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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium June 2020 Choice Time!

Boxycharm Premium

It’s time to pick one of the items for your June 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box if you’re a Premium subscriber! 

The choice items for June are:

  • Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix (Matte or Pearl)
  • Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip & Cheek – Halo
  • KVD Vegan Beauty Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick (1 of 5 Shades)
  • Lashaholic Luxury Lashes They’re Real, I Swear!
  • NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (1 of 3 Shades)

Your June box may also include:

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (103)

  1. I liked the regular box better than premium last month and was busy working from home and forgot to choose this month. Looking at the original choices, I would not have been excited to pick any of them. Looks like one more month and then I will probably just get one box or the other. I am getting a few nice things from the Pop-up though, and I do appreciate the sub boxes keeping my spirits up.

    • May’s base box
      I loved my Mays base box more. I had my glamglow and I ordered the elemis pads during add ons. Was shocked on how much I love the Ayam face vit C makeup wipes. Violet voss essential eyeshadow palette .pretty vulgar eyeshadow primer gerad lip liner
      May Premium box
      -battington brush set (90$=2 brushes?!)
      -toofaced chocolate Soleil matte Bronzer
      -tarte sugar rush lip balm butter mask best bud “peony ”
      -millkmakeup lip and cheek oil

  2. Hi there, I’m wondering how/where on the body website you get to make your choice? I’ve been looking all over and I cannot find it. I just resubscribed too boxy and boxy premium last month, so I have never picked an item I applied late last month. I know it was on Thursday I’m kicking myself for missing it, my phone was stolen. Could it be because I am too late. I would appreciate any help!

    • I use a desk top and it’s on the main/home page where you usually see the all the events. Like right now it shows: popup all access, shop now. Right there, you will have the “choose now” when it’s available. You need to keep track of the date as it’s never the same every month. They never send email for anything, so you have to look at their site for the events date. HTH!

  3. Choice is kind of a joke for me….I can never seem to log in in time to get the clear best choices, or else the site is down in some way. I will stick around for the two guaranteed items but this is frustrating enough that I will probably cancel at some point.

  4. Geez….these comments are brutal. Ladies we’ve got to keep in mind that they are probably repeating items due to shipping issues. I’ve been pretty pleased with my boxes overall and subscribe to all three options. In addition the staff has been cut down big time to make sure they don’t have an outbreak of Covid. A little patience and understanding goes a long way! Anyway I chose the KVD lipstick. Fingers crossed that they send me a color I like…..if not I’ll donate it like I do everything else I don’t like. By the way make sure you update your beauty profile if you find they are sending you colors and items you’re not interested in.

    • But the thing is, they supposedly plan the boxes out a year ahead of time. So they should have some goodies around to cover this right now. I mean, look at the awesome stuff they are selling in pop up vs junk they are throwing in boxes….so they are getting stuff somewhere.
      Plus, money might be tight for some people, which means the sub boxes should step it up a bit because people have to make choices about what to keep and what to let go, and think about the long term economic impact as well. So you would think they would stop with repeats and random stuff.

    • We have been told that they plan their boxes a “well out year in advance ” so “shippingnissues” shouldn’t be an issue. Plus they are getting amazing stuff for the popup sales just fine a d keep the boxes looking like junk, so people will spend more money on top of what they pay for their boxes plus add ons. It’s sad how they chose to switch up. When they announced changes were coming but it would be like 1 skincare item per box and the rest makeup everyone knew then it was the beginning of the end. I dont want fab bit fun, I want boxycharm….heck, what ever happened to the perfume they were showing and hinting about 6/7 months ago?! I’d rather have things like this than hair gunk, and all the lifestyle junk in luxe..
      Thing is, with the economy so uncertain they need to step it up, not send out tons of left overs..out them in the pop up sale and sell the old stuff out and give boxes new stuff. Not some drug store crummy crap. But people are going to make choices on what they will spend their money on, and boxy and others need to take notes to step it up right how..especially since supposedly they are planned out a year in advance….

    • P.s. they dont go by the beauty profile…they will tell you that

    • None of my other comments have went through…yet this last one did…

    • They have stated before that they do not go by the beauty quiz and then they also stated we should update our quizzes! Makes no sense are they using them or not? I think NOT!

    • I totally agree with you Claudia!! Thank you for also saying similar to what i had said. I’m just grateful to still be getting a box still, I actually get all 3 boxes and think Ipsy has been wonderful through all this change!! I just have a gift pile that I add to when I get something I won’t use, but know someone that will 🙂

      • I really thought we might. And still could not get our boxes with what’s going on. We got lucky they kept some staff. Yes a few items were off but not bad boxes well worth the money.

  5. Is it just me or has Boxy Premium SUCKED this and next month? I got the milk stuck in my May box-why is it a choice for June? My premium value was 160$ and had crap. My regular May boxy? A lipstick and a lip gloss. Wtf?

    • I am subscribed to boxycharm premium and I have been logged into the site every day this week and I still can’t access the choices for the premium june 2020 box. Does anyone have the link? On the site, it just shows a waitlist, but i am still subscribed to premium.

      • I think choice is over now. But next month, try a different browser and see if it works…..also, you tap on where the box is on top of the page and it will take you to “choice ” you will miss it if you dont realise that box you need to tap or click on first..

      • Jill, I went through the same thing last month, I finally had enough and emailed Boxycharm about the problem, 5 minutes later I was picking my choice but by then anything good was gone, the same thing with base. I don’t understand these glitches, it’s ridiculous and frustrating, sometimes I just want to cancel my subscription but I don’t because in the long run we get other opportunities to get great products super cheap, idk.

    • My feelings exactly that stupid $15 Milk stick what a joke for choices! My box was only worth $80 before those supposed $90 brushes!

  6. I’m extremely disappointed that both the Nars and Milk items are gone. I’ve been contemplating canceling Premium. The choice option hasn’t worked out for me yet. Besides, I love my regular BoxyCharm. If there is still a waiting list, someone will be happy!

    • I canceled my Premium and Luxe subscriptions this week when the only option I had – after trying to log into the site Monday morning and it crashing repeatedly – was essential oils I have zero interest in. I have too many hair stylers etc, so it was high time anyway. I’m happy I waited until I got the Fenty box though! That was special. I prepaid the regular box and will continue to receive it, so I’ll still get a treat each month.

    • Someone told me on youtube comments, that everyone on premium will be getting that Too faced coca face palette as well as the avacado mask! That’s enough to keep me around for next months premium!

      • Thanks Maggie! That’s definitely good enough to go another round!

  7. would be super awesome if I could pick for the standard box the past 3 months. 😠

  8. I have seen several posts saying we are all getting a Tarte palette and then I have seen posts saying we are all getting a Too Faced contour palette. Does anyone know which one we are actually getting?

    • Tarte palette is for BoxyLuxe

    • We’re supposed to all get the TF cocoa contour palette and the avocado cream in premium. YouTubers r saying Josef said this.

  9. I don’t see the choices as Premium but I really need eyeshadow primer. Hopefully I won’t get one on my May base or Premium box. They didn’t arrive yet.

  10. So I was skeptical of everyone saying you got both… we’ve gotten played before with subtle word choices.

    All of the spoiler pages I follow, all of which Joe actively engages with, are now saying it’s both the Glow sleeping mask AND the Tarte palette. If so, this might be one of my favorite boxes (or top 3).

    I am excited about more Nars lippies. The only problem is that I was excited last time… and bought 3 more on swap pages… 🤣. Let’s hope they are not the colors I already bought and that I can swap colors or resale.

    I’ve been pretty tough on Boxycharm lately because they’ve sucked, but like I have told other people, they go through phases of sucking then, just when you are about to quit, do a great box. Still on the fence about regular but hoping that July/August are good enough to keep me subscribed.

  11. I chose the nars but only because it was the lesser of the evils for me since there is less chance of me getting a duplicate since I only have 2 shades currently. The milk was gone but I got the dark one in my May premium and while I like the kvd lippies I have the shades from the line that I want already. I don’t really wear eye primer and cant wear lashes for anything. I thought the choices were horrible this month for premium. I am only sticking with the box in hopes that I get the glow recipe mask since I do like it. If I do not get it or something better for my personal needs I may cancel premium then.

  12. How fast does this stuff dang sell out! One minute I was on the site and they hadn’t gave us the option to choose then when I checked it a short time later they had but of course the milk product (the only choice I would actually use) is already gone!! I love the brands Nars and KVD but look at those shades. I’m an extremely fair skinned brown hair blue eyes. Even on my best day I wouldn’t be able to pull off purple, fushia, or most of the colors they said were options. Not to mention I just received 2 boxes with the Nars lip product in them. It was not a color I could wear and both of them were the same color so if I did take the risk and chose that the probability of me getting a third one in the same exact shade is VERY high. It’s just frustrating and I don’t mean to whine but it’s been this way since I’ve rejoined

    • The milk had been available for like an hour or more, I kept going back and changing my choice until I settled on Nars in the end xD choice ended up opening yesterday at 10am pst. which is a bit later than usual.

  13. Clicked on Milk but it said SOLD OUT, so settled for Nars… Last time I hit the “pick for me” option, I got something that wasn’t even related to the choice options!! :-/

    • When I got there to chose the Nars and the Milk product were gone. Every month when I go on to choose products for Boxycharm or Ipsy everything I want is always gone. But at least with Boxycharm the last two months I have been fairly successful choosing pick for me and receiving what I wanted. Instead of just settling on the last few options. So maybe they are actually looking at my profile or it’s the luck of the draw. But it has happened with both my base and my premium boxes.

      I certainly don’t want lashes (I use lashify lashes), I don’t usually wear cream lipsticks (only matte liquid lipsticks that are transfer proof), and the primer is an ok option if I receive it, but I really like my Gerard Cosmetics primer or P Louise. So I am set on primer as well. I was hoping for the NARS lippie because I haven’t tried their formula, but the milk item looks good to. Most of the Milk items I have tried I have liked.

  14. For those thinking of canceling, Joe confirmed that everyone will be receiving the Too Faced contour palette and Glow Recipe avocado sleeping mask!

    • Good to know 😆. I love ❤️ everything now lol.

    • Is the contour palette the Cocoa Contour Palette?

      • Yes

      • Wow!!! This might be the best box yet!!!

    • Where did he confirm that? I dont believe him.

      • Yeah I can’t see everyone getting the contour palette AND the Glow Recipe it will probably be one or the other or maybe even neither the way they are putting boxes together these days. I didn’t even get a palette last month and they were giving out four different ones and this month I didn’t get the Glamglow product I chose and not getting my choice has happened three times now! Ridiculous!

  15. I picked the KVD lipstick. I’ll roll the dice and hope to get a wearable color (I prefer darker colors compared to the bright colors flashing through the NARS option). I have unopened bottles of eyeshadow primers, don’t wear lashes and wasn’t impressed by the MILK product from the premium, so it was between NARS and KVD.

  16. First and foremost I want to thank BoxyCharm and Ipsy and other boxes for serving us and being an exciting and welcomed gift to ourselves to open monthly during this pandemic! Maybe there have recently been repeats as their suppliers maybe in short supply of top items with all the businesses that have had to suspend non essential makeup production and stop working all together the past 2 months. These non essential makeup suppliers or manufacturers just may turned to making essential items they are able to (THANK YOU) or even manufacturing PPE like masks, gowns or gloves, or for big name car manufacturers switching to producing VENTILATORS in such short/no notice, which is amazing and a BIG THANK YOU to all who kept/keep us going and all who did when our country needed it most and who still can STAY HOME & STAY SAFE when possible (FYI I am not making this political). Each and every person is essential to someone in some way as it fits to keep families together and stable and communities safe.

    NOW…I don’t know what I want to choose?? I’m leaning towards the KVD as there are 5 shades or the NARS liquid lip but only 3 shades. Has anyone seen the other shades we may get?? The 2 shown will not look great on my skin tone and as others have said chances are the color will not work (may be a gift in that case to someone who like that shade, lol)…I will be certain to update my beauty profile and make certain I’m as specific as possible on lip colors I prefer.

    I was hoping this would be a bit more exciting choices as I was underwhelmed with the June Lux selections (the TULA eye balm and Lily Lashes mascara was also choice for Base Box, but maybe to make it feel fair to those still on Lux waitlist, ugh! I was on the Premiun waitlist for 3-4+ months so I know the waiting game too). Then the second item selection in Lux, I said choose for me with hopes of getting one that was no longer an option (Ex. the Swell water bottle would have been my choice, as I thought all boxes were getting that), because I missed getting to selection time in the first few hours and it was down to the Women Balance and Calming incense or the choose for me.

    I am entirely grateful to get my monthly boxes as a highlight to my month so thank you again BoxyCharm and other subscription services! Thank you!!

  17. Ended up picking Milk, I got it in a different color last month. I would have probably picked a lip product if I could pick the color.

    I was just thinking about cutting Boxy for awhile while I was organizing my stuff last night. I just have too much to use up at this point and I am happy with what I have and have not been as excited to try new stuff anymore. I will miss the popup sales for sure.

    Unless the rest of the spoiler is amazing I am gonna take a break and just stay with Allure and shop around sales.

  18. How’s these choices are horrible. I’m really thinking about canceling after seeing this. It’s just not worth my $40 after taxes to end up with products that more than likely won’t fit the bill. I’d rather take that money and get something I’ve actually been wanting. Boxy you need to step it up or you’re going to end up loosing more customers than you already have.

  19. I chose the NARS lipstick because last time I got the darkest purple imaginable and I’m hoping to get a more wearable color that I can actually wear this time. But why all the repeats for choice items?

    • I haven’t ever received a wearable shade of lipstick from Boxycharm, and I’ve been with them for over a year.

      • I’ve been with them since 2017 and it’s extremely rare that I get a wearable shade from them. I pass on all the lip products, but like everything else for the most part.

  20. I agree these choices don’t scream “premium.” I choose the Milk makeup, hoping I like the color better than the glimmer one we received last month. I would have chosen the Nars, but I was afraid of getting a red or dark color.

    • I got the milk makeup stick this month. I don’t get how these are premium products.

  21. I’m not happy about these choices. I hope everyone recieves the mask or something because this is not looking good.

    • I hope not, I don’t like sleeping mask…

  22. Im going to cancel. As a Canadian, this box cost me almost 60 bucks after shipping and exchange. The Nars was sent to me before and the other products just arent worth it. Boxycharm was so great up until the last few months. I feel like they have a lot of stock from previous boxes and are trying to get rid of all of their extra items before giving us anything new and good.

  23. I picked the worst option (in my opinion). I went for the KVD lipstick, in hopes that it will somehow trick them into giving me a better rest of the box lol

  24. I chose the Milk product even though I got it this month, it is a different color and I’m obsessed with the product and brand. : >

    • I picked it too! I’ve been wanting to buy a couple so this is perfect. My box has been stuck with fedex for over a week so I’m hoping I got it this month too!

  25. Canceled. The glow recipe wasn’t guaranteed and I couldn’t in good sense pay almost $40 after taxes for a nars lipstick i can grab for $10 on sale. Sucks because I’m usually excited for this box especially now.

    • I had saw a comment on the Premium spoilers post that the Glow Recipe was for everyone. Did they change it?

      • I didn’t see that post. So far I haven’t seen a single product be in every single premium box across the board except for the first box and the fenty.

      • Yeah, I saw Joe post On the spoiler that everyone was getting it.

      • I saw that as well and I assumed it was actually from Joe at Boxycharm. That’s what I was hoping anyway: There are some YouTubers like Yari G that usually have accurate info on the spoilers including if they’re guaranteed or not. If I find out that mask is not guaranteed I’m definitely canceling because my last several boxes have been really bad. Especially considering we’re only getting ONE more product than the base box and paying $10 more. And last month that 6th product was a mini size for those of us that got the Milk lip/cheek stick.

        I wasn’t very impressed with these choices either. I picked the eyeshadow primer as the most boring but lesser of the evils. I love KVD lipstick but none of those colors were appealing. Probably because they’re clearance/discontinued shades. The Nars would’ve been great if Nars didn’t test their products on animals. I could’ve probably worn any of their 3 shades. I didn’t realize the Milk product was a different shade than the one I got last month or I would’ve picked that.

        To be honest I feel pretty ashamed of myself for sticking with Boxy despite numerous terrible experiences with their customer service. Mine and the many others I’ve read about. I’ve never dealt with a company that cares so little about losing customers. I guess they’re just so popular and have so many people on wait lists that they can treat people however and it’s not going to hurt their bottom line which is all that matters to them. My decision not to stop giving them my business is quite out of character for me which makes me realize how serious my addiction to beauty boxes truly is.

        I am seriously considering subscribing to Bombay & Cedar’s new beauty box in place of Boxy. I love the fact that you only receive cruelty free brands, products with better/cleaner ingredients and the companies seem to be more environmentally responsible. I haven’t been very impressed with similar boxes I’ve been following on here but the recent Bombay & Cedar beauty box review looked very promising so hopefully I can get my priorities straight and make some subscription changes soon.

      • What post? Where? It literally says on their Instagram that SOME charmers will receive. I dont know where you people are getting this confirmation from. 10 people will get those products. The rest will get left over crap.

    • Everyone is getting the Glow Recipe Avocado sleeping mask and the Too Faced Contour Palette

      • I will believe that when I see it!! Lately none of the good products have been given to everyone.

      • I will believe that when I see it!

  26. Chose the Nars lip pigment, but I won’t hold my breath that it’s a shade I’ll like. How much harder would it have been to let us choose the shade?

  27. I picked the Milk Makeup as well. It’s not a ‘flashy’ choice but it is a good brand. I’m wondering, thought, if this one is going to be another tailored size for Boxy or if it’s the full size selling at around $28. Either way, not taking the gamble with the lipstick color and I don’t need shadow primer nor do I wear false lashes. I’d love to but my eyes go into full blown panic mode. Lol I’m not going to complain too much,though, because I just signed back up last month after having to cancel last August. I feel that did me some good and would do some others good too, if they feel they are not being ‘wowwed’ anymore.

    • The milk is 15 dollars retail.

  28. This month is not looking good for luxe or premium. What’s the point of choosing a lipstick if you can’t choose the color? All I ever get are browns or something totally unwearable.

  29. Wow I am so disappointed with these choices,none of them scream Premium…..I do not wear fake eyelashes,I could not pick neither one of the lippies because they will not let you pick your shade,so I know I will get a color I can not wear….I just got the Milk item in my Boxycharm Premium for this month,so that only left me with the Zovea eyeshadow primer,and it is the cheapest item out of them all for 12.00….So So Disappointed SMH

    • Exactly I agree! I got the Milk tint worth $15 a Tarte lip balm worth $20 and some other cheap thing in my premium this month my box was worth $80 before they added their supposed $90 brushes ugh! I’ve gotten three different shades of the NARS all in ugly dark shades already so no thanks. I sure hope Boxyluxe is actually luxe in June because premium has been crappy.

  30. Meh. I chose the Milk product, but I’m not a big fan of any of the choices.

  31. I think because of the pandemic they have difficulty to have new stock. It will be better later. I choose the NARS lippies.

  32. I think because of the pandemic they have difficulty to have new stock. It will be better later.

  33. Choice and Premium?????? The choices and the word “Premium” don’t go together!

  34. is anybody else’s page keep refreshing when they choose? I am not getting a confirmation email.

    • You wont get an email for a couple days. It tells you what day you should recieve the confirmation email right after you choose

    • Ashley, I don’t always get an email either. A girl suggested to another, one time, to grab a screenshot before the page refreshes. That way you have proof, if you need it.

    • You can change your selection until choice closes. You should receive an email after that confirming your most recent selection

  35. if I wanted a do I pick out the color or do they pick it out? and can you skip a month with boxycharm or do you just cancel? thanks

    • You cant select a color, they choose. You cannot skip. You either stay subscribed or unsubscribe unfortunately.

    • Hi Tammy! Unfortunately, you cannot pick the shade. They pick for you and Boxy does not offer the option to skip like Ipsy does. You have to cancel and resubscribe. Hope this helps!

  36. Ok, if you’re complaining about the colors you get in the boxes – have you checked your quiz answers? Since updating mine I stopped getting orange eyeshadows and Barbie pink lipglosses.

  37. This will be my second Premium box, and my first one was pretty disappointing. So seeing these choices for June has made me question on whether I even want to keep Premium at all. None of the choices are exciting (for me). If I find out that the Glow Recipe mask is going to be in every box I may hold out for it. I’ve subscribed to the Ipsy Plus and the Ipsy Ultimate for the last 6 or 7 months, and so far Boxycharm isn’t comparing to those.

  38. The choices for base box were so much better, & my May premium box was such a disappointment. Time to cancel premium. It started off good, but it declined quickly. It has too many cheap products to be worth the $10 upgrade for 1 more item.

    • I would be right with you if not for the TF cocoa contour palette!

  39. I wish boxycharm had a pause option. my only option is to cancel. none of these choices look good to me. I will just stick with the base box.

  40. Why has Boxy all of a sudden starting sending out multiple repeats?

    • I hope it’s because of the pandemic? Boxycharm has definitely went downhill since this all started! Fingers crossed it gets better!!

  41. I don’t feel like any of these are “premium” and kinda disappointed in the choices. I received that NARS lipstick in March, the milk makeup product last month, I have also received lashes from that brand (not sure if it’s the same set or not), and I dare not pick KVD because I will get the most unwearable shade out of all of them. I liked Premium when there wasn’t much variation and the products were really great but now there are just as many variations as the other boxes and the quality has begun to decline.

    • You stated it perfectly.

    • It hasn’t started to decline, it has made a rapid descent and crashed into the bottom of a canyon, lol.

      • Totally agree. I got off the waitlist right after the very first box. I only got a few decent boxes before they became total crap starting in 2020. Unfortunately my pathetic FOMO has kept me subscribed for way too long. The ONLY reason I may wait one more month to cancel is if I confirm we’re absolutely guaranteed to get that sleeping mask. And that’s just because I’ve sampled it and have been wanting to but the full size ever since. I usually don’t consider one product to justify $35 no matter what the RV is but I will make an exception this time.

    • Is it just me or has Boxy Premium SUCKED this and next month? I got the milk stuck in my May box-why is it a choice for June? My premium value was 160$ and had crap. My regular May boxy? A lipstick and a lip gloss. Wtf?

  42. Can’t believe these are premium choices. Some $5 lipstick, $12 primer, .50 cent eyelashes… I’ll hang in there for the Nars lippie though. Fingers crossed for the rest of the box.

    • Almost grabbed the kvd lipstick to avoid a random kvd product. Looks like every box comes with one kvd thing now

      • Those kvd lipstick colors boxy is offering are literally $5 at Sephora right now.

  43. I really wish they’d let you pick shades on the lip products… knowing my luck I’d get a color I can’t wear. So, I went with the Zoeva eyeshadow fix even though it’s about the cheapest thing being offered ….

    • This is my concern too. I’m very light skinned but actually liked the pink color that the LVD lipsticks cycled through on the Choice screen. But I’ll probably end up with the dark brown or the dark purple color in my box. LOL. Part of me wants to go with the eyeshadow primer instead, but very few eyeshadow primers actually work on my oily eyelids (Nars and CoverGirl are the only two that have worked; UD would crease before I even left the house). So I’m a little leery of trying new ones.

      • *KVD

        Ugh. That’s what I get for not reading through my comment first. LOL.

      • I have the same issue with my oily eyelids. I’ve tried everything from drugstore to high end, and I find the best for me is just a cream eyeshadow in a pot, like Maybelline or MAC.

      • I have oily eyelids and the only eyeshadow primer that works for me, and is now my HG primer, is the Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later eyeshadow primer. You can order a sample off their website and only pay shipping. The sample size lasts me forever.

    • Yes. But when you pick the cheap one. The other items are usually better!!!

  44. I got this Milk thing in my May box. I went with Nars lipstick.

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