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Ipsy Glam Bag May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the June 2020 Glam Bag!

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The June 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. Second Chance Add Ons are up!
    If there is something you want more than 1 of, place that order. Then exit out of your app and go back in, place another order for that item, etc., etc., I’ve done it 3 times for the only item I really want and love!

  2. I got the Color Club nail polish in catwalk; Sugar lip crayon in scarlet red. Both are full size products! I also received the Malin and Goetz face cleanser, the Pureheals Gingseng Berry face mask and the Eddie Funkhouser blending brush.

    Overall, it’s an “ok” bag. I definitely got my money’s worth ($12) and then some with 2 full size products. Love the nail polish. The lip crayon is not the right color for me. I’m glad I received some skin care product samples and not just all makeup. I received a blending brush last month, so not happy I got a repeat product 2 month in a row. The bag is a lot cuter than it appeared in the picture.

  3. I wish they had 2 separate subscriptions for makeup and skincare. I’d still get both some of the time, but that would solve all the supply issues and selling out perhaps.

  4. Does anyone know how long it takes for bag reveal if you subscribe on the 2nd? I subscribe, but they had to unskip my account due to error and my bag is still being personalized. I wasn’t able to do add ons either.

    I don’t want to contact customer service since it’s only been 2 days and I have a feeling as soon as I do, it will be revealed.

    • You probably won’t be able to make add-ons this time but lately around the 12th of the month they have had a second chance add-on sale and the products ship separately… keep checking shopper tab to see the “pop up” sale on the top banner…

      When i signed up i think it took about a week to generate a bag…and two weeks shipping… Even now i don’t usually receive my bag in the mail until the 20th…

      • Thanks, yeah, crossing my fingers for those 2nd chance add ons. Everything sold out super quick this time!

        I did contact CS and they didn’t seem to know when my bag would show, so 🤷‍♀️

      • Update: My bag was finally revealed yesterday (the 10th) AND it included the opportunity to buy the add ons that were left. I got the Kensie body lotion because I love that scent, but everything else I wanted was sold out on the first day.

      • Mine still has not… Plus, I noticed that I was charged twice for my Glambag. Once on May 24th and again on June 2nd. All I’ve gotten in response to the now 5 separate emails is we know and we are working on the problem. I respond back with questions and get no response. I sent a reply to each one today with pics of the charges and I’m giving ipsy until tomorrow to fix it. If it’s not fixed, it’s a fraudulent transaction.
        In over 4 years, this has been the worst they have ever been.
        I know what people are going to say,”Why don’t you just cancel?!” Because, ipsy was my 1st sub and favorite sub and the only one I’ve never skipped, cancelled and resubscribed. At this point, it’s the only sub I decided to keep throughout the mayhem. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Maelle lip crayon necatar? Seems too light for my medium skin tone..i typically stick to deep mauves for my lips because it is more subtle
    Kvd setting powder…ok, spf makes me shiny so powder knocks that down
    Ofra highligher boho? My pick… I’ve been wanting to try one and a darker warm shade…will use as eyeshadow and experiment on cheek bones
    Nanette? Perfume body lotion… excited, scented body lotions don’t give me headaches like 80% of perfumes
    Celefit cleaning oil…makeup and sunscreen remover excited to try

    SR acne mask
    Ciate London lip oil

    I am getting product overload..

    How hard is it to go back to month to month?…my year ends in August… planning skip every other month unless i am wowed by spoilers…

  6. I’m really happy with my bag this month. Last month was a bit boring but still useful.

    SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in Viola. My choice! Love lip crayons! Love the colour.

    MODA Neon Angle Shader. Love this cute brush! I’m good with a brush in every bag.

    CIATÉ LONDON Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic. I also don’t mind getting black mascara pretty often too. I love trying new mascaras and I love to have a fresh sample every month!

    CAKE BEAUTY Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy getting hand or body lotions but I’m not one of them and sample sizes are great for the purse. I’m excited to smell this!

    PREVENTIVE MEASURES 101After Hours Lip Balm in Passion Fruit. Lip balm is another winner for me! Like I said I’m really happy!

    I added on

    SUNTIQUE I’m Pure Cica Suncream
    NAKED COSMETICS Lip Scrub in Vanilla Creme
    THE BEAUTY CROP Eyeshadow in Seren

    Plus I spent some points on the Murad exfoliating cleanser. Not sure if it will ship with this bag though. I picked it on the 1st and it says prior to the 1st for this month.

    I’m usually easy to please but I’m beyond excited for this bag.

  7. I got:
    INMO eyeshadow- I like the color. My profile is set to adventurous and this is gold enough I would qualify it as that

    Sugar matte as hell lip crayon in Stephanie Plum: my pick, love lip products

    Avette sheet mask duo: this would be fine if I didn’t get a 6 pack of sheet masks in my plus. But now I’m annoyed

    Cake Milk hand cream: I have a ton of hand cream

    Benefit Brow gel: very excited! I’ve bought this full size before and love it

    I hate the bag design because the of the yellow color. Overall this bag is okay. I’m really only excited about 3 things and the other 2 I’ll use, but they’re just okay.

    • Bag twins!
      I’m so bummed about this month 😩

  8. First month this year I did not purchase any add-ons. Usually, I buy more than the cost of the bag. I was going to skip but they didn’t send my points reward last month and I didn’t want to give up an item that was flagged as out of stock now.

    SHAINA B MIAMI: B. Fuego Eyeshadow Duo in Wynwood and Heat – rarely, I don’t wear eyeshadow
    KVD VEGAN BEAUTY: Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent – rarely, I wear powder like once a week so I’m overloaded
    JULIETTE HAS A GUN: Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum – On the one hand, I love vanilla, on the other, I hate musk. Hopefully it won’t be too musky
    EDDIE FUNKHOUSER: Domed Blending Brush – rarely. Well, I don’t wear eyeshadow, I’m pretty sure I don’t need a brush for it
    SUNTIQUE: I’m Pure Cica Suncream-my pick and only thing I’m excited for

    Not loving the bag design either, so drops my rating to 0.5-1.5/5 (depending on if the perfume suits me). If the spoilers are as bad next month as I thought they were when I first saw them for June, I know I’ll be skipping.

  9. I am thinking of subscribing but I’m not a huge makeup person but love skincare. Is there a way to only or mainly just get skincare?

    • Nope, and their profile doesn’t guarantee only getting skincare. I put “rarely” on a lot of items in my profile yet I get them “regularly,” such as eyeliners in back-to-back months. You have to be prepared to get makeup items or you would have to go with a different sub that is mainly skincare such as Pearlesque or Boxwalla.

    • What I have noticed is that i get about 3 items from face makeup preferences and 2 items from skin skincare and other body items…no matter how i have my preferences marked…
      And yes occasionally i get items that I have marked as rarely…ipsy claims they want to give you an opportunity to try all kinds of stuff…rating low and marking as rarely limits their computer model from sending it too frequently…
      You do have the opportunity to skip months if you stay on the monthly pay plan…or set it to every other month…
      I love the pop up deals and add-on sales…

    • If you want mostly skincare I would try the Allure Beauty Box. It’s mostly skincare, and I’ve loved everything I have gotten from them. So much so, that I just signed up for the 1 year plan (which comes with an extra free Mega Bundle with around 27 items). Ipsy on the other hand, has been just meh for me for the last several months. This month’s bag is so bad I’ve decided to cancel.

    • I have seen people on Reddit say they’ve been successful getting mostly skincare bags from Ipsy by being very consistent with their profile & ratings from reviews. I imagine if you’re starting from scratch with a new Ipsy account, though, it may take a few months to get to that point. (Here’s a Reddit thread where people discuss doing this:

      Ipsy often has skincare bundles or mystery bags in their Shopper section, which you do not have to have a subscription to buy, so you may want to look into that, instead, if you really want to stick strictly to skincare.

  10. I still can’t see what’s in my Glambag. I also did not get access to add ons. I did send Ipsy an email and the response was basically, sorry, we’re aware of the problem and our team is working on it. That’s it?!

  11. I joined IPSY in January mainly to discover different brands and products I haven’t tried before. At first I was getting colors I couldn’t use and always at least several mascaras and/or liners between my Glam and Glam Plus bags. I didn’t select a product during choice this month to see what I would end up with and am very happy with that decision. There are no eyeliners or mascaras at all and I haven’t used any of the products before so I am quite happy with my bags. I also chose some great add ons.

    Glam Bag

    Shaina B. Miami : Eye Shadow Duo
    Realher : Moisturizing Lipstick
    KVD Vegan Beauty : Setting Powder
    SUR.Medic : Azulene Smooting Cream
    FAB : Pores Be Gone Matte Primer

    Glam Plus Bag

    Nacific : Eye Cream
    Honey Jarret : Cushion Foundation
    Dr. Brandt : Luminizer Primer
    Laura Geller : Urban Garden Palette
    Purlisse Beauty : Cleansing Milk

    Based on this month’s results I will probably not make a choice next month unless a product is one I have really been wanting to try.

    • We are plus bag twins. I didn’t make a choice either and love all but the palette.

      • I forgot to mention that after about February, when I realized the importance, I have really worked on being accurate in my reviews and survey and I think it has helped in getting items I am much happier with.

  12. I just started subscribing in April. Wasn’t in love with my April bag, LOVED my May bag (so I’ve been so excited for June), and now am disappointed with my June bag. My only full sized item is INMO Dream Shadow in Kween Bee…but its the third eyeshadow they’ve sent me now (one each month) and its only valued at $9.00. Both of my last two bags I’ve had two full sized items which felt like they accounted for the value of the bag. Now I feel like I’ve overpaying. Especially since so many are getting the OFRA highlighters which are worth $35. Seems like all bags should hold similar value even if they don’t have the same products. I know I could have picked the highlighter in my choice but I’m really trying to get more brow products so I chose the BENEFIT brow gel. Was hoping the rest of the bag would make up for it.

    Funny thing is, I actually DO like the bag design this month 🙂 Looks super cute for summer!

    Looking forward to hopefully some better bags post-COVID.

    REALHER lipstick in Girl Power (received similar color lip stick in April)
    INMO eyeshadow in Kween Bee
    MALIN + GOETZ Grapefruit cleanser

    • Full size products are never guaranteed with a basic gb sub. If you want full size products then sub to gbp or gbu.

    • You should try the Glam Bag Plus if you need full-sized items; the standard Glam Bag is defined as containing 5 “Deluxe Samples” so you shouldn’t be disappointed that you’re receiving deluxe samples. You should definitely be thrilled when you DO receive something full-sized, but don’t expect that to occur monthly in your subsequent Glam Bags, or you’re sure to be bummed out monthly.

  13. Ipsy sent me an email last night stating they’d be putting 600 points into my account because one of my products was a repeat (Hey Honey CC Cream)
    When I saw my bag reveal, I thought 3 of the products were repeats (the sugar cosmetics lipstick and the doucce highlighter), though I probably received those products in different shades the first time around.
    my whole bag was kind of a let down so I didn’t even bother to email Ipsy about the repeats.
    i feel it was great costumer service of them to send an email first to get ahead of anyone having repeat issues.

  14. Ugh. I was looking forward to this as a pick-me-up with all that’s going on. Instead I get a bag with three make-up items that I have had in my profile as “rarely” for a year and have always rated items like them poorly. Even the item I picked I am “meh” about because the choices were so bad for me. I would have loved a bag with even a couple of the items available I have rated or listed as “love it” or “use frequently”.
    I’m officially done with IPSY. This bag is a complete waste of money in hard times and is causing disappointment rather than happiness.

    • Unfortunately, my bag is awful too. ANOTHER black eyeliner! Eyeshadow… never wear the stuff. And it’s metallic rose gold… really? Apparently, age is not considered in my profile. An Avette sheet Mask duo… I have over 40 sheet masks. A snail mucin moisturizer… the only bright spot in the bag. And my choice, the KVD powder. I was so disappointed that I added on NO items. I was looking forward to this reveal to counter the crappy state of the world right now. I have an annual, so my bag is only $10. No huge loss, but such a letdown. I have highlighters and bronzer as my “no” items. I miss the ability to like/dislike items to “improve your glam bag” before the next bag.

    • Same here! I accidentally forgot to skip this month, I’ve skipped most this year, so I got a bag of items I don’t want, and put as used rarely or low rated. Super disappointed

  15. Hi! Is anyone willing to sell me their House of Makeup in Frozen or trade for the House of Makeup Flat White? Thanks!

  16. I’m getting:

    – HANALEI Face Sheet Mask Duo in Pear and Pineapple (Cool, sounds fun.)
    – SUR.MEDIC Azulene Soothing Cream (Nice! The ingredients look great.)
    – FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Matte Primer (Meh, don’t want or need primer, but I do love FAB.)
    – EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Domed Blending
    Brush (Meh, have enough brushed, but will be easy to gift.)
    – OFRA COSMETICS “Covent Garden” Highlighter (Yay, my pick!)


    – DERMADELI Nourishing Eye Serum (I’m always interested in new eye treatments.)
    – PUREHEALS Ginseng Berry 80 Overnight Mask (Been wanting to try a ginseng mask!)
    – SUNTIQUE I’m Pure Cica Suncream ( Always need more sunscreen and this one is really popular!)
    – SUNDAY RILEY U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil (Thrilled I was able to get this!)
    – SUNDAY RILEY Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask (This too! Been wanting to try a sulfur thing. My dad is allergic though so will be sure to patch test.)
    – I DEW CARE Mini Scoop Set (Yay, I’ve been eyeing this on Ulta. Sounds so fun!)

    So, 3/5 for the bag but the add-ons are excellent. Glad I skipped Plus and Ultimate this month because they look like repeat city.

  17. Hmmm, I don’t see anyone else with a bag that similar to mine. I’m getting:
    Sugar cosmetics Matte as Hell in Scarlett O’Hara (my choice)
    Color Club nail polish in “catwalk” (I assume it is supposed to match the lipstick)
    Hanalei face mask duo in Lychee and Papaya
    Marc Anthony leave in frizz protector
    INMO Velveteen Dream eye shadow in Kween Bee

    • Bag twins! I did not choose an item, but I wish I had, because I would rather have had the lipstick in one of the other colors they were offering… I have a whole pile of red lipstick from subscriptions that I never wear. Always interesting to see matching bags where one person picked an item and the other didn’t.

  18. worst bag yet for me. not only did they not let me skip a month because of how they set up their yearly subscription, but the contents of my bag were mostly items that I disliked multiple times/have selected as rarely.

    blush.. which i have been rating with one star for multiple bags now.
    sheet masks – same as above, i hate sheet masks and like the smooth on masks.
    lip pencil.. again, same as above.
    setting powder – which I haven’t gotten as often, but definitely have marked as rarely.
    and my choice – spf lotion. sigh

    if i had any doubts still about renewing this bag? they are gone now. once my subscription runs out, I am DONE with ipsy. honestly, I’m done now, but since its prepaid, not much i can do

    • We are probably bag twins, then. I picked the sunscreen too (torn as I also wanted OFRA highlighter in Covent garden) and the rest of the stuff I got is like you described.

      Though I don’t mind getting another liner, don’t mind sheet masks, and am a bit of a blush hoarder.

      Still, it annoys me that if you choose an item they go from a couple preset bag formulations rather than a real profile match.

      The setting powder is a repeat for me though, I think from another box, so I’ll regift that.

  19. I’m pretty happy with my GB for June. I’m getting:
    Ofra Covent Garden (my choice)
    FAB matte primer
    Dewy Tree foam cleanser
    Papa Recipe Eggplant Mask
    Maelle Beauty lip tint in Nectar
    and I maxed out in add-ons, all $3 items: Suntique sunscreen, Dermadeli eye serum, Marc Antony leave-in conditioner, C’est Moi lipgloss in Opulence, Luxie tapered blue brush, Ciate watermelon lip oil, Phase Zero blush in Cotton Candy, and Panda eye mask set. I’m pretty psyched for what I’ll be getting!

  20. I’m not impressed with my glam bag or Plus this time. I was hoping I could get the Scarlett lip crayon in add ons, but it wasn’t on the list. If anyone is looking to trade or get rid of the Scarlett lip, please let me know.

    • I would trade. I don’t need another lip product. I am on the swap board? Are you.

  21. For reference, I did not choose a sample this month.

    I’m getting the OFRA Covet Garden Highlighter, Tea Tree Foam Cleanser, Tinted Lip in Nectar, KVD Powder, and Nanette Lapore Body Lotion.

    I added on the Lip Oil, Eye Serum, Cleansing Oil Foam, Azulene Creme, and Cake Beauty Body Cream.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever found a bag twin! 😊
      I picked the Covent Garden highlighter. I added both sets of Hanalei sheet masks and the Cica sunscreen.
      I’ve been with Ipsy for 4+ years. I’m rarely upset with my bags. I keep an open mind about products new to me. The items which I know won’t work are easily gifted!

      • Yay for being bag twins! 🙌

  22. Im happy about my bags because my choice items made it worthwhile for me.

    Primary Bag:
    -FAB Primer – Interested to see how it works on my skin
    -Benefit Brow Gel – My choice, love everything brow related.
    -MODA angled brush – IDK lol i don’t need it but like.. brush..
    -Avette mask duo – always happy about a sheet mask
    -Real Chemistry Cream – Regifting

    Second Bag:
    – Ofra Highlighter in Soho – I am so excited for this. It made my bag worth the price tbh, my choice
    -KVD Setting Powder – Always wanted to try this
    -Perfect Cleansing Oil – very interesting lol never seen oil turn to foam
    -Nanette Lotion thingy – regifting
    -Maelle Beauty Tinted Lips in Fuchsia – regifting

    didn’t go as crazy with add ons like i did last month but my favs from what i did get were the sunday riley little duo, the pacifica highlighter and blush duo and the cake beauty lotions. overall im happy with it.

  23. Is it too late to subscribe and get the June bag? Thanks!

  24. This month’s classic glam bag is really good. I’m receiving: Essenherb Tea Tree Foam Cleanser, Maelle Beauty chubby in Nectar, Marc Anthony leave-in conditioner, First Aid Beauty primer and the Ofra highlighter in Covent Garden. No complaints here w/ this assortment of goodies.

  25. This is my second month getting two bags and so far not one duplicate (except for the lip crayon)… Very pleased with the skincare heavy bags this month.

    1). Celefit cleansing oil foam
    Inmo eyeshadow in the same beige shade Ipsy always insists on sending me
    Sur Medic Azuleme soothing cream
    FAB primer
    Sugar cosmetics crayon lipstick Viola

    2)Hanalei sheet mask duo
    Suntique suncream
    Sugar cosmetics lip crayon Scarlett O’Hara
    Mali & Goetz grapefruit cleanser
    Eddie Funkhouser blending brush

    • Your bag #2 is exactly what I’m getting. Plus my 8 add-ons that I couldn’t resist!

      I love IPSY

  26. COLOR CLUB Nail Polish in Catwalk
    PUREHEALS Ginseng Berry 80 Overnight Mask
    MALIN+GOETZ Grapefruit Face Cleanser
    EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Domed Blending Brush
    SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Lip Crayon in Scarlett O’Hara
    Added the Dermadeli nourishing eye serum and Kate kx active concentrates ceramides + omegas serum

    This is an ok bag for me – not a huge fan of Matte lippies but willing to try it. I love overnight masks and trying new brushes.

    • Box twin! I feel the same- it is ok, definitely not the worst. I get so many lip products so I’ll probably give it away but beyond that, I will use everything.

  27. Lots of new samples this month! I hope I get the Hey Honey CC cream everything I’ve gotten from that brand has been A+. I’ve been with Ipsy over three years at this point and am happy with my bags for the most part just hope they send me new products and not the repeats since there’s a high likelihood I already have received it but if it was one I rated really high I won’t mind getting another. I chose the Ofra one of each shade for Both my bags.

  28. My bag is horrible this month:

    – Ofra highlighter in covent garden (my pick and the only product I want in this bag)

    – Papa Recipe eggplant mud mask (eww…total fail…I have rated other product I’ve received from this brand poorly but here it is again)

    – Nanette Lepore body lotion, Colors of Nanette (I have body lotions marked ‘rarely’ and my scent preference is woodsy/spicy and this is all flowers–total fail)

    – KVD Lock-It setting powder (meh…don’t need it, don’t want it)

    – ugly beige nail polish from no name brand (my profile is weighted toward bold colors/adventurous and Ipsy sends beige–total fail)

    All this plus an ugly bag as well. It’s too bad because I’m doing so little for myself lately that I was really looking forward to this. I know this is only $12/month, but when I’m not using 3-4 out of 5 items sent, it seems a waste. Boycotting add-ons. I think I’m about over Ipsy.

    • This is my bag as well but I think it’s a good one. Papa recipe stuff is pretty highly coveted the sheet masks are really nice. It’s not exciting neither is the lotion but I’m actively making little piles to send to friends and family right now, it’s a nice time to receive mail in a crazy world.

    • My bag is similar but is one of the best bags I’ve gotten in awhile!

      Ofra Highlighter in Covent Garden (my choice)

      Papa Recipe Eggplant mud mask (always up to try great Korean skincare brands and this mask has gotten a ton of 5 star reviews)

      House of Makeup nail polish in flat white (not a no-name brand. It is a popular India brand that is vegan, cruelty free and free of the bad stuff we don’t want in our nail polishes. This color looks very sophisticated and I’m excited to try it!

      Marc Anthony leave in conditioner – a frizz taming heat protecting formula from a brand I love.

      Maelle Beauty tinted lips in nectar – Yay! Was hoping for this.

      I also added on the First Aid Beauty brightening eye cream since I’ve heard nothing but great things about it (my sister loves it too). I cannot wait to get this months bag!

  29. Mine is not showing up at all. I’ve been with ipsy for over 4 years. My Glambag page doesn’t even show the Glambag or my Glambag contents, no way to see it or purchase add ons. It says,”YOUR GLAMBAG IS COMING SOON! Thanks for signing up! We’ll email you as soon as your Glambag is ready.” Huh????

  30. It says that I’m getting the marbled bag from a few months back… Does it say that for anyone else?

  31. I am not really happy with my bag this month, I would give it 2 stars out of 5. With all the pretty lotions and eyeshadow colors in the June products, I am getting the same things I always get which is pretty frustrating even though I have emailed them about it and I always update my quiz. Anyway, I’m rambling. In my bag this month, I am getting:

    Jumiso Have a Good Cream = (I like moisturizers so this is a good product to receive)

    INMO Eyeshadow in Kween Bee = (Another gold eyeshadow. I have received one three months in a row)

    Color Club Nail Polish in Catwalk = (I don’t wear nail polish so this will be gifted to a friend who does)

    Sugar Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Stephanie Plum = (Pretty color, but I hate matte lipsticks, I find them to be extremely drying. But I will try it, it may surprise me)

    Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser = (This was my choice pick)

    Sunday Riley Acne Treatment Mask = (Add-On)

    Sunday Riley Acne Treatment Face Oil = (Add-On)

    The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow in Halo = (Add-On)

    Thank goodness for Add-Ons.

    • I know, right, about the gold eyeshadow. I’ve been with Ipsy for years and I’d say 90% of the single shadows are beige/gold. I changed the colors in my profile to Adventurous a long time ago, rate the gold ones poorly…nothing changes.

      • I hear ya. I do the same thing: redo profile to bold/purples, pinks, etc., mark undesired products as rarely, rate the golds, browns, beiges, and taupes) as low as can be, as well as email Ipsy Care but this is what I receive 8 or 9 times out of 10. My Plus bag doesn’t perform much better–in fact it usually performs worse (I keep getting eyeliners though I’m opted out of those–got another one this month).

  32. Had so many issues with IPsy, late bags, missing items and etc, got frustrated and canceled after years! Was getting the regular, then added the to deluxe as well, when I upgraded the deluxe to the ultimate glam, it became a nightmare!

    Seeing these posts from the last couple do months, I have no regrets, so many repeats! Still on product overload! Hope others have a better experience than I did!


  33. My bag was pretty meh this month, but then again, IMHO there weren’t many products to get excited about:

    * SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Lip Crayon in Stephanie Plum (my pick)
    * DEWY TREE The Clean Lab AC Dew Foam
    * SUR.MEDIC Azulene Soothing Cream
    * FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Matte Primer
    * EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Domed Blending Brush

    I mean, I’ll try all the items eventually, but nothing stands out for me. I will say, looking at the products, I’m very glad/relieved I decided to skip Ultimate this month. I’m seriously considering letting GBU go for good.

  34. I am getting:

    Color Club polish in Get Lost (happy! Love polish and this is a great summer color)

    Kensie body lotion (Interesting! Happy to check it out, sounds like it will smell good)

    INMO shadow single in Kween Bee (UGH – this is a huge miss, rate singles low every time!)

    Juliette has a Gun Vanilla Vibes (YAY! I rarely get perfumes)

    Sugar Cosmetics Matte lip crayon in Stephanie Plum (Ok, good color, will use whenever I can finally wear lip colors – sans face mask, while in public)

    4 out of 5 isn’t bad!

    • Fantastic bag! 👏

  35. Oof, my bag is bad. I meant to pause and forgot. I guess I was due for a bad bag 😬

    I got a suncream (my pick), a Marc Anthony leave in, a doucce highlighter, manna kadar blush, and sugar lip crayon, all filler brands and makeup products that I have plenty of lol.

    • I will buy the Doucce highlighter from you if you don’t want it 😃

    • Getting the same bag. I don’t completely hate it but I don’t think much of manna kadar and the lip color looks so dark.

  36. Benefit Brow Gel – my pick
    Manna Kadar blush – I’m not the biggest fan of this brand, but I love blush
    Malin Goetz cleanser – meh but fine, it will get used
    POP beauty lip pencil – excited to try
    Hanalei sheet mask duo in lychee and papaya – will get used

    Not a bad bag!

  37. – Shaina B Miami eye duo
    – KVD powder
    – Eddie Funkhouser eye blending brush
    – Juliette has a Gun Vanilla Vibes EDP
    – Suntique SPF (my choice)

    Not a bad bag, but not that useful to me personally. I’ll use the SPF & the setting powder & will re-home the the other items. I’d be more unhappy with my bag, but looking at the overall assortment of products this month, I really don’t see that many things I’d want. Usually that’s not the case, & I like a good 20+ of the possible products.

  38. I’m thinking of trying out Ipsy and am wondering how much attention they pay to your customization quiz when you set up your profile?

    • Limited in my experience. However, I’d suggest reading the reviews over a couple months and then deciding for yourself. The lowest tier glam bag imo has the best shot of matching your profile categories because there are more little sample options. The highest tier ultimate has fewer overall products to begin in terms of selection as you get more total products, so there’s only so many variations possible.

      • Thanks for the tip 😊

    • IMO, not much. I think selection improves as you do product review, but they also only have so many combos each month. So, if you select a product on choice day, they’re limited to picking from the variations with that product, regardless of how well the other four items in those combos match your profile.

      I haven’t completely given up on ipsy just because I can pick one item and add on $3 items each month.

      • Thanks Emma, that’s helpful to know 😊

    • Ipsy uses a proprietary algorithm called IpsyMatch. They’ve chosen not to reveal too much information about it, so no one knows exactly how it works, lol.

      There’s 4 parts to the customization quiz — info about your coloring; info about the brands you like; info about the types of product you like; and a further breakdown of shades/scents you like/specific beauty concerns you’d like to address. We don’t know if these things are given equal value or not when matching users with their bags.

      We do know that ipsy has a certain number of bag variants already planned out before matching people with the bags — they don’t look at all the products for the month & give you the 5 that best fit your profile. So you will end up with products sometimes that you absolutely don’t want, because the other items in the bag will have matched with you. We also don’t know if Ipsy has a certain quantity of each variant of bag before bags are assigned or not — if they have 500,000 tubes of Brand X mascara, I suspect that 500,000 people will be getting Brand X mascara, even if only 100 people actually want it.

      As someone else mentioned, reviews are also an important means of giving Ipsy more information about what what you do & do not like. Like with all the other data, though, we don’t know how this information is weighted with the IpsyMatch algorithm. For example, if you put in your profile that you love Tarte, then receive a Tarte product & mark that the brand “not for me” in your review, we don’t know what overall effect that has. (One of my personal frustrations is that Ipsy doesn’t distinguish between cool neutrals & warm neutrals with their shade categories. For lips, their “neutrals” means anything from pinky mauve to concealer-lips beige to straight-up brown. So I have “neutrals” marked as rarely in my profile because Ipsy sends a lot of brown. Buuuuuuut on those rare occasions when I do actually receive a lovely mauve from Ipsy, when I go to review it, Ipsy doesn’t ask, “Do you like neutrals?” The review form asks, “Do you like this shade?” So if I input that I really like the shade, I don’t know if Ipsy is counting that as a general preference for neutrals, or for this particular shade of neutrals, or what!)

      One frustration some people have with IpsyMatch is that ipsy will absolutely send you the same type of product over & over if you mark that you like it. You may be delighted to receive lilac nail polish one month, only to receive another lilac nail polish from a different brand 2 months later, only to receive a third lilac nail polish from yet another brand a month later. Be very judicious about what you “love” in your profile & reviews! The opposite is true as well — if you mark in your quiz that you’d like to receive a certain type of product “often,” but Ipsy doesn’t send out a lot of that type of product, you may not get that type of product in your bag for a long time! (For example, I use a lot of setting powder, so I love to have a lot of samples & back-ups, but Ipsy sometimes doesn’t send out setting powder for months at a time. It took a long time for me to actually get setting powder in a bag, but once I did, I was able to rate it highly in reviews, & now I usually do receive setting powder if Ipsy sends it that month. I’ve read similar experiences from those who prefer to receive fragrance.)

      • Thanks so much for the comprehensive response, that definitely helps!

  39. So, based on the few spoilers, I skipped GB this month, but now I see all the products it’s the only bag I want! A lot are repeats, but products that I wanted the first time around and didn’t get. I contacted CS, so hopefully they get back to me asap and I can still get add ons. 🤞

  40. Wow, my bag was AWFUL this month. Holy cow! By far the worst bag I’ve ever gotten from Ipsy.

    I’m getting:

    – OFRA highlighter in Covent Garden: Honestly, so glad I got to pick this, because getting a $35 product I’ve been wanting for ages for $12 is the only thing that makes my bag redeemable.

    – FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Primer: I’ve literally already received this in a previous glam bag and rated it badly. Just…what?

    – MAELLE Beauty Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips in Nectar: Once again, Ipsy sends me a nude instead of an actual color when I have nudes rated low and all other colors rated high.

    – CELEFIT Perfect Oil Cleansing Foam: Sure, fine. It’ll get used.

    – MARC ANTHONY Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant: Seriously?

    Anyway. It feels extremely petty for me to be mad about this considering everything else going on in the world right now, so I’m just gonna be happy about my Ofra highlighter and move on.

    • Bag twins… I am so pumped for the highlighter, but hate cleansing oils and hair products.

  41. Omg! I have the same bag.

    My add ons was the sheet masks from hanalei since they’re new product I wanted to try. Also cake lotion. I’m a little obsessed with that one and the one from Walgreens doesn’t quite have the same fragrance

  42. *HEY HONEY Trick & Treat CC Cream in Light to Medium
    *SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick
    *SUNTIQUE I’m Pure Cica Suncream
    *DOUCCE Freematic Highlighter
    *HANALEI Face Sheet mask Duo in Pear and Pineapple

    After a few dud months in a row, I’m thinking I need a little break from Ipsy. While there is nothing wrong with the product selection, my past few bags have just been…unexciting. I’m pretty sure I’ve already received the Hey Honey CC Cream, the Doucce highlighter and the Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick (albeit, probably in different shades).

    • I will buy the Doucce highlighter from you if you don’t want it 😃

      • Kenley,
        I see you asking for the Doucce highlighter, I’m getting it in my glam bag this month and you can have it! No need to pay for it! I won’t use it!

      • Hi Kenley,
        I will happily send it to you free of charge. Send me a message on instagram, my handle is victoriailluminati

      • No problem! Just sent you an email. And I insist, no charge needed!

      • Victoria-
        I’m so sorry! I accidentally provided you the wrong email 😂 It’s actually knclark1989 @ iCloud dot com. I will get it together one of these days lol.

    • That’s really sweet you guys! If you guys don’t mind, I will take both of them from you since my daughter wants one as well. I really don’t mind paying though! Victoria, I don’t have Instagram. Would you guys mind emailing me at knclark @ icloud dot com instead?

      • Kenley, the email I sent you came back as undelivered. Can you check that the one you sent is correct?

  43. Marc Anthony?

  44. So when choice came around I was so excited I decided to keep both of my regular glam bags even though I was going to have to pay for both. Well I’m a sucker.

    Cica Sunscreen – my pick, sounds great but wow what a tiny size listed
    Shaina Miami Fuego Eyeshadow Wynwood and Heat – I’m too pale and red for this orange-y ish
    Kat Von D translucent powder – boring and ugh
    Juliette has a Gun Vanilla Vibes – well I love the name and I like vanilla but really a perfume? My first from Ipsy but I was so proud of never having been stuck with one that this is a bummer
    Eddie Funkhouser Domed Brush – Okay cool

    So 2/5 and 1 that would be fine in the other color

    OFRA Covent Garden – my pick, gotta love Ofra especially when they can’t give me bad colors
    Maelle Lip Tint – ugh another lip tint, and this one’s orange, great
    Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Mud – I mean aight whatever
    Marc Anthony Heat Protectant – I don’t know anyone who heat styles but i guess conditioner is okay
    House of Makeup Flat White – I would like this a lot more if my favorite color wasn’t also available but not one I’m getting

    Second: I guess all useable-ish but nothing exciting

    So Ipsy had to pick 3 total items with shades and are 3/3 wrong. I wish they included undertones on their quiz, I would have a lot less orange in my life if they caught on that super pale blue eyed brunette doesn’t mean send orange
    Typing them out I feel a lot better than seeing the reveals, but still a bit of a waste of $25

    Skipping add-ons again out of boredom, protest, and regret at having spent so much already

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