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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the December 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

December 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (77)

  1. I am only a glam bag subscriber….I keep checking the reveals and spoilers because I had debated upgrading a few months back..
    But now I haven’t been excited about anything but one item a month off the plus list…
    With add-ons I end up spending $36 a month…seems like 5 full size items would be a better deal…but….

  2. Ipsy Accidentally sent two of my box- one had my add-ons and one was just the items they had selected for me.

    I have 2 of the serum, 2 of the 11skin hydrate, 2 black eyeliner, 2 palettes, and 2 of the contour brushes. Plus my addons- 1 SR CEO
    cream and the Morphe palette (I know, I just thought it would be great for travel)

    In any case- definitely my moneys worth this month 😂

  3. I just received my IPSY Glam Bag Plus, and the “Evolue hydrating serum” had the top unscrewed, and the entire contents leaked all over my box and other products. It was so wet, even the sponge packaging was wet, and dyed pink from the box. All of the other boxes were wet too, so the only thing really salvageable is is the eye liner ( the one product that I hate, lol ). It’s so funny, the product that leaked all over is the one that I chose this month. I did contact IPSY care, and left a message. I feel bad that this happened during the busiest time of the year, and I very rarely have anything wrong with my packages from them. I’ve always had great experiences with their customer service department in the past, so hoping this will be the same. I’ll let all of you know how this works out. Happy Holidays to everyone.

    • That happened to me too! Evolue serum with loosened cap made for a messy delivery with nearly all of its contents spilled out into the pink ipsy package. What a waste! And all they had to do was get a piece a tape to fix the cap in place.

  4. Did anyone else receive the Evolue hydrating serum and find that the bottle was 2/3 empty?

    • I got the Evolue oil and same thing, it’s only 1/2 full…if that. I planned on swapping it, how would you guys go about doing that, or would you even bother? I guess I could list it in the description that it arrived new and 1/2 full, then discount the retail on it by 1/2. I just don’t want to get in a situation where someone thinks I sent them a used product. Is that why Ipsy got these, because there was a problem when it came to filling the bottles? It’s frustrating for sure, especially considering I skipped this month and they billed and sent it anyway. I just got the box today and I’d like to know who Itsy thinks they are charging $60 for that made in china, 4 pan magnetic palette? They aren’t Natasha Denona, so it’s no surprise to me that the palette ended up going wholesale to Ipsy. Consumers aren’t actually dumb enough to pay that for it, I’d say $35 at most and that’s being pretty generous. Ipsy has gone so downhill since the launch of Ultimate. It’s getting to the point where their boxes are filled with unremarkable, poor performing, way overpriced products. I don’t really care about top brands, but it’s not worth it if you don’t want to use the products because they don’t perform all that great.

    • I think its cuz the bottle is oversized.

  5. Wow, that’s my box for this month too. First time I’ve ever twinned with MSA lol

  6. I thought about skipping, but didn’t when I was able to select the eye cream. I’m actually happy with my bag- I’m getting the $65 eye cream, tarte spray, 111skin, Fulton palette, and eyeliner (the only item I won’t use). Super high value this month.

    • I almost got the same items as yours. except that instead of the 111skin which retails at $200, I got the lip balms retailed at $7.99. all the other items are the same. hmm…

      • but it’s still better than my November & October GBP. Everything gets better during holidays.

  7. Oh boy, so glad I skipped this month again. I’m finding these last 3 months not at all to my liking. If they keep it up I’m dropping them.

    • Ugh…I didn’t realize that you have to go back into your account and skip on a monthly basis. 😣 I skipped last month and my account was reactivated for December by Ipsy. I don’t want any of this. I can swap the stuff, so it’s fine I guess, I just hate to support Ipsy when their curation sucks, which has been more often than not lately. It might just be time for me to let Ipsy go. I’ve gotten my skincare down to specific products I like and I have way more make-up than I need. I think I’ll keep Allure just to get a little something every month and to heck with the rest. It’s not fun like it used to be.

  8. Just saw a 3 pack of the lip balm in this months box at TJ Maxx for 4.99 !?!

    • I got the lip balm in this month’s GBP too, I received lip balms previously in the regular glam bag. why is this counted as a full-size item in GBP now?

  9. Bag twins! I would have loved a lippie or the sheet masks instead of the oil, though.

  10. Over all I am happy with December, and Ipsy in general. Happy with what I am getting and am in the minority, but I am excited. So often I am not thrilled with some of my items at first glance, but later discover I love them… the whole point of a subscription service. Ipsy is the only sub I have and am grateful I can even afford it each month.

    My mom told me back in the 70’s when she was a teen, there was a makeup subscription where you’d fill out a profile and they sent you one item each month. She told me how happy subscribers were to receive that ONE item to try each month (sorry don’t recall if she named the service). Now we get multiple subs each month and each sub has 5 to 12 products and we can’t even be happy with that, yet years ago people were over the moon with ONE product. Wow, how times have changed!

    If some aren’t happy with their bags, it’s most likely due to overload of stuff and need to take a break.

    • Amy, I loved reading your comment. I, too, am very happy with Ipsy. I look forward to my little splurge each month! I love the suspense and surprise of Ipsy. Your mom and I are probably very close in age (I graduated high school in ’77). I remember something about a subscription that she described; but, I can’t remember the details, either. My family was poor and couldn’t afford anything like this. I sure would have loved to, though! I started working part time after school and summers/holidays when I was 13 to help my family with the bills and pay for my clothes for school and supplies, etc. It really was a godsend to them. My little brother did the same a couple years after me. (I’ve never not worked since.). Anyway, when I had a rare couple discretionary dollars to spend, I was thrilled to be able to go purchase a nail polish or simple shadow and on occasion a mascara (what a thrill that was to get a new mascara!). So, now that I can get more or less what I want in makeup and skin care (within reason), I’m thrilled. Shoot, I didn’t even know about these subscriptions until earlier this year! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

      • Amy and Alice, your comments were a delight to read! It’s very refreshing to read experiences like yours. Oftentimes when I’m on this site (or lurking in the Ipsy comments on Instagram) there’s always so much negativity. And I think some of it is justified (getting billed when you cancelled, receiving a broken product, etc) but other times I’ve seen comments where people say they just throw away what they didn’t like or how they’re so mad they got a certain product over another. Sometimes it’s nice and important to be thankful that we can afford these sort of luxuries!

  11. I’m absolutely thrilled with this month’s bag.

    Ittse Van Ness eyeshadow
    Evolue serum

    All of this for $25? Maybe it’s because I’ve only been a subscriber for 6 months but I’m excited.

    I added on the Sunday Riley CEO which I have a half empty one, and I love it. It’s so great for dry skin and i wake up glowing. I also added on two of the Tarte blush samples and the Tarte spray.

    I didn’t make a choice because I forgot the date. I already ordered 8 more eyeshadow pans to fill up the the Ittse palette.

    • You have a great box!

    • You and i are box twins! I’ve been a glam bag plus subscriber since it started.

  12. Yuck! I’m so glad I skipped!!!

  13. I’m ok with a few of the items, but come on, more chapstick and drugstore lipstick – and in a color I opted out of.

  14. I primarily did not skip this month, because I was able to pre-select the Verso eye cream which I really wanted, and I figured that $65 eye cream would be okay even if the rest of the box was crap. I ended up with:

    Verso eye cream (my pick)
    Tarte spray. I don’t use setting sprays.
    Ittse Van Ness palette. Nice, wearable shades, and I like the magnetic palette.
    Illamaqua liquid liner. Not super excited, but I’ll definitely use it if it doesn’t smear.
    Noyah lip balms. This seems like a cheap filler item.

    So 3/5. Not great, but not bad.

  15. I’m really happy with my box.
    I chose the ITTSE in Fulton and I got the Illamasqua eyeliner which I was really hoping for. What really surprised me in a good way was getting the 111Skin gel and the Evolue serum then the bronzer brush.

    Add Ons
    Aromatica Rose Serum
    Beauty For Real lip gloss in Stardust
    Skin Regimen Night Detox

    (I did get one for free at checkout.)

    A perfect box for me is a mixture of makeup then good quality skincare. They accomplished that. I actually enjoy trying brands I haven’t heard of as long as they are good quality.

  16. Does anyone know the difference between the two Ittse eyeshadow quads? The Van Ness is $36, like all their quads. But the Fulton (on Ittse’s website this is showcased as being apart of the December bag) is $60. The only difference I can see is packaging. I don’t know how packaging accounts for such a huge price deviation.

    • It’s adding the price for the magnetic palette, you have to pay for those separately usually. The eyeshadow quad alone goes for $36.

    • What you are seeing on the website for Van Ness is just the eyeshadow quad for $36 (NO palette). The palettes are sold seperately for $24, bringing the total value up to $60. When you look at the Fulton quad, you’ll see that it has the palette included in the price.

  17. This is the happiest I’ve been with a box since spring. I’m getting:

    Verso Eye cream (my pick)
    Complex culture bronzer brush
    Noyah lip balms
    Tarte setting spray
    Ittsee Van Ness quad (would have preferred the Fulton because I have warm tones)

    Add ons:
    Sunday Riley Vitamin C Cream
    R+CO Shine Hair Cream
    Purlisse BB cream

    • Interesting…I got the same bag except the quad in Fulton and I was a bit bummed because I would have preferred Van Ness since I’m cool toned! I wonder if the color chosen was just random and not matched to our profile. I’m not too upset though because I think those colors are still very do-able for me and I like the other items in my bag.

  18. This is the happiest I’ve been with a box since spring. I’m getting:

    Verso Eye cream (my pick)
    Complex culture bronzer brush
    Noyah lip balms
    Tarte setting spray
    Ittsee Van Ness quad (would have preferred the Fulton because I have warm tones)

    Add ons:
    Sunday Riley Vitamin C Cream
    R+CO Shine Hair Cream
    Purlisse BB cream

  19. My bag always seems disappointing lately, until I look at all the available choices and realize they did great considering my profile. Plus has never had a HUGE selection, but it seems they have been struggling with full size items more since the launch of Ultimate.

    I got:

    Tarte Setting spray (happy with)

    Ittse Van Ness palette (best choice for my profile)

    Complex Culture Bronzer Brush (will use)

    Morphe Matte Lipstick in Morphe (my choice)

    Noya Lip Balm Set

    My only wish would be to have gotten one skincare item instead of the lip balm set. But overall, not bad at all.

    • I think you nailed it. The Plus bag was my favorite sub up to a couple months ago. It feels like Ipsy spread themselves too thin and Plus isn’t getting the selection it used to. I’ve skipped the past two months and may end up cancelling if January doesn’t have something I want in choice.

      • Yes! But I will say that if I subbed to Ultimate, I’d be upset because many of the same product are in Plus and even the regular bag. That wasn’t what I expected when they initially launched Ultimate.

    • This is the exact bag I got!

  20. I’m getting the same box MSA is getting. I forgot to skip my Ipsy Plus and Ultimate for December and I’m really kicking myself in the butt because I don’t have the money to spend but on the plus side, I like the Glam Bag Plus way more than Ultimate. GBU was just ok.

  21. I decided to skip the month… I have been skipping the month since September. Hopefully next year there are products that I like… 2020 is coming Yay.. I’m excited…

  22. I skipped this month but added some items to my Ipsy Glam Bag, which I snatched from the Black friday deal with extra Violet Voss palette. I am happy I skipped and I will actually cancel after this. I am not too excited with any of the things Ipsy has offered since like July this year. To me, 5 months of not exciting or high end known products speaks for itself.

  23. This is the best Plus in a long time. Great products and add ons.

  24. I’m pretty disappointed with my bag: red Morphe lipstick, ittse Van Ness palette, 111 Skin, evolue serum & illamasqua eyeliner. These seem like such off brand products that you find at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. I’m bummed, was expecting more for December.

    Lesson learned: if I don’t like the spoilers, skip!

    • 111 and Illamasqua, off brands?! They’re high end. Try them! You may be pleasantly surprised.

      • I disagree the Illamasqua is a high end brand. They were a “brand” created by the Hut Group, given outrageous retail value to signify luxury when the reality is that they are formulated in the same factory The HUT Group uses to make the rest of their filler stuff. Sorry. To me they aren’t even as good as Stila, too faced, Estee , or any other real brand.

        I did admit they have done a great job with packaging and marketing.

      • No need to be ‘sorry’. I stand by my opinion. Illamasqua has great products.

    • That’s what I’m getting. Reasonably happy with it.
      Snagged a batch of add-ons. The site was running weird, but it was probably all the Cyber Monday events, so I wasn’t able to grab every little thing I wanted.

    • While Morphe isn’t “high end,” it isn’t trash from TJ Maxx or Marshalls either. The whole point of the bags is to try stuff you wouldn’t try, and although I realize GBP is for higher end products, Morphe isn’t trash, nor are the other ones.

  25. I’m always slightly disappointed with reveals, but then I end up loving everything.

  26. ***MY GLAM BAG PLUS***

    Eye Cream

    Press & Set • Bronzer Brush

    The Van Ness Magnetic Eyeshadow Quad

    Cryo Activating Hydra Gel

    Liquid Eyeliner


    Lip Gloss + Shine in Starlust

    Lip Gloss + Shine in Sunlight

    All Over Highlight • Powder Brush

    • Fabulous bag!

    • Same bag for me! I really like it!

  27. Twin bags except I picked the eye cream instead of the face serum. I’m happy! 😁 Got my 3 add ons too!

  28. After skipping for the last two months, I am delighted by this month’s bag. I am receiving the Verso eye cream (my choice), the 111Skin Hydragel, the Tarte shape tape, the Ittse Fulton eyeshadow quad, and the black eyeliner. I have eyeshadow as one of my opt out items, but I am looking forward to receiving it because the shades look like something I might use and the case will be great to have. I don’t need another black eyeliner but at this point it is crazy to complain as I am really excited about the other items. I also ordered the Sunday Riley CEO cream, the Evolue serum, and the Evolue oil from add-ons. Christmas gift to me.

  29. I’m pretty jazzed with my bag and add ons this month!

    *COMPLEX CULTURE – Press and Set Bronzer Brush
    *ITTSE – The Van Ness Magnetic Eyeshadow Quad
    *111SKIN – Cryo Activating Hydra Gel
    *EVOLUE SKINCARE – Hydrating Serum
    *ILLAMASQUA – Liquid Eyeliner

    * Violet Voss HG palette because I LOVE the palette I got from Boxy a couple of months ago, and this looks to have similar shades to my favorites from that palette. It’s beautiful!
    * AROMATICA – Rose Absolute First Serum
    *R+CO – High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme

  30. Ugh. I like the Tarte spray but nothing really else in my bag. This is the THIRD black liquid eyeliner I’ve received since subbing 3 months ago! I think I’m switching to Boxy..

  31. I picked Verso because I like their #4 , can’t wait to try #5, also got tarte, ittse, morph, brush. I was hoping to get a serum, I didn’t get it last month either, but I marked it as high on my profile, instead they would send me endless supply of highlighters and bronzers.

  32. I am also very happy. I got the Tarte setting spray, the 111 Skin cryo gel, Evolue Hydrating serum, Il Masqua liner and Itse Fulton quad.

    • Wow. Which item did you pick? This would have been the perfect box for me. I picked the Fulton quad and also got Evolue Oil, Tarte Setting Spray, Illamasque Liner and the sheet masks. I would have loved to try the 111Skin. I thought it was going to be an ultimate product.

    • I got this same box, super excited. I picked the evolue.

    • Why are the ingredients different for the 111SKIN hydrogel? If you look on ipsy shopper and compare it to the page for the product in the Plus & Ultimate, the ingredients are drastically different…..?

    • I got this same one too! I picked the Tarte spray. Very pleased with this box, after skipping last month! Even more so because I added on the Sunday Riley CEO. I LOVE that stuff. 😀
      I also added on the Hey Honey, an Avon pencil, and yeah, I got one of those silly bag charms (pink Christmas light)…
      I rarely use black eyeliner, but everything else is right up my alley.

  33. I’m really happy with my bag!

    I got the Morphe Lipstick in Morphe (Choice item) , the rose coloured ittse eyeshadow quad, the 111Skin Cryo Gel, the Evolue hydrating serum and the illamasqua black eyeliner.

    I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the eyeshadow pallette but of the two I prefer this colour and the case looks interesting. Unlike everyone else I am completely out of black eyeliners so very happy to get one!

    • Me too I love eye liners even if I already have them I can never have enough lol and I love the new ipsy plus bags

  34. I’m getting the lip balms and a Morphie lipstick when I have lip products as a never on my profile.

    I was also charged full price for add ons. No $3 discount like they claimed.

    • I would email them. It was discounted before I hit pay. Sorry that happened to you 🙁

      • I did email them.

  35. Bag twins with the exception I’m getting the sheet masks instead of the lip balms!

    • I am so excited for this month’s box. It is great seeing a balance between skin care and makeup. I am receiving
      -Fulton ittse quad
      -Tart setting spray
      -111 skin cryo activating hydra gel
      -evolute hydrating serum
      -Illamsqua liquid eyeliner
      Add ons
      -Private doctor define minus serum
      – IT cosmetics confidence eye cream
      -H20+ oasis hydrating treatment

      • This is my favorite bag so far..

        111 Skin Cryo Gel
        Powder Blush
        Evolue Serum
        Ittse eyeshadow palette
        Liquid eyeliner

    • That’s my bag too, I was actually fairly surprised to receive the other products which were choice options, it’s a good thing that I am stepping back after this month to save some money because this bag is really awesome!

  36. Add ons were straight up depressing, and I NEVER complain about this bag. The $3 credit was a nice touch.

  37. Reactivated my plus bag after I realized that I really liked the spoilers when so many people were unhappy with them!

    I got the same bag as Liz, except I got the Illamasqua eyeliner instead of the ipsy brush, which is the only item I won’t use.

  38. I’m getting the serum (my choice), the 111skin gel, the contour brush, an eyeshadow palette, and the black eyeliner. Not very exciting, but I’m pleased with skincare. I added on the thrive mascara, detox night mask, and hey honey retinol eye cream.

    • Same bag! I also chose the Évolue serum. Very happy with my bag, only item I won’t use is the eyeliner. 4/5 not bad at all.

  39. I’d be happy with any of that except the eyeliner!

  40. Bag twins! I was surprised by the lip balms, but I love lip balms so, oh well!😊

    • Actually, almost bag twins with you Liz, I got the Fulton palette!

      • Glad I cancelled

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