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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

NewBeauty TestTube March 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the March 2020 NewBeauty TestTube Box!  (Thanks, Kristine and Suzanne, for the heads up!)

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers!

The March 2020 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

  • Avant Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant (full size)
  • Whish Renewing Mud Mask (full size)
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Daily Peels (3 Pack)
  • Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Spray Leave-In Conditioner Detangler (full size)
  • Oralgen NuPearl.32X Perfecting Teeth Whitening Pen (full size)
  • Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Soap Sponge Mother of Pearl (full size)
  • Piperwai Activated Charcoal Deodorant Cream (full size)
  • Vagisil Scentsitive Scents® White Jasmine and Peach Blossom V-Friendly Bath Bombs (full sizes)

Total Value Listed $234

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (102)

  1. This subscription has gone downhill. Not happy with the items at all. Aside from one customer service rep who is awesome, cant get the manager to get back with me. Not sure what happened to this box.

  2. Where is the promised May spoilers? I recall that last month so many ppl were disappointed that NewBeauty promised spoliers in time to skip this box if you wanted, but here it is April 20 and no spoilers yet. May just cancel! Very disappointed altogether with NewBeauty!

    • I emailed yesterday to ask that question because they said we’d be charged for the next tube on 4/22 but would see spoilers prior to that. They responded that they generally release spoilers a couple of days before charging and that they have moved that date (again) to 4/30. So maybe we’ll see some spoilers next week. I was able to cancel prior to getting billed for March’s box and they always respond within 24 hours of my email, so I appreciate their customer service.

  3. So glad I canceled when I did. Nothing extraordinary in the March tube.

  4. Wanted to say that despite cancelling in time I received this HORRIBLE tube.

    The vagisil bath bombs stunk so bad I practically had an asthma attack just getting the box from the mailman.

    I took the bath bombs to the outside trash can right away but my hands stunk so bad from taking them out I practically ran to the bathroom to wash my hands before I grabbed an inhaler.

    The box had to go out the the garage right away because of the heavy perfume smell. After a week outside, I looked at the items. Complete Walmart crap junk and it still smelled like the vagisil bath bomb fragrance so bad, the tube with the rest of the contents had to go into the outside trash.

    I cannot imagine anyone using those bombs in the bath. The floral fragrance was soooo strong, toxic would be the word I would use. I have asthma so I am more sensitive than most but seriously, even a smoker would have a hard time tolerating the fragrance.

    The contents of this tube was cheap junk crap and I cannot stress enough how absolutely disappointed I am with New Beauty. Boo!

    End of rant.

  5. Completely disappointed with the past two test tubes, particularly with March’s tube. You have to be kidding me. Definitely canceling after this box of sadness.

    • Amy,

      We are sorry to find out you were not satisfied with the products featured in the March TestTube. However, we thank you for your honest feedback.

  6. NOT MY FAV CUP OF TEA. I subscribed because I want to try skincare products from good brands but now it’s all about tooth items, sponges or hair stuff will cancel after the may box.

    • SL,

      I can definitely see how frustrating it would be to receive products that do not meet your expectations. However, our editors pride themselves in curating a one-of-a-kind sampling program with most innovative beauty brands. Hopefully, our upcoming tube is a hit for you 🙂

  7. My tube shipped today. I am really hoping it is better in person than the spoilers. If anyone discovers a hero item from it, please let me know.

    • Mine shipped today too!!

    • I received my box today. I was really disappointed. I’ve been reading New Beauty for years and have been a subscriber of TestTube since its inception.
      I always looked to them for new and innovative skincare. This box had neither new or innovative products. Basically everything I can buy at the local drugstore. The one hero item is on clearance at the Skinstore for a fraction of retail price. As much as I hate to do it, if the next tube isn’t substantially better, I will cancel my sub. I can find much better high quality skincare in Fabfitfun edit sale and would rather spend the money there. I still love the magazine although it’s been a long while since I received one.

      • Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. We are so sorry that you were disappointed with our March Tube, our goal is the total satisfaction of our subscribers! Please let us know which edition of New Beauty magazine you have not received, and we will gladly accommodate a replacement issue.

  8. I do think this month is a dud, luckily i had called to cancel and was coerced into skipping, but if May is not great then i will cancel. I don’t like how long it takes to get the spoilers and like other ppl my account was completely empty as if i had never even had the subscription, hoping they didn’t get hacked and fail to notify customers… that would be terrible!!

  9. TestTube used to be my favorite box. I remember using almost every product from my test tubes a year or so ago. The past couple of months have been disappointing, but this box is the final nail. Unless there’s a serious shakeup at the company I don’t expect anything to change soon.

    I don’t understand the point of being a beauty box if you’re going to include products that are available at Walmart or Target.

  10. I just cancelled since I saw I had not been billed yet. I did wait about 5-7 min on hold before someone picked up. I spoke with Albert who was very friendly and he did offer me a 35% discount and the option to skip this tube to stay a customer. I passed and he cancelled my account. I did get a follow up email confirming cancellation.

    This used to be my favorite subscription but sadly has been lacking lately. I cancelled BeautyFix and FFF last year and now after this cancellation, I only have IPSY which is about to get the cut soon since I’m sick of getting a ton of highlighters, bronzers and primers. Maybe one of these will get better and I’ll subscribe again but I’m excited about all the money I’ll be saving.

  11. The most expensive item in this box, Avant Rose Exfoliant is on sale skinstore for $28 (RV $114). I called to cancel and got though right away. Very nice rep offered to skip the box instead and a free gift if I chose to skip. They had long list of prime brand gifts to choose, I picked the Hourglass primer (full size). Next billing for May will be April 11 but they claim by then there will be full spoilers available for May tube.

    • Last year I had some issues with signing up and received the hourglass primer as a gift, the primer was produced 2016 which meant it expired when I received it. Didn’t bother to contact customer service. I hope you receive a newer batch

  12. Something weird is going on with this box. I’ve been subscribed for a couple of years and then all of a sudden this month I realized I hadn’t been charged for the upcoming box. (Tube) I went onto the site and had to reset my password b/c I couldn’t get on with the one I had saved. Once I got on, there were no previous orders for me. And I got the January tube. And when I went under the billing information nothing was there! I guess they are trying to tell me something! I was thinking of cancelling anyway, I guess they just read my mind, lol!

    • Mine has never showed my other boxes. I got charged last week but haven’t got it or my ipsy box…

      • Hi Ckay,

        We are very sorry to hear you have yet to receive your TestTube. Please feel free to call us at 888-974-6042 or email us at te[email protected]. Our team will be more than happy to resolve this issue for you.

      • Hi TestTube!!
        What is the deal with no information what-so-ever when we log into our account? I noticed that a few months ago and i emailed them asking why only to get a rude response back asking what I needed!

  13. For those of you struggling to get through to customer service on the phone, I sent an email yesterday asking to skip this box. They responded today that they would skip it and my next box would be May. My only concern is they said I’d be charged on April 11th for the May test tube. I responded to clarify whether they misquoted the date because that would likely be well before spoilers. I don’t want to pay for that box until I know that it includes products that interest me. I haven’t heard back yet.

  14. Argh! Another dud for me. I’m REALLY regretting prepaying for the year upfront. Since I did, the tubes have been terrible and I wish I could have my money back.

  15. For $29.99 you get a $114 exfoliant and at $48 mask. I think that’s a great deal. It would be nice if there had been a full size box of the peel pads. The rest aren’t things that I would use. I’ll see if I can get someone in the family to take them.

    • The exfoliant is on sale for $28 and to me this private label “brand” made up by The Hut Group is worth zero. I’m not fooled by a science paragraph on their limited website. This is no different than the DIrty Little Secrets company. The Hut Group literally has their company at the airport so they can easily receive their China shipments. This is public information.

      The mask is great if you have oily skin. For my dry skin, a clay mask is a no.

      The 29.99 does not include shipping and is 9.98 and most states have tax. So most people are paying about $45 for this tube.

      • Debbie, just out of curiosity, what’s your issue with products manufactured in China? Is it a human rights or safety issue? I never do research on this sort of thing, and it sounds like you have a lot of info. I’ve always enjoyed the way Avant products work, so I’m wondering what I should know about them. TYA!

      • Hey Kat that’s for asking. I don’t have a problem with products made in China per se.

        I do have a problem with a box company ordering a bunch of $1,70 private label pre formulated products (which are mostly done in China for pricing), throwing up a website, adding a few science and green paragraphs and then pretending the product is worth $114.

        What I am trying to say is the mass production of fake brands is prevalent in the beauty box industry and I would suggest that there is a dark side to beauty boxes. It’s probably worse than we think it is.

        Because of the coronavirus it is now coming out that a lot of our medication in the IS is being manufactured in China. The supply chain is compromised and the news is finally covering that.

        Forget cosmetics. If my estodiol (hormone replacement) is being manufactured in China, the mark up that my insurance is paying is outrageous!

        Yes do actually support buying US in general but I don’t have an issue with China products, just low quality products being promoted as luxury.

        I hope that makes sense.

      • And I should add that I would have no problem with Avant being owned by The Hut Group if the retail value was $28, which is probably a fair reflection of the ingredients.

        I do think that people enjoy the Avant products and that they work for them. Not all private label are bad, just let’s be transparent and not inflate prices.

      • Yeah, Avant is overinflated RV, but nowhere the shady possibly dangerous level that DLS is. I really enjoy the Avant products, but would never pay anything close to retail for them.

      • I read your comments and did some research and cannot find anything about Avant being owned by the Hut Group. Their products are all listed as cruelty free certified with the leaping bunny logo so I do not believe they are made in China which requires animal testing. The products i have say made in the EU.

  16. Bummer. I was excited to see the Dr. Dennis Gross peel, but it’s the pads (and only three of them lol) and not the Resurfacing Liquid Peel which is so, so good.

    I got a Test Tube like a year ago and it was great. I think I used every single item (and my boyfriend is using the tube for storing stuff in the garage). But every one since then has been a dud and they seem to get worse. I guess I lucked out. I think I’d be most excited about the bath bombs lol. I love baths.

  17. This is the first tube in over 2 years I’ve been receiving that not one single item am I excited about, want or would use. I have always love this sub. Most times all products are good and sometimes the good outweighs the few bad items but this is so beyond. I feel bad for those who took a deal and is starting out with this tube. This is the first time i skipped a month. I am not annual pay up front but I do have a subscription where it charges every tube. I do not like that because I skipped this month I must get May. I am also not sure why MSA was late in posting this. I saw spoilers on another site for I went looking because I hadn’t seen it here yet and thank god I did. May best redeem itself or I may cancel and buy only if i like.

  18. I called the number to cancel and got a recorded message that they are experiencing high call volume and to leave a message. I left my name and number along with the date. If they charge me I will do a charge back on my credit card as I have also been very disappointed in their boxes lately.

    • I called yesterday and was on hold for a bit. While on hold I emailed them for I wanted it on record that i was on hold and wanted to skip the March/April tube. As soon as I sent someone picked up but later I got an emails response to mine that it was skipped. Is try emailing as well

      • Good idea! I just did that. Hopefully I will get this thing cancelled before it is sent. 🙂

    • I just called and cancelled mine, less than a minute hold. Try to call now! I called 888-974-6042. They tried to offer me a $25 retail value item to stay. Nuh. I have 14 subscriptions, and TestTube is now officially at the same level as Glossybox, which I am also cancelling. I saw the writing on the wall when they started putting fillers as body or face washes.

      • Ouch! “TestTube is now officially at the same level as Glossybox”…I cancelled Glossybox almost as soon as I received the first box. But I have to agree with you about this particular box, as there is nothing that suggests “cutting edge skincare” at all. If the TestTube team are still reading comments on this post, I would like to confirm that this box has a CVS feel to it. I used to subscribe years ago, but I wouldn’t even consider bothering with this box these days.

  19. I have never tried Avant products before. Exfoliating products are usually too harsh for my skin. I have rosacea. People who have reviewed this one say it is very gentle even on sensitive skin so I am excited to try it. I have heard of the Piper Wei deodorant but haven’t tried it and am looking for a really good natural one. The Whish mask and hair product will probably go to one of my daughters. A soap sponge and bath bombs may not be exciting but useful. At barely above $3 per item, with the annual BF deal, it is a great value.

    • Avant sounds like a great company. Science backed, cruelty free, working to minimise their impact on the environment. I am looking forward to trying their product. Also looking forward to MSA review!

  20. Annual member. I skipped my second box because of the one item you need to use in a beauty spa that I will have no chance of using. Then I was charged for my third box separately. Contacted customer service, got a refund. Then my fourth box (Jan/Feb 2020) didn’t ship. Contacted CS, said they’ll send one. Never get it. Emailed CS again, after 2 weeks no reply.

    Finally I got to a point that I called CS to get a refund for the boxes left. The CS said I’m an annual, and annual is a contract. So no refund.

    What contract it is if they don’t send the boxes? I hanged up and filed a credit card dispute.

    This box won’t last long.

    • Oh btw the CS said ‘I see we issued a refund of $29.99 to you out of courtesy’

      I’m an annual and they charged me $29.99 for my third box and the refund is somehow ‘out of courtesy’? Guess their note system isn’t that good either

    • hung up

      • Thanks 🙂 my English is improving every day!

    • Hi, we would like to apologize for your negative experience with our company. We’d like to learn more about your specific situation and make things right! If you wouldn’t mind giving us a call at 888-974-6042 at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated! We look forward to speaking with you!

  21. They were so good when I signed up for an annual subscription. By the 3rd Tube, I was wishing it was over. Counting down the Tubes I have left so I can stop receiving this CRAP. Oh, and my new rule is that if I cannot cancel an auto-renew subscription ON LINE, at any time, I won’t be subscribing. Tired of subs that require a phone call or email, tired of subs that only let you cancel an auto-renew in that VERY narrow window betwee your final shipment and when they bill you again (Birchbox, Box of Style I’m specifically calling you out on this…)

    • Even when I cancel easily, I often update my payment info to be an old empty visa gift card so if a company decides to be shady or has a “glitch” they still can’t bill. You’ll be subjected to a gazillion billing error emails, but at least your $ is safe!

      • What a great idea!

      • Amy- That is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • I called yesterday to cancel and was informed that annuals can no longer skip a box. I love it when they have different rules for different people. The said I had skipped before, yes, before I became an annual. Very shady!

      • Sheila,
        We are very sorry! Unfortunately, systematically it is impossible for an annual account to skip tubes.

      • This is what I do!

      • I did this exact same thing with Allure back in January because I didn’t feel like dealing with CS over the phone to cancel. I normally do Allure through Amazon to avoid the cancellation problems, but they sucked me in with a free gift, lol.

      • Allure has GREAT Customer Service if you don’t mind calling. The agents are very nice to talk to and super easy to deal with. I love Allure for their CS. I prefer calling cos you know your request is being handled right away.

    • Last year, I had not realized I couldn’t cancel until the end of my annual subscription. I cancelled after the 3rd tube and never received another. I’m out the money and the Test Tubes! I figured if I cancelled early I knew I wouldn’t get a refund but I’d still get the rest of the tubes to complete the year, But I didn’t. I tried emailing, Never got a response. Lesson learned I guess.

      • Hi Erica,
        We would like to extend you our most sincere apologies regarding this issue. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you. If you would be willing to talk further please call customer service at 888-974-6042. Thanks and have a great day!

  22. So sad. I was hoping this would be a good one.

  23. This is definitely not one of NBTT’s finest tubes.

  24. Eh, I don’t think it looks that bad. Not OMG-Gotta-Have-It, but ok. I love the Avant 8 hour mask I got in BoxyCharm. Swapped for another and bought a third on eBay. The Avant spoke to me more than the other items. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    That being said, I’m not rushing to resubscribe.

  25. Just tried to cancel and heard a message that they are currently receiving high volume and instructing me to leave a message. What number are you all calling that you are getting through? The 888-974-6042 on the website? Has anyone successfully cancelled by email? My credit card I have with them is expiring this month, so all else failing, could I “cancel” by not having a valid card on file? Thanks for any insight!

    • I called the number you gave. The assume that the call center is not in the states. Might be closed due to time zones. You cannot email to cancel, you must call. Try first thing in the morning. It’s too late to cancel this tube, it was charged on February 28th but you can cancel auto subscription.

      • I was told by test tube that they are charging on March 10th. I sent an email requesting to skip, as I don’t have an annual. That has always worked for me.

      • Debbie,
        I was billed on 2/18 so I think they must bill is several different dates. I knew I’d noticed an email from bank with amount of a test tube. I had skipped the Jan/Feb tube.

    • You can cancel through chat. I have done that several times with them.

      • That’s great info their website says to call to cancel. Thanks for the info.

    • I had not been billed yet so sent an email and was able to cancel. I liked NBTT in the past and will come back if spoilers look good in the future and once I have decreased my stash a bit.

    • If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, please email [email protected] or call 888-974-6042 🙂

  26. I’m locked into an annual. Based on theses spoilers, I truly wish I weren’t. Maybe they’ll be a sleeper hit, though. I usually love a few products in every tube.

  27. Based on comments here in the last few months, I was looking forward to subbing to this box and I am so glad I didn’t holy crap this is bad. It reminds me of the first time Birchbox stuck a Luna Bar in their box and counted it as a luxury sample lol. Vagisil bath bombs?!? I would expect those maybe in the Target or Amazon boxes.

    Just gonna hold onto my money and cross my fingers for the Whole Foods bags!

  28. It took them so long to get spoilers out this time, and to start shipping. I chatted with them about both issues and they said it was due to an overwhelming number of new subscribers. I said, “oh then it must be a great box?” and got some canned message about how they are always great.

    I am pretty disappointed in this one. I skipped January/February, but couldn’t skip this one because they billed me on February 18th! I will likely cancel my box once I receive it. If April is better, I will resub, but I can’t see anyone beating down TT door for this box, to delay it like it did.

    • I think they knew it was a bad tube and released the spoilers after charging everyone so they wouldn’t get bombarded with people trying to skip.

    • I was billed then too Debbie. It’s odd since some people were told they’re billing in March. I think this will be my last tube too.

      The Avant product is in the tube because it’s a lot cheaper that way. This tube seems just meh.

  29. yeowww

  30. 😭 I have an annual sub

    • What a disappointment! Only thing I would want is the dr.gross everything else is all filler no killer

  31. This is the worst box I have seen from Testtube ever!
    I seriously believe because they had recently offered a promo code for new subscriber where a lot of people (like me) signed up for an annual, they are taking the value off their boxes to make it up for their “loss”! This was the first time I have seen a promotion to sign up so I jumped on it and did an annual, what a BIG BIG mistake.
    So disappointing.

    • Exactly! Same here…I was still happy to finally sign up and the boxes have been nothing like before. Vagisil 🙄😳🤨 really?!

  32. I was really excited to see the spoilers as this is usually one of my favorite boxes, but this month is a total letdown. I have an annual subscription, but I am wishing that I didn’t based on the last few tubes.
    This used to be a great sub, but it seems to be going down hill.

  33. This is a terrible box. Wish I had not done an annual sub because now I am stuck with it. Nothing of interest at all.

  34. So upset I immediately cancelled.

    1. Vagisil….VAGISIL!!! This is supposed to be New Beauty not old beauty our grandmothers bought from the five and dime.

    2. Avant (which takes up half the supposed value. Avant is a made up brand by The Hut group. (Glossybox and look fantastic)

    It is no different than the private labeled Faccia crap. I did a lot of research on this “Brand” last year. They have now sent it out to the other beauty boxes in order to prop it up as a real company to justify the ridiculous supposed retail value. Test Tube – Why?

    3. Basic concepts. Not new, not beauty. Retails at Walmart for $3 at the store. Spongelle is a high end brand, this is a Walmart staple. And I think a repeat. Wasn’t there a charcoal one a few tubes back?

    4. Daily dose. They list retail as 24.95. Sally’s sells it for 14.99 and amazon 11.99. I do not buy my hair care at Sally’s where they sell not a single high end hair product.

    5. Amazon also sells the teeth whiting pen for 19.99 BUT, you get the full kit not t just the pen which includes gel, mouth tray, LED light. The quote used from Angie Everheart is from the whole kit, not just the pen. Source: their website.

    6. The Dennis Gross pads. YES! This is the type of product I expect in Test Tube, BUT it is not full size. Sample only.

    When I called to cancel, I was put on hold for 45 minutes. I was able to cook lunch for my daughter and I and eat before I got off hold.

    I had an annual subscription which started April 13 2019. The rep told me that they were going to bill me another annual subscription on MARCH 10th!(not in April) I had just called in time and calling is the only way to cancel.

    He did offer me free shipping on my next tube to do another annual subscription. Um, I feel like I just put $40 in a Walmart toilet and flushed, I don’t want to feel like that, so NO!

    I feel bad because I have posted on MSA strong defenses of test tuba and encouraged other to sub here. The past two tubes have been total money wasters. The last box contained junk as well. So sorry to those of you who might have subbed because of me.

    Cancelled allure over Avon and Olay because I do have a Walmart a mile away if that is the type and quality I wish to purchase. Test Tube is supposed to be cutting edge.

    Boxy, you’re my only hope! (Although they are using Avant as a filler as well.)

    Beauty boxes: unless you can buy it at Sephora or a department store this inflated retail value stuff is not longer acceptable to your consumers.

    • I cancelled as well. Only had to wait for 13 minutes. Next billing cycle is March 10th. Very nice representative.

      • Glad your wait was shorter and yes, the rep was very nice. It was a call center though and not actually New Beauty. He slipped a couple times on the company name. Whatever, I agree, he was nice.

      • Well, I Just tried to call and got hung up on twice! Hopefully I’ll be able to cancel before they bill me…

      • Update: I used the online chat feature and let them know I had been unable to reach CS by phone or leave a message, but could they please cancel my subscription? It took a day or so, but it was a success! So, for anyone else unable to reach CS by phone, you might try the chat!

    • LOL @ the disdain for Vagisil! They’re not including the actual product you’re probably thinking about. It’s two “V-friendly” bath bombs. In other words, these shouldn’t irritate your lady parts in the bath.

      • Well, which is still not a beauty product, though. I don’t want to receive bath bombs in an expensive skincare subscription.

      • Yes, I did realize it was bombs however, TT whole shtick is that they prove the opportunity to try NEW brands .

        When I saw the brand vagisil, I had a PTSD moment of my mom teaching me to use douche. Had to reach for the Valium with a vodka chaser stat.

        Seriously she used them until she passed away last year at 83. I miss her so much.

        My lady parts are actually quite sensitive and as a result I can only use an oil cleaner on them in the shower. Too much info?


    • Great comment. Very informative. I am an annual subscriber, so I am stuck. Boo.

      • Thanks ❤️

    • Well said Debbie! I agree with ya on everything.. this box is terrible and I’m so happy I’m not suck paying for this junk. TestTube is usually my favorite box, but boy, they really went downhill the past few months.

    • Debbie,
      We apologize if this Tube was a miss for you! However, your feedback helps us get better. We look forward towards earning back your business!

  35. Definitely underwhelming box. I am actually speechless how bad it is. I have annual sub with discount, so I am stuck with this box.

  36. This is definitely disappointing. I was going to do an annual subscription, but will wait to see what May-June has in store. Bummer because this is my favorite sub.

  37. This box has really gone down hill. Nothing new or interesting. I’ve gotten all those items in other boxes. Glad I canceled

    • Yes, I received many of these in other (less expensive) boxes over the past year. Nothing interesting or ‘new’ for me here. Glad I didn’t bite on this sub.

  38. Lol, Vagisil is a new one in beauty subs! 😄
    But I don’t know, on the whole I am underwhelmed. Not a single product that would call to me.

  39. I think this is a great box, I’m excited! I signed up for an annual sub during a sale, so this is well worth the $25/box including shipping I paid at the sale price!

  40. This is by far the absolutely most disappointing box I have ever seen. This is usually my most favorite box of all for the simple joy of discovery that it always provides and almost every single item here has either been sampled to death in other boxes for the last year or an item just like it has. I don’t expect an over the top hero item every single issue, although those are always /cheered #cheered for… bit this box is so underwhelming it makes me /cry. Maybe next time NBTT. I won’t give up on you!

  41. I was up for my annual renewal and I canceled it and was just going to buy one as I liked them… After seeing this one I am glad I canceled as there is nothing that’s wowing me in this tube 🙁

    • Uninspiring. Don’t need or want anything here. Next.

      • Wow, this is really lame! I like the Piper Wai and the Dennis Gross (but NOT full sized!) but the rest is disappointing. That Whish has been in soo many subs…I literally can’t even give it away-no one wants it! And Vagisil-😂😂-Seriously? This sub has gone wayyyy down hill. I used to have 2 subs because I liked it so much. I’m down to one, and just about ready to cancel if they don’t pick things up. I can see having an “off” month on occasion, but this is becoming a pattern.

      • My sentiments exactly. I was excited to see Dennis Gross, then immediately disappointed it was not full size!! I really need to get on the phone and cancel. I’m sure the phone lines are jammed after these spoilers.

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