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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium July 2020 Choice Time!

Boxycharm Premium

It’s time to pick one of the items for your July 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box if you’re a Premium subscriber! 

The choice items for July are:

  • KENIA ONTIVEROS BEAUTY Blush and Shine Kit
  • BROW BAR BY REEMA Hollywood Icon Face Kit – Drama Queen

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (75)

  1. Did anyone else get the S’well bottle and Tula eye stick in BoxyLuxe, and have their box weigh 3.34 pounds? I’ve seen other variations with those two choice items and they’re like 3.88 or 4 pounds. Now I’m worried I’ll be missing an item like the S’well bottle and now have to deal with all that mess, on top of everything else (my other comment below). I’m hoping the weight listed on DHL is wrong, because that’s a big difference in weight from the other variations with the S’well and Tula.

  2. I’m canceling. I have been subscribed to boxycharm for about a year. It seems like the last 5 or 6 boxes I received were absolutely horrible. I try to hold on to the subscription thinking that it would improve. It has not, and there is no need to keep wasting my money. It also doesn’t help that their customer service sucks.

  3. I think I’m done. I’ve been with Boxycharm since October (3 months sub renewed every month after Luxe), and at first everything was pretty good. I liked most of the stuff in my boxes. In March I finally got onto Premium, and I was happy about it and enjoyed all the Fenty goodies. My March Luxe box wasn’t so good. I ended up getting the sample sizes of Sol de Janeiro (Sephora gives those out for free! I already had 3 of the sample jars through Sephora). I also got the nail polish, and eyeliners which were lacklustre. It all went downhill quickly from there.

    April came and again, was not impressed with either base or premium. I also got the wrong choice item which they gave me charms for. Received items I didn’t really like or want (Barbie palette, Opulent brushes, lip gloss, etc.), and will probably give most of the stuff to my niece. May came and I received the wrong shade in my Trestique concealer, which ruined the box for me. Got the shampoo bar, wipes and some other stuff in the box too. Customer service did absolutely nothing about the wrong shade.

    What really upset me was my pop-up order shipped on May 19th through DHL, and the tracking would not update. I sent Boxy an email at the end of May saying the tracking wasn’t updating, that the last location was in Florida and I wanted to know where my stuff was. I also asked them not to use DHL and to add a note or something to my account to only use USPS. Got a reply finally a few days later, in which they told me nothing. First confirmed my address and told me not to worry, that the box was on its way and gave the tracking number again and asked me to wait the full 10 days until June 11th. June 11th?? It had already been 2 weeks!! June 11th would have been 18 business days and more than 3 weeks!

    Multiple emails later, and they still just keep telling me to wait, and say that the tracking info is always updating daily. What? It does not update daily, all it keeps saying is that the package is “en route” with no location given. The date on the tracking will show up as any date/time that you’re looking at it. There is no update like there is with USPS or Canada Post, etc. I also asked again multiple times for them to please not ship any of my packages with DHL.

    So then on Wednesday I check the tracking again, and now the tracking number no longer exists. I get a message saying it doesn’t exist and I get an error message. I checked the number on multiple browsers, and get the same error message. DHL has no customer service, at least not for Canada. I sent another email. No response. On Thursday I get an email with a notification saying my Boxyluxe was shipped…through DHL. Are you serious? I sent another email. And I also cancelled my base box and luxe subscriptions right then and there. Then I get another email yesterday saying my Add-on order was also shipped….again with DHL.

    So right now, I’m still waiting for ANY reply from Boxycharm. The last response I got from them was on Monday. I had been debating for a while to cancel Boxycharm, because their boxes the last 3 months haven’t been great. And I’m tired of the bait and switch with their spoilers, telling everyone they’re getting something and then at the last minute adding multiple more variations and no one gets the promised items. Not to mention the variations that are up to 80 now!! 80!!! Plus the sample sizes, really? These boxes were supposed to have full-size items. Not to mention the super late spoilers for things, and all the old items in boxes some from even just the previous month!

    The only box I’m still subscribed to at this point is Premium, and I’ll probably be cancelling that too unless the spoilers blow my mind (which hasn’t so far). The premium boxes looked so good in November and December, but they haven’t been good in months. Not to mention all the issues with low quality items stated to have huge price tags (like that 24k moisturizer, or those Battington brushes), or them listing full retail prices on items that they’re selling for $4 on pop-up/add-ons or are in clearance sections at Marshall’s, etc. And now, no offence, but a Morphe palette isn’t premium, especially when people in comment sections are saying they bought it for $10 from Morphe. And I don’t even know about these Kenia palettes – someone just said the first ingredients on the blush kit is PLASTIC! WTF? What happened to Natasha Denona?

    I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should call my credit card company and list it as fraud, or what. Boxycharm seriously don’t seem to care. And I don’t know if it’s DHL or Boxycharm that royally screwed up. The last actual updates on all 3 packages with DHL all say/said “EN ROUTE TO DHL ECOMMERCE DISTRIBUTION CENTER” with the last location being the Boxycharm warehouse. 2 coming from Florida, and one apparently from Pennsylvania. Really don’t know what else to do.

    Any suggestions from this point? I’m beyond pissed off. Sorry for the long post, I’m just so frustrated!

    • With all due respect, Boxycharm isn’t going to ship your package through a different company than everyone else, you’re no different than any other customer. Most companies that ship in large quantities can work out deals with the shipping company. Not sure why you think they’re going to look for yours specifically and ship it separate than everyone else’s. One of my favorite companies sometimes ships through Ontrack, which I hate, but I don’t get to choose the shipping. Just cancel your subscription if that bothers you so much

      • All my previous boxes were shipped through USPS. They shipped out my premium this month with USPS – or whoever ships with that APC website. I’m just assuming it’s USPS. And as I stated above, I have so far cancelled my base box and Boxyluxe after they shipped out my Boxyluxe and add-ons through DHL as well this month. I only have premium left, and that’s probably going too before the end of the month. Boxycharm is shady AF!

        So you see nothing wrong with missing shipments and either no tracking updates whatsoever or tracking numbers that no longer work? Ok. It’s been A MONTH! And now the tracking number no longer works! If the tracking info actually updated, and I knew where my packages were, I wouldn’t have an issue.

    • Elizabeth, we do not get to choose the carrier, they contract them out. I loathe dhl but nothing I can do about it. Also, boxy sends out tracking numbers waaaaaay before dhl picks them up so it won’t actually change from en route until it leaves the warehouse…but a month is far too long…it probably got lost in the shuffle and they can’t locate it. As for the contents…I’m totally with you…it’s been absolute garbage lately with folks who receive the items in PR to make YouTube videos getting the items everyone wants but nobody gets.

      • I can understand not being able to choose the carrier, although I wish Boxycharm would have said in the first reply that it wasn’t possible. I wouldn’t have mentioned it again. I asked them multiple times if they could do it. They never replied to that part of the email. Like I said, I’ve bought from multiple places online and sometimes get UPS, and the rare FedEx and other courier services. My boxes from Boxycharm have usually shipped with that APC courier (just looked them up, and I always just assumed it was USPS and it was just some site they used, since Canada Post always delivered my packages.) APC has shipped my Boxycharm items all but once prior to this. One time it was DHL and it was delivered within a week, but that was well before the pandemic. I think in January or February. I was surprised how fast it came then.

        Again, I wouldn’t care who actually shipped it, as long as tracking at least showed SOME movement. Also would be nice to not get hit with duties. I haven’t so far, but I’ve heard some bad stuff about DHL charging massive duties and I’m worried. Especially now with them having 3 of my boxes. I’ve had shipments in the last few months stuck at Canada Post because of everything going on, but I knew where it was, which city/province it was in and there was an actual delivery estimate. I’ve gotten none of that right now. But yeah, it’s been a month and prior to Wednesday, the package hasn’t moved at all. Then on Wednesday the tracking number now shows up as an error. I googled DHL yesterday to see if I could get a different website than the one showing the tracking number when I click on the link in the email, and I was able to find the Canadian site and sent them an email asking about the package, and if they ever even received it from Boxycharm. Also asked if there’s any duties. Hopefully they’ll get back to me.

        Honestly, I think it’s probably not even DHL’s error, but Boxycharm who hasn’t even given the packages to them. The last tracking shown was that it was en route to a DHL distribution center. It never actually said that they had received the package – just that it was en route to their facility, and the location shown was “United States” not Florida or anywhere else. It just showed at the top that the package was sent from Florida. So I honestly think it’s still sitting in a Boxycharm warehouse. Same with my Boxyluxe and Add-on order that shipped last week. But of course Boxycharm won’t admit anything and will put the blame on DHL. I just want my stuff and want to know where it is. If there’s a delay because of the pandemic, then that’s no issue. Like I said, I’ve had to wait weeks for stuff stuck at Canada Post. I just honestly want to know where it is, and when I can expect to get it. I have no problem with delays, I just want to know where it is.

        And see, that’s what I thought too. That it wouldn’t change from en route until DHL actually had it, because it just seemed wrong that it only said en route but no location or any other info. And Boxycharm’s excuse was “oh it was updated just now, you just have to wait” but of course when I would check it, there was no update. Total BS. All it did was tell you the day and time that you refreshed the page, that’s not an update. I’d really like to get my stuff, I don’t want to have to deal with a refund, especially since I’ll get screwed over on it because of the exchange rate. Any time I get a refund in US$, I always end up losing money because credit cards charge higher exchange rates when charging something. So I’ll lose like $5 or more for something I never got.

        I ordered a bunch of smaller items in pop-up last month, there’s like 10 items in that box supposedly shipped in mid-May. Some creams, cleansers, a lip liner, a brow pencil, a face roller and some other stuff. This month I ordered a few Farmacy Honey Potions and that Cherry balm and a lipstick. I really want to get that order. Really wanted the honey potion in my April box, but got the Barbie palette instead. That was the last one I wanted out of the 4 choices. It’ll be a gift to someone else.

        And yes the contents of the boxes have been really bad lately. And man, some Youtubers have gotten some horrible boxes too. I mean it’s so bad that even the PR boxes haven’t been that great either. Some of the variations I heard people got were so, so bad, they had stuff that wasn’t even shown as a possible variation or spoiler anywhere. It seems like hardly anyone got one of the 3 palettes Boxycharm heavily advertised as being in the box this month, only to change it to Zoeva palettes or sending people the Boxycharm palette people got in December and the start of the year.

        Someone on another spoiler also commented that the first ingredient to those Premium choice blush palettes for this month was plastic! Actual plastic! I looked it up and they’re right. WTF is that? Usually it’s Mica or Talc or something, but plastic? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Like what products are they even sending us? Who approved them? And how is a mostly unknown indie brand choice? Base box had better choice items. Not to mention a Morphe palette in Premium too? I’d expect it in base box, but premium? I can see it being a filler item like that concealer from the first Premium box, not a featured item like they are now. Where’s the higher-end, known brands like Natasha Denona that they showed off so much before? There hasn’t been anything luxe about the luxe box either. It seems like they’re just saving all the good stuff for pop-up and add-on, and sending all the subscribers crap. They really just need to stop with the 80+ variations for boxes.

        Oh crap, sorry for the hefty reply.

    • If I pay for something and do not receive it, and have had email communications with the company screen shots, waited at least 21 business days, etc, I contact my credit card company. Unfortunately, sounds like your issue involves Customs, which is a question during the credit card dispute, at least one of my CCs. Since the tracking number shows nothing, that is relevant information. Take a screen shot and go ahead and upload all of the screen shots of your emails and see if your CC company can help. That’s the only suggestion that I can think of since you’ve waiting this long and it has not arrived. I’m still missing a Norlii subscription package that they sent free to MSA, but a lot of paying subscribers have not received yet. Seems like Customs is holding up a lot of subscription orders.

      • I don’t know if it’s customs. According to the tracking info, or at least what was there before the tracking number stopped working, it said the package was en route to the DHL distribution center. So I don’t think DHL ever even got the package. Usually if it’s stuck at customs, it’ll say stuck at customs. I was able to find another DHL website that had customer service contact for Canada, so I sent them an email asking if they ever received the package, why the tracking number stopped working, where it is (if they have it), when I can expect it and if there are any deputies. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon, because I know Boxycharm sure as hell won’t do anything. I’ll go from there once I hear back from DHL. I really would hate to deal with a refund especially since we always lose whenever there’s a $US refund to Canada because of the exchange rate. I would like the stuff I ordered. Although I’m also worried about the stuff I ordered because I’ve heard and seen proof of people getting their orders in paper bubble envelopes and having all their purchases smashed and destroyed or missing in shipping. I’m worried about all those creams and things I ordered. I hope they all come in boxes and aren’t damaged.

    • Boxy ships with Usps sometimes, DHL, and sometimes even FedEx.. it may depend on the going rates for each. With millions of subscribers, they definitely aren’t going to use your preferred method.. especially when they can’t even bother to answer dms, emails, or even box our stuff from pop up properly! I’m not ordering from pop up anymore.. I’ve ordered items, and they’ve come broken.. I’ve even got items in my boxes broken and or the wrong shades. They end up throwing me a few useless charms! I’m saying useless bc there is rarely anything to purchase with charms!

      • Very true, in the last few months they have really shown that they really do not care about their customers. And yeah I have like $85 in charms too, with nothing to spend it on. It’s one of the reasons why I still have the premium subscription. I’m hoping I can use it before the end of the month, because the spoilers so far for premium next month are pretty bad. I mean, I don’t know which is worst – getting a palette where the first ingredient is actually PLASTIC, or an old Morphe palette that people have bought for $10 because it’s always on sale. 😒 How are either of these palettes premium? Where’s Natasha Denona? Or even Becca or something else like that? Or Glow Recipe or Farmacy? That stuff is premium.

        And oh man, I’m so worried about my pop-up and add on orders that are supposedly on their way. I’ve seen pictures of the bubble mailers they used to ship orders and it’s so disgusting to see them care so little about their customer’s orders, and actually RUIN products that the person paid for, only to give a refund because more than half the stuff they ordered is then out of stock by the time they replace everything. I’ve heard people say they bought upwards of $200 (or more) worth of stuff and it all still got shipped in a bubble mailer that should never have been shipped that way – like shampoo and conditioners or jars/bottles of creams. Ridiculous.

    • Soooo…in an interesting turn of events my add ons finally left the warehouse…but dhl sent it to Houston instead of Dallas and I’m not sure if they will redirect it or return to sender. It now just says in bright red letters “mis-shipped” when I click on tracking.

      • Oh no! That sucks, but at least there’s some movement on your tracking. So hopefully you’ll get it. I’m sure they’ll redirect it, but it just means it’ll take longer to get to you. Hope so anyway.

        I just rechecked my 3 orders coming through DHL. The 2 shipped last week still show no update, still just “en route”. The one from mid-May is still showing as an error saying it doesn’t exist. Still no response from Boxycharm customer service, or DHL. I’m hoping at least DHL gets back to me today and they can confirm that they never even received the package. Then I can really let Boxycharm have it with proof they never even sent my box and it’s still in their warehouse and they’ll get caught in a lie about how it was on the way and how the tracking info was updating and everything else. The only way I can see the tracking info showing as an error is that DHL never got the package and they must have a time limit from when the label is created and they receive the box before it shows the tracking number is expired. They never got the box, so the tracking number expired. That’s my guess, anyway.

  4. Ugh. Next spoiler is out – another questionable face palette – Morphe x MannyMUA.

    I can’t imagine staying subscribed for these.

    • Well, they’ve really made it easy to give up on Boxy, like they’ve given up in their customers! I’ve been holding out hope since April! Kept all 3 boxes, and given away every item since then. I have a bad feeling about my june luxe and premium too! The PR goes out first with the semi decent products to sell MORE, and when we finally get our boxes they are lame.. oh well!!

  5. If you look up the palettes on Kenia’s website the ingredients are listed. The primary ingredient? Polyethylene which is PLASTIC.

    Typically the main ingredient in blush and highlighter is mica or talc.

    I emailed boxy to ask the country of origin and no response.

    The two palettes I could find of hers on Mercari were made in the PRC.

    Her website made total sales of 29k gross last year.

    This is another case of boxy licensing a name and private labeling crap from China and then inflating the retail price. No different than the hello charmer palette expect they have partnered with Kenia to use her name to make it look more legit.

    Last straw for me. I am a no to plastic being the first ingredient in cosmetics.

    As soon as I can place an order to use my charms up I am cancelling it all.

    I could use what I have for the next three years and what I really want I will buy at Marshall’s or Mercari if I need the discount.

    • Thanks for sharing your research.

      I’m concerned with polyethylene/plastic glitters in cosmetics due to both environmental & personal health concerns.

    • Wow, plastic! That is just disgusting. I chose the contour kit, and the highlighter in that has the first ingredient as plastic too. Thanks for looking into it, I didn’t even notice as I was too busy seeing how much talc was in it. But wow…plastic! WTF?

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for sharing all of that info! Great job. Boxy needs to do better. In so many ways!

    • You can cancel and resub later on andbyournpoints will still be there.

    • My posts were wonky. Lol but you can cancel and resub later and your points will still be there. I know I’ve had a few friends do it over a year later and their points were still there.

  6. I picked the Blush and Shine palette.

  7. I agree with the comment regarding the actual retail value of the product when they changed the product formula and the material structure. Seems like Boxy is running dangerously close to legal issues. Misrepresenting and nondisclosure.

  8. Boxy really needs to start a skip a month thing so we can just skip these crappy months without canceling and having to sign back up later if we change our mind this is not looking good to me. Id love to be able to skip it.

  9. Eesh, I could never. Palettes are pretty much guaranteed anyway, why would you choose one?

  10. how are unknown indie brands premium? never heard of either of them, went with the brow bar, the blush pallet looked nice but did not have a single match on google…

  11. Meh…I cancelled. No biggie. Maybe next month🤞🧐🤔

  12. I’m excited about the Hollywood Icon palette. Brow bar has some very nice items. Their eyeshadows are very blendable and I love that it is all together with blush and highlighter as well. The compact is gorgeous as well.

  13. Never tried her face products but I do like her liquid lipsticks because they don’t become all dry and crusty like other brands. I probably would have introduced her in a regular boxy because people in premium are expecting big ticket items.

    Y’all seriously to those saying that you have all the tiers, how do you deal with so much product?? lol. Realistically, I probably end up using only 2 products out of the box….i go crazy with add ons but even those I forget to use lol

    • Honestly, I’ve given so much makeup away it’s crazy. I’m canceling lux and premium. I would rather do fabfitfun seasonally anyways

  14. Has anyone gotten their June premium box? If so, what did you get?

    • There are spoilers on two variation: too faces palette, double side brush, living proof, glow recipe, kvd lipstick, kvd eyeliner in black and blue, body wash.

  15. Really hoping that there are other items in the box that I like, because this ain’t it!
    But I chose the blush palette. I have less of those than contour and eyeshadow palettes. Also we’re getting a contour palette this month. I can only use so much contour! Lol

  16. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I’m not a face palette kind of person, so I am not up to date on many of the brands. If you have experience with the brand, please let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks!

  17. Mine is not letting me choose and when I type in boxycharm . com/choice it just tella me that choice for the base box is over. Any suggestions?

    • Same. I’m on the waitlist…

    • Twitter, is your next try.

  18. I’m super disappointed with these but holding out hope for future boxes. Wish they had an option not to get any of the choice items for July. Ugh.

    On the bright side, I just took a future products survey for premium and the items I rated were the Huda Beauty pastel eyeshadow palettes (!!!), Huda liquid eyeshadows, and Huda dual-ended eyeliner! I’ve been wanting to try the palettes & liquid eyeshadows for a while so hopefully we’ll see them in a box soon.

    • Haha the survey I got sent was about more “hello, charmer!” boxycharm palettes (eye AND face). Some of them were so bad it’d be comical if there weren’t a risk of me spending my own $$ on that junk.

      Someone posted screenshots to r/BeautyBoxes if you want to go check them out & laugh (or cry).

      • I went to reddit to check them out. Holy Cow, they’re awful, lol!

  19. Does anyone know how much these palettes are worth?

    • The 2 face palettes are $42 each and the brow bar one is $45.

      • Thank you 😊
        So have any of you received your tracking email for June’s Boxyluxe or premium? Normally I receive mine by now so was just curious

  20. Thank you to all of you who are expressing your negative feelings towards these choices. I need to cancel some subscriptions, and I think this box is on it’s way out for me. These options all scream “NO” to me.
    To all of those people who complain about negative sentiments being left in comments…they are needed and can be of help to others (especially when someone needs to cull the herd of subscription boxes that keeps growing every month).

  21. Not really impressed 🤔🧐 May end up canceling

  22. I don’t know if maybe they had to shift gears due to supply issues during Covid or something, but this seems like a super poor choice on BoxyCharm’s part: sending everyone a face palette one month, then sending another face palette the next month. Especially if you send the palette from the big-name company first!

    Like most everyone else, I chose the face palette, but will likely cancel based on further spoilers.

  23. I picked the blush palette, but the contour palette looks so hot too. Really actually happy with this choice.

  24. I cancelled after my may flop boxes and haven’t seen anything in June or these choices that make me wanna re-subscribe.

  25. I decided to try Premium I’m already subscribed to Luxe. I see now this is going to be a flop. Not Impressed at all. Don’t like any of these palettes as a choice and I don’t wear blush. Smh.🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ll see how my June box turn out and my July box. If not good I’m canceling and just sticking with Base and Luxe.

  26. I went with the Hollywood Icon Pallet after initially choosing the blush. After looking at them it looks like I can use more of that one with my skin tone.
    No hate here. I just get BoxyCharm to try different brands. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  27. this is terrible…

    • Agree! I wish we can skip as I don’t want any of these. If the next spoilers are no better, I will have to cancel even if this means I will lose my spot for premium. I prefer July base box choice much better!

  28. I’m canceling premium and Lux. I’ll keep base box. Going thru the makeup I actually use and sorry to say, after having all 3 boxes maybe a few things actually find their way into my collection. It would be cheaper to buy them on mercari. I usually don’t get the items I was hoping for anyway lol. I’m over boxy premium and lux for now. I’ve given away so much makeup at this point I have run out of people to give it to!

    • That’s so true. You can buy anything you want for less on mercari instead of trying to get lucky. Having so many things sitting around not getting used is also starting to get old for me. Brands have also been doing big sales through out the years and I really rather get stuff that I really want (Even some luxury brands run 40% off here and there, nothing is really out of reach…) If the second spoiler is not any better I think I am going to cancel. Everyone is so happy about June spoilesr, but I really just don’t need/want them, but figure I could probably trade/sell them for close to the price of the box. I will miss the popup though, where else am I going to get high-end things for less than $10?

  29. I picked the Hollywood Icon palette but I was considering the contour palette. Hopefully, as sometimes happens, I’ll get that one too. I’ve been using a contour palette I got from Ipsy (Morphe) for a while now and it’s pretty well used and beat up. I’d like a new one 🙂

    • I am still hoping to get the TF contour palette that’s supposedly supposed to be in our June premium box. Only reason I didn’t choose the contour palette… plus I do like the brow bar, brow bar item, maybe their other stuff will be good? It’s supposed to be 4 eyeshadows, highlighters, blush, and bronzer. Though tbh, can’t tell which is the supposed bronzer xD

      On the side, did anyone else notice that they put the Tarte tartiest pro remix palette in the premium review area? I haven’t gotten my premium box yet, but was curious at the items it might have, so I clicked the rate and review for my premium box under my items. It took me to a page with all the supposed premium items and that palette was there… thought that was luxe only.

      • From my understanding of what the CEO Joe said, that Tartiest palette is only for the new subscribers, everyone else who was already subscribed or were on the waitlist should get the contour palette.

  30. I need…No thank you….to be an option.

    • Agree. Very underwhelming.

  31. Underscoring previous comments:

    Who wants a kit/palette? Not Me. And one without a mirror? Not Me.

    Who would LOVE a skin care option? ME.

    • Me too, I was hoping they would have at least once skincare item. I think it would be great if their was more diversity in the choice item. I love that Ipsy always has skincare and makeup options.

    • Agreed! Where the heck is the skincare option!? I don’t want any of these palettes. Ugh so disappointed 🙁

  32. I went with the icon kit, but not wowed by any of these. I’m canceling as soon as I get my add-on order. I received an email that they were not shipping add-ons until July. I think it’s silly they can’t ship them with the July box, since we’re ordering so early in June, but it is what it is. Sadly, I don’t trust them to ship the items if I cancel the subscription before that.

    This box just isn’t worth it anymore.

    • I canceled my box while still waiting on a pop up order, and I did still receive it, and the customer service told me that canceling would not impact the purchases I made while subscribed.

  33. Not impressed at all, These are meh IMO, especially for what is supposed to be a Premium box. I will wait to see what other spoilers come out, but Probably canceling. Has anyone got this months box yet?

    • Nope, haven’t even gotten my tracking yet.

  34. I chose the Hollywood Icon face kit but thinking of canceling if the spoilers are not great. I have a few of these full face palettes and always end up not using them. I’d rather have a high end eyeshadow palette with known quality.

  35. I’m really not impressed with any of this. I’ll just let them choose for me, and probably discontinue my account after this.

  36. considering cancelling.

  37. Another crappy month for premium….meanwhile Ipsy GBP is killing it. Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to Boxycharm.

  38. I chose the Hollywood icon kit too, but honestly not impressed with these choices. I’d rather have lower price name brand options than high price social media brands. And a skincare option would always be appreciated.

  39. What in the Scott Barnes rip off is this? How are these premium items when they have no reviews and were specially made for Boxy and they took the mirror out…? That reduces the RV, so they need to adjust that, because per the company’s own website, the palettes “made” for Boxy have no mirrors. I think Boxycharm and I have very different ideas about what “premium” items are. Changing formulas on products and reducing packaging features feels odd of they’re still claiming the same RV. That’s my opinion anyway.

    • I was dumbfounded when these items came up for choice. It’s a company I’ve never heard of, which doesn’t mean a whole lot…but these are NOT premium items. I feel more and more each passing month like they are peeing down my leg and telling me it’s raining. I see folks who get boxes in PR receiving great boxes while the rest of us get utter garbage. I’m pretty much done.

  40. Meh, not interested in any of these face palettes since I don’t really use them.

  41. I went with the Hollywood icon facekit. The blush and contour palettes looked really nice but I just bought some similar and don’t need more so soon

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