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The Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar Review – March 2020

The Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar is an aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle subscription box for women that focuses on essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks, and other products with a total retail value of $120+ for $49.95/month.

Bombay & Cedar also offers a new monthly Beauty Box for $31.95/month, containing 5-6 deluxe or full-size beauty items that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free with a retail value of $100. Check out the review here!

This review is of the Lifestyle Box for $49.95/month.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About this Premium Self-Care and Aromatherapy Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: The Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar

The Cost: $49.95 per month + shipping, or save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code MSALOVE10 to save 10% off a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription!

The Products: 8 – 10 full and deluxe size products each month with a retail value of $120+.

Ships to: The US for $6.95, Canada for $16.95, and internationally for $23.95

Good to Know: They also offer a Mini Lifestyle Box that has 5-7 full and deluxe size samples with a retail value of $60+ for $29.95/month. Bombay & Cedar recommends beginning with this box if you’re looking to test out the experience!

The Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar “Reflection” Review


The box comes with a booklet of information that lists out the products and highlights some of the brands. The theme this month is “Reflections.”


Bliss Essential Oil by Bombay & Cedar, 10 ml – Listed Value $16.00

Patchouli Essential Oil Blend by Bombay & Cedar, 10 ml – Listed Value $16.00

These are my favorite essential oils that I have received in a while! Patchouli is a scent that I always seem to gravitate towards so I have been using it in my diffuser a ton recently. It is known for its grounding, balancing, and calming qualities, something I need a lot of right now. A few drops in the diffuser go a long way and it fills my entire house! The bliss blend is made of grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint and was another favorite that I keep using in my diffuser. It has this wonderful citrus scent that also has a warming quality. It helps to invigorate and stimulate your mind and body, reduce headaches, and fight physical fatigue. The bliss blend is also great to rub a little on your temples if you have a headache and provides a lovely calm.


Cord Keeper by Tech Candy – Listed Value $4

I can’t say that I have ever owned a cord keeper, but with two wild kids in my house, I probably should. This cord keeper is on the smaller side so you can’t hold together too many cords, but it works great for smaller cords that you might have at your desk or in smaller areas. I passed this along to my husband to use in his office because our daughter keeps going in there while he is working and crawling under his desk to play with the cords. Again, it didn’t help to keep a lot of bigger cords together, but he was able to move some things around to keep the area a little safer and less exciting for her to crawl to. So while this isn’t the most exciting item to receive, it was a win in my book!


Clean Up Your Act Wipes by Tech Candy, pack of 20 – Retail Value $7.49

These wipes came at a great time! We have been cleaning basically everything all of the time now, along with the rest of the world I’m sure. The package is resealable so the 20 wipes won’t dry out and it can easily fit in a desk drawer, purse, diaper bag, or if you are me, in a drawer in your kitchen for easy access. Each wipe will safely remove dirt, makeup, and germs for all of your tech accessories. Again, not the most exciting product but I love a good cleaning product so these made me happy!


Clutch Journal by Fringe Studio – Listed Value $36, Retail Value $39

This clutch journal is so beautiful and reminds me of something I would have swooned over when I was in college. I absolutely loved keeping a journal and writing poetry back then so I envision that young girl walking around campus stopping to jot down sweet nothings in this beautiful journal. You could have received two different styles of the softcover but each comes with a pouch flap closure, a great place to keep pens or markers. For me now, I have been keeping this next to my bed to write down some thoughts or dreams as they come to me. While we are all in a strange time right now, I think it will be interesting to look back at any journals that I keep during this time.


Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner Set by BRÖÖ – Listed Value $21.98, Retail Value $19.99

If you read my reviews you know that I have super thick, curly hair so when I read that this set is for thin, weak hair I knew it wasn’t for me. In order to get a brush through my hair, I need a deep clean shampoo and a super hydrating conditioner. After reading the ingredients and a bit more about the product I felt like it would be best tested on my husband who has straight hair that is much thinner than mine. It is made with a vegan alternative to keratin that makes thin hair have tons of volume along with B vitamins and proteins. Unfortunately, this shampoo and conditioner set was a big miss. It left my husband’s hair feeling super greasy and hard, almost like he had put a lot of product in it. All day it just looked like he had a hard shell on the outer layer of his hair, but I will say he did have a lot more volume than usual. While this was a miss for both of us, I’m sure it would work great in certain hair types, it just didn’t work for ours.


Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Dime Beauty, 1 oz. – Retail Value $28

I actually received this product in The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar for March. I have really fallen in love with the product since receiving it in that box and am already pretty low on that bottle so I was excited to receive a second bottle. This serum works to provide instant hydration to the skin that lasts while it plumps and boosts skin elasticity. Dime Beauty is vegan and cruelty-free and this serum is made of Water (Aqua), Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin. It has taken me a few days to get used to this serum, but once I figured out how much my skin actually needed, I fell in love with this product! It is really thick and somewhat sticky or tacky feeling at first so I think a little really does go a long way. The bottle says to use 3 to 5 drops in the morning and at night, but I found that I didn’t love the way this product worked along with my makeup. So now I am using only one to two drops at night and that feels like enough for my super dry skin! My face looks glowing and hydrated and has cleared some extra dry spots that I normally have as well.


Water Roll-On by Jaime: Things I Love, 5 ml – Retail Value $24

How beautiful is this bottle?! Inside is a rose quartz healing crystal that is meant to promote love and positive self-esteem while healing your emotional body, heartache, loneliness, easing fear, and soothing grief. That is one powerful crystal! The second crystal helps to clear negativity while healing the esthetic and emotional body. As for the smell, it is so light and beautiful. It honestly smells like a fresh spring rain in a rose garden. Can you tell how much I love this roll-on?! The bottle is small and delicate and feels so special sitting on my vanity.


Cocoa Crunch PB Bites by Pasokin, 2 snacks – Listed Value $1 (Buy 10 boxes here for $9.89)

These bites were delicious! Each is made with peanut, quinoa, and plant-based protein. The bite just sorts of crumbles in your mouth and has a bold peanut flavor with a light cocoa taste. One piece was perfect for me so I was able to share the second with my husband who also loved this little snack!


Compression Socks by Shiraleah – Retail Value $13

I could have used these compression socks back when I was pregnant; all of the ones I bought were not this cute! Compression socks seem to get a bad rap at being only for a certain age group, but they really have a ton of benefits for anyone at any age. They help with blood flow, tired legs, and sore muscles so you can use them during or after pregnancy, during a workout, or when flying. I am at high risk for blood clots due to my family history so I am always being proactive if and when I fly or take long car trips to ensure proper blood flow so these are going to get a lot of use once we can safely travel again. Plus, they are so soft, extra cozy, and super cute!

Verdict: This month’s box was an interesting mix of products. I thought the cord keeper and tech wipes were a little out of place, but I was super happy to receive both. This month’s essential oils were incredible and have been filling my house with calming scents! The Dime Beauty serum was a repeat product for me from the B&C Beauty Box, but I totally am in love with it so this was the perfect item to receive again since I was almost out of my first bottle. The clutch journal and crystal roll-on are hands down my favorite products this month because they just filled my heart with so much happiness and created a beautiful space for me right now. The compression socks are very helpful for me as well since I already use some when I travel. While the curation felt a bit off for me, I really did enjoy each of the products on their own and in different ways so I would say overall it was a good month. The total listed value comes in around $168.48, well above the $56.90 monthly cost of the box itself. A win in my book!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first month would be the May “Brave” box!

COUPON: Use code MSALOVE10 to save 10% off a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $49.95 + $6.95 shipping, which means that each of the 10 items in the box has an average cost of $5.69.

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What do you think of the “Reflections” Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar?

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Written by Taryn Lowman

Taryn Lowman

Taryn’s passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!

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Comments (26)

  1. I think the journal clutch would be good for making shopping lists. It has a place to store cards, phone, and cash too so that’d be useful for grocery trips

  2. This box would have been a total letdown for me.

  3. There was a shipping update in the email they sent today. April is being sent in the next few days. It can’t be easy getting things to them right now and then having to turn it around even faster with only a skeleton crew. I’m sure it will be fabulous when it arrives. I love this box and it consistently makes my day when I get it.

  4. I just noticed that the theme for this box is reflection… the only thing that fits that is the journal, which I really like but know I will never use. It’s so pretty and useful, but I’m really bad at using journals.

    It always surprises me how late your reviews are, because I get my box near the beginning of the month.

    While I don’t often find most items useful for me, I keep buying it because I like the curation and I recently emailed them about stuff missing from a box that was smashed open and I heard back from the founder who is super nice and told me a little bit about their story. I learned that it is a family company, and the mom makes the essential oil mixes. I wish they would put more info about themselves on their website because I love supporting companies like this!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about any shipping delays. I am not sure about any updates for April or May, but it looks like Customer Care has been responding via email. As always, thanks to everyone for their feedback!

  6. Amber, they consistently ship late even prior to Covid-19 restrictions/precautions. My point was they are super quick to charge but very slow to ship.

  7. I occasionally see that Dime hyaluronic acid for “free (just pay shipping)” on Instagram. Good to know it is decent, because I think it comes to $8-9 with that offer.

    • I really enjoy this product so I would recommend!

  8. Very expensive box for the crap in it. Also, Am I the only person that does not believe in all the power or crystals?

    • I think their boxes generally have really good value and more unique items compared to some other subscriptions (same with Goddess Provisions–though if you don’t like crystals, that wouldn’t be a good choice for you!). I’m unsure about crystals, but I did think that roll-on smelled really good–gardenia maybe?

    • Definitely not the only one! Studies have shown that it’s just a placebo effect and that crystals emit no energy or vibrations whatsoever. I do find crystals and rocks beautiful, however, I’ll never be one to buy into healing powers or any of the other touted benefits.

      • I’m not quite sure how I feel about crystals, except that I think some are very pretty and they can be effective as sort of worry stones at the very least, to hold and feel while stressed.

        I think if something has a kind of energy which may be picked up by those sensitive to it, that probably would not be registered in any formal testing. So it probably doesn’t matter that studies show crystals are just inert (if pretty) rocks.

    • I am that way about essential oils, too. Patchouli makes me nauseous, literally makes me gag. A fragrance that might bring calm to one person might have the exact opposite with someone else, is my point.

      I really like the Dime serum. I don’t get this box, but I sub to their beauty box. The only item in this box that caught my eye was the journal.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! I really enjoyed the box this month and thought the quality and value were there, but that is totally different for each person. I love crystals and believe in their healing qualities so the roll-on got me.

  9. This is one of my favorite boxes (along with Kevia’s Journebox!) Until recently, they have arrived on time. But they are not the only company experiencing delays, so I guess it’s a sign of the times. I’ve had to reach out to their CS multiple times and always received a response via email with a day. Once, one of my customizations was wrong and they immediately sent the correct replacement. Sadly, I had to recently cancel due to my financial situation, but it will be the first one I hope to resubscribe to in the future.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback!

  10. This was my first Bombay and Cedar box. I really liked the journal and compression socks. The shampoo and condition packaging really turned me off (we don’t drink at my house) but I gave it a try, and it does wonders for my very, very curly hair! I am pleasantly surprised! I liked this box. And I enjoyed your review!

  11. Looks like a fun box! It’s a little pricey for me at the moment but the items are definitely usable for me.

  12. Has anyone received the April box yet?

    • I did almost 2 weeks ago. It was my last box of my 3 month subscription and I wish I still was subscribed because the may box looks amazing. My last boxes came in great time which I know that they have delays often. My only issue with this box is the oils tend to smell way to strong and get on the rest of the box. They need to put in a sealed bag all the time.

    • I have not received April just yet, but hopefully I will be able to process and review soon for you all!

    • Sorry that was March that I got ….lol i wish i was getting the April though.

  13. I’m wondering if this box ever ships on time? They say the 17 through the 22nd but here we are again at the end of the month and nothing… oh! Wait that’s not entirely true. There is something. I’ve been billed for my May box so there’s that. 🤔🤷

    • Same re: May box–when I saw an email from them, I was like, “Oh good, it shipped!” Then realized it was just billing for the May box…
      I would assume shipping delays are due to Covid, but they never seem to ship on time anyway, so…

    • jeez, everyone is shipping slow right now. 2 months into this pandemic and it really surprises me how people still forget that.

      • Right, but Bombay & Cedar have been shipping late for many months before that. I think I got December’s box in mid-January? (Or maybe it was November’s in mid-December.) And issues where they’d say your box had shipped, but there was no movement for like 10 days. Like they printed all the labels, then nothing happened. I’m definitely more understanding right now with everything going on, but they have a history of it. Also, some boxes/companies are sending out emails and/or have notifications on their websites about delays.

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