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Be Kind by Ellen Subscription Box Review – Spring 2020

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Mar 6, 2020 | 77 comments

Be Kind by Ellen Spring February 2020 lifestyle subscription review

Be Kind by Ellen
2.4 overall rating
79 Ratings | 25 Reviews

Ellen Degeneres has launched a subscription box full of her favorite things.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About this Box

The Subscription Box: Be Kind by Ellen

The Cost: $54.99 quarterly

The Products: Each quarterly box is thoughtfully curated and filled with hand-picked products from Ellen. And, the best part, each box and each product within the box does something to make the world kinder and better.

Ships to: The US for free, or Canada (additional $16.00 shipping)

Be Kind by Ellen Spring 2020 Review


This box comes with a large fold-out card and a note from Ellen. It also gives details of all of the items included this month.

Now, on to the items!


DIFF ‘Cruz’ Aviator Sunglasses – Retail Value $85.00

I don’t usually reach for aviators because the bottom of the dropped lenses always sit right on my full cheeks and create a line. Will, on the other hand, LOVES them. These are super lightweight in a way that makes me uncomfortable because I tend to break and destroy sunglasses accidentally all the time. Luckily he is much more responsible (he even has a little clip on the visor of his truck) and these might stand a chance of survival with him instead of me.

I have to say it. I feel like a sassy cop in these.


VAHDAM Teas Sampler – Listed Value $24.99

I really like tea and I have been trying my hand at golden lattes recently (and failing spectacularly!). Latte or no, these bright yellow turmeric teas are as delicious with milk as without. This trio contains Turmeric Ginger, Turmeric Ashwagandha, and a Turmeric Spiced variety.


Quartet Dry Erase Board Computer Pad – Retail Value $26.95

I didn’t even realize a whiteboard this small was a thing until I opened this box, and, admittedly, I was confused by it. I did a little research and it is meant to be tucked under your computer screen and take the place of scratch paper or sticky notes. Ok, I am in! There is also a little hidden drawer compartment for your markers and eraser.


Be Kind Lotus Reusable Produce Bag Set, 3 bags – Listed Value $11.99 (Buy a set of 9 for $19.99 here)

While I have loads of produce bags, I still like items like this, mainly for traveling. These mesh bags are perfect for smaller intimates or separating your dirty clothes from your clean. Two of these are also even big enough for shoes! So even if you don’t need produce bags, this trio is still very useful. They are also awesome for stashing art supplies, makeup, etc. and the drawstring toggle keeps everything secure.


Be Kind Umbrella – Listed Value $35.00

I don’t love the Be Kind branded items as a general rule. I worry about it reading as preachy, especially on something as large as an umbrella and I greatly would have preferred the message to be inside only, with the black and white print. Aside from these design-related qualms, this is a very nice and sturdy umbrella.


Endangered Species ‘Gorilla’ Chocolate – Listed Value $6.38

I am always thrilled when chocolate arrives in a box and this was an oak milk sort of deal, which made me even happier! This pair of matching bars was semi-sweet and filled with crunchy crisped rice pieces that were totally delicious. 10% of the profits from these bars support the Dian Fossy Gorilla Fund.


Kind Lips Lip Balm Variety Pack – Retail Value $15.00

Our next item is a trio of lip balms in the following flavors: Georgia Peach, Vanilla Lemon, and Sweet Mint. All have a super nourishing blend of coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The flavors are each very nice, though I think that lemon one might be my fave!


Little Renegades Mindful Kids – Retail Value $19.99

I don’t have kids, but I do have friends with little ones and these cards are quite precious. Each has a beautifully illustrated animal or nature object and a short prompt for a mindfulness exercise that is easy and approachable for a child. An example:

Pony Explorer: Pretend you are a pony exploring a nearby forest. Walk around and check it out. What all do you see?

These exercises are simple, but in a world of quickly moving technology that is more and more impossible to turn off, little steps like this to keep kids connected to their own bodies and the space around them are increasingly important.

Verdict: I never know what is going to show up in an Ellen box, and it always feels a little like a mixed bag. My favorite items would easily be the chocolate, tea, produce bags, and lip balms. I don’t think the whiteboard or the mindful kids cards are going to be of much use to me personally, but they have already found homes with people who really like them. The lip balms were nice and I loved the flavors, and Will is a fan of his new sunglasses. I continue to just not be a fan of the ‘Be Kind’ branded items, but to be fair I just don’t like words all over my accessories. All in all, how subscribers feel about this box is going to vary from person to person since the items themselves are so varied. This wasn’t my favorite Ellen box, but it did still feel very on-brand with her and her show.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! This box is currently available!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $54.99, meaning each of the 8 items has an average cost of $6.87.

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What do you think of the Be Kind by Ellen box?

“You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And, to top it off, LottoLove has made a donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund because it believes in this cause.”
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.
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did anybody get the spring 2020 box and know how to operate the stupid pink speaker?


This is the 2orst company ever. I never got the August box, I have written and called them so many times, every time I have written on the email they charge me another season! How can one fight this company? They are invisible.

Tracy Elwell

The boxes for the amount they cost are a joke. Never again. Its even more funny given is not so kind.

Carol Anne Pickersgill

All – Has anyone received anything “premium” for the “premium” subscription? I’ve searched the internet – including everything that Ellen has posted about this subscription box… and nothing at all in relation to “premium” or “prizes”. Nothing. As Ellen promotes her products non-stop, this seems awfully strange (to put it mildly). And as others have noted, there isn’t even a notification in the boxes that you are “premium”. We are multiple quarters into the “premium” offering and to have nothing mentioned at all – well, can only assume that this was completely false advertising.

Kimberly A Schneider

I haven’t received anything extra for “premium” subscription either.


I believe that the “free” fall box they sent out at launch might be all that Premium members get. On the website it says that premium members will receive at least one “surprise-and delight product or experience ” in their box per billing cycle. I tried to check on the way back machine to see what was promised when premium was launched but it isn’t there.
I too have searched for any signs of anything premium from the subscription and that is the only thing there is.

Carol Anne Pickersgill

And I wouldn’t consider sending out a 2nd box – exactly the same – to be a “surprise and delight product or experience”!!!!! LOL


Just got billed for the annual subscription, but I signed up in October. Immediately emailed customer support because 1)it’s wrong and 2) I cannot afford losing almost $300 at this time!
Hope to hear from them soon, but wondering if anyone else who signed up for the Premium annual subscription is getting billed now too.


Wow!!! That’s a chunk of money! Did you get any type of heads up they were going to take it? The perks associated with annual subscriptions if good, but I can’t always afford to have a years amount of money deducted when it’s “due.” And I canceled Ellen’s box months ago. They sucked and if I got 1 more gorilla thing, I’d lose it. And those dumb books? I read 1 and it was just stupid. Her 1st box was outstanding but none have come close to it since.


Just received a response email. There was a system error and they’re working to put the money back. Will be notified when the refund processes. I’m glad that I got a response so quickly because I know that was an issue in the past, however I was probably one of the first people to contact them because I did it within 15 minutes of the charge processing. I feel bad for the people who are working their customer support because they’re probably getting tons of emails at the fault of the billing system they use.


No warning. Just an email that they’d successfully charged me. Checked the credit card it’s on an its pending.


I did too. I have no idea why. I’m only two boxes into my subscription.


I just saw that Ellen is selling her branded face masks for a profit online. No celeb should use their resources to take masks away from front line workers to sell them for a profit!!! Disgusting!!!


It says on the product listing that all proceeds go to America’s Food Fund..:


I received my box and I am VERY happy with the contents this month. I have to re-home the tea because I don’t drink it but everything else is useful to me.


I am a premium subscriber. Today I got my spring box and I actually like everything but the kid cards. However I am really disappointed that there was nothing “premium” in my box. Not even a mention of it. I was happy to receive the fall box as a bonus for signing up with the premium subscription but the complete lack of anything (even just info, literally single card saying anything for premium members! ) since then is really disappointing. I’d love to hear from other premium members if they got anything. I would be fine not being a “winner” as long as I know someone was.

Susan Smith

I agree I have the Premium also and nothing extra. There is no acknowledgement that states I’m a premium member at all. Even my account says annual yet my invoice on my account when I purchased Premium says premium. They really need to show a list of people who have won extra prices. After the holiday mess I wonder if anyone won a thing. I didnt get my holiday box until the end of January. Premium members are suppose to get their boxes first. I can tell you that a few quarterly people I know received the spring box before I did


They really should make a list of Premium members who received something extra. If not there could be grounds for a lawsuit for false advertising. They said there would be prizes that premium members could win including stuff from the 12 days of giveaways. I have seen and heard of nothing being won.

Kimberly A Schneider

I did the annual “premium” subscription too. I haven’t received anything “premium”. I haven’t even received my Spring box yet.


I loved this box! Everything in it made me happy. I was having the kind of day where nothing was going right (I blame losing that hour this weekend, clearly that was where all my functional adulting was stored), and then my Be Kind box arrived. It made me really happy. Everything in it is useful and as a whole it’s a truly great box. My daughter and I unboxed it together and shared….and she even shared “her” chocolate and lip balm with her brothers, which is the epitome of “be kind” b/c she really, really liked both lol

Kristin Rogers

Buyer beware! Their CS is a mess.

I was one of the fools who bought a year during their Black Friday Sale. They did refund me the amount I was overcharged, but now are not honoring the rest of my subscription. I had canceled after the Black Friday mess.


They are not set up for for that. And now I’m in a black hole of CS, trying to get someone to honor the rest of my subscription.

So currently, I paid @ $150 for ONE BOX. argh


Girl, give up with the pathetic CS and file a chargeback with your bank! What a headache.


What if you think of the umbrella as a sticky note one writes to one’s self for a reminder, encouragement and or inspiration. When I wear items that have a message, I consider it a message to myself. When I see a message worn or displayed, I think, “That’s interesting and decide if it for me or not. “

Just another perspective……


This box would be a total miss for me. I loved the first Be Kind box. I think the only thing I would really like is the tea. As far as the BE KIND printed on the umbrella, personally I think its okay because I would not be directing it anyone in particular. When I do see something like that on someone’s shirt etc. I do think “yes,we should all be kind” so I would never take offense. But, the gift wrap on the other hand is a different story, I wouldn’t want to gift a present to someone where it looks like I’m singling them out and telling them to be kind😬.


I’m just here for the comments


Me too!! I haven’t even looked at the review yet. Lol

The box should be called Be Good to Ellen not Be Good by Ellen.



Err. Kind. Be kind to. Lol


I ordered the first box when it launched, but for $55, I was underwhelmed. A large part of the value was a book that I didn’t want.

Seeing the reviews of the last few boxes, I made the right choice. I always cringe when a sub box puts in sunglasses with no choice to the subber. So many of us wear prescription lenses and not contacts.

And the cards for kids? I don’t know. I get that these items can be gifted, but that’s not why I usually buy a sub box. I want items for meeee.

As for the review, I didn’t find anything wrong with it. She’s pointing out something she found bothersome, but also acknowledged that everyone would have different opinions. I don’t think anyone is dissing Ellen.


Completely agree! Nice name btw 😉


I would love to swap for the Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad.


Is there a discount code for a new subber? I think I need the Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop but not sure about the rest.


If that’s the only item you want you can get it for $23 on Amazon and save yourself more than half the cost of the box 🙂


After the Christmas fiasco with the double charging for my box, I wasn’t necessarily happy to see the “Be Kind” slogan after every generic response to my attempts to retrieve my hard earned money.
Just saying. It has left a bad taste in my mouth.
There is nothing quirky or cool about this box and I’m disappointed about this.
I like Ellen and I somehow expected more.


When a review goes South for no justifiable reason.


I hate the umbrella.


I do not like this box. I do not want any merchandise with a slogan on it. I can buy a 3-pak of LipSmackers for $5. The tea is over-priced. I have 20 pairs of sunglasses from 5 years of sub boxes. So just NO. I prefer those compact umbrellas that have a button to both open and close them. These are my feelings on the box. I appreciate that Ellen does good things. She is fortunate enough to have a net worth of $490 million, and growing, to be able to do good things.


Your comment doesn’t say much for you either. Not good.


And to u lee


This doesn’t have anything to do with this Spring box but when I received the WestRock coffee K cups in another edition I really enjoyed them and have been buying them ever since.
Just wanted to share on a TGIF day.


I love WestRock coffee also and have been purchasing it since I discovered it in this sub.


Does anyone know when the boxes will ship?


Be kind is a motto you people need to get over yourselves because you’re coming across very unkind picking Ellen apart she has done more good 4 people.

Megan K.

Hi Patricia! My thoughts on the umbrella are certainly not a reflection of my feelings on Ellen. I actually have always liked her! She has awesome energy. It is simply my thoughts on that one item in what otherwise was a really enjoyable box for me. 🙂


It’s through no fault of yours Megan, but this is one of the few times when the review makes me even less excited about a box than when spoilers were released. Thanks for the detailed pics and descriptions that helped me decide this edition of the box just isn’t for me. That umbrella looks very cheap and I agree with your assessment about the BE KIND branding. I’m not a fan of big branding in general and having a big BE KIND banner on your item can come across as preachy if you aren’t familiar with the brand reference.


Thank you so much for your comment Beaner67. I was so upset about Megan’s comment about the umbrella and be kind I was lost for words.Megan I believe you need to take Ellen’s advice and be kind and it is not preachy it’s because of people in the world are so unkind we need more of it.

Deb B.

This is a review site. We come here because we appreciate candid and honest reviews. I’m certain the umbrella’s feelings weren’t hurt. It’s an inanimate object.

Megan K.

Hi Patricia! I certainly did not mean to upset you, or anyone else. I am just not into the idea of walking around with this on an umbrella. Just not for me!

Beth in Oklahoma

To me, it comes as a stern warning to others.

It’s in capital letters. With a period. Like, end of discussion.


Personally, I don’t care for it. But, people have different opinions and they’re free to discuss them here in a civil manner.

With all that’s going on right now in the world, if you’re upset over a simple comment by Megan, and have to berate her for it, that’s just plain silly.


When I see Be Kind, I think “and rewind”. But I’m old


Yes…it sounds preachy like you’re walking around better than everyone else telling other people to “Be Kind” that’s why I didn’t use the wrapping paper…you don’t think someone would look at that and be like “….am I Mean?” All I could imagine was having to explain to each person I love giving them a present wrapped in that “I got that free…I don’t think you’re mean.”. Anyone that thinks they are in a position to tell others to “Be Kind” out here in the real world probably isn’t actually very kind themselves.


Really? My arm tattoo says be kind, stay humble and do good. Because it encourages and inspires me and I hope to do that to as many people as I can reach. Perhaps you might try to think of it that way.

I’ve followed all of the reviews for this box and I myself would feel disappointed over some of what I have seen in the boxes. I feel it should be at a lower price point.

I still love Ellen though. I’ve read a lot of bashing comments since this box came out and I don’t understand why. I feel Ellen is a good person who brings a lot of love and light with her energy. If the box, any box Sub really, isn’t But anything but a disappointment then simply move on around.

And as my final thought… making unkind comments about people working towards inspiring kindness in others is one of the most unkind things a person can do. Honestly, I like the umbrella. I would be excited to get it out and use it.

Be kind
Stay humble
Do good

And in Megan’s defense, I really don’t think what she said was unkind about the umbrella or Ellen. I will say, and not just about this particular product or review or reviewer (I enjoy them all), I do think there are some reviews that should stick with a little less personal opinion and more of just factual descriptions of the items. What I like to hear about Items like this is design and quality


I actually preferred this box to some of the previous ones. I like the sunglasses, the umbrella, lip balm, and produce bags while not exciting, are very useful items. I tried the chocolate (and I am a chocolate lover) and thought it was horrible. I have older kids, but not interested in the cards and thought it was an odd addition…I don’t think I have even gotten a child item in another lifestyle box. The tea will make a nice “fancy” gift for my daughter who loves tea….and the wipe board….I had no idea it was for under the computer screen…I will try that….I was not a fan of the gorilla bracelet, the white noise maker, the scarf, or journal in previous boxes…while I did not have a huge wow…I at least felt that I could use most of this.

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