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LinerLoot Subscription Box Review – April 2020

LinerLoot is a brand new black eyeliner-focused beauty and makeup subscription box. If you love getting black eyeliner each month, you can look forward to multiple samples and full-size black eyeliners from some of your favorite brands!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About LinerLoot

The Subscription Box: LinerLoot

The Cost: $19.99 a month

The Products: Full-size and deluxe sample size black eyeliners from well-known and indie brands.

Ships to: The contiguous US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $5

LinerLoot April 2020 Review

Here are all of our liners! This is quite the selection and I can’t wait to dive in.

There are tons of different brands in here too, from KVD Beauty to Eyeko!


Smashbox Always On Gel Liner in Fishnet, 0.03 oz – Estimated Value $15.00 (Buy a full-size 0.04 oz for $20.00)

I forgot to swatch this one, so I grabbed an image from one of Liz’s old reviews. This is a cult fave liner, so it has been around for a while! It was also the only creamy gel entry in our box this month. While I totally prefer a liquid liner with a marker tip, a creamy black pencil is always nice for a more smoky black look.

It is a nice true black!


Seraphine Botanicals Luna Liner Water-Resistant Liquid Eyeliner, 2 g – Full Size! Retail Value $18.00

This black marker tip pencil is from an indie brand I really like. The marker tip stays filled with black pigment and it is also flexible, meaning you can change the black line from thick to thin with pressure.

I am impressed at how dark this black liner is!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’, 0.55 ml – Full Size! Retail Value $21.00

This black KVD liner is a cult favorite because it is a true black shade and has an always-ready-to-line marker tip. Just a little change in pressure allows you to go from thin to thick for that perfect black cat eye drama.

Wow! Just look at how black this BLACK liner is!



Girlactik Precise Marker Liner in ‘Black’, 1.2 ml – Full Size! Retail Value $20.00

This black liner is from another newer brand that I enjoy. Their sparkle balm toppers are one of my fave 2019 discoveries! As expected, this black marker tip draws a nice black line for a perfect black cat eye.

You can see how absolutely black this pigment is here in this swatch shot!


Il Makiage Inkliner in ‘Black’, 1 fl oz – Full Size! Retail Value $21.00

Here we have another marker-style-tipped black eyeliner. I love how minimal and clean the solid black packaging is. It makes the whole product feel edgier, you know? This flexible black marker-style tip allows you to draw on a super thick black liner or a delicate thin one.

Again, I am totally blown away by this black pigment!


The Beauty Crop Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner, 0.05 oz – Estimated Value $12.50 (Buy a full-size 0.07 oz for $17.50)

This black marker-style tip is a little shorter than many of the others in this box, which makes me feel like it might be easier for a beginner. It also has less flex, meaning it is probably better suited to thinner lines or smaller wings.

SUPER impressed with this black pigment payoff!


Illamasqua Black Eyeliner

I couldn’t find out exactly which Illamasqua liner this was, but whatever it is, it is such a dark black! The marker-style tip is a little chubbier than some of the others, which lends itself nicely to cat eyes but less to lighter liner looks. Say that 3 times fast!

Are you kidding me with this black pigment payoff?! Wow!


Girlactik Precise Marker Liner in ‘Black’, 1.2 ml – Retail Value $20.00

The first black Girlactik liner in this box was so good, they sent a second! This black liner performed exactly like the first one, drawing a truly dark black line on my lash line for a fabulously black liner look.

Again, a great black eyeliner. It has a little bit of sheen to the finish which is quite nice and just enhanced how black the black pigment is.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’, 0.2 ml – Estimated Value $7.64 (Buy a 0.55 ml pencil for $21.00)

Aw, yay! The folks at LinerLoot also included a travel size of that super-black KVD liner I liked so much from earlier in the review. This is the perfect black eyeliner for stashing in my purse to make sure I am never without black eyeliner!

Still blown away by this smooth black liner!!


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, 0.04 oz – Estimated Value $12.57 (Buy a full-size 0.07 oz for $22.00)

Finally, our last black liner is from a very familiar brand, Eyeko! Normally, Eyeko liners are on the thicker side, and this one still is, even though they call it skinny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did I mention that it is black?

Just LOOK at this dark black shade! STUNNING.

Verdict: My LinerLoot box has a value of at least $147.71 which is AMAZING for a $19.99 box. I couldn’t find exact info on the black Illamasqua liner, so that is even more potential value! For someone like myself (who really isn’t even into black eyeliner) this is a great box to make sure I have enough black eyeliner when I do need it and try new brands. I am glad I can compare all the different black eyeliners and pick the best black for me. I am so excited to have tons of black eyeliner options delivered each month and it is really peace of mind to know I will not be running out of black eyeliner anytime soon!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Nope! If you haven’t caught onto the absurdity, this box is an April Fools Day surprise from your pals at MSA.

Value Breakdown: At $19.99 for this box, the average cost of each of the 10 items is $2.00.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the April 2020 LinerLoot Box? Are you in need of more black eyeliner? 

Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (34)

  1. Just saw this today – honestly a very informative post for helping me get through my stash while being able to keep the growing stock clean and figuring out what to keep or swap (or toss in as freebies on a swap and make them someone else’s problem lmao). With all my free time, I might see how some work as calligraphy markers (looking at you, Eyeko)

    A LinerLoot box or even maybe a LinerLoot colorful collection box would make a fun giveaway!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. That black sizzle tho…

  3. I’m sitting there thinking dang. One box would last me a couple of years. Are there at least different colors? 😂 🍭

  4. Awesome April Fool’s day joke, but the non-descript box and ripped labels made me pretty suspicious off the bat 🤔 Even average boxes have some presentation? Love that you did a full review and swatches to sell the joke!

  5. Hilarious!! I saw two of my favorite KVD liner and wanted it! Totally fell for it! Lolol

  6. Omg. I was so furious this box exists. Like the last thing we need are black liners 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. The sad thing is that some of us have a similar lineup of black liners in our makeup stash right now. And every day I can “pick the best black for me” haha

  8. “Are you kidding me with this black pigment payoff?! Wow!”

    Crying. So good. Thank you! Also totally bought it at first and the second read was amazing.

  9. So funny! I was like who the hell would want this??! That’s all you get in sub boxes. I don’t even wear eyeliner, let alone black eyeliner.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. My thoughts the whole time: who would buy this!? This is a terrible box because every box already sends black liner! What’s this box going to provide next? Shades of brown next month!?
    Didn’t even realize it was April!!! 😭😂

    • Same here! I was so relieved to find out it was a joke!

      Good one, Megan! Thanks for the smile. After being forced to order a 50 pack of microfiber cleaning cloths because I can’t find toilet paper ANYWHERE in person or online, I really needed the amusement.

      I would gladly swap every black eyeliner I own for a 4 pack of toilet paper. And it doesn’t have to be Charming or even Angel Soft. That’s about 3-4 barely tested and at least 20 brand new ones. And that’s just the black marker kind. I have black pencils, colored pencils, colored markers, colored gel liners, black gel liners…So if anyone’s interested…
      I can even throw in a few brand new black full size mascaras as well. Or a half dozen brand new pairs of false lashes.
      Or for those of you taking a break from makeup because you’re stuck at home…
      How about Spongelles? I have at least 7-8 still in the box. They seem to still be popular despite having been included in tons of sub boxes for several years now. Any takers?

  11. Wow, can’t wait to get my hands on this box!!! 😍😍😍😍

    • (in all seriousness, though, I would subscribe to a box like this in a HEARTBEAT if it had different colors of eyeliners)

  12. Totes got me !! 🤣😂

    I was wanting this box lol

    Well thx for the laugh !!
    Hope everybody is staying well and at home 🏡

    And to all my fellow nurses God Bless and prayers to you all !! 🏩

  13. You got me also! I was like is she really this excited for all of these black eyeliners and how many times is she going to describe how black they are, lol!

  14. I admit it…you got me! This made my day!

  15. Thank you for the laugh I needed one! Reminded me of the sizzle box last year that I totally fell for. This year I was almost caught but the moment I saw the first pic I knew and laughed out loud.

  16. Ok MSA… I see what you did there and I applaud you for it. I’ll admit it publicly… you got me. I am now going to go get some more coffee. Clearly I need it. Good one MSA and Megan, good one.

  17. OHH, this is SOO much fun!!

    Thank you for a great AF joke. 🙂

    We need more things of this type right now, y’all. 🙂

  18. Lol!!!

  19. Omg I fell for it! I actually clicked on the link. I use black eyeliner every day so I thought I could get one box and be set for life. Good job!

  20. Which one was your favorite Megan?

    • the black one, of course!

  21. It would be nice if sub boxes sent other eyeliners besides black lol!

  22. I fell for it … LOL. I’m not a fan of black eyeliner anyway so even reading a sincere review would have me saying “Really? Are you kidding me??” 😂 Thank you for the laughs! (And the other commenters for clearing it up for me) 😉

    • Hook

      Thank you!

  23. I started laughing at the third photo and scrolled back up to check the date. In remembrance of the ‘wear your wardrobe’ trend from last year. Thanks for the cheery post. You are all a bit naughty. Which is excellent.

  24. funny!

  25. Someone would have to pay me to subscribe to this.

  26. Hahahaha!!! I was about to this company didn’t do ANY market research lol.

    • I know right! I kept thinking it was April fools. But for real tho…..this actually doesn’t make good sense, by the time you get through one or possibly two the rest will be dried out. It’s such a waste.

    • LOL! At first that was my thought – like this company should have checked MSA reviews to see how many of us complain about all the black eyeliner! Then reminded me of the sizzle review. haha

      Good one!

  27. Hysterical!!! Thanks for the laugh, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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