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NewBeauty TestTube July 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the July 2020 NewBeauty TestTube Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Luna!)

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers!

The July 2020 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

  • COMMODITY | EDP 10ML $26

Total Value Listed $267

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Comments (282)

  1. I wonder what is wrong with the Nail polish voucher, maybe the TT rep will come on and explain why it either isn’t working or why people’s orders are getting cancelled!!

    • My comments aren’t going through, so sorry if this repeats. My first test tube came today & my voucher wouldn’t work no matter what I did (I wasted more time than I want to admit lol) so I contacted Test Tube and they said it is invalid now. They said that 10+Free Chemistry pulled it because people were redeeming it more than once & they had no other information. They basically told me “too bad” that it won’t work and to “enjoy the rest of my box”.

    • Hi Annette,

      We’d like to reassure you the offer is available, however it’s limited to one order per household 🙂

      • I just tried code and it is charging me $3.95 for shipping, is that right??

      • There are two of us here that get the test tube, does that mean only one of us can get the nail polish?

      • It still charges me $3.95 for shipping too. I’ve tried logging back in to the account I made today and I’ve tried making a new account thinking that ‘starting over’ will help, but it won’t work for me.

      • Why are they charging for shipping??

      • The promo card clearly states “Ships free of charge” but after using the code there is $3.95 fee for shipping.

  2. I received my first test tube today & tried to use the included code to get my top coat. I tried for a long time (too long to admit lol). It wouldn’t work no matter what I tried so I reached out to Test Tube and they told me it is invalid now. They said that 10+ Free Chemistry pulled it because too many people were using it. They said they had no more information. Just thought I’d let everyone know so others don’t waste as much time as I did trying. Test Tube customer service did however tell me to “enjoy the other items in my test tube”.

  3. I received my box two days ago and I LOVE it. Every single item will be used. The only (slight) disappointment was the Commodity perfume, Mimosa: it just doesn’t last on me. I assume the issue is my particular skin chemistry.

    I got the lipstick in Poison Apple, a vampy dark red that’s bolder than I usually wear, but blotted gives me a nice bitten lip look. I love that it has a built in mirror. I’m not sure if the highlighter colors vary, but mine came in Gilded Rose, which is absolutely beautiful. When I first swatched it I worried that it was too dark for my very fair skin, but it blended out nicely. I honestly think it’s my favorite product in the whole tube.

  4. I love everything in this tube! I didn’t know that the scent for the Commodity would vary, I got Nectar but wish I received Rain or Gold instead.
    I hope next tube will be as good as this or the May one that I also liked very much.

  5. I got the March tube with green/blue. Scent is Mimosa. I need to look it up to see what it smells like. It says it is unisex.

    I would have liked to get the one advertised because I use them for different things.

  6. So I ended up buying two of these because of the Sunday Riley wanting to give it as a gift
    Didn’t realize the Commodity perfume would be different! I received the Orris and Vetiver
    You guys…they are so strong it gives me a headache so sad really wanted to love them since I saw so many positive reviews

    But I tried the powder collagen powder and I choked on it lol

    I felt like I was doing the cinnamon challenge 😂

    I am loving the Sunday Riley a little goes a long way

  7. Do you have to create another account to order a second tube?

  8. I just received my tube, love all the contents I received Commodity Rain and it’s lovely. Red Cape lipstick, I love a good red and it’s beautiful.

    However, my actual tube is the January tube and I was so looking forward to the July summery one with flowers and rainbows. 🙁 Did this happen to anyone else?

    • I didn’t even notice, but I received January’s tube too! Fortunately, the person I always give the actual tubes to doesn’t mind (and didn’t even notice it was a repeat) because she loves star gazing, and this is right up her alley. 🙂 (but she did say how pretty July’s tube looked!)

      • It is a beautiful tube, and like most everything I get that she wants will go to my 18 year old daughter 😆. I just like having the collection, I know first world problems right. So I ordered another one, for the daughter. We’ll see what tube I get 🤞

      • I feel so silly now!! I just realized that the July tube pictured is the same as the May tube! Gosh how quickly I forget, I just knew the one I got wasn’t what was pictured 😆. I wonder if everyone got different past tubes 🤔. Well they got some more of my money heehee

  9. Was anybody able to redeem the 10 FREE CHEMISTRY bonus gift? The code does not seem to work 🙁

    • I can’t get it to work either. I figure I’ll wait a while and try again. It says it is good until Oct. 10th.

      • Not only did the coupon code not work for me, I got charged the $18.00 while I was trying to make the code work again. Super pissed and will be disputing the charge. Not cool.

      • Testtube reps are conveniently avoiding comments now

    • Yes. I was able to redeem for a free top coat (it also worked on a color polish) a few days ago with no issues.

      • Nope Just tried and it’s not working

      • Do you have to make a purchase for it to work?

      • Mine won’t work either. 😢

      • Not only did the code not work, it charged me after I tried to put the code in a second time. Totally pissed off that I got charged 18.00 when the code was supposed to work.

      • Robyn, no I didn’t have to make an additional purchase. When I got on their site, I searched for the top coat that was listed on the card, added it to my cart, then I quickly created an account, entered the code which brought the order amount down to $0.00, entered my shipping info, and since the order was $0.00 I got a message stating that no card info was needed, so I didn’t enter any card info and just clicked to place my order. I immediately received a confirmation email, but it hasn’t shipped yet.

      • Ladies, try the free polish code again. Mine didn’t work yesterday, but they must have fixed it because it worked today. I also got a free color polish along with the topcoat. Yay!!

      • It just worked for me. Looks like it is fixed

      • Right, the offer is available! However it’s limited to one order per household 🙂

      • The offer does not even work once for household.

    • The code isn’t working for me either.

      • I also emailed the company to have the order canceled and the email came back as ‘blocked’. I have tried from two different emails and had the same response. I will have to dispute the charge now.

    • I was able to use it, but then the order was cancelled, and when I try to send an email it’s kicked backed as blocked. Not impressed.

      • I got exactly this! I placed the order 2 days ago, it took the code and I just got cancellation message and tried to email but got blocked. I didn’t even get any other free polish on top like other Ladies did.

    • 10 Free Chemistry did reach out to me and is refunding my charge for the top coat and sending the top coat. I was told there was an issue in their system and that is why the code did not work. Very happy with this solution!

    • I was able to redeem the code with no problem – not only that, but they were also offering a free top coat or polish on TOP of the freebie. So I ended up getting two $18 products for free, no postage/handling. Got both a text & an email today letting me know that they had shipped. Really psyched about this!

      • So lucky! I just tried to redeem the code today and it’s charging $3.95 for shipping for the top coat. BUT I saw on their homepage a free polish with registration, so I registered…and NO freebie actually offered. 🙁

      • Stormi, I had the same as you — was able to order 2 colors and both were free because of their own website promotion if you start an account with them. However, my package came yesterday and it only had one polish in it. Even the packing slip listed the two that I chose. Then, when I went to email them about this, my email was blocked, as others have reported. I’m pretty astonished that this is how they choose to handle a situation.

      • @Stormi: Thanks for reporting that the same happened with your shipment. At least we know it was likely purposeful and not a fluke. I too am still happy I got 1 free polish. 🙂 (But that email blocking really bugs me.)

    • It will only work for the “Pep in Your Step” topcoat (as stated in the fine print). It will not work for any other top coat.

      I was able to redeem it, as well as choose a free nail polish after registering (I picked Amber Slate). I didn’t even have to enter payment information, as my entire order was free. Great deal!

      • I was able to order two polishes (Sand Dollar and Peonies) with the code on July 2. $0, no postage/shipping. Maybe I was just lucky.

      • The code does not work.

      • @Stormi – it’s funny, on the card in the bag with the base coat, it says it’s only for Pep in Your Step, but in the included pamphlet it *does* say that the code will work on a nail color too! Kind of wish I’d known that before placing my order….

      • @Joybirdie . . . I am sorry to say that I just had the exact same thing happen!!! No problems ordering or getting charged for anything, a few confirmation emails. Package arrived, receipt says both products included – but only one was in box and unable to email site as getting bounce backs. I know I should be happy that I easily got the one offered freebie (and quickly), but it’s unfortunate that it turned out this way. At the least, I would have expected a generic auto-reply to my email that acknowledged that there was an issue.

    • Hi Kate,

      Thank you for your patience! The offer is available once again, however it’s limited to one order per household 🙂

  10. I’m not a member of this sub. I once was years ago.

    I’ve been charged for a tube ( or something) and when I contacted NB to find out what and why they charged me, they talked down to me like I was gum on their shoes.

    So, if you once had an account with them, I suggest putting in a ” dummy” debit card number- one that has no funds- because it seems to me that in this economy, they are bringing old dead accounts back up and doing charges.

    Do I think I’ll see ANY type of product from SANDOW/ New Beauty?
    I’d bet the house in Vegas against it.

    Beware, please. $30 something dollars is nothing to them, but it was a new set of sheets from Amazon for me- if the money hadn’t been purloined.


    • Hi Lily,

      We understand your disappointment.

      We’re more than willing to help you in resolving this matter however, we would really appreciate your help in doing so. As mentioned before, we unfortunately don’t have any information that would pertain to the amount you are referring to. Please email us a screenshot of the transaction so we can send it up to accounting for review.

      Thank you so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

      • The 10chemistry gift code no longer works.. I just tried it and keep saying invalid code

  11. Did anyone get commodity gold? I hope that one is in mine, fingers crossed! Unless it will not be in any of them! I love that fragrance and was so sad when they went out of business. Glad they are back!

    • I got Nectar, but Gold is such a gorgeous scent. They all are, really. I have never met a Commodity scent I didnt like. I am stoked they are back too. Book is amazing.

    • I received Vetiver.

    • I got Mimosa and love it! I haven’t worn anything except White Linen for years – this is the first new scent that I’ve liked on myself.

  12. Even though there was plastic on the box, the ends were open on my perfume like it was tested already😢 and I only had on pack of supplements also. This is my first box, so is there a lit of problems? Sad about the perfume

    • I think that’s how the perfume is packaged. Mine was like that, too, but I interpreted it as original packaging. I’m also missing a pack of the supplements, too, but I don’t really care. I’ve subbed on and off for a couple years and don’t recall another problem like that of the missing $3 supplements.

      • Ok thank you

    • Denise,

      We truly apologize that you’ve received a tube with any missing or damaged products 😕

      We would like to make things right! Please email [email protected] or call 888-974-6042 for replacements!

    • I also only received one pack of the supplements, and I emailed the address in these comments. The team responded swiftly saying they’re mailing me another pack. This was an excellent customer service experience!

  13. Mine is out for delivery, woohoo!!! This was my first sub back when it first came out and I’m happy to be back!

  14. I got my box today-and boy, I have to say, this is the best sub box I have received in a very long time… I am tickled pink! I dove right in and tried the scalp therapy. I’ll be repurchasing! Also tried the serum-will see how that works vs. Dr Dennis Gross. Received the Mimosa Commodity (very happy) and received the Phantom lipstick. I’m not a lipstick fan unless it’s a pink shade, so I’ll be gifting! Thank you test tube for a stellar box!

    • I’m so jealous! I got the Vetiver fragrance which I thought I’d like, but it made me so nauseous. I also got the lipstick shade Blood Moon, which is an orange red that looks terrible on me. I hope the other items work out because those were the 2 I was most excited about beside the SR.

      • we got duplicate boxes and I agree. If anyone did like the vetiver though, it’s on sale at Sephora right now

  15. I got my Tube today! I got Commodity Vetiver. I put it straight on my husband, and it smells great. I’m really happy with this box. There looks to be so much good stuff to try.

    • How would you describe the scent of the Vetiver? I’m not a fan of patchouli, but I wasn’t sure if that scent is the strongest out of the 3 listed on the container.

      • Vetiver is the strongest scent. Very masculine on me.

      • While I usually like Vetiver, mine smelled rancid! It made me feel queasy.

      • That’s why I thought mine was used the same as you guys, its smells old ya know? Like a perfume you have had for a while. I saw the company was just purchased so maybe it’s been sitting? I wouldn’t buy this brand going by this smell. The other light ones sound better

      • The vetiver has an initial note which smells like old perfume. I’ve smelled that before with vetiver scents. It goes away within a minute or two though. And the rest of the scent comes through. It is a very unisex scent.

      • I just tried mine. I actually quite like it and I am not a fan of patchouli either. To me it smells of Blackberries (but not overly sweet) and powder, as it were.

  16. Good box overall, but, I don’t like receiving makeup in the box. The lipstick I got is BRIGHT red, I will never wear it. Also didn’t like the glow highlighter. I prefer skin care, hair care Or even nail care.

  17. I got my test tube today!!!! Everything was amazing! Does anyone know how many packets of the collagen we were supposed to get? I only got one but in the booklet is said two
    Not sure

    • I also got mine today and although the booklet says 2 packs there was only on inside.

    • I’m not home this week, but mine will be waiting when I get there. What color lipstick and highlighter did you get?? What perfume scent? I’m so excited about this box. 🙂

      • I received the Rain fragrance from Commodity, which is light and pleasant for summer. I also received the color Phantom in the lipstick, which is such a dark purple!! I won’t be able to wear it, but it is a great box anyway. Really happy to open this box!

    • May I ask does Sunday Riley Good Genes included box or no box? thank you

      • it comes in the box

    • Hi Mireia,

      We’re sorry to hear that you only received one Hanhoo Collagen + Vitamin C packet 🙁 There should have been two of them included in your tube. At your earliest convenience, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you with a replacement 🙂

    • There are three packets inside the package.

      • I received my tube today (YAY!!!) and I got 2 sets 3 individual packets. I think you are missing your second set…

    • I only got 1 also 🙁

    • I also got 1 pocket (3 servings). I received Vetiver fragrance (not my favorite) and and lipstick in Poison Apple-very pretty!

      • I received this same combination in my tube. Vetiver, Poison Apple & only 1 package of 3 servings, which I assumed was what the amount we were supposed to get until I read comments. I wonder if the same packers forgot to put the 2nd one in a whole batch of our tubes?

  18. Mine shipped too, yeah!!!

    • How exciting! We can’t wait for you to receive it 😁

  19. Hey – has anybody been billed yet? I logged into my account but I don’t see that my order has been billed, and I thought they were billing around the 19th.

    • I was billed on the 19th as they stated they would, I would reach out in case there is a problem!

    • In fact my box just shipped out today!

    • Hi Diane,

      Please feel free to contact us any time at [email protected] for additional assistance on this matter!

      • Is the July tube still available as advertised?

      • Hi Arden,

        Yes, the July TestTube is still available 🙂

  20. I love NewBeauty!! What a fantastic July tube, I can’t wait to receive it. 😍😍😍

    • Hey Stacey,

      We are glad we were able to meet your expectations 💛

  21. Is anyone knows how to cancel the subscription?
    I only want this box, so Do I have to call them to cancel? I didn’t see the cancel option on their website.

    • I emailed when I had my last sub with them but looks like you now have to call instead at 888-974-6042

    • Sorry I found the email to cancel
      [email protected]

      If you cancel by the 10th of the billing month, you will not receive the next shipment and will not be charged moving forward.
      If you cancel after such date, you will be charged for the next TestTube but not future TestTubes.

    • Hi Ashley,

      If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, please email [email protected] or call 888-974-6042.

  22. Oh my gosh! The Good Genes is worth this on its own! I’m so happy that this tube is stepping up their game!!!

  23. Just ordered with no issues and received empaillé confirmation. This is a great box & really looking forward to receiving.

  24. I subbed to this just a couple days ago, and had a different address snafu – my full street address was listed 2xbetween my name and the city & state lines. I emailed CS about it and in under 90mins received a reply to my inquiry ensuring me that my address had been corrected.
    So, if you haven’t already, try emailing customer service. Hopefully you have as good a response as I did!

    • It is always our pleasure to offer you the best customer service possible!

      If you ever need help with anything else, please let us know 💕

  25. Sold out. 🙁

    • Are you sure it’s sold out? Just went on the site and looks like it’s still available.

    • No, it’s not sold out. I just purchased it but when I read it, I felt sad that it’s gone. I decided to go ahead and subscribe. Fomo is real!

      • I just subbed today, took screenshots, I’m getting July. I even got an email confirmation. Maybe they restocked?

      • Hi Zoe,

        The July TestTube is still available 🙂

  26. Has anyone heard if NewBeauty is doing the annual Awards Box this year? It normally releases around this time and I haven’t heard anything or received an e-mail saying it’s coming. I wasn’t sure if it was delayed because of covid or if they just weren’t doing it this year. It’s one of the boxes I most look forward to.

    • They have the ones for sale still from last year I believe. Those were good boxes I got 2 of the fast fixes boxes and one of the antiaging.

  27. Anyone get an error during checkout for invalid zip code (even though it was correct)? My card was charged but I never received confirmation 🙁

    • I subbed to this just a couple days ago, and had a different address snafu – my full street address was listed 2xbetween my name and the city & state lines. I emailed CS about it and in under 90mins received a reply to my inquiry ensuring me that my address had been corrected.
      So, if you haven’t already, try emailing customer service. Hopefully you have as good a response as I did!

  28. I get a full year of New Beauty and love it. Never heard of Beauty Pass – how do you join?

    • Hi Holly,

      You can sign up here to have exclusive offers on the world’s best beauty products delivered straight to your phone via text ☺️

      • It says I need an invite code.

      • you need a code to sign up, ????

      • How do you get the code to sign up?

      • Try NEWBEAUTY. That was the code a while ago, but I’m not sure if it still works.

      • Does anyone know if they’re still going free gift Friday’s? I haven’t gotten a text from Beauty Pass in a while.

      • Valerie, I believe they’ve been doing free products where you pay shipping consistently every other Friday for the past 1.5 to 2 months. I think the first product was a lash serum, the 2nd product was the Sunday Riley A+ serum, the 3rd was the By Terry mascara, and the most recent was a body butter. I think their next one should be this Friday. They also did another freebie where shipping was free with some Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads. I think there may have been one more product too that came out before I became aware of their new program (maybe it was the lash serum where shipping was free).

      • Thank you so much Luna, I’m a beauty pass member and missed the Friday deals somehow. I’ll keep an eye out!
        Thank you!

      • Thanks Luna, I was able to sign up with NEWBEAUTY code.

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