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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium June 2020 Full Spoilers!

Boxycharm Premium

We have a full spoilers for the June 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

Your box will include 6-7 of the following items:


  • Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask
  • Billion Dollar Brows Sculpting Duo Brush
  • Too Faced Cocoa Contouring Palette
  • Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix (Matte or Pearl)
  • Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip & Cheek – Halo
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick (1 of 5 Shades)
  • NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (1 of 3 Shades)
  • Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette
  • Natasha Denona Eyeliner Pencil
  • Living Proof Restore Repair Leave-In
  • Living Proof Restore Instant Protection
  • Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Face Masks 6 Pack
  • Lashaholic Luxury Lashes They’re Real, I Swear!
  • Skin & Co Sardinian Sprit Shower Gel Sardinia
  • Tarte – Tarteist Pro Remix Amazonian Clay Palette
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner
  • Battington Beauty Powder and Contour Brush Set

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (59)

  1. Just got my premium. Was told I wouldn’t have shipping until June 23, but ended up getting shipping notification on June 17. My box weighed 4.18. I received:

    Contour palette
    Avocado sleep mask
    $90 Battington brushes
    Shower gel
    G&S 5-mask set
    Eyelashes (my choice)

  2. I chose the milk and my box weighed 3.9 lb, 11x10x4 in. I got:

    Glow Recipe Avo mask
    Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette
    Milk Makeup Glow stick
    Grace and Stella masks
    Billion Dollar Brows contour brush
    Skin & Co shower gel.

    Although there were other products I would have chosen instead of my own, I’m happy with the box this month.

  3. Mine was 3.8lbs and I got the TF contour palette, The avocado mask, the 5 piece mask set, the nars (my choice), dual-sided brush, and the living proof protection spray (wish it was the instant restore as I don’t use heat tools on my hair anyways).

    Overall I am happy with my premium box. Nars came in a usable color and I like masks. The TF cocoa contour was more my color than the TF natural face palette, so I gave my natural face palette to my mom when I finally got a replacement for it. The dual sided brush I could live without. 4 out of 6 isn’t too bad though. Better than lately’s usual anyways. I am sad we will be getting what looks like crap in July though… just need to make it til next pop-up before throwing in the boxycharm towel completely! But I will only cancel premium if it ends up being like July is looking like it’s going to be.

    Would have been nice if shared planet had been saved to be the premium item for next month rather than a cheap always on sale for $10 palette by morphe. It doesn’t matter if Mannys name is on there, reviews about its performance aren’t good at all. Definitely not premium. People act like morphe is a good brand, but it is more like drugstore makeup to me whenever I tried it.

  4. I first left Boxycharm at the end of 2018. I was a long time, loyal subscriber and Boxy screwed me out of receiving the veryfirst Luxe box, so I decided my loyalty was best appreciated elsewhere. My boxes had become crappy filler boxes every month anyway so it wasn’t a huge loss. I decided on a whim to resubscribe April, 2020. April was good (I subbed late so I wasn’t expecting it to “wow” me or anything). They completely hit it out of the park with my May base and premium boxes! It was completely catered to my quiz answers and every item was a win for me! I thought maybe Boxy was finally using our profiles to create boxes with items we could actually use. Boy, was I wrong! I just got my June premium and it was an absolute flop. They obviously didn’t use the profile to determine the items I received as only two of the products are usable for me. My June pop up still hasn’t arrived and I got an email saying I “should” have tracking on my June base by the 24th?? Not to mention I finally get my first Gerard Cosmetics brand item ever (a lip pencil), and it came broken, completely unusable. I didn’t even bother emailing them as experience proves they won’t do anything to rectify the issue.They thought they could rope me in with an exceptional first box. They probably assume I’ll stick around awhile and wait for the boxes to get better. But you forget BC, I already did that before, and they didn’t get better did they. You had your second chance and you blew it so I’m done. Sorry not sorry.

  5. I just got my tracking info, but I still have no idea what will be in my box. My box weight is 4 pounds, and dimensions are 11x5x4. Anyone have the same?

    • That’s what my box was and it has the avo mask, too
      Faced, billon brush, milk stick, shower gel and a big heavy box or face mask from Stella and grace🤨

      • Thank you for my comment Jennifer! But yikes! If I get the milk stick, it will be a dupe of my last months. 🙁

  6. This is my first box. How do I find the wight of the box?

    • Click the tracking number in the Boxycharm email. On the FedEx website scroll to and click on “shipment facts”. There you should be able to see the weight, dimensions, etc. of your box. Hope this helps and wasn’t too confusing 🙂

  7. I’m pretty happy with my box:

    Glow Recipe Retinol Sleeping mask
    Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette
    Lashaholic Luxury Lashes
    KVD Vegan Beauty Matte Eyeliner
    Billion Dollar Brows Sculpting Duo Brush
    Skin & Co Shower Gel

    I know a lot of people aren’t happy with lashes and KVD liner, but I’m happy with them

  8. Received my Premium box today 2.7 pounds. I was new to Premium this month so did not get a choice.

    – KVD eyeliner pot
    – KVD Lipstick in Homegirl
    – Skin & Co Body Wash (very very small amount of leakage but did not get on anything else in box)
    – Glow Recipe Avocado Mask
    – BDB dual ended brush
    – Too Faced contour palette

    Not terrible for me box since the only thing I won’t use is the eye liner. I prefer a pen style liquid eyeliner.

  9. I received an email that Boxy hopes to ship my box by the 23rd. Chose zoeva eye primer. Subscribed since first Premium

    • Wow, that’s bogus!

    • I got the same email but I chose the narz

  10. 3.7 lbs:
    – Too Faced Contour palette
    – Glow Recipe mask
    – BDB double-ended brush
    – Nars liquid lip in Low Rider (choice)
    – Grace & Stella face masks
    – Living Proof Instant Protection

    I’m mostly pleased, except for the cheap, private-labeled G&S masks. Saw people in Insta with the same box, except instead of the masks, they got a Natasha Denona eyeliner in a beautiful turquoise shade. (…where’s the green-eyed monster emoji? 🙈)

    • I haven’t received my box yet. Mine’s 3.7lbs too, but my choice was the Zoeva eye primer. There’s too many variations now and I can’t tell what my non choice items will be anymore lol. There was a time when you could tell based on the weight…

      • I am pretty positive that anyone who has a box over 3.5lbs are getting the grace and stella face masks as they were super heavy, along with the TF palette, avocado mask, and one of the bottles probably (whether it be living proof or the bodywash).

    • Box twins, just got mine! I was wondering what was making my box so heavy, and now see it was the huge box of face masks. , I’m okay with everything except the Nars lip is way too pink. And what’s up with the inflated value of the Battington brushes? Who would pay $90 for these brushes?

    • I chose the narz too. I still haven’t received Shipping info, but sounds like a decent box if I get it.

    • I got the same box but the Nars in Call Me which is probably a little bit too light and the tarte palette instead of the too faced palette which I probably would have preferred. Overall very pleased. I’m a quiz is if I just want dark colored or bold lipsticks what do you think I should choose? I think they let you select red, pink, berry, nude, and wild card. I don’t feel like it fits any of those specific categories. I had wild card and got a coral pink. Maybe I should be selecting berry?

    • That doesn’t sound to bad. I will be happy with that I think. Anything is better than my full of past not great items crap base box.

  11. I finally got my shipping info. Anybody have the 2.6 lb premium box? I chose the eyeshadow primer.

    • I still haven’t received a shipping notice for my box yet. Hopefully soon. I usually have my boxes by now and I just got a tracking for luxe yesterday (which hasn’t updated) and nothing on premium yet.

    • 2.7 lb zoeva primer, kvd liner, skin Co shower gel, TF palette, bdb brush, glow recipe.

  12. I just got my shipping notice. 3.9 lb, I chose the Milk stick. Anyone seen spoilers for a variation with the Milk stick? Hoping for the glow recipe mask and one of the hair products. I’ll use those items. The rest of the spoilers don’t look as exciting to me.

    • Mine is 3.9 as well and I also chose the milk. I am thinking we may also be getting the masks.

    • Your probably getting the milk stick, Grace mask, glow avo mask,
      Brush, shower gel and brush

  13. I received my Premium box today and it was missing two items – My choice item – The Zoeva eyeshadow fix – and The Skin & Co Shower Gel. I was happy to get the Glow Recipe Mask, The Grace and Stella masks and the Two Faced Palette. Also got the “$90” Battington brushes. Hopefully they replace the missing items. Then I will actually be pretty happy with my box. I cancelled Luxe this month. I now have a closet full of beauty products and I gave giant boxes of stuff away at Christmas and send my daughter stuff every month.

  14. I totally agree. I’ve been thinking about going back to just the base box. I’ve seen many instances where the base box was better than premium. I don’t see any distinction or benefits of having premium over base box. It’s frustrating!

    • My base box was so awful… At least in premium I will be getting the contour palette and the avocado mask…

  15. I distinctively remember Boxycharm saying nothing from regular or luxe will be repeated in Premium…… I’m sick and tired and underwhelmed with the products in the box.

    In my opinion they should cancel the idea of “Premium” and just have an all makeup box and an all skincare box and keep Luxe the way it is. They should also delete that Beauty Quiz because honestly they still put whatever we don’t want in the box anyway (so misleading)

    • Yes, I also thought the items were supposed to be different. I got those lashes in my base box, which arrived today. If I also get them in my Premium (hasn’t shipped yet), that will be the last straw. I don’t wear lashes. I also do not want that Zoeva palette.

  16. So basically all repeat items?, disappointing.

  17. I just got the KVD inkwell eyeliner, Battington contour brushes, and the Milk makeup glow oil products in my May box though. If I get any of those items in my June box I’m unsubscribing.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking, as I also received those same items last month!

      • I get my box Monday it weighs 2.7 pds so we shall see

      • Boxytwins! Lol. Let us know what you end up getting! Both my base and premium boxes have yet to even ship…

      • So, my box didn’t end up coming today…but based upon the variations I’ve seen with the zoeva eyeshadow primer it’s looking like were getting the kvd liner 🙁 ugh & the bdb brush which is also disappointing as just got the bdb 5 piece set in my luxe. I would be bummed af.

      • It seems everyone is getting the glow recipe mask and the double sided brush. Those who didn’t get premium last month, but subbed this month are supposedly getting the tarte palette instead of the TF contour palette.

    • Your lucky yours has even shipped. Still waiting on my tracking #…

      • I’m still waiting on my shipping info too. I understand shipping delays because of COVID but up until this month, my boxes were still coming on time

      • I’m still waiting on my pop up. BC is really stinking it up.

      • I’m still waiting for my boxypopup orders too. I recieved an email saying it shipped through DHL on the 11th of June and everyday I check the tracking information and it still says the same thing that it’s in route to DHL. I’m so disappointed with Boxycharm because I ordered the Beats headphones as a father’s day gift expecting the order to be delivered by now.

    • I am getting one of the same products I got last month. Likely the same KVD Inkwell thing I hated last month and threw out. They gave me a $12 coupon, but ridiculous amount of variations they have now is to blame for this.

    • Sure as s*** I received duplicates! Same crappy eyeliner I got last month & bdb brush.

  18. Well considering that I just cancelled my base box because majority of it was left-overs and only thing new was the choice item and lip liners in shades that I don’t wear… I better not get that Zoeva palette…. I already got that and I am still super angry I got another Zoeva in my base box today! Plus both times now in colors I don’t use. Premium better nail it out of the park or it’s gone too.

  19. Ya the only reason I got this box was for the glow recipe. If it’s not in there I will be pretty pissed off.

  20. I am kindda disappointed. It just does not seem “premium” to me. None of these items really have a big price tag. Not counting the tarte palette (since its either this or the too faced) or the brushes, the box would barely be worth over that $175 bench mark.

    I know people have not been happy with basic, but I have seen a lot more “premium” highend items in basic then premium, usually in choice, even though I understand that the rest of the box could be trash. I still don’t understand why can premium get the true “premium” items month after months.

  21. I feel like everyone is going to get their choice item,the Glow Recipe Avocado Sleeping Mask,one of the Palettes,one of the Living Proof items,and then two of the remaining products.

    • Seems like a good guess! Boxy just posted a variant with the Skin & Co product & without Living Proof, so maybe it’s either LP hair product or the S&C body wash.

    • ugh, I’ll be so annoyed if I get the S&C stuff. I still haven’t opened the last bottle. But I’m sure that’s what I’ll end up with since I actually use both Living Proof products and could use those.

  22. My box weight is 3.84, so hopefully I’m getting hair products or even the zoeva palette. My choice was Nars, so atleast with the too faced palette, nars lipstick and avocado mask the box should be worth it.

    • I chose the NARS too. I’m waiting to see a variation with that. 🤞🏻

      • I chose the Nars too and I saw one of the variations for that it was the contour pallet with the avocado mask the contour brush and the living proof restore instant protection and I want to say the last one was kvd eyeliner

    • My box still hasn’t shipped.

      • Same, and usually my Premium ships before my base. My base box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

    • I am so tired of Zoeva, I love colorful eyeshadows not muted out neutral, which has been the last TWO Zoeva palettes they have sent me. Wish they would have given premium the shared planet palettes with the avocado mask and TF contour palette (plus our choice). They could have filled in the rest as they pleased if they had and I wouldn’t have cared xD
      I have a bad tendency that if my box is more hateful than delightful I give it to my mom rather than take my frustration out on it <.< sadly I have given my last 3 boxes of base to my mom and my last premium or two as well. It's been pretty depressing.

  23. I saw something on Boxycharm IG about a week ago that said every Premium box is supposed to get the Glow Recipe. I have my hopes up so it better be true.

    • OOOOOH I hope so. I just bought the Tarte Remix palette and Holy Crap it IS AMAZINGLY pigmented!! I mean, mostly all of the Tarte Eyeshadow palettes are pigmented, but that one is AMAZING!!! I’d be ok getting it in my box. Lol. My friends and mom and sister wouldn’t mind an awesome palette. I need to check my boxes weight.

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