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Together Unplugged Subscription Review + Coupon – February 2020

Together Unplugged is a monthly subscription box designed with the whole family in mind. Each month you will receive 3-4 interactive games and loads of activities and reading material. This subscription is much more than a single-session box. They include activities and resources to help families play, create, read, learn, goal-set, laugh and celebrate together throughout the entire month all while establishing a healthy digital/analog balance in our homes.

This box is being reviewed by popular demand!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Together Unplugged

The Subscription Box: Together Unplugged

COUPON: Use code MSA5OFF to save $5 off your first box!

The Cost: $47.95/month

The Products: Each month is different, but may include games, puzzles, crafts, team building activities, Highlights magazine, and much more. 

Ships to: The US, Puerto Rico, and military addresses for free!

Together Unplugged February 2020 Box Review

The first item is a welcome note and a list of all the included items in this month’s box. I love the tidbits of info this sheet includes, and appreciate that they use symbols to indicate what skill you are using for each activity. I find it a great summary of the box and a great tool to use to fully appreciate each and every item in the box.


We also received a February calendar with fun reasons to celebrate February 2020! This calendar features the typical holidays, such as “Valentine’s Day”, and “Presidents’ Day”, but also invites us to celebrate little known holidays like “Chopsticks Day”, and “Thank your Mail Carrier Day.” The opposite side of this card lists ideas on how to celebrate all of these days. While not on the exact date, my 4-year-old decided to write a thank-you note to our mail carrier, and he received the sweetest thank you note back – it’s so nice to show people appreciation- you never know who needs it! They also include a social media link to share photos of your family celebrating these days!


Because this year is a Leap Year, we received a fun guide on what Leap Year is all about. Honestly, I had no idea that Caesar realized that the earth actually has 365.24 days per year and corrected it by instituting a Leap Year every four years to ensure the man-made and solar calendars stayed aligned, did you? They also included some fun facts about Leap Year. On the flip side, they included a sheet describing why we celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Goal Sheet

I really enjoy the Family Goal sheet they include in this box. On this sheet, you sit down with your family and set individual and family goals. Last month Hank’s goal was to put 200 miles on our snowmobiles in January- we did not reach that goal, but we did get out more than usual. Charlie suggested we needed to bake more pies last month, and I did bake 2 – and our oven was on the fritz, so maybe this month we will hit it a little harder! It’s really interesting to talk to our young family about goals, and it’s really fun to see how they take them so seriously and like to reflect on the results! I like this tradition!

Expressions of Gratitude Sheet

On the opposite side of the goal sheet, we received a gratitude sheet. This worksheet lists the weeks in February and has different questions for each of those weeks. This exercise is to have you reflect on your thoughts and helps us to become gracious, happy, and healthy beings.  Like the goal sheet, it was a lot of fun to come up with these answers together as a family. I think gratitude is one of the top traits a person can have, and I love how this helps instill it in my children.


Family Activity Pack

Here we have a family activity pack. This pack is stuffed full of goodies! We received a word search, crossword puzzle, laminate puzzle cards, riddles, jokes, “Would You Rather” questions, conversation starters, trivia, and rebus puzzles. I LOVE these and bring them with us in the car for long car rides. My kids absolutely love the jokes and have been inspired to create their own jokes. I personally like the riddles, and found myself getting a few more correct than usual!



S.T.E.A.M Craft: Floating Ping Pong Ball

This month, the STEAM craft featured floating pink pong balls! We received 5 printed circles, 6 orange ping pong balls, 5 straws, and laminated instructions. The directions were to cut out the circle, (decorate if desired,) tape the circle to form a cone, and cut the bottom to fit the straw. Once the straw is in place, you tape it so 1/4″ of the straw is sticking up through the cone. When you blow, the ping pong ball will float in the air!

We found this activity really fun- Charlie loved decorating his cone and was working really hard on blowing through the straw, but just didn’t have enough oomph to keep the ping pong ball floating for long. I was able to do it, so it was cool to see but he was a bit bummed. Not to worry- they also stated in the directions that because young children may not be able to blow with enough force to keep the ball in the air, that they could use a blowdryer to see the same effect. We tried it and it worked! Hooray! (They also included the science behind this experiment, which was really neat!)


Here we received the 6 ping pong balls from above, along with an egg carton, a package of M&M’s, and spoons. Don’t worry- we received activities to complete with these supplies. Read below for more!

Minute-to-Win-It Challenge Sheet

Check out this fun sheet of Minute-to-Win-It games! We had a really good time trying to bounce all of the ping-pong balls into the carton – it was harder than it looks! It was also quite hilarious to watch Charlie transfer the ping-pong balls with a spoon- we had a good laugh. We didn’t get to do the challenges that use the M & M’s yet, because we wanted to wait for Hank to be home, but we can’t wait to sort them with the spoon! It should be interesting!


Family Team Building Activity

Our family team building activity this month began with the story “The Crow and the Pitcher – An Aesop’s Fable.” My children and I are familiar with this story, so we were excited to see the activity we needed to perform. Lo and behold we had to “climb” through an 8X11″ sheet of paper without cutting it to pieces. The funny thing about this is that I just used this exercise 3 weeks ago for my Sunday School lesson at church, so we already knew the trick! It is amazing though!



BeanBoozled Jelly Bean Game – Retail Value $6.99

Oh BeanBoozled, how I love and hate thee! If you have never played this game before I wish you luck! These beautifully colored jelly beans each have 2 different flavors for each color. One is good, and one is HORRIBLE! When you spin the spinner, you land on a bean color and choose one out of the box…which one you get is a surprise! When Charlie and I played it, I ate a “stink bug” flavored bean, and Charlie had 2 toothpaste flavored ones. My husband finds this utterly repulsive, so he refused to play, so I will be saving the rest of these beans to try and “beanboozle” my unsuspecting dad! Bahahaha!


Sleeping Queens Card Game – Retail Value $9.10

I LOVE card games, and pretty much games in general so you could say I have quite the collection (I have a room in our basement that is all games…) but this game was new to me! There are 12 queens who are “asleep” and you have to use kings, knights, dragons, and magic potions to wake up the queens and get them in your pile. This game was really fun, and my kids were all over it! I also found the YouTube video link that was included to be really helpful in explaining the rules. I’m thinking this game will now be a part of our pre-bedtime routine! Added bonus- my husband likes this game as well…paired with a glass of wine, here is our Friday night after the kids go to bed!



Together – A Mommy and Me Coloring Book – Retail Value $9.19

This company seriously must be inside my head. I literally had this in my Amazon cart…both of my boys have expressed jealously because I received an “adult” coloring book for my birthday, and I wasn’t sharing my pages. I found this and was seriously going to order it once I had my list fully compiled, but now I don’t need to order it! I love the cute illustrations this coloring book includes, and how they have an easy and advanced coloring sheet that correlate. Charlie loved this- especially because they all were pictures of animals!


MasterMind Game – Retail Value $9.29

The last game we received was another new one to me. This game has a team of code makers, and code breakers, and is super fun! One person creates a code, and the other person has to figure out what the code is in 10 tries. The codemaker places pegs to give clues as to what pegs are correct. While it was a little challenging for my 4- and 7-year-old, my husband and I enjoyed this game. He thought he was pretty good by figuring out my code in 6 tries, so when I broke his code in 4 tries he seemed a bit stunned!

Tote Bag

This month we received a handy little orange tote to carry all of our items. It works great for travel, and we, of course, appreciated the orange because it is our school color!

Chop Sticks

Because Chopsticks Day was February 6th, we received  5 sets of chopsticks. My kids were very intrigued as we have never eaten with them before. We are having chicken alfredo for dinner tomorrow night, so they can’t wait to give them a go!


Highlights Magazine February 2020 – Get a year subscription here for $39.96

I LOVE Highlights magazine, and so do my kids. There are so many cool articles and fun crafts! This magazine in itself creates many hours of fun family time, so I love that this is included in this box. I especially enjoy the hidden picture and what’s wrong puzzles. This is another great item to have on hand for long car rides!

Since Hank was at school, Charlie had to read the Highlights magazine with me. He was very interested in the ice sculptures they had an article on!

Certificate of Recognition

Last but not least, we have the Certificate of Recognition. This certificate shows that in February 2020 we were a family that was focused on making time for the good stuff. What kid doesn’t love an award? And we had a heck of a fun time earning it!

Verdict:  Together Unplugged boxes center on quality family time and fun, and just like last month they hit February’s box out of the park! The curation of this box is everything I never knew I wanted in a subscription. They have the physical items that the kids get wound up about, the craft with all the needed supplies, the re-useable game cards, and the literature to fully round out a family-engaging, fun, no screen time box! When I calculated this month’s retail value, I found most of the physical items for about $37.90 which is about $10 less than the cost of the box, BUT I didn’t add in the cost of the ping-pong balls, the spoons, the chopsticks, the tote bag, or the M&M’s, PLUS all of the paper items and thoughtfulness that was put in the box, I feel that part of it is definitely worth the $10, plus some! I absolutely love this subscription and recommend it to all families – we went 2 days without even turning on the TV because we were having so much fun with all of these new items! 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, the February box is sold out, so you will receive the March box. 

COUPON: Use code MSA5OFF to save $5 off your first box!

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Written by Becca Peterson

Becca Peterson

While I am taking a time-out from being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I am currently staying at home with my 2 sweet boys! My first subscription was Julep thanks to happening upon the MSA website, and it all went downhill from there! I have subscribed to Ipsy, Boxycharm, Degustabox, Julep, Graze, Bluum, Walmart, and more because I love a good surprise! I truly am a subscription addict!

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Comments (5)

  1. I love the mommy and me coloring book. I have a very hard time sharing my coloring pages with my kids, who of course prefer my books to their own. I have so many of the books so it’s hard justifying not sharing, but I cringe every time I rip out a page. I will have to get one of these books!

  2. WOW! I don’t have kiddos, but I’ll remember this box as a gift idea for my friends who do! What a thoughtfully curated subscription and such a value! And a wonderful review to boot! 🙂

  3. I don’t have kids, but what a fun box! I want to try that “climb through paper trick” myself!

    MasterMind is such a cool game — I was a “gifted” child and we played it in middle school in our program, so it’s definitely advanced for a 4- and 7-year-old! But it’s one you can keep on hand for years to come, and is great for adults too.

    The coloring book is such a great idea!!

  4. Becca- Great box. Great review.

    Gingiber has a quarterly “zest for your nest” subscription that is uber cute!!! MSA really needs to review that one. It’s one of my fave subs!

    Btw – the fable “the pitcher and the crow” is not just a story. Crows are really smart and they actually will do that!

  5. We love card games too. This one looks fun. Thanks for the review.

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