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My Subscription Addiction
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Goddess Provisions “Amethyst Aura” Review – February 2020

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichMar 22, 2020 | 23 comments

Goddess Provisions
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Goddess Provisions is a monthly wellness subscription box filled with “high vibe lifestyle goods” meant to aid in new-age spirituality practices such as meditation, intention-setting, and energetic healing, as well as general holistic health. It costs $33/month and ships to the US for free.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Goddess Provisions Wellness Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Goddess Provisions

The Cost: $33 per month with discounts for longer commitments

The Products: A mix of 5-7 full-size products such as crystals, apothecary beauty, superfood snacks, aromatherapy, tools for spiritual growth, and tea

Ships to: The U.S. for free, $15 to Canada and $25 everywhere else

Goddess Provisions “Amethyst Aura” February 2020 Review


The box comes with a short but informative booklet that outlines all of the goodies included this month. It also announces a new self-care oracle and guidebook that is now available. On the back, you’ll find “Divine Details” about all the great things that come with your subscription as well as their other digital subscription available.


Hiouchi Jewels Moon Phase Amethyst Cuff Bracelet in Silver – Retail Value $88.00

While I’m not really sure about the retail price of this bracelet, it fits the theme and feel of the box well. The silver-plated brass is bendable so that the cuff can be made to fit anyone’s wrist more snuggly. It features the phases of the moon across it, with a small round amethyst stone in the center. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite my style, but I’m sure I can find a friend who’d appreciate it as well as the calm and tranquility it provides.


Wild Yonder Botanicals Bath Soak – Listed Value $5.00

This two-ounce sachet contains a very fragrant lavender bath soak which should be really soothing and calming. The sea salt is charged with amethyst crystals and blended with Epsom salt, organic Spanish butterfly lavender essential oil, amber resin, and organic jojoba. Just a sniff of it at my desk makes me wish I were soaking in a bathtub full of it at this very moment.


Goddess Provisions Crystals & Succulents Dry Bag – Listed Value $22.00

I am over the moon about this dry bag! I’ve never owned one before and this one with its purple and blue crystals and succulents pattern is so beautiful! If you’re not familiar, dry bags can keep your belongings dry while in wet situations (like kayaking). My friend Mike could have used this last summer when he tipped his kayak and his wallet, phone, keys, and everything he had with him got soaked and almost were lost to the bottom of a lake. With this bag, you’ll put everything you want to keep dry inside, then fold it down a few times, and then latch the buckle closed. Voila, you can pluck this from the water without anything getting soaked. Stoked to use this bag this summer!


Goddess Provisions Sticktak Fabric Stickers – Listed Value $6.00

It’s no secret that I love stickers but these are even more special since they’re made to stick on fabric. Although not to be washed, these two stickers of a crystal ball and mystic hand were made especially for Goddess Provisions and can be stuck on backpacks, shoes, or whatever I want! I think I’ll be adding these to one of my tote bags or even a jean jacket. They can be removed without damage so if I change my mind, no big deal! Super cute idea.


Love by Luna x The Numinous Mystic Mani Crystal Infused Nail Polish – Listed Value $18.00

This must be the season of blue nail polish because this is my second bottle of it in a month. This deep blue metallic polish is infused with amethyst and obsidian so that you can harness the powers of the crystals at your fingertips. That means you’ll have protection as well as purification with clarity and tranquility. After a couple of coats, this magical polish brought attention to my nails in the best way.


Band of Weirdos Amethyst Enamel Pin – Retail Value $10.00

I haven’t seen an enamel pin in one of my boxes for SO LONG that I am appreciating this one! I went off the rails buying pins when they first exploded in popularity but it’s seemed to have quieted down lately. This pin comes from Band of Weirdos (who has a great name) and features a purple and blue sparkling amethyst crystal. Simple yet delightful, this little baby if going somewhere special.


Inner Gaze Amethyst Pyramid – Listed Value $11.00

The last item in this month’s box is an amethyst pyramid that has a third eye on the bottom, etched in gold. This will help “purify your aura, promote mental clarity, tranquility, intuition, and a connection to the divine.” This is small enough to pop into a little pouch in my purse to keep it with me, or I can add it to my crystal altar to bring the healing home.

Digital Bonus – All About Amethyst: Uses & Rituals 

In this digital bonus, I’ll learn all about the properties and benefits of amethyst including a recipe for a soothing ritual bath, dream ritual, and protection ritual. Can’t wait to dive into this so I can better utilize all of the amethysts I have!

The Verdict: February’s Goddess Provisions box is fantastic! I’m really excited to own a dry bag, especially one that’s so pretty. The enamel pin, polish, and stickers are great. The bracelet was the big-ticket item this month and not really my taste, but I’ll happily pass it on to someone more suitable. The seven items included in the box this month have a total listed retail value of $160!!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but sign up today to receive April as your first box (which starts shipping on the 6th). This box is still available as a one-time purchase for $44.00 on their site.

Value Breakdown: At $33.00 for this box, you’re paying $4.71 for each item.

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Keep track of your subscriptions by adding this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Were you wowed by this month’s Goddess Provisions?

Each box will contain a mix of 4-6 full size products including: Crystals, Apothecary Beauty, Super Food Snack, Aromatherapy, Tools for Spiritual Growth, and Tea. All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Shipping is free to the US. Shipping to Canada is $10.00 USD per month. Shipping anyw... read more.
Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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So the nail polish IS blue? When I wore it my family and partner all insisted the polish was purple and I was insane and/or color blind for calling it blue, to the point where I have no idea what color it is anymore. It looked like a midnight blue with a slight purple shimmer to me, but it’s not listed on their website so I couldn’t see what they had to say about it.

I liked February’s box but to be honest I like March’s more. I largely picked it up for the beautiful bracelet (my info card says it’s worth $68 not $88) and the nail polish sealed the deal. (I honestly was so impressed with the polish that I used my coupon code to pick up the new moon/full moon duo from their website!) I knew no matter what the other items were I’d be getting my money’s worth, but I wasn’t really feeling them. It’s been years since I was in a situation where I could use a dry bag, and I wasn’t a fan of the cloth stickers. Going to be trying out the bath soak tonight though, hopefully I’ll like it too!

Marne Orenich

Hey Sphinx!
I definitely see the polish as blue but I think it depends largely on the light you’re looking at it in, plus everyone sees color a little different, ya know?
As for the bracelet, it does say $68 on my info card too, but the website where you can buy it says $88 and we always trust that versus what the card says.


Oooh I really Love the bracelet and would really like it….the bath stuff seems fun too…..I might have to look at this sub…..


Hi Joy, I just wanted to add a bit different perspective to your statement,

“Disclaimer: anyone who believes that rocks and crystals actually affect our bodies or our minds is woefully naive, but I still enjoy this box knowing that I’m enjoying these items for their beauty or usability and not some pretend powers they are going to impart.”

I think that many things in nature have the ability to affect our bodies, minds, souls, and physical well being in both very negative and very positive ways, rocks and crystals included. Consider the disastrous impact that uranium, radium, mercury and lead have had on humans throughout history, just to name a few. If simple rocks can actively serve to devastate the human body, why would it be so impossible to believe that they can possess and impart very positive properties as well? Just wanted to add another point of view. Thanks.


Thank you for your well-written response. You are correct that many things in nature affect us both positively and negatively. Obviously we need plants to create oxygen and food. Water is natural, and I’m pretty sure we need that, too. The “rocks” (Mercury is actually a liquid) you listed are actually chemicals found in rocks and have been proven by science to be dangerous due to their chemical properties. There is absolutely zero scientific evidence that the crystals that are being touted as having any kind of healing or psychoactive properties. Zero. Crystals are chemically inert. However, there is some evidence that people who believe in the powers of crystals may get some placebo effect from using them, so if you think it helps, keep believing and maybe you’ll actually see some benefit, just not from the rock itself.


Very intriguing point. Thanks Jan!


You should probably try the products before reviewing them.. sorry to be that person but it’s like? How is just smelling it giving an accurate review?

Marne Orenich

Hi Tammy- you’re absolutely right. I’m sorry I failed you in this respect and I’ll keep that in mind moving forward.


Not trying to be rude at all and I appreciate your response.


Actually, along those lines, I’m curious to know what the digital extra is like. How long, and what’s the the quality of the information as well as the presentation? In other words, does it really add any value to the box?

Marne Orenich

Hi Beth-
The digital extra certainly brings value to anyone interested (myself included) in learning about the metaphysical properties of amethyst. It’s a short 10 pages but includes affirmations and great ideas on how to use the stone in different rituals. It comes as a PDF format so it can be accessed from a phone or ipad in addition to my laptop. I think it’d make a good reference when I have a time that I want to explore some mediation practices with the crystal. The presentation is nice and is formatted just like a book with photos and well laid out instructions. This is a bonus and doesn’t really have a dollar value attached to it though. I do like it as an extra.


Really beautiful box & review!


Love the little “Stoked to use it this summer!” comment. Almost makes it sound like there isn’t a deadly virus tearing through the country that is by all means going to be here until at least October. But hey, kayaking, amirite girlfriends?

Marne Orenich

Hi Eva, I’m sorry if my comment put you off or came off as insensitive. That was not my intention and I am by no means disregarding what we are all dealing with right now. I have chosen to be cautious and do my part by staying inside yet I am hoping for the chance to return to some sort of normalcy at some point in the future. For me, continuing my reviews without the interjection of the devastating virus we’re all very aware of and being possibly exposed to is how I’m choosing to keep sane. Everyone is dealing with this epidemic differently and I hope that you can understand that this is how I am choosing to do so.
I hope you’re staying safe out there.


kayaking out on the water in solitude is the absolute safest place from the virus You could possibly be.


Things are really scary right now, but I think optimism is important to keeping ourselves sane. For me, it’s nice to read things that are an escape. If that’s not working for you right now, I hope you will feel differently soon. Stay well.


Maybe you should use the items in this box to calm and soothe yourself. Everything you say is negative. We don’t actually know when life will go back to “normal” after this virus.

Disclaimer: anyone who believes that rocks and crystals actually affect our bodies or our minds is woefully naive, but I still enjoy this box knowing that I’m enjoying these items for their beauty or usability and not some pretend powers they are going to impart.


It really stinks that MSA doesn’t limit one username for each person on this site. Every time I come across however many other Joy’s are here it freaks me out and makes me think I am losing my mind and forgot about a comment I made! I tried adding my last initial to my user name and as soon as I did there was another Joy B as well! Guess I need to go with something super unique! 😂😂🤣🤣


I absolutely loved this box. The bracelet got a compliment from my 16 yo daughter!! Which never happens, so high praise. I love the color of the nail polish, can’t wait to use the dry bag. Bath salts, yes please!!! Perfect for a new moon bath, which is tonight!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.