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Box Of Style Exclusive Deal – Save $50 Off The Summer Box!


Rachel Zoe’s quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription Box of Style is offering this deal just for MSA readers!

Now through 7/22, new subscribers can use coupon code MSA50 to save $50 off the Summer Box of Style! (Regularly $99.99)

You also get to pick a free gift of your choice!

Choose between:


The Summer 2020 box includes:

Check out our Summer 2020 review to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.


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Comments (70)

  1. I ordered my box on 7/22 and it still shows “unfulfilled.” I sent them a message five days ago and no response. Anyone else in the same boat? I went to send another message, but it kept giving me an error message. There’s no direct number to contact BoS is there?

    • This is a message for Isabel, who never received her box and was trying to reach Box of style . I had to ask them a question and tried five different ways but if you email box of style support you should be able to hear from them.

      • Thanks! I tried again and was able to get a message through and then ten min ago I got an email my box has shipped! I feel like they just need a little nudge sometimes or something lol. Says it will be here Sunday! I swear, the only thing keeping me going these days is knowing I have packages coming soon 🙂

      • Your very welcome Isabel, I can so relate to you. I had skipped the summer because I didn’t like the majority. And now I can’t wait for fall,so we can choose. I’m really hoping these will be a lot more my style . I loved spring. Good luck I hope you enjoy all in that box !! 🙂

  2. I just got my box and I am very glad I got it! The towel is so soft and, with $50 off, the box was well worth it. The Kosas looks fabulous on me and the bag will come in handy. The earrings are a bit big for me and I’m not overly fond of GA products, but it’s still a great deal at this price!!

    • Just got my box and it all so wonderful! BUT my earrings are a mismatched length of 7cm & 8cm! I hope CS will help. The bag – LOVE – is something I would never think I needed, but now that I have it I’m itching to get away for a trip! Towel is great (strange they are so expensive), GA I already use, pink sarong is very pretty as a shawl/wrap, and the Kosas I’m excited to try. Amazing deal for $55! It’s too bad this isn’t closer to the actual price because I would sub annually in a heartbeat.

    • Anyone know when they show us spoilers for fall says box comes out first week of August , was just wondering and so looking forward to a new box. Please and ty

    • Random question for you: did your items come in an actual box, like the official branded RZBOS box?
      Mine didn’t – everything was literally thrown into the weekender bag (except the towel) and into a crushed brown shipping box.
      Everything arrived safely despite the box’s condition, but I was a little disappointed to not get the actual branded rzbos box because I use them for storage!

      I guess the $50 discount makes it ok, but I’m wondering if this is a one-off or if they did the same to everyone who got the MSA50 deal?

      • Mine also arrived without the branded box. Everything packed in the bag except the towel. The bag was a wrinkled mess!

  3. Just a reminder for those who ordered this as a “seasonal” box: if you don’t want to be charged for the Fall box, you have to cancel by 8/13, two days before the 8/15 billing is pushed through (per the FAQs on the site).

    I caved and ordered this box, and as soon as it arrives I will be canceling 🙂 Although I am excited to get this box, I always prefer to have spoilers before purchasing sub boxes – and yes, I realize that I am clearly not the target audience for most sub boxes, haha.

  4. Any chance they’ll open this one back up? I missed it 🙁

    • I sent an email asking this question because after I told my mom about it she wanted one. Customer Service said it was a limited offer but they offered $25 off if I wanted another box.

    • following…. fingers crossed!

  5. At what time does the discount typically end? I tried at 12:15 EST but no luck with the code. I was assuming the cutoff would be 3:00 EST so all time zones would have the opportunity through midnight.

    • This coupon is not working for me. It’s 10:26pm PST. 🙁

    • Man I really want this and just saw it now. What a bummer

    • I was hoping the same thing. I am in California and it was still 7/22, so I was surprised when it didn’t work (new subscriber).

      • you had to be signed in, that was the issue for me

  6. I wanted this box so bad for the weekender bag! I am so excited I held off, because now I get the towel and the bag!! I feel a most want to order another because I know that bag will make a beautiful gift… will this promo code end today?

  7. I was trying so hard not to get this box, but I just want that towel so bad! I didn’t realize we got to pick the color choice of the sarong. I chose the blue… what did everyone else get? I feel like maybe I should have got the pink one instead since I like bright colors much better, but too late now.

    Any idea of when these will start shipping? Now that I have bought it, I want it NOW lol 🙂

    • I chose the blue. I believe it’s the most versatile of the two. Chose the towel, too! All this plus the discount made it worth my purchase.

      • You’re right, blue makes the most sense! I am most excited for the towel lol. I kept missing out on it in the past and am happy to finally be getting it now.

    • I bought one yesterday and already got a shipping notification. Says it will be here Sunday via UPS 🙂

      • Just received my shipping too! Supposed to arrive Saturday.

      • That’s awesome! I was expecting to get it in like September or something!

    • I ordered mine 3 days ago, got a shipping confirmation today!

  8. Did anyone try to use the code? It should be working through today, but not taking… maybe because I am not a new subscriber?

    • I think it’s just because you have subscribed before. I entered my usual email first and it said code not eligible and then when I switch to a different email then it worked.

    • As Isabel said, use/or create a different email and it will work. I had to do so because I had subscribed in the past.

  9. Thank you for the promo code, and for emailing it out to us! I don’t check this site as much as I used to.

    I ordered two boxes, just for the beach towels, lol. Awhile ago when BOS included the Oribe styling cream I did the same thing. I pay $52 for the styling cream alone and I’ve used it every day for years.

    It’s so nice to see a luxury item in a box that’s useful.

  10. I jumped. He he. I chose the towel (of course!). This discounts was just too good to pass up.

  11. I did not like the last box at all, and then I see constant offers of more and more free, extra things if you get the box with a discount now. I will never get a yearlong subscription again. Box of Style does not to do anything for long-term subscribers (I didn’t even get a choice on the black fabric thing), and the items are not stylish in my life. I know it must be hard to choose things that appeal to everyone, but come on.

    • Why would you buy an annual sub? I’ve always purchased quarterly because it’s easy to cancel so that you can use a code and/or get free gifts with purchase for the next box. I’ve been doing this since the very beginning maybe 4-5 years ago because they always do promos.

  12. Ahhhh another shining example that I have ZERO will power! I almost got this with the 4th of July sale esp with that towel I have ogled over and ‘need’ even though I have about 20 beach towels and don’t have a pool any longer. Then voila, I saw this and went instantly to justification that $54.54 is about what I’d pay for another GA cream when mine runs out. True, but I also have 500 sarongs, bags for travel and we’ll be trapped for who knows how long since no one can behave and just wear a mask (@#!), my friend was going to gift me her earrings so didn’t need those, and that leaves the bronzer/highlighter so I’ll look glowing as I do my garden work!

  13. So I actually have two of the towels already from previous boxes, and the quality is SO nice, that my children were fighting over them when we took a family trip to Lake Michigan in June. They really were resistant to sand. Anyway it was worth it to me to add in two new emails to create Two new accounts to get the deals for half off, the extra towel and also the clear travel make up tote. As far as the products, the cream is good quality and I look forward to using it, the weekend bags will come in use between myself and my two daughters. And you can always use sarongs. The earrings are cute and the cream blush/bronzer will get used.

    • I am with you – thinking about getting another sub to have a matching set of towels and 2 weekenders will make a great matching luggage set 🙂 Are the towels soft? I can’t wait!
      This is SUCH a GREAT deal!

  14. This box always seems to just go on sale just a bit more each time. If they know they’re not selling all that product, why not just sell less boxes so they also become more desirable. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I work in a library, not finance though so… 😆😆

    • They probably ordered too many products or committed to their partners to sell so many boxes this season. I think between the virus shut down, unemployment, or the fear of losing your job, a lot of people are cutting their subscriptions. I also think most people don’t find these products as useful. You can get a FabFitFun Summer Editor’s box and get that grown alchemist cream.

      • It’s not just this time tho, BOS boxes almost always go on sale for $50 every season. That’s the primary reason that I won’t get an annual because the discount is so deep.

      • Always wait for the discount!

  15. I feel like I’m trying to talk myself into getting this box. I really WANT to want it, but I guess I just… dont.


    • I feel the same way. The only thing I like are the earrings.

      • Check the swap site. You can get them there.

      • I fully plan on swapping the earrings when I get my box, haha.
        This reminds me of the old box splitting days from the f.o.r.u.m. 🙂

  16. Super excited to get this box for $55. I’ve wanted that towel for a while and the Kosas palette looks lovely.

  17. Code didn’t work.
    And I don’t care.

    • What a strange comment. Clearly you care or you wouldn’t have posted this?

    • All you needed to do was use a new email address. It’s literally in 20 other comments.

  18. Not interested in summer box but I’m hoping they sell out soon so we can get the fall spoilers!

    • SAME!!!

  19. I definitely snagged this, love the towel, the travel bag and love cream makeup! I’m not an earring person but they will be gifted!! Now I just need a 50 percent off for the last Popsugar 🙂

    • Yes, hoping they’ll do a two-fer again on Popsugar! If so, I’ll be tempted to get one for me and one for gifts!

      • I was hoping they’d pull out a past box sale at PopSugar – I personally would jump at a winter 2019 box if they had it for 50% off or so 🙂

  20. When I received this box the first time, I was delightfully surprised how much I liked all the non beauty items. I purchased it on a deal just to receive the towel. What I found was that the earrings are AMAZING!

  21. Well well well, although I told myself that I don’t need anything in this box, but I still bought it..

  22. I was mad at myself for missing the 4th of July offer, so I jumped on this even better deal immediately. Nice box, good value and the Missoni towel is the icing on the cake.

  23. I was tempted but don’t want to create a new account to get the offer 🙁

    • For me, it is not about the time it takes to create the account, it is having to manage multiple accounts and making sure that they do not get auto-billed for the next subscription. I prefer to have all of my orders under my one account so I can manage it more easily. I also don’t want to have to deal with multiple email addresses. I understand how this all works because I did it a few times with Pop Sugar.

  24. This link is not working. This is the error message that comes up:
    “The link is not currently active.

    There are a number of reasons that you may have received this message. The most common is that the merchant who was advertising is temporarily not-actively promoting that program. If, however, you feel you have reached this page in error, please let us know. does not tolerate or send any SPAM mail to anyone. If you feel you have been targeted by a SPAM message, we would appreciate if you could forward the message to us at abuse at manages the relationships between advertisers and affiliates, which is why you were directed to our site. Since the link that you clicked is not currently active, you were not redirected to the site.

    If you are a new affiliate, your links will not be active until gets a chance to review your account – you will receive an email when your account is approved and links are activated. This process generally takes around 24 business hours.”

    • There was an issue with the link but it’s been updated and works now! Sorry about that!

  25. Can I just buy this box w/ $50 off code and cancel without buying another box? How easy is it to cancel this sub?

    • I did this previously without issue. I subscribed with a discount code and then ultimately cancelled because I didn’t like the contents of the next box (ironically, this one). It was quite easy to cancel online.

  26. I really like those earrings, they’re my favorite thing in this box, but since they’re not hypoallergenic, I’m going to pass on this box. This is a terrific deal though!

    • You might be able to wear them if you coat the posts and backs with clear nail polish. Just a thought!

    • When I get costume jewelry, I dip the posts into antibiotic cream before insertion. I have sensitive piercing and this works!

  27. I was waiting for this. Snagged one.

  28. The code MSA50 is not working. 🙁

    • Hi Shanun!

      I just tested the code and was able to apply it to both the quarterly and annual option. This can only be used to sign up for a new subscription. If you are a current or previous subscriber, this can’t be applied. It has to be a new email/subscription. An email address has to be entered before the code so that may be the issue. Clearing your cookies or using an incognito browser window may also help. In the past, some people have had issues with checkout on mobile devices so if you are able to use a desktop/laptop, that may help. If you are still seeing an error message, please let us know the specific wording of the message so we can look into it. Thanks!

      • Thank you!

    • You have to use a new email address for the code to work. I just had the same problem but the code worked with a different email

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