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JourneeBox Grand Canyon Box Spoiler #5 & #6!


We have two new spoilers for the Grand Canyon JourneeBox!

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.

Each Grand Canyon JourneeBox will include:

  • Straw Hat
  • Suede Lariat with Chain Tassels



Quench your thirst on your next Journee with a 16oz water bottle. Made of food grade glass with a silicon sleeve for a solid grip on the trail. Take your choice of three colors: ivory, pink lemonade, or cool gray.


Journee to the Grand Canyon. While we are all chilling at home, take a trip with the latest JourneeBox as we tour the Grand Canyon.

After your morning hike, break out your picnic fixings and cleanse your hands with our moisturizing wipes. Featuring aloe vera, essential oils, and 70% isopropyl alcohol these wipes are a good companion wherever your Journee takes you.


Your choice of earrings.

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

Check out our JourneeBox reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


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  1. I didn’t even get the email to customize which is bizarre as I got the email saying it was coming!

  2. I agree…this is exactly what I expressed to them a couple of weeks ago. They have been putting all their time and production efforts into their new subs that are taking advantage of and profiting off this,imo, planned pandemic. Never mind their original Journeebox ( many prepaid) subscribers,they need to take advantage of this unproven mask mandate and the hand sanitizer craze, throw the original subscribers under the bus so they can profit off off people being being forced to close their small businesses and consumers forced to wear masks and being put in a constant state of fear over a virus less deadly than the seasonal flu. Sad indeed.

    • Seriously? You are blaming this subscription box for trying to “take advantage of” and “profit” off a pandemic because they chose to include a box of wipes as a bonus item? Yikes. Some of us who don’t want Covid or dirty hands will gladly use these. If you don’t want the wipes I’m sure many people would be willing to take them off your hands. And there are other items—earrings, water bottle, vase, hat—that have nothing to do with a pandemic (“planned” or not 🙄) and everything to do with the Grand Canyon theme.

      • Thank you

      • I don’t think the poster is having an issue with the box of wipes (personally, I think it’s a great add on)! I’m assuming she’s referencing that Kevia has started a second subscription box that is solely a PPE monthly subscription box sending face masks and cleansers and the like. I agree that it is frustrating to see them put all their effort into a new sub box when they haven’t even had this one going for a year yet and still have a lot of kinks to work out.
        However… I totally disagree with the poster and appreciate the wipes being included in this box. And also, I believe in science and am staying masked up during this totally natural event 😉
        (Sorry Leslie! I agree with everything else you said – but I am 100% down for masks and sheltering!)

      • Ah, I understand, it would’ve helped if she had given more context. I’m not interested in a hand sanitizer subscription. I rarely need it because I social distance and work from home. That said, if companies that didn’t normally make hand sanitizer hadn’t jumped on the band wagon I wouldn’t have had any at all for the longest time. I guess @Leslie isn’t aware that there was a hand sanitizer shortage. It’s funny, I don’t remember refrigerated trucks or mass graves ever being necessary during flu season? But @Leslie has it all figured out, I’m sure she’d call it fake news .

  3. I wish there were photos that showed the scale of the items, like the vase and the earrings. It would make it easier to choose. Or maybe they exist somewhere and I’ve missed them?
    Also, I’m assuming the suede is real suede, but if it’s not that would be helpful to know. (I to try avoid buying leather.)
    I’ve appreciated the communication about changes to the box during this crazy time. I’m still a little confused but my life is hectic right now so I’m choosing to believe it will be great, because I’ve really liked my previous boxes.

  4. Ok, finally saw the CanyonBox2020 code….take note case senstive !

    • Thank you for this. I was able to figure out how to customize even though I didn’t get the email.

  5. I love this sub box and Kevia has been great but I am BEYOND frustrated here. Besides all the ordering/shipping delays, the lack of communication, and then the confusion over what is or is not in this box I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt… then I jump on to order (at the very end of the day the second the email comes announcing it is open) and am met with a shipping charge. So I save my cart, email customer service (which hasn’t responded but I saw their message in this forum… want to try mass email? FB? your own website?) and get back to submit my order less than an hour after I saved my cart – only to find my selection has sold out! And now I will be waiting until the end of September (?!?!?!) for my box to arrive. Plus the add on sale isn’t even ready?!
    I fully understand all the issues they are encountering, but it is so frustrating to feel left out of the loop and ignored while they launch a new brand (that is all over the JourneeBox FB page… but no mention of anything JourneeBox related – that I’ve received countless emails regarding while still waiting for the most basic of updates from this box – that has successfully launched and held a sale in less time than it took to get this box organized).
    I really do want to support Kevia and I REALLY have loved this sub box. It’s the only one I subscribe to! But I do feel ignored, duped, like an afterthought, and now just sad. I’ve talked this box up to so many people to encourage them to join and this is so disappointing. I will continue to stand with Kevia and give them time to correct these issues, but at this point I’ll be expecting next seasons box before this one and overall I’m just sad.

    • Same here! I am an annual and tried to complete customization hours ago and I couldn’t get it to complete without shipping. Saw the reply from them just now and when I went back to the CART it show the Brown lariat that I had saved sold out. That is the only one I like. Not sure what to do now.

      • That was my exact same experience. Thankfully I really like the vase as well (although as another poster commented, it would be nice to see it next to something so we could tell scale/size). So I ordered the vase, knowing it would delay shipment, but then found out the expected ship date is end of September… so I’m going to receive this box in October. What am I supposed to do with a plain straw hat in October in Minnesota? Turn it over and use it to hold snowballs? Last night I was angry. This morning I just have to laugh at it all. But yeah, still disappointed.

    • Hi,
      I apologize that your email was missed yesterday, we were trying to stay on top of MSA and the email requests after work hours. I am working on restocking the brown suede lariat option so if you email customer service we can make a note on your order in the event we can have more of that colorway made. If you switch to the necklace, and not the vase, your box will ship in August instead of September. Sincere apologies for the lack of communication in June about the status of the box. I was trying to wait until we had a firm ship date instead of saying there would be a delay for an undetermined amount of time, however in retrospect that was not the right call. I totally understand that the delay combined with the PR push for JourneeWell was inconsiderate to our JB community. With JourneeWell, I now have three brands including my namesake line. JourneeBox is my baby, while we are in production for the next box, JourneeWell kits are not in production or even available to pre-order yet. JB will always be more time and resoruce consuming than the other brands simply because of the complexity of the products and vendors involved & the supply chain changes for each box. Desipite having to rebuilt 60% of the design and factory assignmnets for the Grand Canyon box and not being able to release the spoilers in the planned order, the box is lovely and packed with high quality items. I hope to win back some of your faith once you unbox. Stay safe everyone!


      • Thank you. I know I’m complaining (although my frustration is honest and warranted), but I do want to say I very much appreciate the efforts being made. Customer service for this box has always been top notch – as have the items – and there’s no way I’m leaving a subscription box this great for frustrations occurring in the midst of a pandemic!
        If I could suggest… it would be great if Journee Box had a way of streamlining it’s messaging. Posts are almost nonexistent on the Facebook page, the website doesn’t always show all this information, emails have been better but not always consistent… I only come to this website because it seems the most consistent. It would be great if there was a location I knew I could count on for communication and up to date information. I know people were anxious about the customization email and even a simple message on a page that says “We know you’re excited and so are we – check your emails tonight for customization details!” would go a loooong way in communicating.
        Also, sizes would be super appreciated! Can you start showing the jewelry on a model so we can see earring or necklace length/size (it’s been so appreciated the times it’s happened!) or at least give sizes? Same for items like the vases? I have no idea if I’m getting a bud vase or a bouquet vase (or for that matter a floor vase – haha, j/k)!
        Finally, since I’m on here with this long post anyway… what is this zero waste box a few people have mentioned as the next box and how do I learn about it?! (Again… probably a streamlining messaging concern, but it sounds exciting and I want to know)!

  6. Got my customization email 8:00 CST! Picked pink water bottle, blue earrings, brown lariat. Zero shipping charges. Don’t forget to sign in before customizing. Excited to see my box.

    • What’s the secret to accessing the landing page so I can customize? I got the e-mail, but there was no place in it to click and access customization (mine had to be manually sent, they said, since I cancelled my quarterly a few weeks ago). Went to the website, refreshed, signed out and back in — nothing! I’ve e-mailed customer service; maybe they’re still working.

      • Having problems, too. Click on customization link and takes me to asking for password (which it hasn’t for past customizations) put password in, just turns red around box and does nothing. When I log into site not thru link ,let’s me in, shows my subscription, but when I click mange sub, says I do not have a “Shopify” account or subscription….wt??? Very frustratin after this long wait with Journeebox skipping the winter box , then doing a spring box with another 4 1/2 months later before customizing summer only to be denied access. Too much hassle and stress for something meant to be a treat, time for me to step away from the sub thing after last few prepaid boxes are delivered.

        later offering selection for summer.

        R r

      • I had an e-mail from Kevia with a clickable customization button at the bottom first thing when I woke up this morning — many thanks to the customer service people who helped me quickly during such a busy time for them!

        Just one more weird thing happened: I clicked “add to cart” under my choices and the wording changed to “added to cart”. Then when I was finished, I noticed everything had reverted to “add to cart”. So I added my choices again … and again … and when I went to check out, my cart had three of each item in it and a message saying that I could only have one of each. Easily fixed – there was a “remove” button in each category for me to use.

        I noticed people posting last night mentioned items had sold out, but I made my selections at 9:45 am today (Eastern daylight time, July 16) and all the options were still available in my drop-down menus, including the brown lariat.

        Agree with green-redhead that measurements and scale photos would be helpful. The earrings were shown with geological survey maps in the background, so I used that for a rough estimate of their size. No idea about the vase, but if it’s an add-on, maybe they’ll describe its height at that time.

    • Same for me on the first 2, but I picked the blue lariat. I also have zero issues logging in or checking out.

    • My customization email arrived on the 15th at 7 pm, but I somehow missed it at first. I suggest anyone still waiting for it to try searching for “Journeebox” in their inbox and to check their spam folder.

      I opened the email, clicked on the link at the end of the message, saw the password page, went back to the email and copied the password, then went back through the link and pasted the password. Next page was the three customization options. I added each choice to the cart then clicked on the check out: there was no charge or any card info, and no shipping fee. I finished checking out and got a confirmation email afterwards. It probably took less than a minute.

      • Also: at one point, I think when I went to check out, I was prompted to login into my account, which I did. I could see not being logged in as something that might affect that shipping fee.

  7. I chose the rust cliff earrings, vase, and lemonade pink water bottle. I paid the shipping, and then sent a message to customer service asking for clarification.

  8. Just got the email a few minutes ago y’all!

    • Tell me how it goes. I’m being charged shipping.

      • Same here. They try to charge me shipping when I check out. I sent them e-mail asking why they are charging for shipping. It was never been announced.

      • Refresh your browser. The free shipping came up for me. Good Luck!

      • Anna, when you click continue for shipping the amount should show up as zero on the next screen. Did you try clicking through to the end? If it is still trying to charge you shipping, contact customer service. They are excellent – very responsive!

    • Me, too! Customization is complete. Yay! I chose the Rust Cliff Face earrings, black lariat and pink lemonade water bottle. What are you choosing?! 😃

      • Were you charged for shipping?

      • Hi,

        Anyone charged shipping for a customization order will be refunded that cost tomorrow. If you have any issues give us an email.



      • I got the Rust Cliff Face earrings too! I do wish I knew their size, but I figured the dangle style would be more comfortable for me either way. They look very graceful. For the bottle I chose gray cloud and for the third item the vase. I live in New Mexico so hats and waterbottles are year-around necessities for me. I’m actually planning camping trips in the fall, which is the best weather for being outdoors here, so I’m now just thinking of this box as box for fall hiking/camping trips.

  9. Has anybody received an email to customize? It was supposed to open today. I have not received one yet.

    • Not yet but they are on PST. I’m in EST and the wait is killing me. LOL 1st world problem for sure.
      Have a great one Bee!

      • Anything on customization for Grand Canyon box? Thought it was to be opened today?

      • Nada, zip, crickets….

    • No, not yet. I came here to see if anybody was talking about yet. I hope we get something today.

    • Just came here to see if anyone heard anything yet. Glad I’m not the only one anxiously waiting

    • Still haven’t gotten the email link and I’m on the East coast so going to bed soon. I did see 4 lariat colors on the shop part of their site if anyone wants an idea of them.

      • Finally got the customization email but why am I being charged shipping? I thought it was free shipping?

      • Same – being charged for shipping. I sent Kevia an email and am waiting to check out until they respond. I’m guessing they’ll fix this sometime tomorrow.

      • Yes, now we pay shipping?

      • Hi,

        Yes shipping is free, please refresh your browser and you should be set for free shipping.

    • Finally received customization email, but they want to charge me $4.20 for shipping. UGHHHH!

      • Hi,

        Please refresh your browser and you should be set for free shipping. Email us if your issue continues.

      • Worked like a charm. Thank you for your help and super quick response!!!

  10. Oh lord that hat. I would never ever ever wear it. I love Kevia but really dislike that hat. . I Don’t care About the vase but they did send an e-mail that if you did want it then it would take nan additional edition also 3-4 weeks.

    • Sorry it would take an additional 3-4 weeks if you want the vase

  11. I really don’t get where the Grand Canyon theme fits the contents. The vase was the only tie in and the star item of this box… the hat and tassel were giveaway items for me. I fully understand the covid challenges but this is no longer an appealing box. I want to be excited about this subscription but it’s becoming more and more difficult.

  12. The newsletter really helps me to understand a bit of the frustrations being experienced by Kevia and her team during these difficult times. I have adjusted my expectations and really looking forward to this box and finding out what the other surprises may be. Thank you Kevia for the update and extra items to be included in this box.

  13. Now this is interesting — I haven’t received an email or newsletter and was getting antsy about the delay. So I logged into my account and the Grand Canyon box I paid for on May 13 is now, under the same order number, called “JourneeWell Family Monthly Subscription”. Does anyone else see the same wording?

    I might actually enjoy getting *one* JourneeWell Family Monthly box in place of the Grand Canyon box, especially if it can be sent in July! However, I’m quarterly and cancelled future JourneeBoxes. (Overdid it with subscriptions, but perhaps I’ll sign back up closer to the time the Zero Waste box is ready to ship.)

    From the looks of that Family Monthly box on Facebook, the sanitizing items would last me an entire year, and I definitely couldn’t use a continuing subscription. (Also, it’s been impossible so far for me to find a complete description of what is *in* this JourneeWell box, and its retail value. I keep getting a privacy error every time I try to visit the new website.)

    I placed orders from the store earlier this year and had outstanding service then, but this is disconcerting. I hope it works out well in the end.

    • Hi,

      This is definitely an error, we will get this fixed with the subscription company on Monday. Apologies.

    • Please contact us an email or order number so we can clear this up on Monday. Happy 4th.

      • I will do that now. Happy 4th to you, as well!

  14. Anyone else a little confused by the Journeebox summer box email update? The tassel that was spoiler #4 now replaces the terracotta vase and it says the straw hat was added so quarterly members get 8 items ( including the bonus wipes). So now the box includes 1. earrings, 2.water bottle, 3. straw hat and 4.suede tassel, plus bonus wipes make 5 items. Annual and quarterly will get three more mystery items ( one of which, based on past boxes will be a food item) plus annuals will get a bonus item that will not be revealed until July 17th. Boxes will not start shipping until August 15th. Understand that Covid has slowed everything down and created many obstacle for small businesses, but already the winter box was skipped completely and now summer box will not be recieved until end of August, early, September. I have one more box after the Grand Canyon on my prepaid annual starting last fall that is going to end up being more like a 15 to 16 month, 4 box subscription. Have enjoyed my previous boxes, hope they are able to survive these turbulent times.

  15. Just got a long email about the continuing delay for this box. Many legitimate reasons due to COVID.

    Also: …”cut the terracotta vase from the box and replace it with a suede and gemstone tassel necklace… In recognition of our inability to ship on time, I added the straw hat to the box so that Quarterly members get 8 items (two extra including the wipes) and annual members will have 9 items You have my deepest apology, an updated schedule is below:

    Customization and add-on open July 15th
    The current start ship for the box is August 15th
    Annual member spoiler item released July 17th
    Quarterly subscribers billed July 24th
    Annual member renewal, if due, July 30th”

    • I just made it through the email too… I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty disappointed about the vase. I’ve actually liked it since I first saw it! While I realize that many things are beyond the company’s control, I wish this had been presented differently. Spoilers 5 and 6 were posted as something we were getting in addition to the vase, and I was happy with them in that light. In the email, it sounds like they’ve known this would be a problem for a while, but are only letting us know now that the hat and lariat are instead of the vase… which makes it feel like a let down for me. I still look forward to the box, just without my favorite spoiled item to date.

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • I agree. I have no interest in the hat (it’s not going to fit my enormous head) or lariat, and would have at least liked the vase. I wish I could skip this box altogether and get the next one.

      • I feel this, too. The vase was my favorite part and I was so looking forward to it! Then I saw the hat and tassel as spoilers and wasn’t excited for these at all, but thought that the vase was a win so the hat and tassel being duds (for me) wasn’t a big deal… then to hear that the hat and tassel replaced the vase… I feel disappointed but more so I feel tricked. I appreciated the email from Kevia explaining everything but I think she really nailed it for me when she said she screwed up by not being upfront sooner – I feel deeply disappointed, deceived, disenchanted… but I do respect this level of honesty. I’ll be interested in hearing what the other items are and how they are planning for the next box in light of these struggles.

      • The vase was announced as spoiler #4 a month ago and customer service commented under that MSA post that the Grand Canyon box would begin shipping in July. Find it odd that they would not even have started production on an item that is to be shipped out in one month. Seems as if Journeebox has been putting all their time and production focus into their new mask and hand sanitizer subscriptions. If the box does start shipping by August 15th that is over five months since the last box of my annual (advertised as quarterly) shipped. So the vase is not included now because of “production delays in drying times” just doesn’t sit right to me when they have had 3 1/2 months to date since their last box shipped plus another month and a half before this box even starts shipping. Guess it takes months for clay vases to dry!

    • How do I access customization and add-ons? Today is the day!

      One of their representatives said they took me off of their e-mail list since I cancelled my quarterly, but you’d think I could find the place to customize the Grand Canyon box on their website.

      Also – (Ipsy and Causebox did this to me, too) why take customers completely off a company’s mailing list when they cancel quarterly or month-to-month subscriptions? I’m sure I’m not the only former subscriber who would love to buy from the store and would certainly consider rejoining for the upcoming No Waste box once I see some spoilers.

      • After posting this, I asked my question to one of Kevia’s employees who has been helping me get manually-sent e-mails about the Grand Canyon box. She said they didn’t want to spam people who had unsubscribed.

        I get multiple emails from every week from companies whose site I just visited once following an interesting link, when it seems more potentially lucrative for companies where I’ve recently made a purchase to keep sending them!

      • Their link between the creative wonder of Kevia and the translation to customer information and web management is weak. Having retired from trying to translate medical professionals clinical needs to web devs and techs, it is difficult to do. Both sides do what they know, but the translation to customer expectation is oft lost. Think needs from the customer who wants it seamless to company vision and execution, especially with supply lines broken currently, to techs who, in general, don’t use the products but do software. Long run on answer but message is Kevia is beyond worth it. As one customer said, just 1st world excitement of expectations

  16. Best box. But website management is mediocre at best, which even though they have apparently a new company, isn’t cutting it for customers. Kevin’s work deserves better representation (agree on the flashing pics…) and more communication for a box that is worth every penny and more!

    • Sorry about autocorrect. Kevia!

  17. Its a cute box but doesn’t really represent the Grand Canyon to me. Its an odd array of items. When I think of spending long days hiking in the Canyon – this isn’t the type of Headwear that would be practical, a straw hat is for the beach. None of these items except the design on the wet wipes box strikes me as very Southwestern and none of it is indicative of Grand Canyon.

  18. Cute hat. I’m happy so far and can’t wait to make my choices!

  19. Does anyone know when we can start customizing our boxes?

    • Hey Monica,

      We know everyone is curious about customization. We will be sending out a newsletter to our subscribers within the next few days to update everyone on the status of the Grand Canyon Box with exact dates for customization and shipping!


      • I haven’t yet received a newsletter or email regarding customization. I have been checking here daily for updates. It would be nice if your website could give us some information about when customization will open.

        I signed up for an annual in late October. I have received two boxes which I have LOVED. I am torn about renewing because I do not like your website which doesn’t communicate anything regarding upcoming boxes. I was excited to receive timely spoilers for this next box, but the waiting for the next piece of info drives me crazy.

      • And “a few days” in customer expectation doesn’t work out to over a week. I’m pulling for this box big time!

      • I am anxiously awaiting the newsletter!!

  20. Am I the only one that hates that flashing picture that doesn’t allow actual viewing of the product? SMH

  21. Don’t know if next box will be considered fall or late summer? Got summer box seasonal last year then upgraded to annual and recieved my fall box in late October. Next box, Quindao, arrived in late March. Seems Journeebox is no longer going by a true seasonal schedule, which isn’t a problem for me…I’m happy as long as I get all four! Have enjoyed them all thus far.

    • I think Journeebox is technically more seasonal than other boxes in the sense that the first day of summer just happened and they’re getting ready to send out the summer boxes. Most subs ship way ahead of the actual season and I think that’s what we’ve gotten used to, but “technically” summer just started.

    • I just had an exchange with JourneeBox as I was also confused. This Grand Canyon box is actually the “SPRING” box. I also signed up for a year starting with last summer’s box (with the tunic). After that was Jaipur and then Qingdao. So this is my 4th box. I assume things have been held up as with the pandemic.

      • Hello All!

        JourneeBox is actually moving away from the seasonally named and themed boxes.

        However, the Grand Canyon Box will technically be our summer release.

        Hope that clears things up,

      • To Customer Service: I hope this is not true since that is what attracted me to Journeebox.. The themes all over the world is the reason I subscribed.

      • Hello All,
        We are moving away from the seasonal names because it is causing a lot of confusion. Grand Canyon is the “summer box”. Our schedule is not in sync with other quarterly boxes because our first box shipped January 2019 instead of December 2018. In 2019 we shipped 4 boxes. Qingdao (the spring box for 2020, shipped April. Summer box is Grand Canyon, which was scheduled to start shipping July 15th (this is when we shipped the “summer box” last year). We are experiencing delays on every aspect of the box. I have held off on contact because I wanted to have definitive dates, however given the feedback here that was the wrong decision. I apologize and understand your frustration. Customization will open July 15th. The product packaging is so beautiful and the quality of products is inline with what we always do. There are also some questions about the Zero Waste box, specifically how it ties into our travel theme. This box will feature items that represent how various countries are minimizing waste and the use of petrol plastic specifically. The countries represented so far include Sweden, Japan, and Vietnam. It is our first multi-country box. I will expedite the formal Grand Canyon box update email so that it goes out today. Apologies again.
        Take care,


  22. Hoping the hat and lariat have some people wanting to swap them, I love them but have no use for any of the other items… 🤞🤞 ps I have bumbum 😛

    • Mine will be going up for swap 🙂

      • I’ll keep an eye out!

  23. I am a relatively new subscriber, having only received one box. I do find the quality to be high, and the careful curation is definitely a factor I’m looking for. That said, this box could not be further from anything I would use (or don’t have multiples of) or have in my home. I’m wondering if it’s possible to skip a box?

    • Hi Maria,

      Subscribers always have the option to skip a box. Just log into your account to manage your subscription or contact us and we would be happy to help!


  24. I love everything southwest which is what drew me try Journee box.. Does anyone know when we can expect to get the email where we would get to make choices?

    • Hi Janet,

      Keep an eye out for our newsletter in the next few days. This will give you all the updates about the Grand Canyon Box including when customization will be opening!


  25. I absolutely love this subscription. I cannot say it enough.

    I am stealing a comment from one of the best MSA quotes I’ve seen. I can’t remember who said it and I am paraphrasing from memory.

    Journee Box feels like it was curated by a well travelled friend.

  26. Does anyone know where the products are made? Is the vase actually made in AZ?

    • I would not be surprised if Kevia made it herself.

      Journee Box boasts ethically made sustainable products delivered to your door.

      You can email their customer service. They are amazing!!

    • Jen, in this box’s 4th spoiler’s comments section, Kevia posted some information about the box and its contents that you might be interested in reading. I copied this part, but there is a lot more info in the original post:

      “Our sourcing with a Navajo nation business for the box was disrupted by COVID-19, but even these items were based on native plants and agriculture. Without the input and partnership from Native people I was not comfortable moving forward with culturally specific designs. In the packaging we do however use some patterns that are inspired by both regional art and geographic terrain.”

  27. I love the style of this hat, but I have an extra-large head and thick hair — I’ve never tried on a women’s one-size-fits-all hat that fit me. I’m determined to wear this one, though, and I saw that there are kits for adding chin straps to straw hats. If I did that, at least it wouldn’t fall or blow off. Has anyone tried doing this to a hat; and can you recommend the best method?

    • I have the opposite problem. Hats are often so big on me that they fly right off my head in the smallest breeze. I might try to find a way to add a chin strap also.

  28. I received an email with the spoilers on Friday and I’m still on the fence about this box.

  29. in case you didn’t see it in the top photo: use

    SUMFUN2020 for $10 off a new sub!

  30. This is SOOOOoooo far from my personal style…and I’m honestly super excited! I would NEVER buy these things for myself, so this feels like it’s broadening my horizons haha.

    Totally nerding out about all the different ways I could customize this hat…

  31. I will use almost everything in this box so far – except the earrings which are more my sister’s style. I love how subscription boxes help me “shop” for gifts lol. The hat is nice and timely as my current one is looking a bit worn from working outside in the garden. – I will use this one for the beach! 😉

  32. I was curiously awaiting the comments on this post, and it appears I’m an outlier. That hat/lariat is a hard no for me, although I can appreciate that others would love it. I’m not a hat person and definitely not a big floppy hat person. But I do really like the remainder of the box. Obviously this is the chance we all take with sub boxes, that we may or may not personally like something in the box. I guess I’m just a little bummed since it’s my first box. Ah well, I will swap or gift the hat/lariat and enjoy the rest. I’m still excited about this sub and have been so happy with how responsive and helpful CS has been.

    • Haha, it is funny. 🙂 The only things I like in the box so far are the hat and the lariat. I adore floppy hats and my most beloved one could use replacing. Sadly, can’t bring myself to splurge on this box for only the hat and the lariat.

    • @Sherri… I’m with you … hard no… will wait to see what the fall box brings!!! 😊

  33. (Sighs) Kevia curates her boxes to perfection.
    (squeals with delight) I lived in Tucson and this is spot on 💕

  34. This will be my first box. If I recall correctly from what I’ve been received in emails, choice will be an option in email, but will that also be when the Add Ons will become available? I’d like to look at Add Ons as soon as those are available. Add Ons are always fun.

    • For add-ons you have the chance to add both variation of the choice items. For instance, both pair of earrings or more than once color water bottle. They aren’t different items.

    • I’ve received two boxes so far and last quarter was the first time I did add-ons. I don’t remember if the variations for choice items were part of the add-ons, but I did add-on an earing set that was from a prior box. The earings were discounted as part of the add-ons.

  35. I think this hat is great! It’s a wonderful summer item, and I do need to replace my hats from time to time due to wear and tear. I also like that we can modify it with the lariat for a different look. I really enjoy that I feel like a different sort of woman when I wear the items from each Journeebox (cuff and blouse from the French box, scarf and necklaces from the Chinese box, just as examples) yet each box makes me happy. The more I see of this box, the more I understand its cohesion, and the more I look forward to it.

  36. I love this box a lot, but really wish that they didn’t always have earrings. When you don’t have pierced ears, it is frustrating to see earrings in every box. But overall, it is amazing, as is their customer service.

    • Agreed. Would be nice to have an alternative. It’s The main reason I’m not signing up for this box.

  37. Journeebox is my absolute favorite sub and I love the curation. Just some feedback for Kevia though – sending out a summer hat in July is a little late in the game. It’s a great item and one that you don’t see in boxes often. However, a lot of people buy their summer hats as soon as it starts getting warm. This would have been a great item in the spring box to prepare for summer.

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