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JourneeBox Grand Canyon Box Customization Open Now + Spoiler #7!

FYI –  the Grand Canyon JourneeBox customization is open and we have a new spoiler!

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.

COUPON: Use code FIRSTBOX! to save $10 off your first box!

Here are the customization options:

A 16 oz food grade, glass water bottle with a silicon sleeve for a solid grip on the trail. Your choice of three colors – Slate Gray, Cloud Gray, or Pink Lemonade.

Choose between two canyon inspired colors of these stylish biodegradable earrings — either Rust Cliff Face or River Rapids.

Back by popular demand, our terra-cotta inspired North Rim Vase.


A Suede Lariat with Chain Tassels (Brown, Pink, Black, and Blue color ways)

Note: If you select the vase as your third customization your box will ship in September. 

Your box will also include:

Straw Hat


Redwall Canyon Candle


Journee to the Grand Canyon. While we are all chilling at home, take a trip with the latest JourneeBox as we tour the Grand Canyon.

After your morning hike, break out your picnic fixings and cleanse your hands with our moisturizing wipes. Featuring aloe vera, essential oils, and 70% isopropyl alcohol these wipes are a good companion wherever your Journee takes you.

What do you think of the spoilers? What are you picking?

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

Check out our JourneeBox reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


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Comments (53)

  1. I am so excited to receive my first box. I do admit that I have had some difficulty figuring out exactly what to do about choices. I decided to just let Journey decide. At 80 Years confusion comes often and is also often ignored. Again I am excited this is my first subscription box.

    • Hello Jonita,

      Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you place your customization order for the upcoming Grand Canyon Box!


  2. I just tried to order from Canada but the shipping menu had no option but the US. It’s too bad because that candle is beautiful.

  3. Is there a coupon code for a first time member? I was supposed to take a trip in an rv this Summer with the family. Grand Canyon was a scheduled stop. Had to cancel the trip due to sickness, and finances from missed work. I am taking the family to a local camp ground (in a tent toward end of of August) and want to surprise them with things I am trying to gather from places we were supposed to go. This box looks amazingly worth it, but budget is so tight right now. If anyone has a code to save some money I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Hi Leah, if you visit their website you’ll be offered a $10 off coupon.

      • Thank you ver much

  4. what great service ! Due to demand more brown lariats have been added!! you can change your choice if you chose a different one because the brown wasn’t available. they sent an email to subscribers noting that w a link to change. I’d email them if you didn’t get their message and want to chance your color choice.

    • For anyone who has changed your choice to the brown lariat, I’m wondering if you received a confirmation e-mail after requesting the change? I’m just curious. I can understand if the system doesn’t automatically confirm such a rare option. Has any sub box company ever cared so much about their subscriber’s satisfaction and experience?!? I think not!

      • I didn’t use the link to change my selection to the brown lariat. I just went back in with my original customization code and just redid all my selections and I got a email confirming my selections quickly.

      • Hi Leslie, I tried your suggestion and received a confirmation. However, when I checked my account online it showed TWO orders for the Canyon Box. It appears my order was not actually changed…it was added as a separate second order. Uh oh! I’m an annual subscriber so luckily I wasn’t billed for it. I reached out to CS via email to let them know. Hopefully your change went through okay but you may want to login to your account just to be sure.

      • Hi Everyone,

        Regarding the brown lariat change, please follow the link in the email and complete the form. We will use that list to manually change your original order. Please don’t submit a new customization order because that will require us to cancel an order and adjust inventory. Likewise, since it is not a new order, you will not get a confirmation email about your change until your order is ready to ship. If you did not get the email about how to make the change, please email [email protected] and we can provide it. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, we finally have nice weather here on the lodge.

      • Thanks so much, Kevia! You and your team are amazing!!

      • Elle, sorry for giving you incorrect advice. I emailed customer service and they are deleting my other orders. Glad Kevia posted that the change for brown lairit can only be done through the link to end any further confusion.

      • No worries, Leslie! 😃

  5. I am new to this subscription and the Grand Canyon box will be my first. So far, I am beyond impressed with CS and how hard the company is working to actually listen to its subscribers and adjust to give them what they want to the extent possible. We all need to recognize that this is a tough time to be a small business trying to get a stock of one thing from one place, another thing from another place, etc., all on time (the supply chain is still impacted in pretty much every industry). I was so disappointed when they announced the vase wasn’t going to be in the box, particularly because the lariat isn’t “me,” but I understood. Then they offered the option to get the vase for those of us who were disappointed – that’s really awesome IMHO. Yes, I will wait longer to get my box but that is my choice and one I’m fully comfortable with. Then people were disappointed that the brown lariat was sold out… so what did they do? Make arrangements to get more, and to give subscribers careful instructions on how to change up their customization if they wanted the brown lariat but couldn’t get it originally. There are other sub boxes (I won’t name names, lol) that have promised, for example, that every subscriber will get X, and then when they switched to every subscriber “may” get X and didn’t fulfill their initial promise, it was too bad, and CS wouldn’t even respond to an email about it, or if they did it was 2 weeks later with a response from a bot.

    I’ve seen a lot of people raising concerns about the box, the lack of communication, etc. and yes, some of it is justified. But this is the only box I’ve seen bend over backwards to comb through the comments on various posts on MSA and respond to them, to strive to be more transparent when that was needed, and even further still to rework their plans to accommodate and make subscribers happy. That goes a long way with me, and so far I am super happy with this box, its theme, its contents, and with the people behind it and all their hard work. I’d much rather have a company have some hiccups and growing pains while weathering a global pandemic but learn and grow from it and bust their behinds to make sure subscribers are happy, than a company that just sends their subscribers whatever and has abysmal CS and clearly isn’t terribly concerned with customer happiness. So kudos to Kevia and her team for taking constructive (and frankly, sometimes not so constructive) criticism and striving to do better and better. I definitely make the right choice subscribing to this box and I look forward to all that it has to offer.

    Ok, I will shut up now, lol.

    • Thumbs up! I agree! Kevia and her Journeebox team has been as transparent as they can with updates on their process and their customer service is always so good! I’m annual with them and can’t wait to get more of their boxes!

    • Well said!! Thanks for taking the time to craft and share such a thoughtful message. I agree with you completely.

    • All this!
      Since I subbed to this box last year I have nothing but help from the team. And the email they send last night proved they are just even more amazing, like helping people get that lariat they wanted. And I second how other boxes will just give you what’s left.

    • Yep, Ms. Kevia and her staff are awesome. All it takes is one call and it’s obvious that the work culture is one of peace and making the customer happy. It’s as plain and simple as that. Way to go, Kevia! You’ve got this!

    • All that and more, Sherri!

    • Totally agree!

  6. So… I’m confused again! (haha!)

    You get a choice of the vase or the lariat as option #3, but then everyone gets the hat and a lariat as well? So if you choose the lariat as an option you’ll get two and if you choose the vase you’ll still get a hat and a lariat (but not your choice of color)? Or if you choose the vase will you just be getting a plain hat?

    • It’s a very confusing post, one of the most confusing I’ve ever seen on MSA. The issue is that they are combining customization and spoilers in a numbered list. I cant figure out how many items are in the box. Spoiler 4 is not listed, whatever that is, or would it be customization four? Or maybe there isn’t a spoiler four and the numbering is just off. They are talking about SPOILER 6, the lariat, as if everyone gets it, but it’s a choice item. That’s why it’s listed as CUSTOMIZATION number 3 just above it. So no I don’t think you get two lariats, or even one if you choose the vase instead! But I get why you are confused, as am I. My explanation of this jumbled mess probably doesn’t make sense either. Luckily the box looks worth it.

      • I am also so confused. This is my 1st box and have been pretty excited about it, until the last few weeks. I never got the email they sent explaining the vase and hat, I had to find it myself. Now I can’t figure out what other items are in the box other than items I picked. I am sure this is a great box and people seem to really love Kevia, but also I’ve been a member of msa for years and have never read reviews like some on this box lately (not accusing, but it seems fishy that with the poor communication and delays there would be such glowing comments) Also my confirmation email said it ships in 5-6 days, but I read it will be mid August? All confusing.

      • The box items include:

        Earrings (customizable)
        Ceramic Candle
        Water bottle (customizable)
        Vase or Lariat (delivery is customizable due to late delivery on the vase. We wanted people to have the option of getting the box in August after the original plan to cut the vase was met with complaints.)
        Grass Hat (bonus item due to month long delivery delay)
        Wipes (bonus item, designed this spring when wipes were hard to find)
        Unspoiled body item
        Unspoiled home and garden item
        Unspoiled annual member bonus item (reveal is today)

        We recognize the communication and delivery issues we have had. We are trying to accommodate as much as possible given the situation. If you are a quarterly member you will get 8 items instead of the normal 6 items. If you are an annual member you will get 9 items instead of 7. Always feel free to reach out via email, we are often available after hours, [email protected].

      • @RA I am fawning over this box in another comment, I just subscribed yesterday, and I’m not affiliated with the company in any way. I think it’s lovely that they decided to give us the option to wait for the vase because it’s one of the items from the spoilers that I really love. I had no idea that the hat was a bonus item, which is so kind and generous of them to include to make up for the shipping delay in addition to the bonus wipes. I haven’t seen any other box make that kind of gesture. I think a little patience and compassion is warranted here. They appear to be a small business and are obviously trying their best to navigate through these Covid related issues and from what I’ve seen here on MSA they are definitely communicating to clear up any confusion that the adjustments have caused.

    • I think everyone gets the hat. Then you get a choice of lariat or vase. This is different than previous posts because Kevia was going to drop the vase due to production, but I assume so many people wanted it, she added it back as a choice to wait for. So far, it’s: waterbottle (choice of color), earrings (choice of color), wipes, vase OR lariat (choice of color), hat, and candle. They haven’t spoiled the annual extra yet. So technically only 6 spoilers total. They always leave a few surprises.

  7. The Journee Box is just such a special subscription. The owner is amazing and customer service is bar none, Hands down the best quarterly subscription box.

  8. I love the hat and vase! I’ve been looking for an aesthetically pleasing hat that has a little more sun protection than the ones I already own so this box was an easy yes. The terra cotta adds a touch of warmth to the vase while the white backdrop will let whatever blooms are placed inside sing. The candle is gorgeous and will get repurposed after I burn it. The wipes are a thoughtful touch and will definitely get used. The earrings are not for me, I only wear smaller studs, but I like the style and how the colors evoke the Grand Canyon. Those will be passed on to a friend. I’m very impressed with the curation and love that all the items actually match the theme. Can’t wait to receive my box!

  9. Unfortunately I found out that Kevia is undergoing a major website redesign, so they’re having some issues. When I went to go to customize, it said that I have no current subscriptions even though I am annual with another few boxes left. I called their customer service and they handled swiftly and were very helpful. They probably have the best customer service I’ve ever worked with.

    Although I didn’t miss out on the brown lariat, so that was disappointing, so I went with the vase, knowing it’ll hold up my box another month. But the vase matches my decor so perfectly I had to get it.

  10. Based on the selection mail last night,I mistakenly thought that if you chose the vase, it would ship after you received your box. Glad I read this post and saw otherwise. I just changed my selection to the blue lariat. Would have chosen the brown if it hadn’t sold out, but all the colors are beautiful.

  11. I chose the Cloud Grey Bottle, Brown Lariat & Rust Cliff Face Earrings. Excited for tomorrow’s annual spoiler. I hope everyone has a blessed evening! Journee on peeps!!!

  12. What is the extra item for annual subscribers?

    • Check their site; it just got posted. That is, it came in my email, hope it’s also up on their site now!

      • Can you please share what the extra item is? I don’t see it posted on their site. Thanks!

  13. I chose Pink Lemonade water bottle, River Rapids earrings, and pink suede lariat. These colors and styles are very different from my usual neutral, minimalist taste, and that’s what’s fun about subscription boxes to me.

    Considering adding Slate Gray water bottle, Rust Cliff Face earrings, and vase when add-ons are offered, if they’re available. Those are more typical of what I buy for myself and my home. (In fact, I own a similar vase and love it – so neutral and versatile. I might wait in hopes that the Kevia Grand Canyon vase might be for sale in the store in September.)

    I made my selections at around 9:45 am eastern time this morning and the brown lariat was still in the drop-down menu. Maybe it comes and goes, because a few people posted that it was sold out last night. (or just maybe, if I’d chosen it, it would’ve said “sold out” at that point??)

    That candle is gorgeous! I wonder how big it is?

    Looking forward to that pretty box of wipes. I hope those might be for sale in the store later, too.

    • Hope they make the vase a add-on for the next box. Would have to wait til September for your box to ship if you added it on with this one.

  14. another great box!!!. though i’m disappointed that the vase is a choice item. I wasn’t expecting that. But I definitely want the lariat. it would be nice if the vase is also offered as an add-on. Though I’m not sure I want to delay getting my box. Hmmm…

    • I think they sent out an email that said that the vase has been presenting problems – it’s also the reason for the delayed shipping. If I remember correctly, they were going to send the vase to all subscribers, but because of the availability issues they added the hats instead/as well and made it a choice item?

      • aah. that makes sense. thanks for the backstory.

  15. I waited all day for the customization email yesterday. It finally came at 2132, but I did not see it until this morning at 0600. Of course the only one item that I wanted to customize specifically was sold out already. Bad job Keevia

    • I’d be pissed too.

    • What was it, the vase?

      • the brown version of the lariat

      • Same. I can’t believe the brown sold out already. I picked black and the cloud grey water bottle and brown earrings.

    • I still haven’t received an email to customize although I did receive an email last night with this last spoiler. Is there a link? I’ve logged into my account but don’t see how to customize.

      • you have to get an email with a link. and in that email is a code you have to enter. since I waited all day yesterday on the email, I also tried to just log into my account to make choices but with no luck. It has always been that way, but the code thing seemed new this time

      • Hi Zo,

        Please email [email protected] to get your customization code and link.

        Take care!

    • The brown lariat was available when I customized at 1 pm EST! It could be worth checking again.

    • Kevia has added more brown lariat so if you want it you can still change your selection. Check your email, it was just sent out tonight.

  16. This looks like a really great box!

    • I chose the cloud grey water bottle, the blue earrings and the blue lariat… When I received my confirmation it only mentions the water bottle and the lariat and not the earrings I chose…
      Also does this mean the candle and the wipes we automatically get?

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