back on the number of boxes I review each month while I figure out life with this 3rd baby, so it’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup review! Thank you for your sweet words! 😀

  2. This is first year I actually did it but I made pretend bags for years This year I think selections were much better. I got the Fall Feels palette finally a palette with color! Plus it includes a blush which is good since I didn’t want to waste a choice on blush. I got a pressed face powder instead My foundation choice was powder airbrush foundation , I also got eyelash curler since I hardly wear mascara, I got sugar rush moisturizer since I only use scented skin care. Lip gloss in Slay , and I picked white sequin bag which turns gold when you move hand over it. Unlike others my bag took over week to get to me.

  3. I haven’t worn makeup for months, especially foundation or BB cream, seems pointless right now! I will wear the occasional eyebrow, liner, mascara combo. Was just telling my friend that I don’t know how I’ll go back to normal life, wearing makeup, real pants, styling my hair, and gasp…working again!

  4. I love the Baba Bomb moisturizer! I have two backups now that it was an option in the Tarte kit. The dispenser protects the more fragile/unstable ingredients from degrading. I think it’s a steal for what is really more of a high end moisturizer. Honestly never thought I’d have a skin care holy grail from Tarte!

  5. I really loved my box except for the foundation! It was way too yellow for my skin tone plus way too light for my skin ton, although I followed their “perfect match”
    I know they had that whole issue with not having a big range of shades/tones for women of color when they came out with the Shape Tape foundation

    I am medium-tan, sad that it didn’t work for me

    • Did u match it to your chest & not your face? I’m Mac N47 & had to play around w/ their shape tape foundation until finding the perfect 1. Always thought I had yellow undertones bt found neutral to look wayyyy better! I hate it didn’t work for u bc I realllyyyy Love this foundation.

      • I bought it online through the tarte build your bag deal, I wasn’t able to go to the store because our Sephora’s and ulta are still closed

  6. I got the tinted moisturizer and I actually really like it. I also got bronzer, the Big Ego mascara (love), a brush (sold), the brow gel (also love), and a lip gloss. I am always happy with these. The last time I stocked up on powder!

  7. Haley, everything always looks so nice on you! I love your reviews!

    Like others have said, I received my box 2 days after I ordered it, and I was shocked at the speed (go Tarte!).

    I ordered the Foundcealer, Hamptons contour palette, PRO to go palette, Pout lip exfoliant, Maneater Mascara, Bella Baba Bomb Moisturizer and the snakeskin bag

    Due to a mixup I actually ended up with 2 of the Maneater mascaras. 😲

    • You lucked out! I absolutely love Maneater Mascara!

    • Thank you, Jenn! And yay for an extra mascara! 🙂

  8. I loved my kit. I also got the moisturizer, but haven’t tried it yet. I read some reviews on Sephora (yeah… buy first, read reviews later… maybe not the best order of things, lol) that said it was pretty heavy, and I really prefer a lighter moisturizer in the summer. Anyone else who got the moisturizer want to weigh in on whether it’s heavy or not? (See what I did there? “weigh in” on whether something is “heavy”? Yeah, I crack myself up sometimes…)

    • Lol on weighing in! It’s a bit heavy as I tend to have oily skin. However, using a light hand it’s fine! It’s great on the back of my hands, too. Whatever I use on my face, I use on my hands.

    • Sherri, I think the moisturizer might feel a little on the heavier side for someone who’s skin doesn’t need a lot of hydration. However it doesn’t feel heavy or anything on my face. I really think the main thing is to start with less and see how it works for your skin. The top pushes down to dispense a portion for use, but honestly even for me it’s a lot of cream. Don’t pump it all the way down. Use less, and see if that feel right. Hope that helps!

  9. Haley I absolutely love your reviews!

    • Thank you so much, Kristin!

  10. I absolutely loved my box and mine was delivered in just two days somehow! That Face Tape foundation is so good! The only thing I would change is the body care item I chose, it’s body glitter and it’s just nowhere as good as I thought it would be but I’m happy with everything else, such a wonderful deal. I cannot wait till the next one!

  11. I loved three out my seven choices! The Baja Bomb moisturizer is nice, and the electric pink bag is classy. I ordered Big Ego mascara by mistake; I even tried to order a second bag so I could get the lash primer I wanted, but by then all the cute makeup bags were gone …

    and it turns out I’m loving that mascara! It’s the most natural-looking, non-smudging one I’ve tried in years.

    As for the rest – all my life I’ve thought I had a neutral skin tone, but the 16N foundation I got doesn’t work for me; it needs more pink.

    I was in the mood for fun and impulsively ordered brighter shades than I usually wear for blush (Amazonian Clay Natural Beauty), eyeshadow (Rainforest of the Sea Shady Beach), and lip paint (Cheerleader). At my age (67), they looked so garish and gaudy that I can’t even bear to wear them alone in the house! Anyone know how to sanitize makeup so I can give them to my 33-year-old daughter?

    Looking forward to ordering this bag again next time it’s offered, now that I’ve learned a few lessons.

    • Aww Irene, I am sure you look beautiful in the colors and honestly age really shouldn’t prevent you from using certain colors or makeup items, especially if they are applied sparingly! I hope you give it another go and maybe if you focus on one thing like maybe first try out just a the eye color in shady beach that you got and then everywhere else you can use your usual colors, then the next time do the same with the lippie? I don’t know, just a thought as you might end up liking it that way!

    • Try mixing the lippie with another color that is normally too light, they may blend well. The blush you can sanitize by spraying with hydrogen peroxide.

    • I would be happy to swap for the 16N foundation! If you list it, I’ll request!

    • Hi Irene,
      I love it when women of any age wear bright colours! For myself, so long as my teeth are looking white and pearly, I’m down for magenta, red, you name it. I am sure you looked lovely in those colours even if it might take a single blot and then a couple of days to get used to being a little brighter. That said, if you want to disinfect any powder makeup, just spritz it with rubbing alcohol and leave to dry overnight. Perfect! Solid lipsticks just need their ends cut off with a knife. Unfortunately I don’t know any nifty disinfection tricks for a liquid lip though.

  12. Great review!

    I did what I usually do and created a bag but never purchased lol. Maybe next time since I love their blush and mascara!

    • That’s what I’ve always done…created a bag then never ordered it. Until this one; I finally pulled the trigger and love what I got: the moisturizer, Lights, Camera, Lashes Flamingo edition, Amazonian Clay powder foundation, blush in blissful, some sparkly lipstick, and sparkly turquoise eyeshadow.

      • I got the blush in Blissful as well – I absolutely LOVE it, don’t you?! You can go in light and have just a perfect hint of pink, or use a bit of a heavy hand for a nice flushed look. Every single day I feel so happy when I’m putting that blush on! And my Foundcealer in 16B is such a good match that you can’t even tell I’m wearing it, which I suppose is a good thing, right? I’ve never had such a perfectly matched foundation in my life. It’s crazy. And the baba bomb moisturizer – don’t get me started on how obsessed I am with THAT! I’m already planning my next bag for November because I have fallen hard for tarte, let me tell you. I mean, their Park Ave Princess bronzer, other blush colors, AND their Amazonian clay mascara are all HG products for me but now I’m all in!

  13. Loved my box! This deal was so worth it! 🙌😊

  14. I loved everuthing i selected. I got the moisturizer as well. The dispenser is great. I have a Glowbiotic product that dispenses this way and it’s perfect. This Tarte event is one I try not to miss.

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