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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyLuxe June 2020 Spoiler Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the June 2020 BoxyLuxe box!

The June 2020 BoxyLuxe may include:

Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara

Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm



What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $24.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code NET6POPUP to a $6 coupon for the BoxyPopUp sale when you sign up for a subscription!

*Quantities limited. Receive $6 coupon in your email to shop PopUp in May with discounts up to 80% off on hundreds of items. $6 coupon valid through May 22. Shipping restrictions may apply.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm + Boxyluxe boxes to learn more!

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Comments (61)

  1. …and after 4 years… Im done. I had the tarte palette and sold it long ago… Im sick of seeing awesome premium boxes and luxe members getting jacked up repeats or crap items. Im just done… Im gonna go drop money on beautylish on items i want and spend it that eat. I might go back if it gets any better… Kinda sad not going to lie… But i just can’t justify the money anymore… 😔

  2. Any more spoilers or are they leaving people in the dark until after they charge them because it’s going to be another awful luxe?! My last luxe was all haircare that I wont use and feel like I wasted a lot of money on.

    Does anyone know if you cancel luxe if its difficult to get back on it?! I’ve been since the first box, but not sure I like the direction these are going….

    • Hey, I’ve been on waitlist for boxyluxe since… mid April? And still haven’t been put back on it. (I cancelled for a month) Premium, however, I got off waitlist after a day! So for fear of FOMO, I’d stick with Boxyluxe and maybe set an alarm for the end of May and check for spoilers and cancel on the last day of May if they do release more spoilers and you’re not feelin it;)

      • They haven’t been giving us any definitive spoilers until after we pay for quite some time. Sadly, the base box looks way better than the luxe again!

  3. Some spoilers please!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. They sent me sneak peeks and unfortunately they were repeats from former boxes. 🙁

    • No sneak peaks for me( What was in there?

  5. I feel like people are getting a little stir crazy about spoilers this month lol. As far back as I can remember Boxy does not reveal all their spoilers at the beginning of the month like Ipsy. I feel they just get spoiled as influencers get their boxes and open them online, which could be well into mid month.

    • They are not allowed to post them u til the uthnof the month, but I think some are on the tier wave of mail too.

  6. Ugg more started and yet another S’well bottle that’s hard to clean…. 🤦‍♀️

  7. I just seen a live feed on Instagram as spoilers and they showed Lady Gaga black eyeliner and Rimmel setting powder and also a drugstore concealer. Also some kind of weird looking contour Pallet. That is a joke isn’t it? We’re not really getting drugstore brands!

    • This was put out by Boxycharm, just wanted to add that.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t put it past them 😒 they’ve been doing some shady things this past year and I’m kind of over it. I don’t care if they use drugstore or only have so much or something, just don’t lie about it and I’m good…

      • There is no Rimmel setting powder

  8. Am I wrong to be under the impression that all items are usually out at least on the first of the month. I was annoyed about no spoilers, but what can you do? But we are now in May and there is no further info.

  9. I thought as of the first of the Month Boxy revealed all their products for the month? It is May 1st and we still have no idea what is in the May box?

    • Elisabeth wolfe on YouTube, her channel does boxycha6spoilers and it looks all left over and repeats and stuff in pop up sales…its absolutely disappointing…..I always heard they planned products for a year in advance, so they SHOULD have stock on hand for the rest of the year boxes at least…not throwing left over.

      I think the hank and Henry eyeliner was one, and the ace beauty pallette in sales could be an item in base box…many repeats…and like 50 some variations

      • when I finally got my May base box, I was so disappointed! I got that old Wander beauty blush palette from last year (that’s in pop up shop for $4), a Beauty Creations palette, and a broken hourglass highlight stick! Worst boxy yet! And I’ve been disappointed before and have had all 3 boxes for a long time! Base box for years, and luxe and premium since each began.

  10. You’d think with the announcement that shipping will be delayed for the May box, they would at least hold us over with some May spoilers!

  11. I think Boxycharm gave so few spoilers so people did not cancel, I really feel there is something a little Greedy and wrong about that. Ipsy and Dermstore along with many others would rather you skip a month, than waste your money on products you will be disappointed with and just will not use. That is a waste of money.
    I love Boxycharm and think it can be a good value, but some of the underhanded tactic’s to make money, without consideration to the consumer, I must admit is starting to outweigh the benefits of this subscription.

  12. STILL no base spoilers. Is this a specific in-the-dark tactic by BC? If it is, it definitely has backfired for a lot of subscribers. I cancelled yesterday. If I wanted a Boxycharm ‘mystery’ box I would have purchased one off of pop up (which aren’t really mystery, but, I digress) . I’m disappointed in MSA for not providing any information in this regard. Just do a post saying ‘BC has not provided us with any new May spoilers’. Dang, tell us SOMETHING. Better than silence all around. Thats why were here…for information. I’ll be damned if BC will ever see another cent from me.

    • I cancelled last night due to lack of spoilers and the 1 or 2 I’ve seen just don’t add up to my $25. I will miss out on that Berry GlamGlow, sadly. But that one item isn’t personally worth $25 to me, since I could have bought it for $12 in the add-on sale.

      I disagree with blaming MSA on this one, though. It isn’t their fault that more spoilers weren’t released.

      I still have my Ipsy and Allure to look forward to in May!

      • Not blaming them, I just said I was disappointed that there is silence on their part. They should simply tell us whether BC is not providing them with information. After all, that’s why we read this site…for useful information on which to base our decisions about spending money. And that’s how they make THEIR money…it’s based on how much WE spend through their links. MSA needs us to exist. Don’t forget that.

    • For Base, I’ve seen the following on Instagram: the 3 items spoiled here (Glamglow, Elemis, Hourglass), then a studio makeup palette, jouer lip gloss and haus lab liquid eyeliner.

    • If you come here and don’t find any Base Box spoilers, it’s 99.9% more than likely that there wasn’t any revealed yet. I’m just not quite sure what the point is of MSA continuing to post “No new updates yet!” When it is pretty self explanatory. No post of spoilers=no spoilers yet.

    • Why blame MSA? They only post what Boxy gives them. Get a grip.

    • Good grief. Yall get a grip. No one is blaming MSA (who is still silent, btw). Wever, we come here for info and we’re not getting any from BC THROUGH MSA. MSA could simply comment here…as they do on many posts…but they have chosen not to do that. Draw your own conclusion. I stand by my statement. MSA makes their living through US, the consumer.

    • Iris
      I mean why would they make a post that they haven’t been provided spoilers? I mean one would assume if there isn’t spoilers posted then they don’t have any. Seems pointless and not within her control.

  13. that tarte palette was $25 in FFF body, mind, soul sale… it’s a really pretty palette but clearly making the box rounds and not sure a box of lower price items is worth it here

  14. I just canceled all three levels. I’m so done w/ BC’s BS…After months of declining service and the pile up of screw ups? I’m officially done.

    • Good for you. So did I. Not going to miss it.

    • Me three. Wasn’t impressed with the pop up this time around & my premium was terrible with those $90 brushes🤷‍♀️ … luxe let me down last time and I know they do the bait & switch at the last minute.

  15. I’d rather have the lily lashes mascara than the eye balm honestly.

    And the tarte palette, kylie skin, and swell bottle will be in all luxe boxes from what I understand…

  16. Although I am definitely not interested in Kylie’s products, my mother bought me KKW Beauty (Kim’s beauty products), concealer, brightening powder and a few of her lipsticks, I was surprisingly impressed, especially with the concealer and brightening powder…it is hard to support the family for me as there seems to be a massive lack of character

  17. Just canceled.

  18. I don’t get the fixation people have to avoid the Kylie products. I respect Starr as a reviewer and entrepreneur, but I also like to try things for myself. As for Shane Dawson, I don’t think he really has credentials to back him up other than his channel on other things and Jeffree’s collaborator.

    If I went by the comments on the Trendmood FB on Colourpop vs Kylie’s lip kits, I woulda kept spending my money on Colourpop liquid mattes hoping they wouldn’t crumble.

    I am so looking forward to this box to keep exploring things that I could normally would say no to if I had to buy them separately. I can afford it, but this makes trial and error fun.

    • I personally dont support anything by that family. Same as I dont click on any influencers or artist I dont enjoy. I take the whole “stop making stupid peopke famous” line pretty seriously. Not saying she’s personally stupid because they made millions upon millions off making a job of being famous and I dont want to support that. Nothing to do with the product itself but the name on it. The only voice we really have in this society is how we spend money. I choose to spend mine on people and brands I want to support.

      • I get what your point fully, its your hard earned money after all. I am a huge small business supporter, but I haven’t found an indie, beauty brand that I could say I love.

        But they’re actions are not affecting me, and I am not going to let myself get high blood pressure by what they do. I am not technically a sell out lol, I just really want to see with my own eyes if it’s worth it. For what its worth, I have seen them bad mouthed so much that I kinda admire their tough skin.

  19. I have 3 teg Swell bottles and a hand painted one. If I get one more, I’m seriously going to cry. I won’t use Kyle’s skin care, not Jeffrree Star or Shane Dawson approved!I like my current routine.

  20. I’m fine with everything but the Kylie skin product. I heard her skin products were trash and I do not want to support any of the K sisters in any way.

    • I’m with you, I wouldn’t give one penny for any kartrashian trash! 7 hells no! Let them laugh all the way to the bank on someone else’s money! Ewww! Barf! 🤢🤮

  21. Careful boxy, spoiling a black mascara can get you cancelled 😂

  22. I saw on YouTube, so not sure if it’s true or not, but the Tarte pallete and Kylie product are supposed to be in all Boxyluxe boxes.

    • Yeah, I saw the same on Instagram a few weeks back. We are supposed to get both. Pretty sure Boxy posted it, but seems they’ve taken it down. The pic is still floating around though!

  23. Where the heck are the spoilers for Premium or the Base Box for May? It’s been crickets, which has me worried.

    • Agree. The silence here stinks. I cancelled yesterday. Good freaking riddance, BC.

  24. I’m not into Kylie make up/ skin care. Would rather see Jeffree Star! “Skin Frost” please!

    I don’t throw down $$ for Kylie. Rarely even Jeffree Star honestly.

    • Do you have some insight on why you’re not into the Kylie products that you can share with us in regards to quality?

      • Sometimes it is not about quality. I personally cannot stand entire K family, and would NEVER buy anything from them no matter how good their products are.

      • I have 3 teg Swell bottles and a hand painted one. If I get one more, I’m seriously going to cry. I won’t use Kyle’s skin care, not Jeffrree Star or Shane Dawson approved!I like my current routine.

      • I agree. Not only are the products crap, I don’t have anything to do with that family. If I get it, I don’t even think I’ll try to sell it, prob just throw it out or do a video of lighting it on fire haha

      • The skin care line honestly do not strike me as anything awesome, but the prices are high. Their ingredient list is just like the drugstore stuff. They try to sell “Kylie image” not quality or at least affordability

      • I saw one of her videos promoting her face wash. It didnt even wash off the make up her white towel was full of foundation and she used a snapchat filter. If her product worked ok I be excited, I wont pay for any of her items thou.

      • I refuse to use any skincare that uses walnut as a physical exfoliate. It’s a cheap cop out and chemical exfoliation is best. So, because she chose the cop out I won’t support her products. If you need help with skincare the skincareaddicts subReddit is a free BIBLE on the subject. My double cleansers together cost about $15. Hermakeup May be ok but her skincare is trash.

    • Agree with you on rarely spending money on Starr….surprise boxes have steered me wrong sooo many times. It’s always the hope that gets me lol.

  25. And you lost me at Kylie…

  26. Hand sanitizer!?

    • Hand sanitizer is for the pop up sale babes….not the box….,

  27. Cancelling all my Boxy subscriptions. This month was awful and the spoilers aren’t looking any better.

    • agreed.. i cancelled my premium yesterday and based on how the base box turns out this month with let me know if i continue. the premium box past month was horrible, one of the most disappointing sub boxes i’ve opened in a while and have quite a few. my allure beauty box the past 2 months has blown boxy out of the water.. that’s sad when it’s between a box with deluxe/sample and travel sizes mostly

  28. I’m excited to try either of the #2 spoilers.

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