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BoxyCharm July 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have new spoilers for the July 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

The July 2020 BoxyCharm base box may include:

Source: boxypreview

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow

The Crème Shop “ready. set. glow.” Cushion Highlighter

The choice items for July were:

  • 111SKIN NAC Y2 Pollution Defence Booster
  • BABE LASH Essential Serum
  • THE CLEAN SKIN CLUB Vitamin C Brightening Booster

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code JULYSHOP5NEW to get a $5 BoxyCredit to shop the Add-Ons when you sign up or a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


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Comments (36)

  1. I’ve noticed that since I started reviewing the items I get in my box, I’m getting more of what I want and less of things I don’t like/don’t use. Maybe it’s coincidence but when I complained to Boxycharm several months ago, they told me to review my items and it would help.

  2. I really have no idea why everyone is complaining about the box. The point of this box is to try new make up. I love my box every time, even if I get eye lashes, lipsticks, highlighters. It’s fun to try new products and play around with new looks. Don’t like what you receive in your box, throw it out or get a new one? Over loaded why not go through the stuff you use and toss it. 😂

  3. I see hair straighteners and blow dryers yet I never get cool items like that. My last box had the most awful painful mask. The spoilers dont look so great for july i cancelled.

  4. Oh no ☹️ I don’t want Boxycharm anymore , so I will cancel after my last box on September i has enough with products that no one wears . Too many high lighters and nothing fun , I am sooo disappointed

  5. So after two years, I’m actually going to let it go. At least for now. I have too many highlighters, eyeshadows, and my lipsticks are always around the same color. I love skincare, but I’m on overload.

  6. No Premium spoilers? I’ve seen none except choice, so I guess that’s my cue to cancel. I’m relieved, actually.

    • Lori there are 3 spoilers for Premium for July. Just type in Boxycharm Premium July 2020 n they’ll come up. I can’t remember specifics but I know I saw Saturday skin, Lord & Jones (fingers crossed I get that), Manny MUA palette n choice items

      • Thanks!

  7. Not happy a drugstore item is in the box!!! If I wanted to try their line I’d get it from CVS with my beauty club rewards, pharmacy rewards, or simply purchase it at one of their sales. My intention of having Boxycharm is for high-end products that im unable to get locally.

  8. Ooooo, I’ve wanted to try the hourglass shadow for a while before I invest in them. I dont live near a store I can go in person to see them, so I would be THRILLED to get one to try it out. I dont even care which color, though the green is gorgeous…but if I get one and it works I’ll know to start buying more

  9. I can’t decide. My Luxe just shipped so, of course, I don’t know what will be there. Although I would like my choice item, the 111, I’m not certain if I want to keep Boxycharm. I’d better decide quickly. I’m in the same boat with July Ipsy Ultimate. I’ve got so much stuff that I haven’t even looked at yet. I know most will be donated or gifted. I don’t need another highlighter nor a single shadow, and sure don’t need one with glitter. I believe I’ve reached saturation point.

  10. How much highlighter does one person actually use in a year, smh, seems there’s one in every other box. As much as I have, I can be seen from the International Space Station for at least the next ten years. Sheesh Boxy, not everyone wants to look like a glowstick. Rant done, now to go cancel after six years.

    • I know, huh?! It’s ridiculous.

  11. I cancelled my boxycharm- boxyluxe today because of the not -so- great boxes lately, then I realised I wasn’t ready to walk away yet, Covid-19 was not an easy time for any company, so I reactivated within half an hour. Come on boxycharm !!!! Surprise us, add an hourglass eyeshadow to all of our boxes!! It might make up for the $42 neon blue and neon pink eyeliner i received !!??

    • I wanted that eyeliner but got nothing but tools and skincare that month… xD

  12. I chose the Babe Lash for this months box because I’m in skincare overload and im interested in trying the product. I’m not interested in that highlighter and as much as I love Hourglass, I do not like single shadows. I have a drawer full that never get used. I like having a palette of colors in front of me to work with.

  13. Don’t love the fact that The Creme Shop is in here because it’s basically a drugstore priced brand,so the msrp isn’t there. I’ve been getting their products for years at dollar stores. Having said that, they do put out decent items and at least they’re their own company and NOT private labeled so I’ll take them over all the other private labeled junk Boxy has been throwing our way.

  14. So, I loved my June Boxyluxe. I agree that the base box has been iffy lately, but, in all fairness to Boxycharm, most businesses have been affected by the pandemic and shipping from anywhere has been slow and convoluted. I will continue to support them through this uncertain time, and I’m excited to see what they offer in the future.

    • I agree, I’ve been with them for over 3 years and have had minimal shipping and product issues. They have always been kind and helpful with me. I love the recent changes I’ve seen, such as choice option and a little more skin, hair and body care included in the boxes. Every month is a treat and I always enjoy my boxes.

  15. I’m canceling boxy after many years. Their box just isn’t what it used to be and I still have not received tracking for my June box. I’ve tried to reach out several times with no response. So frustrating!!

    • Yup, I JUST cancelled my final box with them. I’m just fed up with them. I’ve been having some major issues with them the last few months. It’s insane how far downhill they went since March. Well some would they went downhill before that. I finally got Premium in March and I was happy about it. I wanted all those Fenty goodies as I only had a few smaller things – namely their glosses and a couple lipsticks. I was happy with that box, but wasn’t pleased with my March boxyluxe. It was alright. Then it just went downhill from there.

      What finally did it for me, aside from the crummy boxes, wrong shades and wrong choice items sent, is the fact that they shipped out my May pop-up order in the middle of May and the tracking wouldn’t move by the end of the month. I emailed them, they told me to wait and that tracking was updating. It wasn’t. I was annoyed they shipped with DHL and asked them not to. They didn’t Listen, and sent out my Boxyluxe and another pop-up order with DHL. Then the tracking on my May shipment completely disappeared, the number no longer worked. They completely ignored me for OVER 2 WEEKS! I demanded my money back. No response. I sent multiple emails, all with no response. Then FINALLY just this last Saturday they email me back saying they don’t know what happened, told me 3 of the items were in stock and they would put the order in for those items and return $46 for the other items. This after I demanded a full refund!

      Oh and those 2 other boxes they shipped with DHL, my Boxyluxe and my other pop-up order? Yeah, I had to pay $33 on top of what I paid to get my boxes because Boxycharm put a COD on the boxes. There weren’t even any duties or customs on the boxes. This was ALL a bogus charge. Boxyluxe cost me $101 Canadian alone with the $19 extra Boxycharm wanted for the box from Canada Post. Ridiculous. And many other customers I saw received palettes that had mold on them or were tampered with/touched/opened. Just gross! I reached out to DHL, they said it was Boxycharm who put the COD on the box, not them. Canada Post also told other fellow Canadians that the money was going to Boxycharm, that it was them who put the COD on the boxes, not DHL. Boxycharm of course refuses to take responsibility and claims it was all on DHL and that they didn’t know about it. Total BS. Joe also claims they did a big investigation into what happened with the COD charges and the moldy or tampered items. Of course they say it will never happen again – fine, but what will they do to fix it? I still see no refund from the COD charges even though I also sent multiple emails with pictures of everything.

      I cancelled my basebox and Boxyluxe when they shipped out those 2 boxes with DHL. I was giving them until the end of June to fix these issues or I said I’d cancel premium. They haven’t fixed anything, and with them now charging COD, and me having no trust in them whatsoever – especially with this whole other issue of my May order going missing and everything, I was just like what is the point? They are seriously lacking in quality control, the products in their boxes are not worth what we’re spending, and now the COD charge? Plus their horrible customer service? Saying it’s because of COVID-19 isn’t an excuse.

      The premium spoilers have been a joke! 2 crappy palettes (one of which has been $10 on sale multiple times at Morphe, and the other has the first ingredient as PLASTIC! What? How is the first ingredient plastic in a face palette? Plus it’s all more private label crap) and the possibility of a toner or the CBD lotion? As a Canadian I know I wouldn’t get the lotion because the company themselves don’t even seem to ship to Canada. And with it having CBD, it’s probably even illegal to ship it across border. And paying about $60 just to get a toner and 2 crappy palettes and who knows what else? Not worth it. I saw a video chat Joe did yesterday, saying how all these amazing things are coming and how August is going to be amazing and to “trust him” – sorry, but he lost my trust a long time ago. He spoke so much about how mind blowing and incredible March’s boxyluxe would be, and after people got it they were like is this a joke? He’s all talk and nothing else.

      Anyway, so I took the money I would have spent on the premium box, and saw that Sephora was having a sale for Canada Day, so I bought a couple of half-priced palettes on sale, some UD lip glosses on sale, and a bunch of freebies, samples and 100 point items, and also used some points for $10 off, and now I’m getting a box full of stuff I actually want and am still paying less than the Boxyluxe cost me for June.

  16. Those Hourglass single eyeshadows are gorgeous and expensive! I have one And would love to have more. I hope they are in add-ons or pop-up sales! Don’t care for Creme Shop. I chose the Lash Babe serum. I can’t believe they showed all the shades for the Hourglass and teased us with them and then only send out a limited number of shades To very number of charmers like they did with the Shared Planet eyeshadow palettes lots of people wanted but hardly anyone got. I haven’t gotten any Eyeshadow palettes Last one I got was that ugly Boxycharm palette.

    • I cancelled because they sent me another neutral Zoeva palette, like the other neutral one I got 2 months ago wasn’t good enough (I like colorful palettes, not neutral), AND the boxy charm palette all this month. Then other old box products. Had they properly split up their stock, I am sure that everyone could have gotten 1 or 2 of the showcase items. But no, lot of us got old box stuff, while others got all new stuff. It wasn’t fair at all and I still think they should have given a new palette to those who already got a zoeva palette 2 months ago. That was the straw and the thing that frustrated me most. Heck, they could have given me the orange palette and I still would have stuck around… or even the kylie skin for that matter.

  17. Cancelling and saving some money for popup sale! It doesn’t look bad, but I am in no need of another highlighter

  18. oh, I love the skincare…and I do want that highlighter..great products boxycharm..

  19. Love the Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow, but not sure how many chance I will receive that.

  20. I think boxy is doing pretty good here…I chose the 111 skin as my choice item (insane markup on everything this brand puts out, not sure about that but I do appreciate boxy giving us expensive items) and Hourglass and the Creme Shop are great brands. People are always going to find something to complain about I think.

  21. After June Boxyluxe I finally cancelled Boxy completely. Lately the majority of products are never used (like the stainless steel straws) and packaged face masks (I have dozens). July’s spoilers are some of the worst I have ever seen. Boxy needs to up their game again as they have been off course for at least 6 months.

    Time to try something new and different.

    • Is it possible you are just saturated with product? Hourglass is an exceptional brand, Babelash is an amazing product with a big pricetag, and 111skin, albeit overpriced is awesome too!

      • That’s something I think about often. Like there is only so many categories available in the market, I probably get one of each in a monthly box. Make it 3 boxes/month and you are bound to get overwhelmed

  22. I’m not big on highlighter but I’m happy to see the Creme Shop in a box! Love K-Beauty brands.

  23. I would be very happy to get the Hourglass eyeshadow but I’m sure it will be one of those things that’s only in a very small percent of boxes.

  24. Hoping to not get lash serum, but everything else looks fun to try!

  25. Oooh….. no! What is going on boxycharm? The spoilers are awful. I am not excited for the box and I am gonna cancel this month until more excitment products is added in this box.

    • Agree!!! These aren’t spoilers. It is the end of the month and all we know about is the choice items and two tiny little products. One, hardly any of us will get and another that very few of us would want or need. I feel the opposite of one of the posts above. There are so many different types of products to include in the boxes and we get way too many highlighters, too many crazy colored matte liquid lipsticks and too many KVD products. Also, we should not tolerate getting any of this private label junk, I would much rather have established drug store brands.

    • Ummm. That’s a huge cancel. Ewwwwwwwwww!🤬

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