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FabFitFun x Zola Box Launches In Time for Wedding Season

Reminder: FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Selection Time for All Subscribers!

Customization for the FabFitFun Spring 2020 box is now open to all subscribers!

FYI, in addition to the three products you can pick from each category, this season, FabFitFun is introducing FFF Throwbacks – additional customization choices to give current and new members a chance to experience products they may have missed in past boxes. (You will only get a Throwback item if you pick it!)

All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their box:

Choice 1:

  • reVive Light Therapy® Glo Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Light Device
  • DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat
  • Caravan Diamond Woven Rug
  • Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote (FFF Throwback)
  • west elm Indigo Tie-Dye Bowls (FFF Throwback)
  • Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil (FFF Throwback)


Choice 2:

  • CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes
  • Murad® Rapid Collagen Infusion
  • Shoshanna Umbrella
  • tarte™ Rainforest of the Sea™ drink of H2O hydrating boost (FFF Throwback)
  • tarte™ tarteistTM PRO glow highlight & contour palette (FFF Throwback)
  • 111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster (FFF Throwback)

Choice 3:

  • Amber Sceats™ Double Coin Necklace
  • Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask
  • WEI™ Two-in-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection
  • Cosmedix Pure C (FFF Throwback)
  • Green Goo Hibiscus Plant-Based Body Scrub (FFF Throwback)

Choice 4: 

This choice is for annual subscribers only. If you are a seasonal subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

  • Aria Beauty Luxe Detangling Electroplated Brush
  • Jabonería Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil
  • Stone Cold Fox Tea Towels
  • AVEDA damage remedy™ daily hair repair

Choice 5:

This choice is for annual subscribers only. If you are a seasonal subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

  • AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner
  • Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray
  • Lovescript Body Wash
  • Speaqua Cruiser Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker
  • Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner
  • Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill
  • Mystery Choice

And here’s a look at one variation of the full box:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. As of today, your first box will be the Spring box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (64)

  1. I’ll scream for joy if I get those packing cubes, I’m still paying per box until I decide if I want to go annual on this one or Causebox 🙂

  2. I received mine yesterday. I agree a high end snack item would be great! Also high end cleaning item. The cardigan is huge and I’m not small. I thought they sent the wrong size at first it could work as a robe with a sash and I may use it that way. I received the watermelon peel the straws and the sleeping masque. Actually slept worse last night but I don’t think it was the sleeping masque lavender just the storm.

  3. I picked up my box and last season’s as well. I had an add on break in shipment. How does it work for a replacement?

  4. A warning if you cancel/after being a loyal sub for Years I had to cancel. I received this on an email:
    “This email is to confirm your recent subscription cancellation. You will not be auto billed moving forward.“
    Today I received a fff box!! It turns out if you are an annual they “do not do refunds”. So my last box will be FALL OF 2020!!! They offered to take this box back (if I pay for return postage And fight our nightmare of a post office).
    Totally feel duped.

    • Postage is over $20. I was offered the same.

    • Omg don’t send back it would cost SO much money!!!!

    • You could try contesting the charge with your credit card.

    • Also when you pay for an annual membership isn’t it clearly stated you have just paid for 4 boxes and you can’t cancel. Not sure how fff is doing anything wrong or how you could contest this with cc.

      • They have a no refund policy. I don’t understand the compla8here, either. When you purchase an annual, or multi month of any length, you’re locked in. One knows that up front.

      • *complaint

    • Yes, it tells in the info you agree to when you sign up for the sub that you’re committing to 4 boxes and that there are no refunds. I’m not sure why you feel “duped”. It’s really important to read those agreements before clicking on “I agree”.

  5. Did anyone receive their box yet?

  6. Sorry for those who didn’t get what they wanted I guess I just wanted the unpopular stuff. Still glad I am a FFF subscriber. I think the value, variety, and curation are much better than Causebox and PSMH. I’ve been looking at their spoilers and been very glad I won’t be seeing those.

  7. Hello! Not sure if anyone is thinking on getting this box still but I asked what items were sold out as of today 2/20:

    “Below are the items that are already marked as sold out inside our Spring box 2020.
    donni sweater coat plus
    Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote
    west elm Indigo Tie-Dye Bowls
    Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil
    tarte™ SEA drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer
    tarte™ tarteist™ PRO glow highlight & contour palette
    111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster
    Cosmedix Pure C
    Green Goo Hibiscus Plant-Based Body Scrub
    AVEDA damage remedy™ daily hair repair
    Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
    Lovescript Body Wash
    Speaqua Cruiser Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker
    Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner
    Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill
    That’s is all for our recent update.”

    I would have subbed if the Tarte moisturizer was still available 🙁 I’m just glad I asked before paying!

    • Thank you for posting!!!

  8. I chose not to renew. I was an annual unable to get what I wanted within the first hour of customization. It was easy enough through CS to cancel.

    I might rejoin in the future but it wasn’t worth it for me this time. I felt like the whole box was stuff I wouldn’t even pick up at clearance at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. I didn’t mind the throwbacks but I was annoyed when they were not available to me.

  9. The sweater coats look very nice. I’m a sweater person and love wearing them. I’m trying to decide if I should skip my luxe just to get that sweater…

    • The sweater is super thin. Not the quality I expected.

  10. Is there anything from Mother Dirt in the add ons?

    • I just took a look and I didn’t see anything there from that brand.

  11. I am a seasonal subscriber, however, I am hoping to become a annual before the summer choices come out.. I was happy that I was able to pick the 3 items that I wanted during customization. I really wanted those bowls also and was hoping to get them as a add on choice.. but 1/2 of each customization was sold out, including the bowls. 🙁 I am hoping to get them in the extra box I ordered as my add ons. I was happy to see that in the description it says:

    Note: Additional boxes purchased cannot be customized in Add-Ons. We will send you a different variation than your original Spring box, however single items may overlap.

    So there is a chance I can get the bowls.. If not, maybe in a swap or somewhere else.

    • I have those bowls from previous season if you want to purchase them.

  12. I was kind of bummed about the Skin 111 product but the rest of the things were fine that I could choose from.
    I think it will be a good box.

    Still not hating on FFF. 🙂

    • Each customization I wanted was sold out- and I went on within an hour of getting the e-mail! Very disappointed!

  13. This was my second box and I am not happy…I picked right away on 2/15 when I was told it was open for seasonal subscribers. There was not too many choices to pick from as almost everything was “sold out”… Then I decided to skip the box and it was acknowledged by email… Then lo and behold I received an email last night saying “nice we got your payment”.. WTH..

  14. I am annoyed that there was not any throwbacks available for seasonal, but I understand. I’m a college student so it’s hard for me to front $200 at once. Especially because I have one of the most expensive majors. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the money together to upgrade in the summer. The only thing I really wanted was the bowls so I bought them off ebay for 15 which is how much it would’ve cost to add them on anyways. Still excited for my box to come!
    Although does anyone know what the other 3 items are? I know fff picks them, but what are the options?

    • There are about 8 variations of FFF picks you can get this time around.

      I got: deep sleep body cocoon lotion, wander mile high mascara and purlisse 2 min energizing watermelon peel.

      Other items:
      Spongelle Black Orchid Body Wash Infused sponge
      Winky Lux Rainbow Tinted Lip Balm
      Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws – 4 pack
      Whish Beauty Blue Matcha Restoring Mask
      Avene Thermal Spring Water

      • THANK YOU for posting – I have been trying to research the other items and you laid it all out for me perfectly 🙂 I’m anxiously awaiting the shipping notice and arrival of my box!

  15. LOL there was so much outrage when FFF announced that there would be throwbacks as choices for the box, yet they are what is sold out and people are upset about it. The irony.

    It does suck that they aren’t available, but I would imagine that they didn’t have as much stock to work with so it’s understandable.

    • I respectfully disagree. This box was polarizing, but not for the reasons you’ve described.

      The primary “outrage” came from people who weren’t able to get throwback items due to low stock. There were many people who weren’t members the first time most or all of this stuff came out, so it was all good for them until it sold out.

      FFF has a million subscribers; the ”outrage” you described was, in fact, a handful of people representing a speck of the total membership. I saw two reasons why they were actually uninterested: concern regarding expired product or that they didn’t like the choices then or now.

      The fact that you’re seeing people upset about not getting their hands on those coveted throwbacks proves my point… no irony involved. 🙂

      I hope you were able to select what you wanted. I chose the only repeat I wanted: the Elemis oil/cream, which is a favorite of mine.

      I ended up getting an additional box, too, because it was more cost-effective than adding on a bunch of stuff. I never understand why people spend $60+ for extras when they’re able to purchase an additional box for half that price.

      It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the Spring Editor’s Box… hmmm… 😉

      • Girl, you just took that way too seriously. But, I was referring to the hoards of MSA and FFF forum readers who were outraged about throwbacks being options (there is a nice 400 plus comment thread in the archives somewhere). I was one of the ones who didn’t mind the throwbacks and thought this was a pretty good box with useful items. I didn’t get my first picks on everything I wanted because some items were sold out, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

      • Are you an annual subscriber? I’m curious to know whether annual subscribers missed out on throwback chives too. I’m always wavering between going annual with FFF or not getting it at all.

      • I’m an annual subscriber and all the throwback choices were available when I made my selections. But I did set an alarm on my phone to remind myself to do it soon after customization opened so I wouldn’t miss out on anything 🙂

        If you can swing it, I think being an annual subscriber is totally worth it. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of stuff for $50 (or $45 if you’re annual) and even when there’s stuff I’m not in love with, it’s a good way to stock up on gifts!

      • The grinder, ciate eyeliner, and speaker were sold out for some annuals. A few other things sold out but then came back in stock as people dropped them. I’m an annual and personally think it’s worth it to get to choose the two extra categories.

      • I’m in annual subscriber and by the time I made it to the site at the end of the day most of it was sold out!

      • When I say someone is wrong, I provide reasons and I’m thorough.

        If you’re relying on MSA and a 400 comment thread…I’ll point you back to my post about the 1M subscribers.

        Have a good day! 😊

      • For the love of Pete. It was a J.O.K.E. But, you do you girl.


      • Ok. You “do you”, too. Lollll 😂

      • Well you told them….

      • Ooh I didn’t think about the Spring Editor’s box! I am seasonal and didn’t subscribe this quarter because I was worried the items I did want were old/expired. I reached out to FFF on social to ask whether the throwback makeup/skincare was the same stock and they didn’t respond. I wasn’t mad at all to see the throwback choices; even with the expiration concerns, those were by far my favorite choices.

    • Lol priceless! Taking a break from FFF and went over to Causebox but love seeing whats shaking in the comments with my Kettle Popcorn!
      PS I really think there should be a highend snack option every season too for the peeps like myself. Yummmmm!

      • I’d love a high end snack!

      • What are comment sections for if not a good excuse for some popcorn?! 😉🍿

      • Lol! I was just eating white cheddar popcorn as I was reading your comment. Maybe that’s the true irony? 😉

        I guess my “Life is too important to be taken seriously” motto backfired on me on this one 😀 😀 😀

      • I love white cheddar popcorn! I have to keep it out of my house or I won’t eat anything else. 😂

      • I eat popcorn like 1 or 2 times a year, but I forgot to mention that’s why it was ironic. It’s almost always white cheddar or kettle corn. I would live on cheese if it were feasible 😀

    • I agree with you. I also saw many complaints on the forum about the throwbacks. I thought they were a great idea for several reaons. You can please some of the people some of the time but never all of the people.

  16. Anyone have thoughts on FFF layoffs?

    • What I read, it was for that clothing part of the subscription. I can’t remember if it was to be your stylist or if they want to have a renting company. I didn’t want any part of that aspect of their “growth.”

  17. For those of you upset that the “throwback” items are sold out you always have the option of swapping for those items or hitting up ebay and getting them for wayyy under retail. I mean, Just a thought if you HAVE to have them.

    • I wanted them in my box, as advertised by FFF, not to pay extra $$$ on top of the box.

  18. MSA should include updated info in this post, like that all the throwback items are sold out.

    No “throwback” stock was reserved for seasonal subscribers at all. A lot of people are very upset about this.

    • Yeah they need to edit it with x crossing out unavailable items. Also another box website has the edit sale date and the first summer spoiler.

    • Then pay for the year up front to get first dibs next time.

      • No.

      • Why gang up on someone because she made a simple suggestion?

        With the lay-off of a hundred employees and the possible restructuring of the company, I’m not sure I’d fork over the $$ to buy an annual subscription.

        (Currently I DO have one, that I purchased after Black Friday. But items sold out fast with this box and I didn’t even get exactly what I wanted as a yearly subscriber)

      • Exactly Darlene. That’s kind of the point of paying a year in advance Marion….

      • No, the point of paying a year in advance is so that subscribers can’t cancel if they don’t like what’s in the boxes.

        I don’t mind actually paying more for the box (which seasonal subscribers DO) in order to make sure I’m going to like the box.

        It’s in FFF’s best interests to keep seasonal subscribers interested, because, as I said, they actually pay more.

      • It’s in their best interest to lock-in a year’s worth of guaranteed profit over a purely potential $5 gain per box for customers that have to be won over once a season

      • You can skip as annual. I skipped this box.

      • Some of these comments are so strange. I thought the point of paying up front was so you could pick your last 3 items and have your box shipped out first? I’ve been with FFF for about 2 years and I’ve never seen a first choice go out of stock this early. Of course, second choice adds do all the time, but I thought this was really weird especially since they’ve been showing a lot more commercials for FFF now. If things are going out of stock during the annual picks than maybe they have too many customers.

      • This was the first time I’ve EVER seen a first pick out of stock as an annual subscriber. It was the Tarte moisturizer. I made my selections on the final day before seasonal subscribers were able to choose. It kind of made me wonder what was going on.

  19. I’ve heard most items are out of stock- what’s left to choose from?

    • The throwback items were sold out during annual selection.

      All the new stuff is still available.

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