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CAUSEBOX $24.95 Intro Box Available Now + Spoilers

ByMSAJun 12, 2020 | 81 comments


Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
306 Ratings | 144 Reviews

The Summer Welcome box from  CAUSEBOX has sold out and the Intro Box is available now for $24.95! (CAUSEBOX is regularly $49.95) If you sign up for an annual subscription, your Intro Box is only $19.95!

The Intro Box is currently on sale! It contains 5 full-size products (guaranteed Megan Portfolio Clutch in every Intro Box!) with a total retail value of $150+. The price of the Intro Box is only $25!
If you sign up for an Annual Membership, you will be able to customize your Portfolio Clutch, pick between receiving a Stackable Bento Box and Jewelry Organizer, and save an additional $20 on your membership for the year!

The Intro Box will include:

Glass Ladder & Co. Megan Portfolio Clutch (Choice Product) $120 value

An exclusively designed and Farm Sanctuary approved vegan leather portfolio clutch, stylishly designed for work and play. This thoughtfully-designed, organizing catch-all has pockets and places for everything, and fits most 13” laptops as well as tablets. Annual members choose between three gorgeous, timeless styles: Blush, Navy, and Gray.

A to-go container with two compartments and built-in cutlery. Sustainably replaces single-use plastic alternatives, and donates to Feed the Children. **Annual Members choose between the Bento Box and the Luxe Jewelry Box by Samara.


This vegan leather jewelry box is the perfect complement to your jewelry collection. The box was designed and crafted custom-for-CAUSEBOX. **Annual Members will choose between the Luxe Jewelry Box or the Stackable Bento Box.

3 Additional Products $45+ value

Your Intro Box will contain the Megan Portfolio Clutch, either the Bento Box or the Luxe Jewelry Box (Annual Members choose) plus 3 of the most highly rated products from past (*vintage) seasonal boxes. Our team will select a complimentary assortment for you!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!

Looking for CAUSEBOX? Then you're in the right place! CAUSEBOX recently changed it's name to Alltrue, so we'll leave this notice up until word gets around, and all of our old reviews, spoilers... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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This has now sold out and they’re offering an Intro Box 2 with a PMD! Yay!


Yeah I saw that for only $25.00 plus tax!!!! Crazy!
I bought the core box but saw that when I went to check my tracking.
So I bought another box for the PMD as an upcoming birthday gift

Tammy Huys

Wait! I recieved the Spring intro box, but after reading these comments I think I should have received another item! It seems like everyone received 5 items in there Spring intro box but I only recieved the Pink striped Poncho Cover up, the ugliest pattern Swell bottle I have ever seen lol, the hair scrunchies and the DERMA-E Hydrating Night Cream! That’s only 4 items, and I never really thought anything of it as I was so disappointed with the box, I don’t know if emailing now will do any good! As I recieved my Summer box today, I am quite happy with it actually!


So I signed up for a yearly sub because I’ve liked what I’ve seen from the last 6 boxes. But since I’m new, can anyone tell me how long between spoilers that Causebox posts? It’s been like 3 weeks now since we last saw the last spoiler for the welcome box. The welcome box will be my first box, and I think there’s still 2 or 3 more spoilers left? Does anyone know when the next spoiler might be out? And when customization will be open? I’m getting excited and anxious about it, and every day keep hoping there will be a new spoiler, but so far nothing for weeks now. Just wondering if anyone knows what the time line usually is like? Thanks.


Hi, does anyone have an idea of what will be in this new Summer Intro Box? I know about the Clutch, Bento box or Jewelry box – any idea of the rest of the items? Thanks so much!


That box is no longer available, now it will be a PMD, the straw tote from last summer, the silicone reusable lids, and 2 other things.


Based on the spring intro box, it will be a mix of 3 past box items. Besides the Swell bottle, I received a clutch, night cream, konjac sponge, and scrunchies in my spring box. I would expect similar types of items in the summer box. It’s a great deal and any items you can’t use make great gifts. I hope this is helpful.


It’s kind of unpredictable. Sometimes spoilers come one after the other and then nothing for weeks! They keep commenting on social media that customization will open “very soon”. It will just open, and then you might get an email telling you it opened the next day or something like that. I’m surprised they haven’t finished the spoilers for the summer welcome. I read somewhere it will be 6 items. Hopefully this week. They are having trouble spacing them out I think since they want to keep active on social media, but after these spoilers they will have nothing to announce until fall sine the intro box is essentially a surprise box.


Yeah funny how right after I make the post, they release the rest of the spoilers. LOL. Overall very happy with the Welcome box. Does anyone know roughly how long after they show the last spoilers, when customization opens? Is it usually a few days? A week? Longer? Or a specific day of the week, like a Monday’s? Also what time roughly does it open typically? Noon? I’m eastern time, so just curious. Also, does everyone who customize get what they want such as colours, items, etc? Or is it more first come first serve like Boxycharm, where there’s a chance the item or colour you want can be gone in like an hour?


Full spoilers were posted today 🙂


I just saw on their website that the last two spoilers for the summer welcome box are the grace and Stella serum and the sunscreen from the regular summer box!


I signed up for the annual membership with this intro box. Causebox is letting me customize an intro box! I’m excited I get a portfolio clutch in Navy because I love blue and the jewelry box! I already have the pink portfolio clutch which is beautiful. I wish it was bigger because I tried to fit my 13 inch Macbook laptop and it was too snug. I really had to jam it in there. I think an ipad, tablet, or Macbook air will fit better. For now I will use it for paper notebooks. I love taking notes by hand so it works for me. I feel so professional even when working from home just because I have this portfolio clutch under my notebook. I like feeling put together and professional!


The Navy is actually a tiny bit bigger!


This is tempting. I REALLY hope to get the jewelry box over the Bento box though, it’s so cute.


I just received my spring intro box that was supposed to ship “early to mid may” and I would NOT recommend it. I received:

-S’well bottle, $35 value
-WYLD sponge, $16 value
-8oz candle, $29 value
-six blank cards and envelopes, $12 value
-small black clutch, arrived damaged, no value listed

If the 3 products listed about are guaranteed in the summer intro box than it might be worth it because those 3 together have a higher value than my whole box. Plus then you’re subscribed and will get the next seasonal box before it sells out.

But I ordered the spring intro for the S’well bottle and feel like I should have just bought one at full price and not waited 2 months for it to ship and skipped CauseBox all together.


Causebox actually has one of the best customer service in my opinion. I have several incidences where they sent me the wrong customized product (I’m an annual) and I emailed them and they sent a brand new product to me without any hassle. Also they are one of the few that I rarely have to follow up with the CS just to get what I was promised from the CS (I always wait for at least 1-2 weeks before I follow up with CS). If your product is damaged I can’t see how they wouldn’t address your issue.


Agree! The bag in my last box was damaged, I just contacted customer service once, attaching to my email the picture of the item as proof, and I received an answer in a timely manner plus the replacement for the item some days later. This In just one email, no hassle, follow ups, unanswered requests (unlike other subscription boxes). I think it’s totally worth to contact them, and the are really nice and polite.


I also got the candle and I feel like that and the S’well bottle made the box worth it for me. I considered purchasing that exact candle from the Market for $18! For $7 extra o get a S’well cute print, and I will use the WYLD sponge and the notecards. The clutch will work as an organizer in my glovebox for me to keep papers/ coupons.


I like the candle and sponge and cards. I just definitely don’t think it lived up to the excitement at all. And my clutch is damaged and it just doesn’t seem worth it to deal with customer service.


Same. I just got mine a couple of days ago.
Swell bottle
Konjac sponge
Black clutch
Silk scarf

Man, I wish I had gotten a candle, but thank goodness I didn’t get cards.

Miz T

My intro came a few days ago.
I got the Royal Red, which one of our school colors so a score for me. I got the striped tunic in blue and needed a swimsuit coverup. Could do without the hair scrunchies, but my niece loved them. For me a good deal.


I would 100% purchase this if the jewelry box was a guaranteed item. I don’t think I’m going to take the chance.

Sharon in SE TX

Amazon sells similar jewelry boxes. I bought my mom one because she liked the one I got from Causebox so much.


Yes, that is true and you get to chose the color when you get it on amazon and I have the jewelry box the inside part is kinda flimsy. I get it though, it’s for travel, the inside is removable so you can fit more. I think they go for 20$ or around there on Amazon. The bento box is awful…I used it a few times but the lids don’t attach well so when you go to put the two pieces together with the strap that’s included it can fall apart easily and then there goes all the food you put in it… it can be done you just have to be very careful. Hopes there’s more jewelry boxes then the bentos cause I think more ppl will be happier with the jeweler box.


Am I the only one tired of Intro box, welcome box, summer box etc etc etc

As to the clutch that I received last year, I used it once. Too small for my laptop (even though they said it would fit) !


😒 Your not the only one, I totally agree with you ! What’s next ?..The Intro Box 3 …🤔 hmmmm….😉


It’s an Acer Chromebook


What laptop do you have if you don’t mind me asking?


I have a MacBook Air from end 2018(Could be 2018? It’s the model before the one that just got released this year) and it fits, I’m even able to put in the clutch some other small things along with it. I have the blush-colored portfolio from one welcome box from 2019 (perhaps spring? I’m very forgetful)- I know some people were saying that the oldest portfolios/clutches were smaller and that the newer are a bit bigger and they can fit a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, but it’s also true that these computers have sizes that vary between models. Also, I’ve read some people where concerned about the lighter colors getting dirty quickly, I’m not using my portfolio every day -especially now- but I brought it around campus and libraries and it is still pink/blush (I spot wipe it and it works). Hope it helps!


I have a Macbook Air 13, a very old model (2013), and it won’t fit in 🙁


What’s the quality of the clutch to anyone that has it? Is Causebox better quality than FabFitFun? I’ve never Causebox but this is tempting as I just started a little business and it’s SO CUTE! Just curious if it will last. Many thanks!!! Jenna


It’s okay. The pink one sent last summer did not fit my 13 inch mac air. To me they are much flimsier in person than they appear, and they will only hold pens with the clippy on the lid.


The clutch is hopefully really good quality because it retails for $120. That was the sole reason I ordered this box because it looks so cute and handy and I didn’t want to pay full price it. It’s definitely worth it for only $25 plus 4 more items. I hope I get the jewelry box but even if I don’t this is still an amazing deal imo.


I’ve got the clutch, it’s actually really nice quality. However, it’s a bit big for a clutch which makes it awkward to use imo and the little hooks to put pens, etc. in don’t really grasp well and things will fall right out of the side. I keep it inside a bigger leather bag I have in the same color as an organizer, but I don’t know if I’d recommend using it for it’s intended purpose.


I agree. I think I’d enjoy the smaller one. Right now I have an 8 inch tablet that i Love but am considering a small laptop which I could probably use the bigger one for. Either way, I have the light pink one and would love to have the darker one. What a dilemna!! Me and my indecisiveness! And so the reason I have just let it be!!



Does anyone know if this would fit an Apple McBook 13-inch (not an Air MacBook) but a regular macbook

Thank you!


Hey Coco,

I have this from a previous Causebox and it fits my 13″ Pro just fine!


Thank you so much!

Do other items fit as well along with it? Or is it a snug fit?


I’ve tried several times, only to get to the final step and get “Network Error”, so there’s no way that I can subscribe. Oh well.

Amber )-(

I must say, I’d be pretty pissed if I’d just paid $38 for the clutch alone in as an add on, to now see it for sale as part of a $25 set with 4 additional items.


That’s what happened to me
I paid $38 dollars plus tax for the blush portfolio. O well I graded a intro box anyway
If I get 2 pink ones then my mom will just get one.


I had to get the box just for another portfolio to give to my sister!


Id love this but mid August shipping?! I’d forget what’s in the box by the time it comes!


That just makes it a fun surprise when you do get it! I ordered the spring intro box in April and just got it this week. I had forgotten to expect it.


Exactly! Plus it’s only right to ship the summer and summer welcome boxes first.


Does anyone know if there is any way Causebox would allow you to keep BOTH the jewellery box and bento box and get 2 other items with the clutch if you contacted customer service? The bento box and jewellery box are definitely two things I would love to get And would make the box worth it to me! OR I would love it too if one of them came in the welcome box too, which will be my first box. The bento box would be a great addition to the welcome box. And then I could get the intro box for the jewellery box.

Or does anyone know how much the bento box or jewellery box were in the marketplace to buy separately?


you can buy the same bentgo boxes (but in different colors) from Amazon for $14. Or they were in the last FFF sale for $7 each.


I would Glady swap the bento box once the swap site reopens. It is currently in my garage sale pile unopened. Let me know and I will Put it up for swap and put a post with my swap I’d linked to my name


If you sign up an annual they might allow you to customize and choose. I don’t think they will let you keep both for the intro box.


No customer service will not let you choose both or choose any of the 3 mystery items. Your best bet is to trade for or buy the item you don’t receive off of a resale site.

Miz T

I signed up too late to get the Spring box last time. I just got my Spring intro box yesterday. Summer box not due to ship for weeks so I of course I just ordered a summer into box.
Okay I get it now it really is addictive! Almost bought the clutch with their add on sale, so glad I waited.

Andrea Zukor

Hi! Does anyone know if you have to start a subscription to get this intro box? Can’t quite figure out how to get this into my cart. Thanks!


Yes, it will start a subscription but you can cancel online immediately afterwards. It’s very easy with them.


Thanks Chantel! I appreciate your help!


I like the clutch, and would honestly order it for that alone…but I haven’t yet received my Spring Welcome Box (subscribed April 22) and will probably be able to find it on Poshmark for 20 dollars in 6 months or so. Just disappointed with CB overall right now!

Cindy Brady

I’m in the same boat. I decided to resub after a year or so. I started with the Spring welcome box and paid April 24th! I can say they have sent emails to keep me up on the delay but great day! Im really anxious to get Something!! I just got charged for the Summer box plus I ordered over $60 in add ins! My luck they’ll all come within a day or 2 of each other and then the next I get will be in December or later!! Ha!!!

Joy-Not the Other One

I just went to sign up and it says it will begin shipping in MID-AUGUST!!!!


Fair warning, both times I’ve ordered Causebox the box arrived a full month after the advertised ship date so even a mid-August ETA optimistic.

Beth in Oklahoma

I guess they’re being a bit more honest about their shipping schedules? Maybe they learned something after their Black Friday sales that started shipping in January!

I went ahead and bit, but this almost sounds too good to be true.


I can’t figure their website out. If you’ve already ordered the Summer Welcome box, is there a way to add the Intro box without adding a new subscription?


Under My subscriptions, click on “looking to add a subscription”. You do have to add one to get it, but they make it very easy to cancel. You don’t even need to wait until the box ships, you can cancel directly after ordering.


I already started an annual subscription with the summer welcome box…. if I add this box, wont it just add another subscription to my account? For a total of two accounts?


So wait, you get the clutch, the bento box AND the jewelry box, plus 3 other products? I thought the intro box only had 5 items? I’m debating adding this to my welcome box order. I really like the jewellery box and bento box. That alone pays for the box for me with the exchange rate and everything. Oh wait, just re-read it and I’d get to choose between the two. Aww, I want both! Man, I wonder what the other items are. Debating getting this.


You get the bento box OR the jewelry box.


How do you add it to the Welcome Box order?




I’m buying this one too. I requested to add it to my current seasonal account; hopefully that’s a thing and it’ll go through. I’ve wanted that clutch forever, and I’ll finally get my hands on it for a good price with a bunch of extras.


So does this mean the other welcome box with the PMD is sold out too?

Rose LaRouge

They just added a Intro box 2 with a guaranteed PMD clean! $24.95


Yes, that’s exactly what this means!


Thanks. I’m always a day late with Causebox lol


I just want to add that I didn’t care for it when it first arrived. It had a strong chemical smell and felt a bit flimsy. However, it has grown on me since then, and I use it regularly now.


Does anyone have the clutch? What do you think of it? I kind of want it, but I’m not even really sure what I would do with it. I just like pockets!


I have 5, no joke, and use them every single day. I have company meetings every morning so I have a notepad, any needed documents, my Chapstick which is the most important LOL, pens, I throw some teabags in there for emergencies, a nail file and bandaids, and my cell phone fits perfectly as well as business cards and a few other things. I really love it.

Its so professional and adorable. Mine have all held up beautifully, and I’m not kind to them. I bought another one just now because I will definitely use it. It’s perfect for interviews too.


You convinced me that I need it! I never want to bring my purse with me to meetings but carrying everything in a pile doesn’t make sense either so this would be perfect (whenever my office re-opens anyway)!


I love it so much I ordered an extra box just to get another color. it’s fabulous


I have it and love it.


I have one back from when it was first in the seasonal box. I use it to hold a notebook, pens and business cards when I go to meetings.


There are more pics of it, on the Glass Ladder site. Its also on sale for $84.

Julie Jones

I have the clutch and use it as a laptop cover and love it. I have a MacBook Air. Some of the previous versions weren’t big enough to hold a laptop, which to me makes it pointless, but it sounds like the ones in the welcome box are the larger version so I’d say it’s it totally worth it!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.