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Oui Please Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Vol 4.6

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. In each box, you can expect a mix of beauty, jewelry, fashion, home, and food items.

In addition to the subscription box for women, Oui Please also offers an Homme box for men. Read our reviews of Oui Please Homme to learn more!

Important to know – not all boxes are the same. This is a subscription that sends out variations. Subscribers are able to select their customization through a link that is emailed.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Oui Please

The Subscription Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full-sized French products from the beauty, fashion, jewelry, home, and food categories.

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for $40.86 (covers duties and taxes)

Good to Know: Single-purchase boxes are available for $165

Oui Please “La Parisienne” Volume 4.6 Review

The magazine for this box is completely digital, and you can see it here.

Codage Paris Concentrated Body Milk, 5.1 oz – Retail Value $56.08 (€50.00)

This is a true body milk in that it is very lightweight but it still provides impressive hydration to my skin. Ingredient all-stars include shea butter, jojoba, aloe vera, baobab seed oil, and linoleic acid. Good news for my scent-sensitive friends- while this does have added fragrance, it is the very last ingredient on the list and it is so faint I would almost call this an unscented product. Subscribers could have received one of several Codage Paris products, and I do wish I had been able to try a product that wasn’t sent in a previous box. 

Rose Et Marius Liquid Soap in Platanes, 295 ml – Listed Value $45 (Buy the same product in different scents for $27.75/€25.00)

Liquid soap almost never excites me, but if it has the name Rose et Marius on it, I’m going to be eager to try it out. Let me start out by apologizing for not having a better photo- this box arrived right before I moved to a different town, and I photographed it before I moved but didn’t realize until after the move that the individual photo of this soap was completely unusable. I did try this before I packed it up to move, and I loved the refreshing woody scent that had a top note of cypress, heart notes of plane tree leaves, and base notes of plane tree bark. I love tree-scented anything (I will happily burn Christmas fir-scented candles year-round), so this soap was perfect for me. The olive oil base means this soap was extra nourishing to my skin (and didn’t leave it feeling stripped), and the soap is also paraben-free.  


Les Nereides Paris Bracelet – Listed Value $70 (check out other bracelets by the brand here)

I love Les Nereides pieces, but I was a little confused as to why this was the bracelet I received. This bracelet was a subscriber choice option, and not only did I not choose this style, but this style wasn’t even one of the options. I understand not always getting my choice of item, but I do wish the bracelet I received was at least one of the options subscribers could have picked from. That being said, if you are a fan of dainty, whimsical jewelry then Les Nereides will make your heart sing- and I do love that the fastener on this bracelet means I can put it on by myself with no help needed.


Maradji Scarf in Forest – Listed Value $55 (buy a similar scarf from the brand for $55.49/€50.00)

While I am not much of a scarf person, I can definitely still appreciate this gorgeous silk and modal piece that was screened by hand. I chose the Forest shade, and I think the deep green with the gold-printed design is a beautiful combination for these grey and dreary winter months (south Louisiana may not get very cold during this season, but the sun loves to stay out of sight). This scarf has a good size to it- its too big to fold and use as a headband, but it isn’t bulky when I wrap it around my neck. The material is soft, and I love that this scarf, in both color and composition, is a unique piece. Subscribers had their choice of colors for this scarf. 


Rive Droite Paris The Toiletry Bag – Listed Value $50 (Buy the same bag in a different color for $43.28/€39.00)

This makeup bag is made of recycled cotton and is actually machine washable (that will sure come in handy when eventually I have a product leak). This bag is roomy, and I chose this darker green color because I liked that it was a unisex color. Rive Droit focuses on using upcycled materials to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, and they also focus on making sure all of their employees achieve financial independence by training them, designating them as self-employed for better benefits, and helping them finance their own workshops and equipment. Subscribers could choose between the toiletry bag or this pouch, both in a variety of colors.


Maison Boissier BonBons Mini Fruits Jellies, 75 g – Listed Value $15 (Buy a 55 g box for $11.04 here)

This is an item that I wish subscribers could have had the choice of- I received the fruit jellies, (which taste fruity and fine), but I love hard candies and would have enjoyed one of those variations more. I think the tin that these sweet little candies come in is actually quite lovely and perfectly French, so when I finish the candies I’ll wash it and reuse it in some way.

Maison Boissier Crème de Marrons, 80 g – Listed Value $5, Retail Value $4.44 (€4.00)

Also from Maison Boisser, we received this Crème de Marrons, a spread made from roasted chestnuts the way Nutella is made from hazelnuts. I don’t usually reach for sweet spreads like Nutella, so I followed the Oui Please suggestion of adding a bit on top of ice cream and really enjoyed the sweet nuttiness.

Fer A Cheval Perfumed Soap In Honey & Almond, 125 g – Listed Value $10 (Buy a set of 4 for $36)

Fer a Cheval soaps are made in the oldest soap factory in Marseille, and every ingredient has a 100% French origin. Along with being certified organic, these bars of soap are made with argan oil and shea butter to add moisture to your skin while gently cleansing it. I enjoyed the light honey and almond scent of my soap, but I believe subscribers could have received a variety of scents.


Samo Candle in Feu de Bois, 120 ml – Listed Value $30

I couldn’t find much information about this candle brand online, but I do like it! Feu de Bois translates to “wood fire,” and this candle does remind me of a slow-burning campfire. This candle has a fair-trade coconut base (which is more environmentally friendly), and I was happy with the scent throw.

The Verdict: First off- way to go, Oui Please! When I first got my shipping information on this box I thought it was an error because Oui Please boxes have a tendency to be (very) delayed in shipping. I also thought as a whole this was a nicely curated box, though getting a liquid soap and a bar soap may be a bit much for a single box. I don’t think this was my personal favorite box from Oui Please due to the candy and bracelet, but overall I still think this box was worth it (especially if you sign up for the box with a discount). Value-wise, I calculated a total value of $335.52 using a mix of both retail and listed values. Even if some of the listed values are a bit high and you make some adjustments, I still think this box definitely meets the promised value of $300.

To Wrap Up: 

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No, you will get Volume 4.7 (check out our latest Oui Please spoilers to learn more!), and be aware this is a box that frequently ships late.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $150 with free shipping and I calculated a total value of $335.52. That means you are paying approximately the following per item (less if you signed up with a coupon!):

  • Codage Paris: $25.07
  • Rose et Marius: $20.12
  • Les Nereides: $31.30
  • Maradji: $24.60
  • Rive Droite: $22.35
  • Maison Boissier BonBons: $6.70
  • Maison Boissier Crème de Marrons: $1.98
  • Fer a Cheval: $4.47
  • Samo: $13.41

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of Oui Please? What was your favorite item in Volume 4.6?

Oui Please

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (44)

  1. I wish I read these reviews before falling for the scam 6 months ago.
    They stole my money, I have received nothing.
    I have been emailing since November with no response.
    Do not waste your money on this scam subscription box.

    Also-the phone number on their how to contact us on the website is conveniently not in service.

  2. Consider this a warning. Purchase this box at your own risk.

    OuiPlease continues to actively promote their items but will not fulfill the orders they already received. Curious if their taxes are in order…all that customer money received and yet no products or shipments going out .Hmmmmmmmm.

    • The lies by Ouiplease don’t change. I ordered a box as a Christmas present a year ago. My sister in law never did receive most of it. Stop giving them money. I’m frankly disappointed that this website hasn’t removed them. My subscription addiction is doing loyal readers a disservice.

  3. WHATEVER YOU DO- DO NOT BUY THIS BOX!! This is a total scam. I purchased the latest box back on July 11. It is now it is October 6 and NOTHING. I took them at their word and was very sympathetic when they said that they were having shipping delays due to Covid and when they issued an updated shipping schedule. When those dates came and went, I contacted customer service and they offered to send me the items from the box that were already in their possession and they said they would then would ship the remainder of the box separately once those products came in. That was on September 4. Never received anything. I sent them another email on September 25 asking for a refund and they never responded. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

    • Colette,

      I received the first box at Christmas (2019) which wasn’t impressive but I always try 3 boxes. I was charged for 2 more boxes but they never came. They kept giving me the same excuse with shipping but further investigation showed this was a problem way before Covid. The end of May I requested a refund but they were doing something that it would never go through. I finally filed a dispute with PayPal but it was past the 180 days. OuiPlease never returned calls or emails. After PayPal wouldn’t refund and I realized I was out $300. I thought people needed to know what a scam this company is so I went on their Facebook and put a angry face and copy and pasted the same comment on every post telling people not to buy. They blocked me and deleted all my comments. I used a friends Facebook and did the same thing and as I was doing that the messaged me and told me to stop that they would refund me and within 20 minutes I had my refund! (8 months after I had paid). My suggestion is file a dispute today with your credit card company. Don’t wait, you won’t get one from them.

    • Thanks, Trisha. I filed a fraud claim with my credit card company as well as with the Better Business Bureau. They have an “F” rating with the BBB, by the way. I did post on IG and FB and Ashley reaches out with the same old story about shippIng & Covid but, as you said, this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Covid! I hope other people read this before they lose their money too!

  4. DO NOT PURCHASE!!! Was gifted a Ouiplease subscription June !st yet never received anything from them (today is Sept. 14) but I have been charged twice.

  5. DO NOT BUY THIS SUBSCRIPTION. It looks gorgeous, but it ships LATE and INCOMPLETE and Ouiplease doesn’t follow through on fixing anything.

    I ordered a single box as a gift for Christmas 2019 for my sister-in-law. If she liked it, I intended to buy an annual subscription for her big birthday in March. After multiple followup emails and messages, she finally received an incomplete box APRIL 15th. It was not the winter 2019 box, but instead part of the spring 2020 box. Then a month later she received a bill from FedEx for half the cost of the box in duties and handling fees which Ouiplease charged me $40.86 for in advance and still hasn’t sorted out with FedEx. Not worth the hassle or the time.

    • I agree, do not get this subscription! First off, their operations is barely there and no one can get it together. The Jan/Feb 2020 box shipped out 7 months late. This is a bi-monthly sub box and subscribers just received their first box this year, everyone should have 4 boxes by now. Secondly, the pics of the products are photos from the company and don’t necessarily represent what the product will look like. For example, the Maradji scarf that was advertised is from the Maradji website. The scarf we received was a cheap version of it. It looks like they used the companies name and had it manufactured in China. Even on the pic in this review you can see the crappy sewing of this scarf.
      Lastly, OP has been lying to their subscribers for months about shipping the Jan/Feb box. Every week they say they are shipping in small batches. It was 5 months of shipping for them only to have them admit they are only now finally shipping and subscribers received it the last week of June. Some report not receiving it. They even posted fake reviews of people receiving the box in April or May.

  6. I finally received this box in what is almost late April with some items missing.

    I did not receive the scarf, the candie nor the chocolate tube. The body milk I received was only 50ml, not the 150 ml as advertised. The bracelet also looked cheap.

    Terrible! Very misleading.

  7. Missing bracelet follow up:

    Ashley contacted me via email and personally apologized. It sounds like they will be sending me a bracelet, but they don’t have any in stock at the moment.

    Having heard from them, I feel much more secure that they are going to do right by me. I don’t typically report problems that I have with boxes, but I considered this a ‘big’ deal since the value of the bracelet was a good portion of the box. When I do take the time to reach out, I like to know that I’ve been heard and that my problem will be addressed. And I feel good about both of those things happening now.

    Oui’s efforts to improve are clear. The boxes are still very interesting and ones I look the most forward to. I have two boxes left in my Annual, before deciding whether to renew for another year. Given how many boxes have gone under the last few years, I am pulling for them to continue on.

  8. My codage came in the travel size. So those who received full size got lucky. My scarf, bracelet and bag were not what I chose even though I emailed choices several times so that they couldn’t say they didn’t get it. I’m a long term subscriber to this box so I was irritated. The things I bought separately from there store back in September didn’t arrive until they were too late to gift for the people they were intended for. My emails were replied to a few weeks later with what were by then irrelevant answers and a bit condescending. I’m hoping this next box is better.

    • Mine was also travel sized, and so was my Boissier (tiny box). 🙁 disappointing, as this was my first ouiplease box, and they continually showed the products as full size. I also didn’t receive any of my selections.

  9. Beautiful box! I have to say this box is becoming my favorite. They don’t typically ship on time, but the assortment of items is usually wonderful. I received my top choice of bracelet, which was the bird, and the scar in midnight. My bag was not my choice, but I will enjoy it anyway (dark denim clutch). I got Corsica scent in the liquid soap and White Tea and Yuzu bar soap. The candy I received was strawberry, which at first looked like hard candy but wasn’t. My Codage and candle were the same as yours. I’m happy with it all.

      • Ashely,

        Where is the refund I was told I would get? Why don’t you respond to my emails anymore? I just want my $300 refund for the two boxes I didn’t receive.

  10. I’m sorry to say but a lot of this stuff looks like it came from Ross or TJ Maxx! They have a section filled with French soaps and lotions etc costing under $10. I don’t see the value here.

    • What can’t you get at TJMAX? Oh wait. Im fairly certain that you can’t find Les Nereides jewelry there.

      • True, if you like their jewelry. I don’t know bc I haven’t seen this jewelry but I’m sure it was the primary item.

  11. I’m so sorry this happened to you as well! I thought I was crazy. I shook out the box over and over, checked in the scarf, checked in the clutch. Thought the bracelet was hiding somewhere. Nope! So upsetting!

    The last line of their response email said, “I will have my fulfillment team ship your bracelet to you”, but that was on Jan 2. I haven’t received any follow up emails or shipping notification so I’m not holding my breath. I’m also not going to waste my time chasing them to get them to do the right thing.

  12. Trust me, you didn’t miss anything by not getting the hard candy! I had the strawberry flavor and thought it tasted like chemically-sweetened nothingness. It was very fake and blah. The tin was super cute though, so the candy went in the trash, and the tin is currently storing pushpins instead, so at least it wasn’t a complete loss. I pretty much thought the same thing about the chestnut spread’s flavor and tossed it too, I wish that one had come in a reusable container too.

  13. I wrote to Ashley about not getting my selections and she said that preferred selections are not guaranteed. I wrote back with a couple of suggestions; she responded by saying she forwarded my feedback BUT she also said they have updated their form so customers will only get to select items that are still in stock. Hopefully that will reduce the number of people receiving an option they dislike.

  14. I was a bit disappointed in this box but primarily because I got none of my choices and they did not send me a full size codage product but sent 2 tiny samples. I had just renewed my annual membership though I am still due 2 boxes on my current subscription. I am kinda regretting renewing. I am grateful that they didn’t leave anything out but hope at least one of my requests will be honored in future boxes.

  15. This sounds weird, but for me the candle smells like the State Fair.

  16. Thanks Allison. Sorry you didn’t get your bracelet but I needed reminding why I don’t subscribe to them anymore. I was teetering.

  17. My box was missing the bracelet. They accused me of lying in their response email, saying that “each box is triple checked by hand”. Yet here I am with no bracelet.

    If they didn’t have the one that I selected, I would have taken a substitute. To leave it out entirely just ensures I didn’t get the value out of my box.
    Very disappointed in them.

    • How rude! Any company that accused me of lying would never see my business again. This is a $150 box, they should be bending over backward to assist their customers. I highly doubt each box is triple checked – otherwise your box wouldn’t be missing anything! Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been considering this box, but now they are off my wish list permanently.

    • They aren’t sending you a bracelet?!

      I received a similarly toned response to my email. They said they were “shocked” that my bracelet was missing because each box was triple-checked. I pulled everything out of the box, including the filling, to confirm it was missing and reported that back. I was told I’ll get one when the next shipment of bracelets comes in, but the messages definitely had a “you’re lying” vibe to them.

      • I’m so sorry this happened to you as well! I thought I was crazy. I shook out the box over and over, checked in the scarf, checked in the clutch. Thought the bracelet was hiding somewhere. Nope! So upsetting!

        The last line of their response email said, “I will have my fulfillment team ship your bracelet to you”, but that was on Jan 2. I haven’t received any follow up emails or shipping notification so I’m not holding my breath. I’m also not going to waste my time chasing them to get them to do the right thing.

      • I’m amused that it was a stock reply and all of us who reported the missing bracelet received the same response… I too got the same reply (I’m shocked etc, triple-checked), and likewise thought it was poorly worded. This said, I don’t think it was meant in a “you’re lying” spirit, more in a “we’re doing our best, but sh*& happens” one. The email did say that mistakes happen sometimes, despite all their checking. But yes, it felt defensive and a tad passive-aggressive.
        I’m still waiting to get my replacement. I had ordered a separate bracelet from the shop in November, which came scuffed and without certificate of authenticity/Bangle Up bag, so I returned it for a replacement, and I’m still waiting for that as well (!). Patience, my padawan. So much patience…

    • Wow Allison, that’s completely unacceptable that they questioned your missing bracelet! I t I’ve seen comments from other people about missing bracelets, as well, so you aren’t the only one. For them to basically deny their mistake and put it on you (especially given their history of repeated mistakes) is really poor form. So sorry this happened to you!

      I know they monitor this forum; I’m curious to hear their response and how they will spin this one.

    • Sorry that happened to you! I actually really like this sub, so it’s disappointing to hear how they handled the situation. Fingers crossed they make it right for you!

    • O gosh! Any company who accused me of lying after spending $150 would be told directly where to go, a hot place, and I’d be demanding a refund and cancellation. Return the junk!

    • I would demand a prorated refund and if not, charge the remaining boxes back. You didn’t get what you paid for and the beyond rude customer service is unacceptable. I’m sorry that’s just awful

    • Bonjour Allison! In my email I only meant to demonstrate how seriously we take our shipping process to try to ensure mess-ups like this do not happen, not to imply that you were lying. I apologize for it coming off that way. We have placed another order for the Les Nereides bracelets, and I will ship one to you, and any others who emailed me saying it was missing, as soon as they arrive! Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I invite you to email me with any other feedback or questions at [email protected].

  18. The bracelet looks so weird. It’s like a bit of human organ dangling from it. I can see why they didn’t show it as a choice.

  19. I saw the “vote for your next box” email. I’m a tad concerned about the belt thought. People are various sizes and European belts tend to be a bit smaller so I wonder if they won’t fit a lot of people.

  20. I don’t really wear scarves, but I would be interested in swapping for this one. I think it looks lovely.

  21. I love your honest reviews, you are spot on about this one. Not their best but at least you got it before 2022 and the products were intact

  22. In upcoming boxes I’d love to see kitchen items (I use the dish brush and dessert plate a lot- how about a travel coffee mug or more kitchen stuff?), French beauty (codage and the others they’ve featured I’ve used and like), a garden item (like a pot with info on how to grow French lavender?), a purse or bag for either gym or beach or picnic or smthg. Anyone else have ideas on what they’d like to see?

    • Bonjour PudgeKat! Merci beaucoup for the suggestions! I will forward your ideas to our sourcing team!

  23. I’m loving the toiletry bag, soaps, and lotion. I find that I don’t use their accessories much (swapped the scarf). I got an email to vote for a hat and belt for an upcoming 2020 box but I don’t really wear either of those things. I like their home (kitchen, candles) and beauty items the most.

  24. I am the opposite I loved getting a hand and bar soap! I swapped the scarf which was very nice but don’t wear.

    • Ditto.

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