BoxyCharm Premium March 2020 Brand Spoiler!

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Boxycharm Premium

We have the brand spoiler for the March 2020 BoxyCharm Premium!

The March box will include 6 products from 1 brand:

Fenty Beauty!

Every product in the March box will be from Fenty Beauty. The box will feature six products (including an eyeshadow palette) with a total value of $143.

We also have spoilers for February.

The choice items for February are:

Sutra Ceramic Flat Iron


Karity Picante Palette

Every February 2020 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

GLOW Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. Here is the 4th premium spoiler for Feb that glamwithsuzan was talking about

    Tarte base tape hydrating primer!

  2. I re signed up for waitlist [I had previously canceled my spot on it] after watching the Fenty reveal video, not expecting to get off the waitlist in time for March.

    Well, its Feb 1st…and I was removed and will be receiving Feb premium. I’m not sure if they are removing everyone like Yosef mentioned, but if I got removed so quickly, maybe others will too?

    • I signed up for the waitlist when this was released as well but did not get charged. Glad some people are though! Makes me hopeful for March.

      • I would have been OK not getting off the list at all, but alas, here I am with February too lol. Sending good juju that you are able to get March!

    • I signed up for the Premium waitlist on 11/15, and they just pulled me off today (2/1).

      • Yay!!

        I wonder if they considered me wait list from the very beginning? I was on it from day 1 but pulled myself off after my two experiences with really horrible customer service. Or maybe it’s just random…

        • This happened to me too. I was on the waitlist immediately from the beginning. Then took myself off, then later “reactivated” my waitlist and it must have taken me back to my original spot because I got removed much earlier than people who said they had been signed up since day one.

          • Maybe they pulled us off so we don’t get the chance to deactivate again lol. Thanks for letting me know!

        • You may be right. I signed up for the waitlist almost immediately the day they opened it but then cancelled a couple days before billing. I reactivated the wait list after the hourglass blush spoiler was announced last month and got billed for February. So maybe if you reactivate your wait list you keep your original spot. Of course I also cancelled my base box but stayed on the Premium wait list and some people are speculating that helps your chances too.

  3. What I am curious about, now that there is a brand takeover with Fenty, will we get to choose a choice item still? Or are we just going to all get whatever they give us?

  4. I’m excited to try Fenty as it will be something new for me,less exciting is box value.

    • That’s what I was thinking too $143???? What happened to at least $175 value???

      • Premium regularly exceeds the $175 minimum because they pad the boxes with low quality fillers like the wooden pencil set for $55 that cost them next to nothing and they can manipulate the values on. There will be no fillers in an all Fenty box and Boxy can’t manipulate the price tags like they normally do either, so that’s why the dollar value is lower. Don’t be fooled by the arbitrary numbers- you’ve never once received a box whose real value approaches what they claim. The Fenty box may have a lower dollar value, but it will be a better quality box.

        • Exactly!! I’m so excited for the Fenty box!

      • There is a disclaimer on the website [has been there since November] that says during brand takeovers like this the value can be less than $175. It tells me they have been planning this since November. And ruby is correct… You arent going to get overinflated RV like the wooden pencils in the last box. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do get stuff that is currently, or will be soon, on sale. That’s just how sub box models tend to work. I’m still looking forward to it!

    • Hi, if I subscribe for Premium now the beginning of February will I get charge for the Feb box? Or will I be in the waitlist until March to get the March box? Can somebody please advise I do want Premium March box. So excited!

      • I don’t think there’s anyway to know for sure. Reading through this thread it seems some people have been on the waitlist for months while others got off it quickly.

  5. How do I get off the wait list tho? Email them? DM them? Twitter or FB message? Any other suggestions? I really wanted January premium and I want Feb and March too… Any suggestions how to get off waitlist are much appreciated. Thank you!

  6. This explains why there wasn’t a choice window in February for March Premium… now we can predict when a brand takeover might occur.


    • 👍

    • I got an email with Choice dates when they sent me tracking info for my add ons.

      Early access for the March Base box opens for Premium Subscribers and Waitlisters. BoxyLuxe Choice will open on Monday, February 17.

      All access opens for the March Base box.
      Access for BoxyLuxe Subscribers and Waitlisters opens for March BoxyLuxe.

      • Oh I see. No premium choice. This is all so confusing.

  7. Why am I a premium box subscriber only, but my add on choices were late summersvill? I confirmed with boxycharm that I am a premium subby so I’m a little confused

    • Everyone can choose from add-ons regardless of which tier(s) you have. Most of the add-ons are options for the regular box anyway

      • I’m sorry I didn’t mean add ons. I got an email confirmation saying my choice item was late summersville?

        • Why don’t you ask Boxycharm customer service?

        • Is that your choice for February? The Fenty box is for March.

  8. When do we get to choose if we want the flat iron or palette?

    • That choice has already passed.

    • Choice for Feb was 2 weeks ago. They didn’t send out emails, just posted the dates online. Sorry😐

    • Choice for Feb was a couple weeks ago. Boxy didn’t send out emails, they just had the dates posted online.

  9. If I sign up to be on the waitlist will I get the Feb premium box because I don’t want it I only want the March premium box. How do I get this?!

    • I don’t think your chances are great of getting March Premium if you wait to sign up. It’s going to be very popular and people already wait for months for a spot to open for Premium.

    • I signed up for premium at the first offering. Through this month, I never got off the waitlist. I cancelled waitlist. Realized I didn’t want to spend the extra money anyway. Good luck to you. Some people are selected for premium; some are not.

  10. So I cancelled premium, but saw the new spoilers and was able to get back on premium the next day which is awesome bc I’m not excited for this months but next months is looking and sounding great!!! So anyways as I was about to cancel they said the other brand that will be in the February premium box is tarte so I can’t wait!! I love it and they said the value is gonna be $310!! Amazing!

    • Same… I wasn’t crazy about this months Premium, but someone posted the new spoilers on reddit and I went over and reactivated mine as soon as I saw it.

    • Same… They actually spoiled on insta that it’s going to be a tarte primer 😁

    • All the variations are not worth the same amount! Maybe one is worth $319 another one could be something else entirely. For instance they said the Fenty premium box will be worth $143 and their minimum promised value is supposed to be $175!!

  11. I hope everyone complaining in the comment section cancels their subscription so I can get mine back hahaha

    • Hehe. Me too!

    • Right! So many people complain about their box. I say just cancel already. Tired of the negative vibes 😉

      • Agree. Don’t read the Macy’s box comments, I’m amazed at the negative responses, lol.

  12. I am kicking myself SO hard for cancelling my Premium subscription in January. I really want February and March I hope they will get me off the list again!!

  13. Also, I wanted to cancel my subscription in general which ends I think in February, but now I have to continue it for another four months? Is it really worth it though?

  14. I want this! I’m already a subscriber of the base box, but I do not want the January Premium box. Ugh decisions decisions.

  15. I soooooo want to try Fenty liquid lipstuck!! I just dont want to spend 28 dollars on it to suck!!! Lol. I’ve spent a lot on liquid lipsticks before and been let down so it would be cool if it’s in the box. (I’d love the bright red, but hey, I’m here to try formula and if it works I’ll buy the colors I want , if I dont get it in a box!!!

    Wonder if it’s a highliter?!?! Lol. There is that highlighter pallette that has been on sephora for a long time….her pallette is on sale too… but everyone claims fenty eyeshadow are not good.

    Excited to find out!! I love they put name brand items from brands I know and want to try things from instead of obscure brands with unknown quality or origins.

  16. It’s not false advertising and promotion because it clearly states that brand takeovers are the exception in terms of value.

    I would imagine it’s because the actual cost of the products from a brand like Fenty is more for a fewer number of items since they can’t throw in crap fillers or brands that are manufactured solely for beauty boxes which are cheap.

    I’m not sure why people are complaining. Why would anyone want a box with inflated retail values for crap products like the $55 trio of wood eyeliners in last month’s Premium Box. That $55 worth of pencils was worth $0 to me and at most $10 or $15 if someone actually used cheap eyeliner wood pencils.

    • Lol, you have a point. I don’t Manda Kandar valued at $30 vs something I want to try.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m willing to give up
      a little total value for having everything in the box come from a brand that’s a known quantity and already has a lot of fans.

      I’m on the older and more conservative side, and if something doesn’t work for me, I give it to my daughter or nieces or a friend’s daughter. If I have something from a nice brand, I feel like I can just offer it to someone by itself. If I have items from unknown brands, I feel compelled to offer them with something of known quality so it doesn’t look like I blew all my Kmart rewards dollars on impulse buys from their cosmetics clearance.

    • I agree totally. And by the way this box is being hyped up by Josef and the boxycrew themselves (and him saying this surprise will *change our life*(lol), we can most likely assume that this box will definitely be worth it. I dont think they will pump us up like this just to disappoint us. Theres just too many of us to lose. And from the base box disappointments lately, this is a huge step up. So no complaints here! 😊

      • My only complaint is premium touts 6-7 full sized items valued at $175. Yes, I know about the brand takeover disclaimer, BUT if the box is really not going to be over the $175 mark, the least that could be done is actually throw in that seventh item that we’ve never actually received in premium yet.

        To be fair, I’m pretty excited about the Fenty box regardless, but don’t think it would’ve killed them to actually include a seventh item for once to help stick to or at least be closer to the $175 value. As long as there’s decent variety in the box, I’m sure I’ll be happy with it anyways.

        • I completely agree. They say 6 to 7 items for premium. Considering there is only 6 and the box value is much less, maybe leave the last slot for a choice product

  17. Ooh I’m so excited!!! I have the same given name as Rihanna so consider myself kindred 😂😂😂.

    Seriously though, I really hope to try her new mascara, and hope it’s not the galaxy palette, I have that and it is super sparkles. Anything though I’ll take for $35 even if $143 not $175. It’s all fun 😊

  18. I’d like to get on the waitlist for this box without having to subscribe to the base boxy charm…. they are going to send me Jan & Feb when I’ll like to simply get on the list for the premium box…

    • You will need to do the base box sadly, that’s the only way to do it. Maybe wait until 2/1 so you won’t have to get the January box as well?

  19. God, this is such a spot.on analogy

  20. So excited!
    For a total of $143 I’m guessing these 6 products:

    Full frontal mascara
    Flyliner eyeliner
    Glossbomb lip gloss
    Snap Shadow eyeshadow palette
    Killawatt highlighter
    Mattemoiselle lipstick or sponge?

    • hmmm on that list you have 3 of their most recent items they came out with, i think 1 new item will be included tops.

    • Me too. I saw fenty brushes, the snap shadow, the eye liners in a lot of colors, and the highlighter on a video!

      • Laura,

        Where did you see the video?

        • I was stalking the Fenty insta and boxylatinx liked the new gloss bomb trio so that’s probably one of the items! Boxy didn’t “like” any other of the Fenty posts, just that one. Mel also used glossbomb in a get ready video where one of the items would be featured in a future box.

  21. Already waitlisted for premium.. well it depends on the products it will include. If it has some killawat it will be great. I only own some stunna lip paint so fingers crossed I will get of the waitlist this month or the next and get it.

  22. I personally don’t care that BC does meet promised value of $175. I am excited to try the brand. I only have eyeshadow palette. To me it is all about usefulness of the items. I just hope the colors and product will be something that I can use everyday.

    • Agree! These are quality, brand name products. I’d rather a slightly lesser RV collab with a top brand than a “$55” wooden pencil set! 😂 RV is not as important to me when they can so easily game it to suit their needs through no-name fillers…

  23. Yoseph said that he anticipates that everyone should be off the waitlist once March billing hits. Watch his announcement on this sneak peak. I’m excited for this but I’m sure we will see mostly Fentys undersold/ sale section products in here. Hope they throw in a newish item.

  24. Omgggg. I always mention Fenty in any survey that asks for brand suggestions. I hope I can get this box!!!

  25. Boxy is like a boyfriend who constantly makes promises and breaks them, but you stay with him, hoping he’ll one day come through. :/

    • But why do I love him 🤔😭😭😭

      • Because he comes through once in awhile and kinda sorta does sometimes, haha…

    • I agree. I totally disliked the foundation and primer I purchased and wound up giving them away. I was very disappointed.

  26. Nope not falling for it. looks good. It’s a good value if you want it or you can use it. Base Boxy 25 Premium Boxy 35. I’m getting the Makeup Forever Foundation at Sephora instead. 🙃

  27. So dang excited for the Fenty Box! 🤯🤗I am canceling all IPSY for nothing but BOXYCHARM!! 😳I absolutely love Boxycharm ❤😍👍🙌

  28. I thought February would be so disappointing since I already have the Karity palette and don’t use hair straighteners, I only hung around for the Hourglass blush and Glow Recipe Mist. I would’ve canceled for March had I not seen the Fenty spoiler, super excited, but very curious to see what it will include. Will it be the Moroccan Spice palette that went 1/2 price at Sephora?

  29. Wow. Very nice. I have yet to try something Fenty so this would be nice. However, I just joined the waitlist so I am not getting my hopes too high I make it off in time. But you never know!

  30. Although I’m excited about a Fenty box…why was the promised value tossed out the window for this brand collaboration? Boxy really couldn’t be bothered to make sure there was an extra $25 in there? I’ll be pretty displeased if it’s six items especially. Like…they say 6-7 items, but then under deliver in monetary value when there’s an unused item slot…
    Even still though…yay fenty…boxy needs to get it together though.

    • Or $32…whatever….math

    • That was my first thought too!! So excited to try Fenty but they couldn’t throw in a makeup bag by the brand and inflate the price to make it their promised minimum?!

    • Totally agree with you! Why couldn’t they have thrown in a 7th item to get to the promised value?! Like the gal before said, even like a makeup bag or Something…they’re just cheating their customers at the end of the day and I guess it’s supposed to be ok cuz it’s Fenty…🙄

    • Exactly! I’ve had boxes with one and a half times this value! This isn’t even worth $200 and I doubt it will include any of their new products like their loose setting powder or foundation. It might be one of their mini eyeshadow palettes whooopeee!

      • Oh it’s supposed to be worth $175 not $200?! Anyway glow Recipe spray is so overpriced and you only get 2 ounces!!? I wonder what they will do for variation products in a one brand box!? Sounds like there won’t be variations if there’s a set value we will probably all be getting the same exact boxes.

        • Good point! I bet variations will be shades.

  31. Omg, I had a thought and I’m laughing out loud. Ipsy’s idea of a special collab was Betty Boop while BCP is arranging Fenty. I like Ipsy and I’m not decided if I am going to sign up to try to get this collab because guaranteed it’s going to be sparkle overload but the difference is embarrassing.

    • Awesome thought! I’m so over those ipsy “collaborations”, they’re not real. Just hoping boxycharm doesn’t attempt to make fenty 😉

      • Hmmm.. Yeahh and, please, no. I don’t mind special labeling but the bait and switching of formulas like what happened with the Ipsy 111 Vitanin C serum and possibly the Boxy Too Faced BTS mascara is uncool and not ok.

  32. Of course I had to browse the website to double check the promised value of $175 and this is pretty sneaky..

    How much is BoxyCharm Premium worth?
    LAST UPDATE: NOV 29 2019 10:54AM
    BoxyCharm Premium is a monthly beauty box that features 6 to 7 full-size beauty products valued at a minimum of $175* for only $35 per month. Shipping and taxes may apply.

    *Unless during a brand takeover promotion.

    • Personally, I’m okay with the value not at $175 for this collaboration. Fenty has great quality and products so it will be nice to test a variety of items.

      How is that pretty sneaky? They were upfront about it at the beginning so the only person to blame is yourself…

      • I never said I have a problem with the Fenty Beauty brand takeover. Earlier I noticed the question about the promised value of $175 was repeatedly mentioned in several of the posts. I simply went to the website and shared the information. I’ve been subscribed to BoxyCharm for 6 years (continuously), Luxe since it’s inception, and Premium for the last few months. I’ve seen the trickery that comes in to play every once in a while on BoxyCharm’s part. At the end of the day I hope that they come through with a great curation of items. I hope your 2020 is off to a blessed start, and good luck to everyone who is stuck on the waitlist!

        • Nicely said! 🙌🙌👍

        • Please don’t put words in my mouth. I never said you had a problem with the Fenty Beauty brand takeover.
          I was referring to the first sentence of your post claiming BoxyCharm Premium was being sneaky about the value of a brand takeover box (regardless of what brand)

    • Huh, I wonder if it’s always said that or if they just slipped the asterisk in there recently?

      • The asterisk is the commenter’s for a great tongue-in-cheek observation.

    • Yeahhhh, pretty sure that asterisk is new. How hard would it have been to add on one additional item, even a BoxyCharm brand makeup bag—or something—just to cover the initially promised minimum, ya know?? Or a website gift card for Fenty….how cool would that have been?

      Oh well…..hope Fenty rocks. Haven’t actually tried this brand yet, but everyone else seems pretty hyped! So I’ll try to stay positive too! LoL 🙂

  33. I would love to see spoilers for Fenty and just order the box and not sub.

    • Total value of $143.00? I thought premium had a value of $175.00+?

  34. If March’s Premium Fenty box is valued at $143, isn’t it short the stated $175 value?

    • Right?! I thought it seemed low! I want to try Fenty but where is the promised value for the box???

    • Oh, good point! Forgot about that hmmmmm…not sure how I feel about this.

  35. I don’t have any Fenty yet so this will be a real treat!

  36. I am soooo excited for this box. I always complain that none of my sub boxes ever have the brands I actually want to try out. I’ve never had anything Fenty before and I can’t wait to see and swatch everything. Yay!

  37. Luxe better get something FB…like, as lovely as getting the PMD face brush thing is, it’s not a curated box of Fenty…

  38. I got on the waitlist. I love Fenty Beauty. Crossing my fingers I get off the waitlist in time. I’m currently getting the base box and the Luxe box.

  39. Well dang, super excited! I’ve been eyeing a few products for awhile but haven’t taken the plunge. This will be a great way to try several and see what works. Woohoo!

  40. Omg! I love fenty beauty. If I get a gloss from them, ill be super excited. Let alone 6 products?! That’s awesome.

  41. Awesome!!!! I’m stalking Fenty’s site right now.

    • Lol yeah I see it now. Either way I’m pretty happy with it.

  42. Thrilled about this spoiler!!! Can’t wait!

  43. I hope I get off the waitlist by then!! Been on it for several months.

    • Me too

  44. how long does it take to get off the wait list?

  45. Sorry to ask this but can I just get this box if I sign up in March ? I get so confused with Boxy’s subscription structure.

    • You’d be put on a waiting list when you sign up so you should sign up before March if you want this box, the sooner the better I think.

    • Its confusing for me too. Just looked it up and you have to be subscribed to their normal box to be put on the waitlist to buy premium. Wish you could just get premium separately.

    • Definitely not. There’s a waitlist. If you want even a chance at the March Premium box you need to subscribe to the base box ASAP. And even if you place your order today there’s a possibility you still won’t get off the waitlist in time for March. Especially after this announcement gets around. Not trying to be negative just being honest. Premium is already very popular but an all-Fenty Beauty Premium box? One of the hottest brands in makeup that gets consistently super positive ratings & reviews? People are going to be rushing to get on the waitlist.

      • Ha not offended at all and not even disappointed. The way I see it, if I wanted to get this box, I would have to spend 75, and I’d be stuck with a bunch of product I don’t love, and maybe some repeats since I already have a decent amount of Fenty. I’d rather just head to Sephora.

        • Yes.

        • Amen!

        • I agree… The only thing I like from Fenty is the concealer and the setting powder really. The foundation is mediocre. The other products are ok in my opinion

        • I completely agree about the shady way they have the different subs priced and structured. If I wasn’t such a beauty product/sub box junkie I would’ve walked away from Boxy long ago. I was actually just about to unsubscribe from Premium because I had to resub to the base box in order to get March’s Luxe (which is such BS) that I found too tempting to pass up. My January Premium was horrible. I don’t give a hoot about retail value when a box is full of stuff that’s completely wrong for my skin type, has unflattering shades, etc etc. This announcement is the only reason I’m staying and only because Fenty gets mostly great reviews on Sephora and I’ve only tried two products from them. I could very well end up regretting it though. That box may contain mostly clearance items from their site and/or Sephora like that waaaaay too dramatic highlighter palette or those popsicle lip products they can’t seem to get rid of. Or the low rated liquid eyeliners. Come to think of it most of their holiday sets were pretty unappealing and rated lower than their regular year round staple products so I really hope we don’t get a bunch of that. Hmmm…maybe I can still talk myself out of staying subscribed. I really resent the fact I have to have the base box to get Luxe and can’t ever take a break from a premium or I’ll wind up on a waitlist like I did with Luxe. So right now they have me right where they want me. Paying $60 in January and February and between $60-80 in March depending on whether I get off the Luxe list. It’s a good thing Ipsy has reached a while other level of lackluster lately thereby allowing me to keep skipping Plus and Ultimate every month. Otherwise I couldn’t afford to play Yosef’s games.

          Btw… I obviously have little to no self control over my sub box spending. I have some over my Sephora online shopping. But I can’t ever head over to Sephora in person. My wallet wouldn’t survive. 😁

  46. I am actually super excited about this!

    • I’m also excited. I haven’t seen very much Fenty in sub boxes yet.

      • Me either!!! Happy to see a different brand!

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