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POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2020 Box Spoilers + Customization Time!

We have TWO spoilers for the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box! And both of them are selection items! If you are already a subscriber, you can log in to your account to select which options you want. And if you are a new subscriber, you’ll be able to pick your items after you subscribe!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Here’s the first spoiler:

Bluma Project Luna Necklace in your choice of Sand or Lagoon – Retail Value $75

This playful, three-tiered, tasseled and beaded necklace is the perfect pop for any outfit. Subscribers get to choose between two rich, dusty colorways: Sand or Lagoon. The brand works with a women’s collective in India to craft beautiful jewelry while creating sustainable incomes for artisans. Made from soft acrylic thread and brass beads, this necklace goes from choker length to as long as 20” around with an adjustable chain closure. It’ll be your new favorite go-to Spring accessory.

Here’s the second spoiler:

The Book Club Anti Blue Light Lenses – subscribers have the choice between 4 styles – Retail Value $40-$50

Not only are these glasses cute and on trend, but the lenses have also been shown to cut down blue-light absorption by 30 percent, limiting overexposure to the blue light emitted from screens and indoor lighting around the clock. The design helps to prevent digital eye strain, which typically begins around the two-hour mark of using those screens. Cutting out blue light can improve sleep and reduce eye strain. Subscribers get to choose between four chic styles — being a four-eyes never looked so good.

Here is a closer look at each frame:

Bothering Sights in Gold

Al The Chemist in Sand

The Snatcher in Black Tie

The Art of Snore in Cellophane

What do you think of the spoilers? Which versions are you picking? Let me know if you have any questions about the items – I have them all in hand!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (242)

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to Popsugar since there second box and I canceled today. It’s rather sad but these three spoilers are not worth it to me.

  2. According to my history, I’ve also been a subscriber since 2014, even the sometimes questionable Neiman boxes. I’ve usually found a use for most everything; but these two customizations were the deal breaker for me. I canceled today.

    I’m thinking of replacing it with another similar quarterly box. Any suggestions?

    • Take a look at JourneeBox…tremendous quality at Kevia!

  3. The More I look at the necklace the more I like it I like the beige one. And do not have those type of glasses. Starting to seem like A good box

  4. The negativity is ridiculous. It’s a box of random stuff to use and share.
    I’m excited. It’s just a little something that arrives at my workplace when I least expect it. I gift what I dont need immediately to coworkers and keep what I like.

    • Totally understand where you’re coming from, and while I agree some ppl here are next level…the criticism isn’t baseless (not to mention this particular sub is pricey as sin)

  5. Just cancelled. The lack of communication with subscribers about the spring box delay (shipping much later than in prior years) and that necklace didn’t give me much hope for the rest of the box. Better ways to spend my cash.

  6. I don’t know if I should go ahead and get this box or not. I am on the fence. Does anybody have even a wild guess what the other items in this box might be? I have loved all the other boxes I have gotten in the past year, but this one seems off somehow

  7. Love the blue light glasses, since taking antioxidants, my vision has improved enough to ditch my prescription glasses. These will be great for my smaller face size too.

    I’m not sold on the necklace. It’s a bit extra for the styles popsugar usually sends out. IMO it doesn’t really fit their brand.

  8. How disappointing! I wondered if the box was grinding to a slow halt and it seems it is. If they don’t come out with a much better spoiler before March 8th I am going to cancel. I have been with them since 2014. What a shame!

  9. Dang. I was really looking forward to this spoiler. I love Popsugar. Had to go cancel right away though. Just definitely not for me at all.
    I also cancelled Rachel Zoe because I only wanted the sunglasses and wouldn’t mind the beauty. Kind of sad to just be getting Fabfitfun this time around, but my wallet is happy!

    • Just a thought, have you checked out Journeebox? They may work for some who want a change

      • Carol, I just checked out journee box, it looks good! Do you have a referral code, I would use it, it says you would get an extra gift.

      • No, I am sorry. There were some great buys on their site under “as seen in journeebox” and got their welcome box for 34 and loved it. PSMH was my dream box of I could afford it, and so bought annual on black Friday. Right now regret that so just wandered into JB.

  10. Too bad not excited about the spoilers. Glasses would be great but i need readers.
    That necklace so ugly what where they thinking. This will be my last box if this is as good as the spring box gets. Bummer

  11. Just cancelled. Realized I won’t use either of these, so odds are I won’t be able to justify the cost of the box. Am I missing something though, are people assuming this box will be going out of business soon just because of these two disappointing spoilers, or am I totally missing something here?

  12. So glad for these spoilers, I was trying to make myself like the necklace but the shades no one in my family can use so I canceled. It’s to much money on the line to not like the first 2 spoilers.

  13. SO glad I cancelled my subscription.

    • No

  14. Whatta shame. I got my first PS box in September 2018 because that Fall box was fantastic. Bought 2 of those in fact. The Winter 2018 was just “ok” for me tho I dont think I’ve actually used ANY of it. Cancelled. Bought this past Fall 2019 box with the real leather handbag, pretty ring n the lovely tea diffuser (imma tea drinker) n liked that one as well. But in 5 seasons only the 2 Fall boxes “wowed” me. So glad I never went annual.

  15. I contacted them to let them know my disappointment and most of the MSA community. Said they need to either get better items or let us skip. This was the response: “Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately we do not allow skipping of boxes. We do hope you enjoy the other items in the box! Let us know if you have any other questions.”

    • I assumed they would not allow skips, so I cancelled after YEARS of being a PMH subscriber. 🙁

    • Lame

    • I contacted them as well. They said I could give the items I didn’t like as gifts. They also indicated I should give the rest of the items in the box a chance once they have arrived. Sounded like these may be the only spoilers??

    • Well what is the remainder of the box?

  16. Easy pass

  17. RIP PSMH 🙁

  18. Does anyone know if you can skip a box? Or do you have to just flat out cancel?

    • Cancel

  19. No to be that girl, but… that is the fugliest necklace I have ever seen.

    • lmao yeah

    • 😂 I thought literally the exact same thing when I saw it!!!! I love a good mean girls reference!! 🤣😂

  20. I canceled after the first expensive box.. The products are just not worth it.. I am so glad I did!! I got an email about updated spoilers and thought I would look to see if the box is still as bad as the first one and it is.. Popsugar went way down after they upped their price so much.. (more that double for me because they charge shipping and I live in illinois!) That tassel necklace is hideous and I wear glasses and have to even wear prescription glasses so those RV glasses would never work for me at all.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I canceled long ago!!! I am sticking with FFF and Causebox.

    • I totally agree. Just cancelled after maybe three years. It’s gotten way too expensive for what they give.

      • Wow. What a hot mess.
        This used to be my favorite box
        Now I just shudder

  21. Canceled. Awful, horrible, bad and ew!

  22. I’ve been a subscriber since 2014 (including almost all the LE boxes) and just canceled. Actually low-key shocked this box is so bad and hope it’s not a trend. Not worth the risk when these appear to be the “hero” items. I can live with tassels; just not this necklace and for that ridiculous “RV,” and I have two pair of blue light glasses for work already that are actually kind of cute for what they are. I had PRK on my eyes in the mid ’00s; otherwise, these would be useless for those who need glasses to see.

  23. Okay, I think I found what’s caused the changes/issues with this latest PSMH BOX…

    Group Nine — which owns The Dodo, Thrillist, NowThis, and Seeker digital properties– acquired PopSugar in an all-stock deal last October that reportedly valued the lifestyle purveyor at $300 million. After the acquisition, PopSugar’s founders, the husband-and-wife duo Lisa and Brian Sugar, joined Group Nine’s board of directors.

    • But I thought these boxes were curated way in advance (a year, maybe?) Which I believe, considering all the vendors they have to negotiate with, and the competition since the subscription box world has exploded.

      Regardless, money talks- massive cancellations hopefully will get their attention.

      • I think you’re correct- I’m guessing the buyout negotiations started about the same time as the curation for the winter and spring boxes. There would have been very little incentive to curate a good box since the fallout wouldn’t hit until after the sale of the company, when it’d be someone else’s problem. The new owners get to brush off the negative feedback as poor decisions by the old staff, and the previous owners get that little bit of extra income from negotiating a super cheap box. Everyone’s happy except for the poor schmucks that just renewed their annual subscription…

      • Hear hear, Meg and Melissa,
        I think you’ve both nailed it. So sad to see something that once was so popular (and I personally enjoyed so much) go downhill so clearly. I also think that reviews should be less “glowing” and more “realistic.”

      • This! I take reviews with a grain of salt. I work hard for my money and would love to read reviews from people who don’t have an agenda (like getting lots and lots of free stuff).

      • So… most companies you think you are subscribing too are actually media brands owned by big media companies. Rachel Zoe is owned by Bustle. Allure by Condé Nast. Robb Vices is from Robb Report, owned by Penske Media. This is just one, teeny tiny itty bitty piece of the picture for these guys called Consumer Revenue. Most of these companies do this as a fun aside to attract middle of America consumers, in a time when their other main revenue streams are declining. Still, advertiser’s spend millions of dollars with these companies every year compared to your $75. You are complaining into a vacuum.

      • Very helpful info. But if PSMH flat out doesn’t care what their box subscribers think, why do they bother sending an online survey after each box, asking our opinion about each item in the box, and what we’d like to see in future boxes? That seems pointless. Or is it to make their subscribers feel heard, and then they totally ignore the feedback? Whatever. The answer for me personally is to never get an annual subscription to any of these companies; I get only the boxes I like based on early spoilers, or occasionally full spoilers if the box hasn’t sold out. Sometimes I miss out on good boxes because they sell out, but more often I save money by avoiding boxes that are clunkers.

      • No. They sell your answers to advertisers. It helps them classify what different demos want, and it helps inform their content and targeting strategy.

  24. These spoilers are so confusing, especially for a spring box. The necklace might be more at home in a summer box, although still a very specific taste. And the glasses seem more for Fall when days get shorter and people might be spending more time inside with their computers. But for Spring shouldn’t we be celebrating warmer weather and getting outside?
    I concur with the earlier comment wondering if PSMH was sold. The super obvious delay in spoilers and the last-season looking items certainly make it seem like there were some changes behind the scenes. Anyone got the scoop?

    • Popsugar was sold. I said in an earlier comment that I hoped that isn’t the reason why this box is starting out so badly and isn’t a sign that PS is about to go downhill.

      • I didn’t know it was sold.
        Is this a trend now?
        Grow a big list, lots of sales, sell… take the money and run; then watch what was once a “must have” die… slowly

  25. Why oh why did I renew…darn box addiction. For an expensive box, these are terrible spoilers. Never would I ever wear the necklace. Glasses maybe I’ll try. But seriously??? I’ve been waiting and checking for this? Odds of them changing for this box…slim to none as they likely already have the product. That’s money down the drain. The rest better be super fantastic. But not holding my breath. Winter blues are here to stay…

  26. Yikes, I am glad I canceled before this box.

  27. Wow, that’s really bad. I didn’t even like tassels even when they were having a moment a couple of years ago and really don’t like them now. Very disappointed.

  28. Horrid. Cancelled. It’s unusual, but it doesn’t look like I’m getting a single quarterly box this Spring. All of them look bad to me.

    • Agreed!

    • Agreed. I usually get all 3 of FFF, PSMH, and CB, and I’m sitting all 3 out this time. My annual ran out for CB and FFF, so I waited on spoilers and yeesh. I LOVE these sub boxes, and PSMH has ALWAYS been my favorite. Idk wtf they are doing, but I’m not excited about any of them this time. The worst part is, I usually renew annual with my tax refund for them, but I can’t even make myself. I doubt I’ll have an extra $700 or whatever it is for all 3 annual when summer comes around, so RIP all three of them I guess, bc with FFF and CB, you pretty much have to go annual to get the items you like. Womp.

  29. Really thankful I canceled

  30. I think the tan tassel necklace looks very beachy but not the turquoise one for some reason. Everyone of those frames would look way too small on my big head and rounder face. They’re barely big enough on Liz’s perfectly oval face shape. If the rest of the box looks good I would choose the sand color necklace and gift the glasses.

  31. I think the necklace can be saved if you cut the tassels off. I finally thought tassels had died … a very slow death I see.

    • And painful

  32. That necklace makes me think of the 70’s curtain tiebacks.

    • Makes me think of 1970’s art class.

  33. Gretchen, stop trying to make tassels happen! They’re never gonna happen!

    • Lol Right!

    • Hahaha amen.

  34. Wouldn’t it be great if they said JUST KIDDING! YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED! Then came out with some real spoilers?

  35. That orange tint on the glasses is SO unfortunate. I understand that’s it’s the whole purpose, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those.

  36. Good lord these are terrible. What is PSMH thinking? Even in the pictures Liz took the tassels are sitting all wonky. If worse came to worse I bet you could rip them off with a stitch ripper, but I don’t know what’s underneath them. Stop trying to make tassels happen. They’re not cute.

    And I wear prescription glasses, so the other spoiler is a total waste on me. Whomever thought these would be great items is woefully out of touch with what the phrase “must have” means.

    I read all the comments: 3 positive comments for the necklace out of 158. I don’t recall more than 1 positive post about the glasses. Yikes.

    • This is what happens when greed takes over. They think that people will just keep buying. I’ll Bet if the next spoiler is something great, most people will forget how much these two items absolutely suck.

    • I really miss their monthly box! They had to have made more money that way. I wish they would go back to the way it was!

  37. I looked on the popsugar site and I am not seeing when the money will come out of your checking account for this box. Does anyone have that information?

    • March 9 is what I have on my calendar – I saw it somewhere on their site but now I can’t locate it. I’ve got an alarm set for a couple days before in case the next spoilers don’t wow me 😬

  38. I’m glad I decided to go onto my account to see if I had a subscription. I had bought the winter box but couldn’t remember if it started one or not. It did. I cancelled!

    • I LOVE POPSUGAR and while I will not be getting this box I will happily get the Fall and Winter boxes. People are being really harsh! Just unsubscribe and save some money. No need to call them and tell them that the spoilers suck. I still love you Popsugar!

      • Lol, said the person that didn’t pay for this box!

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