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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium June 2020 Spoilers Round #3!

Boxycharm Premium

We have a new spoiler for the June 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box thanks to Yosef!

The June box will include:

Too Faced Cocoa Contouring Palette

The choice items for June are:

  • Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix (Matte or Pearl)
  • Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip & Cheek – Halo
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick (1 of 5 Shades)
  • Lashaholic Luxury Lashes They’re Real, I Swear!
  • NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (1 of 3 Shades)

Your June box may also include:

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (70)

  1. Hmm… I am kind of scared. When hitting the review box button, it takes you to the list of items to review and I did that for the premium on my boxycharm account. It doesn’t list the avacado mask at all under the review items page, but it does list the TF contour palette. So maybe the contour palette is a variation still?
    I got to say, the other items up for review are not my cup of tea. Body wash? No thanks… conditioner or something like that? No thanks again… not in my make-up box please. Like half the items are for hair and body in the box it seems. I don’t want hair stuff and I am picky about my body washes, would sooner do without either in a make-up subscription box. I do buy certain ones when on pop-up and I can choose however. Point is, hair is very particular and so is skin. They should focus on more universal stuff.

  2. Wait so are we all getting this? Hopefully it’s true cause my last box sucked 😩🤞🏼

    • So last month I upgraded to premium and then I got an email from Boxycharm for $25 to spend on pop up bc my box was $25 short of their promised worth of the box. I got my big box and it had the milk lip and cheek, it had the essentials pallette from a couple months ago, and had an eyeliner in the box. THATS it. I was so mad that I felt like I wasted $35 of my own money for this box with like 3 items in it. I can’t remember exactly if it was the milk or something else, but it was so bad 8 almost cancelled. I figured I’d id give it one more try before cancelling. I ended up ordering $25 worth from pop up but even still it was ridiculous to have to do that in the first place.

    • According to all the videos/posts ive watched, yes.

    • Supposedly yes!

  3. Those are both great boxes! I also enjoy my Love Goodly box and Vegan Cuts Beauty box. Vegan Cuts also has a makeup box I’ve been considering.

    • My comment was meant as a reply to the suggestion of Petit Vour and Kinder Beauty, two great boxes. I don’t know why it relocated itself!

  4. Do you think Boxycharm sends the better variations to people in a richer demographic? Like me, I live in a rural community out in the middle of nowhere and I always seem to get lousy variations. My sister on the other hand lives in a wealthy subdivision in a prominent city and she always gets the good stuff.

    • I live in a very rural area and generally get great variations minus last month. I think its luck of the draw.

    • No, I think it’s just random.

    • Good question. I live in a middle class suburb, so I don’t know. I’m happy with my variation 9 times out of 10, but sometimes I get a dud.

    • I live in the Long Island suburbs (mostly middle class).. sometimes I get good ones, and lately I’ve had the lamest boxes ever! I’ve been giving away most of the items for the past 3 months..

  5. I canceled after April my regular boxy and luxe … thinking about canceling premium now as well … this all looks like crap and I have too much stuff anyhow … Only thing I like is the avocado sleeping mask and I already have it and the eye version as well … and I probably won’t even receive that cause I always get the crappier boxes … Boxy used to be my top subscription and even though I didnt always kept it all it was all great stuff … now it’s repeats and crap stuff … haven’t received my may premium, depending on that I will give june a shot but the spoilers are underwhelming … so I might cancel anyhow …

    • Everyone is getting the avacado sleeping mask & the too faced contour palette Joe said but only for current subscribers not waitlisters.

      • Yay! It scared me when it said may receive, because I was thinking they said we will get those 2 items (and I really want them) 🙂

      • I wouldnt count on that. Josef says a lot of things then after they get your money it changes. The Avocado sleeping mask is a variant I don’t think everyone will receive it because it’s still listed as “you MAY receive” Now the TF palette does say “you WILL receive” so that will probably be in every box but you never know with Boxy.

    • Josef says a lot of things then after billing it changes. Everywhere the avocado mask is listed as “you MAY receive” while the TF palette says “you WILL receive” (not just here but other places) so I wouldn’t count on everyone getting the avocado mask. Boxy is famous for bait n switch

      • I’m with you on that! If he sells extra, we get leftovers! Blah! This may be my last boxes!

  6. My may premium box says it’s weighs 1.2pds. yes 1.2 pds. It should be here tomorrow I just want to know why it’s 1.2 when everyone else’s is 1.7 1.8. can anyone help me understand why this is

    • My box is also 1.2 lbs. Might i ask if you received the $25 for the box not being worth $175?

    • Mine was 1.3 and it’s because the milk item, the mascara, the lip balm, pretty much everything in the box is super light…. unless to got the TF eye palette most were hoping for. Then it was 1.7-1.8.

    • My premium has shipped and says 2.8 lbs. Not sure what to expect. 😬

  7. Given that KVD lipsticks are currently on clearance for $5, that option is underwhelming but the rest seems pretty ok. Mostly I’m all about avocado💜

  8. I’m excited for this month. Last month was the first Boxycharm box I was totally happy with. There wasn’t one item that I wouldn’t use. This month I didn’t get to make my choice and contacted them that I never received the email. They resent me the link and I was able to pick. My first choice was gone but I just really didn’t want lashes so I’m glad I was able to choose at all.
    This box looks great. I’m excited for too faced and wanted to try the glow recipe. They have a retinol avocado eye cream that I was going to buy but glad I get to try this first to see if I’m not allergic. I also love KVD items so glad I was able to choose that one.
    Overall, no complaints. I think this is my second premium box but I’ve been a longtime on and off again subscriber of the base box. I’m definitely loving the premium

  9. I have boxy premium and i am never notified when i am supposed to get my choice, i did go to the site on May 14th and it said premium choice but i clicked on everything and it didnt take me anywhere. I would like an email on choice day and a direct link instead of fooling around on the website searching. I have a job and work in healthcare so i dont have time to play around.

    • HI! I’ve run into this issue in the past but found if I type the Boxycharm website in my url then add a backslash and the word “choice” at the end, it redirects me to the choice page on choice day. Hope this helps if you find yourself in that situation again in the future.

      • Thanks, I’m going to give it a try next month

    • They don’t send email reminders any more. You have to watch social media or the site to find out the dates

    • I don’t get the email either.

  10. I’ll take it! I love TF and everything I’ve tried from Glow Recipe I’ve liked. I didn’t get to choose, which has never happened before. I think we broke the system lol but it’s fine all the choices are crap lol so they can surprise me 😂.

  11. The palletes on this display look very different in shades. I’m not digging the one that’s pictured along side the cream. Colors look dead.

    • Really, it’s because they don’t have enough sense to white balance their videos or quick pics. the promo pic from too faced *should* be corrected if their photographer is worth their salt, but keep in mind unless you are working with a color corrected monitor what you see on a screen can be wildly off.

  12. The mask has lavender in it so I guess that’s going to be traded or given away. I hate being allergic to lavender.

    • I feel your pain! I’m allergic to almonds. I swear, everything has almonds in them these days. Allergies….what a pain, right? LOL

    • Same but because of an avocado allergy. Avocado is in so many beauty products these days too, which makes me so sad. I’ve had so many things I’ve been excited for and then look in the ingredients and find out there’s avocado oil. 😔

  13. I am going to go one more time and if my Boxyluxe is bad I will cancel. I want the Sip by Sewell And it’s never an option to choose that

    • I was able to to choose the swell bottle

      • I am jealous. The ONLY thing I really wanted was the swell bottle and that was gone before the end of the day. 🙁

    • Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted. Did you get to choose this time? We got to choose 2 items this time. I chose the Tula eye balm and the Sip by Swell was one of the items I could choose from for my second item. I’ve noticed what is picked on the first choice can change the items that can be chosen on the second choice. If you did do choice this time whatever you picked first might’ve took the Swell bottle off your second choice options. Maybe you can find someone to swap with or go on a site like Mercari and get it pretty cheap. I’ve purchased cheaply several items I wanted but didn’t receive on there.

    • I think it depends on what your first choice is bc I chose the mascara and that was a choice item for me but I chose the silk pillowcase and sleeping mask

  14. Really hope the KVD aren’t some weird colors that are impossible to wear….

    • I feel the same way. But occasionally I get surprised. The Fenty box I recieved had a super dark matte lip color in it. I thought, no way I can ever wear this. One, I dont do matte. Two, I dont do almost black browns on my lips. But one day, I decided to play with it. I did the outer lip line area with it and used some nude gloss and now I use it all the time. I’ve found blending those weird colors with more neutral shades can really work sometimes, kinda an ombre lip look. So I dont get so upset anymore when I get a weird shade. Unless its Barbie pink. I cant work with that.

    • I think the colors that were flashing on that particular choice box (the pic of a KVD lipstick) were probably the ones they’re sending. That’s why I didn’t pick this lipstick that happens to be one of my most favorite. There was a very pale beige, one or two dark purples, a dark brown and some other uncommon/unpopular shade. But hopefully I’m wrong and they were just showing random shades. I was just too worried to risk it since the Nars lip choice flashed 3 different colors and it said it would be “one of three shades.” But you never know what Boxy will end up doing until you actually receive your box. I got my base box today and it contained two lip glosses. Yep…out of five products two were the same type. I’ve been a subscriber for 5+ years and that’s never happened. They sent what most people would probably consider decent shades in both but unfortunately I myself can’t wear either of them. I also got a concealer pencil that I could’ve sworn they sent to me before but maybe it was Ipsy. It’s a good thing I got the product I picked and that they picked the Tarte micellar water for me or the whole box would’ve been a waste. If I’m not super impressed with my base or Premium box in June I am for sure taking an indefinite break from Boxy altogether. If they end up by some major miracle sending me that Polar Bear? palette everyone wants they’ll have my devotion for the rest of the year. But I always get the absolute worst one when they send multiple palettes so I am not getting my hopes up.

      • I’m with you. I hated my premium box. I’ve also been with boxy for 5+years and i’ve never hated a box. I think the main issue for me was the tiny sizes in that huge box. I am giving premium 1 more month and if i don’t like it i’m just going to cancel and save that $35. I hope you love your June boxes. Have a great weekend!!!

  15. Make note of the terms: ‘WILL include’…’MAY ALSO include’. Very important when it comes to Boxycharm!

    • Joe confirmed that everyone will get both.

      • I don’t trust that guy.

    • I hope everyone does; however, I don’t trust anything he says.

      • Everyone will receive the Glow Recipe mask and the choice item. They spoiled it on the Boxy Premium page from the website. It was revealed that the contour/highlight palette will be sent to everyone also but that isn’t officially on the website yet.

      • Forgive me for being a skeptic, but I’ve heard that in the past and a lot of us did not receive what we were promised would be in ‘all’ boxes. I don’t believe him.

      • I agree I want to get this box but when did he say everyone will be getting the glow recipe. On Instagram or ? Thank u

  16. I’m excited, I love both brands.

  17. I have two subscriptions one for me and one to share with my teen. I have all the options on both subscriptions premium and luxe with the base box. Only one of my 4 boxes has even shipped. I’ve been subscrbed for 4 years now. Thought they were delayed because of covid because usually have them before now, but I’m seeing that many people already have received theirs and mine are still showing they are being prepared with the only one that’s shipped not arriving for another week. Anyone else still showing their boxes have not even shipped yet for May?

    • I just got a shipping notice for one today, recieved one yesterday and am waiting for one to ship. It’s been slower for me since this all started, especially with the shipping carriers. DHL had my add ons for like 3 weeks after boxy sent them and before the arrived.

    • Well I received my boxy premium Wednesday but I received email of base box shipping like at 1:00 am, checked it and it said shipping info was sent to fedex. Checked it later today and it shows it will be delivered tomorrow. And it had been shipped out like on the 10th. So it seems once you get shipping through email it comes like 2 days later, but I actuality it shipped out sooner than that.

      • Or it’s like mine. Base box sent to carrier, carrier (Fedex) sits on it for a full week and a day or so. Premium finally also sent to carrier (Fedex as well), about 4 days later they both arrive same time. xD

    • I’m subscribed to all boxy, plus ipsy reg and plus bag, fragrant jewels and fabfit, i always received all my boxes in the 1st week or 2 of every month and now I don’t receive them till the end since Covid starting :'(

  18. You can use contour, highlighter, and bronzer anywhere on your face.

  19. I am really not a fan of Too faced or Glow. This is not going to be a box for me.

  20. I’m not good at contouring and have very fair skin. I wonder if they can be used as eyeshadows?

    • Yes, they can!

  21. Everyone with Premium subscription is getting the Glamglow mask and Too Faced contour palette.

    • I would hope so because everything else is repeat items including the NARS, Milk tint just got for May! KVD hideous colors, Lashaholic repeat too! Everyone better get the Glow mask and the Too faced palette! Why so many repeats. Plus I didn’t know we could choose 2 items per box I don’t think it said that during Choice!

      • The two items is only for Luxe. Base and Premium you only get to choose one.

  22. LOVE everything that I have received from Glow Recipe (Cruelty-Free & Vegan). And I confirmed that Tarte is Cruelty-free as well (although the parent company, Kose, is not cruelty-free).

    I know that I can’t expect BoxyCharm to be cognisant of the cruelty-free status of the brands it selects (I know…subscribe to boxes that do make it their priority), but it’s nice when a sub like BoxyCharm has Cruelty-free brands.

    • I agree. I try to stick to only cruelty free brands but it can get complicated with constant changes with some of them especially when they’re bought out by companies that do test on animals. Just when I think a company is safe because they have been for many years or because I recently looked them up I find out they’re no longer cruelty free. Tarte is the perfect example. I knew they’d always been cruelty free and didn’t even know they had a parent company now. I want to only buy from completely cruelty free brands including parent companies but at this point I have to just focus on the individual company and try to improve from there.

      I know I need to let both Boxycharm and Ipsy go because of this issue but I also have a very limited beauty budget and it’s just so easy to justify the value of these subscriptions. After many months of terrible Premium boxes with maybe one or two usable/appropriate products for me I was definitely going to unsubscribe. But since the sleeping mask is guaranteed I will give it one more month. I’m not worried about the contour palette because I don’t contour and I rarely highlight. I already have 2-3 brand new contour palettes and at least a few dozen highlighters from other boxes. Plus that palette isn’t rated that well on Sephora.

      Over the past few months Premium has been awful for me but for a while my base box was better than it had been in ages. Unfortunately that was over quickly starting with April and continuing this month. The Bombay & Cedar Beauty Box is looking pretty good from that recent review I read. And there are a few other boxes that are completely cruelty free and cleaner so I really have no excuse to keep giving my money to a company that definitely doesn’t share my values or appreciate my business. Breaking up is so hard to do…

      • Have you guys tried the boxes by Kinder Beauty or Petit Voir? You should check them out.

  23. Okay, I’m digging it!

  24. Darn, I already own this palette and have only used it once….

    • Perfect gift to hide away for Christmas! ☺️

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