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Be Kind by Ellen Subscription Box Review – Winter 2019

Be Kind by Ellen Winter Holiday 2019 subscription box

Ellen Degeneres has launched a subscription box full of her favorite things.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all items group shot

About this Box

The Subscription Box: Be Kind by Ellen

The Cost: $54.99 quarterly

The Products: Each quarterly box is thoughtfully curated and filled with hand-picked products from Ellen. And, the best part, each box and each product within the box does something to make the world kinder and better.

Ships to: The US for free, or Canada (additional $16.00 shipping)

Be Kind by Ellen Winter 2019 Review


This box comes with a large fold-out card and a note from Ellen. It also gives details of all of the items included this month.

Now, on to the items!


Tribe Alive Handwoven Scarf – Retail Value $118.00 (currently on sale for $79.99)

Is it a $120 scarf? For me, no. I am not bougie enough to ever spend that much on a scarf. I would legit wrap up my neck in a newspaper for warmth before that happened. But it is a really, really nice scarf. And I love that it is 100% cotton. Because it is on the lighter side, but still long, you could wear this over different seasons and I appreciate that it is a solid cream color because it lets the weave texture and pattern take center stage.

megan wearing cream colored scarf and looking tired af

When mixed with a black top and glasses, I do feel more chic than usual.


BE KIND Wrapping Paper – Listed Value $14.99

I am one of those types that are overly picky and selective when it comes to wrapping paper, so these sheets 100% weren’t for me. This box also arrived a little too close to Christmas for me to use, even if I did like these papers. The good thing is that they are thick and oversized, so if these are your cup of tea, they should be wonderful for wrapping.


BE KIND 52 Week Planner by the Marie Mae Company – Listed Value $30.00

This is a really nice planner, though I wish it wasn’t branded. It has a few really cool features in addition to the normal planner fare, such as a list of 52 acts of kindness you can try throughout the year. In addition to being a really well-done planner in terms of structure, it is also made in collaboration with a company that provides business training to survivors of human trafficking. I do like that they included a planner like this in a box that arrives right as we enter 2020.


Skinny Dipped Almonds Dark Chocolate Cocoa, 3.5 oz – Retail Value $4.49

Oh boy. These almonds are my new snacking obsession. I was pretty “meh” about them at first glance because I prefer milk chocolate but after trying a few, WOW. They are SO good! The chocolate coating is thinner than most chocolate covered nuts I have tried, but this provides a much nicer balance between the chocolate and the almond. They are finished off with a dusting of cocoa powder, which gives them a really unique and crave-able texture. These have been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart because I want more so badly but I am worried I would just eat nothing but almonds for the rest of my life.


ABLE #shesworthmore Cuff Bracelet – Retail Value $38.00

I have been following ABLE since one of my friends was carrying around a truly awesome leather purse from this Nashville-based line. I didn’t know they also designed jewelry. This bracelet is from their ‘She’s Worth More’ collection, a line dedicated to reminding the wearer that she is worth more. This collection is totally in-line with this brand’s overall mission: to empower and employ women to break out of poverty, while also changing the fashion industry and how our clothing, jewelry, and accessories are manufactured. They are also radically transparent, publishing their employees’ wages online for anyone to see. This cuff feels even more special with a little of this background. It is a thicker solid brass construction, but you can shape it to fit comfortably. The “She’s Worth More” message is tucked on the inside, leaving the outside of the cuff delightfully minimal.

cuff on megans wrist back of cuff on megans wrist

You know I like a simple cuff!


Cocofloss 4 Pack – Retail Value $32.00

I didn’t know that floss could ever be cool until now. This 4-pack has 4 different flavors: mint, orange, strawberry, and coconut. I, admittedly, do not floss often enough. This floss feels more gentle than traditional floss, and it is coated in coconut oil which is great for gum health. Hopefully, these fun flavors can help me make that more of a habit in 2020. I especially love the orange!


Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Paper & Slippers Medium Roast Blend – Buy 12 oz for $13.99

I don’t drink coffee, but Will does. He recently decided he didn’t love his normal blend and has been on some sort of a self-imposed journey to try out loads of different coffee in hopes of finding his new favorite morning boost. This coffee has notes of brownies, walnuts, and berries, though Will didn’t notice the berries. He thought the medium roast was great and that it was a smooth cup. He was really excited that this brand donates 20% of its profits to shelters and rescue organizations because he is such a dog lover. He tends to prefer dark roasts, so this probably isn’t going to replace his older favorite, but I might surprise him with a bag of this brand’s Good Boy dark roast since I feel like this is a brand he would really feel great about supporting.


Zoë Ayla Mini Hair Straightener – Retail Value $39.99

Finally, our last item is a mini hair straightener. I don’t straighten my hair, but my mom does and she has been wanting one of these mini straighteners since her hair is shorter. This will make a nice little present for her. The quality seems good, and it did straighten a test section of my thicker wild hair, which is pretty impressive for a smaller straightener.

Verdict: I ended up liking this box more than I thought I would. In fact, the only real miss for me was the wrapping paper. Though I won’t personally use the planner or straightener, they will make very nice gifts. I really liked the scarf, cuff, ALMONDS, and the floss. I never thought I would be happy about floss.. Is this maturity? Who am I? I am also happy about possibly discovering a coffee brand Will might love if we can find the right beans for him from their huge selection. I feel like this box always leaves me a little confused on how I truly feel and wanting just a little more. There was enough in here for me to love, and it was nice that there wasn’t a bunch of coupon codes or a self-help book. I think for the spring box I would hope to see more of a truly high-value hero item, because if you aren’t into scarves you might not have been super thrilled this quarter. All together, it didn’t quite feel like a $55 box to me. At the very least, this box was filled with brands that are doing good through their products, which is 100% on-brand for Ellen.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Unfortunately, this box is sold out.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $54.99, meaning each of the 7 items has an average cost of $7.86.

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Be Kind by Ellen

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (79)

  1. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you as I just got the text message about ordering the box. I just wrote back and told them that with the lack of positive feedback I have to say NO, hoping that they give you all your money back or extra special boxes immediately to make up for not being so great. What a shame.

  2. ALSO my second fall box they charged me for it. They did refund $49.00 but charged me $6.00 for shipping. Im a premium member and my friend is an annual member she has received the same items as I have including coupons. So as far as I can tell nothing different in my box compared to hers

    • Yes, I received the 2nd box to share with someone….And, the coupons were in all boxes as far as I know and not just premium. Same with the $5000 Chereos. That was before the premium box offer even came out. I’m really starting to question……

  3. Only big winners was before premium box. 2019 fall box won tickets, TV and 20 fall boxes to give to others. The other time was the box which had a gold ticket worth $5000.00 in a Cheerios box. Nothing else. When I received my second fall box they charged me for it. They did refund $49.00 but charged me $6.00 for shipping. Im a premium member and have received only coupon for sunscreen which I Threw away as it made my face breakout. My friend has the annual and has received everything I’ve received including coupons which I wish they would stop sending.

  4. I’m still wondering what I’m suppose to get extra with the premium subscription. Just paying more for nothing. I don’t get the whole “Be Kind” logo as there is nothing kind about stealing money.

    • I wrote them about the premium box as I’m not seeing anything special about it and have compared the products included with those of the regular subscription. The response I got was not very satisfying to me. Said “we will check into it”….Really? I agree — feel we are spending more money and not getting anything additional for it.

  5. I’ve been subscribed to this box since it began. My winter box never arrived. To be honest, I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t noticed yet. I just received a call from Be Kind Box’s customer support apologizing that my box never went out. They have none left and they are crediting me. The next box I get will be the Spring box.

    Honestly, I’ve had nothing but trouble from this box. A few boxes ago when they had a broken candle in so many boxes, my 2 boxes (I had two subscriptions then) were returned to sender by FedEx because they were damaged. After trying to contact them every way I could, they finally sent me replacement boxes and one of them had a broken candle in it!

    According to the woman I spoke to on the phone, they are restructuring everything over there. Here’s hoping they get it right this time….but not sending me a winter box, just refunding me and offering no other compensation is pretty sad.

    • How did you even get them to reach out. I have been emailing for weeks?

    • I’d really like to know how you received a call. No one on any reviews of Ellen’s box has received a call

      • Contact your credit card company to dispute charges….any problems contact the FTC as you cannot be charged for something you did not receive. Ftc = federal trade commission…

      • Good luck if you purchased as an annual more than 60 days ago, There is a time limit on disputes and once it is outside of that window, you cannot dispute it whether you received it or not.

      • I was very surprised to. She told me I would also receive an email confirming what she told me on the phone, but I haven’t received that yet.

      • Same- voicemail but no email yet.

    • Hello,

      We are so sorry that you feel this way about your box experience and about your conversation with our team member over the phone.

      We encourage each of our subscribers to communicate honestly and openly with us as your feedback helps us to make our system and boxes more enjoyable for everyone.

      If you would like to discuss your concerns further over the phone, we would love for you to reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “MSA CALL” so that we can personally give you a call and talk further about your experience and any questions you may have regarding your box.

      Again we apologize for this experience and these unforeseen issues. We hope to make it up to you!

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • How can we expect to anything in return when the customer support department never answers any emails. I have sent multiple emails in concern of why my fiancé has never received her winter premium box! I have canceled the subscription and now I would like to know how long will it take to get my refund back?

      • this is laughable. i sent multiple emails for my fall box that had a damaged product and finally heard back a month later. i was promised a replacement on november 8th and have yet to see anything. i happily cancelled. i’m shocked ellen has her name on this disaster of a subscription.

    • On December 5th 2019 I was sent an email saying your holiday box is ready for shipment, and now it’s January 25th and still no box. I ordered the premium box for my fiancé and still nothing, I’ve reached out sending multiple emails regarding where the box is and still no response. Customer service department sucks. Very very disappointed in this product as I canceled it. When I first ordered it, the reviews were at 3.5 three months ago and now it’s down to 2.7. I personally don’t recommend thus box unless they can on track with a better service!!!!!!

  6. I upgraded to the Premium box per their instructions and somehow, my regular subscription wasn’t cancelled. Come time for the Winter Box, I receive my Premium box and a week later the regular box (even though my account only showed the Premium subscription.) I have been e-mailing with their support team for over a month and have gotten 2 replies – one saying my other subscription was cancelled and the other saying they weren’t going to refund me for their mistake of not cancelling the other one when I upgraded –anyone else having this issue. Am very disappointed in their support….

    • Since you got both boxes could you tell a difference between the two? I haven’t been able to find anything “premium” about the extra it is costing for that box?

      • There is no difference except that the Premium box is supposed to offer a chance of winning some big ticket items. They specifically call that out on the webpage: “PLUS opportunities for Ellen to gift surprise-and-delight items like the ones you see on air!”

        However, I have yet to see anyone comment anywhere that they’ve gotten anything.

      • I have reached out them a couple times about the Premium Box. You would think somewhere in a google search you would find someone who said that their Premium Box had a bonus in it??? I haven’t found anything anywhere. I think we are all being KIND by subscribing and the company NOT BEING KIND in taking us for our money! All I asked them for was an explanation and it fell very short of one….”They will make note”???

      • When I looked up people who have won big by subscribing to Ellen’s be kind box it took me to 2 you tube videos. Both were before premium boxes started. Latest one was the fall box that Andy hand delivered to Ilene (Berverly hills California) which she received 20 fall boxes to gift to others, a TV, and two tickets to giveaway show. The other was one of her first boxes with a golden ticked in it worth $5000.00 So as far as I can see nothing but stupid coupon have been given to premium members. The last one for sunscreen i had to throw out as my face broke out terribly. After this next fall box my premium is done and I’m done. The products are cheap and the be kind hat(which I liked) was made in china same with the Bluetooth speaker.

      • I think I’m with you, Susan. I currently get the CAUSE box and I do like that one so I may downsize to just getting one box. I thought I was doing a good thing and BEING KIND by helping out these merchants and again, not about the money, but more so about the ploy to become Premium and really not seeing a difference. I feel a little taken.

    The email said that they apologized for the delay. There was a site wide error for some annual subscribers resulting in no order being generated for the holiday box. They are going to mail it “immediately” and are refunding me $15 to the credit card on my account.

  8. Wow, the customer service on this box is abysmal. I’ve attempted contact 4 times for a damaged item and… nothing. How ironic and hypocritical that the box is called Be Kind.

    • My suggestion would be to skip this subscription. I have had more problems than with any other box. I also tried to sign up for premium and ended up with two subscriptions. One was cancelled but the other was billed annually instead if quarterly ( BkB did the yearly thing not me)….THEN, due to a “glitch” in their system nothing was shipped for December. I’m done with the Hassel, just want my money back ( which was billed in OCTOBER!!). Sorry this subscription has not been kind to me! I’m done and want a full refund!!! Christmas is over…..

      • I just got a voicemail that they do not have my order because it was lost in their “Huge system issue“. I’m an annual subscriber. The VM said they have no more, they’re so so sorry, and I’ll have a refund in a few days. I’m not too devastated because this box is underwhelming but I’m still rolling my eyes over the whole situation.

      • Hello,

        We are so sorry that you have had this experience with our BE KIND. by ellen box. We hear you and truly value you as a member of the BE KIND. family.

        We experienced a major glitch in our back-end system that caused a system-wide error that we have been working very diligently to fix. Due to this technical error, we have received thousands of emails and have been responding to them as quickly as possible! We are so sorry if your message went un-answered to for a long period of time or if you have not yet received a response.

        We would love for you to reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “MSA CALL” so that we can personally give you a call and talk further about your experience and any questions you may have regarding your box.

        Again we apologize for this experience and these unforeseen issues. We hope to make it up to you!

        The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  9. Probably beating a dead horse in the face, but wanted to share my experience. Signed up in November for annual subscription. Received an email with an invoice showing I was charged on my credit card. Received my box in November a week later. January comes along and realized nothing has shipped for Winter box…check emails and nothing was emailed, go to the website and there is no tracking link (like so many other easy to use subscription sites), notice there is no customer service phone number on the website (like so many other easy to use subscription sites), starting to think I was jipped. So I go to my bank account online and search for the amount I was billed according to the invoice I was emailed – NOTHING. I searched for Be Kind, for Ellen, still nothing. So now I’m really confused. Am I a customer or am I not?????

  10. Looks like A LOT of people are having issues with their subscription! Since the Support team at the Be Kind Box is NO HELP AT ALL!! We need to contact the Ellen Show team to see if they will take matters into their own hands and fix all this! I LOVE Ellen and believe she would be so upset if shes knew how her Be Kind box is upsetting so many people.

    • Great, if you know of a way to contact them, please share.

      • In the MSA post revealing this box in late November early December BE KIND replied on several comments with an email address to use. You’ll get a response quickly using that. It’s irritating that you have to use a special subject line to get a response but since it works, use it. [email protected]
        Subject line ATTN: MSA

        I was able to get damaged products replaced and cancel my subscription by using the MSA subject line. Previously using the same customer service email address without the MSA subject line, I received no response or a response asking for more information and offering no help.

      • I’ve used this subject line 3 times and still have received no response.

      • Pretty sure the more times you email the longer it takes. Lots of companies have software installed that puts you at the bottom of the list so to speak every time you email.

      • Well, when they lie right to your face, I don’t know what else you’re supposed to do. Just sit back and allow them to keep $200 of mine? Keep waiting for a response until it is too late to contest it with your credit card company?

    • I found the email address to the show and emailed them and told them there were a lot of us over here in the same situation. I think we should all start flooding them with emails until this is taken care of!! The email address is: [email protected]

      • I sent one today also and included the link to this thread so they could see all of the comments.

      • I doubt Ellen even knows what is in these boxes. She’s just like most other celebrities. She let’s them use her name, talks about it on her show as directed and collects a paycheck. Harassing the people who run her show isn’t the right tactic.

      • Why do you think her show gives a rat’s behind about a sub box? Do you really think Ellen is going to care? People tried this when Oprah had her box and the reply was radio silence.

      • Pestering the people who run her show isn’t the right tactic.

      • I signed up for the yearly subscription in Oct 2019 and received the fall box shortly thereafter. To date, no holiday box. After sending 3 emails, I received a response about “an issue on our back end”.
        I followed up with another email to request transparent communication on when I should expect this holiday box and what is being done to rectify the back end issue and customer experience. I conveyed that after reviewing this MSA site, I see this is still an ongoing issue for many. With the spring box being shipped out in February they have certainly missed the window of delivering a holiday box.
        I got a response back that they could not estimate when my box would be sent but that they were working on it.

        I can find no proactive and transparent communication from the company to its customer base on this issue.
        Unforeseen things happen in business from time to time, so proactively communicating with your customers is essential in times like these, particularly for folks who have paid in advance and in good faith for the product.

    • The show is already involved. I googled the person who responded to my issue after I emailed [email protected] and she is a production assistant for Ellen’s show. It’s not clear that the Ellen box has any dedicated staff of its own. She promotes the box on her show and the box is sold through the Ellen shop, so I think it is fair to reach out to the show with customer service issues for the subscription box.

      • I reached out to the show for help and have gotten zero response. And the last response I got from [email protected],com was on December 26th, saying my box was coming soon. Since then, I have not been able to get a response to the 25 emails I have sent. I am so furious about this, and that there is nothing we can do, they just basically stole all of our money!!!!

    • Hello,

      We are so sorry that you have had this experience with our BE KIND. by ellen box. We hear you and truly value you as a member of the BE KIND. family.

      We have received thousands of emails regarding a glitch in our system affecting many of our customer’s Holiday Orders and have been responding to them as quickly as possible! We are so sorry if your message went un-answered to for a long period of time or if you have not yet received a response.

      We would love for you to reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “MSA CALL” so that we can personally give you a call and talk further about your experience and any questions you may have regarding your box.

      Please note that contacting other departments of the show will be unhelpful as they do not work with the BE KIND. by ellen Box. The best way to contact us is by using the above listed email.

      Again we apologize for this experience and these unforeseen issues. We hope to make it up to you!

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  11. I have not yet received my holiday box either, along with many others it seems. I got an email in the beginning of December that said it would ship by the 11th of December. I emailed 3 or 4 times, never received a response. Then sent an email with the MSA in subject line, got a response, basically the same one others received. I explained in an email that there seems to be no accountability on their end, and they don’t seem to care. I prepaid for a year, I have received the fall box. Asked about cancelling and was told I could cancel but can’t get a refund. Seems crazy to me that they have my money, but don’t ship the item, and have no idea when it will ship, but I cant get a refund? I don’t get it. So disappointed. Will not be doing this again. And at this point, what good is the planner and gift wrap?

    • And what really sucks is it is difficult to dispute with you CC because there is usually a time limit on doing that, so unless you just paid and this is your first box, you’re usually outside of the timeframe to contest a charge. However, I still called and my CC company is working on a refund and reporting them for me!

    • Same here!! I signed up for Annual Subscription on 10/23/19. I got the Fall box but still have not received the Winter box. I never even received an email saying it will ship. I have emailed support multiple times and received the same reply as many others. She, Meghan, claims I will receive an email when it ships. I said I want to cancel subscription and get a full refund but that isn’t an option. I feel that all of us with the same issues need to email The Ellen Show…. maybe someone there will get on the Be Kind Box support team. So frustrating!! I will never recommend this box to others or ever subscribe again!

  12. I just need someone to please respond to me about my order issue 🙁 please. This is like the 7,8 or 9 or whatever message or email or em I have sent just trying to get a hold of someone to help me with the gift winter box I ordered that came to the wrong address. This is so crazy. I love Ellen and her products and brand etc and I am so so so surprised that the customer service response is so awful right now. Can someone please please pretty please please please just call me or email me or hive me a number to talk to a human. Please please please. I am now begging! My order number is 88674.

    I ordered the winter box as gift to my sister in Arkansas and when she logged in it has her address but the box was shipped to me in Michigan. I have been trying to get a hold of anyone someone for three weeks with zero response. Please help. This has become the worst Christmas gifting experience ever. Please please someone respond and tell me what can be done!

    Denise Ngubeni

  13. Very Upset and would love to post something with kindness but I am very upset. I received 2 winter boxes and charged for 2. Only ordered 1. I’ve been trying to contact someone to return the box and recv credit for 2 weeks now. The only way to contact is via a email that says they will get back to you within 24 business hours. HAA. SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME

  14. I upgraded to the premium. Have NOT received anything since the upgrade. No response to my emails. Will probably have to dispute the charge on my credit card. I fell like I’ve been KIND enough.

  15. This particular box doesn’t seem so bad. It’s not mind blowing, but I don’t think I’d absolutely hate it if I received it.
    Also, those almonds, the first time I heard of skinny dipped almonds I thought it was a dumb idea lol, and then I kept receiving samples from places (on my uni campus, at grocery stores) and started falling in love with them!

  16. I am so glad I cancelled before this box and have not had any billing issues. Considering myself lucky.

  17. I canceled this along with all my other subs to minimize incoming clutter. The website says my account will be canceled in late March. I am not sure if I will be charged again before that.

    • I cancelled mine too due to the fact that I received and was billed for 2 of the same boxes. I’ve sent multiple emails per the website. The said my account will be cancelled in March as well. HMMMMM

  18. If anyone wants to get rid of the Cocofloss, let me know! I’m dying to try it.

  19. I paid for the holiday box and started a subscription. i checked my tracking number with UPS and it said that it had been addressed to a billing address, when my account clearly stated a separate address for sipping/mailing. So i never got the box and have have filled out the supposed area where someone will contact me within 24 hours and have heard nothing after several attemps. I paid for nothing. Great way for them to start.

    • Same. Same.

  20. I feel like Ellen has been very abrasive lately so a “Kind” box with a plethora of issues seems fitting.

    • I have thought the same thing! I’m little sick of her talking about her money all the time🤑 She is joking I’m sure and I know she helps a lot of people but she should realize the reason she has all that money and all the money available to her from companies to help all those people is because of all our support, all of us who got charged twice or did not receive their box on time or not at all.

    • She’s always been abrasive. She’s just famous enough now that she doesn’t have to hide who she really is anymore.

  21. Wow. For me, this looks like quite a boring box. Glad I cancelled.

  22. I also received a second fall box instead of the holiday box. After several weeks and multiple messages sent, I used the subject line “MSA reader issue” and received the following reply in less than 24 hours.


    Thank you for contacting BE KIND. box. We are so sorry for the delayed response!

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Please consider the additional box a holiday gift and feel free to gift it to a loved one.

    The additional Fall Box that you received was supposed to be your Holiday Box. We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end but please be assured that we have your Holiday Order and it is currently being processed.

    Please keep an eye on your email for tracking information! Be sure to check Spam and Junk too!

    Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!

    Thank you and BE KIND.,

    BE KIND. by ellen Box Customer Service

    • That’s the same the response I received over 15 days ago. Not a damn thing from them yet. No box, no tracking. No response to emails.

  23. I STILL have not received this box! I have been a subscriber since the beginning, and renewed when they offered the pricing special. Since then, nothing has gone right. They overcharged me for the renewal by $46, they then sent a second Fall box which I insisted they better not count towards my 4 renewal boxes. And I have yet to receive this Winter box and it is now January 4th!!!! Absolutely ridiculous. A lot of good wrapping paper and a planner will do me by the time I get this box, if I ever do!

    • I must have gotten your box! I received my legit box around the second week of December, then right before Christmas I received a second box, which I was also charged for! I only have one subscription. I’ve been emailing them about returning the second box and refunding me, but no response!

      • I also was billed for and received two winter boxes. I sent them two emails in December asking them how to return the second box and get a refund and to also cancel my subscription and have heard nothing. Now that the holidays are over, I sent them another email. I won’t hold my breath.
        As to the contents in the boxes, I’m not impressed. This was my third box and I don’t think the contents are worth the $59.

      • Wow, at least you guts got a box! I was charged but received nothing!

  24. Question for all – did anyone purchase the “premium” box where supposedly there are chances for prizes, etc? I’ve not seen ANY information – or seen anyone showing that they received something extra / premium? Was this a complete scam? And – I would not consider the sending of a 2nd Fall box “premium” (that was just getting rid of inventory it appears).

    • I’ve been wondering about that too. Ellen had a prime time special before Christmas, and I couldn’t help wondering if the audience members were also her box subscribers… =p

    • I upgraded to the premium membership. I did not receive anything extra in the holiday box,or any mention of the possibility of winning anything. Would love to hear from others who upgraded as well. 🙂

  25. It’s January 4th and I still haven’t received my “holiday box”. Had I wanted to use the wrapping paper or agenda, it’s getting a little late to be relevant. Disappointed.

  26. I recieved a duplicate fall box instead of the winter box. I have attempted multiple times to contact them but have yet to get a response.

  27. I’m wondering if anyone with the Premium subscription got anything extra in their winter box. I was happy to see the fall box as a bonus but was surprised that the Premium membership was only mentioned in a couple sentences in the pamphlet letter of the winter box. A little note saying that I didn’t win anything or that there weren’t prizes in this box would have been nice.

  28. The newspaper comment got a legit LOL outta me <3

    On the scarf – the weave reminds me of the Marquet ones that used crop up in GlobeIn boxes and had a much lower retail value. If you've had any of those, can you pick up a difference in the quality between the TribeAlive one and the Marquet?

  29. I actually ended up cancelling after this box. It’s not that the box is horrible, it’s just that for the price I am just not that impressed. Not to mention, I am not a fan of lots of self-branding. I personally find it harder to gift when that happens. Then to make matters worse, I got charged twice for this box. I will say that the company responded to my email, refunded me my money, and told me to keep the extra box. So for that I was appreciative. Especially after hearing so many people complain about the customer service. But in general, I felt meh about their boxes. I guess I was hoping the holiday box would convince me to stay, but instead it’s time to break up.

  30. They sell the almonds at Target and have peanut butter and espresso flavors, too! Espresso is my fave! 😊

  31. I love the message “be kind” in general, but imagine receiving a gift wrapped in paper that said “be kind”! As a recipient, I guess I would immediately jump to the conclusion that the giver was thinking “she will hate this gift… Hope she’s nice about it, says thank you, and doesn’t let me know how fast she tossed it into the Goodwill box” LOL.

    • I got the initial impression is that the giver thinks the recipient isn’t kind in general lol. Neither your thoughts or mine are really what you would want a gift recipient to think haha. I find it only practical for a parent to give to their children that would otherwise be fighting over their gifts lmao. Like a mom too tired of saying be nice to your sister, here the wrapping paper has the saying 20x. Her poor voice gets a break and mom gets your voice back. Lol

      • Agree with AH. I would feel like it was a passive aggressive dig to receive a gift with Be Kind all over it.

        Glad I got the first two boxes and quit while it was still okay. My advice to the customer service representatives that are ignoring fellow readers’ emails: BE KIND! RESPOND!

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