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Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes Available Now!

ByMSAJun 1, 2020 | 41 comments

Bombay & Cedar has Mystery Boxes available now! This is a one-time box and will not start a subscription.

Mystery boxes are back! Each box is packed full with items from our previous boxes plus other goodies. Free U.S. Shipping! Sale ends June 6th or until supplies last. Quantities are very limited and these boxes sell out fast. Boxes packed in order received. Shipping starts June 15th.

This time around, we’re offering TWO order options in THREE variations. Please note, if you order more than one box, you may receive duplicates.



Use the comments section during checkout to tell us what you’d like to see in your mystery box. There are no guarantees but we will customize your box based on your likes and dislikes. DO NOT email us your preferences. 


If you would prefer to keep it all a surprise, use code SURPRISEME at checkout and receive a 25% discount! Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

The Box: Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes

The Cost & Products:

Petite Mystery Box
Retail Value of over $95 for only $39

Deluxe Mystery Box
Retail Value of over $175 for only $59

Mega Mystery Box
Retail Value of over $250 for only $79

Shipping: FREE U.S. SHIPPING | Canada $29 Flat Rate Shipping | Rest of the World $39 Flat Rate Shipping

Coupon: Use coupon code SURPRISEME to save 25%

Good to know: “Due to the steep savings, returns and exchanges are not allowed. Discount cannot be combined with any other offers or codes.”

Check out our reviews Bombay & Cedar to see what kind of items you may receive!

Are you getting a mystery box?

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At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I finally got my box today, I ordered the mega box with the discount. Based on other reviews, my expectations were very low. However, I like a lot of the things I received. Surprisingly, no tattoos, bread mix or necklace.

I got:
Double ball body massager
cute face mask
Tokyo milk rollerball perfume
R+Co pomade stick
Foot exfoliating mask
Noto highlighter
Facial cupping set
Blume cleanser
Dime HA serum
Moira blush duo
Seal pup pocket pal
Broo shampoo & conditioner
Soothing salt & soak
RMS eye shadow
Relief essential oil roller ball
Jaiden Madison lip creme


I received my Deluxe Box today, and unfortunately it was a let-down. I chose the “tell us what you want” option and paid $59. I had great luck with the last “tell us what you want” deluxe mystery box and expected the same with this one. It is hard to imagine that my box contents have a value of $175. I received:

Travel toothbrush and holder
Soberdough bread (I actually requested this)
Lollipop (I requested)
Ere Perez beetroot lip & cheek stain (I requested)
Tokyo Milk blush oil stick
12-month undated planner
Charcoal odor absorbing pouch
Broo Shampoo & Conditioner
Candle with tiny gemstones
Face mask
Detox tea
Blush duo

So….a let-down, but that’s the risk of a mystery box. I can use some of the items, but I was disappointed that I only received 3 requested items (two of which were a lollipop and bread mix). My last mystery box knocked it out of the park and this one was a miss.


I wrote to Bombay and Cedar regarding the random items I received and was told that I could gift the junk. When I “respectfully” asked what gifting sober bread mix and fake tattoos said to my friend. I got the following passive/aggressive email.

Response from Dee of Bombay and Cedar Customer Service”

“As mentioned earlier, we’re sorry to hear you didn’t like your box contents. The items you received were featured in our previous boxes. We also had an option to let us know your preferred likes and dislikes but you opted for the 25% discount instead. Instead of throwing away your products we suggest gifting them or donating them to local charities.”

Buyer Beware: I could had my pick of their less than desireable “items” had I not opted to take a discount.

Honestly for a box that cost $60+ I would expect to have some joy. Since I opted for the discount I am going to upload an instagram snap of my box to remind myself of the poor value and dispose of it in the easiest manner.


I got my mega mystery box today and I was disappointed also. It was such a random bunch of junk. Temporary tattoos, ugly November super fake gold necklace, eyeshadow, makeup brushes, a journal I’ll never use, brow gel. I liked a few things, shampoo and conditioner set, a perfume oil and Akar clarify oil I can put on eBay. A $250 value? Right. Yeah, this is something I won’t be doing again.


I just got my mystery box this afternoon–and I’m happy with it! BUT I paid the full price for the mega box so I could request certain items. I was really worried that even with paying the extra amount, the items would not be customized. I was wrong, thankfully. Two items were not what I asked for. There others were on my list. Here are my items:

Bag of two essential oils: patchouli and blissful

Arome pluggable oil diffuser

Mandarin-Basil face wipes

Stockholm eyeshadow palette

Almost Famous eyebrow trimmer

Akar face oil

Hyaluronic Acid face serum

Eve Perez cheek/lip tint in Fun

Brush with diamond-shaped travel cover

Donut-shaped scrub brush

Who Knew? Household Solutions book

I just received the brush in June’s beauty box but I can use 2 or gift/trade it. I wanted a lot of beauty items and asked for the diffuser, so all things considered, I feel I got my money’s worth.


Mine was just gotten to the USPS today; expected delivery will be Saturday.

I really hope that there are some good things in this. Given what others have gotten, and that mine is one of the last to be prepped and sent… Fingers crossed!


I got the Mega box and I am sorry to say that I am also disappointed. I usually really like what this company sends but I feel like this was really random leftovers and the value was just not there.

I got the same as many others. Gold astrology necklace, book I already had, sober dough bread mix, Blum face wash, light pink blush, grey eye shadow, coconut pan scrubby, some primer, a wallet comb. Mostly things I will give away.


I’m waiting for my mega box to move since a label was created on the 9th. I’m disappointed to hear what people are receiving– and am I reading correctly that there seems to be difference in the mega and the deluxe??? That doesn’t seem right.
This is my first experience with bombay & cedar, and waiting more than 1.5 months for a box is a lot so far.


My box is sitting too. Label created on the 9th then nothing. It does sound like it is gonna be bad based on others.

Emma M

I got the same as Shannon and lizc in my deluxe box. I am disappointed. It was going to be a gift but there are only a couple of good items. The rest will be tossed or donated.


I got my mega mystery bomb I mean box that is a bunch of items that I don’t want. The cheapest looking fake gold necklace, a bag of sober bread mix. Fake tattoos. A weird donut shaped brush. I am not sure if it is for baths or cleaning. A tiny comb. Some book. I’ve seen better stuff at the dollar store. Surprise you get a box of stuff we couldn’t give away. I am so upset I want to chuck the whole thing into the garbage.


I finally received mine yesterday. I received pretty much what Shannon did. chocolate chip for me although ginger snap would have been fine. I love that they included something to eat. I think FFF needs to do that too! I loved the necklace and will give it to a friend with a November birthday. I think it looks really special. The serum is very nice and the brow gel. The cleanser and eye shadow I’ll gift. Not sure what I’ll do with the odor absorbers but they look useful. The oils are great – citronella and grapefruit yum! I haven’t looked at the book too closely. I feel the value is there, but I’ve had their mystery boxes before and felt it was marginal both times. What I’d say is if you feel you need a treat and you love mystery boxes (I do!) and you have a lot of people you can share things with the value is there.


From their site:
Around 75% of the mystery boxes have shipped. We expect the rest to be shipped by July 14th.


Big disappointment

Blumm cleanser will use
Brow gel will not use
Eyeshadow set in colors I will not use
Hydronic acid serum will use
Bamboo Odor absorbers will use
Necklace I’ll probably won’t wear
Tiny cord wrangler
Book I won’t read something I’m not interested in reading
2 ginger snap cookies yuck!
2 essential oils will use


I received my box. I got the deluxe because the mega was sold out. I’ll have to say I’m very disappointed in my box.

Blumm facial cleanser probably will use
Eyeshadow set in colors I won’t use
Brow gel I won’t use
Tiny cord wrangler
Necklace probably won’t wear
Bamboo odor absorber will use
A book I won’t read
hydrolic acid serum will use
2 pack of ginger snap cookies yuck!
2 essential oils will use
I feel this would never cost over $175. They got me this time but I will never buy another one of their mystery boxes.


I received a tracking notification this afternoon–I’m pretty sure for the Mystery Box (I already received the June Beauty Box and I can’t believe they have July ready yet lol!)

I’m hopeful my box doesn’t suck! I actually bought the big box so I could customize. Then, as I customized during the checkout process, I wondered/worried how they’d ‘see’ the customization since it doesn’t show up anywhere on the electronic receipt after submission.

It’s possible I’ll like the random products some get over the ‘customized’ ones I overspent on haha


From their site:
We expect all mystery boxes to be shipped by July 10th.


still no shipping notification here.


Posted yesterday on the wrong (March) mystery box listing! Again, has anyone received any notification for shipping on this? They were going to start on Monday, 6/15. Thanks!


I see they just posted a shipping update at the top of their site, says mystery boxes are expected to be shipped out by the end of june.


Looks like Mystery boxes are now scheduled to go out the first week in July.


Thank you, Dawn! I’ll rely on their site, now.
I wonder if they’ll pick up some more business, since PopS is shutting down.


Was just going to ask the same thing, no shipping notification here 😢


The boxes are showing sold out for me. 😢 I needed a day off the internet and missed something fun.


I got the big box with the coupon code. I never got a box from them before..i hope i like it.. Seems fun!


I ordered the mega with code as well. I figured that for the value, whatever I won’t use, they should make nice gifts.
I also just happened to get an email from them today for the beauty box with a $15 off discount code and I got my first month for $16.95. I have been eyeing this one for a while and with the savings today I just went for it lol!


I’m still waiting for my mega mystery box that I ordered (and was charged for) back in March. I love Bombay and Cedar (they’re one of my favorite boxes), but it’s a little bit irritating to see them selling another round of mystery boxes when they haven’t even sent me the one I ordered almost 3 months ago. I tried contacting them about it and haven’t received a response.

Amy in KC

Angel, I’m so glad you finally heard back and will be getting a box!! It sounds to me like it got missed, too. Frustrating but it happens. Hopefully all will be smooth sailing moving forward. 🙂


I finally received my box! It was so very worth the wait. I’m totally thrilled with everything in it, and I feel like I got an amazing value. I’m definitely buying the next mystery box when it becomes available. I’m addicted to Bombay & Cedar lol.


I just received a response back from Bombay & Cedar’s customer service:

“ Thanks so much for following up and bringing this to my attention. I took a look and I do see a pending mystery box order for you but I’m unsure why it has not shipped. That batch of boxes was shipped back in April. Our sincere apologies for this mix-up and delay. Please let me know if you would prefer a refund or if you’d like to continue with the box order.”

Of course I asked them to go ahead with shipping me my mystery box (I do truly enjoy their boxes!). It’s entirely possible that my order got lost in the shuffle of all the shutdown stuff that was happening around the time that I placed the order.


Did you try the Contact Us page on the website? Alternative, there is an email listed at the very bottom of the page. I think their entire operation is small, so maybe they missed a message? Obviously they should respond; maybe it got lost in the COVID shuffle. Good luck.


I’d try emailing again. Every time I’ve reached out, I hear from Dee within 24-48 hours. Perhaps her response went to your junk mail if you emailed previously?


Wow i can’t believe that. I still can’t believe lots of people haven’t gotten their April boxes yet too never mind May because it’s June now. Wow! I feel like they should get there shipping together before they keep added more boxes to there line up. Sometimes other companies started adding new boxes to sell right before they go out of business. Not saying that’s what is happening but it’s a thought. I love this box so much and i know everyone who subscribes feels the same but… they have been around a while now and there shouldn’t be months before people get there boxes. Does that worry anyone else?


I’ve tried posting a few replies but they’re not showing up. I heard back from customer service, they apologized and offered a refund or to ship my box. Send me my goodies, I’m excited! I’ve received my other boxes since the mystery box order in March, so I think the order just legitimately got missed.


I finally heard back from their customer service. They apologized that my mystery box hadn’t shipped and said they weren’t sure what had happened. They offered to refund my money or ship my mystery box (I asked if they could go ahead and ship the box, I do really love their boxes!). They didn’t mention this/ use it as an excuse, but it’s possible that my order ended up lost in the shuffle of everything that was going on with the covid shutdown stuff around the time that I placed my order in March.

I’ve received my beauty boxes and lifestyle boxes since then (I was very thrilled with April’s lifestyle box curation). May’s isn’t here yet but they normally ship towards the end of the month. I’m not worried about them going out of business, I was just miffed that I haven’t received my last mystery box of goodies. Plus that makes it hard to decide if I wanted to order this one lol, since I haven’t gotten a mystery box from them before.

Amy in KC

Oh wow! I ordered one back then too but it was just the mini one. I got mine fairly quickly. I’m so sorry you haven’t received yours yet. Have you contacted them besides email? Like Twitter/FB/IG, or a customer service phone # instead? Good luck!


I would love to contact them by phone, but unfortunately can’t find a phone number for them 🙁 I even looked up their SOS registration in Georgia but there isn’t a phone number listed. If anyone could give me a contact number for them, I’d sincerely appreciate it!

I absolutely love their boxes. I have annual subs to the premium lifestyle and the beauty box, and I just ordered the limited edition a couple of weeks ago. I’m just very disappointed that they haven’t sent my mystery box order from March, and haven’t responded to my email inquiry, and yet are selling a new set of mystery boxes,


Ordered the Mega with the code. What fun and hope I get some good items. Almost thought about another one as I am starting to collect for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.


I ordered the Mega as well. Thanks so much for the discount code- that took almost $20 off!! Almost ordered it before I saw this and missed out. Glad I checked here first 🙂


Ordered the Mega! With the SurpriseMe discount, cost the same as a Deluxe – w/out the option of Surprise Me, of course!
Now to hope that some of it will be what I’ve lusted over, and not all what I didn’t!
Good Luck, folks!


Thank you. I didn’t really as it would be the same price. I’m going to give this a try too

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