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FabFitFun Winter 2021 Box: Re-Fills and Add-Ons

FabFitFun Summer Editor’s Box On Sale Now + Customization Spoilers!

ByMSAMay 17, 2020 | 65 comments

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1104 Ratings | 245 Reviews

FabFitFun has launched a new Editor’s Box!  Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (FabFitFun is regularly $49.95 a box.)

And we have the spoilers for the new Editor’s Box! Here are the two categories you can customize:

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • O By Oscar De La Renta Lana Aviator Sunglasses
  • Solluna By Kimberly Snyder Vibrating Facial Tool
  • Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono
  • Revive Light Therapy® Glō Wrinkle And Anti-Aging Light Device
  • Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion™
  • Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case
  • Donni. Ribbed Sweater Coat

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • Calpak Set Of 3 Packing Cubes In Sorbet
  • Nassifmd™ Detox Pads
  • Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia, Geranium Blossom
  • Grown Alchemist Detox Facial Night Cream
  • Twine Cheese Board With Plate
  • Summer & Rose Celine Crossbody

And you’ll get 6 products in addition to these 2 selections.

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box? New subscribers can use coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $39.95! (FYI – you will be able to customize your box AFTER you purchase it.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

"FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription that sends subscribers 6-8 items every season, worth up to $300 in value. Boxes include amazing products that are trend-savvy ranging from full-size skincare and beauty products, to wellness products, to accessories, to decor and more every season. Whi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I have tried to post the last three items but keeps deleting or blocking 🙁


Saw a FFF an ad for the summer editors box looks like everyone will get the Makeup Eraser, 2nd human kind body shuffle OR Spongelle, 3rd Color Switch OR Winky Lux Rainbow lip balm


I am already a subscriber but would like an editors box. Is there a way to get one?


Oftentimes they will sell the Editor’s box in the regular FFF Shop once all the Add-on sales are over for that season. Since there’s a “Surprise Sale” ending in a few hours I’m hoping the Editor’s box will be available to current members in the next week or so. I may try to find out through Live Chat. I want one as well, especially after other helpful MSA readers have shared so much spoiler info. (Thanks for the info we don’t usually get Coco!)
In the past if you’re an Annual member they’ve allowed you to make a choice from all five categories. In fact, if there’s an item from a previous box (like Summer) you missed you may be allowed to choose it through Live Chat if you get a good rep (most are great but a few don’t want to do anything “extra”) and it’s still in stock. The other option is to create another account which I have done before when necessary. You can do that and just cancel before the next billing date if need be.
Hope this helps and if I get more info I will post it.


If anyone is looking for a Donni sweater, i have one new, with tags, that I will never wear. I believe I’m on swap here, though I’ve never actually swapped through MSA.


I’m thinking of switching to annual to get the Amika. Is it still available?


It gave me a $125 mystery bundle and let me customize first 3 choices.

Aimee Layne

How long do you need to have the page open to do this? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! Lol


How did you manage that?


You have to open the page and then leave it open for a bit then this wheel will pop up and it will say spin to win. You’ll then enter your email and it’ll stop on $125 bonus and the proceed to place your order and it’ll let you customize all 3 after you place your order and select your add-ons.


Does anyone know if the Draper James tote is still available? I’m trying to reach a rep on Chat but there are 83 people ahead of me. I’ve tried every search I can think of on Instagram but can’t find spoilers for the Editors box beyond what’s already posted here. It’s pretty confusing because people are saying they got to choose from 3 categories but the site is only offering 2. I really wish I had remembered to order the Summer box before the hectic weekend I just had.


Just a warning…I ended up waiting in that long queue only to get a rep that just refused to answer this question. And while the language barrier may have had something to do with her taking a while to understand my question she did understand eventually. She just refused to check on this for me. All she would tell me is that the tote is not part of the Editor’s box. I explained I understood that and posed the question that if I purchased the Editor’s box and was able to add on a Summer box from the Add-on sale (it’s sold out now but we all know people dump their carts near the end of the sale and things become available again) would there at least be a possibility I would receive the tote (since you can’t choose any of your items if getting the box in the add-on sale). Perhaps this was confusing but I let her know that plenty of other reps have been checking inventory for particular items for other customers and that was all I needed. Is the tote completely sold out? Simple question and she just would not answer. I requested a supervisor and her response was that her manager would email me when he gets a chance. WOW. Funny how some people, including myself in years past, have such great experiences with their customer service and other folks end up wasting nearly an hour without getting anything but frustration and FFF loses a sale.


I forgot to properly warn everyone. If you get someone named “Genesis C” you should probably just get back in line.


Oops, I forgot I wanted to subscribe and the Summer box sold out lol. Bummer.


The site won’t let me post the rest of the spoilers here, but if you’re really curious you can find them on instagram under the #fabfitfun hashtag. There are a few posts showing the editor’s box with full spoilers for the 5 difference customizations.


I searched that hashtag and also searched fabfitfuneditorsbox and it’s not coming up. What else can I look under?


Reactivated an old account for this! That murad is my HG and I need to swap for more ASAP so I guess this is the next best thing! Honestly I would have paid $50 for it so basically the box is just a freebie. I did add on the sunnies though because here in SD you need about 3 in your car at all times.


I have a question. If I reactivate with this box, is this the first of my annual…or is it additional to my annual?

Lesly Lopez

Should be the first of the annual – it would replace the summer box. When I did it though, I wasn’t able to customize until I chatted with a CS rep. Just fyi!


Thank you, Lesly. I went ahead and subscribed, but I didn’t like how customization was shown until I gave them $. That’s business, I guess.


I’m so bummed. I wanted several things from the first 3 categories of the Summer box. But it would have cost as much as a whole new box to add them all on. I figured I would just wait and buy an additional Summer box from the FFF Shop. Of course it’s sold out now and the two items I planned to get in the second box (the Draper James tote and R+Co set) are gone so I can’t grab them by getting this box either. There were multiple versions of the previous boxes in the store so I foolishly assumed I would be able to just get another box. I wish I’d have just added all the other items I wanted and paid the additional $55. I still would’ve been getting a good discount.


I’m kicking myself in the *ss for not ordering the summer box earlier! I really wanted the R + Co set, cooler and the pottery barn diffuser. All categories were amazing. I’m so disappointed in myself….argh

Thai An Kim

Causebox is having a diffuser in their summer 2020 box and they work with some great companies and has good customer service.


Hey, I just had FOMO just like you, so I just did live Chat just now with a super nice Rep name EVAN and he was able to change my sub to the Summer box, although some items in have been sold out, but the Diffuser (which I picked) and the cooler are still available. So give them a try. 🙂


Forgot to say that R+CO is sold out.


I’m getting the cooler and really have no use for it. So if you have something you want to trade for it, please let me know! [and I don’t care if it’s the same dollar amount or whatever, I would rather have something I’ll use!]


Does FFF tend to repeat items?


With the spring box they started offering “throwbacks” (aka items from prior boxes) as customization options (in addition to new items). So no repeats unless you specifically choose one while customizing.


Thanks for letting me know!


The editors boxes also contain items from prior boxes.


I hope they continue to do that. I’m a new subscriber and it would be nice to add-on products from former seasons.


Yay I just ordered! I was able to use the coupon and I was able to choose from the first 3 categories without signing up for the full year. I also added on a couple items for $10. This looks like a great box!


Can you use the coupon if you reactivate?


I just asked customer service what the products were in the 5 choice categories and they sent me photos!
I purchased a box and 3 extra choices 🙂


Can you please share what they are? I’ve been searching and searching as someone above commented that you can find them ig but I’ve had no luck. Just need to see if it’s worth it to sign up for it or not.


Please share info about the choices. Thanks!!


Were you able to do this as a seasonal?


What were they?


When I go to reactivate, it says ‘reactivate now to get the Winter Box’. Help! I don’t want to reactivate unless I get the Editors Box. Will it switch to this one once I reactivate?


Don’t know what just happened…. I reactivated got charged 49.99 and couldn’t customize anything…. I may be very disappointed. I wanted the sweater and the cheese board


Same thing happened to me. I used the customer service chat option online and they were amazing! They manually chose the items I wanted for me on the spot.


Uhh…I have the sweater and it’s ug-LEE. Yeah sure, it’s comfy and I wear it to walk my dog, but stylish, it ain’t. Just know what it is you’re getting.


Sandra, I could not agree more. I took a chance on it and, well, big fail for me. I can’t even bring myself to wear it around the house. I look like an escaped mental patient. Maybe if it was belted or defined the waist in any way I could tolerate it. I will try to swap it – I’ve seen plenty of people posting that they enjoy it. More power to them!

Paula S

haha, I’m wearing it right now – as lounge wear. It’s just a thin cotton, good for wearing around the house. It’s thin cotton. I don’t think it’s ugly, it’s just very causal and unflattering. But i get far more use out of it than the vast majority of all my other FFF items (same with my slippers!).


Same thing happened to me…the cs was fast and friendly…gave me the $10 off and let me pick my first 3 items.


Hey! You can contact CS live chat to make your selections. Also, they’ll let you pick the first 3 cats as a seasonal (on the site it only shows 2). I customized mine on Saturday via chat & used code MSA to get $10 off too. The other 3 cats are pretty good options too. Just be sure to contact them now b4 they start processing your box. Hope this helps 😊!


Reach out to Customer Service via live chat on the FFF homepage and they should be able to let you enter your choices!!


Diana, contact them by the chat or help feature…I did the same thing…they gave me $10 off plus let me choose 3 customizations instead of 2 . Very helpful!!!


What was the third customization choices?


Same thing for me. I was able to customize 3 items. It was there on the screen, before I even entered credit card information. Plus, I was able to add items for $10 that I did choose, so it was a great deal. I’m thrilled that I didn’t do the bundle deal. I like these items much better, plus $10 off, able to add the items that I didn’t add as my choice. I’m able to shop the Add On sale. I’m a happy camper.


Murad and Calpak for me, but I’ll wait a bit longer… Maybe the third customization will call my name. If not, then pass.

To my taste, the Editor’s Boxes are better than the regular boxes… I don’t mind that it’s leftovers.


I’m not usually a huge fan of FFF, but this looks like a really good box. The Too Faced moisturizer is actually pretty good, and so is the amika dry shampoo.


I just wanted to say that I Live in my Donni sweater. I highly recommend choosing that. I was a total snob when I opened it and didn’t think I would wear it. Then one day I wanted my iPhone with me and my pants didn’t have pockets, so I put the sweater on to pop my iPhone in the pocket. It is the absolute perfect house sweater. I literally have worn it everyday since I first put it on (unless it’s in the wash.) It’s so soft and light weight. In my top 10 most used subscriptions box items of all time.


I am right there with you! I saw numerous unboxings before I got mine and I was not impressed with how it looked when everyone took it out and put it on. It took me a little while before I actually put mine on and it has been my almost constant companion ever since. And you are spot on – the pockets are the best!


That’s awesome to know! I picked that one for my customization – can’t wait.


I love my Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case, if anyone is considering it. Not like we’re traveling now, but it’s the perfect size for my entire travel-size skincare/ hygiene routine, and even fits some full-size products alongside, and snacks too. Plus tea bags, tissues, hairties and clips in the smallest compartment. And I love being able to hang it on a doornob/ on a closet bar. The design isn’t something I would have chosen (being of pragmatic sensibilities and generally non-frilly), but it doesn’t detract from the convenience.

I would say it’s a warmer and more saturated pink in person than the unostentatious lavender-blush shown in the pic, if it matters to you.


Are the items pictured what we will receive in this box?


Read the post. It’s explained in the post.


Hey, I really wanted this box as well since I missed out on the Donni sweater and the detox pads really wanted them so thought this was great.
I am an annual subscriber but opened up a new account was only able to customize three items which is a bummer but i have not subscribed to FFF in the past so all of the items in all categories are new to me.


I want to pick up the editors box but I was told that existing members won’t get it. I also was told this was for reactivated, new members who have not gotten the summer box since the summer box was sold out. I would like to get the editors box but the chat person told me it’s not for existing members since we have our own specific date. Please correct me if I am wrong, if you got the box as an existing member. Thanks 🙂


The editors box is not part of a subscription. You’d be able to get one as an existing member by creating a second account, or see if it’s offered in the shop or in an upcoming sale.


Mel just became an annual member starting with the summer box, the GWP $200 bundle really got me! Usually I had watched from afar hopefully the boxes are as good as I have seen 🙂


Hey, I really wanted this box as well since I missed out on the Donni sweater and the detox pads really wanted them so thought this was great.
I am an annual subscriber but opened up a new account was only able to customize three items which is a bummer but i have not subscribed to FFF in the past so all of the items in all categories are new to me.

Kelly Barnhill

I have no use for that sweater


How can you be an annual subscribed and also not have been a subscriber in the past?

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.