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The Detox Box Review – January 2020

The Detox Box is a green beauty subscription box from The Detox Market that costs $55/month. You’ll usually receive 2-3 products (although just 1 this month) from a featured brand each month that follow their strict ingredient standards and help you discover non-toxic ways to continue your beauty routine. What I love about this subscription is that I can try popular and undiscovered brands alike at a really good value!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Green Beauty Box from Detox Market

The Subscription Box: The Detox Box

The Cost: $55.00 a month with free shipping. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Each month you’ll get a box featuring one or more green beauty products from the selected brand of the month at a value of at least $90 with complimentary shipping.

Ships to: The US only.

The Detox Box January 2020 Review feat. Ayuna


In each Detox Box, you’ll receive two cards with your products. One introduces the featured brand (Ayuna) and has a short Q+A with the founders Begona Sanjuan and Isabel Ramos. The other card details the star product that Detox Market has curated this month. Choosing to send just one item is a gutsy move since it’s hard to please everyone, but this one is a direct hit for me since I already love the brand.

Ayuna Cellular Oil, 1 oz. – Retail Value $185.00

I 👏 AM 👏 OBSESSED 👏 WITH 👏 THIS 👏 BRAND. I was first introduced to Ayuna in another beauty box, but was OVERJOYED to see it pop up in Detox Box and with a new product, no less! The January box brought us the cellular oil from the brand, which has a sticker-shock-worthy retail price of $185. I can be a little bougie, but I certainly am not normally the type of woman to throw down that much on a product, even if I love it. What I mean is- this is a wonderful way for a commoner like myself to try a really high-end clean beauty product at a fraction of the cost. The only danger is falling in love with a product that is this far out of my price range. It’s like watching women on Say Yes to the Dress try on wedding gowns that are wayyyyy out of their budget and then falling in love with them. I digress.

So, what is in a $185 facial oil? Along with some classics like sunflower and sweet almond oil, this one-ounce bottle contains micro-lipids from the stem cells of the Spanish millennial olive tree. But the secret weapon is really their technology in which the oil is extracted directly from the stem cells’ membrane. Do I know what that actually means? Sadly, no. But this oil is some next-level stuff.

If you’ve been lucky enough to smell Ayuna’s signature scent (it’s called “Beautifulness”), you’ll recognize it here as well. I don’t think it’s for everyone because it is so unique (there is some sort of vinegar-like element to it but I swear it’s in a wonderful way), but I am certainly here for it. Read more about it under question seven here if interested because I can’t begin to explain it. I have been using this oil for about a week and honestly look forward to each morning and evening routine because of it. It only takes about three drops for me to be able to smooth over my entire face and neck and it slowly seeps in over the course of a few minutes or more. They suggest warming it in the hands before doing so and even inhaling the scent deeply through your nose to begin the experience (which I also highly recommend). One evening after only cleansing my face and putting this oil on, I stepped out of the bathroom and my BF exclaimed something to the effect of “Gosh, how do you look so put together and beautiful so quickly?” I was like “uhhhh- I’m just gettin’ ready for bed over here.” But I think that speaks to how amazing this makes my skin look when using this. It just creates a natural, beautiful glow unlike any other. It really just hydrates, softens, and makes me feel fantastic overall.

Verdict: I know I am laying it on thick this month, but Detox Box struck gold for me. The featured brand is amazing, the product is other-worldly, and the value? It’s a gosh darn dream. Although this is only a 0ne-ounce bottle (full-size), I think it will last me quite some time which makes me feel better about the price tag. Will I rebuy it after this one runs out? I would probably have to eat PB+J sandwiches for a while, but boy, would I consider it.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this box is still available! Just be sure to take a peek at this page to double-check when you sign up and click here to see the latest spoilers!

Value Breakdown: At $55.00 for this box, you’re getting the Ayuna Cellular Oil at a 70% discount and saving $130 by subscribing to The Detox Box.

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (33)

  1. I love all the Ayuna products I’ve received from various boxes. Beauty Heros has sent out a few over the years. I realized the other day that I’ve cancelled ALL my beauty subs because even after having given away a ton of stuff I’m not able to get to many of the items that I really want to try! Purchasing 2 Advents and the IBE Beauty bag threw me over the limit!

    When I do go back to resubbing I think I’ll get this and Beauty Heros. They so rarely miss!

  2. I want to try this product; but…I don’t NEED it. It’s definitely attractive and enticing. I’ve been drooling over Detox boxes for a long time. What I have to remember is that I probably could never afford to replace the Ayuna at full retail. I have to be practical on occasion! I took the money that I was thinking of spending on this and purchased the current Facetory Lux Plus instead. It’s such a wonderful, large assortment of super quality products that are affordable to ‘refill’ if I love. And, Facetory offered me a 20% discount if I reactivated. Much better deal, for me.

    • You will love the Facetory Lux Plus this quarter. It is amazing.

      • I can’t wait! Got my shipping notice today!

    • Agreed! Facetory is a great box too!

  3. Ok I just cancelled 4 subs and going to get this! I Need an oil like this as well! I’m very excited to try ! Do they have any discounts on this for signing up to this sub?

    • Unfortunately, The Detox Market has never had a discount on this sub. 🙁

  4. This oil sounds amazing, but after reading the ingredient list, I’m just not all that impressed. Looks like just a bunch of common oils that are found in many brands. For this price range, there are so many other oils that have top notch ingredients in them.. I would say though, that with the oils listed, that it should be moisturizing to the skin. Might be good for dry winter skin.. I just have to pass on this one.

    • I thought the same thing! I actually wanted to reach out to them and ask about that. Their marketing vaguely references their process which is what I assume makes it $$… we’ll see.

  5. Apparently I am the only one who feels this way, but I wish this product wasn’t so heavily fragranced. I just prefer less scented skincare products I guess. But it’s a little disappointing because I want to love this product and it is making it harder!

  6. Hi, what is your routine for this? You mentioned you used this after cleansing. Do you put moisturizer over it? Sunscreen in am for sure. On the fence since still have a stash of stuff but this seems pretty exciting!

    • Hey! I messaged Ayuna on Instagram and asked how long this stays good for they said it will stay good for a long time. They told me it needed to be used within 12 months after opening but said their expiration date did not start until the seal was broken.

    • Hey Cassandra!
      You can check out my full intense skincare routine here:
      But the short answer is that I personally use oils after cleansing, but before a moisturizer. I did just read an article insistent on using oils as the last step (so, after a moisturizer) but I honestly am not sure who to believe and will just say it’s a personal preference. You may even be able to use this oil instead of a moisturizer, so it kind of just depends on your skin. If you need a place to start, I’d say use a few drops of this after cleansing and if your skin feels like it still needs more moisture, add a moisturizer on top.
      Additionally, here are the directions straight from Ayuna: “Cleanse and prepare your skin. Apply a few drops of cellular oil into the palms of your hands and gently rub. Take several deep inhalations by placing your hands close to your nose. Apply the oil by gently pressing your hands on your cheeks, followed by your forehead, then your neck and end with pressing onto your décolleté. Apply your treatment cream. It may be used AM & PM, with other products or alone.”
      I hope you find the right regimen for your skin!

  7. Okay, SUPER FOMO over here! Haha

  8. Marne, I have never been so inspired to act. I really thought about this purchase. Do I need that Viseart palette or can I live without it for now? Answer No, it can wait. Do I really need to go shopping at Nordstrom Rack? Nah I don’t need a thing. Do I really need to get this Detox box … ding, ding, ding. YES!!! Thank you for the review.

    • I know I went overboard on the excitement, but… I just love it! Plus it’s such an awesome discount!

      • I’m sure I won’t regret it 😀It’s a good compromise and I absolutely love their Cream II…

  9. I hit the jackpot this month, because The Detox Market sent me two Detox Boxes!!! :O I even made sure that they were both addressed to me (they were, lol) and that my account only reflects one sub account (it does) and my card was only charged once (it was). I gifted the extra oil to my mom who proclaimed when I gave it to her “I got detoxed!” 😀 Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll receive two in February (I signed up with a 3-month sub) 😉

    • Whoa!! What luck, Luna!! Do you love it too??

      • I haven’t tried it yet. 🙂 I’m still working on a balm that’s lasting FOREVER (May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon, which I think you’d LOVE… (I think it’s you that loves blue tansy, right? 🙂 )), but I do wanna open it up now just to smell it! 😀

      • Did you contact them to see if it was sent by mistake?

      • Luna- You are so disciplined! And oooh yes, I am the blue tansy-obsessed one over here. I will have to check that out… not that I have room for any products.. 🙁

  10. I haven’t tried this oil yet(as I am working through my other products), but I did get this box. I am hoping the next month doesn’t temp me. Box by box is definitely the way for me.

  11. Oh gosh! I haven’t even tried my January box due to product overload but this review makes me want to get a second for myself and a third for my sister for her birthday. I just bought the indie best of box though 😞 decisions decisions! This review is absolutely wonderful.

    • OMG tell me everything about the Indie Best Of Box!! Have you received it yet? I always want it but it’s just TOO MUCH product with what I already review!

  12. This sounds divine. But being it’s January (Christmas bills) I can’t even afford to buy this box. But I would really love to. Also if I did try the Ayuna I just know that I would HAVE to buy the product when I ran out. Sisley was proof of that. And I don’t feel like adding on another job😛. Marne your BF sounds so sweet with that lovely compliment. Great Review.

    • Ugh- I know, I finally lucked out with a good one (BF, that is)!

  13. I just went and read the answer to question #7 regarding the scent of their products and it sounds HEAVENLY! Those are basically all of my favorite scents and what I look for in perfumes. I would love to smell this!

    Since you are more familiar with the brand, would you say that most of the products have this scent? I want to try something from them but I can’t swing this oil at the moment! 🙂 Thanks and I really enjoyed this review!

    • Hey Joy! I haven’t tried everything from them, but the other 3 products I have tried did have that scent. In the article I linked to, she does say “Ayuna’s signature scent, providing the fragrance for the entire collection…”, so I’m going to assume that everything has that scent. 🙂

    • I just seen on the their website U can pick out four samples for $7.99. It’s a great way to get to try things you’ve been eyeing and I can’t wait to smell the Ayuna products.

  14. Yes, this, all of this! 👆 I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😁

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