My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Digital Wellness Subscriptions – Tell Us Everything!

While we typically write about subscription boxes—namely the kind of subscriptions where you get a real product in the mail—we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around digital subscriptions and apps. This month is Wellness Month here at MSA, so there’s no better time to find out more about any type of service that can help us feel better both physically and mentally.

Some of the most popular ones are those that promote mindfulness, wellness, diet, and fitness. We have to admit that though we’ve heard good things, we haven’t yet tried them ourselves.

Have you tried any digital subscriptions or apps that have helped with healthy eating, exercise routines, or meditation?

We’d love to hear your experiences with the following services we’ve been so curious about:

Fitness and Nutrition App Subscriptions


woman looking at noom app on her phone

Image courtesy of Noom

What is Noom? Noom is a fitness and weight loss app whose goal is to make the world a healthier place through healthier habits. The app is said to provide “a scientifically-proven psychological approach to weight loss and behavior change that works.” This digital service offers a personal Goal Specialist, in-the-moment guidance and feedback on your food choices, a customized program with as much support and accountability as you want, plus custom meal and workout plans.

Sign up to try Noom. The price after your trial depends on the length of your custom plan. Monthly auto-recurring plans are $59.00, 2 month auto-recurring plans are $99.00, 4 month auto-recurring plans are $129.00, 6 month auto-recurring plans are $149.00, 8 month auto-recurring plans are $159, and annual auto-recurring plans are $199.00 for US residents.

Available on: iOS and Android.


Image via Aaptiv.

What is Aaptiv? Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness workout app. Subscriptions provide access to 2,500+ trainer-led, music-driven workouts in categories like running, elliptical, race training, stretching, yoga, and more. Music includes new and classic tracks that are perfectly paced to your workout.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial. Subscriptions (unlimited access to all classes) are $14.99/month or $99.99/year. Aaptiv offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the annual plan within 30 days.

Available on: iOS and Android.


Open Fit App Screen Example

Image via Openfit.

What is Openfit? Openfit “makes healthy living simple and fun by putting your fitness, nutrition, and community support in one app.” This service offers live and on-demand classes (running, barre, yoga, Pilates, walking, cardio, and more) via the app so you can get your workout in at home on your schedule. Subscriptions also include access to a virtual fitness community and a personalized nutrition program.

Download the app for free; subscriptions are available as in-app purchases. Plans are $14.99/ month, $39.99/quarter, or $99.99/year for US-based subscribers. Openfit offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all plans within the first 14 days.

Available on: iOS and Android. Stream using your TV, laptop, or app with Roku and Chromecast.

Meditation and Learning App Subscriptions


Glo App Yoga

Image via Glo.

What is Glo? Glo is a yoga, mat Pilates, and meditation app “designed to help you feel better in body and mind.” Subscribers get unlimited access to more than 4,000 classes from Glo’s global network of world-class instructors. New users answer a 3 question survey for a customized practice plan.

Try Glo free for 15 days. After your free trial, subscriptions are $22.99/month.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Roku.


Headspace App Value Props

Image via Headspace.

What is Headspace? Headspace is a “personal meditation guide, right in your pocket.” The app offers themed lessons focused on stress, sleep, focus, and anxiety plus bite-sized meditation sessions. It also features sleep sounds, bedtime exercises, and a new meditation exercise every day.

Try Headspace for free for up to 2 weeks. Annual subscriptions are $69.99/year (that’s $5.83/month, includes 2 free trial weeks); monthly subscriptions are $12.99/month (includes a 1-week free trial).

Available on: iOS and Android.


Babbel app on devices

Image via Babbel.

What is Babbel? Babbel is a language learning app with short, effective lessons to help you learn to listen, speak, and write in a new language. The app has speech-recognition technology to help you perfect your pronunciation as well as a review feature that’s optimized to help you retain what you learn. Babbel offers 5,000 language courses in Spanish and 13 other languages.

Download the app to take a free lesson. Plans start $6.95/month for a 1-year plan.

Available on: iOS and Android.

Have you tried any of these fitness or wellness digital subscriptions?

Tell us what you’ve tried and how you liked it in the comments below – we may share your comment in a future post! If you’ve tried something and loved it but don’t see it on our list above, tell us all about it.

Emily Cosnotti
Emily Cosnotti
Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She's really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

Emily Cosnotti
Emily Cosnotti
Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She's really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.
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Sweatflix (aka BodyRock) has an awesome library of workouts. Last I checked it was about $10/mo and they offer free trials to try it out.


Fresh20 – It’s weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists done for you. They have a range of dietary plans to choose from. For me, the planning is the hardest part!


Ovulation tracker!
I know this is different, and I’m not crazy about these kinda of things but I have learned more about my body using an ovulation app than I even knew possible!
Most of them are to try and get pregnant but I started using one as ‘natural’ birth control. (Not advocating anything here! Be responsible.) It’s really neat to get to know the cycle of the body, even if you aren’t trying to get or prevent pregnancy.
I use My days X but there are other good ones like Glow and Ovia. Most of them are free so this might not be the place for mentioning them but you can learn a lot. I feel like this could also help along with a weight loss app as it teaches you the daily changes in your body due to hormones. You can log your daily body works, temp, mood, etc along with your period days and over time looking through the calendar things seem to make more sense.
It’s probably the best topic of app I could recommend. I would really like to see a weight loss program that takes these daily changes into account (maybe there is one?)


I am a HEADSPACE gal which was introduced via a sub box of either FFF or PSMH years ago


Please please please have someone try Cureable – it is for chronic pain relief. Seriously. The reviews and everything I read sounds good but it is over $10/month.
I desperately want to hear that it works before I try it, as money is tight.


I second this! As a chronic pain sufferer, I jump at any chance for pain relief, but dropping $10 is a lot to do for something that doesn’t work.


I haven’t used any of the programs listed here, but I did use Chris Hemsworth’s fitness program, Centr, for three months and I loved it. I train in hapkido (Korean martial art), so the MMA workouts were especially nice. They have a ton of different workouts for all skill levels. I cancelled to cut back on costs, but I definitely recommend the program.

Amanda P

Please look Into the Nike fitness app! I tried the free version and it was pretty good for workouts, but I’d love to see a review of the premium version.


Yes! I used the free app for a long time and really liked the variety and the workout plans they had. Would love to know the difference on the paid portion.


I belong to WW (used to be WeightWatchers) I have had good success losing weight on their program. They very recently made some changes that I really like. There are three possible tracks that you can be on…you pick the one that’s right for you. And, you can change tracks anytime you want. Their app is easy to use too.


Yes, I was surprised WW wasn’t on here. I think they’ve done a really good job of keeping themselves updated and relevant. They do really great deals all the time, so it can be very reasonably priced to subscribe. I lost ten pounds last year, and rejoined this year to try to lose another 15.

They also offer nice incentives, tons of recipes, and different tiers for your fitness journey. They have also really promote mental health exercises, which I think is awesome and a huge component of fitness.

What I’ve found is if you sign up for their emails (but wait to sign up for their program) they will typically send out a nice discount to sign up.


I’m currently using Noom – it’s worth every single penny! I have been unsuccessful in the past but this app does more than just have you track your fitness and meals, it actually helps you delve into your motivation, triggers, and habits to help you make lifelong changes. You have actual people you are working with to help you create goals and keep you on track. They also get you in a group to have more people to help you stay accountable. If you need to lose weight and have struggled in the past, I would recommend trying the 2 week trial for Noom. I’m 9 days in and have lost 5 pounds so far.


Wow – congrats! I’ve heard a lot about Noom because they advertise pretty heavily, but like everything in the diet and fitness industry, it’s hard to know what is the real deal and what is scam wrapped in glossy packaging. I’m glad to see some feedback from a real customer. I’m definitely going to look into it now.


I use the Calm app and have enjoyed it so far. It was a little pricey (I think around $60 for a year but when I tried the free 7 day trial I did get an e-mail to purchase at a special price of around $40). I had some pretty extreme insomnia and anxiety for a good 6 months and I would listen to the sleep stories at night with some success. They have sleep stories for children as well so my son and I will listen to those before bed at times. They also have relaxing music, meditation, breathing exercises, masterclasses (from world renowned mindfulness experts), and a calm selection for kids. My insomnia is pretty much non-existent at this point so I don’t think I will renew next year but there are an array of other options that might make it worth it for someone else.


GLO! It’s amazing. The classes are from top-tier, highly experienced instructors, and there is literally something for everyone.


I was a big fan of Curology but then the formula I was on started not to work as well. Perhaps my skin got used to it. I switched to Musely a few weeks ago and it’s been amazing. I’m seeing much more of a difference in my complexion than I saw with Curology’s formulation.


Oops – sorry! Not sure how I missed the “digital” part of this title, but oh well. Maybe this will help someone looking for a skincare option anyway 🙂


This is a little off topic, but I would love to see some personal growth sub boxes which while delivering items through the mail, also have an online community and/or digital content like mediation guides or personal growth/self help videos led by an expert. Sort of hybrid style sub boxes with both online & digital content plus items like gratitude journals or productivity planner, books etc. I know there are some out there like this, but am blanking on their names. I would love to hear people’s experiences with these type of boxes, especially to learn how involved the online community is or how effective was the digital content in supporting growth and positive change.

You may already have this style of box discussed in a future post.

As for this question, I loved headspace, but after using it for 3 months, I no longer needed the app to meditate. I learned many kinds of meditation to practice which, for me, was the valuable aspect of headspace. I think it is especially valuable for those new to meditation but not all that valuable for those who have an established practice who also don’t need the motivation headspace provides. It has been over 4 years ago I used headspace, so keep in mind that there may be more features on the app that were not there when I used the app. Hope that helps anyone decide to try the service.


Check out Sparkle Hustle Grow I’ve gotten one box from them and it included a vision planner digital course, a book study, and videos about how to use a digital planner plus 3 months of free use. Plus the actual goodies in the box! I think it’s been great.


I used to use MyFitnessPal to track eating and exercise, and may use it again in the future. Noom sounded interesting but the online reviews were mixed so I felt like it was too expensive to try.


Ashlea, you can do a 2 week trial for Noom for only $1. I am currently using it and have only positive things to say. If you need to lose weight, I would highly recommend it, I wrote more about it above if you are interested.


I’ve been using My Fitness Pal since 2016 (I lost 45 pounds with it) but I find the app so clunky that I only use it on my computer. Although sometimes the website has problems too. On the other hand, it is free.


I’m a big fan of DailyBurn – they offer a variety of daily video workouts, a video archive, workout programs, and audio workouts for all levels. The full membership is usually around $150/year, but seems to go on sale regularly for $50, which makes it super reasonable! I especially like Anja Garcia’s Inferno videos.


I use daily burn too, I love it! I’m paying $12 a month now for my membership, but it’s usually $19, I wish I had got the $50 yearly sub when it was available. I love the barre and Pilates programs, but I do a lot of kickboxing and hiit workouts too. I think it’s great for people like me who need to follow a trainer or class instead of coming up with workouts and exercises on their own.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.