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IPSY Glam Bag Plus Review – July 2020

IPSY Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from IPSY. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. (This box was voted as a best makeup subscription box and a best beauty subscription box by MSA readers!)

FYI, COVID-19 Update: Keep up-to-date on Ipsy shipping delays right here.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About IPSY Glam Bag Plus

The Subscription Box: IPSY Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free US shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month.

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for $2.95

Our IPSY Glam Bag Plus June 2020 Review


Here is our info card complete with all of our items.


Our bag this month is lilac vinyl with a powdery finish. It features a very nostalgic palm tree travel design.

Now, on to the items!


Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream, 25 mL

I couldn’t find this stuff sold from a site that I can personally vouch for, but I did scan the ingredients and see some goodies: green tea extract, niacinamide, ceramides, squalane, collagen, and more. Little bit of alcohol on the tail end of the list, but not all alcohols are drying and sometimes they are in there for texture or viscosity. I actually liked the feel here too because it was kind of like a heavier gel-cream that was cooling and absorbed well. It certainly added instant smoothness and hydration to my skin.


tarte SEA Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara, 9 mL – Retail Value $23.00

I really wanted to love this mascara because I like tarte in general, but this left weird little micro clumps all over my lashes that quickly started to flake off. They weren’t noticeable to anyone but me, but I have used better formulas for sure. This kind of surprises me because I really like this brand. Might just be the one product that really doesn’t do much for me.


Playa New Day Mist 3-in-1 Styler Refresh, 5.4 fl oz – Retail Value $24.00

This was my choice item!

Sure, this is a dupe for me. But it was a dupe of my own doing! I LOVE this stuff. It’s great for me because I wash my hair like every 3rd day but I often need a little refresh and volume in between. A few spritzes of this mist on my hair (I flip my head upside down) and it looks refreshed, volumized, and beachy. And the scent is so good! It’s beachy, but not tropical, with notes of neroli, sandalwood, just a touch of coconut, and musk. I get asked what perfume I am wearing all the time!


IL MAKIAGE Color Boss Multi-Dimensional Eye Color in ‘Shopaholic’, 2.5 g – Retail Value $29.00

I am always a little skeptical with eyeshadow singles. If you are coming to this unboxing party solo, I want to be impressed. This formula is indeed pretty impressive! Literally, it is smooth as velvet and the pigment is outstanding. The compact itself is also weirdly heavy and feels rather luxe. The downside with this shade is that I think a wilder or more unique color might have been more exciting since it was a single, but I can’t deny this shimmering champagne will get loads of use!

Loads of pigment!


REALHER Eye Am Amazing 24HR Eyeliner in ‘Black’, 0.3 g – Retail Value $16.00

Black eyeliner is one of the things on my beauty profile that I have marked to not receive often, but here is a nice black pencil in my box! This formula is fine. It applies easily and is very smooth. I feel like the longevity is pretty standard for pencil-types. Ultimately this will be a re-gift because I rarely use eyeliner, but if you do, this one is nice. Can we see some colorful eyeliners, Ipsy? Pretty please?

Verdict: This month, my IPSY Glam Bag Plus has a value of at least $92 before the value of the eye cream which I couldn’t verify from a site I felt great about. I actually didn’t love this assortment so much. I mean, I am stoked to have another bottle of my fave Playa spray, and the eyeshadow was lovely, but the mascara and eyeliner were snoozy and not the best performance-wise on my face. Fingers crossed for more sparks next month!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You’ll likely start with August as your first month. As of publication, there was no IPSY waitlist!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $25 meaning each item has an average cost of $5.00.

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What do you think of the July IPSY Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get?

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (86)

  1. Ok….

    My Plus Bag started in NC went to IN then to GA now it’s back to NC. REALLY?!?!?!?!?! I never been so frustrated in my life.

    • Same!
      Pretty frustrated, by now.
      I had to email customer service to get the tracking code, since they’d never sent me one, and it was no longer accessible on the Ipsy site (because it’s august).
      Tracking says the box got within a few miles of my house… And then left again and went to Greensboro…
      Maybe next week, apparently.

      • Well….. it’s back in GA.

        I have emailed them and they gave me 1200 points. So there’s that.

        Maybe I will get it before August’s bag. Sigh.

      • Well……
        My bag is back in GA.
        I emailed them and they gave me 1200 points. So there’s that little ray of sunshine.
        Hopefully it will get here before August’s bag.

  2. First, pray for the people of Monroe Township, New Jersey.
    Second, did everyone who hasn’t gotten their GBP get the two mass apology emails from Ipsy with the 1200 points given in each? If I could, I would post screen shots so you can all get yours if you haven’t…
    Regarding shipping madness. I used to work in a cust serve call center attached to a warehouse. FedEx picked up once a day, and regardless if you lived a mile away from the warehouse, your package was going on the truck, which was going to the airport. I think that airport was big enough that FedEx had logistics there and the package wouldn’t actually get on the plane, but I can’t guarantee it.
    So now, Ipsy is using USPS straight up for the GB, because they’re cheapest for the padded envelope. But yeah, they’re going to go for the best price for the larger GBP boxes, which isn’t going to be USPS. (Sadly, since I live in Charlotte, they don’t charge less for shorter distance) (Also note that now, USPS often handles other carriers packages at some point) So for a while, it looks like that was DHL. Which seemed very ridiculous. But what was likely happening was that a huge DHL truck was picking up all the GBPs, taking to the airport, where they flew to the closest logistics center, and then went out from there. Not “logical” perhaps if you are standing in Harrisburg at Ipsy, and certainly not for one individual package, but for the hundreds of thousands of packages they are moving, logical.
    So. Either lots of complaints, or a better deal, lead us to July and Pitney Bowes. I wish I had taken screen shots of the tracking, it’s changed completely 4 times. And they are even more closely tied to the USPS. But some Nancy Drew style sleuthing has led me to believe that the Pitney Bowes facility in Monroe Township, New Jersey, was completely shut down for at least a week, and up to two weeks. So I don’t think that this is the result of ineptitude, or the reported Postal slow-downs. I do hope that we all get our stuff, but I really, really hope that the staff of that facility, and the people of Monroe Township, are safe and healthy.

    • Ha! I still don’t have my July Glam Bag Plus! I have emailed them 3 times and all I get is a generic response about how much they value me and I will be receiving it. I sure never got and points for my trouble. They don’t care. It’s been over a month and mine is still “delayed.” My next step will be to dispute the charge with my credit card.

      • That is… Not OK. I only emailed them once, before the 15 business day window, and I got the generic response… The two emails I was referring to weren’t replies. They both refer to delays with their shipping partner, for which they apologize, and they gave me 1200 points in each without me asking… If they are not apologizing and offering this to everyone affected by the delays, I don’t know how they think it’s going to help them in the long run. I’m thinking I should post the emails on Instagram… Hashtag suggestions?

    • I got points and they refunded me for my monthly subscription and the add ons I got in my bag. I got my box yesterday everything was in there. This was a huge mess!!

  3. My bag is sitting somewhere in GA. Sigh.

  4. Okay out of this site every single post disappears, some never reappear. None are in violation of rules. Um, No, just no.

  5. Still have not received mine. I was trading the Tula on the trade site to Bri, now I really don’t feel comfortable, since the box has been sitting in a warehouse for a month in the heat. Ipsy said it will arrive August 9th it left on July 9th. For the first time ever I am not passing on items I can’t use to the shelter or trading, it is going straight in the trash.

    • Just curious, not meant to be snarky but why throw out the entire box? I’m not sure what warehouse you are referring to but makeup distribution warehouses are temperature controlled and monitored. Remember the Jeffree Star warehouse break in? That place wasn’t a hot box dump. Even the mail distribution sites are temperature controlled, they take care of their people…I wouldn’t throw anything away just because it wasn’t quickly transported to you. If anything it was fine, hanging out in temp controlled warehouse. Relax, it’ll get to ya ❤❤❤
      Its when its actually being transported that I’d worry about heat and damage 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I was so excited when my bag finally left NJ and landed in NC a week ago, where I live. Checked today and it’s in GA now 😂

  7. I tried the tarte mascara.

    I didn’t have any problem with flaking or pilling, and it did smell intriguingly like the ocean, but other than that, it was not exceptional.

    I couldn’t speak to the curling factor as I habitually curl my lashes before putting on mascara.

    It’s okay, but that’s about it.

  8. All my subs are insanely late this month. Only got my Boxy premium on Sunday! I’m still waiting for Base and my second premium.. allure hasn’t arrived either.. both IPSY’s are scheduled to arrive next week! It’s not just DHL or Pitney it’s also USPS. USPS is holding up the packages because theyr’e so swamped/backed up right now. I read that certain areas are doing some weird testing where they don’t even scan the packages to save time. No clue what that is about. But yeah, IPSY has the longest delay. I already emailed them about it a few days ago because it also took tthem forever to assemble the bags! I have really tried to remain level headed with all the shipping delays but i’m just confused as to why it’s so bad this month , I definitely get the issue early on in the pandemic, and it seemed like they were getting things out in a timely manner.. so what happened? Even less staff?

    • There is all sorts of back scanning/tracking going on. I finally received by classic Glam Bag this past Monday, 7/27. At that point, the DHL tracking said my GB was out for delivery by USPS. USPS’s tracking indicated the same “out for delivery.” Even as of today 7/30, DHL’s tracking has flipped to “EXCEPTION – deliver status not updated” and USPS is in “ALERT” status and states “The delivery status of your item has not been updated as of July 28, 2020, 1:10 am. We apologize that it may arrive later than expected.” and further, USPS is telling me to expect delivery today 7/30 (despite the fact it was already received). In fact, every day since Monday, USPS has indicated that day as “expected delivery day” with seemingly no knowledge of it being delivered. I keep sending feedback to Ipsy, these shipping partners, and USPS that tracking is of no use if they don’t use it (scan), but no one in this equation seems to care about the customer experience.

  9. When I got my bag it was missing the Sunday Riley Luna oil. I sent them an email and I got a response back today saying that they are currently out of stock and have issued me a refund.

    Good luck to everyone who ordered it and I hope you actually get it!

    • Hmm, interesting answer you got because it was in stock for anyone to buy today, Aug. 2, during add-ons! I hope you grabbed one and actually receive it! I really suspect they give that as their standard answer to avoid having to bother re-sending anything, but I am a skeptic.

  10. A note about the eye cream- It is a S. Korean brand and K- brand skin care is regulated by the S. Korean FDA which is more strict than the US FDA.

    Also, for those with sensitivities to fish or marine products, it’s clear from the label that this product contains emulsified SALMON EGGS. It is common for K- beauty to contain marine products, and I’ve had one other eye cream that had salmon eggs as a key ingredient.

    This fact was not mentioned in the hasty review.

    • All the reviews are hastily done now. They don’t model any of the products, or stage them, or even try on the cosmetics anymore.

    • Hey Lily! South Korean beauty lover here! I just couldn’t find it for sale on a site I could personality vouch for. As far as the salmon callout goes, we try to make sure the full ingredient list is available in every review so readers are aware of any allergens that they might like to avoid. You are totally right on K-Beauty containing loads of marine ingredients. If I were to go through each ingredient list for every item searching for any possible allergen for any possible person, I would be doing a disservice to readers if I missed one or forgot to call it out. Hence, the ingredient list shot. I want to make sure anyone who reads one of my reviews has the best info on if the product is right for them, and that has been the best way for me to showcase that on an ingredient level. I will always call out things that jump out from the list as beneficial in terms of my training, but I am not qualified to advise on allergies.

      As far as being hasty, a lot of time goes into these reviews. My checklist and method for how I review things hasn’t changed since 2018, or about 1,070 reviews ago. Delivering a good, fun, and helpful review is really important to me. Thanks for reading!

      • Megan Kirkland, I read the ingredient list on IPSY and noted that fish eggs ( Salmon eggs) was a major ingredient. It’s no mystery…
        Also, about 5 years ago, a more well known Korean cosmetic brand, I believe it was Holika Holika, made an under eye cream with salmon eggs, but it was also tinted salmon. It was very much the wrong tint for me, so I have been wondering if this product would be tinted or clear. ( It’s not tinted, obviously, which is a positive). 🙂

        Fish and shellfish are frequent allergens the general population have that could be used as unusual ingredients in cosmetics/ skin care, and would be helpful to note in a review. Bee and snake venom plumping creams are also problematic for many new users, and K- beauty uses these heavily.

        I’ve used K- skin care ( along with my favorite US/ Euro brand items) for over a decade now. I read what other people say about a very few ingredients causing temporary irritation, redness, swelling, burning…. which sometimes is the desired effect of the formula. I would not use a product with the popular venom extract because I have extreme reactions to wasp and bee stings.

        It doesn’t take any type of degree to know the few very common reactive ingredients in cosmetics. I do read quite a lot of makeup blogs/ boards and learn a great deal from product users’ experiences.

      • I love your reviews and I look for them every month. Keep up the good work! I don’t have any allergies but if I did I would check the ingredients list on the product packaging or website myself and not trust my health to a product review.

      • Lily, I also know a lot about skincare and cosmetics from doing my own reading on the subject, and I can tell you that it’s not just a “very few” ingredients that are sensitizing or can potentially irritate a person’s skin. Everyone’s skin chemistry is different. If MSA’s reviewers were required to give warnings about every sensitizing or controversial ingredient, every beauty sub box review would be a mile long.

        IMO, if you have allergies or are sensitive to certain ingredients, it’s up to YOU to know what effects those ingredients have on your skin, not MSA. If you are provided with a list of ingredients, then you can read it yourself and come to your own conclusions about whether a product is right for you. Just like you did here.

        So what’s the problem, again?

        (BTW, it was Skinfood with the salmon eye cream, not Holika Holika. I had it and liked it. The peachy tone color-corrects dark circles.)

      • Lily, you seem to be pretty insistent that MSA reviewers advise readers of potential irritants when they post. I find that really ironic.

    • What a weird flex. These reviews are entertaining and provide a general overview of the products received. Since MSA does not represent individual cosmetic brands, I don’t think that reviewers have a responsibility to warn about every single ingredient. The ingredient list is provided. If you want more information than is provided, then google-search away.

  11. Add me to the disgruntled legion who paid for their boxes on time, and has one pathetic GB for July out of 2 sets of boxes/ bags for 2 accounts.

    I honestly do not think they are sending my GBU, but they charged me for it!

    One GBP is arriving today, supposedly. Another is on My USPS as shipping but there’s no info at all on my Glam Bag page.

    I know ONE THING: Regardless of what they send ( or don’t get around to sending) in August, I am NOT paying for any Add Ons.

    Our money is our voice. Please use yours if you’re as put out with their disregard and lack of communication or any special extras for their customers as I am.
    The boxes are not filled in a disease- filled area of the country.

    It’s all in their cheap as can be shipping.
    MANY businesses, even posh HOAs, have used the CV as an excuse to cut services back permanently. That’s what Ipsy did with their shipping- cheapened it up for their profit at our expense with notes about COVID everywhere.

    I had the virus, so it’s not like I don’t have compassion, but it’s not a raging fire in most areas of the USA this summer. PLUS, they had 3 months of planning on moving their shipping service to another carrier or Pony Express.

  12. Mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

  13. Must be nice to get your bag the same month you ordered it. My GBP has been sitting in NJ since the 8th. Is this going to be the norm from now on?

    • Mine are in the same limbo (Plus and Ultimate) since the 8th. Ipsy CS keeps saying they have been shipped (tell me something I don’t know). They won’t even begin to discuss a refund.

      • Mine too since July 9th.

    • Mine too! In all my years it’s never been so delayed!

    • If it is, I’m done. I still do t have mine. Been sitting in some facility in NJ since the 8th. Ipsy has stopped responding to my polite inquiries. Im sure they are overwhelmed with emails so I’ll give them August, but if this happens again it turns a fun experience into a poor one and I can indulge in retail therapy somewhere else.

      • Same. I’m going to try the August roll out.

  14. I don’t have my GBP bag yet either. I got my regular Glambag today. After reading these comments, I’m worried about actually getting my items! I’ve got a tracking number, but when I go to the Pitney Bowes site, there is no information yet at all. I still haven’t gotten the automated email from customer service that the bag has shipped, though customer service says it has.

  15. Hi friends, this is a little off topic, but I was wondering what eye creams you swear by? I am relatively young (26) but starting to get laugh lines around my eyes, and I don’t want it to get any worse. Please help!

    • My favorite eye product to recommend is Argan and Green Coffee eye serum from an indie brand called Shea Terra Organics. It’s actually an oil serum and I’ve been using it for at least five-six years. I use literally one drop. I tap my ring fingers together and pat it on my under eye area. Morning and night. It’s inexpensive ($20 or less) and you can buy it on amazon. I’ve also ordered direct from the site. I’m 48 and I often get my age guessed in the 30s. I think this oil is a big part of the reason.

      • Thank you both for the question and the answer. I’m always up for an eye cream.

    • Hi, all. I love several. These are some nice ones: Purlisse Eye Adore, Lavido, and Eight Saints, I’ve used many others; however, I keep going back to these three for super hydration and surface appearance.

    • I’d recommend a bit of botox. I have a skincare-obsessed friend who swears by patroleum jelly around the eyes (I tried it, but I think I got it in my eyes and irritated them). There are a lot of people who say that eye creams are a rip off, and who say to use any unscented moisturizer around the eye area instead. I use whatever comes in my subscription boxes (unless it irritates my eyes).

    • You’re not too young to start using retinol products. I started using retinol eye cream in my late twenties. I’ve seen real results with RoC’s Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream. It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done.

    • I LOVE Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye cream. It’s a little pricey, but still cheaper than a lot of high end skin care and you only need to use the tiniest bit so it lasts foreeeeeever. It goes on sale on their website pretty frequently too 👍

  16. Sorry to y’all who are experiencing Pitney Bowes for the first time. You can read many, many complaints about them in particular on the forum at Meh.

    Not sure why Ipsy decided to contact with them when it was known how awful they are.

    This jam-up of Plus bags being sent this month does not bode well for the new ultra-customized Plus launching next month.

    • I’m going to go with low bidder or someone knows someone.

  17. I’m seeing A LOT of stuff about the shipping and I’ve already gotten my bags but my plus was really really delayed. What I find SOOOO odd for their shipping is that my bag is shipped out from Harrisburg, NC which is not even 30 minutes away from me but it goes from Harrisburg, NC to Georgia then to New Jersey before it comes back down to NC!!!! It does that every month and I don’t understand why!! Seeing how I could literally drive to get my box. Haha

    • I just got my bag! I was worried that I was gonna Get screwed out of the 5 promised items. I got all 5 of my items. I got the Sunday Riley Luna oil, Tarte mascara, Duft & Doft eye cream, Il Makiage single eye shadow, Natures Cartel shimmer lip gloss. I also Ordered add on items 4 of them and I received those as well. A Pixi lip gloss, a hair mask, a Kate Sommerville serum/moisturizer, and It Cosmetics brow pencil. I’m pleasantly surprised that I got everything.
      Be patient ladies, your bag and promised items will get to you…it just might take a long ass time ❤❤❤

  18. I still haven’t received my July bag either. I’ll be very interested to see if I actually get the 5 products it shows I’m supposed to receive after hearing about everybody else’s issues. This is the first time Pitney Bowes has been involved and so far I’m incredibly unimpressed. It said it sat in NC waiting to be transferred to USPS for over a week and then went to a regional distribution facility in NJ. I live in GA. Somebody needed to pay more attention in geography class.

    • Similar for me. I live on the Gulf Coast of MS. Mine went from NC, one to NJ and one to IN. Makes good sense, huh??!! I hope I receive everything. I hate wasting money.

  19. I’m feeling a bit greatful with Ipsy right now. I not only received my glambag plus, I also bought the $50 bag from Ipsy this month and received that also. I agree the glambag is great, but spending the extra $25 dollars to upgrade is so worth it. I received $300 worth of products. The best was a $125 brush set. Simply beautiful.

  20. My Plus and Ultimate are still missing. I received an email yesterday from the seventh cs rep on my case. No new information. More of Ipsy passing blame onto Ipsy and shippers. Pure BS. Ipsy must believe we’re some kind of special stupid. As with others, my purchases originally shipped on July 8. I don’t ‘need’ any of this stuff. It’s pure frivolity. Ipsy believes they’re doing customers a huge favor by existing. They’re losing this customer.

  21. Ipsy shows that eye cream having an MSRP of $27. I know things go on sale here and there, but I think they are normally pretty accurate with the base retail price shown for the items. Megan, I could not agree with you more about that mascara. I needed a new one and I so wanted this to be it! I normally love anything Tarte but this just doesn’t perform on me. It was clumpy, flaky, and I certainly didn’t notice any great curling properties about it. I have used many drug store brands that outperform this. Sad. I ordered some second chance add ons which shipped out the 14th and they are in the same weird holding pattern of waiting to be delivered to USPS. I did get my July bag in a reasonable time frame so I really feel for those of you still awaiting your bag.

  22. I received my bag today and like some others I am missing all of my add-ons one of which was the Sunday Riley oil. 😤

  23. Ipsy is usually very good and reasonably quick to address the issue, but I am missing an item nearly every single month.

    Not that I dont enjoy the eternal first question, did you look in the mailer?

  24. I finally got a update,I finally should get my bag in the next couple days 🙄. Everything better be in there. I have the eye cream, the mascara, S R luna, brown color boss eyeshadow, lip gloss I never wear and 4 add ons. I cash in points so will go for August after that skipping for a while. Hope my products haven’t been ruined!

    • I hope your box goes better then mine. That’s what I should of received. Instead- my box came Monday with only the lip gloss and eye shadow. They are out of everything else and are giving me a partial refund and re- sending my add ons. I think I am cancelling after 4 years. I am livid that it took 3 weeks to ship and my box has 2 out of the 8 items I should have received. If you are going to offer my choice item is the Sunday Riley oil on two separate add on sales this month you should make sure you have enough stock for the actual choice items.

      • I would be livid if that is all I received and they didn’t give me a heads up that it was shipped with partial items (seriously 2 out of 5??!!) I have been emailing back and forth this month with one particular CS rep this month and she assured me that she would let me know if there was an issue with order fulfillment. The Luna oil was the only reason I didn’t skip my bag this month and I woke up very early to get it like many other people.

      • This is my bag too. They definitely held onto the Luna oil boxes until the end. Your situation is inexcusable. You are wise to get out before the new improved GBP experience

    • I have the same exact bag (with different add ons) and supposedly a shipped on 7/23 from NC. I haven’t had any tracking updates yet but hopefully it will move soon and I will eventually get it. Also, I will be very disappointed if I don’t get the Luna Oil in it as it was my choice item.

    • I have the same exact bag and same exact issue. Up until July 26, status had been stuck on fulfillment. Email rep finally sends it out and purposefully neglected to address my statement that I will be calling credit card to refute charges if my choice item of SR is not in the box. It’s about 20 min from my house now so cannot wait to find out how badly they messed up. I decided to get both gb and gbp this month only bc of the SR… everything else in the bag is pure garbage. I was thinking of trying the new gbp 3 choices next month but judging by the mess with this month, I decided to pause it and will cancel everything if this issue is not settled to my satisfaction. If they can’t get 1 choice item right, how can they handle 3? Honestly, looking at spoilers, all the choice items are garbage and good items we usually get included in bag are all now add ons… probably high end $18 add ons too.

    • Got my plus today everything was there. I hope they make everything right for for the rest of you.

  25. This happened to me too! They only sent 4 items and didn’t send the Purlisse cream.

  26. I just got my bag yesterday with only 4 items. The eyecream was missing. They are oos so I get a partial refund, which I wouldn’t mind for the black mascara, super dark eyeshadow, or white shimmer gloss that I won’t be using. Of course I can’t buy a full size add-on for $5. I waited all month to be disappointed. I already skipped GP and GBU. I need to decide quickly on GBP

    • Btw mine shipped dhl. I noticed that many delayed bags went PB

    • So we have TWO issues here. The shippers suck *and* ipsy didn’t pack everything they were supposed to pack. Now I’m even more scared (I had two add-ons and a redeemed-for-points item).

      Someone who knows this stuff, please educate me: So a high-volume seller like ipsy can’t just make arrangements with the USPS to take the thousands of packages from each ipsy warehouse each month? There’s no choice but to go through a middleman like the incompetent Pitney-Bowes and DHL?

  27. The eye cream is $23.90 on YesStyle, which I have purchased from a couple times, and I have been happy with everything I’ve gotten from there so far. The brand Duft & Doft has a 94.1% customer satisfaction rate, as well. There is quite a bit of info about the product on this site as well.

    • I absolutely love the eye cream, it’s magical for my dry and aging undereyes!

  28. Add me to the list of people who haven’t received a bag yet. Man, they really messed up this month.

    • I’m on that list too. Pitney Bowes apparently ate my GBP. This is not a good look for Ipsy at all. Sincerely hope I don’t have to deal with that shipping company again because I am not dealing with this disaster every month.

  29. Like so many others, I still have yet to receive my July box. How disappointing is that. My Glossybox, Allure and Classic Ipsy all came in the first two weeks of the month. Why is it that Glam Bag Plus is so late, for so many. I think the whole pandemic excuse is getting old. So many other on-line subscriptions and stores can get items to us, in a timely fashion. Anyway, I am looking forward to choosing three of my five products, next month. Let’s see if this is as promising as ipsy claims it to be.

    • It was the reverse for me: My Plus was a bit later than usual but I received it in a reasonable amount of time (for those who want to know, it went out via Pitney Bowes).
      It was my classic Glam Bag that was the disaster: I just received it this past Monday 7/27 and it arrived completely open with 4 of the 5 items without safety seals or package seals like stickers, cellophane, or other, and my single $3 add-on was missing (though it’s unclear whether that was because the mailer was opened in transit or Ipsy never included it). And my makeup bag–I managed to receive the pink “rubber” bag–looked like it had be stepped on, run over, tossed under a car because it had black gunk all over it. So I waited until almost the end of the month to get big disappointment. Ipsy Care did quickly get back to me about it, but it’s a mixed bag: my add-on item is out of stock (refund), I’m not hopeful about getting the items I’m supposed to rather than substitutes (due to similar stock issues), and I’m anticipating the repeat glam bag due to the over-sold issue–all this with the caveat that bags will leave the Ipsy warehouse “now within 10-15 business days due to the current circumstances of COVID-19.” Given this, is it any wonder our bags are taking a month to get to us between Ipsy’s slow processing and their mediocre shipping partners?

  30. I just received my GBP yesterday and one of my add-ons was missing. I also got the eye cream and Tarte mascara. I get all three tiers of Ipsy just got my other two bags a few days ago. Shipping was really terrible this month. Hope next month is better.

  31. This was a “meh” month. Other than the Sunday Riley oil I chose, I got nothing I could use and they didn’t even send me the cute purple bag! I got an unbelievably ugly bag from another month. Ipsy better knock it out of the park in August.

  32. or we talking about glam plus…because my is somewhere out there, here it is the 29th of july first time ever i haven’t received my plus box..what are they doing…i’ve tried calling and the phone is always busy…come on ipsy give us our boxes we paid for 30 days ago…

    • I know I have yet to receive my Ipsy glam bag plus bag as well. I reached out to DHL and they told me to contact Ipsy because it’s their fault that this package seems stuck but yet Ipsy shipped it July 8?? I think DHL is the worst route to ever go so every time I see them as a mailing service I 🙄🙄

  33. I chose the eyeshadow so I’d be certain of getting the purple. I found it funny that if you take the box the shadow came in and tip it on one edge, you can play Pac Man with it.

    I got the Nature’s Cartel gloss which, while very sparkly, had a faint unpleasant smell like burned machine oil.

    I also got the mascara and eye cream.

    Rounding out the collection was the Complex Couture blush brush. It’s a little strange-looking in that the bristles look like the plume on a Roman officer’s helmet when viewed from the side. It feels like a decent brush.

  34. Still have not received mine either. Ipsy said to check with USPS that they don’t have any control, um my box is in North Carolina in a warehouse USPS has not even received it. Don’t care about the box anymore, it’s been sitting in the heat for weeks.

    • I have been thinking the same thing about the heat. I honestly want my money back for July and not get my bag at all – it has been so frustrating and stressful. I know that Ipsy doesn’t do refunds and will issue partial refunds for bag items and a full refund for add ons that are missing.

  35. Still haven’t received my bag. It shipped on July 8th.

    • Heads up: My glam bag shipped on July 8th also. It had been in transit for over 17 days so I contacted them and they LIED and said it was shipped on July 15th. Unfortunately, tracking details changed to look as if Pitney Bowes had never had it/it shipped with DHL on the 15th so I had no way to prove it. I was moving on the 27th so luckily it showed up the next day or I’d be out of a bag and cancelling.

      Incredibly deceptive tactic which doesn’t support their claim that they’ll help or replace your bag if it doesn’t show up in 15 days. Some of us go out of town or move addresses so this is bs. Add to that the horrible customer service approach of not reading and actually responding to your message but instead spouting irrelevant gibberish at you (“no worries your bag shipped the 15th and is on it’s way to you”!) Um did you not just read that I reiterated twice that it shipped on the 8th and I’m moving at the end of the month? They treat you like your an idiot who can’t read when they themselves refuse to read your concerns. I wouldn’t be contacting you if my bag shipped on the 15th! It shipped on the 8th! One star because I’ve been enjoying the products but if I have even one more dismal experience talking to a wall I will cancel forever.

      • I don’t think it’s really a lie. What ipsy does (which I think is kind of stupid) is they generate a shipping label with a tracking number well ahead of when they actually make shipment. This generates an email to you saying that the package was shipped, but it doesn’t actually leave their warehouse until a week to 10 days later.

    • @Dia I didn’t get an email. The glam bag showed as shipped in the timeline on my app and it wasn’t just sitting. There was a tracking number with movement from TX to IL. Then it sat and didn’t move for a while. At that point the previous tracking information disappeared and was switched from Pitney Bowes tracking to DHL tracking. So yes, I believe that’s super deceptive if Ipsy is claiming they will investigate and possibly replace your bag if you don’t receive it within 15 days but they are fudging the shipping date. My plus bag shipped on July 8th also (through DHL), Pitney Bowes was never in possession of it, and it arrived in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve never had an issue with Ipsy generating a label and it sitting in their warehouse.

  36. Well, at least Megan got her July GBP in July. Pitney-Bowes has been sitting on mine for 21 days now.

    Thank you for the review! The eye cream was my chosen item. I am always excited for an eye cream.

    • Dea….mine too…I’m like it’s the great makeup hostage take over! Ugh! Boo on them….

    • Ipsy’s been getting a lot of complaints about slow shipping.

      I didn’t get mine until 7/27.

    • Mine too!! I’ll be choosing my August products before I receive my July box!

    • It is that Pitney Bowes, not sure how Ipsy thinks they are not partially responsible, it is their shipping partner.

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