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BoxyLuxe Subscription Box Review – March 2020

Boxy Charm Luxe March 2020

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month BoxyCharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Since BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to your original subscription, you will be paying your normal subscription amount, $25/month if you have the monthly subscription, plus you will pay for the upgrade, which is an additional $28.99 every March, June, September, and December.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About BoxyLuxe

The Subscription Box: BoxyLuxe

The Cost: $49.99 for September, December, March and June boxes, $21 for all other months

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

The Products: Each box will be valued at over $300. The box will include lifestyle, skincare, beauty, etc.

Ships to: The contiguous US for free, plus US territories and Canada for $8

BoxyLuxe March 2020 Review

Now, on to the items!


tarte Tarteist PRO Remix Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $49.00

Wow. This is a pretty incredible palette. It basically has most of the colors you could ever want pretty well covered! Most of the shades are shimmers that are buttery smooth and beautifully pigmented. I think my favorite would have to be the soft Art Deco shade. Think a French blue with a golden shimmer! It looks beautiful across the lid all on its own! Sway and Inspiration are also very pretty and could honestly be used as highlighters in a pinch. Graphic is another interesting shade because it looks pure black on but has an electric purple glitter inside. Because this palette also contains everyday shades like Wall Art, Mixed Media, and Ink, you can use it for looks that are super minimal or super extra.

Top to bottom: Spin, Inspiration, Art Deco, Artist, Color Explosion

Top to bottom: Wall Art, Flow, DIY, Ink, Beat Drop

Top to bottom: Mixed Media, Splatter, Outside the Lines, Mic Drop, Graphic

Top to bottom: Graffiti, Moonlit, Mashup, Sway, Create


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 25 ml purse size – Retail Value $10.00

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream, 25 ml purse size – Retail Value $10.00

My mom has already claimed all Sol de Janeiro products I might ever encounter in any boxes for the foreseeable future. She is HOOKED. Her obsession started with the Açaí Body Power Cream, but I think the original formula is going to blow her mind. It has this intense sweet tropical scent that even someone like me who hates overly beachy scents loves. I think she will also love the way it tightens and nourishes skin. The Coco Cabana Cream is actually new to me, but I think I like the lighter fresh coconut scent (much more natural and less perfumy than the others) and over-the-top hydration it gives to dry hands. My mom wears gloves all day long so treats like this are perfect to lighten her day and keep her hands soft.


BoxyCharm Hello Charmer Palette – Listed Value $39.00

I was pretty surprised to see another colorful eyeshadow palette this month, and a little ‘meh’ about it being Boxy branded. I know all of us have mixed feelings and experiences with private label items, but I decided to give this made in Taiwan palette a fair shake. I was really happy to see a true white shade inside, as these are rare to see in palettes but are perfect for blending into darker shades. I am actually really impressed with the pigment levels in the majority of these shades. They are also really soft and blendable and there wasn’t much chalkiness in here, not even in the mattes. The two glitters are absolutely gorgeous! Full Size is an inky base with electric purple and blue micro shimmers, while Swipe Up has a sheer red base and is loaded with chunkier blue, gold, and green sheer flecks. It, in particular, is stunning when layered over other shades because the red disappears and the glitter magnifies the shade underneath while still sparkling with light. If I had one complaint, it would be that including two super similar shades (Premium and Spoiler) was a waste of a pan, but I think most people will be pleasantly surprised by this palette.

Top to bottom: Boxy, Charmer, Full Size, Exclusive, Spoiler, Luxe

Top to bottom: Unboxing, Sneak Peek, Premium, Swipe Up, Popup, Cup of Joe


PMD Beauty Smart Facial Cleansing Device – Retail Value $99.00

I absolutely love cleansing devices like this, though my previous experience has been limited to Foreo Luna devices. This one is a little different, as it is on the end of a wand and has 4 different vibrational patterns which none of my Lunas have had so far. I think the two products perform very similarly, giving my face a deep clean every night in a gentle way. I have used my Luna for over a year and my face is certainly different in terms of pore size and overall tone. This is a great backup to have since these sorts of tools are ridiculously expensive (why though?) and I don’t want to live without one.


NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in ‘Wild Night’, 5.5 ml – Retail Value $26.00

The shade of this lippie feels more than a little ‘wintery’ for me right now, but the formula is great! I am very picky about matte finishes because they just dry out my already flaky lips. This seems to stay just a little balmy, which really helps! The shade is really, really dark! It is described as a ‘dark lilac’ but I would say it is much more of an eggplant. It is a thinner, liquidy formula that can make the application a bit tricky for such a dark shade, but when it is applied correctly it is pure gorgeous drama.

Oooh, this is a MOOD.


BECCA Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick, 5 g – Retail Value $28.00

BECCA is one of my favorite brands, but I am not sure about this particular product. I have tried something similar before, and just don’t think this is the sort of highlighter for my routine. It looks more wet than shimmery, and on my skin it looks a wee bit greasy. I do think it looks gorgeous on collar bones and bare eyelids, but as far as my cheekbones go, it makes me just look shiny in a way I don’t love.

Little hard to see here, but it is a wet-looking shine!


Deborah Lippman Nail Polish Set, 8 ml each – Listed Value $19.00

I used to get a gel overlay every two weeks but decided to stop when I signed up for esthetician school with Marne. Ever since then, I have been really excited to get nail polish since I am doing my own claws from here on out. This little set included two mini bottles: one a flaming red with a little bit of orange, and the other a sweet pea pink. I like Deborah Lippman polishes and find they do tend to wear longer on my nails than other polish brands, so I was very pleased with both of these.

Here is the classic red ‘Fire on the Horizon’.

And here is the sweet pink ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’


Bombshell Baker Straw Set – Listed Value $21.00

Finally, our last item is a little more of a ‘lifestyle’ addition. I already have loads of reusable straws, but I also refuse to drink anything without a straw, so I am never going to complain about adding more to my collection. This set of four also arrived with a drawstring pouch and a handy cleaning brush.

Verdict: The total retail value of this BoxyLuxe was a little hard to calculate since a few items I could not verify elsewhere online. Just the tarte palette, Sol de Janeiro creams, PMD device, NARS lippy, and the BECCA stick total $222, which in itself is a pretty awesome value for a $49.99 box. (And another way of looking at it is that the $49 tarte palette basically covers the cost of this box!) Add in the nail polish, Boxy palette, and the straws and there is even more value. My favorite item is easily that magical tarte palette. It is fantastic!! I also adore the creams, though I can see my mom stealing those. The Boxy-branded palette was surprisingly nice and I also have a fondness for any vibrating cleansing device because they make my skin so smooth! All in all, I enjoyed this delivery and thought the value was most certainly there!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but you can claim a spot for the June BoxyLuxe box by upgrading your BoxyCharm subscription in your account section.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

Value Breakdown: At $49.99, each of the 9 items has an average cost of $5.55.

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What do you think of the March 2020 BoxyLuxe


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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (31)

  1. The price isn’t bad for this box. I have so much make up though. This would be $50 out the window and I’d never touch it. I haven’t touched about 90 % of my collection. Lol

    I don’t understand make up collectors.. It goes bad & time goes by fast.

  2. I ordered this based on your reviews. This is the most disappointing beauty box I’ve ever received. It’s my first box with Boxycharm and maybe I subscribed too late in the month for good items. It’s supposed to be personalized. After reading the reviews, March looked great to me. I was most excited about the cleanser. Hoped for the lip line serum. What do they send a 59 year old woman: Boxycharm brand glittery eyeshadow palette, a KatVonD glittery eyeshadow, an off brand of clear lipgloss and hair conditioner. Not ONE good item in the entire box. I’ve seen what other people received. I frankly feel duped and cheated.

    • They do not go by profiles or ages. My box was awful. I’ve gotten boxyluxe since the first one and I can day that it’s the worst I’ve ever recieved. I got the lip liner, the boxy charm eyeshadow pallette, the pad which everyone got (that alone is 100) then I got the 2 small creams (which goes quick and not my favorite at all and 2 sample size that’s supposed to make a full size isnt cool) then I got Nars lip, which I can say I’m happy with, and got a reasonable color for once.

      For some reason Boxycharm /luxe is trying have vibes of fab fit fun , and I wish they would keep “lifestyle ” items like those for “add ons” or “pop ups” even though the earrings look cute, but still I want makeup, makeup and more makeup with a tiny bit of skincare. Hahaha.

      But you can look through past boxes and see if its something you will like. They have them from years back…just k ow there are always many variations and they do not go by profiles and you never know whts going to show up.

      But it’s a good way to try out things you usually wouldnt.

  3. This is my first post ever. This was my very first Luxe box. I was very disappointed. The only thing I have used is the PMD. I don’t know if I will ever get the Luxe box again. My regular Boxycharm box was better in my opinion.

  4. I got a really red color for my NAR, *get up and stand up* It was really pink and red. I would of rather gotten the darken plum color. Before I got my box I was considering not doing Lux any more. After seeing the items I got, I really like everything. I loved the curling wand. It was just the right size for my thin hair. I also really loved the PMD device too. I can never have enough bum bum cream. I was honestly really surprised at how nice the boxy charm pallette was, not really my colors but nice. They won me back with this Lux Box.

  5. Woah, that lip color is AWESOME!!

  6. I didnt get the tarte pallet or a spongelle .. was there other options??

  7. I’m going to be looking for those BECCA sticks on the resale sites now, because I love my Ciate Dewy Stick. 😆

    • I have an unopened one. I know I’ll never use it, so I just put it in my vanity top drawer 🤷‍♀️ I’d mail it to you for like $5 and however much it costs to post? let me know and I’ll post my email ☺️ (Would be sending from Toronto)

  8. I got this exact box also. I was so excited for the nars lip but it was so dark and unwearable! The PMD tool is cool, but it didn’t get my skin clean at all. The Becca stick was useless. It just made my skin feel like I rubbed Vaseline on it. No thanks. It’s just like the ciate stick.

    • I’ve be interested in swapping of buying the Nars lip in wild night, PMD tool, and Becca stick. Let me know what you’d want for it.

  9. Did I miss the price of the regular boxy going back to $21? I thought it was $25..

    • Sorry about that Jordan! It is indeed $25. I updated that spot of text!

  10. I have posted photos of my premium box on IG, but I haven’t even bothered with my Luxe box. The only thing that I have used from it is the PMD Clean. Overall, the box was a massive letdown. I received the Sol de Janeiro products (again), a blush that you have to rub about 10 times to pick up light color, my 5th (or more) Spongelle sponge, etc. I wish they were like Ipsy and would let you pause and opt out of categories. I knew the sponge was in my box before I saw it. I’m allergic to heavy scents and I can’t use any products from Spongelle. As soon as I opened my box, I felt nauseous from the smell.

  11. I’m curious… what’s the difference between a private label brand and an indie brand? It sounds like a private label brand is an indie brand, but an indie brand isn’t necessarily a private label brand(?). Thanks for the insight 🙂

    • Hey Luna! Not a pro here, but I decided to call it a private label item because it was created for a non-makeup brand. I feel like there is likely a ton of overlap!

      • Hey Megan! I know I’ve seen “private label” be used a lot recently, and I was even thinking it was along the lines of what you said…. a brand creating a product they’ve never specialized in. But, I think I recall people calling those DLS/Faccia/Luna by Luna/etc. brands as private label too, then I started to wonder if that stood for a brand that uses the exact same formula & manufacturer for different brands. Just trying to stay hip to the lingo. 😉

      • Private labeling is just putting your name on an already established product. You pay the factory a fee and they put your name and logo on products they make. Morphe is a good example of private labeling. They pick out colors and the layout of their palettes, and choose what brushes they want to sell. The factory in China manages the production, manufacturing, and shipping. So you could have your name on products if you have the money to do it. They typically require a minimum order of units, but anyone can put their name on a product and sell it as theirs. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you don’t know how much the name on the product is costing you as opposed to buying directly from the factory if possible. YouTuber Stephanie Nicole did a really informative video about it if you want more information. She does focus on Morphe but the same thing applies to all private labeling.

  12. This is exactly the box I got, and I was pretty disappointed. The Nars color is unwearable—seems like it is a great formula though that would really stay put. My PMD didn’t work—supposedly a replacement is on the way. The Boxy shadows were just not my colors either. I felt the same way about the Becca—I guess it would be good if you were going for the glass skin look. I’m a little too old for that.

    • I thought my PMD didn’t work, either. I tried two batteries. Then I gave it to my husband and he screwed the bottom compartment as tight as he could get it and it started working. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Ruth, I’d be interested in swapping of buying the Nars lip in wild night, PMD tool, and Becca stick. Let me know what you’d want for it.

  13. What a terrific box! Def makes me want to sub to this and premium, but man, those waiting lists stop me from pulling the trigger.

    • I’m in a similar boat! I can’t spend any more money right now with all that’s going on with jobs and stuff. This seems so cool, but I have NEVER seen more customers dissatisfied with customer service of any subscription more than I have with BoxyCharm. It makes me a little weary to subscribe…

  14. Aw, I wanted the navy pmd so bad but received the pink instead. Looks like a good product though!

    The most upsetting thing about this BoxyLuxe was not being able to pick the mini curler and earrings in the same box, but then seeing on Instagram that others received that combo without picking during choice time. Seems they could’ve just made that an option for everyone!

    • Me too! I was so hoping for the navy and received blush.

    • My sister got the earrings and has no interest whatsoever im sure she would do a trade or something let me know. She loves face mists and toners just fyi.

  15. I got this exact same bag. I actually really liked it, although it doesnt feel “Luxe” at all to me compared to the previous Luxe boxes.

    I was excited about the Nars lippie, but it was so dark its nearly black. Thats really the only product I dont like, aside from the highlighter stick, but that will be gifted.

    All in all I wont complain, but it really didnt seem to compare to past luxe boxes.

  16. Is it just me or could that PMD device have ~multiple~ uses

    • Doh, maybe so. Bahahahaha. The wavy side is to massage serums into the skin so it’s not for just cleansing.

    • I didn’t realize what that PMD device was until really recently, as I kept thinking when I saw “PMD” mentioned that people were referring to a Pat McGrath item, and I didn’t even associate PMD with that device, lol. Honestly, every time I saw that device I actually thought it was for that other purpose! Clearly I don’t follow the Boxy threads too much, but since sexual wellness products seem to slowly be creeping more & more into boxes it seems I figured it could be a “lifestyle” product in Boxy, lol.

  17. I agree on the lip color. We need a MOOD booster and not a rebel wearing one now. Spring is alive and I put my darker purples away!

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