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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box Spoilers: Customization 1 Choices

FabFitFun Summer Editor’s Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

We have FULL spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer Editor’s Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Chelsea and Coco!)

Now through May 25th, use this link and coupon code GIVEME125 to get a FREE Mystery Bundle ($125+ value) from FabFitFun!

Or, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (FabFitFun is regularly $49.95 a box.)

Here are the categories you can customize:

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • 1A. O by Oscar de la Renta Lana Aviator Sunglasses $58
  • 1B. Solluna by Kimberly Snyder Vibrating Facial Tool $40
  • 1C. Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono $60
  • 1D. reVive Light Therapy® Glō Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Light Device $68
  • 1E. Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion™ $78
  • 1F. Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case $50
  • 1G. DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat $99

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • 2A. CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet $40
  • 2B. NassifMD™ Detox Pads $45
  • 2C. Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia, Geranium Blossom $49
  • 2D. Grown Alchemist Detox Facial Night Cream $125
  • 2E. Twine Cheese Board with Plate $30
  • 2F. Summer & Rose Celine Crossbody* $58

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • 3A. Carolee Daisy Bracelet $40
  • 3B. CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane Round Bezel Necklace $59
  • 3C. BaubleBar Farah Ear Crawlers $34
  • 3D. xo, Sienna Letter Board $35
  • 3E. Generation Clay™ Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask $39
  • 3F. Too Faced Hangover Good To Go Skin Protecting SPF 25 Moisturizer* $34
  • 3G. Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops $55


Customize Items (Select Members Can Choose):

  • 4A. Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask $39.99
  • 4B. Cuccio Somatology CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash $39.95
  • 4C. amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo* $25
  • 4D. HydroPeptide® Bambusa Blackhead Banisher $22
  • 4E. Stone Street Soaphouse Hay Ho! Wholesome Body Cream $25

Customize Items (Select Members Can Choose):

  • 5A. Skinvolve Body Boost Gel $45
  • 5B. Moroccan Gold Series Leave-In Mask $39
  • 5C. Understated Leather Embellished Wooden Brush with Velvet Pouch in Blush $30
  • 5D. Cosmedix Pure C $54

FabFitFun Picks (FabFitFun will pick 3 items from this category):

  • 1. MakeUp Eraser in Original Pink $20
  • 2. AVEDA damage remedy™ daily hair repair* $31
  • 3. LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt $28
  • 4. APTO Skincare Mist Set in Turmeric & Pomegranate $14
  • 5. Spongellé Body Wash Infused Buffer in Black Orchid $16
  • 6. Human + Kind Body Soufflé $18.50
  • 7. Avène Thermal Spring Water* $14
  • 8.WINKY LUX Rainbow Lip Balm $18
  • 9. Vera Mona Color Switch® Solo $16.99
  • 10. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask in Gold 6 Pack $25

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box?

Now through May 25th, use this link and coupon code GIVEME125 to get a FREE Mystery Bundle ($125+ value) from FabFitFun!

Or, use coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $39.95! (FYI – you will be able to customize your box AFTER you purchase it.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!


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Written by MSA


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Comments (63)

  1. Brand new subscriber – summer editors box was my first one. It contained :
    Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion™ (choice)
    CALPAK Set Of 3 Packing Cubes In Sorbet (choice)
    Too Faced Hangover Good To Go Skin Protecting SPF 25 Moisturizer (choice)
    Moroccan Gold Series Leave-In Mask
    Winky Lux Rainbow Lip Balm
    Stone Street Soaphouse Hay Ho! Wholesome Body
    Human + Kind Body Soufflé
    MakeUp Eraser In Original Pink

  2. I just chatted with FFF (Friday, July 3 @ 2:45 PM EST). As of right now, the following items are no longer in stock or available for selection:

    NassifMD™ Detox Pads
    Twine Cheese Board with Plate
    HydroPeptide® Bambusa Blackhead Banisher
    Stone Street Soaphouse Hay Ho! Wholesome Body Cream and Moroccan Gold Series Leave-In Mask!
    Solluna by Kimberly Snyder Vibrating Facial Tool
    O by Oscar de la Renta Lana Aviator Sunglasses

    • Thank you!

    • I got the Blackhead Banisher in my box that shipped last week. It’s the one thing from that category I would have rather not had so of course it’s exactly what I got lol.

  3. My editor’s box was totally worth it! Valued at $600 for $39.99?! I’m not going to complain!

  4. I would so love the editors box!! Only thing is that I have 90 percent of the items.. I’d probably not get anything new to me so I will have to pass.. This is a great value for new subscribers though!!!

  5. Well, it seems that some of us are on a different page. The Events calendar on the FFF site clearly states the the Edit Sale starts June 16. Of course, there has been the Summer Sale, Surprise sale, etc. Am I missing something?!

  6. I have an annual subscription and I did order this box. I got the Gold Vibrating Facial Tool, felt board, and cheese board. I am excited to use the gold vibrating facial tool because it’s great to drain your lymphatic system and contour your face. In the past I have gotten the Packing cubes which I am using to organize my clothes in my dresser drawers. I also have the Pink Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case and I love it. It is very nice quality. I have the crawler earrings and the are very beautiful. The items I don’t like are the Generation Clay Mask and the NassifMD Detox Pads because they felt like they were burning my face. I do have sensitive skin. I heard the Revive Glo Device leaves ring in your skin if you keep treating the same place on your face. I also did not like the Grown Alchemist Day Cream because it felt a little itchy on my face. I have had the Black Spiritual Gangster Robe in the past and I did not like it on myself. The robe did fit me, but I didn’t really think it was that fashionable. Maybe if it did not have that belt and it just hung on you like a cardigan it would have been nicer. I am a plus size girl and a pear shape. I wear size 20 pants.

  7. I reactivated. I picked the Glo, Packing cubes, earrings, dry Shampoo, and hairbrush. I am really hoping for the anti-aging balm as one of my additional items! There are a few others I prefer over the other her items but only really care about that one…

  8. When the eyelash serum was not available from Boxycharm, I decided to take a break and move on to FFF. I am on total makeup and skincare overload anyway. This will be my first FFF box.
    The 3 items I chose are :
    —-Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion™ $78
    (I would have chosen the sunglasses, but adjustable nose pieces and me don’t get along!)
    —-CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet $40
    (I used packing cubes for every trip I go on – have done so for years, and these are pretty!!)
    —- Too Faced Hangover Good To Go Skin Protecting SPF 25 Moisturizer* $34
    ** And we shall see what other goodies FFF decides to put in the box.

  9. I had a weird reaction to the generation clay mask (red and itchy) and I couldn’t figure out which ingredient did that. Anyone with sensitive skin should be careful

    • I also had a weird reaction to the generation clay mask. I chose the moisturizer.

  10. This is the most recycled product selection ever

    • So agree! I’ve canceled my subscription. It’s like we’re getting leftovers. By the time seasonal members are able to select, the annual members have wiped out the best selections.

      • I totally agree.

    • I honestly cannot believe they still have this stuff sitting around. A lot of this is from Fall 2019. There is no “Editor” working here – this is a warehouse inventory dump. Those ear crawlers are awful. Such junk.

  11. Is making another account worth it? I really want toe light therapy device and feel like this may be my only opportunity to try something so expensive that has been on my Beauty Wishlist. Has anyone tried it?
    This looks completely different from the Summer Box. I am tempted to create another account to get both boxes. Wish I could just order through my current account since I would be more comfortable doing it that way.
    How are their Mystery Bundles? I got a mystery bundle coming with my first box. Excited for surprises.
    Last question, does anyone know about the $5 boxes you can send to a friend? I am sending one to my mom. She wants this box though. Will she be able to get the $5 welcome box and sign up for this box too, at the same time?
    Thanks for the info and deals MSA and awesome MSA community! I took a break from sub boxes for a couple years dealing with medical things, but have missed trying new things and reviewing boxes and can’t wait to re-launch my socials to share the journey of rediscovering self care.

    • If that’s the only product you are interested in, you can find it on EBay.

    • There are a lot of groups in Facebook where people sell their unwanted subscription box items. In fact many people buy multiple subscriptions and sell off the excess in those groups to cover the costs. Stuff is sold way under retail and the groups have rules for safe selling. It might be worth checking out before investing in another sub.

    • I used my device exactly as directed for 2 days before it completely quit on me. Changing the batteries didn’t work nor did just giving the thing a rest (that it shouldn’t have needed.) It has a warranty but it costs you $20 for them to actually honor it and fix or replace it. I was so disappointed as I too had been wanting to try a device like that for a while but couldn’t justify spending the money. I should’ve known when I took it out of the box because it felt super light and cheap but I tried to be positive. So please don’t subscribe for that product alone. And don’t waste your money on EBay unless you get it for very cheap. I mean it is possible I got a lemon but like I said just holding it in your hand it just doesn’t seem like the quality is there. I concluded that it just a mini version of the larger product that’s probably a much better product.

      Oh and also be aware that due to the fact that it’s quite small it takes a long time to use if you have several (small) areas to treat. If you wanted to treat all or most of your face it would be a major time commitment. It might not be hard to do right now (unless you have kids) but when the world reopens completely I imagine it would be quite difficult.

  12. Has anyone signed up with the mystery bundle? Do you know what you’re getting?

    • I just signed up for the Summer Editors box. It allowed me to only customize 2 choices…. Then when I checked back, every choice said “surprise me”!!! Sad…I also used the promo code for the free mystery box worth $125….but don’t have a CLUE as to what I will be getting – or when. Let me know, if anyone finds out!

      • I had signed up for a year, to get the mystery bundle. The $125 mystery bundle is that hair mask, they are selling for $9, a foot exfoliating cream that they are selling for $9 and a post workout set, selling for $19. It’s a deodorant and two other small things.
        The $125 is the “potential” retail value that the items never ever sold for. So your $125 mystery gift can be bought for $37 from the FFF website.
        I was so mad that I cancelled my entire yearly sub and add ons. You get better items from the $5 mystery box. I was lucky and found most of the add on items elsewhere…for a lower cost.
        If 3 product from previous years is worth it, then do it. For me personally I felt ripped off. I already had 2 of the leave in hair masks. If anyone pays $39 per bottle I’ll sell you mine haha
        That’s the retail price they list…they sell it for $9 tho

      • What is the editors box and how do you sign up for it?

  13. Ugh, I USED to love editors boxes – but this looks like a bunch of ISH they found from last years warehouse move… FabFitFun’s curation looks to be a thing of the past…

    • I already have two kimono things their choice. They dont even fit me since I washed them. Just no

  14. I got the Spiritual Gangster kimono last year and it is complete junk… ripped pocket, torn seams, fraying edges. It was the last straw for me with FFF; I canceled and haven’t missed it. So much of this stuff is from last spring and summer.

    • Yep exactly. Totally worthless. The robe I cant even give them away

      • I actually live in my spiritual gangster robe! It’s held up pretty well and that says a lot because I do my evening farm chores in it. If you had an unused one available I’d be interested

  15. Does anyone have any input on the Glo Device, the Donni Cardigan or the cheese plate? I canceled my FFF membership over a year ago so many of these items I do not have. Was thinking to grab this one!

    • I received the Donnie Cardigan and it’s cute, just not for me. I could always sell it to you for cheap if you’d like!

      • Sara- what does the cardigan look like?

    • The cheese plate is really great! I’ve been using it a lot recently. It’s def a 1-2 person item though.

    • I have the Glo device, and I’ve used it a few times in my eye area. It’s easy to use, and I love it. I’m 42, and I don’t have crow’s feet or wrinkles, but I did have a fine line under one of my eyes, and I can’t see it anymore, so I hope this is helping, and I’ll continue using it. I wipe it off with alcohol wipes after each use.

    • I wear the Donni cardigan a lot! It’s so easy to throw on. It’s packed away for the summer, but will be well used come next fall.

    • I got the Glo Device and it stopped working almost immediately. FFF sent me a replacement and that one worked better, then died. So either it kills batteries SUPER fast or they got a bunch of defective ones. BUT I do think it really works and see results from it, so might be worth a gamble.

      • Mine died after 2 days. I tried replacing the batteries to no avail. I didn’t think FFF would help figuring they’d just direct me to the manufacturer. It does come with a warranty but since you still have to pay $20 for them to repair or replace it I just chucked mine in the trash. I was so bummed because I had been wanting this type of device for years but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.

    • I love this cheese plate and actually bought more during a sale to gift.

  16. I wish they would just sell mystery boxes from time to time like popsugar used to do!

  17. I don’t even understand where I can get the editors Box I search through the site I cannot find it

    • From what I was told though customer service, the summer box was sold out so they made an editors box for those who wanted a summer box they would get the editors instead of the regular box. If existing members want the box, would have to wait till they add it on sale or shop section. Again, that’s what was told to me through customer service.

      • But by the time we get to pick all of the wanted items are sold out as options. If you want to get the box you have to sign up with another email address.

  18. What does the asterisk (*) next to some of the products mean?

    • I thought I was the only one!!!

    • Shipping restrictions!

    • It could mean a few different things; 1. Limited quantity aka ur probably not gonna get it
      2. Could be for select members (that way you buy ur sub in full and get stuck with it for the entire year
      3. Sometimes it means that item (s) are picked by them
      4. You might be able to add it at first but if its sold out before you finalize ur order u won’t get it..
      5. I’ve also noticed it can mean that all members will receive that particular product
      Those have been my experiences with the * items it could be something completely different but from my experience it basically means good luck except something different or if it’s an add on you paid extra for it means (at least my experience) expect a refund because its not going to come
      But who knows I feel they change what anything means at each sale.. if what is pictured as this summer edit box these are nothing but leftover products from 3yrs ago up until the last box (the too faced product (s) were in the summer box but I don’t believe everyone was able to add them as extra customizations they did things different this summer box there were 5 customizations for annual members and after those were selected you had the option to purchase I believe it was 3 additional bundled items it could have been 4 not really sure but the too faced products was a set of two items after the add on’s opened for everyone I was told they sold one of the 2 too faced products but my friend didn’t see the second product but she added the too faced products with her summer customizations plus they had a 3pc face mask set and sanitizer but I forgot what else they offered to the annual members as additional customizations.
      I do know they sold the mask set and sanitizer as a bundle once the add on’s were opened to all members. But she said it seemed like they were trying to get rid of excess stock because they sold select items in multiple quantities such as a bracelet or some piece of jewelry you could pick if you wanted there or five of the same items I believe she said certain products you could purchase more quantities of the same products. Maybe they want their customers to start making boxes lol..
      Anyway I hoped that helps even though it really doesn’t answer ur question directly since each box and items that can mean just about anything… my friend still loves the box and wants me to rejoin but I don’t need any more product from brands that I don’t like and not be able to get the items that I want and or use before they had a subscription box… but to each their own I don’t judge what makes people happy I’m happy the members that stay are happy with their selection.
      She also told me that they have 3 add on sales per each box for the season and in between they now have themed sales the last one was every Kate like Kate Spade and Kate Summerville and some were Katie’s picks or favorites lol but she said she logged on the minute it opened and almost every was already sold out… so who knows what their *’s actually mean anymore;)

  19. So this is only for new Subscribers- existing subscribers cant get this. Right?

    • You can open a new account with a new email if you want it, that’s what I ended up doing since this is my first time with FFF & had missed out on past items. Plus, the add on items were like $10!!

  20. There is a lot of options that were in boxes a year ago or more. Some skincare is not so great if stored improperly. I would check everything when it arrived for quality.

  21. Some of the sections say “select members can choose”. Does anyone know what the requirements are for choosing?

    • Select is their terminology for annual.

    • Select members fall in their annual membership category. These members can choose up to 5 items per box whereas seasonal members can choose only 3. The benefit of being seasonal is that you can cancel at anytime (annuals pay up front). BUT annuals can now skip one box per year. Annuals get earlier access to add ons, customization and shipping. Hope this helps Jackie!!

      • I just signed up for annual last month. I’m so confused. Never ordered FFF before. I didn’t get to choose ANYTHING. I got one box that said it was over $400, but it was full of alot of full size soon care products in it. I get that from Ipsy…didn’t expect it from FFF.

  22. This books looks pretty great, though as a subscriber for over three years, I actually already have most of these items that I would want. I would normally jump on this anyway (great value!), but decided to subscribe to Popsugar and Cause Box for the Summer boxes, and don’t even have my Summer FFF box yet. Hopefully I can continue to resisit temptation!

    • Good for you! Your discipline inspires me to try harder to resist the good deal 🙂

      • No discipline! I picked up TWO new subscriptions this season. Just trying to avoid falling too far down the rabbit hole of great deals!

  23. Does it work for everyone or only new members?
    I cancelled my subscription some time ago and would like to buy it one time, or isn’t it possible? I can’t see it when I click on the link (and I am logged in).

    • Make a new account

  24. Ugh, I should have held out for the editors box. It’s my first time subscribing too. I’ve never thought that to myself before either. Oh well.

  25. Is the sweater coat still available as a choice?

    • Was when I bought a couple of hours ago

    • Be careful! I ordered the sweater coat and just got my box and it had a Donni Cardigan with stripes instead. Very thin and not long like the other one. I’m super disappointed.

  26. I think I’ll bite! Definitely worth $50 (with the extra bundle items). Thank you MSA for giving the details!

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