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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium February 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons!

Boxycharm Premium

It’s time to pick one of the items for your February 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box if you’re a Premium subscriber! Add-Ons are also now open for Premium subscribers! 

The choice items for February are:

Sutra Ceramic Flat Iron


Karity Picante Palette

Every February 2020 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

GLOW Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to choose? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (69)

  1. Did anyone receive there replacement item from December if you got a duplicate?

    • Yes do you mean the free gift because they sent me two Ciate highlighters? Early this week I got a Natasha Denona All Over glow powder. It’s pretty but why send a highlighter when they know we just got two? I appreciate the effort tho.

      • Ok, so did I. I wanted to know if anyone got the same thing. It was way better than the ciate one.

      • For sure! Nice packaging too. It’s just I have enough products to make me glow for the rest of my life.

    • I got it and it was shattered… Surprise!!

  2. I’m considering subbing to BoxyCharm for the first time. It looks like there’s a wait list. Any chance of contacting them and getting in in time to receive this box? I’m in love with the watermelon spray and Hourglass blush. Any info on how long the wait list delay usually is or any way to sub in time for this box would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

    • I was on the waitlist for 3 months before I got off. Good luck!

  3. Has anyone received their choice confirmation yet?

    • I have not received my choice yet

    • I did for the base box, but not premium

      • Yeah, me either. When I made my choice, it said I would receive my confirmation by Monday 🤷‍♀️

    • I just did today. And Boxy pop up starts Fwbruary 10th…who’s ready for that rigamarole?!

    • I made my choice is opened but have not received my confirmation email for the base box.

    • I never received my email confirmation for my base box choice. Emailed Boxycharm today and apparently my choice was not recorded and now I will not be receiving the item I selected. I’m totally frustrated because I bought my add-ons thinking I’ll be getting the BECCA foundation as my choice. Instead, I’m stuck getting a duplicate item.
      Hopefully this is not the same issue for those of you who have not received your confirmation email.

      • Same thing happened to me

    • I did yesterday night!!! For premium box,I’m so happy I choose the flat iron 😃👏🏻👍🏻

  4. Both choices were blah, but went with the straightener oh well ..have to wait and see

  5. Honestly, the choice was a dud for me. I already have (multiple) straighteners, so adding another one when I have a really high-quality one seems pointless. Equally, I’m not very excited about a < $30 sunset palette from a brand that's not very well-reviewed and doesn't particularly interest me. I picked neither – but wondering if there's a strategy here (e.g. if I pick the palette, am I more likely to get a better selection of other products to make up the price difference?)

    A little bummed and confused why the premium box has a lesser eyeshadow palette than the regular box.

    • Time and time again the base box is looking like a better option. Seems like it is better to just get the base box along with the quarterly BoxyLuxe. It really balances out to be the same amount of money. Boxyluxe is an additional $100 per year over the base box cost. Boxy Premium is an additional $120.

      • 1st world problems. Just do both

      • The ever so helpful 1st world problems comment. Why would I do both when I want neither? Why am I not allowed to express an opinion about the products in the box, and the fact the premium box has a lower quality product than the base box?

      • Lmao that’s great

    • I am on the same page as you! Doesn’t make any sense to me that they would put a more expensive palette in the base box than in the premium! Base box also had way more choices and most of them were higher value than the premium choices! Hoping the other 3 items they haven’t revealed yet will be high quality and high value, not filler items! My base box actually had a higher retail value than my premium box this month.. crazy!

  6. I was having trouble making my choice for premium. I had the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!
    They were helpful, polite and I got to make my choice!
    Very good service and fun boxes! Way to go, Boxy!

  7. This is my second month on Premium and I didn’t get the email to customize? Anyone else?? Not sure what to do. They picked for me last month and with a 50-50- chance, they got it wrong. I would appreciate any advice.

    • I didn’t get an email either. I checked boxycharm news on Instagram and saw a post that said choice was open directly on their website. I went to the website and, sure enough, there was a link to the choice page.

    • They stopped sending out emails. It’s goes up on the page now. They did the email thing like one time. Now you just have to check their social media for when choice is.

    • Same here, they keep saying I’m not a premium, but they like taken my money. Sending me the box. I had to do it over Twitter. It’s been a pain. I’ve email, and most of the time they are great, but not when it comes to premium. I don’t under stand what’s so great with it, it was luxe, but now it’s premium.

    • Follow @boxypreview on Instagram. She always posts right when choice goes up and you don’t have to wade through stories to get the information.

  8. I picked the straightener because I’ve never owned one. I’m really excited for both base and Premium February boxes! Thank you Boxycharm! 🙌❤🤗 And thank you Boxycharm Customer Service for your prompt responses. My replacement Boxyluxe was amazing 😍

  9. I want the hourglass blush and the glow mist… but yesterday I had a choice for the Laura Mercier foundation. I canceled my regular Boxycharm last month so I didn’t get it this month. Did they resub me without my knowledge???!

    • Ah I cancelled Boxycharm Premium in December and am definitely regretting it now

    • I also had a choice for the regular box. I cancelled regular and stayed with premium. I checked in my account and I am indeed unsubscribed from the regular box. Odd.

  10. I picked the palette but I’m kinda ho-hum about it. However I am excited about the Glow mist and the Hourglass blush. And thankfully they are guaranteed in every box, not a “maybe you’ll get…”

  11. Zero interest in another warm toned palette, no interest in Karity either. So the flat iron was an easy choice! The one I have is an el cheapo from Walmart and probably 10 years old, happy to get a new one! Super stoked for the mist and blush!!!

    • My current straightener is a CVS special so I am excited to have a nice new one too!

  12. I don’t know why they call the extra items you can pick “add-ons” if it’s shipped separately and you have to pay extra shipping (canada)

  13. I picked the palette. I am hoping that rest of the items will be something REALLLY good since I picked cheaper items and hopefully they will compensate the price difference between two choices.

    • That’s what I am hoping! My mom only uses matte eyeshadow so I figured it be a nice gift for her….

    • I was thinking exact same thing when I chose the eyeshadow palette! I’m not very interested in either one, so I picked less expensive item! I hope it’s a good variation!

    • Me too. I much preferred the iron but due to receiving a bunch of cheap fillers the last time I picked the higher priced choice I am trying a new strategy LOL, fingers crossed! Honestly if I get the hourglass blush I’ll be pretty happy. I’m hoping I can add on an iron in the future.

    • BoxyCharm choice is rather a headache. They sent the wrong item in December but did eventually send my choice in mid January. Took me two tries to get the base box choice for February confirmed. Never did get my choice for premium confirmed. If the hair straightener shows up instead if the palette, the rest of the box better be stellar or a spot for someone on the wait list will be opening. My hair is dead straight and short so I get products to “tame my curls” or “cut that frizz”. Oh, and the ones to protect the color I do NOT use. Sure to receive a useless, to me, straightener even after I fought their website to get to make a choice and was promised an email that never came. At least Ipsy choices actual get registered and confirmed even if getting them into the package is sometimes iffy.

  14. Love the chance to choose! Sadly nobody in my house uses a flat iron….and more eyeshadow…yikes lol but I love boxy, I get all 3 boxes!!!

    • Yep – I get all three Boxycharm boxes, as well as all three Ipsy boxes and Allure. Last year I also purchased boxes from Sephora, Boxwalla, New Beauty Test Tube, Beauty Fix, Fab Fit Fun and Birchbox. Cancelled those, but had such a giant stash that my Mom, Sister and Daughter all received giant boxes of skin care and makeup for Christmas. I just gave my husbands Sister, who is beautiful Woman in her late 50’s and who has leukemia and has been told she has months to live, a nice stash yesterday with serums, oils, moisturizers and balms ( including a La Mer soft creme from a luxe Sephora box) and she was thrilled beyond belief. I love the opportunity to try new things and to give those close to me a little bit of joy as well.

  15. I am so glad I canceled before I got billed for this. I have curly hair and I love my curl and that palette bores me, plus the Hourglass blush I do not need at all.

  16. I just got off the waitlist for Premium and never received an email to choose my customization. I went on the site and logged in and still do not see any button to choose. Am I missing something? Where do you go to customize? (Sorry if this has been asked a million times already)

    • Was having the same problems and I just kept Logging in and out and finally popped up. If that helps

      • That did help me thanks!

    • It should be on the homepage when you’re logged in, first thing there.

    • I’m pretty sure that your 1st month of receiving premium they won’t let you chose

      • I finally was able to choose after being off waitlist and active premium member since last month by logging out and in and it popped up for me right then when I went on the main page. I would try that bc I was having problems too.

      • I got premium box last month but it doesn’t pop up for me to choose???

    • Me too!

  17. I really wish we’d been able to pick one and add on the other. Maybe I’m not remembering this correctly but haven’t they done that at least a few times in previous months? Or was that just the base box? Anyway… I picked the eyeshadow palette. I already have the straightest hair possible unfortunately, and this seems to be only for that purpose. Some flat iron descriptions mention using them to curl hair but I looked this up on their website and it doesn’t say anything about that. I still would’ve added it on for the right price because I do like to make my hair look shinier and more put together sometimes and flat irons do that for my already straight but not necessarily smooth hair.

    • FYI – I just watched the video on their website and it specifically mentions that the rounded edges help making flat iron curls…

      I picked the flat iron even though I have very straight hair too… but I have several palettes with similar colors…

      • I have straight hair that has some frizz despite using four of the Olaplex products and Devacurl wash day wonder and have been using a 1 1/2 inch round wand to smooth my hair, but have been wanting to go back to using a flatiron to smooth my hair and then slightly curl the ends. So – Thanks for your comment – I selected the flat iron! The one I own now is horrible.

    • You can actually use many flat irons to make a variety of curls and waves, check out some YouTube tutorials on that!😉

  18. I had to cancel in December due to $$ reasons, so am now back on the waitlist. I’m now thinking of getting off the waitlist since we don’t get to choose. I really don’t want a flat iron. I also saw some very good variations in December but also some bad ones, so it looks like it’s going in the same direction as the regular box with the filler items and variations.

    • I agree about the variants. In the beginning they had very few but they seem to add more each month which means like the regular box, some folks will be super happy and others will feel cheated. My first two Premium boxes were pretty great but this last one was horrible. I would’ve paid $20 for it let alone $35. Since I’m not super excited about either of these choices or any of the other items that supposedly we’ll all get (per Yosef but he’s been known to stretch the truth until it breaks) , the Glow Recipe mist and Hourglass blush, I may cancel. Obviously if I know I will love or love trying two or three items it’s worth spending $35 on those and gambling with the rest of the box. But I was so turned off by all the things I not only didn’t like but literally can’t use last month that I don’t know if it’s going to be worth it going forward. The funny thing is that their customer service rep actually said they are using our profiles. As in the whole thing, not just the complexion portion. Yeah right! That’s why my aging dry and redness-prone skin was sent acne wash and a (drying) clay mask. And I got medium brown brow junk for my pale blonde hair. I know they are aware that the number one complaint about them other than poor customer service, is all the variants. That’s why I thought Premium would be different. What a shame.

  19. I picked the flat iron. I already have one but I love that this one has dual voltage so it will be great for travel!

  20. No hourglass option for me…but I like the straightener

    • It’s not an option we can choose, it’s supposed to be in every box

      • Oh Yay! That was my go to blush before I received the Too Faced Sugar Peach palette in one of my sub boxes. I like a little glow in my blush.

  21. I completely forgot this was happening today. Thanks for the reminder!!

  22. I picked the hair straightener, I just have too many palettes with those colors otherwise I would be happy with either choice

  23. This box is turning out to be pretty awesome! Wasn’t too happy with my Jan premium. but February, if we are all REALLY getting the hourglass blush and the watermelon face mist, I’m on board and super happy!

    • I picked the straightener because I’ve never owned one. I’m really excited for both base and Premium February boxes! Thank you Boxycharm! 🙌❤🤗 And thank you Boxycharm Customer Service for your prompt responses. My replacement Boxyluxe was amazing 😍

    • This is the second month in a row that I didn’t get the customization email. Last time I got one was in December and I got the confirmation email for the item I picked but I received the other item☹️. I’m don’t know what’s going on with boxycharm but I’m about to cancel for good. It’s bad service & it’s always been horrible with boxycharm. I placed a charm room order on 11/08/19 & it hasn’t been shipped,!! I keep writing in & all I get is an automated response. I had heard horror stories about bc in the past but I didn’t believe it, I believe all of them now!!!!

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