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We have new spoilers for the February 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

All current subscribers will receive:

Luxie Sponge Set OR Alamar Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set  

And in case you missed the previous spoiler, subscribers could pick one of the following items for their February box:

If you pick the BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation, you can also choose the shade:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Cream 15ml

Iconic London Day To Slay Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation

KATE SOMERVILLE Kx Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code GETMYSKINCARE to get Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask with your first box!

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. I need the light color foundation for myself. Brushes or spun he’s are great for me. Light colored lipsticks and black color mascara.

  2. I finally got my add ons and the first thing I noticed was how flimsy, cheap the jar is for the QMS cream. For a product that retails for $155.00 and is sold in high end spas across Europe surely they don’t sell it in this same cheap container.
    Maybe we are getting one repackaged to save money? Did anyone else notice this? If the packaging is different can we assume the product is as well?

  3. Is there any chance they will offer that palette as an add-on? I chose the foundation because I have a ton of eyeshadow but I saw the palette later and thought it was very nice. Wondering if I can get one.

    • The palette was available for add on but sold out pretty quickly. They may get more in.

  4. Mine arrived on Thurs. I think that was the 30th.
    Color FX blurring primer is very think but the hole in the packaging controls the amount as it is pin sized. It does blur and can be worn alone.
    The eye cream will take more time to decide.

  5. If I subscribed at the end of January, (getting that box random I know.) And I missed the February pick schedule, does that mean that box will be random as well? Subscribed in January hoping for feb box and to customize…think I missed something.

    • You would get a random selection for the JANUARY box.

    • February will be their choice as well.

    • I read a few days ago when resubscribing that if I signed up right then, I’d be getting February box

  6. I used to subscribe to the Allure box and they pretty much revealed the entire box in spoilers before the prior month ended.
    Box Charm seems to be a bit reticent in what they will reveal.
    Only two spoilers and January is almost over. Is the remainder of the box to be a mystery until February?

    • I was wondering as well. I believe they want to hold off so more won’t cancel.

      • Hi Boxee charm do you know how I would pick cashmere as my shade if that’s what I choose to have in my box this month please please please no more eyeshadow palette

  7. My add on arrived today.

    • They finally shipped one of my three add ons today. It’s looking like I’ll get the other two items after I’ve received my Feb. box.

      • It’s interesting how they send some early and some later.

      • That’s very normal logistics Prozess…

    • This will only be my second box and my first box with a choice in it or add ons.
      I assumed the add ons would be with the February box .
      Though it just now occurred to me that those items were paid for at the time of the add on not billed with the February box. So I could be looking at getting my purchased items before the February box? Thats cool.

      • You should get them before February box. They do ship separately. Check your account under Items. You’ll be able to see the status of anything you have ordered.

  8. So I bought all the add ons and chose the palette. Does that mean I’ll get double in my box or will these not duplicate because I got them as add ons. I thought about this after, has anyone done this and how did your box turn out? Sucky or good? Smfh this is what happens when you have FOMO because your Jan box sucked ass.

    • If you also bought the palette as an add on, then you’ll get two. Otherwise, you shouldn’t get doubles of any of the four choice items, because we ‘usually ‘ only receive one. If some of the other items in the box that weren’t choice items were also sold as add ons , then yes it’s possible. I have had this happen in the past. They don’t take into consideration what you’ve purchased separately when curating your box. If they shipped it all together, they might, but my add ons have always been shipped separately. I did the same thing tho! I chose the palette, & bought everything else😂

  9. so i have a question if i resubbed back will my first box be the feb. box? thank you

    • It would be January 🙂

  10. I guess I’m a Beautyblender snob, but I haven’t found any sponge I like better. Has anyone used one of Luxie sponges?

    • I haven’t used the Luxie sponges, but I found the Flower Beauty (drugstore) sponge to be a great alternative to BB. If you want high-end, the Fenty sponge is pretty amazing too.

      • Thanks for mentioning Flower Beauty! I’m a Beautyblender snob too but I’ve been impressed with some other products from Drew’s line (cream blush, for example, and lip liners). I will have to try the sponges.

  11. I would prefer the sponges as I have so many brushes already. And I also received a Too Faced Highlighter (Pink box) and I’m certainly no influencer. Heck, I don’t even have a You Tube channel. lol

  12. Oh my stars, being able to choose a foundation shade is a dream come true!

    • This will only be my second box and my first box with a choice in it or add ons.
      I assumed the add ons would be with the February box .
      Though it just now occurred to me that those items were paid for at the time of the add on not billed with the February box. So I could be looking at getting my purchased items before the February box? Thats cool.

    • That’s going to have in the premium box.

      • Be* not have

  13. sponges please….

  14. I will be happy with either!

  15. Hoping for the brushes. I’m not a big sponge user

    • Me, too.

    • Same. Have tried, didn’t like.

  16. What can i do yo get the sponge set??? I want it si bad!!! 💗💗💗

  17. While I would love to get the Luxie sponge trio I have a feeling we’ll see them appear more in influencer boxes like the Too Faced highlighter last month.

    • I’m about as far away from an influencer as one can be, and I received the highlighter!

      • I got the highlighter too! Not an influencer lol

  18. So we know 2 items- our choice item then either sponges or brushes. When do we find out what else?

    • I find it strange that it’s the end of January, and the only spoilers released are the choice items and a tool. Don’t we usually get more info ahead of time?

  19. Meh. I don’t need either of these. (No matter how hard sub boxes keep trying, I still have never used a sponge or silicone blender to apply makeup.) I do use 2 powder brushes every day, though, so I guess having backups to apply setting powder & bronzer wouldn’t hurt.

    • Marion, I’ve never used sponges either.

      • I just subbed back last month after a long break. How does the choice thing work? Is it for the regular box or premium box? Do they send you an email to pick your choice?

      • I’m afraid you’ve missed choice for January but you will be able to choose for March. I believe Choice opens on Feb. 20 for Luxe members and Feb. 11 for base box subscribers. You will not get an email (I never have) but MSA usually announces it with a post or you can just go to the Boxy website the afternoon they Choice opens.

      • I meant Feb 10 for Luxe members and Feb 11 for base box subscribers!

      • The emails can be intermittent, so don’t rely on getting notified. The dates for choices are displayed on Boxys main page. I set a reminder in my phone so I don’t forget or miss it.

  20. I didn’t get to make my choice, so I hope I get something good! I just hope it’s not the palate as it looks good, but I bought one a few days ago that will actually go so great with my skin, and I have so many already from them anyway already. But I wouldn’t mind the sponges instead of brushes.

  21. Oh BC, what a roller coaster ride you seem to take me on. Last month’s box was a major fail for me. But so far this month is looking like an awesome box. I would be happy with either the sponges or the brushes, and am excited about my choice item (and that I got the foundation as an add-on). Even with just those two items I can call February’s box a win, but I am looking forward to seeing what else is coming our way.

    • Hi, I was wondering how you got to make a choice. Did you receive an email from BC? Thanks, Terri

      • Hi Terri – I think in theory they do send emails but receiving them seems to be kinda iffy. BC does post the choice schedule on their website and MSA announces it as well, so that’s how I keep track. With that said, they only announce the day of choice in advance, you have to follow them on social media (insta or FB) to find out what time choice opens that day. Then it’s just a matter of going to the website once the choice window opens and there will be a link to click to go and make your choice (although with the last round of choice, the link never appeared for me even well after the choice window opened, but I saw someone post a comment on FB that if you googled “Boxycharm choice” you could find the link, which actually worked for me). HTH.

      • Yeah I don’t even look for an email I just know that choice comes usually by the 10th or the 11th and so I’m just on it looking at boxycharm those days

  22. Oooo I could really use the sponges!! Hope I get it.

    • BC tries to sell the Complexion Products in Subscription Boxes, but it is a complete joke. How can they only 15 shades of the 40 foundation shades!! The Pretty Vulgar Concealer was a nightmare in January’s box. They 4 shades all with a horrible undertone. I had gotten a sample pack in December and did the follow up survey. They still sent a completely wrong shade. So, it is beyond frustrating.

      • Exactly. It is the reason I was afraid select the foundation.

      • I got the concealer too. I have not tried it under my eyes yet but on my hand it looked like it had a yellow undertone. Disappointed cause I heard that it is a nice formula. I will probably try it out later tonight so i know what to expect before getting ready for church in the morning. I do have a few concealers that I have purchased, before I knew how to color match correctly, that are to light for my skin tone so maybe if I mix them I might be able to get it to work. Not sure though, I don’t know how I feel about mixing different brands together, they all had issues about them I didn’t like other than the color as well. They either creased, cracked, slid, didn’t dry down nicely, pulled or bunched. I guess I will just have to give it a test run and take a few pics to compare and really check, double check, and check again to see what works. LOL

      • Yellow is actually helpful for countering dark circles, which I have. I found the PV concealer formula to be ok but it just doesn’t have enough coverage for me. I can maybe use it over color corrector.

      • My concealer has a weird pinkish undertone, which is bad for me as I actually have yellow undertones. The quality of the concealer itself is pretty bad, too. It creased on me almost immediately.

      • Debbie, the exact same thing happened to me. I emailed BC and they said they’ll be sending a $6 credit for pop up/add ons. I know it’s not the same as getting the TF highlighter, but I was happy with it.

      • Now with me BC sent an email stating they were sending me a replacement shade of the concealer for sending the wrong color. I would have rather gotten the six dollar credit since I dont use concealer.

      • They sent me 50% off @ Pretty Vulgar. I would rather have the pop-up cash.

  23. Brushes for me please Boxycharm! ❤🙌🤞🙏

    • I could really use the brushes too!! How do we choose which product we want?

  24. Hoping for the brushes as I just ordered Tati Westbrook’s Blendiful makeup puffs and they make application so easy, it doesn’t absorb into the puff so less wasted product like sponges, plus they work for cream, liquid, and powders and are machine washable. You get a full size and a baby one for on the go which will absorb shine (no more need for blotting papers) on it’s own or you can again just dab powder and can tap out creases for flawless makeup all day. It’s also much more eco friendly because they wash easy and can let dry overnight or speed up with a hair dryer. I’m in love!!!!

  25. So far this box looks like it will be amazing! Actually like all the choices and options. Has anyone heard what will be in the premium box?

  26. I could go for either! They both look great and I could use a new sponge!

  27. I selected the Becca foundation as my choice option. I really hope I get the sponges in my Feb. boxycharm box.

  28. Even though I have no room for any more brushes, I’m thinking those brushes look amazing!

  29. Hoping for the sponges!!!

    • Me too! I need new sponges and am overloaded with brushes.🙏💞

    • I will trade anybody if I get sponges I kind of do need new sponges but I need new brushes more

      • I’ll trade you if I get brushes!! I have no sponges and way to many brushes !

  30. Sweet! I’m happy with either of these! Can’t wait for this box and the add ons as well. Christmas in February! lol

    • I agree, either of these would be great. I chose the becca foundation so the spronges would be a nice addition.

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