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FabFitFun Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer 2020 box!

Choice 1 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

1A. Draper James Straw Bag with Floral Scarf $75

1B. L*SPACE Tie Dye Towel $58

1C. Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice* $59

1D. Yumi Kim Wireless Charging Pad $35

1E. Do Not Age with dr. brandt® TRIPLE PEPTIDE EYE CREAM $82

1F. LashesMD® Eyelash Conditioner $69.95

Choice 2 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

2A. Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet $78

2B. Business & Pleasure Co.™ Cooler Bag $59

2C. HydroPeptide® Moisture Reset Face Oil $120

2D. Isaac Mizrahi Blue and White Kimono $59

2E. R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner $64

Choice 3 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

3A. The Giving Keys Mini Key Necklace $45

3B. COOLA® Mineral Face Organic Matte Finish Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30* $36 U.S. only.

3C. COOLA® Mineral Face Matte Finish Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30* $36 Canada only.

3D. TOMS Sydney Sunglasses $58

3E. BLAQ Peel Off Mask + HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid $59

3F. Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream $65

3G. Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler $23

Only Select Members get to customize these options in their box. Otherwise, FabFitFun will choose the best option for you.

4A. Terre Mère Aloe and Tea Tree Toner* $54

4B. Zoë Ayla® Ice Roller $30

4C. Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve $29.50

Choice 5 – Select Members Only Select Members get to customize these options in their box. Otherwise, FabFitFun will choose the best option for you.

5A. Isaac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vase $28

5B. The Lyfestyle Co. Beach Mist $42

5C. amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray $25

5D. grace & stella Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum $25

FFF’s Pick

FabFitFun will surprise you with three items from this category.

1. Riddle™ Oil Original Roll On $50

2. WINKY LUX Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil $16

3. Cali Cosmetics Foot Cream with Menthol in Tarocco $24

4. MakeupDrop™ Hybrid Makeup Applicator $20

5. Murad® Essential-C Cleanser $40

6. Spongellé Coconut Verbena Hand Cream $18

7. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack $25

What do you think about the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (193)

  1. I didn’t even pay attention to the prices when I ordered, just went with things I’d actually use. Interestingly, I chose the “cheapest” item in each category. I’d never pay $75 bucks for that bag or $78 for a pleather passport cover. But for the total actual cost, I’m happy with a cooler bag, pillow case, charger pad, etc.

    • I think you’re doing it just right!! Who cares if something is retail $100+ if I don’t want or like it?? I chose the “cheaper” items, too (other than the goat milk cream). For example, I’d rather have the ice roller than the toner any day, even if it’s half the price. It’s all about what you want or want to try, not the “retail” values.

  2. Didn’t finish revising my add ons in time so now I’m getting $350 worth of extra items…in the middle of this pandemic. And no responses in 3 days from FFF customer service. Thank goodness this is the last one in my annual subscription! Watch out for those automatic charges.

    • That is a huge bummer but they aren’t really automatic charges, they do tell you everywhere on the site that they will charge the items in your cart on a certain date…. I don’t think you’ll have any luck getting your money back. They give people ample time to edit their carts.

    • Evelyn, use the cat feature and let them know what happened, they should remove the products and charges for you!

      • ***chat feature

    • I made that mistake last time and they were so sweet and completely adjusted it for me. I’m sure they will be happy to help especially with what is going on in the world. It’s so easy to forget things these days when we have more serious issues on our minds. I agree, if you can’t get through on the phone lines try the chat option. Good luck!

  3. I officially canceled my membership before this box. I looked at the items and everything is “imported”/made in China. I’m going to be a better shopper from here on out. Going to search for made in USA sub boxes. After this quarantine and the trouble we’ve had getting items because they are made elsewhere, I’m over it.

    • Agreed 100% 🇺🇸

    • I have been thinking exactly the same thing! 🇺🇸

  4. I am still waiting on a “fit” item.. They did a survey asking what we would like to see in future boxes and I have yet to see anything that is from the fit category!! VERY disappointed in that.. In a few of the choices, I am thinking of picking items for gifts.. Nothing I don’t already have in most choices.. I expected a little bit of bright fun stuff.. Nothing fun here.

    I couldn’t even pick the sunglasses if I wanted to because I wear prescription glasses.. They are not that “fab NOR fun” to me.

    Love FFF but this box doesn’t wow me.. The only thing I KNOW I will pick, is that cooler bag. I could really use that.. All else.. meh.


  5. Tired of all the eye masks! I got both of the ones offered in this box. They’re a gimmick. Also tired of items that the retail value is listed at some crazy price that you know that you would never pay if you bought it outside of a sub box. I honestly haven’t loved a box in over a year. I feel like they are really doing a hard push for people to convert from seasonal to annual by having crappier items they select.

  6. I love that this box is quarterly as well. One thing I think people get hooked upon is that is a “Seasonal” box and want more seasonal items. I think FFF will never be able to please everyone and I like having more “treat yourself this season” items than seasonal decor.

  7. Really not a fan of spongelle since they’re one of the few brands who still puts sulfates in their products

    • And I’m really tired of getting spongelle products! Enough already…

    • I think they are overrated too. It is so crazy expensive for what it is made of. Do people really pay full price for it?

  8. This is going to be my last box. I’ve been subscribing for a couple years and the last few boxes, I’ve had issues with them getting my items wrong and 2x they overcharged me. Like today, they charged me to renew my annual which wouldn’t be until Fall. I waited and waited only to be told they would get back to me in 24-72hrs after the “team” looks into it. This was my 3rd time contacting them in 5 days bc my choices kept changing on their own and I fixed them no less than 10x. And when select opened, I couldn’t even get past customization 2. Took me forever and then to have the site change it…,if this was a one time thing, I wouldn’t mind but being charged for an annual sub today, being charged for add-ons I deleted last season and not being given credit I was promised twice…I’m done.

    • I also canceled in January because the boxes all seemed to follow the same genre. There’s always a cozy item (scarf/throw/slippers/poncho/socks) , a household item (incense/candle/frame), 2-3 (hair/face items), a bathing item and a tech item.

      After being annual for 3 years, I realized that I had product OVERLOAD and there’s NO WAY I could ever use all that stuff, plus people were getting tired/overwhelmed when I gave it to them! TBH I DO subscribe to other boxes—FFF wasn’t the only one canceled.
      Time to take a break for me… guess the Quarantine
      made me realize how much STUFF I have and really don’t use or enjoy, it was just taking up space. Time to whittle down and enjoy my FAVORITE throw, mask or tech items.

      • I found myself on overload after 6 months, with no more than 2 boxes per months ( I pause around depends on the spoilers). Once you have reached overload it is very hard to find joy getting more stuff. I do love that I have discovered a lot of products that I loved and can’t live without, but I am definitely no as excited to try new things at the moment because of that. I do resell a lot of my stuff to but that almost turn into a full time job that is not very profitable. And I am still on overload…

  9. I wonder if we’ll get one of the high value items and two of the lower valued items. I don’t use any brow products but I would be happy with any of the products really.

  10. When is it revealed on our accounts which FFF picks we’ll be receiving?

    • I don’t think we know until we get our box. I’ve been a subscriber off and on for several years and I can’t remember ever finding out before I actually received it. I could be wrong though. There might be a way I don’t know about like some feature on the website I’ve overlooked. But I can’t remember anyone commenting on the items FFF picked for them until they had their box already. I wish we could find out this time for sure. Normally I love surprises but with these items I would love to be prepared for which stinkers I’ll be getting. That way I could get my disappointment and frustration out of the way so it doesn’t take away any fun or joy from the rest of the box that I got to customize myself.

      • I seem to remember being able to see it on your account once the box has actually shipped. You’ll see a link that says “reveal” or something. I think… lol.

    • Soooo…this has literally never happened…until now. Yesterday I got an email that my summer box had shipped. I didn’t see it until today and when I went into my account, the reveal button was there. Very surprised and pleased at the quick shipping this time around. I only did one add on this time…normally I do too many! LOL. I also choose a surprise me for one category. My surprise me was the satin pillowcase and the last three FFF picks were the foot cream, Winky Lux brow pencil and Spongelle cream. I was happy with all and would have picked those items myself. Hope everyone loves their box and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.💗💗💗

  11. FabFitFun, if you’re reading this, please make the surprise additions the same for everyone. Box envy is not a good look. 😖

    • Agreed — in fact, this new random distribution and the recent addition of repeat (throwback) items are why I did not renew my annual subscription.

  12. I really really really hope I get the perfume oil !

  13. Am I the only one that thinks the variations in value are really extreme? Even for the 3 FFF choices, you could get a $16 brow pencil or $50 perfume oil.

    • That’s exactly what I thought too!! If they’re going to do this, then they need to make sure everyone gets a high price item. Fingers crossed for anything but those eye masks…..they’re in so many different boxes!

    • Except that I’d hate the perfume oil and love the eyebrow pencil… They can’t please everyone!

    • Value for me is in whether I would use the item or not. I would use a $16 eyebrow pencil but not the perfume oil… so I would much rather have the pencil over the oil.

  14. I love the different customization options for the Summer box, and I hope I’ll get the eyebrow pencil, the perfume oil, and the Spongellé hand cream as FFF picks!

  15. I am getting two items from each category and from the FFF picks, I’m hoping for the Murad cleanser, Universal Brow pencil, and Wander eye masks. It makes me laugh to see what people would hate and love to get. The perfume or beauty blender would be UGH products to me, but I see many people would love to get the perfume. It is what it is! I can’t wait to get my box!!!

  16. I will be happy with anything except the makeup silicone drop or the eye masks. I will probably get them just because I said that!

    • Hahaha, jinx! Omgosh, same lol

    • lol I would have really wanted the eye masks. I buy them regularly, they are awesome

  17. I feel like this was really the moment when I realized I was middle aged, cause I’m like oh man, please let me get another hand cream for my alligator hands hahahaha

    • Anyone who’s engaging in frequent handwashing these days is likely to have alligator hands. Reptiles unite! 😂

    • A lot of people young and older got dry hands from washing them every 10 min. I got a Cela Cream in the add on and I could use the Spongelle Hand Cream as well. And what I really want is the Murad Cleanser. I was very unhappy with the FFF pick for the Spring Box. The issue is that it’s not equitable from box to box, so it just creates more boxy envy/negativity/borderline anger amongst members and additional costs to get what you really want through trades (if you want to bother with that).

  18. Actually I’m okay with this box, FabFitFun lost my trust because they SEVERELY over-inflate the value of any in-house item (like a cheap polyester scarf they claimed was worth $75). They’d claim they have this box full of amazing things, but you’d get maybe 1 item worth $30 that made any sense, and the rest were all actual junk (that’s not me having an opinion about a product, that’s me saying they’re marketing a low-quality Dollar Store trinket under their house brand as an expensive retail item). But this box has a lot of of brands that are familiar, and products that are trust-worthy. That definitely makes a big difference for me and I hope there is more of this coming in future boxes.

  19. While all the extras are nice items with my lock with these boxes I’ll end up getting the brow pencil, sponge and eye patches….. all items i will never use. Would love the murad and Spongellé cream. The other two I am indifferent about. Fingers crossed!!

    • With my luck I’ll get the eye patches bc I’m allergic to gold! I’m really not feeling this box. I feel that they got better for one season and it’s heading downhill again.

      • I disagree! This box is amazing!

        Though I have been liking only every other season. Last fall was okay but I LOVED the winter box, and then this spring was okay but I LOVE this summer box.

        Glad I got a perfume roller as an add on since like you guys I’ll probably be stuck with what I don’t want (the makeup applicator and eyebrow pencil).

  20. I even emailed them and asked if I could for sure get one of the items as I use it regularly and they said no, we have people that pick. I wanted that Murad!

  21. I think I want the cheapest 3 items lol 😂
    I really want the winky lux product because I love that brand. I would also like the spongelle hand cream and the wander beauty eye masks. I’ve gotten those eye masks before and I LOVE them. I’ve been a member for so long though I doubt I’ll get them.
    Honestly I just don’t want the makeup drop or the murad cleanser. The makeup drop is not appealing and I just have too many cleansers to try right now. I don’t like to try cleansers I probably wouldn’t repurchase at full price. $30 is kind of my max for a cleanser. Everything else I would be fine with. Even if I get the cleanser, I could give it to my mom because she would probably like to try it. Just no makeup drop please.

  22. This is shaping up to be a good box for me. Happy with my choices and good with any of the FFF picks. I would really love to try the Riddle oil – sounds interesting.

  23. I’m excited! I would be happy with any of the fff picks except the perfume! If I get that then I guess I will have a present for someone!

  24. I am excited for this box. I might be in the minority but I managed to find things in each category I am happy to get and far too many addons. The value for the price of the box is very high. I’m looking forward to getting it.

  25. I am new to FFF. What are the odds there is a bigger coupon and by then will there be any choices left? Thank you!

    • Probably not great. If you can afford an annual subscription, I highly recommend it. Being able to choose five of the products greatly improves satisfaction with the box!

  26. way too much makeup stuff, which with current working from home is the last thing i need. sigh.

  27. I love the choices I made. Im glad I’m a select member and had more options. I’m not thrilled with any of the FFF picks selections.

    Hot take: Universal brow pencils are never universal unless it actually changes color on your face, which would be sorcery.

    I will be super happy with my adorable bag, cooler, etc and whatever FFF decides to bless me with is extra.

  28. I hate the hodge podge clearance bin FabFitFun is turning out to be. They were great when they had one hero item (like the ruana, poncho, and the Foreo. I used to love this box, but now I’ve switched to Causebox. I hope they go back to their old way of doing things.

  29. What are select members? I am annual

    • Select = Annual

      • Jackie I am annual actually was for two years. Let it expire in the Spring because I just really didn’t like one thing in spring box. I rejoined May 1as an annual but I didn’t get to select from those items in the last column. I did all the rest

    • Hi Joyce, you don’t get to select from the last column. FFF will randomly pick 3 to send to you.

  30. Hi, I was a fabfitfun member in the past but stopped and now going to join as a seasonal member. Wonder what customization options can you add additional items for additional cost? And for how much?

    • I hope someone replies to your question, I am interested in add-ons too.

      • The first three selections for seasonal you can add on for $15 each add on.
        The last two selections for annuals it was $7 for each add on.

  31. I’m sad to see this new you’ll get 3 of these out of this group. I know what I want but what are the odds I’ll get those? Will some get awesome items and others get ones that aren’t so great? Yes! And it will make you feel less than, at least it does me. This is is why I quit Boxycharm, too many variations. Last box, and I know this is different but it’s somewhat similar, I went with mystery choice in category 5 and received a Laura Gellar highlighter. Others received awesome items and this highlighter was not liked by anyone and it was actually for sale on a popular website for $6. Sorry to be a negative Nancy, I’m not usually like this but I’m just really disappointed in the direction FFF has gone. I’ve been been with FFF for 4 years and have loved it but I’m sad to say when my annual sub is over I won’t be renewing.

    • I get disappointment in FOMO of someone getting a better variation in the last three products but I’m so happy that it’s out of 7 decent products vs giving everyone no variation but worse options like another manna kaddar product or a dollar store item with a high mark up at least here this is a decent chance of getting something good and for annuals there are 5 products we get to pick to make sure they work for us or as gifts which no other box allows.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that perfume! Read so many great reviews of it.

      • Julie,

        True, I wouldn’t mind really any but the masks which a majority seem to agree with and I’m afraid to say out loud but I want the same as you! I know I’ve jinxed myself now lol. So, we know most everyone wants that and you know most won’t get it. But I really like most items here. I just liked it better when we all got the same. I think part of the problem, for me, I’m not that thrilled with this quarters’ box. It’s funny how ridiculous and spoiled I’ve become with these 1st world problems and I can’t believe I’m even complaining about it with what’s happening right now. Maria is absolutely right when she says we are getting everything for less than $10 when I add in my add ons. I should be thrilled with that so I’m going to work hard on changing my attitude and try to remember it when I get my box and not look at what other people got, lol!

    • I hear ya, Melanie. I thought the same thing about the items they’re choosing. I would just about every single thing I own that I will get stuck with my 27th (including all my sub boxes for the past few years) useless —I mean “universal” eyebrow pencil. I have naturally dark blonde hair with even lighter brows and lashes. I don’t mind super dark lashes but I HATE having eyebrows that are at least 2-3+ shades darker than my own. I feel like I look ridiculous. I’m sure I’ll also get the Wander eye masks I’ve received at least a half dozen times over the years. I always forget how drying they are (at least for me) and try to use them each time I get them. It’s finally happened enough now that I can remember. I imagine my 3rd item will be that jelly-type makeup applicator. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone likes using those with so many amazing brushes and sponge-type tools. I’d sooner use my fingers.

      Oh well…all is not lost. I LOVED at least one item in each of the five categories this time which never happens. In fact, I had to restrain myself self from picking 3-4 from the first group, 2 from the second and third, 3 from the fourth and 2 from the last group. Then I realized it would be much smarter to wait and order another Summer box from the FFF shop and just pick five of the extra items I wanted. I did end up getting two extras anyway just in case I really can’t swing another box.

      I totally understand about Boxycharm too. I’m in a constant battle with myself about canceling altogether. I got terrible variations in the base box for over a year so I tried Premium since at first it didn’t have many and I mistakenly thought that was the plan. I got some decent items at first but every box in 2020 has been awful. The one saving grace is that my base box improved for a few months so I was ready to give up on Premium. Unfortunately last month’s base box was back to the usual crap. I’m only sticking around for the add-ons and pop up sales at this point. FFF has gotten to the same place until this season. I’d only maintained my membership to access the sales. But truth be told I really am a serious sub box/beauty product ADDICT with enough products that are still brand new to open my own store. I really should unsubscribe from everything for a while. I think I could do it if it wasn’t for those sales. Especially because these days I will say that I mainly only buy things I or my household needs rather than wants just to add to the hoard. All I know is that if I keep going like I always have I will need an entire spare room to contain just my overflow. But hey…at least I’m not smoking crack or drinking myself into an oblivion. 😄

      • Maria,

        I laughed so hard when I read your post. We are kindred sisters! One big difference, I have my spare room turned into my beauty room which my boys and husband rudely call my hoarding room! I had to finally drop boxycharm but I still have way too many subs. I’ll see a box come out that I don’t subscribe to regularly and Bob’s your uncle, I’m ordering it! It’s so funny how we are all so different which is what makes this world such an awesome place to be celebrated in my opinion. I loved the spring box which a lot of people disliked. This box was mediocre for me. I loved the towel, cooler and necklace but in the other categories I am so overloaded on all those products or all ready have them. But it’s okay because they’ll make great gifts. (I don’t get any skincare without checking the website incidecoder (dot) com. I’m sure you’ve heard of it but you can either search for a product by name or brand or copy and paste the ingredients. It will then go through the ingredients and tell you which ones are superstars, goodies or icky. If it has too many icky or I don’t like the ingredients I don’t get it. I have found some great brands I didn’t know existed through the site. However, they don’t recommend any products) What keeps me going crazy are the add ons! I spend way too much and now they are having sales every week it seems!

        Anyway, I’ll deal with what I get because I actually want the lesser value items. I want anything but the eye masks. I have about 10 sets now and the wander are my least favorite too. I say go for the extra room and call it a “beauty” room!

      • Maria – How do you order a second box from the shop and select the items? Thanks!

  32. I am annual . Was wondering what is a select member? They refer to select members customizing the bottom items

    • You are a select member

  33. I don’t really like this FFF picks thing. There’s nothing worse than seeing items I can’t choose. At least with the way it was before, it was just 3 items every one got, and we all knew what we would be getting. Chances are I won’t get the Murad, and it’s the only thing out of the 7 items I would use. I already own the riddle roll-on oil too. I signed up for FFF because I don’t like surprises, but now I’m starting to like it less due to this.

    • I’m with you on this one.
      I HATE it when they pick items randomly and I just know I’ll have box envy.
      I want the hand cream, brow pencil and Murad. Hopefully I’ll get at least one. But I still don’t like this.

  34. So glad I didnt resubscribe. The only thing I would pick out of all of this is the towel. Maybe I’ll resubscribe in fall but this box certainly didnt bring me back.

  35. I always start out a little disappointed when spoilers start coming out and then by the time add ons and customization are over I am so excited lol! I also love that with so many options it’s easy to customize to either lifestyle or beauty! I tend to go for lifestyle for non consumable things and add beauty when I see something special or ready for replenishing. I went totally nuts in add ons and sale this time but I’ve been wanting to try the Ouai leave in conditioner and have been in love with that spiritual gangster kimono forever! So I grabbed those in the sale!!!

    My Box:
    DJ bag and diffuser
    IM kimono
    KS goat milk
    ZA ice roller and Silked sleeve
    Xo sienna vase and beach mist

    Don’t even care what I get for the FFf three items those are extra and for trying or giving away to me. When I add up everything in the box and add on sale I still only spent about $10 per item!! I’m not mad y’all!!

  36. I’m new to FFF and this is my first box. I’m really interested in the Murad cleanser. What are the chances of getting it? I have my profile set to skincare and makeup. Is it like Ipsy and BoxyCharm where only a few people receive it?

    • Your chances of getting it are three in seven.

      • 😆 well said.

      • That’s not true. Over spring there were MANY more lotions sent out than masks as fff picks. They don’t have equal stock of everything.

      • Real mature! If you’re going to be a smarta**, why even respond?

    • FFF didn’t follow “profile”, it’s just a survey to see what kind of category majority liked. So it’s totally random & depends on the stocks they have.

    • I don’t think there’s any way to predict – it’s just random. FFF does not use the preferences to select products for the boxes, at least to my knowledge. I’m just appreciative that, as an annual, I can choose five products out of eight. I hope you enjoy your first box! I’ve tried a lot of subscriptions in the past couple of years and I consistently get the most value out of FFF.

    • My guess, if it’s like spring, there is a staple or two that most every subscriber will get (such as the makeup drop) and then a pool of what else they have. No way of knowing for sure, but when the box reviews start coming out you get a better idea. This is just a way of not guaranteeing 3 particular items.

  37. Code WOW200 is no longer working 🙁

    • I chatted today with them and told them I was trying to use the code and they applied it to my new upgraded account.

  38. I would be happy with any of the FFF picks. This box will be amazing for me. I’ve never been happy with every item in any box before. I also walked away with 3 extra picks. Way to go FFF.

  39. Overall, I think this is a great box. If you are an annual member, you can really make it either a beauty box or a lifestyle box. When I first joined FFF, I picked mostly beauty, but now I have so many beauty products, I am picking more of the lifestyle items. I love the sunglasses, and TOMS is such a great brand. I have bought 2 pairs of TOMS in the past, and they cost about $50 (on sale), so I figure the rest of the box is basically free! Also, the DJ tote is cute for my mom, who has a summer birthday. I’m going to fill it with gardening things and a gift card to her favorite nursery. Finally, love the pottery barn diffuser (which is on sale at PB now for $45 – the same price as the full box!) (though I paid $15 to have the tote and the diffuser).

  40. I am thrilled not to see hair items AGAIN that everyone gets. I can never use the ones they have. There are a couple items this time I would love, but the odds are probably not in my favor. Wish we got to pick at least one of them.

  41. I like the little key necklace. That’s really about it, though.

  42. I would be happy with the eye masks and most everything, but I’m betting I’ll get the 2 things I don’t want – the cleanser and the makeup applicator. I have the reverse strategy for my boxes – since I have such a stockpile of beauty items I try to get as many nonbeauty items as possible.

  43. I’m an annual subber and I had so much trouble with the site not saving my choices. I had to contact them twice about it and I bet I don’t get what I picked for #1&5! The guy I chatted with yesterday not only had me wait at least 15 min while he “checked my account” and then another 10 min while he “tried” to add what I selected then after waiting he asked me what I wanted. Um, what were you trying to add for the last 10 min?? Then,after saying “I see your picks just in view mode it looks different,” he closed chat before I could reply.
    I’ve been with them for 3 yrs and the last year or so, I have an issue every single time. They have to give me a credit towards add-ons almost every box. I love this box, but I’m so sick of the mediocre CS and the site screwing up my choices and add-ons!

  44. Super excited about this box that I became an annual member with the $200 mystery bundle.

    I was able to customize. And the FFF pick is THREE items. I am hoping for the Riddle Roll on, the Hybrid Makeup Drop, and the Murad. This box knocks it out of the park!
    So excited.

    My box contains:
    Dr, Brandt Eye Cream
    Hydropeptide Face Oil
    Blaq Eye Mask & Peel
    Zoe Ayla Ice Roller
    Grace & Stella Serum

    • I, too, just became an annual subscriber and I’m set to receive the $200 mystery bundle as well. I’m actually excited for this box but I also really wonder what’s in the mystery bundle!

      • I have to say for $45 this is a better fit box for me than Boxy Charm. I have tried the Boxy regular and Premium. I did not like not being able to chose and the amount of variations was ridiculous. So many black eyeliners. At least with Fab Fit Fun, I was able to pick what I wanted on the selection and the add-ons.

        I will use everything in this box and then some. The roll-on perfume really has me excited to possibly get. I cannot wait to cool up that face roller. I read a review that it squeaks but someone gave a good tip that the roller comes off and you can oil the joints and it won’t squeak.

  45. These fff picks suck!! Especially the gold eye masks. This whole summer box is under whelming it summ you’d think maybe a cute water bottle or little pítcher or I don’t know but better stuff

    • I love the eye masks. I use them a couple times a week after my sheet masks. That said, I had so many, they expired!!

    • We are all so different. Personally when I go to look at spoilers I think, ‘please God not another water bottle.’

      • Ditto its one of the reasons that Causebox promo didnt tempt me didnt want water bottle. I actually am not a fan of most lifestyle or home items so I was never into FFF daughter told me I got to pick my items. I picked towel , shampoo, dry bar spray, ice roller, and beach spray. Hoping for perfume, Murad cleanser, and foot cream.

  46. I’d be happy with most of these.

  47. If you are tired of the lifestyle items from FFF, you really could customize their boxes to be skin care/make-up i.e. beauty boxes. Each of the three customizations for all members have skincare in them. If you are not an annual member, you still have mostly beauty products to be selected for you. The three items FFF selects are all beauty items

    When I look at the box this way, for 49.99 I would receive quite a great value for all full size skin, hair and face items. Does anyone already use this strategy?

    • That’s exactly what I do! When I started with sub boxes I went heavy on beauty. I keep ipsy for the minimal beauty I need (although I have my profile skin care heavy) and do the annual FFF sub so I can customize most of the products. I always go for the high end skin care items (providing they match my needs. I’d never pay the retail price for most of the items (skin, lifestyle, etc.) but when I figure out they are about $8 a piece, it’s totally worth it!

  48. Yikes. The FFF’s picks are not good. I don’t want any of that.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! I’m not impressed at all with the FFF 3 options. Nor was I impressed with the “Choice #4&5. 5 was really sad. Im stuck with a years subscription to boot. I started with FFF 4 years ago and those were great boxes. The last couple of years have been hit or miss. Whatever they’re doing they need to revert back. My vent is over. Ty

  49. Are they still using our profiles for the fff picks?

    • I sure hope so, but I doubt it. I have hate makeup in my profile and yet I got eye shadow and the brush cleaner in my winter box. I would be happy with any masks, face wash’s, lotions. Hoping I DON’T get the makeup applicator or the eyebrow pencil.

    • Who knows. I signed back up because it looked like some cool stuff that season and of course I got all the crappy stuff. If I get one more terrible quality handbag, jewelry, or odd accessory this time, I’m done for good.

  50. I am so tired of getting those gold eye masks.

    • I have so many of those gold masks too that I dont use. I really hope I dont get them.

    • Ditto. I love eye masks but these Wander ones are not hydrating at all.

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