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Ipsy March 2020 Add-Ons Available Now!

ByMSAMar 2, 2020 | 79 comments

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The March 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, or Glam Bag Ultimate subscription.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ipsy Add-Ons:

Add-Ons are available for 24 hours!

You have to reveal your glam bag spoilers to gain access to Add-Ons. To access add-ons, visit or the ipsy mobile app for your monthly Spoiler Alert. Once you complete the Spoiler Alert, you will see a selection of products that can be added to your bag. Select the products you’d like, confirm your order, and the products will ship with your glam bag

You may choose up to 5 add-on products per month. These items will be added to your glam bag or glam bag plus shipment. And shipping is free!

The Add-Ons will be a small selection of products, some of which are from that month’s Glam Bag assortment. Sample-sized products at $3 each. Full-size products are $12

Here are the Add-Ons!

Full Size ($18 each):

Full Size ($12 each):

Deluxe Samples ($3 each):

Bag Swag ($3 each):

Which add-ons did you pick?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to learn more!

IPSY Glam Bag ($12 per month) is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus ... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I added the complex culture eyelid brush and belle en argent lip gloss to my plus bag. I added the complex angled foundation brush to my regular bag. I missed the acne patches and lip mask which were the only others I was interested in.


Is anyone have trouble to open add ons?


yes, have no luck it say confirm an email but I got no email!

Hallie Gottlieb

I kept GBP for one more month to see what the 100th bagaversary was. I hate bronzer, matte lipstick, brushes and black eyeliner. Looks like my giveaway pile is gonna grow this month. With my small bag and GBP I’m ending up w 90 % things I dont use. I have 87 brushes and 47463536474753748837 black eyeliners. The coffee scrub I got last year. Primer ergh. I think i have product overload and need to pause for a while.
The only thing I’m looking forward to is the you got this key thing.


I love all those things maybe we could trade out lol

Jen b

You can email ask them for 2 item categories not to be included in your box.
I dont want eyeliners or lip treatments (I am picky which ones will work for me) and I never recieved either if those items in a box through ipsy.
If i ever change my mind i can email them and change it. Its awesome.


Did anyone else add the violet Voss palette or own it already and have any thoughts on it? It’s the only thing I added I’m hoping I love it, haven’t really seen anyone mention adding it! (And is anyone else highly unimpressed w/ the keychains this month? Saves me $3 on something I definitely don’t need but still 😂)


I don’t have the Creme Brulee, but I have 4 other of the fun sized palettes, and I love them! I also have 2 full sized palettes as well, lol. VV is actually my favorite eyeshadow formula and I almost picked this one up to add to my collection, just suffering from product overload, haha.


Thanks for writing back 😊 I’ve only tried one other palette by VV so to hear you loved the formula with so many of the different palletes has me even more excited for it to arrive I’m sure I’ll love it! I totally hear ya on the overload part though haha I have tons of product; eyeshadow palletes especially but I couldn’t help myself on this one 😩😂


I have two bags so added:
1) thrive duo in glinda and ruth (loved the mascara and not going to lie, loved their make-up ads so had to add on),
2) acne patches (can never get enough of these, adult acne is real)
3) skone brow wand (until I get microbladed, I have do the brows daily)
second bag:
1) the balm autobalm pic perf palette (not that I needed another one)
2) acne patches
3) space case blush (impressed with their eyeshadows and had to try the blush)

I figured for the same price of the BC Fenty box (which I cancelled), I got six items that I would use and am excited about.


I tried applying Space Case blush with a brush, & I was super disappointed. Like, no pigment picked up at all. Then I used my finger & it was 🔥🔥🔥


By the time I got to look, the Tatcha was gone from add ons. I added Polaar, the clay mask, and the Library of Flowers hand cream. Restraint this month.


I am excited for everything this month except my opted out black liquid eyeliner which I hate and never use. I have the Malin +Goetz eye gel, glamglow Tropical cleanser my choice, coffee scrub bonus item, complex culture brush, the balm eyeshadow palette day 2 nite, the dreadful eyeliner. Add ons Tatcha dewy skin cream, hey honey concealer.


tried to get the acne patches but they apparently they sold out as I was purchasing them.

Otherwise, I’m excited about my add-ons. Which is great, since my bag sucks lol and is probably the most boring one I’ve had.

“Yes she can” keychain
Handle it Hand Cream – Raspberry Macaroon (I love lotions so this is exciting for me lol)
bubble t face mask duo
tatcha water cream (really excited about this! and getting one as my choice)
lip therapy lipmask
extra bag


I recently cancelled and then reactivated (which, let me tell you, creates all sorts of problems) so now I can’t access the add-ons and I’m so bummed! I sent their customer service the items I planned to buy but their system won’t allow CS to select add-ons for subscribers, FYI. I hope something clicks over soon and I can get to them. 🙁


My credit card had expired one month and I forgot to update it. When it came time for add-ons I couldn’t access it even though I had updated my card. I emailed customer service and they said there was nothing they could do, however, a few days later I was sent an email to choose add-ons. Score!


I really hope they change the add-on process so you can modify or add more on for 24 hours instead of the “one and done” way they do it now. I always want to add more later.


Nice! I thought I clicked on a brush add on, but when they sent the add-on confirmation email, it wasn’t there, so I emailed ipsy customer service and they basically told me tough luck. Haha.


Pic Perf palette (choice)
Malin Goetz eye gel
Concealer Brush
Yensa lip oil
Billion Dollar Brows taupe
Extra item was the Hempz hand cream which I have a full size of. The smell initially is so nice but after 10 min it just leaves an awful smell so I will give them this one away.

I added on the Tatcha dewy cream and the Belle En Argent lip gloss. I also added the Tatcha Water Cream and the Benefit primer but I received an email stating it wasn’t available and I would not be charged. The water cream was what I was most excited to try out of everything.


I like your bag! I’m thinking now I should have selected one of the palettes since the M G was really the only skincare item and it looked like everyone got it. I have to strategize better next month.
I ended up with:
M G eye gel
thebalm blush palette
Seraphine waterproof eyeliner
Phase one lippie
Ciate setting powder
Coffee scrub


I thought the add-ons were really good this month; I could have gone nuts but managed to restrain myself. I just picked the Tatcha Water Cream (getting the Dewy Cream in my bag) and the NudeStix lippie. I almost got the Complex Culture concealer brush, and regret not doing so – I’m on the hunt for the perfect under eye concealer brush, and I’ve never seen one like it.

Joy B.

I got the concealer brush for the same reason. I’ve been looking for one and took this as a sign! I also added the Tatcha water cream, acne dots, and coffee scrub. I love that scrub!!


Yay! I am getting the Complex Culture Foundation and Concealer brushes in my boxes and I added on the eyelid brush (Such nice brushes!) Also added three Tatcha Water Creams, Two Awake Lip Therapy Masks, The Curology Cleanser (daughter took my last one), the Curology Acne Patches, Polaar Night Cream, and the Hanalei Island Mint Kukui Lip Balm. Kinda bummed that since I picked the Dewey Skin Cream for my box, I couldn’t add it on today. My daughter uses the Water Cream though and I shelled out the $68 for her last full sized jar when I sent to see her on my last vacation. So this should save me some money!


I only added the Tatcha Dewy cream . I wasn’t really excited about anything .

BTW there are new point rewards up!


So many good choices ugh on a budget right now so I jus grabbed the violet Voss eyeshadow palette for this month since I’ve been eyeing it for awhile, easily could have maxed out on add-ons though for sure😂 My account usually lets me add more than 5 as far as I know.. I added 7 add-ons to my February bag and I only have the plus box I thought everyone could add more than 5🤔


I think it’s hilarious that the Sunday Riley CEO serum isn’t an add on. It’s not even full sized, but it’s not an add on…

I got two, one in 2 GBUs, but the omission seems like some sort of game to make it look SO desirable.. 🙂


I choose bubble t sheet mask duo.. I was confused between polar night cream and go to face hero oil but my husband lectured me that I am using too many random products on my face so went with the mask as they seem to be the safest.

Has anyone have tried these masks before?

Joy B.

Pooja! I thought my husband was the only one who did that! Lol 😂🤣 It cracks me up.


That coffee scrub is garbage. 🙁


They’re sending me that scrub as my “free” gift this month… 😪 not so excited about it but seeing that it’s garbage makes me even more nervous about even bothering to try it! I hate the smell of that Hempz lotion they’re giving too I’ve gotten it before so oh well I guess, I was so excited to see what the bonus items were gunna be too 😂


Yeah, glad I dodged that scrub, but I got stuck with the Hempz, which I can’t stand, lol. Donation!

Lori W.

I actually totally love that coffee scrub. Yes it most definitely is a whole mess, but I dont find it difficult to clean up. I think it smells phenomenal and makes my skin really soft. Coconut & Coffee are 2 of my favorite scents, so I was all over picking this one up as an add on. To each his own I guess🤷‍♀️


How do you know that is your free gift?


Yeah, sadly, it’s really bad. I LOVE body scrubs (especially coffee ones!), but this once is just a bunch of loose grounds with a bit of oil on them, no binding agent or anything so it can be used as a scrub. It’s so messy, doesn’t smell that good and leaves a greasy residue. I hope others have a better experience than I did. 🤷‍♀️


It let me choose 8 add-ons. I received my confirmation email from Ipsy with all 8 confirmed. Billing charge was $23.98


Wow, they should have advertised that. I bet a lot of people would have added more but didn’t even try because the limit is usually 5. Unless it’s a glitch, but I’m guessing not.

nicole grantier

I have 3 accounts and only one allowed me to add extra add ons. The only way I noticed is was after picking 5, it didn’t change colors like it does when you reach your max, so I just kept adding….


It’s not a glitch. Unlimited add-ons has been a feature in beta stages for a few months now. Like all the other times they’ve rolled out special features, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which accounts receive it, & ispy doesn’t actually tell you when you get it. You either notice, or you don’t. 😂


It only let me choose 5, so guess it was a glitch


I picked the Complex Culture brushes (foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow), a brow pencil, and the curology patches. I haven’t tried any of the Complex Culture brushes yet but I’d heard good things. Anyone want to share their experience with them?


I absolutely love these brushes and buy one every time it’s offered. I got the contour, the face brush, and precision eye brush this time.


They are my favorite brushes of all time and I have a huge collection including Luxie, Firma, Morphe and Wayne Goss. They are super plush, soft and dense. I got the concealer, eyeshadow and foundation brush this month and added the precision eyelid brush, so I’m a happy camper!

Beth in Oklahoma

In retrospect, I wouldn’t have chosen Tatcha last month as my chosen item. I would have purchased it as an add on for every bag (which I did, with the other Tatcha cream!)


I did the same thing! Three Tatcha Water Creams – Though they will go to my daughter – since that is her favorite moisturizer.


How do you open addons again if you already purchased one?


You can’t. I hope they change that soon.


I thought the same thing but you’d also be taking the risk that it was even offered as an add on — not all items are and it is popular enough I kind of assumed it wouldn’t be. Oh well.


Why’s that?

Beth in Oklahoma

So I could order it as an add-on. Then, I could order several of them for $3 each. If you choose it as your “choice” item, then you can’t order them as add-ons, unfortunately.


Don’t be like me and almost forget you get $2 add on credit for each bag you get. I normally bundle all my add ons into one bag but then realized I’d be missing out on my credits so I spread them out this time.


Good tip!


All I got was the Tatcha Water Cream x 3 (figured $1 for each was totally worth it) and 1 Curology cleanser which I’ve wanted to try for awhile. Considered the 111 Skin, but I used a full bottle last summer and didn’t notice any difference.


I don’t think 111 Skin works either. I’m sick of seeing this brand and the the stupid inflated prices. Actually, considering my experience with this brand, I DO NOT TRUST IT AT ALL!!! Ipsy put the 111 Skin face and eye mask (one of each) in my bag and say it a is $47 full size product. Ugh…and I hate all sheet masks so it was a double FAIL.


I hate sheet masks too, not really into any kind of face mask, I LOVE 111Skin though! But they are outrageously overpriced! I would never pay full price for their products, there are other, more reasonably priced brands that do the same thing. I’ll always pay for the add-ons of expensive products though, you save a TON of money on a full size product. I like to switch up my skin and hair (and makeup) products a bit anyway. It might all be in my head but I feel like my body gets used to the same ones and they don’t work the same.


I hate all sheet masks as well and have repeatedly asked not to receive them as they go straight to my trash can…. I so wish the Christophe Robin scalp detox would have been an add on… it is my all time favorite product I cannot let run out!!!!


Well, for the first time in a while, I had a hard time deciding what to choose on add ons, because I loved a lot of them! Lately I don’t even add anything.

At the end I chose the vitamin C brightening booster (I always choose it whenever availabe cause I just love what it does to my skin), and eyebrow pencil, a lip mask and a eyebrow pencil.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how the extra item works. Does everyone get the same one or just an extra match?


Now I get why so many people get multiple bags! I loved so many of these add-ons and got the max for my regular glam bag.


Was able to use $2 to get coffee body scrub and out of my locks excited for lip mask, brow pencil, and facial sheet mask.


Have you tried the coffee scrub before? I was kinda disappointed to get it as a selection in my Plus bag. Is it any good?

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.