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BoxyCharm March 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

March 2020 BoxyCharm base box choice is now open for all subscribers!

The choice items for March are:

Which product are you choosing?

Your March BoxyCharm base box may include:

Hank & Henry Living In Color Palette

The other palette you may receive in March is:

Source: Boxy Baddies

BoxyCharm Hello, Charmers Palette

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Comments (94)

  1. I chose the murad eye cream! hope i get the hello charmer palette not feeling the other one…

    • Can anyone please tell me what time premium choice opens up or where to go, if it’s open now. I’ve looked on the site on and off today and see nothing.

  2. I just joined this week. Basic Box. I was able to choose the QMS. I have a brand new curling iron and I am not crazy about murad. I hope i do not get the Hank and Harold as those are not colors I care for. But time will tell. It said I would get a February box first. I hope I get the Iconic London pallet as those shades are more my style.

  3. Was there an email sent to inform us that choice was available??? If so I never received it. Sooo mad! Boxy needs to get it together!

    • No subscriber gets emails re choice. We have to watch either this site, the BC site, or social media to know the choice window(s).

      • It’s not consistent! I got an email last month notifying me of choice window and don’t see it this month yet see the memo above about it. Their website isn’t showing choice windows either.

      • Choice for base was on 10th and 11th. Luxe is on 17th.

  4. Yes, the Hank and Henry palette is beyond hideous, but don’t worry folks as I will no doubt be one of the unlucky to receive it, thus clearing the way for others to receive something more reasonable. I just now got my February base box. Guess which past her prime old woman received the tanning drops and purple lipstick. You guessed it! I have determined that the later one receives the box and the smaller the box (mine was 7x7x3) the more one is likely to receive the DREGS OF BOXYCHARM…THOSE ITEMS THAT THEY CANNOT SELL AND CAN ONLY GIVE AWAY TO THOSE WHO ARE UNLIKELY TO COMPLAIN!!!!!!! Last month’s child’s lipstick? Gack! But I said nothing. Perhaps it’s time to keep Premium and move on. I just renewed my annual base box, does anyone know if it can be refunded?!?

    • Sadly, I don’t think Boxycharm allows refunds for yearly subscriptions. I think you can cancel now but you’ll receive the next year of boxes.

  5. That hank and Henry palette is HIDEOUS. Leaning on cancelling as the choice options are just so lackluster as well.

  6. For the love of god. I never get an email about Choice Time and when I get on the site, There’s never anything to click to make the darn choice!… Aaargh!

    • Same here! I just joined last week and can’t find area to customize.

    • Boxy is not sending emails about choice anymore. They tell you to watch their social media for dates. Also once announced choice dates are always listed if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page.

    • I feel the EXACT same way

      • This keeps happening to me as well. I get the choice email but when I click on it it will keep telling me to sign in… which I do but it will just keep saying sign in and won’t let me choose. It’s so annoying… I’ve reached out to boxycharm and haven’t gotten a response… fairly disappointing since I am a subscriber for three boxes and can’t get my moneys worth.

  7. Just cancelled base box and luxe. I am keeping premium only. I don’t like the spoilers for March so taking a break. Elizabeth Wolfe’s video on YouTube is very informative about the 24kt gold cream that will be in February box. She is no drama, professional and courteous and she keeps you posted on Boxycharm spoilers.

  8. Not working I get all the boxes and I can’t select even trying different browsers …
    Emailed BoxyCharm 2 days ago still haven’t heard from then

  9. Wish I could choose ! Sent an Email (Monday) where they tell me it’s open on Monday to ect ect ( I meet all criteria)sent an email Tuesday where I’m informed I’ll be able to choose on Tuesday. Where I inform them it is Tuesday and I get the base box , the premium and I’m on waitlists for the lux . It’s ridiculous I actually apologized on Monday !! For being right !! Never have I had a company that no matter what you say they will make it seem like your just misinformed

    • Since you’re on the waitlist for Boxyluxe you won’t be able to choose until the 17th.

    • I get the base box and am on the luxe waitlist. I also thought I could choose an item on the 10th for the base box and sent an email when I couldn’t. Boxy quickly responded saying I would get to choose for the luxe box instead but they couldn’t guarantee I will get off the waitlist. So I’m assuming the choice is the same for both boxes, what we choose on the 17th will be in the base box if that’s what we get. I hope so anyway.

      • everyone gets off luxe. it’s just something they have to say

    • I emailed them twice and they told me I am eligible for the luxe next month so I wont choose until 3.17

  10. Can someone PLEASE explain why those people (Like ME) who are Active Subscribers
    TO ALL THREE cannot access CHOICE???? Its is just too FRUSTRATING because every month it is something!

    • If you have all three, March is the Luxe month. Your choice for Luxe is on the 17th. You have no base on Luxe months. No choice for Premium because it’s the Fenty box.

      • That makes no sense. I subscribe to all three and don’t have anything waitlisted and I can’t choose my base box with early access either and couldn’t last month.

        She is upset like I am about not choosing her base box item. It has nothing to do with it being a Luxe month, Fenty Box, or even a leap year. Something isn’t right per their own instructions on their page.

      • If you have Boxyluxe, you do not get a base box during Boxyluxe months. (Every 3 months).

        You do not get a base box. That’s why you can’t choose for the base box.

        In March, you will get Boxy Premium (for which there is no choice this month). You will also get BoxyLuxe (which we can choose on the 17th). That’s it.

      • What if we are the waitlist for Luxe?

      • Re: Bonnie

        I feel like I can bash my head on a wall and the wall understand more. I have been with BC only 4 months and I even understand it, and find myself having to explain over and over….again over the same thing.

      • I have two different accounts, one with luxe so I understand I will not choose until the 17th. But my other account has base and premium- so I should have at least ONE choice item but I haven’t received an email.

      • They don’t send emails. You have to go to site and make your choice.

      • You won’t GET a base box for March so there was no choice for that box. You will get a Luxe box and will make your choice on Feb 17. No one gets a Premium choice for March because it’s the Fenty box. What part about this makes no sense?

    • Same!!! I’m for 2 months now I have not been able to select my choice and I have all the boxes. They have not been able to help me at all. So dissatisfied

      • You have Luxe. It’s Luxe month. You won’t get base, so you don’t have base choice. Luxe choice is on 02-17. You don’t have Premium choice for March because everyone gets the Fenty products.

  11. I chose Murad as I didn’t need the curling iron for my already kinky curls, and though the price point for the QMS is gigantic, reviews weren’t fantastic, and from what I read a lot of people were in agreement that the price was ridiculous. Regardless, this will be my last box, and I will cancel before the autorenew hits in April

  12. Same here im a subscriber on all 3 and i cant get choice to come up! Now its says the 17th thats new. Some people got to pick i tried both days!!!

    • Me too!!! 😡😡😡😡

    • It’s been the 17th for Boxyluxe members since choice for March was announced. Today (Feb. 11th) was only for regular Boxycharm members. Yesterday (Feb. 10th) was only for Premium subscribers who get the base box or are still on the waitlist for Premium.

      • And, no choice for Premium because it’s the Fenty box.

      • Sign out of your account then back in, if your not on the wait list or a luxe. Read carefully in your account and it should be there. I did it today.

      • Well that didn’t work….logging out and in….no go

    • I have all three boxes I’m not able choose either. I e-mailed boxy not happy!

  13. I picked the Murad cause I need something for the dry wrinkly skin around my eyes. I would love to get the lip stuff also. Am in my 50’s and I need all the help I can get. Am super excited for next month.

    I wish their were Subcription boxes for the over 50 crowd.

    • Dianne, you’ll love this Murad eye. I want to mention one that you might want to try that I’m in love with…’All In’ by Eight Saints. Oh, my gosh, it may be the best eye cream I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried plenty). It’s all natural ingredients, silky as heck, and absorbs so beautifully – like magic! Very renewing for my eyes (I’m 60.) I purchased their discovery kit recently ($10, I recommend it!) and, while not all the products were a hit for me, most were. The star, though, was their eye product. I’ve already ordered and received a full size! Check out their site when you get a chance. Great products and fast service. USA made, of course!

      • I’ll give it a try. Thanks

      • You’re welcome!

    • I wish they would do a box exclusively for over-50! I would dump regular boxy in a heartbeat for it, lol.

      • I have been waiting for someone to come out with an over 50’s box too!!!

      • Indeed! It would be extremely successful.

      • New Beauty Testtube is probably your best bet for 50+. Any box that focuses heavily on Social Media, like Boxy and Ipsy, probably isn’t going to be aimed at the 50+ crowd. They are focusing more on younger, trendier consumers.

      • I’ve been watching that one. Might get it when other annuals expire. Thanks!

    • Man, I don’t want to seem like a stalker to your post! However, one more tip…I use eye cream around my lips! Works like a charm.

    • I bought some of the lip stuff from the pop up sale

    • I bought some of the lip stuff from the pop up sale , wasn’t expensive at all

    • I bought some of the lip stuff from the pop up sale , wasn’t expensive at all .I did that just in case I dint get it and I wanted to try it

    • Sorry about the triple posting it kept saying it was a repeat so I would add more and try again lol you see how that went for me

  14. My choice this month was “cancel”. Going with another box, like trendmood or Facetory.

    • Facetory is my all time favorite! It never disappoints me. CS is great, too. (You won’t need it, though!)

      • *Facetory Lux Plus

  15. So I signed up for the Luxe waitlist yesterday and I didn’t get a choice, and I don’t have a choice today so do you guys think that means I’ll be getting Luxe in March? 🙏🏻 I love boxy but I wish they were more straightforward with this kind of stuff, like just tell me if I’m on the waitlist or not 😂

    • I was told by boxy via email that if you are on the Luxe waitlist you choose on the 17th when luxe choice is. Then they said they cannot guarantee that you will get luxe due to how the waitlist works. So I assumed the choice for base and luxe must be the same. Otherwise we would lose our choice if we don’t get off the waitlist. However the spoilers show the tarte palette only for luxe so my theory makes no sense. Lol if anyone can explain how this works I’d really appreciate it.

    • Does anyone know how long the pop up sale will be open? Thanks!

  16. I have a couple different regular boxycharm subscriptions (not luxe). I have received no emails about choice and when I log into the account there’s nowhere that I can choose.

    Those that have been able to make a choice was it because you got an email? has anyone been able to make a choice without an email just by logging into their account? If so where did you find the choice option?

    • I couldn’t get my choice on my phone nor tablet. They don’t send emails. I logged on at my office desktop and choice was right on the main page. Hope this helos.

    • Just hit the Boxy logo on top. It will take you home. It will let you choose.

  17. What bothers me is the QMS was a choice for the last luxe and now it’s in the base box! If all the products for luxe are going to end up in the regular box then why am I paying an extra 24.99 for the luxe box!?

    • I’m hoping that those items will only go to those who sub to base but not luxe.

    • That’s one reason I don’t fall for Luxe! They’re not getting any extra money from me.

    • More stuff in the luxe box.

  18. If you’re on the waitlist for Luxe then you don’t get a choice option. Just like what happened to me. So you would assume that you’re getting Luxe next month right? Don’t count on it. I got to make a choice for Premium several months ago when I was on the waitlist and was still on that waitlist several months later. So you end up with no Luxe and no choice folks. What I ended up doing was dropping off the Luxe waitlist and my choice came up right away. I’d rather choose than MAYBE have Luxe.

    • I’m not waitlist and still can’t get in

    • I haven’t been able to get6into my opinion for choice yet
      This is ridiculous

  19. What’s happening????
    I have been trying to make my choice since yesterday!
    No email with direct link, no access on their website…
    Liz, can you contact them? Maybe they will respond to you…

    • Same thing for me!

    • I’m having the same problem…tried to call….good luck with that
      Emailed…..still waiting

    • Same! No e-mail and no choice.

    • Same here. I’ve tried 3 different browsers, signed in and out of account, cleared cookies and cache – nothing works. Also waiting for a response from Boxy customer service to my email.

    • Yesterday I was also waiting for my email. It did eventually arrived many hours later. For those who cannot get in I would suggest using This worked for me. You might need to be logged in first.

  20. Kind of disappointed that they didn’t include a makeup option. Hair tool and skin care… no thanks. Can I opt to have neither?

  21. I have been trying to choose since yesterday. I have emailed with no resolution 🙁

    • Not sure if you have luxe. But If you do you won’t be able to choose an item until the 17th since you won’t be getting a base box in March

  22. Choice for my base box is not working!! I’m on the wait list for Luxe, so as far as I know, I’m not getting that yet. Tried yesterday and today…logged out and back in, still not luck. Anyone else?

    • Ok so from what I understand Choice is open on the 17th if you are Luxe or on the Luxe waitlist
      So you won’t get a choice for base because it is a Luxe month
      Hope this helps

      • I’ve been trying to choose as well I have base box, premium and BoxyLuxe and it won’t let me choose

    • You’ll be getting Luxe, so no choice on base. BC has very poor communication; they don’t inform you of where you stand.

      • I hope that’s the case. I wish they would let a girl know ahead of time. Since there are so many people having trouble today with choice, I can’t be sure to worry I missed choice or happy I might be off the wait list for Luxe.

      • I’m still on the waitlist so I doubt I will be getting luxe.

      • Patricia! 🤣 I like your sense of humor but understand all too well that it’s actually not funny. I feel super unlucky with Boxy and have only been a member since December. I never got the Too Faced palette I was promised with sign-up and honestly, that was the reason I finally signed up! They don’t care and they’re not sorry! To make up for it, I was to receive a $6…. that’s right $6! credit for use during the pop up sale but can you guess that it never showed up. After several emails and them telling me that I may have missed it in my spam folder 🤬 I finally get it on the 3rd day of the sale and most things I had my sights on were sold out already. Then, less than 24 hours later, I get another email telling me my coupon code is about to expire! Seriously?? And just as I pointed out to customer service, the Too Faced palette that was in the sale was $25. Much more than the $6 they gave me to “make up for it.” They have one of the worst customer services I’ve ever dealt with and I truly hope that you can get your money back. I wish they cared a little more about their customers but sadly, they don’t and are way too popular for our voices to ever be heard. Good luck! 😘

      • That’s sad. They forgot to send my new member one as well and when I asked about it, they shipped it out within days, I also got a $10 credit for my troubles.
        I never talked to anyone on the phone, it was all done via email. I can “assume” either you dealt with a jerk or they picked up on a perceived tone? in your email? and decided to bite back?

      • That literally thrills me that you were treated properly because there are so many that don’t! I was very kind and thoughtful of the situation, in the beginning. I only got upset and offended when they told me that a $6 credit was the best they could do, which I know is false. None of my suggestions were good enough. Then I was really upset when my small credit didn’t even come when it was supposed to and I had to wait until day 3 of the sale to even use it. We all know that by that time all the really great deals are gone. They almost never care and I have talked to a lot of people about this. The way I look at it is false advertising and that just plain sucks! Having a great customer service is everything to me and my experience was one of the worst! I’m glad you were one of the lucky ones 😊

      • Girl SAME!! I signed up in Nov. Along with boxyluxe. My FIRST box was stolen! That included the tarte pallet. December was fine Jan. was late, AND Feb was late! It was like pulling teeth trying to get them to replace my stolen box.
        They kept throwing the delay (2 months) on the availability of the box products on the brand companies. All I wanted was my box I paid for! I didn’t care what was in it! At that point all I wanted them to do was to just throw some extra crap you have laying around! So frustrating! Their customer service sucks!

  23. I have been all over the site and cannot find the choice options please help

  24. I chose the QMS and I spent way too much at the Pop Up but pretty excited about what they had today a great prices.

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