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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

GlossyBox Mother’s Day 2021 Box – Spoiler #5

GlossyBox May 2020 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!


The May 2020 Glossybox has a special edition “Wild Thing” box design!

And the May box will include:

Steve Laurant Wild Thing 9-Pan Eyeshadow Palette – $40


Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Travel Size Worth $14

For a limited time, use coupon code WILD16 to get your first box for just $16! (Regularly $21 a month.)

What do you think of the spoilers?

And check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what we got in past months, too!


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Comments (35)

  1. I could have added that blush is what I was trying to say but not sure how much you need to spend to get free shipping.

  2. I subscribed in April just for the Viktor and rolf perfume, instead of the April box, GLOSSYBOX sent me the contents of the January 2020 box !!! 😡😡😡😡😡 I definitely won’t make the mistake of paying for this junk subscription again.

    • I think it’s more Liz not showing everything included in the May box that has us feeling let down I hate there’s only 2 items revealed this month knowing there’s much more but making us hesitate wanting to continue to subscribe maybe you’ll feel better about it if you google the box and discover more goodies lol

  3. I got it just for the Elemis cleansing balm. I’m hoping the other items are decent. I prefer Look Fantastic as it is more skincare heavy. Glossybox tends to be makeup heavy. I got it for the Elemis and because I used the coupon and got it for $16. I’ll cancel after it ships.

  4. Why did Steven Laurent get axed from Ipsy? I did not like the brand at all but I do wonder why Ipsy chose to drop it.

    • I don’t know that Ipsy stated their reasons why, but basically the parent company (DLS cosmetics) has some very shady business practices (deception, lies, etc.), in addition to some very cheap (but very marked up) products.

  5. This will be my first Glossybox. I am embarrassed to admit I got it because I am a sucker for animal prints! LOL, anyway, am I crazy or does anyone else find it strange that the eye shadow palette is called “Wild Thing” just like the Glossybox theme and the box for the palette itself (you can barely see it underneath the palette in the picture) has the EXACT same pattern as Glossybox? I mean that’s strange, right?

    • I’m pretty sure that coordination was prearranged between GB and Steve Laurant. I mean, otherwise yeah, that’s something.

  6. No no no no no no no to Steve Laurant. UGH. I do NOT want any DLS items. Shoot (I want to use a stronger word here but it’s not appropriate for the forum). They had a great April box and May was looking good with the Elemis spoiler, and now this. 🙁

  7. More Steve Laurent! I guess Glossy learned nothing from the BoxyCharm/DLS fiasco.

    • Ipsy and Fashionsta agreed not to use them any more. I just hope they stay the course.

      • I tried to contact Glossybox thru email, but can’t find one. It looks like you have to contact customer service via phone, or snail mail write to them, lol. I wanted to tell them specifically why I was canceling my subscription.

        I have been quite pleased with Ipsy overall, I must say.

    • It’s recent enough that Glossybox may not have had time to find an alternative, especially with Covid going on.

      I also don’t know if people mass emailed Glossy like they did to Ipsy & Fasionsta.

      • I still haven’t received my Fashionista box since COVID19 or my Bijou beauty box ☹

      • Tons of people from Reddit emailed them and look fantastic Including myself but I guess both of them choose to ignore.

  8. Not a fan of the practices people are referencing, but I do have to admit that I’ve liked some Steve Laurent products I’ve received and that palette is pretty. Also, I’m trying to stay positive about this box since I didn’t cancel in time, haha. Fun boxes, but I love the pink ones.

    • good attitude!

  9. Some people actually like trying the products as opposed to just writing them off as “cheap” because the internet tells them so.

    • LMAO it’s been proven that the items sold by the DLS companies (including Steve Laurant) are CHEAP. We’re talking $2 to purchase from private label sellers on Ali Express. There are freight invoices to prove it. It’s information that can be found on, yes, the internet. They then slap their own label on it and jack the price up 900% or more.

      Some people appreciate knowing where their cosmetics and skincare items are coming from, and have a right to know that the ingredients are cheap and subpar from a lab in China.

      • Also, are you a fan of products from TooFaced, Ciate, Iconic, Tarte in your subboxes? Because they’ve all been accused of bait and switching products as well. If anyone actually thinks they are getting top of line products in their subs for pennies on the dollar of the actual RV….wow….

      • I want to make it clear that I am NOT disagreeing with anything you said. I agree it makes absolute sense that products made in countries with safety standards below the US be viewed with caution and skepticism. I’m also not defending deception to consumers in any way.

        However, let’s not pretend that high end brands often use the exact same ingredients that may or may not be higher quality and then also jack up the price solely based on brand recognition or arbitrary price inflation. I don’t agree with it, but that’s what happens with all kinds of products in a capitalist economy, including food, household products, etc. I don’t like it, but it doesn’t necessarily disqualify a company for me if that’s what they have to do to survive in this system. I’d never buy anything if I held a profit motive against them. Hmmm, maybe I’m on to something, haha…

      • Lori, I agree that some of the high end brands use the same ingredients or quality ingredients as less pricey brands and do jack the price way up based solely on brand recognition. But, as stated by Marion below, the company who owns this brand is super shady. This company has nothing to do with how her products are produced, nor does she have any hand in the quality of ingredients that go into making them. They are already produced, and you buy them and then pay to have your brand label stuck on them. They are incredibly cheap products. Same with L’Ange and Bo Stegall hair products. That’s a whole other can o worms!

    • It’s not just about “cheap.” The owner of Steve Laurent/Faccia/DLS/Luna/I’m-probably-forgetting-some companies straight up lied to people about how these products were produced (there was some BS story about how she & her sister worked sooooo haaaaard to produce the formula for a Faccia skincare product; it was then discovered that the exact Faccia product was available from a private-label retailer on Alibaba). We’re talking about a product that was purchased for less than $2 a unit that was claimed to be worth $100 by Faccia & BoxyCharm.

      In addition, she posted some really gross racist/misogynistic stuff on her social media accounts, & when discovered, immediately locked her accounts & began accusing people of sending death threats, etc. and generally playing the victim. I don’t think she ever apologized for the offensive posts she made, & she doubled down on her lies by saying that the company that produced her private-label products “stole” her personal formula & were selling it without permission.

      So the reasons I personally do not want to support any of these brands/warn people away from these brands are: 1) with all these lies about the products, I cannot trust that they are safe to use, & 2) good old-fashioned capitalism & voting with my dollars to see that detestable people like this don’t make a profit off of me.

      • Can we give a round of applause for Marion! This is exactly how I feel and we should all look into our products to see the ‘story’ behind them. I want to give my money to brands like Monastery who create their own formula and have the experience to back it up. Not brands like SL who purchased their products from a wholesaler for cheap cheap cheap and then relabel it to make it look fancy.

      • Agree, Stephanie! I’m a huge proponent of voting with your dollar and I LOVE supporting companies that source, manufacture and conduct business ethically and sustainably whenever possible!

      • Stephanie, I agree. A round of applause for Marion for a well stated comment. I don’t take issue with private label cosmetics sourced from cheap wholesalers per se. They aren’t for me, but others may choose to use them. BUT I do take issue with being lied to, and with people who have very poor morals and ethics.

        PS to Marion – don’t forget Bang Beauty. And possibly Saint Luxe (although that one has been denied by DLS).

    • @Victoria I think anyone who has been immersed in sub boxes the last several months has been well aware that we are not always getting the same exact product that you would get for full RV at the store. What you’re completely missing is that when this company was asked about their products, they insisted that they were personally formulated. Which many of us know is untrue. When other companies have been called out on their sub box collabs, they have admitted that their formulas were approved to be imitated in 3rd party labs with either lesser quality ingredients or without some other ingredients. Facts are facts, but if you’d rather ignore them, then good luck to you.

  10. Yikes for Steve Laurant from!!! I just elected not to renew this sub (also just cancelled their sister one, Look Fantastic). What a ripoff. Elemis worth $14 made me laugh. I wonder if you even be able to see the container, it will probably have one drop of the product.

  11. Yep. DLS products add exactly $0 when I’m deciding the value of a box to me. I wanted to be wowed because I like the actual box designs. A palette is usually the big ticket item so I will likely be saving my money this month.

  12. The palette looks similar to others.

  13. I like both so far.

  14. Isn’t Steve Laurant one of the DLS brands that were found to be just cheap private label items from Ali Express with a brand and high price tag slapped on?

    • Indeed! Thank you for the reminder.

    • YUP!! It is. So glad i canceled.

      • Anybody wanted the PUR Barbie eyeshadow palette in Boxycharm but didn’t get it or didn’t get a palette at all (that would be me) on the PUR website you can get the palette for $15 instead of $35 by using the discount code Springcolors!! But they charge $6 for shipping and I didn’t bother trying to find out how much I’d have to spend to get free shipping but now that I think about it they have a gorgeous glowy blush/highlighter on sale for $15 in their sale section!!

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