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March 2020 BoxyCharm base box early access choice is now open! Early access for the base box is open for BoxyCharm subscribers who are also subscribed to the Premium box. Premium box waitlisters can also make their base box choice now.

Choice for the March base box will be open to all subscribers tomorrow.

The choice items for March are:

Which product are you choosing?

Your March BoxyCharm base box may include:

Hank & Henry Living In Color Palette

The other palette you may receive in March is:

Source: Boxy Baddies

BoxyCharm Hello, Charmers Palette

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (82)

  1. I see that a subscription is $25. but my account has been withdrawn $27. since January

    Also, I recall im supposed to have the option to choose a 6th item monthly and evverytime I go in to do so I don’t know where to go.

    please advise!

    • TAXES unfortunately

  2. I still can’t choose for the base box! This is ridiculous – I get all 3 boxes!!

    • Same issue and no response from customer service. Frustrating!

    • If you are signed up for Luxe you will not get the base box in March. Therefore, no choice for base box. Choice for Luxe opens on Monday, Feb. 17.

    • Cause lux chooses the 17th! We dont get base box on lux months:)

  3. I think I’ll choose the QMS lip line cream. I want neither one of the pallets. It will be interesting to see what I get in the March. The only thing i wanted in the Pop Up is that gorgeous Two Faced pallet! I’m a sucker for nice packaging. I resisted my urge to buy it. I have too much of everything!

    • Is any one having issues picking they’re choice for the base box? I wasnt able to yesterday nor today?

      • I never got the option, I’m so confused

      • I still cant get an opinion only the popup shows up… ugh!

      • I cannot figure out where to make my choice either. I should have been able to yesterday. Ugh!

  4. I chose the QMS and I spent way too much at the Pop Up today.

  5. What if you just get the original regular box of 5 products. When done get choice?

  6. I have realized that I could possibly be on product overload. I already own two of the three choices from other sub boxes. Consequently, I have decided to only subscribe to the premium box going forward. Of course, I will still keep my Ipsy and skip when needed (best feature ever!) and my Fashionsta box, because I don’t have THAT much product. LOL!

  7. I am hoping luxe doesn’t get any of these items. The boxy palette names and colors are cute but just colors I don’t need and besides, I would imagine most of us are hoping for brand names not their in house products.

    • Yeah, I don’t understand that part. Premium seems to get better stuff than Luxe..?

      • Exactly! Luxe costs more but premium is getting better brands. I finally signed up for the premium waitlist. When I get off of it I am cancelling luxe.

  8. Ok, I’m not a newbie to this game. But, for the life of me there is no choice open for my Boxy charm. Anybody have a tricks? I used different browsers etc. used my laptop opposed to phone. Emailed customer service with no response as of yet. This is my first and only problem I have ever had with Boxy.

    • Me too! I’ve tried since yesterday to do it and it’s not showing up at all. I emailed customer service last night about it too and haven’t heard anything yet. Frustrating.

      • I emailed them they basically gave me a form email but still no choice. Annoying

    • I was having issues too — I tried IE, Chrome , then oddly used my PHONE and it DID come up/load?! So maybe try logging in on different browsers to see if one will load for you.

      • Same

    • Same for me!! I am a Premium member, and have tried my phone, my laptop, different browsers, emptying my cache and history….still no luck. And even worse luck trying to get a response from BoxyCharm – have DM’d them several times.
      Frustrating…..and good luck everyone!

  9. I’m not base and not able to choose. It frustrates me!

  10. I’m a premium member how come there is no place form me to make. A selection at this point?

  11. I’m just not feeling any of the products shown for March choice. And I don’t care for either palette. I think I’m going to cancel and take a break for a while. I have so many things I haven’t even opened going back to Dec.
    Bye-bye Boxy for now.

  12. Anyone have any ideas what the choice for Luxe may be? Secret intel? HAHA. I am on the fence right now..Premium or Luxe? I keep telling myself I need to scale back..But I have serious FOMO disease!

    • You should be able to choose at least 2 items with luxe, not sure what they are though.

    • I want to say the luxe choices are between a pmd face brush, Tarte palette, and curling iron but nothing definitive yet. Premium is all fenty but you aren’t likely to get off the waitlist for months, luxe waitlist is probably sooner.

  13. Ugh. I highly dislike both of those palettes.

  14. I really hope we can choose which pallet.. I mean they both aren’t anything I personally like but if I had to chose it would be the hank and Henry.. the boxy one looks cheap.. 😕 We get so many orange warm colors already..

  15. I am so confused. I am subscribed to the base box and on the waitlist for the premium and luxe box. I didn’t have an option to choose today, does this mean I will receive the luxe box?? My account still says i’m waitlisted though.

    • Did u try logging in and out? Bc that’s usually what works. That doesn’t mean that ur getting them until ur charged for those boxes

    • everyone gets off of luxe.

  16. I have been logging in and out all day and still NO choice option offering for me. ANy idea why? Thanks

    • Are u on boxyluxe or premium ? Bc otherwise u won’t be able to til next week

      • thank you i guess it is next week for me
        appreciate everyone who took the time to respond

      • It is not next week. Boxycharm base choice is open tomorrow for everyone.

      • She’s subscribed to premium or luxe so for those choices it won’t be til next week. Base box is open for active subscribers for today and all open new subscribers tomorrow.

      • I am only on the base box and I haven’t gotten my choice email either. I’ve also logged in and out to no avail! Have the choices ran out?

      • I only have the base box and I got to choose today!

  17. If u have boxyluxe or boxy premium u can’t choose til next Monday for the boxyluxe only since boxy premium is curated by Fenty so this is only for people who are only getting the base box. If ur signed up for premium u can’t choose bc premium and luxe are next week if this makes sense. So if u have only boxycharm
    Base u can choose bc the premium and luxe are for March in place of base . Hope it helps u ladies who can’t get on. If u still have issues log out and then back on and go to boxycharm site and it should work 😊

    • I’m so confused … I have BoxyCharm base, premium, AND luxe … shouldn’t I be able to make a base choice today, Feb 10?

      • i also have all 3. we do not get a base box on luxe months, so we do not choose for the basebox. premium has been predetermined for us by fenty, so we do not get a choice on that one either. we have choice for luxe on 2/17.

      • No because you will choose for your luxe box (that replaces your base box for the month of March) next a Monday. If you get luxe, you don’t get a base box that month.

      • Omg… why didn’t I realize this. Thank you for reminding me. I was so frustrated. LOL

      • I have all 3 but the luxe is for March therefore we’re only getting luxe and premium for those who are already subscribed to them. So the base box is not gonna happen for us that have all 3 bc one base box takes over for the luxe. Premium we won’t get to choose bc it’s already precurated

  18. How long does it typically take to be upgraded to premium when on the waitlist? I signed up in end of December/early January, but still waitlisted. Thanks for any help!!

    • I signed up at the beginning and to this date, am still waitlisted. I cancelled today. Maybe you’ll get my spot~!

  19. I am just a boxy charmer the $25 a month. And I thought today’s was the day I choose true one item for next months box? I am new just started this in January so still learning. Need help figuring out how to pick an item for March box.

    • Unless you are also on the Premium waitlist (and could choose for base today), you will choose tomorrow for your base.

  20. I can’t choose? Popup shows but no option for choice?

  21. Murad for sure!

  22. Curling iron is cool but eh. I’m feeling ok that I cancelled

  23. I picked the line corrector for my mom. I’m not impressed

  24. I still have some eye products that I need to finish so I picked QMS. Not interested in the curling iron but it’s nice that it’s offered as an option.
    I am ok with receiving either palette, I am curious to try either brand.

  25. I chose the curling wand because I already have the QMS and I’m not a huge fan of Murad. I know a lot of people love it, but their products just don’t do anything for me.

    • That being said, if the last 2 Premium spoilers for March don’t seriously blow my mind, I’m cancelling. Just not feeling March at all…

    • I am signed up to all 3 boxes and I cant get into choice… this is the 2nd time that this has happened to me… not cool

      • You won’t have a choice till the 17th for luxe only. No base box and premium is all Fenty and no choice there.

    • I don’t like Murad either, but I picked it. My hair is already curly and I get good results dabbing a bit of eye cream above my lips.

      • Yeah, the choices were disappointing this month. 🙁

  26. Canceled

    • Me, too. My subscription ended this month, and there are other good beauty boxes out there.

  27. I got box boxes and I didn’t get to choose yet. Hoping I get to choose by tomorrow

  28. So there is no choice for the Premium Box because that is the Fenty Box.

    If one has Luxe, it’s in lieu of the base box so no choice yet. Choice for Luxe will be next week.

    Do I have it right?

    • Yep! The 17th will be choice day for luxe, between the Tarte Palette, Murad Eye Cream, and the Sutra Mini Curling Wand.

  29. So confusing. I get Base, Luxe and Premium. Off all waitlists. So am I correct that I don’t get to choose today for March? I’ll get to choose 2/17 for Luxe, I don’t get a Base box for March, and there’s no March choice for Premium because it’s all Fenty. Do I have that right?

    • Yep you’ve got it right. It’s definitely a bit of a cluster$&@! this month ☺️ But the only date you need to note is the 17th for Luxe choice

      • So, if I get the Base box, and if I am waitlisted for the other two boxes, AND I don’t have an option for a Base choice today, does that mean I’m coming off of the waitlist for March Luxe?

      • exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks 🙂

  30. I’m waitlisted for Premium, so I picked the Murad.

  31. I like the colors of the Boxy Buddies palette a lot more than the Hank & Henry one, hope I get it. The only colors I won’t likely wear are ‘unboxing’ and ‘cup of joe’, the rest are great for me if the formula is decent.

  32. Does anyone else have access to Choice yet?

  33. I’m not able to choose this time (I did last month). I’m also on the “waitlist” for Boxyluxe, guessing that’s why ‘choice’ isn’t available to me and that I will get to choose when it opens for Luxe. *shrug*

    • Choice today is open for those who get base, but who are on the waitlist for premium…or…who are already receiving Premium.

      • Ya, I can’t choose yet either. Very aggravating! I choose last month with no issues. But this month it suddenly won’t let me either………ugh!

      • I agree !
        I didn’t get a chance to choose anything on this months box kinda disappointed with my box this month !

  34. I’m really confused as to why those with the base box get to choose before Luxe? Especially since they have the same options as Luxe? Does that mean Luxe members might not get what they want? Seems like it should be the opposite since Luxe pays more.

    • The base box will be different from luxe. Some items may be the same but not all.

    • Choice options for Luxe are different from base. Luxe choice is on the 17th. The items shown above are spoilers, not choice items.

    • I think it’s to dissuade people from cancelling Luxe prior to month end. So like, keep it if you want to choose at all because if you cancel it say, next week, and just get the base, you won’t get to choose for the base box. For some people the option to choose is worth keeping the Luxe… see how that benefits the company?

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