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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate August 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate February 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

We have the glam bag design reveals for the February 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate!

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Comments (54)

  1. Really do NOT need another bag and don’t care for the GB one, which is unfortunately what I will be getting. I agree with other subscribers in that it doesn’t seem like the products received match my profile. I don’t need any more highlighter, bright red lipstick or matte lipsticks. Curious to see what next month will bring…

  2. I love the crushed velvet for the glam bag and glam bag ultimate. Not a fan of the plus. Of course I have the plus subscription.

  3. I think the Glambag is cute! I do hope the Glambag plus is plush on the other side…

  4. the regular glam bag is SOO CUTE! So happy! I always find i like the regular bags more than the others =) keep on not disappointing Ipsy!

  5. The ultimate bags at $12 add on pricing is a nice deal!

  6. Cute. Love the red zipper. But hoestly, I could not care less about the bag. I only care that they get my profile at least close. And after no bag in Decembet, I just hope that it gets here.

    • OOPS… Honestly….

  7. I have the Ultimate sub. Dropped the other two because A. Im SUPER overloaded with sample sized products.
    B. The Plus went to Hades the minute the Ultimated debuted. Unfortunately. Used to be my fave monthly sub.
    I wish they hadn’t also done a pinkish bag in January too. Or should’ve made February red for Valentines to let us escape the everythings pink theme. But its an ok bag for the Ultimate I suppose.

  8. Like the quilted bags, but I’m a plus subscriber 🙁

    • Right!? Why is the Glam Bag nicer than the plus bag? Disappointed 😔

      • Agreed! It seems like the plus is the worst option each month bag wise. I’m tempted to switch to the regular bag for February and just add on something fun

      • I thought the same thing! I get both bags, for now! They haven’t even tried to get my profile close in months! It’s always red lipstick, blush and highlighters!

      • I think the pictures are swapped around maybe?? I assume @Liz would clarify or correct it if they were though..

  9. One of these is not like the others …

    All are still perfect for the month of love

  10. I like it..but I wanna see the products..wonder if it’s going to be another collaboration in feb

  11. I think these are so ugly! Sorry to sound like a B but, are they for real?

    • I agree. They look like something you would carry if you can’t afford Chanel lol

  12. Lol the plus bag is a Chanel wannabe.

  13. The Plus bag is so cute!

  14. I like all three. A little boring, but perfectly fine, quilted or not. It’s just a bag and there will be different bags next month. Nothing to worry or fret over. For me, though (unlike most posters here!), nothing will ever beat the leopard bags! I love anything animal-related. Well, an Appaloosa horse spotted pattern with haloes would be a tie to the leopard! I hope Ipsy does more animal prints in the future.

    • I like the style of the leopard ultimate bag. I haven’t liked any of the others. Especially December. They looked like a jiffy pop popcorn bags. Luckily we know ahead of time what they look like and enough spoilers so we can opt out of we want.

      • I’ve already given away my ‘jiffy pop’ bags with donations! That leopard train case was fabulous! (No one is getting that one from me, lol.) I always find a use for the bags. I use a LOT of them for my art supplies. I donate a lot of them as well. They are very well made and so useful. I’m glad we get them.

  15. Love the quilted ones!

  16. The plus bag totally stinks! What were they thinking???

    • I love the plain pink leather bag. It’s classy and I would consider tossing that in my everyday bag. The quilted one is alright (summer is coming and the plain leather one works for both seasons). I guess there’s no pleasing everyone.

      • Winter just started 2 weeks ago! Summer is not that close! I love the quilted bag!

      • I meant winter and spring

    • They hate us.

  17. I seem to be in the minority. I prefer the GBP bag over the quilted ones.

    • Same!

    • Me too. The others seem impossible to keep nice looking.

    • Yup me too. Quilting is so old-lady like in my opinion. I only ever liked it on a vest.

  18. Gotta say, I love how ipsy seems to be making an effort on following a variation on a theme every month. Some are better than others (November 👎). I quite like all three for February – although I don’t subscribe to Ultimate, and won’t be receiving the big quilted one.

  19. Are they fuzzy?👀 Omg, I ❤ that!!!!!😍

  20. I love the quilted bags! I don’t understand why the GBP isn’t.

  21. The Plus bag is janky compared to the other 2.

  22. YAY! Its gorgeous! I cant get enough ipsy!

  23. Oooh, I like them all.

  24. I like the quilted bags!

  25. I love these for Valentine’s Day ❤

  26. It seems fitting for February.

  27. I really like the Classic bag and the Ultimate bag. Glam Plus is cute, but the other two are prettier (just my opinion).

    • Agree! I wish they would keep them the same, so they are a cute set if you get all 3!

      • Yes… It’s the odd ball. It’s cute, but I do prefer the quilted pattern. I think I’ll purchase the Ultimate, if it’s available as an add-on. That’s what I did this month, so I will have the complete set. Lots of traveling this year. I think these bags will be nice.

  28. Is there any way MSA can find out why GBP members are not getting the same type of bag as the others?? I’m a GBP subscriber and I’m really bothered that I’m not getting the same bag as the others.

    • The bags don’t necessarily need to be exactly the same shape or material, just similar. I like the GBP one better anyway, I’d get the other two dirty because of the type of material.

    • I agree with Savannah, I want the quilted style. I could see it if it was slightly different but it’s way different.

      • I agree about the style of GBP being totally different. I ended up purchasing the ultimate bag from last month as an add on because of the size and the pattern. I would’ve been happy if my GBP bag was just one single marble pattern as opposed to what they tried to do with it. I really like the quilted ones but I’m not going to keep buying them as add on’s just to get it.

    • I imagine that they are trying to go for a more coordinating look rather than have everything match exactly. The GBP is a pretty bag, but I can see why some subscribers might be upset about not getting quilted one.

  29. I kinda really want an elongated pouch for one of the options. Mostly because we have open seating at work and it would be nice to store my desk essentials in a nicer bag than a Ziploc bag. The lockers are small and so far that’s the only bag shape I had look with.

  30. Cute! I like how the fabric looks

    • I think it’s super cute hope the make ups good my bags have sucked lately

  31. I love those quilted designs for the GB and GBU!

    • I love the little suitcase for January ultimate. I get ipsy bag and ipsy plus but not getting premium because I really don’t see $50.00 worth of products. I was able to buy as an add-on they little boxycharm ultimate suitcase without the products for $12.00, if I bought it on the internet I would have been charged $15- $20 at least. I receive boxycharm and on the waitlist for boxycharm ultimate because I do see boxycharm ultimate or whatever the new one is being called it is an excellent buy for $35!!!! I’m super excited on that one.
      Oh yeeeesssss

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