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FabFitFun Fall 2020 Box Spoilers: Customization 3 Choices!

We have spoilers for the FabFitFun Fall 2020 box!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code FRESHAIR to sign up for a FabFitFun Seasonal Subscription and get 20% off your first box!

Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 3. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Fall Box:

JENNY BIRD Austin Cuff – $135

JENNY BIRD Leana Pendant – $115

Vitamasques Multivitamin Mask Set – $40

Nectar Sunglasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Brown Tortoise – $45

Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette – $38


Customization Choice 2. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Fall Box:



Beyond Yoga Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf – $59.95

Glossmetics Hair Removal Device – $59.99

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Pore Perfecting & Refining Serum – $65

SOIA & KYO Woven Scarfigan with Fringe – $85

Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream $55

Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask – $48


Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Fall Box:

Botkier New York Mini Trigger Nylon Backpack – Retail Value – $100

Botkier New York Bond Tote – Retail Value – $128

FOXYBAE Rose Gold 25mm Curling Wand – Retail Value – $149

Stila Stay All Day® Liquid Eyeliner + HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara – Retail Value – $45

Uncommon James Set of 2 Copper Canisters – Retail Value – $49

SACHAJUAN Styling Cream & Finish Cream – Retail Value – $65

Mia Mélange Foldable Cotton Basket – Retail Value – $61

What do you think of the spoilers in the customization categories? Which items are you going to pick?

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code FRESHAIR to sign up for a FabFitFun Seasonal Subscription and get 20% off your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. 

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (110)

  1. FFF, why are you acting like the Nectar Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a $45 value when you’ve offered them in almost every edit sale for $5? We get it. You over-purchased your initial order so you can’t give them away fast enough. Thing is, just because you’re switching the frame up doesn’t mean you can write it off as a $45 value! It’s a cheap trick and that’s only 1 of The 100s of products you’re trying to pull it off with. Do you really think your long time subscribers don’t notice? We do, and quite honestly it’s a slap in the face. Don’t be that brand. You’re losing credibility every season. Let’s not forget to mention the overzealous sales every other week… Are you trying to go for the yard sale look? If you are, it’s working.

    What is happening here?! Stop, please!

  2. Do people still do box splits? I just want one item, and really don’t want to spend the $40 + tax just for one item. I want the scarfigan. Would love to split the box OR swap for it. This is my swap profile for easy contact if anyone’s interested:

  3. Yep I was considering subscribing when I saw the backpack because I’ve been wanting a black backpack FOREVER and always talk myself out of spending money on one since I spent a fortune on my actual purse. But then I see these spoilers and have been looking at a pair of blue light glasses but again keep talking myself out of them. Like do I really need this stuff for myself. Hahaha I’m sure most moms are like this. Spend a fortune on our kids but never ourselves. Kids look like millionaire kids while us moms look homeless. Hahaha so when I saw both in one box I couldn’t pass it up!! So canceled Boxyluxe for that money to go towards this!!

  4. I was already excited but today after seeing so many full box pics and unofficial spoilers on the FFF community forum I’m extra excited. Great box!!!

  5. It’s things like the nectar glasses being in every fff sale for $5 that gives me pause. They must have a lifetime supply of them. I also wish everyone got the same 2 or 3 products instead of the random things. It feels like they’re just trying to unload stuff instead of doing a carefully curated box. That said I’ll do the container, the scarfigan and the necklace and pray since it’s silver plate it’s decent quality. I’ll possibly add the yoga scarf too. Hopefully g th he #4 and #5 choices with have the better options from the rotation of items being spoiled

  6. I really, really wish this fall box had a fall vibe. It’s my fave season and I live for the scents and colors and cozy vibes. None of this seems like fall to me. Maybe it’s just me. 🙁 Does anyone else miss the monthly Popsugar boxes? I feel like those always fit with the season.

    • I can understand where you’re coming from, for sure, but on the bright side there are more spoilers to come.

      If I grab this box, I’ll probably choose the backpack, scarfigan (very fall to me), and blue light blocking glasses. I hope there’s a candle or fall scented something in the mix in the rest of the spoilers, though.

    • I agree it’s missing the fall scents, color, and coziness.

    • Even though I really REALLY love a couple of the choices (loved them enough to subscribe) I agree with you 100%!!! They don’t look like fall stuff at all!! The Scarfigan and canister set is the only items that even kinda feel like fall. I miss Popsugar too. That was the first box I ever subscribed to and it’s probably the ONLY subscription box that I’ve subscribed to that I was able to use almost every item I ever received from them!!

  7. Always hilarious and so interesting to me how some people LOVE the box and some people HATE it!

    I am kinda like meh… it’s ok lol. But I’m betting I’ll be super excited by the time it’s on the way. My thoughts right now are:

    1. Copper canisters
    2. Beyond Yoga Scarf (I would get the scarfigan but I have the one from Causebox and three other similar things).
    3. Bracelet Cuff and maybe necklace too (this thing is so controversial in this thread! It’s totally my style tho so I’ll rock it just fine).

    I’m actually really happy and relieved I don’t love everything in every category. Maybe I’ll save some money!

  8. I don’t understand why options in the same customization category vary so greatly in price? C3 you can get a $40 eye pallette or $135 bracelet???

  9. Yep, this is the nail in the coffin for me. Maybe next season.

    • Agree, definitely skipping this season 🙁

  10. Spoilers 1 and 2 had me intrigued, but spoilers 3 are giving me pause, I don’t really want any of it and no one else I know comes to mind who’d want any of it either. I don’t expect to love everything from the box, but don’t want my home filled with total junk either and nothing in category 1 or 2 was a need for me. I don’t look at the RV for items, I look at what I’d be willing to pay for something similar elsewhere.

  11. When do we usually get full spoilers?

  12. Just want to warn everybody who is considering signing up because of the “$200 mystery bundle” promise with the annual sign up. I was foolish enough to believe that and went for it. Now, I have been a FFF subscriber for several years now. Just didn’t renew after this spring, hoping to get something extra when renewing. Well, that promised bundle popped with the edit box. Let me tell you what I got in that stupid bundle of lies: 1. Whish mask (I have received at least FIVE of those before in boxes and various mystery bundles. 2. The Adore bracelet, i have received three of them previously, as the dreaded repeats in edit boxes and mystery bundles. Should I wear 5 of the same bracelet? 3. Marrakesh hair leave in conditioner – sold from $5 to $9 in every edit sale. 3 items only! All cheap repeats. You tell me, would you pay $200 for these three items?

    $200 value my butt. Somebody needs to address how FFF now shorts us on values, specifically all the mystery bundles are now constantly coming up short in that regard.

    • I got they same items when they offered the $200 mystery gift for the summer editors box. I got the marrakesh as one of my box items as well!! Sucked

    • My mystery bundle with FIREWORK was a small throw rug (21×36 I think), an Elemis serum, and AG .leave in hair conditioner. Underwhelming, but since it was my first box at least I didn’t have them already.

  13. Love it all!

    I’m going for Botkier Backpack (I love this), Yoga Infinity Scarf and cuff bracelet (best item in the box for me!)

    Really what matters to me are the 3 fff pics. As an annul, we got the 3 cheapest items for Summer and I’d like to see that change this season.

    • I have to agree, if that is how they are going to do it they should just go back to everyone gets the same 3 items.

  14. I’d prefer anything except the jewelry.

  15. Before I saw that the first pic was a bracelet, my first thought was “What in the Mr. T is that?”.

    Not my favorite choices, but something would be usable. I’m leaning towards this box.

    • I was thinking something similar about that bracelet 😂 Definitely a hard pass from me!

    • I snorted when I read this comment!

  16. I am really looking forward to this box!!! There are multiple items I want in each category!!!

    • Me too! I’ve been a member for 2 years and this is the first box that I’ve wanted to add in additional items.

  17. Can someone tell me how to skip this box? Spoilers have got me very concern. I’d rather hold on until something better comes

  18. I am leaning towards..

    JENNY BIRD Austin Cuff
    SOIA & KYO Woven Scarfigan with Fringe (though I really love the ones that have actual sleeves and wish they would have those as an option)
    Uncommon James Set of 2 Copper Canisters (a gift for my youngest.. it matches his pans)

    I’d get one of the Botkier items but they seem kind of thrown together for FFF and cheaply made.. Not sure I would use them or if they would hold up.

    Overall, I am liking this box more and more.. At least there is something in each category that I’d pick so that is a big win for me..

    Can’t wait to see what else is in the box..

    I do think the Spring bronze Diffuser should have been in the fall box, since it is more of a fall/winter item.. I got it and I am saving it to give to my mom for Christmas.

  19. I was going to rejoin FFF this Fall but all of these spoilers are either repeats or totally overpriced as there real price value…The First Bracelet Henri Bendel made a similar one but that one was real quality not like this one and everyone is right about the Glases I have a pair that I paid for from FFF and they are made cheaply not worth it…I would be careful for their bags as well most of time they are cheaply made and do not last long…If you can skip this box and wait for the Wi yet one which I hope will be much better than do that…Save your money

    • Right, why is FFF starting to resemble a yard sale!?

  20. Necklace or masks… but those glasses might help me when I play games on my phone and read at bedtime in the dark. I know it makes it harder to fall asleep, but since I do it anyway, the glasses might make it easier.

    • Tanya, are they tinted? I have prescription reading glasses, but would like to wear something a little tinted for distance to maybe help conceal dark circles?

  21. At this moment, I am leaning towards the tote, the scarf (was looking at the hair remover but can buy one for under $20 on Amazon, and the scarf would make a great gift for my mother or SIL), and I was thinking about the glasses (but the reviewer saying they are cheap makes me possibly reconsider).

    • Just FYI, the hair removers are PAINFUL. I’ve tried then before and they were not worth the money because I couldn’t even get myself to try to use them out of fear.

      • I have a Epilady that hurts like hell, however, if you can stand it once or twice, (maybe take a pain killer or glass of wine before) you may have my results… I used it a few times and now my hair doesn’t even grow back.. I think it removed all the hair follicle. I haven’t shaved my legs in about 10 years. LOL I think it was worth the temporary pain because it is so quick and then doesn’t linger. 😀

      • My understanding is this is a shaver and would be no more painful than using a razor. If you’re familiar with the brand Flawless, which I’ve seen sold in drugstores and online, the one offered by FFF should be similar to that.

    • You can buy one for about $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and can find a coupon online for 20% off, $5 or $10 off… Just a heads up because you can get one that is has discounts. 🙂

  22. I think the only thing I’m excited about with these spoilers is the sunglasses. Working from home has been giving me more headaches than at work because I can’t get any of the monitor settings to match right.

    I can always find a use for the scarfighan because I love wraps and shawls, but not a fan of these colors. And the only thing I’d be able to use in category 1 is the mini backpack, but I’ve already got a bunch of purses and bags.

    • Warning … blue light glasses have little evidence behind them on that… headaches are usually posture and most of these glasses are shunned by optometrists as studies have shown time and time again they have no impact whatsoever on eye strain, sleep etc…

  23. I’d really like the Beyond Yoga scarf w/ hidden pocket, if anyone gets that and wants to swap, let me know!

  24. Botkier New York Mini Trigger Nylon Backpack
    -Maybe Add on Uncommon James Copper Canisters

    SOIA & KYO Woven Scarfigan with Fringe

    JENNY BIRD Austin Cuff

    I love FFF so much can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers!!! ❤️

  25. For anyone thinking about the Nector glasses, they are very cheaply made! I have them and no way they’re worth $45. They are flimsy and the lenses pop out all the time, but you can pop them back in just as easily and they are very stylish. They just feel very cheap

    • I bought a pair of glasses from this brand from an FFF sale for $5 and can attest that they are extraordinarily cheap! They’re fine for the price I paid, but I would be extremely upset if I had paid $45 for those.

    • Yes – stay away from the Nectar blue blocking glasses! I was horrified by how cheaply they were made, the lenses are plastic and don’t even have much blue blocking power. They were also not comfortable to wear and I felt duped (I’m pretty sure I paid over $20 for them back then, there’s no way they’re worth the estimated retail value…quality is that of a dollar store).

      • Unfortunately the glasses are the only thing I like from Cat 3 so that is what I am picking.

  26. That bracelet reminds me of a hybrid of the Luv Aj ombre bracelet from PSMH years ago and the Janis Savitt one from Luxor

    • …except the Janis Savitt bracelet is really nice, and this one is of questionable quality/aesthetic value. I immediately thought of the Luv AJ travesty when I saw this bracelet. I also laughed out loud when I saw the value FFF gave it. Ridiculous! But I’ll take a laugh where I can get it these days.

      • What I don’t understand is why these jewelry pieces are not sterling silver for the retail price..
        Didn’t the Luv AZ piece rust really fast?

      • Mel I totally agree. I don’t understand why costume jewelry would be that expensive. Sterling silver would at least make sense…and perhaps tempt me a little more.

  27. If I sign up today will I get summmer or fall box?

    • You get the summer edit box until I think 1st august

  28. This box is an easy skip for me. The only thing out of the 3 options I would want is the foldable bin, but I don’t really have a need for it. I am overloaded on skincare, and I am personally very picky with jewelry and bags. I seem to only like the winter and spring boxes.

    Also… seriously, what happened to the fitness items? I really miss getting DVDs and gear. Would love for that to be an option again.

    • Agreed! I loved the summer box, but mostly because I use the Draper James tote daily. I feel like if they want to include bags, they need multiple color options.
      I would LOVE some workout items! Where did the Fit in FabFitFun go?

    • Agreed! I’m so disappointed with this box! The summer was my first and I loved it! so I was going to buy the annual membership, but this sucks. Will be foregoing.

    • I agree the Fit part of FFF has been missing from the boxes. The only time I see fitness items are in the add on and edit sales 🙁

  29. I personally dig a few of these options. The cuff would be cute with a T-shirt to make it more edgy and it’s on trend. There’s a lot of people that are layering and using chunkier chains right now. The necklace would be pretty with any deep v dress/shirt/sweater and the blue light glasses are classically shaped and would probably flatter a lot of people’s faces. The masks and the palette seem like stuff you’d find in other sub boxes though.

    • Same here. I like the cuff. I’m not expecting fine jewelry in a $45 (annual price) sub box. But I’ll happily choose a trendy piece I would never spend the money on otherwise.

      • Same. I think the cuff is a fun piece. For me there’s enough quality choices in the other options that If ends up not being my thing I’m still getting my money’s worth

  30. The eyeshadow palette was a surprise choice in my box last Winter when I was seasonal. I thought about signing up for this, but there’s nothing I really “need” or even anything I’ve been thinking about purchasing soon that helps me justify the cost. All reasonably nice stuff for all the categories, but none that push me over to resub. Now if only my Causebox would ever ship … one day I’ll get to try the PMD … hopefully!

    • Right! I got the palette last winter too. I ended up bringing it to a white elephant exchange because I already have several nude palettes.

    • I also received the palette in the Winter FFF box. It’s a really nice palette with one of my fave shimmer formulas, and I encourage people who are leaning towards to get it. But I don’t need another.

  31. Sometime around the middle of the pandemic, when stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s were still closed, I read a tweet that was something along the lines of, “I wish I could just drive up to TJ Maxx, hand them $50, and they hand me a random box of stuff,” and even if you feel like that’s what this is, it’s pretty fun?

    • My thoughts exactly! Very well put- it would be nice to love every single thing you get (you are paying for then after all!), but I see a lot of comments of people who seem to have very, very high expectations. Its $50, and the company has to make a profit too. No, you aren’t going to get a full sized leather botkier bag… but have some fun with it! 🙂 I’ve gotten to try out some really cool stuff that I never would have chosen for myself, I hope people who ate unhappy with the spoilers so far are able to find at least one redemptive item!

      • I do agree. I pay annually so it’s easier to see the bright side when I’m getting it either way. Some boxes are better than others, but I have been very surprised that I am always happy after I get the box and. Try new things. I can’t wait to see my other choices. Enjoy your box!

  32. That necklace looks just like the vibrator necklace that the Sunday Riley box had.

    • Good one! Hehe

    • It does! And everytime I scroll past that razor, it catches me off guard because it looks like a personal massager I had in college, lol!

      • While I am not a medical professional, I am going to recommend against using the razor as a personal massager. 😉

      • 😂

    • I wish it was that. I want that necklace so badly.

  33. Maybe it’s b/c I’m new to this sub (began w/ Summer Welcome), but I’m really digging these choices & having a hard time deciding! The only thing I for sure DON’T want are the make-up/facial items and the bags (all very nice, but I’m on overload). Tough call for me…

    • Shoot. Just realized this is FFF and not Causebox. lol! 🤦‍♀️ nvrmd

      • Haha, if it helps I tend to find the Causebox stuff is better. I left FFF for it.

  34. $135 bracelet vs. $40 sheet masks? Um, ok.

    • Right! Lmao

    • Lmao, remember those $120 sheet masks they had a few boxes ago? Worse than the $3 masks I get from CVS

    • And yet, the sheet masks are the only spoiler from this round I like (I already have the palette). 🤷‍♀️

  35. I am picking the blue light glasses I don’t like anything else and I spent an embarrassing amount of time on my phone lol. FFF said this is last spoiler but they released spoilers 4&5 last season? I am annual and would like to see rest of our choices this week .

  36. So far I am seeing several loves in Categories 1 and 2, and at least a couple of useful things in category 3. The eyeshadow palette has great every day colors, and I can always use another pair of computer glasses. I wonder if this will finally be the box where I don’t even wish I could skip a category!

  37. I was loving the first two spoiler categories but this bunch there’s nothing I like. I also wish this was more fall themed. I only started with the summer but was expecting boxes to follow the seasons and this to have fall colors 🥺

    • You’re right. This just seems like an extension of the summer/spring boxes, which were pretty similar to each other.
      Give me cocoa mixes, baking mixes, fall color accessories, plaid things, etc. Nothing here really says fall.

      I’m learning that fanfitfun is just going to be when I need to re-up my skincare stock. I’m currently overloaded after the summer box, so I don’t need to get this round.

  38. Customization 3 and the Fall 2020 box is a dud for me. Only four options in this category, and two of them are jewelry. Swell. We have metal sensitivities in my family, so the jewelry is out. While I like Beauty Bakerie, I am on eyeshadow overload, and my daughter just completely restocked her stash too. This entire box is going to be Christmas presents for me, but there isn’t anything in this group I can gift. No one needs any more masks.

    Can boxes be skipped? I am an annual subscriber, so if I am able to skip the Fall box, will that extend my annual subscription one season?

    • You can skip a box and yes, it extends your subscription by one season.

    • When you skip a season, you get a $45 credit to shop the add ons – subscription not extended. Source: I skipped last fall lol

      • Thank you, both. I think I’ll contact CS to see what I need to do to skip. Otherwise, I’m starting one of those “Your Choice” swaps with all the pics.

  39. The cuff is an abomination.

    • Totally agree LOL, it’s hideous!

    • It looks like every bad bracelet I had in the 80s all woven together.

      • I’m in the minority but I actual like the bracelet

      • I like it. It’s fun and funky!

    • I love it….if you can rock an edgy vibe like I do it would pair great with my long wavy wild hair, a vintage concert tee, skin tight ripped jeans, and my free people maroon combat boots. I adore the bracelet.

      • Right? I totally agree. That would be a great combo. Cuff may not be for everyone but it’ll def add edge to an outfit and look super cute if that’s your vibe.

      • I like it too. I actually got excited for the box when I saw it. Outside of tech stuff I usually don’t like the things most subscribers love and love the stuff everyone says they don’t like.

      • I like the style, but the quality is not good. You can see the pitting and discoloration of the metal in the photos. That only happens with really cheap costume jewelry with questionable metal content.

  40. I love the cuff! I’m all about some heavy multi chain accessories and bracelets are my favorite. Easy pick.

  41. I’ll pass for fall, here’s hoping that the fall edit box is a good one

  42. I’m not in love with anything in this category but the bracelet is growing on me…

  43. I got those sheet masks for $7 at the last edit sale.

    • Have you had a chance to try them out? Thoughts?

      • Yeah, what she asked… I literally have over a hundred sheet masks in my house, but it’s the only thing jumping out at me from Customization 3. I would appreciate any reviews that anyone may have for them.

      • I bought them in an edit sale too – they’re fine. It’s a hydrating mask – nothing more, nothing less.

  44. I’m so impressed with the spoilers so far. Especially the second spoilers… I think I want all of them. Spoiler 3 I was a little unsure of and then I look up the jewellery items and they are so pretty I think I want the necklace and bracelet .

    Can’t wait for selections to open…. very very excited.

  45. If anything, I would pick the SOIA & KYO piece. The scarf that I got last time was amazing and has stayed practically new even though I wear it so much at my office where its always freezing.

  46. Nothing is calling my name, won’t resubscribe for fall. Maybe winter?

    • Ditto. Didn’t renew my annual so I’ll see what winter brings.

  47. I love how there’s a model wearing the sheet masks – as if we need to see that – and no one is modeling anything else! I need to see what this stuff looks like in people!

    Sigh. I miss the way MSA used to do these spoilers with the MSA models.

    • Ha! So true about the modeling!

    • They have pictures on Jenny Bird’s website if you want to see the model wearing it but they are not very great pics. The bracelet as someone mentioned looks bad but the necklace looks ok.

    • Yes and look at the pensive expression. She is really taking time out for HER

      • Haha, either she is taking time out for HER or realizing what a goober you look like while using a sheet mask.

        Not sure if I like anything in this Choice category. Already have masks out the wazoo and I have the palette from some box or other. Nice shadow formulations but very yellow.

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