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CAUSEBOX Summer 2020 Welcome Box Spoiler Update + Coupon!

UPDATE – We now have more information on the choice items for the CAUSEBOX Summer Welcome box!  The Summer Welcome box is estimated to ship early-mid July.

The Summer Box is sold out but the Summer Welcome Box is here! Join today to get a curated collection of beautiful and useful socially-conscious products. This curation showcases some of the our most popular products ever, alongside of amazing, new releases — all from popular and up-and-coming ethical and sustainable brands. The Summer Welcome Box selections are worth over $250.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Summer Welcome Box will include:


LA BEAUTÉ SOI 10-Piece Makeup Brush Collection OR S’WELL 17 oz Insulated Bottle

This 10-piece white and rose gold brush set is made from 100% vegan, and cruelty-free, high quality, hypoallergenic fibers and there is a perfect brush for every use. The set comes in custom-for-CAUSEBOX vegan leather pouch, and proceeds from la beauté Soi products support three causes: ASPCA, Unicef, and The Nature Conservancy.

This stylish, timeless, and iconic bottle will help you reduce plastic use, and build a healthy hydration habit. It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, it is made from 18/8 stainless steel, and its chic design and shape was made to fit in all common cup holders.
At home in a yoga studio, on a red carpet, or in a board room — it is the most beautiful and versatile bottle out there! Portions of proceeds from S’well sales go to UNICEF to help provide clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Members will get one of sixteen gorgeous styles, selected by the CAUSEBOX team!

Annual Members will choose between the Makeup Brush Kit or the S’well Bottle.


A timeless everyday crossbody with a detachable strap — can be styled up or down. Made to last, out of premium vegan leather, high end detailing, and an innovative interior made from recycled plastic bottles.

Annual Members select from either Olive, Black, or Cognac.


altCooking was founded with a simple goal: to reduce plastic and food waste associated with the kitchen. These silicone stretch lids help you say goodbye to plastic cling wrap and can be used in both expected and unexpected ways. Save your glass of wine for later, cover a cantaloupe or just stretch over some leftovers and bring to work tomorrow. The altCooking lids are durable and leak free.

The classic, tried-and-true felt letterboard in a new palette to add a minimalist, chic twist. With subtle, sand colored felt and black letters and symbols, it is perfect for making statements, posting mantras, and leaving inspiration for yourself and others in your home.

Annual Members will choose between the Letterboard or the Silicone Stretch Lids.


PMD Clean – $99 Value

Loved by clean beauty connoisseurs internet-wide, the PMD Clean is a smart facial cleansing device that helps firm skin while you deep clean. Using SonicGlow™ technology, this device vibrates 7,000 times per minute and features four modes so you can customize your skincare routine. PMD Beauty is committed to spreading brilliant confidence and they donate a portion of profits to charities doing the same.

Annual Members choose between 3 colors: Blush, Teal, or Navy. The CAUSEBOX Team chooses for Quarterly Members.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

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Comments (66)

  1. So I was on the fence and fighting the urge to subscribe to this box for a long time, I finally took the plunge and signed up for an annual subscription when this box was announced in June. Patiently waiting for a shipping date and then finally on 7/24 account says shipped! Expected arrival from Fedex smartpost is 7/31. No package arrives on 7/31, Fedex hasn’t updated tracking since it shipped, and now expected delivery date is unknown! I call fedex and they say yea it’s lost, but I cannot file a claim it must be the shipper. Causebox is refusing to do it, just says yea wait another week and see what happens and let us know. Like really? Haven’t I waited long enough? No wonder so many complaints on BBB. Wish I read them before I joined. And also wish I didn’t join annual because I’m not looking forward to dealing with this for a year! Def cancelling. They say they are transparent but doesn’t look like customer service really cares about the subscribers

    • SAME Exact thing just happened to me. FedEx said the box would be here yesterday and now the tracking page says no estimated delivery date. So mad as this was supposed to be a gift!

  2. I want to cancel future boxes dont know how , i did get last box they sent charged my card .. but I moved and UPS does not have a way to know who lives in the house so of course they leave parcels.
    I tried calling the phone number on my statement but their voice mail is full! what kind of a business doesnt have a way to get messages.

    • You can cancel on the website! There is a link at the bottom of your subscription page that says “unsubscribe”

  3. I signed up for an annual subscription and I believe it was the summer welcome box? When do they open up the window to choose items?

  4. Originally I was excited about the summer welcome box. Then I saw the updated information. I would not be happy if I got the felt board or the water bottle because I have gotten those things in the past from my FabFitFun subscription. If I got a green purse I would not use it. I would rather buy the purse on Poshmark. I also did not read good things about the brush set quality. I think the regular summer box is a better fit for me. I do like the new intro box because I have never owned the portfolio clutch before.

  5. Are you guys going to add a post about the new Causebox Summer Intro box?

  6. FYI,
    This is not about Causebox but I just had a fraudulent charge on my credit card (not beauty box related) and the automated assistant said that due to high call volume they no longer accept charge disputes over the phone. You have to send via snail mail or fax it in. Which means it will be a while before they even get to your dispute. So be careful before subscribing to beauty boxes and make sure you are diligent about canceling before they charge you for the next month. I know when some people have buyers remorse, are disappointed in the box, or forget to cancel they do charge backs. Well it may not be that easy with COVID going on. I think MSA might want to address this to aid in our decision making. All credit card companies have different policies, just making you aware.

    • It is extremely disrespectful to do a charge back or dispute instead of a cancellation. And, it is actually illegal to do so if you had ordered the subscription and not cancelled timely. It hurts a company a lot, and should be the very last resort if they refuse to cancel, but should not be used just because you failed to cancel in time.

      If you order a subscription and do a charge back, you hurt the company and they can even be cancelled by their merchant account. As a business owner, that is something that really affects us, and I hope you understand that is not how you should conduct yourself. Especially CB, who has the best customer service around and has always answered me timely and were beyond helpful. They do NOT deserve that.

      • Chantel is correct. This is illegal if the services promised are actually provided. Banks are cracking down on this right now and If you’re caught the banks will shut down your accounts and take back any points you’ve earned.

      • I don’t know about the legalities, either way it has nothing to do with me and my situation so not sure why I’m hearing about it. Some people attempt to cancel their subscription in a timely manner and the sub box ghosts them. That’s a legitimate reason for a dispute.

      • How is this disrespectful? If a charge is fraudulent then the buy has every right to cancel it with their credit card. Of course buyer’s remorse doesn’t count.

        If a company doesn’t answer their phone properly then that’s their problem. You can’t expect someone to mail in or fax in something in 2020. Sorry, not sorry.

      • @Tee Redhed36 is talking about the credit card company not picking up their phone, not the sub box. If the sub box doesn’t allow you to cancel and you have documentation of the attempt, then you can call it fraudulent. Otherwise it’s really rude to claim a chargeback if a customer has buyer’s remorse and/or forgot to unsubscribe in time.

  7. I really wish I was getting the regular summer box. Oh well!

  8. These spoilers are soooo far fetched compared to what you’ll actually receive in the box!!! The only item I did receive in synic with the spoilers is the Swell bottle. The rest was junk thats not shown… leftover filler type items!!! I totally agree with the person who said they use bait & switch tactics. I receieved a set of 3 scrunchies that reminded me of my short hair I sport due to cancer..😫!!! WTG Causebox for making someone feel good… NOT!!!

    • No that is not true at all. You obviously ordered the $25 intro box which was available for a short while in April/May. Some of those intro boxes included the scrunchies, and the S’Well was the only guaranteed item in the intro box. Every Summer Welcome box will have exactly the items in it that are posted here.

    • The box you purchased was obviously the Intro box – a box that was half the price with a S’Well bottle and four mystery items. It’s not fair to misrepresent a company for being “far fetched” when you both something totally different than advertised.

    • It’s really upsetting when people post misinformation that other people rely on, they are not sending this box until the end of July so you obviously haven’t received a summer welcome box. You must have received an intro box which was half the price… they always release spoilers so you know exactly what you’re going to get when you order, so you really shouldn’t have any complaints.

      They are wonderful, support great causes, their customer service is spectacular, so I really don’t understand your problem?

      Please don’t post bad reviews when you don’t know what you’re talking about. It makes other people turn away from the company that deserves our support.

      • I agree with everything you’ve said here Chantel, and I get so frustrated when people who appear to be less than informed come here to gripe about issues that have nothing to do with the sub box or company. You ordered the wrong box? You didn’t cancel in time? You’re disappointed in the products in the box? Those ARE NOT reasons to do a charge-back. People on this site talk about charge-backs so lackadaisically and I wonder why some folks can’t accept responsibility for their decisions and actions.

        I don’t understand why people feel the need to disparage a company that does great work and has good intentions, especially when the issue is completely on the purchaser’s side of the transaction.

    • Thanks for your comment & I hope you are feeling well today. Now I have decided NOT to resubscribe. Causebox is not a charity folks – they are making $$ on junk quality items. Vegan leather?? Is plastic & I can get that purse at Marshall’s for 14.99. If they contribute 5% of profits – they say they are working for a cause. If they follow laws they can say they are martyrs for fair trade & labor. Just no no no.

      • The items are very nice quality. And you are paying less than $15 per item. I don’t think anyone is under the assumption that they are donating to a charity/ witnessing martyrdom.

  9. I am an annual member. I switched address and I received the welcome box. Tan clutch, swell bottle facial sponge, candle and stationary. So it came last week….. like the items! But wanted the regular box!

    • You are referring to the intro box, not the welcome box. If your subscription is still active, you will get the summer box next (not the summer welcome box) . It will be the one with the blue bowls, not this one.

      • I ordered causebox because I wanted the bowls and not the intro/welcome box. I am hoping to get the Summer box. How can I get the summer box is a mystery to me.

    • Kim, did you receive this Summer Welcome Box? I’ve been waiting for my Spring Welcome Box to come for literally 2 months now. (I ordered and subscribed in mid-April.)

      I’m beyond frustrated with their customer service and the time it has taken to arrive (and ship, which it has yet to do). I’m just pretty floored that people are receiving this box already when my box from last season hasn’t even shipped.

      If anyone knows of a number I can call, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve emailed them but to no avail.

      • That’s odd, I emailed them with a question and received a response within 3-4 hours. Then after I wrote back to their response, they wrote again about an hour later.

        Their customer support is stellar, I’m very surprised to hear that you haven’t heard back from them.

  10. Adding that the first welcome box said everyone ordering the box would get the swell bottle.. I am pretty sure you will get it if its been awhile since you ordered it.. I don’t like that they put out new boxes BEFORE the previous ones have even shipped.. My intro box is still waiting on shipment, yet they went ahead and offered this one now.. Plus I keep getting emails from causebox saying that the intro box is delayed.. A lot of people have gotten their boxes already but mine is yet to ship. grrrr!!

  11. The makeup brushes are garbage. Fell apart completely after just a few washes. The entire brush part – all of the bristles – fell completely out of of the brush in one big piece.

    • Anna, I have to agree, the case was very cheap and the brushes were horrible! I got those at least a year ago, can’t believe they are still trying to get rid of them – my wet n wild brushes are better.

      • Hey, some Wet n wild brushes are the bomb. Speaking from someone who also owns a $300 Chikuhodo brush.

  12. I’m so confused by this box – i believe I ordered the summer welcome box which was supposed to have the swell bottle. I ordered it purely for that. If I don’t get it I would be furious. I cannot tell what I’m getting anymore – its already shipped so if it has the swell bottle i may subscribe yearly so I choose what I get otherwise – I’m out.

    • Did you mean the Intro Box, which was $25? All Intro boxes include the S’well. Unfortunately it’s a choice item in the Summer Welcome Box though. The fact that seasonals can’t customize ANY products is the one negative thing I have to say about Causebox. I’m sure you can swap or buy one from someone if you don’t get it (but, yeah, I’d still be ticked if the S’well was the reason I signed up in the first place).

      • My box came today and I’m happy with it . S’well bottle, pretty scarf, black clutch, and some scrunchies. I’m not sure if I get the fall box next, but I’m looking forward to it!

      • Terry C., after the intro box your next box should be the regular summer box (not the welcome box.) It should have the PMD, a reed diffuser and a set of bowls, among other items.

    • I got the FIRST welcome box and it had the swell bottle in it.. It wasn’t a this or that.. This “new” welcome box just came out so if you ordered your box in May you should be getting the swell bottle. 😀

    • Terry Lynn I think you actually ordered the intro box, the summer welcome box doesn’t ship until July. Your intro box…yes it will have the swell in it. They all do.

    • Terry, it won’t let me respond to your other comment but you received the spring intro box, your next box if you don’t cancel the sub will be the regular summer box .

  13. Oh crap. i was sooo excited about this box and now it has turned me completely off. With my luck i’ll get the makeup brushes (i rarely use any and am swimming in new ones from other boxes) and that felt board, which I would never, ever use. And I already know I won’t be using the purse, it’s way too small for my needs.

    Plus, what’s going on with the values of the options? in the first set of choices, it’s a $35 vs a $24 item; and in the second set, it’s an $8 product or a $45 one! (though i’d take the $8 lids over the felt board anytime)…

    • I’m starting to feel the same way.

    • Love the PMD tool and I am looking forward to getting the facial tool so I can give one as a gift to my daughter. Once you use it you’ll be so happy to have gotten it. It makes this box worthwhile, What a bargain.

    • I think it might be helpful, for this company especially, for causebox to make a statement clarifying that this was probably a mistake/miscommunication in their team. Maybe even some offer of making it right by people. Because yeah, everything between Friday am and Friday night did suggest the swell bottle was a guarantee, and I’m not very happy about having a bought a sub based on that and having the rug pulled out from underneath me with no acknowledgment from their team at all other than “it’s a choice and you can upgrade if you want.”

      That’s the kind of crap you expect out of boxycharm, not causebox.

      • I agree. I’m pissed off about it. I do not want those stupid makeup brushes. I rarely wear makeup and I don’t know anyone else who wears makeup so I can’t “gift” them.

      • Agreed! They are still running false advertising though – my fb had an ad last night that still said the swell, purse, and pmd would be in the box! This was my reasoning for ordering Friday as soon as I saw the MSA post about it. I don’t want a refund, I want causebox to make it right and give what so many of us signed up for.

      • I completely agree, I too waited for the first few spoilers before I signed up

    • They allowed me to cancel (And issued refund) for that very reason.

      • That’s very nice to hear, Dahlia! I’m glad you were able to be refunded.

    • I emailed them to complain about what seemed like false advertising. They apologized (said it was a miscommunication) and have “chosen” the S’well bottle for me. If you ordered before the clarification and were wanting the S’well bottle, I highly recommend emailing them.

      • Thank you, I did the same thing and got a very thoughtful response and the same offer to guarantee me a swell.

    • Yes. I signed up for the Swell. And now it’s a variant????? Ughhhhhh

  14. How many Items are in each box? Are there more than these?

    • I saw them respond to someone on Instagram & they said there would be 6 items in total in the summer welcome box which is this box you see here. But in the regular summer box which is sold out now said there’s would be 7 items. Not sure why that is like that maybe the overall value?

  15. $45 for a felt board???

    • I know! I was thinking the same thing, I would never buy a felt board for $45.00. If I get it that would be cool since I would never be able to justify spending that amount for a felt board

    • Great regift item. Lol

  16. How much would annual cost with a 30% promo code?

    • Where did you find a 30% off code? I want to purchase a box but want the best deal! Lol

      • I just tried it and ITSHAPPENING is still working for 30% off!

        I was lucky enough to grab the summer box when it was offered and this code worked for me then, too.

    • If you subscribe annual, the code will deduct 30% off the value of the first box. Hope that helps.

    • It would be approximately $139.86 + tax, if applicable.

      • Oops, sorry, I deducted it from the full cost of an annual.

    • I had the Michel for 30% off, but it only took $16 off the annual membership. So with tax it ended up being $197.

      • I had the promo code MICHEL from michel janse smith’s youtube channel.

  17. Did I miss spoiler 7 for the regular Summer box?

    The welcome looks very well curated this time around!!

    • No, they usually don’t reveal the last spoiler until after they start shipping the box.

      • Ah bummer!
        I’m thrilled with the box regardless but redoing my room and want to know where to leave space for things.
        Should start shipping next week though so hopefully we’ll know soon!!

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