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Universal Yums “Philippines” Review – May 2020

Universal Yums is a snack subscription box that sends out snacks and candies from a different country each month. Choose from the Yum Box for $15 a month, the Yum Yum Box for $25 a month, or the Super Yum Box for $39 a month.

This review is of the Yum Yum box, which is $25 a month.

This month’s box takes us to the Philippines! Let’s dive in and discover this month’s Yums!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Universal Yums

The Subscription Box: Universal Yums

The Cost: $25 a month + free US shipping

The Products: The contents of the boxes change each month as they highlight the best snacks from each featured country. However, you can always expect a mix of flavors: salty, sweet, spicy, fruity, and more. Only authentic snacks from the featured country.

Ships to: The U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and Israel

Universal Yums “Philippines” May 2020 Review

Universal Yums is always an adventure! This is one of my favorite subscription boxes, and since being quarantined at home for the past 2 months, we really count on receiving this box as it’s one of our only sources of excitement these days. This month features snacks from the Philippines, and glancing at some of the descriptions of these treats, I am anxiously awaiting to dig in!

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a bright, fun, animated sheet that welcomes us to the Philippines! The backside features an updated scoreboard. Instead of “The Official Yum Awards” they now include “The Yum Scoreboard,” which has room for team ratings! My kids were really excited about this change because they now have space for their opinions. Also, this chart includes rejects that didn’t make it into the box, and the opportunity to vote on where an upcoming box should come from! I am really liking this new layout!


Next, we have a detailed pamphlet that is packed with information about this month’s snacks, trivia, a recipe, and a clue to next month’s box! We noticed that a little work was done to the pamphlet this month as well. The layout is a bit different, and the nutritional information is dedicated to a page of its own. The back page also featured the #1 winner of last month’s box – which happened to be my #1 pick as well!


Fudgee Barr Macapuno

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I opened up this bright green package, but just like in the picture, we were greeted with a lovely lime green cake. This decadent little rectangle was extremely moist with the perfect amount of chewiness. It had a lovely light coconut flavor with small bits of coconut that added a nice complexity to the cake. The cream filling was a pleasant surprise to create a really delicious pre-packaged cake!

Lipps Color Burst Mango

While hard candy isn’t my favorite style of candy, I can appreciate a fruit flavored one from time to time. This mango flavored hard candy was deliciously sweet in a not overpowering way. While it didn’t stand out as an awesome treat, I really enjoyed the authentic mango flavor!


Boy Bawang Cornick Adobo Flavor – Buy a 6 pack for $16.98

Our family is corn obsessed, and when my son saw the corn cob on the front he couldn’t wait to bust into this bag. While I’ve had “adobo flavor” items in past boxes, this is the first time we have had adobo flavored corn nuts and both of my sons declared these “THE BEST SNACK EVER!” While I think that is a bit of an exaggeration, I did find these extremely delicious. Adobo is a style of cooking where meat is marinated in vinegary, soy saucy, and garlicky goodness, and these corn nuts are packed with that flavor. They are crunchy, savory, and sooo tasty! I have already ordered more because my kids are that obsessed.


Goldilocks Pinipig Polvoron

Isn’t this little toasted rice shortbread cookie cute? The scalloped edges and sugary dusting make it look so simple and pretty! They taste as good as they look! While I found this shortbread to be quite dry and crumbly, I really enjoyed the toasted rice flavor saturated with yummy sugar. My kids were also fans!


Farmer John BBQ Sausage

I’ll be honest, “spicy barbecue sausage potato chips” just doesn’t sound that appetizing to me, and when I opened the bag of these chips I swear it smelled a bit like my dog’s treat bag, but I am an equal opportunity taster and gave them a try anyways. I can say I’m glad I gave them a chance. I loved the ridged texture and could taste a slight sausage flavor, but not a whole lot of barbeque. I found them to have a little zing of spice to them, but not so much that my kids complained – they polished off the small bag in seconds!


ChocoMucho Cookies & Cream 

Chocolate cookie + caramel  + crisp rice + white chocolate?! I was a little worried that this combination might be overdoing things, but holy cow I am in love! This. Is. Amazing! Somehow, this all works together to create a crunchy, sweet, gooey bar that is ridiculously addicting. I almost found it to be a cross between a cookies and cream Hershey’s bar with a Twix bar. Both of my kids decided this is so far second best.


Cupp Keyk Coco Ube

While my husband hates brightly colored pastry products, I happen to appreciate them, and I couldn’t wait to give this perfectly purple cupcake a try. While I found the cupcake quite dry, I did enjoy the “yam” flavor, which surprised me! I found the coconut flakes to be the perfect addition, and my kids thought it was really tasty.

Lipps Strawberry Hard Candy

Ooooo another flavor of hard candy in one of my favorite flavors: strawberry!! This strawberry hard candy was really great. I found the flavoring to be just sweet enough, without being fake tasting. Because I am such a big strawberry fan, I enjoyed these more than the mango candies.


Fudgee Barr Salted Caramel

Oh. My. Goodness. Now this is a chocolate cake I could live off of. This chocolate cake is absolutely moist and is filled with the perfect ratio of salted caramel filling. It is ooey and gooey in the best way. I have to say that this is the best pre-packaged cake I have ever eaten. Throw a dollop of whipped cream and a crushed Heath bar on top and you have an individual piece of “Better Than Anything Cake!” I let the kids have a quick taste of this guy but I will shamelessly say I hoarded the rest for myself!


Egg Bites 

Aren’t these little cookies so cute? Upon first inspection, they reminded me of the mini Nilla wafers my grandma used to always have. Made from fresh eggs, these sweet, crunchy morsels tasted like a cross between graham crackers and shortbread. While they are simple in flavor, we enhanced them with a mini marshmallow and chocolate chip for a mini s’more! Two thumbs up!


Baked Cheezy Puffs Sweet Butter & Cheese

These butter and cheese flavored corn puffs are sweet, crunchy, savory, and packed with flavor! Charlie is a huge fan, saying “these are the best cheese puffs I have ever tasted!” I can honestly say they are unlike any cheese puffs I have ever had – the butter was very sweet, while the cheese was quite sharp which was an interesting mix, but I found myself reaching in for seconds!


Soft Cookies with Mango Bits

I love a big box of goodies! And cookies are usually always a hit. These soft cookies are sprinkled with mango bits. I found the chewy sugar cookie to have a simple and tasty flavor which was enhanced with the real mango pieces! I like mango and found myself liking the unique taste of these cookies, but my kids wrinkled up their noses at these. More for me!!



Hooray! Another ChocoMucho bar! This bar is a chocolate wafer roll with caramel, crisped rice, and dark chocolate. Because I enjoyed the cookies and cream bar so much, I was very excited to give this one a whirl. Like the previous bar, this one was very packed with flavor. I loved biting into it and instantly hearing the crunch of the crispies, following by a string of ooey gooey caramel, and the rich taste of dark chocolate. Everything about this bar was on par for me, and I’m not sure which flavor I like more!

The Verdict: We love Universal Yums, and instantly dropped everything we were doing to dig into this box. I am loving that this box gives us a geography lesson as well as introduces my family to new treats we otherwise would never have heard of. This month I can honestly say that we liked everything in the box. I found it to be a perfect balance of sweet and savory treats, and was extremely happy with the curation. We can’t wait to find out where our June box is coming from! Our clue is this:

Our next stop is home to tales we’ve adored, about wizards, detectives, and a knight and his sword. But when it comes to the Yums, we have a prediction you’ll love the toffees and crisps just as much as the fiction!

Any guesses?

Scorecard Picks:

  • Best Yum: Fudgee Barr Salted Caramel
  • Runner-up: ChocoMucho Cookies & Cream tied with ChocoMucho Dark Chocolate
  • Worst Yum: None
  • Most Unusual: Cupp Keyk Coco Ube

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? No. Each month they ship your box no later than the 15th day of the month. The first month you will receive a box varies based on availability and may depend on the size that you order.

Value Breakdown: This box is $25.00 a month (including shipping). I received 19 individually wrapped snacks which averages out to $1.31 per item.

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Written by Becca Peterson

Becca Peterson

While I am taking a time-out from being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I am currently staying at home with my 2 sweet boys! My first subscription was Julep thanks to happening upon the MSA website, and it all went downhill from there! I have subscribed to Ipsy, Boxycharm, Degustabox, Julep, Graze, Bluum, Walmart, and more because I love a good surprise! I truly am a subscription addict!

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Comments (39)

  1. I sent the June box to my brother in law. He received it today and my sister is texting me as thry try them. The box is from the UK and the flavor combos are sooooo… interesting. It will be fun to see your June review. (He is such a great sport.)

  2. I signed up at the end of April and picked U.K. as my first (May) box. I had the choice between England and Philippines but I didn’t realize they were the May and June boxes. Does anyone know what happens next? Will I get U.K. again in June or do they flip it around and send me May’s (Philippines) box in June?

    • You will get the Phillipines box. I pinged Universal Yums the other day because I had the same question.

  3. The only thing I liked in this box was the adobo corn nuts and the mango candy. I’m allergic to coconut and the things I could try all had a weird texture to them. I love Filipino food so I was shocked how little I liked these snacks

  4. Yes the uk is June. Already ate all mine lol

  5. If anyone is in the least bit curious about how our fellow countries snack this is the box for you. Once again a stellar mix of sweet and savory. Just a side note: My pamphlet was missing and I mentioned this on Universal Yums Facebook page. I received a quick response letting me know I could email them for a replacement. Now that’s what I call customer service!

  6. Our box was supposed to be delivered a week ago and still nothing 😞 We may need to contact them soon. Lovely review and can’t wait to try them!

  7. One of my husband’s favorite parts of traveling is to visit local grocery stores and try their snacks. It kind of drives me crazy. I signed up and paid the extra $1 for immediate shipping, but it sounds like I may be getting the next (UK?) box, since my next billing isn’t til July 1. We would have loved this box, but I’m sure the next one will be fun too! Travel looks iffy for the rest of the year, especially international travel, so hopefully this will go a little ways toward satisfying our wanderlust.

  8. We’ve had this subscription for awhile (> 1 yr) and this is the first box that was completely devoured by my children. Even my supertaster liked everything 🙂 Such a great mix of sweet and savory. We had the super box for awhile but too many snacks (or portions) were left uneaten so we came back to this level and it is the perfect size. I love their store as well- buying the ones we really love at a reasonable price. Loved your review!

  9. I found the ube cake and chocolate cake very dry. I didn’t enjoy either of them. Maybe I got a bad batch? The coconut cake, however, was delicious.

    I liked the mango candy much better than the strawberry! The strawberry one tasted like those candies you get at the bank that are wrapped in plastic that looks like a strawberry. So a bit nostalgic but also fake tasting.

    That white chocolate chocomucho bar was super good! I am not a fan of white chocolate and I really liked it. Your description of it was spot on.

    • That’s such a bummer Tracy! I love the fact that this box offers so many treats that everyone is hopefully bound to like something. I like seeing what everyone else thinks of the items as well. It’s amazing how peoples palettes are so different! <3 Thanks for the comments 🙂

  10. What an absolutely delightful review! I can say I have never considered this box before but your review makes me want to! You made it sound so fun to read, open, explore and discuss each treat.

    Reality in my house would be me hiding and “shame-eating” when no one is looking. 😂

    • Thank you so much Lydea <3 You really should try it! It's a really fun box! Sometimes we don't like all of the treats, but it's just fun learning about the country and teaching my kids to try new foods!

  11. We love our Universal Yums box, and this one was no exception! We are saving a few of the mango bit cookies and mango hard candies for our adult daughter because she LOVES mango, but the rest of our box didn’t last long! That chocolate cake was to die for!

    • Thanks for commenting Katherine Threlkeld! I’m glad you liked this box as much as we did! It’s amazing how fast one can eat through one of these tasty boxes! The only reason that we have anything left is because I’m the only one who liked the mango cookies 😀

  12. I enjoyed everything in this box except for the buttery cheese puffs. No one in my family liked them. The adobo corn nuts are awesome!

    • Those buttery cheese puffs were interesting weren’t they? They had an unforgettable flavor, that’s for sure! Weren’t those corn nuts delish? My kids are STILL talking about them!

  13. Your boys are so cute, sounds like they are up to try anything. Your review makes me want to start a subscription. Although I have way too many!

    • Thank you so much Caligirl! Hank is very adventurous and will try anything…Charlie is a little hesitant. Sometimes we have to try it first and he judges our expressions to see if he will try it or not!

  14. Thanks for the great review!
    It’s just me and my son, so we try to pick a couple of goodies from the box each day to spread the fun out even more. He liked the mango cookies a lot more than I did, which is a shame since that’s the big item this month. I’m usually not a big fan of white chocolate, but holy moly that cookies and cream bar was amazing!
    I love how they managed to make a snack box so much fun!

    • That is a great idea Ashley. C! I love how this box is an entire experience….learning and tastiness all wrapped in one box!

  15. I love corn nuts and your review makes me want these. These are currently unavailable but I’ll keep checking back. Next month sounds like the UK!

    • Seriously, those corn nuts were fantastic. I hate regular corn nuts, but these were so good! I hope they have some on the Universal Yums store after all the boxes ship…I am totally ordering some if they do! Thanks for commenting Crystal!

  16. I get the bigger box and it had a few more items,but I can agree the whole box was good…..I think the next months box is the UK.

    • I could’ve sure used the bigger box this month! My kids devoured these snacks! Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to see UK spoilers!!

      • Where can I find spoilers, Becca? I started my subscription a few months ago after reading so many of your fun and appetizing reviews. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new/different foods, especially snack foods. I find them to be much “safer” than entrees with meats and vegetables. I was so excited for the Scandinavia box after reading your review and couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t gotten mine. I found out due to some computer glitch I wasn’t billed and they were sold out! I plan to start looking for spoilers so I can double-check when they look especially tasty!

        I haven’t gotten through my whole Philippines box yet but I have found some great snacks. I agree about the candy bars. They were both incredibly good and not at all too rich as you’d expect. I actually thought they were very light. I normally can’t eat an entire candy bar at once but I did with both of them. I am a big shortbread fan so I was happy to get the cookie. It was also quite light but also slightly creamy which was rather unusual. I wasn’t a big fan of the sausage chips. They weren’t bad just not my cup of tea I guess. I was shocked at how much I disliked the hard candies. I’m typically very easy to please when it comes to fruity hard and soft candy but I thought both of these had an odd taste I just couldn’t put my finger on. And they seemed to be much sweeter and lacking the tartness most fruit candy has. But to be fair I actually spit mine out after a few seconds so maybe they improve with time. LOL.

        I hope next month is actually the UK as someone mentioned here. It looks like that’s the country new subscribers are getting if they join now so I am guessing we’ll get it as well. I am looking forward to it as I already have a fondness for British candy and other sweets, especially the chocolate candy bars. And I’m hoping our big box of cookies will be some buttery shortbread.

  17. I really enjoyed this review. It led to me ordering the box for my brother in law’s birthday in June. He’s a bit hard to shop for but loves snacks and subscription boxes. Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting Mellissa! I’m glad you enjoyed the review! This would be a great birthday gift! I hope he loves this box as much as I do!

  18. This was an interesting box to try. I think the shortbread was my favorite, but nothing just wowed me. I’m not a mango fan and I’m allergic to coconut LOL. My son really liked the hard candies and he got to eat all the mango cookies. I did find the packaging on the mango cookies to be excessive. So much waste! Good box and I enjoyed learning more about the Philippines 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Victoria! I agree, the packaging on those mango cookies was a bit much! I have noticed some boxes are a little heavy on coconut products which would definitely make it hard if you have allergies! I hope next month they send something that will wow you 🙂 I am still thinking about that chocolate cake!!

  19. I want your job.

    • It’s pretty delicious!! 😀

  20. I swooned over the green cake. Best coconut flavor I ever had! I grew up with Tasty Cake brand and nothing can compare to this.
    The purple cake reminded us of the the purple one from a previous box.( I forgot which country) Very good and not dry.
    We just got the box on Monday and have eaten over half already stuck at home. Glad it had some very good surprises.
    Thanks for the review. Look forward to polishing off the rest this weekend.

    • Tastykakes?!? Does this mean you are a fellow Philly native? I don’t live there anymore but I definitely miss Tastycakes… esp. the butterscotch krimpets.

      • Sherri my auto spell kicked in.Loved those krimpets. Yes from PA(Hanover) which is not Philly but I got all the slang and food ideas from! You’s guys want a cheesesteak? Oh I miss the food…memories…I am in the south now!

    • Thanks for commenting Jody! I’m glad you enjoyed the box! Our box is completely gone….it’s amazing how many snacks we go through being in quarantine!!

  21. Awesome review, Becca! I think next month is England??

    • Thank you Ashley <3 I can't wait to see some spoilers!!

      • It is England if you just signed up which I did ( had it in the past but canceled) they gave you a choice of this months box or next months England box to be your 1st box.

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