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The Crafter’s Box Subscription Review – February 2020

Krista Moore
ByKrista MooreFeb 28, 2020 | 25 comments

The Crafter's Box
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The Crafter’s Box is a monthly maker subscription box:

As a member of The Crafter’s Box, we’ll send a lovingly kitted box of tools and materials to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Each month we feature a new expert maker and that maker has built for us a unique, grown-up, on-trend project that reflects their artistic style. In addition to the monthly box, our featured maker has created an educational, digital workshop to teach their crafting medium and to offer their tips and tricks.

The best part of this model is the ability to revisit workshops in the future to create again and again. Happy making!

The Crafter’s Box offers three different subscription models:

  • Individual Membership: $65.00 per month for a kit of curated tools and materials + a new digital workshop by the featured maker
  • Crafter’s Night: $60.00 per person (minimum of 3 people necessary) per month for a group kit of the curated tools and materials sent to one host + individual video access for each person
  • Video-Only Access: $20.00 per month for access to the digital workshop created by the featured maker (no tools or materials included)

This review is of the Individual Membership for $65.00 per month. 

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About The Crafter’s Box

The Subscription Box: The Crafter’s Box 

The Cost: $65.00 per month + free US shipping (other plans available from $20.00 per month)

The Products: A shipped kit of curated tools and materials + a new digital workshop by the featured maker of the month

Ships to: The US for free and internationally for varying rates

Good to Know: Membership enrollment is open between the 10th – 20th of each month. Subscriptions automatically renew on the 15th. Projects are designed to be for ages 18+.

The Crafter’s Box February 2020 Review

The Crafter’s Box seems to be what my crafting subscription box dreams are made of! Each month they feature a different, unique craft that is designed with the crafty adult in mind. The items you get to create are thoughtfully curated and created with high-end materials, so that your finished products are modern and luxe.

Let’s take a look inside February’s box – the craft this month is weaving a wall hanging!


Two cards were included on the top of the box. One is a short bio about the featured maker this month, Erin Barrett of Sunwoven. She has designed pieces for Anthropologie and West Elm, which is so neat! I have definitely eyed cool, modern wall hangings like this in stores before, and I’m so excited to be able to make one of my own. There is also a card showing the finished project on one side and has a materials list on the other side.


Maple Loom Frame

First out of the box is a four-piece maple wood loom frame. The short sides have grooved notches, and the long sides have small holes designed to work with a stand frame attachment (this was not included in the box, but could be purchased separately on The Crafter’s Box website). The wood is polished so smoothly and this loom feels extremely well-made!

Wooden Dowel

The next item is a wooden dowel that we will use to hang our final project with. It’s made out of similarly smooth wood.


Lana Single Ply Wool Blend Yarn 

Next up is the best part of the box for me – the yarn! We don’t get any details on what type of wool this is – all the card says is “wool blend.” Just looking at this yarn, I was expecting it to be rustic and rough to the touch, but I was so wrong! This yarn is so incredibly soft – it feels like kitten fur. I kept wanting to pet it when I was working!

We received six colors of wool to work with – ivory, light gray, navy blue, burnt orange, mustard, and light pink. The yarn is a single ply or roving style yarn, where there is no twist to the strand. This will make for a very smooth surface when we weave with it.


Yarn Needle and Screws

The box also included a red yarn needle with a bent tip and four screws so that we can assemble our frame.


Gold Ribbon

The next item is a small length (about 2 feet long) of metallic gold ribbon. It looks like we will be using this as an accent in our woven piece.

Warp String

The last item in the box is thin cotton string to use as our warp string.

Now, let’s get weaving!


The first step is assembling the loom. There weren’t any instructions included within the box on how to put it together, but when I checked the website there were written and photographed instructions on how to set it up. I’m glad I checked there, because it was important to make sure the grooved sides were facing in the right direction!


The next step was to warp the loom. The warp string is passed from bottom to top in an S fashion until all of the notches have a string through them. I used slip knots to anchor the beginning and ends of the string.

This is my first-ever weaving! We started with the base of the piece, which was really good practice for me. We did four passes back and forth using an over-and-under technique with the ivory yarn.


Next we created the tassels that are at the bottom of the woven piece. These were fun to make! They used up quite a bit of the ivory yarn – doing these tassels took about one and a half of the two skeins we were sent. I was worried that I would run out for the rest of the project, but I discovered that the actual weaving part of the project didn’t actually use up much yardage.


Next we started making the main part of the design. I started with the mustard-colored diamond in the middle, and did the same back-and-forth, over-and-under technique as the base. At first, my rows looked too spread out and you could see a lot of the warp string between them, but as I kept going I was able to squish the rows together better and the design started to take shape.


I then finished out the rest of the main design with the burnt orange, light pink, and navy blue yarn. Erin talked through how to count the rows and how many warp strings to go back and forth over for each different section, and I found it very easy to follow along with her instructions.


Next was more tassels! I loved this light gray color. These tassels were tied in a diagonal along the base of the navy triangle, and I really enjoyed the layering effect they had with the original tassels at the base.


The last step was to finish filling in the background with ivory yarn, and we just went back and forth across the whole loom, starting at the bottom, until the whole area was filled in. This was also where we added in the metallic gold ribbon, and I feel like this accent really elevates the whole piece. This truly looks like something I could buy from Anthropologie!


While we were working, Erin instructed us to keep all our ends just tucked behind our work. After we completed weaving, it was time to clean those up! I was dreading having to weave in all of those loose ends, but luckily I found out that we could simply tie two ends together in a double knot. So easy!


Finally it’s time to remove my weaving from the loom! It was easier than I thought – we lifted up a loop from the edge of the loom, and then cut the loop and tied a knot at the base of the weaving. On the bottom edge, I trimmed the long strings and left them hidden underneath the fringe. On the top, I used my yarn needle to run the strings under a few loops of weaving to hide them, and then trimmed them.


Next, we sewed the weaving onto the wooden dowel and hung the dowel from a long piece of warp thread. You can see that my fringes were scraggly and uneven, so I finished off with giving them a nice trim.


Here’s my finished woven wall hanging! I absolutely love it! I posted a photo of this on my Instagram and so many of my friends messaged me saying they wanted to make something just like this – it looks so much like the trendy pieces that are in so many of the stores lately. I love the slightly southwestern flair this piece has, and the metallic gold accent really adds so much to the finished look.

We had quite a bit of yarn left over, so I’m already planning my second design! I’m thinking of a geometric mountain range – or do you have any ideas for me?

Verdict: I thought this was such a fantastic box! Yarn crafts will always have a special place in my heart, and this is no exception. The presentation is lovely, and I thought it was great how the box includes absolutely everything you need to do the project. I like that The Crafter’s Box showcases more unique types of crafts than a lot of other craft subscription boxes, and I love that I was able to experiment with a new craft to me. I also really appreciate the modern, upscale vibe that I get from this box – it feels like I’m making and creating for a purpose, rather than just crafting to craft. This finished woven piece is absolutely the type of craft that I’m proud to display in my home.

For $65.00, we received materials and supplies to create a woven geometric wall hanging. The box has a very careful curation and extremely well-made video tutorial content. I think this is a very fair price for what we received. Overall, the experience of creating from this box was so enjoyable. I highly recommend it!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you will receive the April 2020 box (if you sign up between March 10th – 20th).

Check out our other reviews of The Crafter’s Box and the top-rated craft subscription boxes!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What did you think of The Crafter’s Box for February 2020? Let us know in the comments!

"The Crafter's Box is a membership community for those that love to make. Monthly we send a curated box of specialized tools & carefully sourced materials (everything needed) to build a beautiful, grownup craft project and to master a new artistic technique. Our projects are hosted by an expert arti... read more.
Krista Moore
Krista Moore
Krista entered the subscription box world through beauty boxes and quickly became hooked on boxes! She loves knitting, crocheting, all things crafty, and her cat! Her favorite boxes are KnitCrate, Allure Beauty Box, and FabFitFun.

Krista Moore
Krista Moore
Krista entered the subscription box world through beauty boxes and quickly became hooked on boxes! She loves knitting, crocheting, all things crafty, and her cat! Her favorite boxes are KnitCrate, Allure Beauty Box, and FabFitFun.
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Just ordered for April-Flower Pressing! So excited. This box, the legs, and the additional materials for a second project are available for purchase the standard box is $75.


Was able to chat with someone from Crafters Box on Facebook and appears my emails never reached them. She was so helpful and will definitely be subscribing. Looking forward to upcoming boxes and felt the customer service was exceptional.


I really want to sign up and would love the March box with both add on offers but I have sent 2 emails and even posted on Facebook with no response and when I tried to sign up it states I have to wait until March 10th which probably means the April box will be my first. Very frustrating and About ready to give up.


Chatted with someone on Facebook and I guess my emails never reached them. Had the best experience and will be subscribing. Excited about the upcoming projects and the customer service was exceptional.

Amy in KC

This is absolutely gorgeous and looks like something I could handle (I am fairly crafty but sometimes lose patience — which is why I’m still a very novice knitter after first learning the basics 5+ years ago). I’ll be looking for weaving/looming kits from now on. Wonderful review, and you did an amazing job!

Krista Moore

Thank you for the kind comment! My favorite part about these boxes is the video tutorials that make it so easy to learn these new crafts! It definitely gives me the confidence to try new crafts 🙂


Just a quick note… single ply yarn does have have twist (and you can see it in the photos). It may have very little twist (to keep it lofty or to prevent over twisting that would normally be balanced out by plying), but if there was no twist at all, in true roving style (which is its own kettle of fish since roving is carded and what most people refer to as roving is actually top, which is combed), the yarn would simply pull apart under any type of tension. Twist is important. I would even venture to say that without twist, it’s not yarn.

Apologies for the educational detour… 10+ years of spinning and knitting have apparently turned me into a bit of a stickler, lol.


I went to sign up but found out I need to wait until the 10th. Thank you for your great review.


Although the item and style was not for my decor, it looks like something I could fairly easily due. It does look time consuming though. Good Job!!!

Krista Moore

Thanks for the comment! It was much quicker than I thought it would be – I finished this project within a couple of days!


You did a perfect job! It’s beautiful. I have very little confidence in my crafting skills so even though I enjoy these reviews, rarely am I truly tempted to try a project. Even though this one is undoubtedly significantly higher than my skill level I feel like with enough patience (and video watching) I would really enjoy making this. It’s SUCH a bummer it’s too late to get this box. I went to their site hoping that like many craft subs, I could still buy the kit but at a higher price. I was okay with that (depending on how much higher the price was), but it doesn’t appear to work like that. It’s very confusing. It appears that you’d have to buy nearly everything a la carte and it doesn’t look like it would include all the instructional resources. What a shame.

Thanks just can’t take the risk of subscribing and hoping against the odds that next month will feature a project I can handle. It’s too expensive for that kind of gambling. I might just do a general search for these kind of kits from all retailers.

Looking forward to seeing what you create next month!

Krista Moore

Thanks for the kind words! I bet you would be surprised at how well you could accomplish a craft like this – it’s much easier than it looks! All it takes is practice 🙂 I wish I could get the reviews out prior to the box being available, but I get my box shipped to me at the same time as everyone else – hopefully, if you do try one of their boxes in the future you get a sense of the quality from the past reviews. The great thing is that they release what the next month’s project is on their Instagram page prior to them going on sale! Next month is Sashiko Embroidery.


With the sub, it’s really easy to skip a month if you don’t like the project, or they offer three substitute kits each month instead. They also sell the whole kit for $75 +shipping, beginning the following month. So (in theory at least), the full weaving kit should be available today, March 1.

It’s definitely on the expensive side of craft boxes, but the quality and curation is really unmatched. Every project I’ve made looks like something purchased from an artisan, not something I threw together with materials from Michael’s. (Not that there is anything wrong with the homemade craft look, but it’s just not the aesthetic I’m going for!!)

Krista Moore

Thanks for the info, Laura! I’ll make sure to include those notes in my future reviews! I agree that the quality and curation are unlike any other crafting boxes I’ve received – they truly are top-notch!


This looks amazing! I’m not sure if I should thank you or not. 🤣. I just went to their site and I want it all!!!

Krista Moore

Haha, it’s a great rabbit hole to fall down!!


Need to open up my box. I ordered the loom legs and the extra weaving yarns. Hopefully, they sent those to me. Thanks for the reminder to get moving with finishing this project! Yours looks great!

Krista Moore

Thank you! I was eyeing the loom legs – they look like they would be so useful! I found that my back was starting to hurt after hunching over my loom just on top of the table, so getting the legs was a great idea.


Wow. This is really beautiful. I’d be so happy if I made this.


I’m so signing up on the 10th! Thanks for your great reviews and sharing your beautiful creations. You inspire me.

Krista Moore

Yay! I hope you enjoy the box as much as I do!

Michelle Marino

This was my first box thanks to your review last month. I’m over halfway done. I’m loving it. Weaving is very relaxing…almost meditative.

Krista Moore

I’m so glad you are enjoying the box! It truly is very meditative!


It looks great! You are super talented!

Krista Moore

Thank you for the kind comment! 🙂

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