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BoxyCharm + BoxyLuxe March 2020 Spoiler!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have a new spoiler for the March 2020 BoxyCharm base box and March BoxyLuxe box!

The March BoxyCharm base box and March BoxyLuxe box may include:

Source: Boxy Baddies

BoxyCharm Hello, Charmers Palette

*The base box will also have a Hank & Henry Palette variation (the palette has not been spoiled yet)

Here’s a look at our other March BoxyLuxe spoilers:

AND all BoxyLuxe members will receive:

PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device – (Teal, Blush, or Navy) Retail Value $99


NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (Shades will vary) – $26 Value

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $24.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm + Boxyluxe boxes to learn more!

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Written by MSA


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Comments (106)

  1. Well, I just got my box, and I’m very disappointed. I got the ugly Boxy palette and the Tarte palette that I chose but don’t love. I was excited to try the NARS, but I got a purple-black color I’d never, ever wear. What’s with the stupid straws that keep cropping up in boxes lately? Nail polish, tiny bum bum creams, and I don’t even remember if there’s anything else other than the facial cleansing thing.

    • ….and the pmd I got doesn’t work, not even with a new battery. Great box. 🙁

      • Now I’m anxious about my Pmd working. Hopefully my box arrives soon. I hope boxycharm sends you a replacement.

      • Hey! The pmd has a one year warranty find them on Instagram they have a page. I saw another comment regarding the same issue. Good luck!

      • I thought mine was broken too, but it turns out I didn’t screw the base on tight enough. It’s nearly one turn past what you think it should be. Now it works fine. I hope that works for you.

    • This is absolutely the WORST BOX ive ever received!! $50 for this box of junk.
      1. I got the pmd facial cleaner tool ( comparable to a $5 dupe from ross)
      2. 2 bum bum minis ( which i received same ones a few months back.
      4. hair ties!! What a joke ( glorified spiral keychain hoops)
      5. Boxycharm brand pallette…. i signed up for name brand.. not store brand products lol no offense
      6. Becca glow glaze (its literally a stick of vaseline to smear on your face to look shiny.
      7. Murad. Which a quick google search is showing me that they have new packaging so this is old stock they are trying to unload.
      8. Nars lip, which is the only thing i enjoyed.

      So moral of the story i paid $50 for a nars lip and a bunch of crap. Thanks Boxy.

      • I received my box yesterday and was so disappointed. I agree about the load of junk. The items were just thrown into a giant box with a paper bag on top. For the life of me I can not understand why they have a questionnaire to help products match individual tastes, skin tones, and maturity of the user. The Beauty Bum tubs are a joke and my NARS lippie (“Give it up”) is a shade of dark pink purple I could never wear. The PMD battery was dead on mine but luckily I have spare batteries. Deciding whether to cancel Boxy Charm altogether.

      • The only difference between your box amd mine is I got straws and a curling iron instead of earrings and murad. I agree. This box was total crap. Worst box I have received yet!!! 😡😡😡

      • Same! Waste of money! I cancelled. My box didn’t have a card describing items I only had 5 items.

    • I got my box today and same. Super disappointed. This is more of what the Premium boxes are. The Luxe boxes have been going downhill for a year and this is the worst. My packaging didn’t even have the nice protective foam, but brown paper and everything was just jostling around. i’m done. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for 3 or 4 years and paid up front annually. Nope. I’m done after my last box which is next month, I think. The basic BoxyCharm boxes are better than this Luxe box. smh…

  2. I saw someone posted swatches on YouTube and they look great.. Though that doesn’t mean it won’t blend great.. I have high hopes though.. Even if the palette isn’t ideal, just the MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes, PMD and NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment makes the box worth it to me. I picked the Murad since we were getting the PMD to see how well it helps the moisturizer absorb into my skin.

    • FYI the Murad packaging they’re using for all the advertising was changed at least 2 years ago. To anyone who selected that product you may want to look into shelf stability etc.

      I just wouldn’t put it past BC AT ALL to be sending out old product…🙄🤷‍♀️

  3. BoxyLuxe choice is supposed to be today but as of 938am est not open on website. Anyone know what time?

    • It’s usually in the afternoon

    • Open now

    • It was available to me when I checked at 8:45 AM PST. I wonder if or when they will be doing add-ons (not pop-up shop).

    • I have to agree with the whole boxy charm eye palette. I mean its great if you want to have your brand but it is not what I was signed up for it should be in base box if anything or in pop up so it is a choice. I’m cool with the rest I’m pretty new to boxy.

  4. Boxy “branded” makeup. No thank you, especially not in a “luxe” box. Ugh just more Alibaba stuff with boxy (or boxy included) label stamped on it. #UNSUBSCRIBED I care about my skin way too much to risk it with contaminated, fake & reformulated cheap products.

    • Agree

  5. This will be my last month with Boxycharm.. We had a good run for a long time but the only reason I am getting the box for March is because of the Fenty Box and then PMD and Nars in the Boxyluxe.. That palette in the Boxyluxe will be passed on.. Boxycharm has been so good for so long but it isn’t worth it anymore.. I added the causebox this past season and figure I will just keep that and FabFitFun. Nothing else.. It is getting to expensive to get a box because I like 1 or 2 items. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Also, I did contact Boxycharm about the “fake” products but they never emailed me back at all so.. not to happy about that.

    • Same… boxy has gone so downhill. I subscribed 2 years ago & then signed up for Luxe when it started. I didn’t sign up for “Boxy” brand stuff in a luxe box. These weird pop up brands that appear overnight. I agree it was great, when it was great. I remember when the boxes had 1 variant item & that would be something like a lipstick in 3-4 colors. Now the entire box is variants except the choice (which I’ve not gotten twice despite submitting it with confirmation the day choice started). The fake stuff… Products valued at hundreds of dollars that DO NOT WORK (looking at you QMS) & sold on Alibaba. This is crazy & I feel bad that I referred a lot of people to body. Several messaged me this month & said they were unsubscribing as of February. All I could say was I’m sorry – it was great, it’s not now & I unsubscribed too.

    • Cheryl,

      Did you get a response from anyone regarding the fake products yet?

    • When I first found this site, I read all the great reviews of boxy. I knew I would sub to it and did. Now, it’s just so…disappointing. I guess this will be goodbye boxy for now, and maybe forever.

  6. Meh. I already have the tarte pallette…and I don’t use curling irons and have lots of eye cream. Not to thrilled for the mix in this.

    I’m wondering if I should get the tarte and put up for an xmas or bday gift next year?! Idk.

    The nars is good. I have a few of them and like them. I am curious about the face cleaner things. I have a clarasonic and will enjoy trying it.

    I love eyeshadow pallettes and collecting them….. but not sure what I think about boxy pulling an ipsy and making their own stuff.

  7. Fashionsta is an AMAZING box. The companies are Indie brands and fantastic!!! I’ve had many sub boxes and The Box wins hands down. I’m trying my first Luxe box and if it is a bunch of bs I’m done. I do believe many of these Boxy products are dupes. Many other YouTube influencers are coming up with videos about fakes in Boxy and other boxes as well. Ingredients did not match up in Kypris, Ciate London, ND palette, Storybook, etc. Research it a bit. It isn’t made-up.

    • No , it’s not that great. Shipping is always late. Pallettes are cheap and broken. The butt cbd bath stuff had mold in it on the top….its basically aliexpress stuff. I hope they step it up because things have been stuff…I would rather higher end stuff, with decent brands bs unknown broken nasty stuff.

      • I guess that’s matter of opinion. LIke I said earlier….I receive and have received many beauty subscription boxes over the last few years and The Box by Fashionsta beats them all. Easily. I’ve found a few of my holy grail items and the customer service is the BEST ever!! Now there’s soooooo much more coming out oN Boxycharm and all sorts of fake products…not just from Not so evil stepmother….many others are calling them out now on other products as well. The newest is the Faccia 24karat gold stuff. It is found on Wish and the owner just now put up a website. Two pictures. Shady af.

      • They customer service was horrible to me. I received a broken item and they wouldn’t even replace it.

  8. Hello can someone please help me figure this out I am a BoxyLuxe subscriber but they always end up choosing my product for me due to 1 reason or another does anyone know the date that I could log I ok my account and pick my choice through there? I really dont want to miss out on my pick again! Thanks in advance for any help. 🙂

    • The BoxyLuxe choice opens on February 17th 🙂

      • I don’t ever use the eye shadow. I have so many. Can only use so much. But I love getting every thing but eyeshadow

    • Please I help I just signed up and will receive the February box. I see choice is open and upgraded to the luxe box but I am on the waitlist does that mean I will not choose until the 17th? An if I am on the list will i definitely receive the luxe box for March?

  9. BoxyCharm noooooooooo! This is the palette nobody asked for or wants. Why would anyone who subscribed for well-known brands want your self-branded products?! Talk about out of touch.

  10. Every month I recycle the black and white Boxycharm box, so for them to use that design for a palette makes it look like something to throw away. I’m going to have to depan the shadows. The color names are cringy and nothing about this feels like the kind of little treat I want from a subscription box. When I sit down at my makeup table I don’t want to be reminded that I get my makeup via discount. It was the one time of day I felt a little posh.

  11. I’m not a fan of this palette AT ALL. It’s gotten pretty negative feedback on IG etc also. I’m choosing the Tarte palette in hopes of not receiving it. I want no part of a PRC produced house brand. That’s not why I signed up for this. I hope they stop trying to push this crap on us 🙄

  12. I love BoxyCharm so much, and I have never had a Luxe box that didn’t blow me away. So I’m kind of surprised they’re putting this in Luxe, like, this is not at all the normal caliber they put into that upgrade. The color story is very 2017/18, and it’s their own branded product. I don’t know – their brushes were surprisingly nice so it’s possible this will be good. Not colors I would probably get any use out of, so we’ll just have to see.

    • If they’re going to do this house brand stuff they could at least do some trending, fresh colors.

    • I think lux is getting the tarte palette as a choice and only the base box has the BC palette. If you get luxe in March you won’t get the base box. I agree using BC branded products is not what any charmer expects. The premium box now has the high end products and is $10 more. For me I’m switching to premium and the cost is comparable because I won’t get the luxe box every quarter. The luxe box is nice but not so much if you have to two months of generic makeup in between.

      • Oh shoot. I see the BC palette is in the luxe box too. Ok that should not be in the luxe box. Even if it is a good formula, it is not what one would expect in the box, however that tarte palette doesn’t feel like one most people can wear so it’s nice to have a choice. Palettes are one of my favorite items to receive but I’ll have to choose the eye cream even though I’ve never noticed much improvement with Murad products. Not very excited with the box so far but there are five items we don’t know about yet so there is hope.

  13. Besides the fact that it might potentially take the place of something else that I would prefer to use (which is just as likely as not, considering what is a choice item/included in all the luxe boxes for March), receiving this palette wouldn’t be the end of the world–I’d just give it to one of my teenage nieces.

  14. I was checking the eye shadows I’ve received with the made in PCR. All of those irritate my eyes! i love the singles Ace shadow but they get my eyes red and itchy. Checked and the sure enough made in PCR. The story book irritated my eyes too and I didn’t see the connection until i watched that youtube video.
    I’m scared of trying this Boxycharm palette.

    • I’d take that YouTube video with a grain of salt. A lot of makeup is manufactured in China.

  15. Soooo, basically this is just a China made non branded palette with Boxy on it? Right? 🙄

    • Yep.

  16. I’m totally here for the Hello Charmer palette. I already have the Tarte palette, so at least this one won’t be something anyone already has.

  17. I get luxe and I will now choose the tarte palette just so that I have better chances of not getting the boxy one. Really not happy with this.

  18. Not my jam. With any luck it’ll be a choice item but I doubt it.

  19. Glad I just get the premium box, happy to dodge this palette.

  20. Imagining all of the diseased looks that I can create with lots of yellow, orange, and red eyeshadows. This palette could help get a refund on an airplane ticket by just smearing it all over with some green and blue to make those sickly eyes pop even more.

    • New from Boxycharm, it’s the Social Obligation Avoidance palette! With these exiting new shades you can early exit from that party you agreed to attend before you remembered that you preferred Netflix and your dog! In-laws asking you for dinner? Just a little of our shadow along with your favorite overly dewy foundation that makes you look sweaty and you’re free for the evening. Maybe she’s actually sick, maybe it’s Boxycharm.

      • You’re so funny. So true though.

      • You’re so funny.

  21. Disappointing.

  22. #nope 🥴

  23. I am loving the Boxycharm brushes from awhile back. Perhaps the eye palette will be good too. I like that it’s a nod of appreciation to all the social media groups supporting Boxy. The names of the shades are funny and iconic to me. I just picture a whole room giggling when someone on the team came up with the name “Cup of Joe”. If the palette sucks, then oh well, it’s only one item in a box of many.

    • I agree. I think the pallet looks pretty.

  24. I really want that PMD brush but how does this work anyway? I canceled boxycharm in October, so I have to resub to it and then hope I get off the waitlist for Lux before March? Or can I automatically upgrade?

    • That PMD brush is probably made for Boxy, so it’s inferior to the one you buy in the store

    • Pretty sure you have to be a base box subscriber before you can upgrade to boxy. Maybe you can get on the waitlist for both and it will happen in the same month. Otherwise there are lots of web sites where charmers sell the items they don’t want at good prices. Much less than at the store. You could still pick a few items you really want.

      • I meant to say you have to be a base box subscriber before you can upgrade to LUXE.

  25. There’s videos of the palette on YouTube and the pigment is pretty good. I think it’s boxy recognizing the fans and customers who have helped them grow into being the #1 makeup box. Ipsy just gave a bad name to box-produced makeup but boxy shouldn’t be judged by what Ipsy has released.

  26. Yeah, man, idk. I suppose I’d give the Boxy palette a shot if I receive it, but I don’t want it at all. I think the poor reception of the ipsy-produced & branded makeup speaks for itself.

  27. Unsubscribed

  28. That palette? Um, no. I won’t even be able to give it away on Mercari.

  29. I love it! I’ve watched some youtubers using it & the colors are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait!

  30. Nope. Not paying for their own house made stuff. I signed up for luxe brands. I sure wish you could skip a month. Terrible color names, too. Swipe up and spoiler, really?

    • I posted about the names, too, a couple hours ago. But, MSA censored, I suppose. So self serving and awful of Boxy on that palette. I hate it. I don’t use the word hate lightly.

    • no different than ipsy doing the same thing 🤷‍♀️

      • Which is exactly why I no longer subscribe to IPSY

      • Exactly. Which is the same reason I hated it when Ipsy did. Betty Boop, anyone?? Gigi Gorgeous?? Give me a break.

      • betty boop was a fail, but I loved the Gigi Gorgeous collection. and the ipsy brushes are 9/10 pretty darn good.

      • I actually really like my Gigi Gorgeous blush duo and the packaging is certainly quality.

        I’m not looking forward to this Boxycharm palette regardless of where it’s made. I just don’t ever go for yellows, orange, light blues or light green which probably makes me sound very boring. Although, I enjoy seeing tutorials from others who can make these colors work for them.

        I have so many palettes I need to declutter that I will never get use out of with these similar shades. I like when the boxes allow us to choose from a palette as Boxy did this month. (My choice) or when they give us a couple of options like with the Ace Beauty then when Ipsy had the Huda palettes.

      • But with Ipsy you can very easily skip a month online.

      • Yep. BC locks you in. I’m going to free myself if choice is not goid.

    • That palette is pretty cringy. Especially after the storybook fiasco.

      • Yep. I didn’t believe it could get worse than those ridiculous storybook palettes. I was wrong. I’m going to see if the Hank and Henry will be a choice beside this boxy palette. If not, I’m gone. I’ve been eyeing Fashionsta and So Susan.

      • Fashionsta is horrible and their customer service is even worse.

      • Fashionsta is my absolute favorite! I’ve had many sub boxes Anna Fashionsta ROCKS!

      • I’m late to the party. What was the storybook fiasco?

      • They had a couple green or red-heavy palettes for December base box called Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. You could look back at the spoilers on this site and see them!

      • They are incredibly thick palettes-like a book. A lot of wasted space!

        Supposedly there was controversy over the formula as well, that Boxy had changed it to something different. Not quite sure what the fuss was about.

      • Pretty sure she isn’t referring to the colorway of the SB palettes.. There is a video out from “The Not So Evil Stepmother” on YouTube where she makes a whole lot of “alleged” claims against Boxycharm. She claims that BC is making “fake” products for companies using some secret Chinese lab. Really, all she has proven is that Storybook Cosmetics had the Boxycharm palettes made in the PRC, which wasn’t exactly a secret. It says right on the packaging and on their website, that it’s Made in PRC (and they are not the only palettes they had made in PRC. Fairytales was also made there). Storybook has responded by saying that in order to fill that large of an order, in a timely manner, they had to be produced in China. Their formula, their packaging- different lab I am not sure why people are blowing it so out of proportion, because in all honesty, this is something that happens ALL THE TIME. Companies change manufacturing locations regularly. They are only required by law to disclose that information on the packaging, which they did. They are not required to notify all their consumers.

        As far as calling them fakes or dupes, it’s really not true, because the same exact palette is for sale on the Storybook website.

        I know people have speculated that Boxy and brands are changing their products into “watered down versions” of the originals, but until someone has them lab tested side by side, it is just that: speculation. It may be true, it may be false, but it certainly has not been proven either way.

        I went back and looked at the majority of my items I have received in my last few boxes and every one of them was made in the same location as the “store bought” version. I would have a really hard time understanding why brands would alter their formula, just to be featured in a box. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You aren’t going to get repeat customers if the product doesn’t perform well and the main point of being in a sub box is to get exposure and gain yourself repeat customers. I’m choosing to remain undecided in the matter until solid proof is provided.

      • My storybook pallet was fine except the packaging was huge.. I do not have room for all that crap.

    • I really liked their brushes and they seem to be good quality but I agree with you on the Palette. It’s not appealing to me at all. I signed up for brand names and that’s one reason I dumped ipsy. No way was I paying to get cheap makeup they had made.

  31. Wait–I thought if you had both the base box and premium box, then you would not receive duplicate items, yet it states above that the same palette will be in both the base and the premium boxes in March!

    Liz, can you please inquire about that?

    • The BoxyCharm palette is one item possibility in both boxes – it isn’t a product every subscriber gets in each subscription. The base box will also have a Hank & Henry Palette variation. The Luxe box also has TARTE tarteist PRO REMIX Amazonian Clay Palette. The last time they featured one item across multiple subscriptions they mentioned that you would not receive a duplicate in your subscriptions. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!

    • If you are getting the Boxyluxe then you wont get a base box on the same account, so you wouldn’t be getting duplicate products. They did not mention this was a spoiler for premium, which is going to be all Fenty products in March.

  32. I really hate those shade names…all that self-boxy/self-reference-promo…’cup of joe’?! Please. For me, this is a huge product turn-off. I sure hope this is part of a choice so base box can opt out. Good grief, this is awful.

    • If I get this and it swatches ok I’m depanning the palette so I don’t have to look at this cringe. I subscribe because it’s the only way for me to have some fancy makeup and this is just not.

      • Agree. I can’t afford full price. If I get it I may just donate off the bat. I can’t stand looking at those names.

  33. No new Luxe spoilers here. We’ve already seen those. Meh…on that ‘Boxy’ palette for base.

    • The palette is for Base and Luxe.

      • I know. Still meh. The rest has already been spoiled.

  34. I REALLY don’t want boxycharm branded makeup. Honestly if they put money into and made it really great…maybe. But it just looks so cheap and a way for them to scam people out of money. Makeup in china is SO cheap to make so how much are they making by putting things like the brushes and this into a box rather than real makeup from know brands. I love the fun of subscription boxes and it’s only $20, but not at the risk of my health. I think this and everything that has come out this week makes this the end for me. Super bummed 🙁

  35. I just signed up because I wanted BoxyLuxe, does anybody know if I have a shot at getting off the waitlist for it or not? I have no clue how long the wait is.

    • I think after this palette spoiler, your chances at getting Luxe are excellent, lol.

    • I’ve subbed and resubbed a couple of times and I’ve never not been able to get Luxe. I’d say your chances are good.

    • There isn’t a waitlist per se for BoxyLuxe. It will say waitlist/waiting until you are first billed. You will have no problem getting Luxe.

  36. So, is this something you’ll get if you pass on the Tarte palette? Otherwise, it seems like A LOT of eyeshadows to get in one box.

    • I love and collect eyeshadow pallettes, so I’m thrilled for getting a couple each month. But I hope its GOOD pallette. I am not looking for boxycharm made makeup though to be honest though.

  37. All Luxe? Even those who choose the Tarte palette? That seems like a lot of the same shades!

  38. I love this palette in the base box. Yes, i keep in!!!

  39. I’ll pass on this one and just stick with premium but I do love boxycharm😊

  40. Truly and honestly I’ve been very happy with Boxycharm lately, all loving all of the boxes!

  41. Nope… Pass!

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