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March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (146)

  1. I like my bag this month except the eyeliner. Another stupid liquid eyeliner that will collect dust. Had to complain to customer service to make sure I don’t get any after this, and they can’t even guarantee that.

    • I got:
      Glam glow cleanser
      The balm palette in pic perf
      Liquid lip
      Coffee scrub
      Concealer brush

      To be honest I am happy with bag, except for the eyeliner. I got one last month, so I am disappointed I got another one. But to be quite honest, all of this for only $25 is amazing. I really shouldn’t complain because the glam glow cleanser, even on “sale” at tj maxx was $19.99, so at least I am getting my money’s worth and getting to try more products.

  2. I’m not too excited for my plus this month. I love my regular ipsy bag but for plus I got the glam glow cleanser, brow pomade, the balm pic perf (my choice), and the matter liquid lipstick in undercover (which I hate). the concealer brush. my bonus was the hempz lotion and I added the benefit pearl primer. We got brow stuff in January. I skipped February. and I’m not a lip person.

    My regular ipsy which I think I’ll always keep cause it’s not full size and I don’t mind trying all the samples. I got firma beauty concealer brush, tarte sea quench hydrating primer (which I have I’m very oily) foxybae hair mask, honey Jarrett clean whip cleanser, tatcha water cream (chose), bonus was Pacifica eyeshadow in hempz, add ons were complex culture eyeshadow brush and calion blackhead o2 bubble pore mask

  3. Pic Perf palette (choice)
    Malin Goetz eye gel
    Concealer Brush
    Yensa lip oil
    Billion Dollar Brows taupe
    Extra item was the Hempz hand cream which I have a full size of. The smell initially is so nice but after 10 min it just leaves an awful smell so I will give them this one away.

    I added on the Tatcha dewy cream and the Belle En Argent lip gloss. I also added the Tatcha Water Cream and the Benefit primer but I received an email stating it wasn’t available and I would not be charged. The water cream was what I was most excited to try out of everything.

    • I thought I was the only one that got that weird after smell from the hempz lotions. like they smell good when you first put them on and then it smells rancid.

      • I feel same. I can’t get past that awful scent.

  4. my bag sucks, forgot to pick a product but no interested in any of the items this month anyways.

    if I didnt’ have to deal with shipping would happily sell mine.

    day 2 night pallet
    glamglow cleanser
    cheap looking liquid lip
    ciate powder (the only thing i’ll probably play with)
    concealer brush
    hemp mini lotion as the bonus

    sucks i wasted $ to chance on the extra bonus march item. I also wanted to see if i can pick up the SR CEO as add on and of course that wasn’t an option.

  5. NOT a great month for my regular bag or my Plus:

    –Malin + Goetz Eye Gel (eh, fine. I got eye cream in my GBU, too)
    –Yensa Lip Oil (meh, probably won’t use. I prefer balms to oils or glosses)
    –The Coffee Scrub Body Scrub (horrible!)
    –Billion Dollar Brow Kit in Taupe (fine, but I got brow kit in GBU, too)
    –Complex Culture Concealer Brush (YES! Love these, will take them all)
    –The Balm Cosmetics Day 2 Nite Palette (my choice)

    Looking over the products, I see that Plus had VERY FEW products to choose from this month, so that is why my bag isn’t great, not so much the personalization, I think. Still, I’m definitely going to abstain from choice next month and see how that goes.

  6. Definitely not as excited about this glam bag plus as I thought I would be. Would have loved the IT cleanser but instead I got the lip oil, the blush palette, the Hempz lotion, and the concealer. I will be selling most of these on Ebay for a reduced price so if anybody who didnt get one of these items in their bag but wanted them, hit me up!

  7. I miss my Ipsy bags. But my husband said we can’t waste the money. You know someone could be generous and feel sorry for me. I really would like a surprise in the .mail

    • Isn’t there somewhere on here that has a list of free bags ppl have to give away? If not here, the beauty box sub on reddit has those offers all of the time I believe. Maybe ur wish could come true? Fingers crossed for u.

    • This is a really weird post.

      • I don’t think it’s weird at all!! I’ve sent many people extra products and donate all the time. Everyone likes to have nice things but sometimes times are tough. Asking for a handout is hard enough without people making unnecessary comments. Of course that’s just my opinion. Take care

      • It’s weird that she is asking someone to feel sorry for her.

      • Super weird

  8. I think this was a decent month. I’ve been checking my ipsy bag all day to make sure I still have what it says i will get. I get really depressed, i dont talk about it a lot– i spend a lot of time alone. I like this ipsy service because it feels like someone is giving me an interesting surprise present every month. And the shipping and the reveals are something I get to look forward to. While some items are questionable, i do enjoy being distracted from my impaired mindset by these bags.

    • Amu, I understand. I suffer with it as well. Just wanted to say ‘hi’.

    • I feel ya hun n hope things get better. I’ve dealt with mental health issues since early teens, it’s rough. I agree getting these bags is like a present every month. I look forward to the 2nd when I’ll see my reveal and get to choose add ons then I look forward to receiving it. When you’re down even having something like this to look forward to really helps

    • Hugs to you Ami! You are not alone.

    • Yes, you are NOT alone! The whole reason I got into sub boxes in the first place was to distract myself from a break-up. It definitely lifted my mood and gave me something to look forward to. 2 years later, I’m still addicted, haha. Wishing you well!

    • You are not alone doll!! I am the very same to the point when I do get around people its awkward and I keep odd hours, so it’s not great to go out and meet people or try too anyways.

      It kinda puts into perspective the awful ipsy months into perspective on why a lot of us get them and love to play with them once they show up

  9. I didn’t get anything I want besides my choice items, all my lowest rated products blush, scrubs, lip stick eyeliner and brush. It’s a joke, I rate brow the highest every time and did not get the brow kit, there are 6 brow products, I didn’t get any!And I hate blush!

    • opposite!!! I rate brow products the lowest and I got two brow products!! the point of the reviews and surveys are for what?!?! Actually sent my sister a picture of my spoiler, with the quote “shame on ipsy”! She sent me her spoilers and said “I second that”!!

    • There are actually only 2 brow products with different shade variations. Maybe the shades didn’t match your profile and that’s why you didn’t get it. With 5 dislikes and those being very popular items to be in sub boxes (especially blush, lipstick, eyeliner and brushes, all items sent most often in sub boxes) It makes it very hard to please you. Plus there weren’t a lot of items available this month and even fewer taking out the items you don’t want. Just another outlook. Try joining some of the buy, sell, trade groups n trading

      • Exactly, I am not that hard to please, just get me like 2-3 things I would use. They picked products without even try.

      • Agreed, Ivy. The spoiler this month had five items on my “often” list. Oddly enough, none of them were on my choice list. All had been substituted with items from my “rarely” list. So unless Ipsy uses personalization to send exactly what I do not want, I’m not sure how this is working. It is quite confusing,

  10. I got:

    THEBALM COSMETICS AUTOBALM® PIC PERF–At first glance, not excited about this palette. Maybe it’s prettier in person?
    PHASE ZERO MAKE UP Matte Liquid Lipstick in Undercover–Not excited about this shade and will probably give it away.
    GLAMGLOW TROPICALCLEANSE™ Daily Exfoliating Cleanser–I picked this for my husband. He has oily skin and needs a new daily cleanser.
    THE COFFEE SCRUB Coconut Body Scrub in Coconut–Not excited about the mess that I hear that this is going to leave in my shower but I am in need of a new scrub so….
    COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Concealer Brush–I am never not happy about brushes.
    SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Luna Liner – Water-Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Black–Immediately giving this away. I don’t use liquid liners,ever.

    TARTE Sea Quench Hydrating Primer
    BUBBLE T Face Mask Duo in Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea and Lemongrass & Green Tea

    Not the best month ever but we’ll see how much I end up keeping. I had to talk to them about not sending me blush every month last year. I really do not want to have to have the same conversation about eyeliners with them.

    • Agreed regarding the eyeliners. What many do not know is that you can contact customer service to request one product to never be sent, They will make sure you never get that product. I chose eyeliners. Oddly enough, though, they still put them in my choice list. But after making that request – 2 months ago – they did not appear in my shipment.

  11. Kelly awesome. You can message me at starrysky2177 at

  12. If anyone has The Balm blush palette they would be willing to trade for the Day 2 Nite palette or Malin eye gel please let me know. I’m regretting not purchasing the blush during add-ons.

    • I’m getting the blush palette and would be happy to trade for the Day 2 Nite palette.

      • Kelly- Please email me if you are interested in trading.

  13. I’m sad everyone seems so upset with their bags- I am over the moon about mine!! I got the scrub as my extra and can’t wait to try it 🙂
    I also got
    * pic perfect balm eye shadow palette
    * lip oil
    * m& G eye cream
    * hey honey concealer
    * concealer brush

    I added the two different Hanalei balms.
    I don’t use concealer that often- so I’m excited that this bag has kind of a “starter kit” for me 🙂

    • That’s pretty much what I got, only I went with the Day 2 Nite palette.

      Not thrilled with the concealer, since I basically don’t use it.

      Wow, no shortage of brow products in the list. I didn’t get any, so I guess I lucked out.

    • I agree! I’m soooooo excited about my box! They totally followed my preferences. I got everything I wanted! I got the concealer, blush, eye gel, million dollar brow and liquid lipstick. I added an eyeshadow pallete even though I have tons of eyeshadow…it is just too fun!

    • Same bag! Love mine. I’m so glad I didn’t get brow or eye liners. Huge success!

      • I really really really wanted the perfume and the mascara if anybody is getting either of those and wants to trade let me know if someone has both of those to trade I will trade a Fenty product if intrested if not I have hundreds to choose from

  14. I cancelled mine for the same reasons. I have a drawer full of stuff I will never use. Ipsy has NO value for its customers if it is sending them products that they will not get use out of. What’s the point of having personalized service if it will not be personalized?

    • Honestly I used to feel the same way about ipsy but then I got to looking at All of the products that were offered and with my preferences and what I like they get it as close as they possibly can they just do not have that many items to put into variations and in this case it would be better if they did have more unlike boxy

  15. Except for the Hempz, I’m very happy with my Plus! The Hempz is going straight to my regular donations. If it smelled only of pineapple it would be fabulous! Happy with my GB, too.

  16. Here is what I got in my 3 GBPs this month:

    Bag 1:
    Malin + Goetz Eye Gel
    Yensa Lip Oil
    The Coffee Scrub Body Scrub
    Billion Dollar Brow Kit in Taupe
    Complex Culture Concealer Brush
    The Balm Cosmetics Day 2 Nite Palette

    Bag 2:
    Yensa Lip Oil
    Glamglow Cleanser
    The Coffee Scrub Body Scrub
    Complex Culture Concealer Brush
    The Balm Cosmetics Day 2 Nite Palette
    Seraphine Botanicals Eyeliner

    Bag 3:
    Malin + Goetz Eye Gel
    Glamglow Cleanser
    The Coffee Scrub Body Scrub
    Complex Culture Concealer Brush
    The Balm Cosmetics Day 2 Nite Palette
    Seraphine Botanicals Eyeliner

    • Kenley- A lot of repeats in all 3 of your bags. Hopefully you can regift some of the repeats.

      • Monica – Unfortunately, yes, there are several repeats this month. I think I’m actually going to cancel all of my bags after March. I have not been happy with personalization since choice rolled out. I get multiple bags to have gifts readily available throughout the year for friends and family, so the repeats will find a new home at least lol.

      • I’m not going to pick an item next month and see if personalization is better for me.

      • Up until Jan 2020 I had 2 GBP, 2 GB. Both of my profiles have the complete opposite answers, I did that on purpose, even saying I had blonde hair and brown eyes on one, when I really have brown hair and blue eyes and yet still every month for 6 months my gbp boxes were identical. That SUCKED and I canceled. After we get the extra item in March, i MIGHT keep 1 glam bag, or I might cancel ipsy altogether! I’ve been a subscriber since 2013 and the first 5 years were SO FUN. In the last 2 years, ipsy has gone downhill and the only thing that has changed is now i’m paying $13.01 per bag. So a $3.01 price increase, yet i’m still getting the same black eyeko eyeliners I was getting 7 years ago, Idk what happened to Ipsy. but their products shouldve gotten better with the price increase!! *Louisiana residents are now paying sales tax for Ipsy as well*. Funny though, BC I don’t pay sales tax for both of my boxys ..Hmmm

      • You’re lucky Boxy isn’t charging tax. Most states are now taxing sub boxes. I pay taxes on all my boxes (PA) I don’t include taxes when looking at my sub box prices because it’s not the companies fault. So actually it’s only a $2 increase from Ipsy. I agree as I’ve also been a long term subscriber that Ipsy has been kinda Meh lately but there always seems to be up and down periods with all subs. Add liners as an item you don’t want to receive (you can do 2 types of items) and they will try not to send them. As for personalization and your profiles being different hair color and eye color really don’t determine much except for brow color products and skin tone is what determines colors. Even with personalization they still have only so many variations available and try to match you with a variation that most fits your profile. At least there is some customization some boxes have 0

    • Too many duplicates in those three bags. I get three regular Ipsy bags and two Ipsy Plus boxes too and it seem I rarely get duplicates.

    • If I were you I would alter your preferences on your different bags so that they were different on each account that’s why they are all very similar it happens to my mom and I we get the same stuff because we like the same stuff but we would like more of a Variety and you said also email them and opt out of one different item from each Box if there are a couple things that you do not like as much I opted out of eyeliner because I got so many liquid eyeliner. But you have 3 different accounts so you could opt out of one item on each account which would likely at least give you more variety.

      • Thanks so much for the info. I may try that!

      • I was opted out of eyeliner and eyeshadow, so I was bombarded with highlighter and bronzer. So I changed my opt out to highlighter and bronzer. So now I am back to the black liquid eyeliner a month club. I give up.

  17. I don’t really care for this month’s bag.

    Malin + Goetz Revitalizing Eye Gel
    Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine
    The Coffee Scrub in Coconut (I hate the smell of coffee. I make it for a living I don’t want to smell like it too.)
    Complex Culture Precision Concealer Brush
    TheBalm Cosmetics Autobalm Day 2 Nite (I have enough eyeshadow palettes, I really don’t need anymore)
    Seraphine Botanicals Luna Liner in Black (I don’t wear eyeliner and I’ve opted out of them)

    • I got the exact same bag. I noticed that the coffee scrub is also an item in the regular Glambag this month. I wonder if they’re different sizes because that would be a little crappy putting the same size item as a full size in GBP as comes in the GB. Then again, maybe it’s the free sixth item.

      • It’s the free item. The other free item is the Hempz lotion.

    • I got almost the exact same things – the only difference is that I received the Hempz body lotion instead of the coffee scrub. Personally, the only thing I’m excited about is the brush – I received their bronzer brush a few months ago, and it is SO soft. I even added on the two other brushes that were available. However, everything else is….ugh. This might be my last GBP.

  18. i’m getting this month glam bag…but just cancelled after this month…these products are getting to be the same…going to spend my money somewhere else..

    • I agree personally I’m trying fab fit fun and scentbird. $180 for the year for 4+1 add on box and $38 after tax monthly for what YOU pick on scentbird for 3 products but they’re super high quality. They have makeup, perfume/cologne and skin care too. Let us know what you try out? I’ll definitely be saving $90 a month from ipsy, it’s gone downhill in the last couple months, bad. And CS are jerks too.

  19. I’m getting my first GBP this month, and while it’s not terrible, I’m definitely going back to just the regular GB from now on! This does not seem worth over 2x the price of a glam bag to me.

    The Balm Day2Nite palette (my choice) – it looked like everyone would be getting a Balm palette, so I picked the one I’d like the most! I’m excited to play with the black primer. 😍

    Malin + Goetz Eye Cream – WHY? I have eye cream as “rarely”, but both face wash and body wash as “often”! I’ll probably use it as a regular moisturizer, because I do like the brand. But even at “full size” it’s only 15 mL, which is tiny. Three of my regular GB samples are bigger! (Yes I know it’s tiny because it’s an eye cream. I get it. I’m still cranky) 🤬

    Phase Zero Matte Lipstick in Undercover. Cool, it follows my profile. I’m just so used to getting full-sized lipsticks in my regular GB that this feels underwhelming. 🙃

    Coffee Scrub – Nope. Going straight to my husband. I hate coffee, but the only other sample item was the Hempz lotion, which I’ve received before, so I understand why I got this. 🤢

    Complex Culture Concealer Brush – YES. I was so hoping for this! Love these brushes! It’s gonna be so perfect for around my eyes! 🥰

    Seraphine Botanicals – black liquid eyeliner. Oh no I’ve been hit with the Ipsy Curse! The ONLY thing even remotely appealing is that it’s supposed to be water-resistant. I have hooded, oily eyelids and black liquid liner transfers everywhere after a few hours. If it stays on my eyelids, then it might be HG status! But for now…. boooo black liquid eyeliner 😭

    Add Ons:
    Complex Culture Precision Eyelid Brush (it’s a steal for $3!)
    Curology Acne Patches (I’m calling this my $1 add-on 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    • I have same eyelid issues plus watery eyes and I put on urban decay eye potion on my lids before liquid liner even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow. It helps so I dont have to wear waterproof eyeliner and my liner stays put all day.

      • Thank you for this info. My eyes water like crazy, so I’m going to have to get some and try it. 😀

    • I have the same issue and the only liquid eyeliner that works for me and I have 20 I’m sure and all different brands is NYX epic liner it’s waterproof everything else ends up all over the place

      • I just looked it up…does it bleed?! It seems I’ve discovered I have lines in my eyelids thanks to years of going in the tanning bed (yes I’ve stopped but the damage is done lol) without goggles for years, and I have noticed that some of the liquid liners are odd looking in my eyes. They bleed but are also shiney..I just haven’t found one that works.

  20. This coffee scrub Ipsy try to push it for ages. I saw it in daily offer many times, I saw it in add on every month, I saw it in people’s bag many many times. Finally, Ipsy made decision completely get rid of it and force it for free to all its subscribers.

    • I got the Hemp (yuck), but avoided the scrub (worse than the Hemoz, lol)!

    • I didn’t get it. Or the Hempz.

      • What did you get as your March free item?

    • Interesting cause I’ve never seen it before and I always get add ons and check the daily deals frequently

      • It’s been there for a while. On the daily deals they usually throw it in a group of things

  21. Nothing here is making me regret skipping. This month’s products just aren’t for me and it doesn’t seem like I missed much from the add on’s either. Oh well, maybe next month. Glad to see some people enjoying their product selections this month!

  22. My bag

    *Malin & Goetz eye gel
    *Yensa lip oil
    *The coffee scrub
    *thebalm day 2 nite palette
    *Hey honey concealer
    *Luna liner

    • Oh yes, I added on both tatchas, awake lip mask, 2 hanalei lip balms. I actually like my bag. I’ve skipped for 4 months so the only things I don’t like are the coffee scrub and black liner

  23. I was pleasantly surprised with my bag. I didn’t pick an item to test if it would match my profile better. I received the lip oil, blush palette, concealer, brow kit, and AR+CO high dive cream. My free product was the coffee scrub. I would have liked an extra skin care item instead of the brow kit, but really overall an improvement, especially because I didn’t get another eyeshadow palette. I did pick a product in my regular bag, and it’s pretty terrible, so I think there might be something to the whole theory that picking messes with the match process.

  24. So I am guessing that the Hempz body lotion and the Coffee Scrub were the two possible bonus items. Really Ipsy??? SUX😡

    • Yea, it would have been better to have no free item instead, right? Im sure someone will take it off your hands.

    • No. I didn’t get either of those. The 6th item in mine is the Tatcha dewy cream.

      • You got Tatcha in your Plus?

  25. The sneak peaks earlier this month felt felt a little lackluster, that said, I’m fairly happy with my bag and add-ons. I’m getting:

    MALIN + GOETZ Revitalizing Eye Gel – Was hoping I would get this or something equivalent.
    YENSA Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine – My pick, I love lip-gloss, excited to try it.
    BDB 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit in Taupe – Okay, I’ll try it even though I think I look like I’ve lost my mind when I enhance my brows. It always looks so good on other people. Maybe if I keep trying? Lol.
    COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Concealer Brush – I love brushes, excited to try this one.
    HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon – Meh? People seem to rave about this stuff but I tried a hemp based lotion once and truly hated the underlying but present and pervasive hemp smell (gag).
    THEBALM AUTOBALM® GRL PWDR – Super happy to have gotten this over the eye palettes (already own both THEBALM TEA eye palettes which seem like bigger versions). My hg blush just happens to be BALMSPRINGS (it always looks just right, full face or barely there make-up) so I’m excited to try these.

    I added on: the HeyHoney mask, Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us, CAKE BEAUTY Defining Curl Cream, TATCHA The Water Cream (excited to try although would have selected Dewy if I could have) and, the AWAKE Lip Therapy lip mask.

    Pretty happy overall, I just hope my bags arrive this time with everything accounted for and intact.

    • Hopefully you like the HEMPZ lotion. I have two scents and neither of them smell hemp-y to me. But everyone’s nose is different 🙂

      • Hempz doesn’t smell like hemp. But they work great.

      • I hope so because I can always use an extra lotion.

      • I have it…distinct hemp scent it masks the pineapple. Ugh.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. I’ll lock onto that scent it will be pretty much all I can smell because I can’t stand it. Oh well, donation pile and a chance someone else will enjoy it.

  26. Para AMY SI PODEMOS HABLAR ESPAÑOL aquí y en el idioma k nos parezca tienes algún problema con eso k te veo traduciendo lo k yo escribí sino te parece retirate.yo ni t conozco ni tengo el gusto pareciera k nunca has estudiado enseguida de payasa haciéndote la traductora mía ni un carajos aquí escribo español y chino si me parece así k arreeeee x ahi

  27. This is my cirst disappointing bag ever i dont really wNt to cancel but ive been a member for 2 yrs and there progressively getting worse ive got 4 liquid eyeliners in a row which im allergic to its worth 25$ but ill be giving away over half of it but @ least some1 will lk it

    • You can always skip a month(s) if you don’t want to cancel! I’ve done that for several months lately with my GBP lately.

  28. I received
    Malin & Goetz eye gel (my pick)
    Yensa lip oil (wanted!)
    Billion dollar brows 60 seconds to beautiful brow kit (wanted to try)
    Hey honey concealer
    The balm blush palette
    Coconut coffee scrub

    Add ons:
    Polaar night cream
    Complex culture eyelid brush
    Tatcha dewy skin cream
    Awake lip mask
    The Balm Day2Nite palette

  29. I have never said anything negative about IPSY, but this month the plus bag is absolutely the worst ever for me, honestly. I’m receiving the eye liner, this is the third month in a row that I’ve received a black eye liner in my IPSY plus bag. In my reviews of the products, I’ve stated each time that I never use black eye liner. They can’t possibly be looking at our profiles. I’m also receiving the coffee scrub. I love coffee, but can’t imagine smelling like it. I’m getting the concealer brush, I’ve also received a brush, or brush set in almost all of my plus bags, I’m receiving the girl power blush palette, and the matte lipstick. I hate matte lipsticks, and would have maybe used one of the glosses. The only skin care product I’m receiving is the eye gel, which was my choice this month. I am just so disappointed. I sure wish I had followed my impulse, and cancelled this month. Well, lesson learned, I guess. If it looks like poor selections initially, they probably won’t get any better. Thanks for listening everyone.

    • Awe, I’m sorry. I’d be really unhappy with that bag, too.

    • Give the coffee scrub a try. You don’t have a lingering coffee scent on you after the shower. But it’s super good as a body scrub. One warning: the grains get all over the shower so you will have to clean your shower/tub. But…your skin will feel amazing!

      • I’m not going to try it. I don’t want to risk any of it going down the drain and clogging up the pipes. There are numerous articles that say coffee grains are bad for plumbing.

      • Be careful with their scrubs…I got one a year and a half ago I used and it damaged my bathtub where I had to pay almost 5k to fix it. Then the day I had used it the next day they sent out a warning saying it could cause staining and issues. Many people online used it and couldn’t get their bathtub back to white again and it cause black splatters and it even ate away layers of the whatever coats bathtubs. It was horrific. I sent ipsy photos, and estimates and them the Bill’s to show I paid and they KINDLY (sarcasm) gave me 3 of glam bag(this was before plus) free. And there was a lit of people on youtube posting issues with the same thing…I can’t remembers what it was , but every scrub I get now from them goes right into the trash because I dont want to chance anybody else having to go through that.

    • That was my bag, too, and I’m equally unhappy with it. The black eyeliner thing is my struggle, too. I have a million. I hate matte liquid lipsticks, and the coffee scrub is not an item I’m jazzed about at all. The saving graces for me are the eye gel and the blush palette.
      2 out of 5 has been where my plus bags have been rating. It may be time to pause awhile. I’ll keep my eye on the April spoilers.

  30. Decepcionada este mes con ipsy excepto los productos k yo compré todo lo k me mandaron nada me agrado la verdad es k los ipsys se esmeraron este mes para decepcionarme tienen k parar de verdad con esa película

    • No se que podemos habalar Español en este sitio! (I didn’t know we could speak Spanish on this site!)

      Rough Translation/Traducción:
      Disappointed this month with Ipsy except the product that I picked. Nothing they’re sending is what I like. Honestly, it feels like they’re trying to disappoint me at this point.

      My reply- La misma para mi 🙁

      (Not a word for word translation but edited for nuance – finally putting my Spanish minor to use lol)

      • Thanks Amy for translating that was very nice of you!

      • The way you started your 1st sentence Amy, I think she thinks you are saying “I don’t think we can speak Spanish here”. Like if she is not welcome if she doesn’t speak English. (I know you don’t mean that! 🙂) So, she feels offended and doesn’t understand that you are trying to help so those that don’t speak Spanish will understand. She replied above.

    • I wish I would have skipped this month and not last month’s. I really wanted the sweater weather pallette and the vitamin C moisturizer from last month’s box. This month’s box is a dud. Deluxe size hemp body lotion and a drying matte lip stain? No thanks. I did choose the balm blush which I am looking forward to and eye gel looks promising and I do need as concealer brush so that’s good but the concealer is in light shade which I am olive skin. I was able to snag the two tatcha mini moisturizer and a primer for $3.00 each. I guess you can’t win them all

      • I did skip this month even got to confirmation i skipped but they charged me and im getting the box full of stuff i didnt even want. Im now thinking of cancelling. At fjrst plus products were amazing now not so much

      • Mary,
        Do you want my Sweater Weather? I will be HAPPY to send it to you.

      • I would trade you sweater weather for your concealer if you feel like trading let me know

  31. Argh!! So jelly of that R&Co shine cream!! Its amazeballs and I didnt even have it as an add on option…so sad, but not too sad as I am loving my bags this month

    • I didn’t see that as an add-on option either. I really wanted both that and the Yensa lip oil (which I also didn’t get and also wasn’t an add on.)

  32. I am super happy with mine! I am so excited to get it!! All the negative comments. I am so excited to try some new products and have fun playing with all of it! <3 <3

  33. I only get the PLUS box and this month is so so… The honey concealer doesn’t match my skin tone ay all. Neither add ons are great, only needed the hand crean, also grabbed the 2 $3 brow products

  34. SOOO glad I skipped again! Hope everyone else is happy with their stuff 🙂

  35. This is weird – I can view my ultimate bag and regular ipsy bag but I can’t view the plus bag. It says their making it and come back on 3/2. What? I bought a few add-ons but I hope I didn’t buy anything that’s already in the plus bag.

  36. I skipped my January GBP because it was the worst curation that I’d seen. Until now. My March bag stinks!! I got:
    Eye gel – Don’t use this, eye creams burn my eye skin
    Eye liner in black – I’m a ghost white redhead and do not use black liner, and indicated so on my profile.
    Lip Oil – In a gaudy hot pink color that will not work with my complexion.
    Coffee Scrub – Received this in a past bag, not a fan then, still not a fan.
    Concealer brush – I do like this item and will use it.
    Balm palette – I picked it because it was the lesser of the evils.

    This is the worst bag yet and may cause me to cancel my subscription. Basically I just paid $25+ for a concealer brush…

    • Nearly bag twins 🙁

      I got the Il Makiage brow thing instead of the eye liner. I guess I will try it eventually but it looks too dark and I really don’t use or need brow stuff. Otherwise same reaction to everything

      When I have black eyeliners I usually use them and then powder them with a lighter eyeshadow and they look pretty good! I’m a ghost white brunette lol

      I’m honestly excited for my Balm Palette – I wanted to try the black primer and see how it works, but otherwise my curation is the opposite of what my profile would have dictated

      • I am SO disappointed…. This is my first and last month of Plus. Another BLACK eyeliner! I am a 53 year old pale light-eyed, dark blonde. The eyebrow mascara gel in the second to DARKEST shade they make… no profile followed. That pink lip oil… SO PINK! I gave one star ⭐️ to the TPSY lip oil from a previous bag, so they sent another! A concealer brush… huh?… I used my fingers for that purpose. The Hempz lotion… I own 2 huge bottles, so this will be given away. And my pick of the eye cream. What a waste of $25. Bummer. I get a blush each month from the regular Glam bag. I thought for sure I would get this months Plus palette.

      • Did you get the Il Makiage in Truffles? It looks like there were three possibilities and they selected the second to darkest option for me, a pale, dark blonde. Sad, because I really like this type of product. I love the Brow Gal gel in a similar tube. And Boy Brow is great, but only the clear works for me, so I have to fill with pencil first. Ipsy has made me truly sad today😪

  37. Considering all the great products I could have received I had high hopes for March but I’m disappointed with my items. Wish I had skipped. Even the “free” item isn’t something I want.

    Malin T Goetz eye gel- Not excited about this

    Yensa lip oil- Don’t want this

    The Coffee Scrub- Filler item

    Complex Culture Concealer Brush- My pick

    Il Makiage fill and fix brow shaper- I was sent brow products last month

    The Balm Cosmetics Day 2 Nite- I am up to my eyeballs in eye shadow. I would have preferred the blush. They never send me blush only eye shadow.

    • Monica we have the same exact bag.. I did want the palette day 2 nite and the eye gel, and the brush.. but I thought ipsy would send the concealer with it. They sid offer it as an option for me to purchase in add ons. I only got this month after months of skipping because I was planning to let go of all of my boxes for a while and just purchase products here and there but keeping my allure box. I did spend $5 on 3 add ins but that’s about it.. I didnt find anything that I wanted to purchase. Its clear its time to move on to another subscription box

      • Toni Marie- I really wanted the blush and I thought about getting it as on add-on but I felt like that’s Ipsy should have sent me in the first place since they send me eye shadow every month. I absolutely do not need another eye shadow palette. I have blush marked as frequently but I rarely receive any.

  38. I was going to skip this month but the spoilers from the other bags drew me in because I figured I would add them on. Yup, only one option in the add on section I liked and my bag is by far the worst I’ve ever received. I got a matte liquid lipstick not even in my color preference. (I hate matte lipsticks, I hate liquid lipsticks. My lips are already perma dry as is). Concealer in a color I’m sure won’t work. Glamglow cleanser (this is an old product and I HATE glamglow). Hempz body lotion, why just why? Oh and that bag color, yuck. If I didn’t have to pay for shipping I’d send it to someone who wanted it.

    • Add ons were AWFUL this month. I would have added the Il Makiage if the correct shade were offered. I would have added a decent skincare item, but nope. I added the Curology cleanser for my daughter to try and a hand cream for no particular reason.

  39. In 4 bags, all but the Maelle beauty brand items. My choice products were one of each of the 3 Balm compacts and the Malin Eye cream.

    Everyone realizes they can get one add on sample sized product per account for $1.00, right? 🙂

  40. I’m getting 4 GBP and that Coffee Scrub must be cheap because it’s in every one of my bags. There’s no value assigned to it so I THINK maybe it’s the ” extra product” for the month?

    I hate the smell of coffee, and I don’t use body scrubs, so I have a lot of this to give away somehow. ( The metro ladies homeless shelter will not take products which are possible sample sizes, as I believe this product actually is).

  41. Worst bag and I’ve been subscribing to GBP since it started: yensa, the concealer brush (my choice), glam glow cleaner (I do not like the ingredients in GG products), eyeliner (got eyeliner last month, and almost every month last year), Hempz lotion, and BBB. Bleh.

    • I’m with you….. truly awful bag. Not sure what is going on with them but I am seriously thinking of cancelling. Opting out does not seem to matter, regardless of promises made. Truly truly disappointing.

  42. I am really not into anything in my glam bag plus this month. Products I would have wanted would have been repeats so I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t get them. I have 2 products that are rated to be “rarely” received in my profile. I am super disappointed. This is what I’m getting:

    -Malin and Goetz revitalizing eye gel (my eyes are super sensitive so I don’t even attempt to use eye products like this)
    -TheBalm Cosmetics Autobalm Pic Perfect (meh, but I’ll try it)
    -Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine (Not a color I will likely wear)
    -Billion Dollar Brows (my pick because nothing else appealed to me)
    -Complex Couture Precision Concealer Brush (probably my favorite item in the bag and one I’ll actually use)
    -Hempz herbal moisturize in Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon (why do I want body lotion in my makeup bag?)

    • I got the same thing but my balm palette was the blush which I got a single of last month. One of the most disappointing uninspiring bags I’ve had

    • I got the same thing (the eye gel was my pick). That lip oil is going straight to an unsuspecting victim, along with the Hempz pineapple thing, which I’ve tried before and didn’t like.

      • Lmao about the unsuspecting victim!!

    • I got the same choices except the coffee scrub instead of the hempz and am not happy and won’t use most of it either =(

      • I am SO disappointed…. This is my first and last month of Plus. Another BLACK eyeliner! I am a 53 year old pale light-eyed, dark blonde. The eyebrow mascara gel in the second to DARKEST shade they make… no profile followed. That pink lip oil… SO PINK! I gave one star ⭐️ to the TPSY lip oil from a previous bag, so they sent another! A concealer brush… huh?… I used my fingers for that purpose. The Hempz lotion… I own 2 huge bottles, so this will be given away. And my pick of the eye cream. What a waste of $25. Bummer. I get a blush each month from the regular Glam bag. I thought for sure I would get this months Plus palette.

  43. I really wanted the lip oil and it was not listed as an add on!!! I wonder how they decide who gets to pick what….I have that I like lip products in my profile.

    • I think Ipsy literally gave me someone else’s spoilers, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for how off their curation was. I received the Balm Palette I chose, and the Malin+Goetz eye serum, which is in line.

      But then, I got:
      Yensa Lip Oil – I guess there’s no lip oil category, but I have both Gloss and Plumper as “Rarely”
      Il Makiage – Brows are all a rarely
      Complex Culture Brush – Brushes and Tools are a rarely

      Things that would have fit my profile:
      Phase Zero (don’t want it but it does fit what I have tagged as a “Sometimes”)
      Ciate Powder
      IT Cleanser
      Glamglow Cleanser (I am getting it with points so I understand why it’s not in my bag)
      R+Co High Dive

      Even knocking out the Maelle to keep my RV in check and both cleansers, plus assuming I wasn’t getting the other Balm palette, there are options that could have been better.

      The brush I honestly don’t mind, I’ve heard good things. I just have too many.
      But the brows and lip oil – Ipsy what were you thinking??
      The whole point of personalization is that I’m not supposed to hate half my items. I know they can’t all be winners, but boy was this month a loser.

    • Me too. I love lip oils and the pink color as an oil, wont stain so it’ll just add color for me. Wanted it and didn’t get it and couldn’t add it on. Idk what is going on with Ipsy but all of the comments here except for 1 are talking about canceling, including me!! Terrible box this month!!

  44. Omg sorry my comment wasnt meant to be a reply

  45. I’m receiving…
    Revitalizing Eye Gel
    Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine
    Precision Concealer Brush
    Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer in Light to Medium
    Herbal Body Moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon

    *I’m pleased with this month! Yay!

    • Bag twins!

      Everything is good except the eye cream. I’ve been getting eye cream in my bags for 4 months now, I’m really overloaded now. Really wanted the It cleanser 🥺

      • I was totally hoping for the cleanser as well!

      • This month is the worst ipsy month product wise I have ever had in 6/7 years . I am absolutely shocked how a subscription like this can go downhill so badly like ipsy has been. It all seemed to go bad when the ultimate rolled out.

        I dont care for the cheap fillers they throw in and the same brands over and over and their “in house ” skin care is bad. It just pills up and is gross. I sub because I want to try brands I recognise and will see if they work for me so I can go out and buy more from the brand if it does. I think I am about to cancel after 6/7 years with ipsy. I know some months and items will be meh, but it’s now month after month of just junk.

        This month I got

        1. Culture concealer brush (choice and I dont use concealer)

        2.malin and goetz eye gel (I dislike their skin care they have sent)

        3. The balm blush (I use nars, and hourglass pallettes and jouer) but I also got sent the botanical blush pallette recently too)

        4. The zero whatever matte lip… (not the color in profile, but as long as it’s not made in China I will try it)

        5. Hey honey concealer (I dont use concealer, if I do I use nars or kokie)

        6 the coffee scrub…….WARNING**** WARNING****** WARNING*****

        About a year and a half ago i got some sort of body scrub from ipsy glam bag (before plus and all that) and i used it one night and it left black stains all over my bathtub and no amount of cleaner would get it off, and where the chunks had been rinsed off hit the bathtub it ate away at whatever they have over it to down to layers and layers..just ate it clean through….so the next day I went to email ipsy and send photos, there was a warning saying that there was issues with the scrub and not to use it..they were sorry blah blah…so I emailed them…I spent so much in cleaners tried EVERYTHING..comet, degresser, bleach, bar keepers best friend, even toilet bowl cleaner (per ipsy people) and that stuff still left a black tint to it and still layers ate the time it was all said and done I spend close to 5k to fix the damage.

        Ipsy said they were sorry and gave me 3 months glam bags for free. So lessened learned. I’m NOT saying this scrub did it, but just wanted to put my experience out there for people to know. Others had the same issues and made videos and posts about it as well back then too. So just beware. I am supposed to be opted out of all bath scrubs because of this and then surprise surprise, I get the coffee one this month. I throw them all away because I dont want someone to have to experience what I did from a “simple ” body scrub…but am kind mad they sent it to me..but then again what is 3 free glam bags and “sorry we wont send you one ever again) compared to almost 5k, and weeks of cleaning and scrubbing and then days of guys coming into my home to fix it.

      • If it does that to porcelain, just imagine what it does to our delicate skin!!! Omg!!! I’m a 7 year subscriber and I used to talk ipsy up and take up for ipsy if someone was unhappy, but I think you’re right, it’s gone WAY DOWNHILL since Ultimate came out. I’m canceling my 2 regular glambags after I get March bags!! It’ll save me $26.01 now that i’m playing sales tax to ipsy. They say Louisiana residents have to pay it, but I don’t pay sales tax to any of my 4 other subscriptions! Hmmm. Adios Ipsy!!

    • Twins! The only thing I’m not good with is the Hempz lotion. I’ve tried it and the hemp odor is awful. It overtakes the pineapple.

  46. I do appreciate receiving an extra product this month and receiving $2.00 credit towards add-on’s. However, last month I received an eye liner (I am opted out of eye liners through ipsy match). Once again, this month, I am receiving an eye liner and TheBalm Autobaum Day 2 Nite palette (which absolutely does not follow my beauty profile). So, two of the items this month are a total waste for me. I am so very disappointed in this.

  47. I got:
    – M+G eye gel (choice)
    – Autobalm in Pic Perf (hoped for Day 2 Nite)
    – Yensa lip oil (hoped for this!)
    – Billion Dollar Brows pomade kit
    – Seraphine Botanicals Luna liner
    – Coffee scrub

    Pretty good based on what’s available. I’ll try to swap palettes, but other than that, the only non-keeper is the bonus sample, the coffee scrub. My current brow product has been dc’d, so even though I prefer a pencil product, I’m willing to give this a shot. I am typically annoyed by black marker eyeliners, but I’m a sucker for Seraphine Botanicals, so no complaining!

    • I remember I loved my ipsy plus for Many months but I cancelled it in September and theres not been a month that makes me want to resuscribe …

      • Good for you! Save that $$$!

  48. I got the Malin goetz eye gel, the auto balm cheek palette, bdb brow pomade, hempz lotion, and phase zero lipstick (my choice). I don’t love it, but it’s not the worst either. I added on the thrive lippies in Ruth and glinda and the $3 lip mask. It’s my first time getting a full size add on. I appreciate the $2 bonus for add ons. I usually end up liking my ipsy plus even when I’m not excited today.

    • Oh, and the hey honey concealer. I wonder if the hempz lotion is sample size or all 6 items are full size??

      • Good morning Rachel,
        The Hempz is not full size, it is deluxe size.

      • Thanks for clarifying, SunnyT!

      • Yea the hempz lotion is travel size :/ I’m trying to decide on boxy charm and Ipsy but they both don’t look to great this month or last 🙁

    • OK so at least it’s not just me somebody else had said the same thing also that maybe when it gets to them they will be more excited and that’s what happens to me a lot of the time so I stopped doing my reviews before my bags got here because my opinion often changes it’s so weird

  49. I cannot freaking believe I bit the bullet on GBP and wasted my money.
    My eyeshadow was correct.

    I got a brow product when I have brows listed as “Rarely”
    A lip oil when I have both lip gloss and lip plumper as “Rarely”
    A body scrub when I have body scrub listed as “Rarely”
    A brush… when I have brushes and tools listed as “Rarely”

    I really have no words for how horrible this customization is. Other than fragrance, blush, and bronzer they really hit all of my “Rarely” categories

    I may literally cancel my entire account I’m so upset with how horrible the curation is.

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