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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

Boxycharm Premium

We have spoilers for the August 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The August box may include:

Ciate London The Editor’s Palette in New England

There were two other products visible in the video. These may also be spoilers for August:

The choice items for August will be:

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer

Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Comments (45)

  1. Definitely looking forward to this box getting variation 50
    Sunday Riley A+
    Coats London New England editor pallet
    Xl lash volumizer
    Mac comsmetics satin lipstick
    Gerard cosmetics /eternal eyeliner
    After spa-slip on exfoliator

  2. Now I wish that I didn’t pick the primer… Ipsy is giving me 2 face primers this month I found out =_=

  3. I was going with the serum at first, but then swapped to the primer. My mom said some say retinoid has been said by some to cause cancer and with my family history, I probably shouldn’t risk it.

    • I think retinoids can help prevent skin cancer. I was very prone to getting cancerous spots that had to be carved off. Since I started using retinol I haven’t had any spots turn into cancer. Hard to say if it is the retinol, or that I’ve been better about using SPF, but I think the retinol might help.

      Per Dr. Google: “Retinoid products like retinol are well known to correct pre-cancers, slow growth of existing skin cancer and decrease the risk of developing new skin cancer,”

      • Huh, guess I’ll go back to using that avocado mask we just got!

  4. Am I the only one still waiting for Choice to start? Their calendar says 10AM, but every time I refresh it still just says, “check social for times”

    • Choice for premium wasn’t until today (7/16/2020) but they have now changed it to Monday 7/20

  5. I got my box today. 2.9 lbs, 11x10x4. Variation 59. I don’t know how many times I’m going to let Boxy disappoint me, but they are on a roll. I really wanted the Lord Jones lotion, and I got the $95 toner instead. No matter how good it is, it’s a toner. I don’t want half my box’s value taken up by a toner. Morphe palette, Milk Makeup lash primer, Nelson J hair mask, Brow Bar face palette, and cuticle oil. How many people consider this a “premium” box???

    • I agree with you that it totally stinks and really isn’t worth it. As of late I receive nothing but second rate products, liquidated merchandise and sketchy brands Ive never heard of. My items arrive dirty and damaged. I’ve even had fingerprints on pallette’s . I basically see most of their box items in TJ Maxx or Ross. I wonder if they are buying salvage from TJ Maxx or the like – and if that explains the fingerprints. I hung on for a while due to FOMO but that was just stupid because the joke is clearly on me.

      • FOMO – this has kept subscribed for far too long. Every month they advertise products I want, and every month I get other variants. I don’t mind unknown brands, I’m even interested in trying make up from independent brands. But as you said, the sketchy brands – like the $100 gel stuff they proved was from ali express for under $5 – yeah. I’m over that. Time to cancel and I’ll just set aside the money and save up for the items I really want.

      • To Elizabeth-what Gel stuff are you talking about? I’m curious

    • Be happy they gave you your choice item, lol mine was missing! Same variation minus my brow bar Reema palette

    • IRachel,
      ‘d gladly trade you for the toner, and send you the Lord Jones CBD body lotion ( White container). Reply with your email. Your box was better than mine, if that’s even believable. I agree not Premium to me either.

  6. I’m a new subscriber to Boxy (base & premium). Can someone tell me what time choice for August opens tomorrow? And how do the add-ons work? Do I check out or am I automatically billed? Any advice in guidance is truly appreciated!

    • Hi Keri. Boxy has updated the website to say that choice for Luxe won’t be happening until July 15. It’s usually open by early to mid afternoon. The site says choice for Premium won’t be open until June 20. Good luck!

  7. I would love to get this one but also, definitely, do not want July. I’m already subbed to Base and Luxe. I may try to sub when August rolls in and if I don’t get off the waitlist before choice I will just cancel.

    • Maybe I’m misunderstanding your comment, but chouce happens the month prior to the box coming out. Choice for the August box happens in July- it’s coming up in a few days. So if you want to choose your product for August’s box, you have to get July’s box. Otherwise, if you wait til August to sign up, you just get a random box.

      • Thank you for clarifying, that makes total sense, I have no idea now why I thought otherwise. Wishful thinking I guess. Lol.

  8. Has anyone found swatches or anything at all about the palette? Was it created exclusively for Boxycharm? Because I can’t find anything at all about it online. Not a single review.

    Also, that Sunday Riley A+ isn’t sold in Canada (Sunday Riley can’t even ship it here), can’t even buy it online as far as I can see, so I’m assuming Canadians won’t even be able to get it if they choose it? I doubt any Canadians got that Lord Jones CBD cream either, unless they’re able to ship that across the border? 🙄

  9. I really don’t like Ciate… Their products never work for me and some of their products got the worse reviews I have seen for makeup last year. Hoping for lash serum.

    • Their glitter storm palette is really pretty. I also like their glitter flip lippies.

    • The reason I don’t like them is that they seem to make most of their subscription box stuff in China and it doesn’t even have the same ingredients as the ones made in Italy (I think that’s where main lab is anyways) so I tend to throw out the ones I get from this brand unless it actually says made in Italy on the back. I dunno, it just seems shady. So I am up in the air whether I will like this palette or not. At least the colors are up my alley for once.

      • Yeah I saw a video on YouTube where someone said the Editor Palette they received from Boxy was made in PRC. All the stuff I have from them, I bought from Sephora and it was made in Italy. Although I did get a blush from Boxycharm by Ciate, but I don’t remember where it was made. It’s in a box somewhere. This New England palette that Boxy will be getting doesn’t even exist. I think they made it specifically for Boxycharm or sub boxes, because there is no info whatsoever on it. The only info, reviews or swatches I can find, are of their other Editor Palettes. But nothing on this New England palette.

        The Editor palettes honestly give me Makeup Revolution vibes. Looks just like the palettes they make, even similar packaging, and I have loads of their products. I like them, but they’re definitely a cheaper brand. They make some great dupes for higher-priced items. I picked up a lot of MR stuff at Winners/Marshalls. One of the best finds was this Chocolate Vault I got near Christmas that was $50, and had like 8 eyeshadow palettes, 2 face palettes and 3 lippies. I think that’s all that was in it.

      • Just checked, and yup the blush I got in one of my Boxycharm boxes was indeed made in PRC. 😒

      • At least the coconut vacay powder had been made where it was supposed to be made!

  10. Started with Ipsy went to plus then ultimate. They were my favorite subscription by far. Boxycharm took this spot hands down! They’re new trendy products not just the same old repeats! Boxy charm is 100% the best!!!! I promise!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

    • As long as you don’t mind regularly getting foundations, concealers, BB creams, bronzers, contour, highlighter and brow products that are unusable for you due to Boxycharm’s refusal to use the quiz and shade match and not having the ability to skip a month without having to cancel and miss out on making a choice selection for the following month isn’t a deal breaker for you, then you might be right.

      • With Ipsy, I got tired of mostly getting deluxe items rather than full size. Then when I tried to skip a month they charged me and said oops for the month I wanted to skip. Plus they make cancelling a pain in the arse. So nah, Ipsy has it’s crap shoots too. Oh, they also happened to run out of the monthly bag and tried giving an old one instead =_=

        The whole reason I went to boxycharm over Ipsy in the end was the pay almost the same amount (for a while there) but only get like 1-2 full size items and the rest where samples. At least with boxy it’s all fullsize (or at least supposed to be…). I quit boxy base when they gave me a box full of past box stuff and no new stuff for that month. Worst, it was past box stuff from boxes I had received in the past and just didn’t get that variation for and wasn’t sad to see them not in my box… only to be thrown in my box at a later date for a box I had been really looking forward to getting the items of it’s month in it. Thus straw met camel since the 2 previous boxes sucked as well.

      • LMAO! Don’t forget the horrible customer service, where they do nothing to help you, give you cut and paste answers that don’t even answer any of your questions, and ignore you for weeks at a time. Oh and them sending the wrong choice items. And possible COD charges put on the boxes by Boxycharm. Oh and Boxycharm putting your add-on/pop-up purchases in mailer envelopes instead of boxes to ensure everything arrives broken or leaking too. Oh not to mention finding mold or fingerprints on your items when you finally do get your box. LOL.

        Me thinks Lindsey works for Boxycharm. 🙄

    • Maggie I have had Ipsy plus since the beginning and NEVER gotten sample sizes. It is a full size subscription box.
      Rubywoohoo Exactly and so much more like the HORRIBLE customer service, numerous variations, constant bait n switch etc
      I still have Boxy Premium but cancelled regular and Luxe months ago. I also still have Ipsy regular and Plus

  11. Is there a code for subbing to the Premium box? Some type of freebie? I wonder🤔🧐

  12. Wow I’m definitely going for the Ole Hendriksen primer, i have not had the chance to try that yet and I love their products, Their truth serum is my holy grail go to and my JC Penny card is maxed out and it is almost gone. I use that every day and the last bottle I got has lasted me almost a year. A little goes a long way and my skin looks amazing. It spreads so easily and dries down quick and layers well under makeup. I also love their sheer moisturizer, it layers well too and it feels like you don’t have anything on, so the primer would be awesome!!!!! I had gotten a sample of the Sunday Reiley tidal cream and it pilled on me, and I have a few samples of the A+ retinoid and I’m not impressed, I didn’t really see results and again it pilled so maybe my skin just doesn’t like their products.

    • I tried the OH primer when it was in the Trendmood box, I really liked it. YSL Touche Eclat is my holy grail primer, but the OH Banana Bright was a close second for me. It gives a very pretty glow without looking shiny/ sparkly, has a nice smell, and blends well. I think you’ll love it!

  13. I’m going to cancel my premium and go back to the basic box… premium has been slowly falling off… there are no products that I would want out of this box…

    • Yeah! The base box has been looking so much better lately. I keep holding on to the premium because sometimes the boxes are really great, but, it’s been a while.

  14. The only thing I have any interest in is the Sunday Riley serum. Other then that…BLAH 😝
    I wish they’d give Ciate a rest already!!!

    • haha agree

    • Hahaha agree. I used to think Ciate was so great but I am really over thier products!

  15. I’m definitely choosing the retinoid serum! I’ve been using it for a year now and love it! It would be great to have a back up since it’s SO EXPENSIVE!

    • I’m feeling torn between Sunday Riley Retinoid and Vitamin C cream. I love the vitamin C cream, but I already have it, might want to try the retinoid.

    • I am heartbroken about the A+ serum. I really, really love it but I found out it contains alcohol.😞 It’s really far down on the list and I don’t know, maybe at a cheaper price I’d keep purchasing it, but $85 for a product that contains something I swore I’d never put on my skin. It works beautifully though, which is why I’m so torn. I just watched an unsponsored video of a woman who quit using her prescription strength Retin A for an over the counter retinol that she swears works better. It’s in the same price bracket so I’m going to give it a try.💁

  16. I’m choosing the A+ I’d like to get the TF powder. I feel like I’m the only one not wanting eyeshadow palettes I have soooo many and I’m not good at it no matter how hard I try my eyes are so hooded. I’ve watched a million tutorials and I still suck.

    • I have the same problem! I’m horrible at eyeshadow no matter how hard I try lol

    • I have seen the Too Faced Etheral powder at TJMaxx and Marshalls. So maybe if you have one in your area you can see if they have it. Actually they have several Too Faced products. Just make sure it hasn’t been opened before you buy it😊

    • Same. My eyes are hooded and I’ve tried and tried but haven’t really gotten the hang of it. Plus with the pandemic, I have no where to wear make up lol. I have way too many eyeshadows. Boxycharm has fallen off so bad

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