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We have more spoilers for one the January 2020 BoxyCharm base box thanks to Yosef! ($25 a month.)

The choice products for January 2020 have changed.

You will be able to pick one of the following for your January box:

Ace Beaute Eye Shadow Palette in Vintage Dawn or Scarlette Dusk OR

Dr Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream

(You can make your choice on December 10th).

And all subscribers will receive ONE of the following

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter or Pretty Vulgar Under Cover Concealer

And some subscribers will receive:

Glow Recipe Watermellon Glow Sleeping Mask

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code JOLLYCHARM to get this tarte palette free with your first box!

Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before November 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while December’s box and Tarte gift supplies last. December’s box with new subscriber gift value shown. Box contents vary. Sample of items featured in past boxes or in current boxes shown. Promotion valid while December’s box and gift supplies last. You will be charged $25 plus applicable taxes and shipping. Free shipping to continuous US only. No refunds or exchanges. Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew each month. Prepaid subscriptions will automatically renew in the first month of the next subscription period. Cancel at any time by logging in and editing your “Subscriptions” in “Account Preferences” under “My Account” on

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I figure if I only got one item that I’ll use I’ve gotten my moneys worth. I’m on product overload but I know the first month I delay a shipment, I’ll miss something spectacular. It’s like getting a present every month. I love it!

  2. I totally agree! You fill out your preferences and I have gotten all these insane colors total opposite of what I wanted! I just canceled

    • I love getting different bright colors of eyeshadow. So tired of these brown neutral pallets considering we got about 50 of them in the last few years. I have soooo many neutral colors, enough to last years and years If they start giving neutrals again I’ll unsub. bring on the neon eyeshadow please. I’d love even more color than theyve been giving. Because even in the colorful palettes most of the shades are neutral with only one or 2 colorful shades anyways so I’d like to start getting full color spectrum palettes

  3. I have been getting boxy charm for 11 months and I never get the emails to select a product…wait I take that back…I got one to chose an item for the base box and got the luxe that month instead without getting to choose anything…:(

    • This just happened to me for the first time for December’s choice. Boxycharm said to make sure I have them added to my contacts in my inbox even though in my first email I already told them I have them saved to my contacts. Not sure why only half of us arent getting the emails. And then they said unfortunately I missed choice so they cannot do anything..

      • same thing happened to me. ugh!

      • The same thing happened to me also. I didn’t get to choose for Jan 2020.

      • Same

    • Just a tip: Ladies if you’re not getting an email on Choice day, don’t wait for it just dive into your account and do it yourself. It’s been a few times that happened to me and I know when the choice date is and I just go in myself and after I already did my choice then I get an email hours later. Mark your calendars and dive in yourself. Same as Ipsy.

  4. I received two of the big Storybook palettes in boxy premium and luxe. I got an email on Dec 11 from boxycharm saying they made a mistake and will be sending me a Natasha Denona item and that they would be sending me tracking. Did anybody else get this email who got the same palettes in both boxes and if so, have you received tracking or the product?

    • I got the same cus they sent me a variation without my choices. I have not received any shipping info nor the product. i Emailed them today so hopefully they got something processed.

    • I got a similar email. Haven’t received anything in the mail so far

    • Something similar happened to me the last couple months. In October I didnt receive my eyeliner and in December I was sent the wrong choice item. In both cases I contacted boxycharm several times within 3 weeks to a months radius. I did end up receiving tracking about a month after each item was supposed to be sent out and I received both items within 5 to 6 weeks from when I contacted them. So you most likely will receive tracking eventually. It just takes “forever”. It was when I gave up hope that I finally received tracking.

    • I got the same Ciate highlighter in my Luxe and premium box. Boxy emailed me 3 weeks ago to let me know and told me I’d be getting a replacement item sent separately and they’d send that tracking. I haven’t heard anything since.

    • I got the big Storybook palletes in boxy premium and luxe but did not get an email stating they would be sending me the Natasha Denona item (lucky you!). I signed up for both specifically because they promised I would not receive the same item in these boxes 🙁

  5. I need at least one more spoiler 😕 this sucks. The palettes are horrid, so I picked the eye cream which I don’t need. I’d like the Too Faced Highlighter cus it’s cute but I’ll end up with the concealer which I hate 😕 . I don’t need the watermelon thing either… I’d really like another spoiler before I cancel. I’m keeping premium for sure though.

    • I think this is going to be my last month with Boxy. They’ve been really missing the mark lately. Don’t think I want to do that for 2020. Luxe isn’t even worth it to me any more. I rather just buy what I want.

    • Seriously.. I am not a fan of the palettes this month either.. they look like the ones we can purchase from 5 below. I’ve stalked Yari, Joe, and Kendy Jane’s social media just praying for another spoiler lol. I was hoping they brought the new year boxes in with a bang but it seems all the upcoming months will have the better items. I saw a video with Joe for the Pur Barbie collection that’s hopefully going to be coming soon. That’s what they should have started the year with.

  6. Same here!!! I am about to unsubscribe as well.

  7. I’ve finally unsubscribed from boxycharm. Despite claims of customization; every month is pure irritation. So not worth this disappointment anymore. I would rather add extra add ons (that ship with my ipsy glambag plus!!!) to my ipsy glambag plus than waste time and money on boxy continually sending me items I don’t want.

  8. I haven’t gotten a chance to pick an item since my first box in oct. No email reminder or anything letting me know to choose. Really disappointing.

    • Same here! I did get the email last month and selected, only to not get what I selected. I never got an email this month ☹️ so disappointed

    • Same here!! I am about to unsubscribe as well.

    • The same with me, I never get notified that it is time to choose. I also am still on the waiting list for Premium and I signed up within minutes of it opening.

  9. I missed the choice window. I’m so upset. I want one of those pallets. I don’t want an eye cream that has fragrance in it 🙁

    • I was not notified about the December 10th choice I didn’t even know about the ACE palettes or the eye cream. That’s so messed up.

  10. I don’t know why they keep picking eye shadow pallets that have mostly crazy colors… too weird that nobody would use. I see a lot of people selling them on ebay, Mercari, etc.

    other products are fine, i think they’re doing great job, but EYE SHADOW PALLETS… come on. you guys do know what I’m talking about. those colors…. who would wear bright red, bright orange, glittery yellow in daily basis? maybe cirques du soleil… I want eye shadow pallets that I can actually use for work.

    • I know! The last few months I haven’t even touched the palettes because I will literally NEVER wear the bright colors. I work in a funeral home, so that’s not gonna happen lol. The rest of the boxes have been pretty great, although my stock pile of highlights is getting a little wild!

      • They were just sending nothing but browns at the beginning of the year and I’m glad they at least mixed it up a little.

    • I want these Ace palettes badly but I don’t get Boxy and don’t want to. I can’t wait to pick these up on swaps though!

    • I love wearing colorful eyeshadow, and know quite a bit of people who do as well! It’s always fun to mix it up a little bit, I used to be scared of colors and now wear them all the time. I’ll always encourage anyone to give it a try, you never know when you might love a color on you! 😁

    • If I get that concealer, I’m calling Boxycharm and having it out. I don’t use concealer or foundation and I ignored the swatch they sent out. Seems to me that Boxycharm Premium has the best stuff in it but everyone is still on the wait list. Getting really frustrated with the whole thing.

    • I feel the complete opposite. They have given us plain brown/neutral palettes all last year! I have soooo many neutrals. Even when they give color it’s only one or two shades of color with the rest still all neutrals. If they start that again I’ll unsub. Please bring on the full spectrum of colors! Even neon! Especially after getting the same boring colors month after month last year. People are boring with their brown eyeshadow. Come on its 2020 and I’m not old yet. In my 30s but young still. Need some neon yellow and green. 😁

  11. I was so in love with Boxycharm. But December was such a let down for me. My Premium was worse than base box. They gave me an orange lip liner…Ewww Halloween is over. They clearly have kept lying and are still not using the quiz. Since I pay for all 3 boxes I feel like I’m getting the shaft. While they send the good items in the P R boxes. I had to buy the ND palette from others who received it while getting 1 box. I paid the Luxe & Premium prices and I couldn’t get the good stuff. I also had to buy the blush as I didn’t get that in either box. January’s spoilers thus far look like crap. ugh I gotta cancel as I’m too unhappy to stay….

    • I feel the same way, what a waste of money and for the holidays no less… Shame on you BoxyCharm

    • I feel the same way. They seem to be getting better at disappointing their customers. I didn’t make the first Boxyluxe or Premium despite doing everything right, on time and being a customer for years. They aren’t consistent in their methods and need to stop heavily advertising items we MIGHT get. I enjoyed it more when it was one box with just a few variations. They also started charging shipping on charm STORE, add on and pop up items for Canadians.

  12. I didnt get the PV concealer last month. I received a TF born this way foundation sample. My profile does indicate that I dont usually use concealer. So it’ll be interesting to see if I get that PV concealer!

  13. Hello,
    Is anyone else not receiving emails from Boxycharm regarding selecting an option? Or is there a way to make my selection on their website?
    Thank you! Have a nice evening.

    • Heidi, Just found out how through IG. Log into your account. Tap on the Boxycharm logo on the top left corner. Will prompt you to the option page.

      Boxycharm should really make it clear on how to everyone. Bad management.

      • Thank you so much! So kind of you to share. 😀

    • I got the email too. U have to go login in order to choose.

    • I’m not getting the emails either. Same with Ipsy and I have 2 accounts with subs for all three boxes and they aren’t being helpful. Good luck with yours.

  14. I thought we were getting to choose a complexion choice this month?? I was excited to choose my color of concealer, all I got to choose from is eyeshadow and skin care but nothing on there for concealer. I thought we were promised either foundation or concealer for January. I’ll probably get the highlighter and still wont get the pretty vulgar so for the people that get the highlighter are still out of a complexion item? That’s what I’ve been most excited about so I dont understand

  15. Owwwww I want to try that highlighter soooooo bad and that sleeping mask.

  16. The choice according to the screenshot I just took directly from Boxycharm is from the Too Faced Peach collection.

    • I just made my choice and MSS is correct

  17. Does anyone know when choice is supposed to be open?

    • The 10th for reg boxy, the 12th for premium.

  18. I swear if I get one more highlighter I am going to scream. I hate them and they are the bottom of my priority ratings on my quiz, yet I still get them.

    • But…BC doesn’t USE the quiz. That IS the problem.

      • Same here, I don’t use highlighter and if there’s one available, I receive it! I’m cancelling Boxy it’s become too shady!

    • And u never get concealer, ugh I hope I get it.

  19. Oooh no :((( I’m sooo hoping for the highlighter (for once) hahahaha. I’ve wanted to try this one for a long time now and heard it was at tj maxx, but I never see it at the one close to me.

    I’m worried because boxy sent me the swatch sample for this pretty vulgar concealer and I’m worried this is the one I will end up with, since they sent that exact item to “figure out skin tone” so I’m wondering if they ones that got the pretty vulgar concealer sample card and if they have matching colors, that’s what we will get instead of the highlighter.

    I sure hope I’m wrong. I haven’t liked anything from the brand pretty vulgar. I’ve tried eyeliner and eyeshadow pallette amd disliked both.

    But happy thoughts!!!

  20. I already have my favorite NARS concealer it’s hard to match my skin color , I agree I think concelears should be optional choice , bc I see everyone saying it probably won’t match their skin, and don’t care for that brand PV

    • I was so in love with Boxycharm. But December was such a let down for me. My Premium was worse than base box. They gave me an orange lip liner…Ewww Halloween is over. They clearly have kept lying and are still not using the quiz. Since I pay for all 3 boxes I feel like I’m getting the shaft. While they send the good items in the P R boxes. I had to buy the ND palette from others who received it while getting 1 box. I paid the Luxe & Premium prices and I couldn’t get the good stuff. I also had to buy the blush as I didn’t get that in either box. January’s spoilers thus far look like crap. ugh I gotta cancel as I’m too unhappy to stay….

      • I too am no longer interested in Boxycharm. My Luxe box was a huge let down and November box wasn’t much better. I bought what I didn’t get from another Charmer. I’m cancelling but hoping I can use my charms before I cancel.

  21. LOL, they almost lured me back when that highlighter was announced as a spoiler. Good thing I didn’t fall for it, because I definitely would receive the concealer. I’ll wait and pick it up from someone trying to offload it on eBay or one of the exchanges.

  22. No complaints here! I’m loving the choice options! Anything Dr. Brandt is a win for my “old lady” skin. I’d prefer the Two Faced highlighter over the concealer simply for the gorgeous packaging. Occasionally I receive stuff I don’t want or need. Those items go to charity. To me the overall value and fun of this subcription outweighs the bad. No need to upgraxe or shop add ons. My Ipsy base box add ons are great and cost waaay less than Boxycharm.

  23. I am in LOVE Scarlette Dusk so I know what I’ll be picking! I love pink and red shades 😍
    I don’t have pallet fatigue like everyone else here seems to have, but I’ve only been a member since June.

    I wouldn’t mind the highlighter or the concealer, I just worry about the concealer because 1. I’m neturel colored so they usually run too pink or too orange and 2. I have prominent eye wrinkles and concealers can make it 10000% worse.
    I don’t really use highlighters, but I wouldn’t mind putting more effort into incorporating them heavier in my routine.

  24. I’d take the palette in Vintage Dawn over the eye cream… but the eye cream over the palette in Scarlette Dusk. What to do? Also I hope I get the concealer.. I’ve watched that TF highlight and I don’t like it, at all.

  25. Dumb question: if you choose the eye cream, is it possible you’ll still get a palette? Just checking.

    • No. It isnt like ipsy. It’s either or, unless you have more then one sub, or maybe someone in your house has another sub to boxy, they might get it.

      • Thank you!

  26. I love that we get to pick between a skin care item and an eyeshadow pallet because after three years with Boxy I have more eyeshadow then I can use in this lifetime 😂😂.

    • Me too I barely use eyeshadow but I’m stocked beyond stocked with eyeshadow palettes lol

    • I agree!!! Looking forward to getting the sleeping mask in mine [email protected] boxycharm!!!

    • I just got my premium box, and I was so happy with it! Ipsy gave us the smaller “full size” pink juice awhile back, but BC just gave us the real full size of 2 oz and the Bite Beauty Agave is the bomb, and I actually receive the Natasha Denona Palette!! I couldn’t believe it an dim super stoked with the entire box! Can’t wait for my luxe box to come Friday!

  27. Solid box. I LOVE the watermelon sleeping mask and was just about to buy another bottle. Fingers crossed I get it. I’ll be happy with either the highlighter or concealer. Not sure what item I will choose.

    Boxycharm c.s. is horrid but the actual boxes are pretty good for the price we pay. I have 5 months left on my prepaid. I am happy with this month.

  28. I think I need to just use my money and buy what I need , the boxes are such a disappointment only who does YouTube get great boxes.

    • That’s what Ive done.

  29. This makes it easy for me to cancel! I needed to for financial goals. And I haven’t been happy with past boxes. This just makes it easier when I know I want nothing at all presented. Win for me

    • I agree…I am canceling after my Boxyluxe this month.

  30. this is an amazing box for me! i’m going to be picking the eye cream and am very very excited about it, highlighter or concealer is fine, a little nervous to see how the shades work out for everyone but it’s still a nice item, and i would DIE if i for the sleeping mask, so cute.

  31. That concealer is going to be an epic fail! It only comes in 4 colors, 2 light and 2 dark. I am neutral medium and none of them match. The complexion products should always be choice, imo.

    • The choice is between the concealer and the highlight

      • Yosef said the choice is between the palettes and eye cream on IG

  32. I dunno why I thought we would be able to chose between the highlighter and concealer. But hoping for the concealer. The palette, I will choose the 1st one because I don’t have colors like that in my collection. I love reds and pinks and always have but because of that, I own many lol

    • You were not wrong in thinking that. The original anouncement was that the choice would be between the Highlighter and Concealer. Joe posted a video stating that people have feedback that they had Palette fatigue. So they changed things around. So it is now a variation.

  33. I’m going for the eye cream. So far the box seems pretty decent and I’m not complaint much.

  34. I thought it was a choice between concealer and highlighter, now fingers crossed I will not get the concealer as it will not suit me. My choice will be the eye cream since I am on a pallets overload and I am so not interested on this brand. Now let’s see what the box will actually have!

  35. I was finally able to use my charms (nothing like the final hour) because my annual ends after this month and I am forever done with them. I too am also tired of the bait and switch. I no longer will support shady companies.

  36. I’m giving body one more chance to give me a highlighter. I have highlighter marked as. Number two (after eyeeshadow) on my list. And I rary get it. I have it marked that I do NOT want complexion products, as I am super pale, and none of the samples were light enough for me.
    I’m tired of the bait and switch, and I am tired of them advertising great products that only 2% of people get. (Like the Becca highlighter this month)

    Boxy just isn’t delivering anymore for me.

    • I feel the same way! I also love highlighters and never receive them. I have been a subscriber for over a year and not once have I got one. I was so excited to be able to pick the Too Face one!! Oh well, that’s Boxy for you. I think if he were to tell the truth, he would burst into flames!

  37. The Dr. Brandt eye cream gets pretty mixed reviews, but I’m still going to give it a chance. The Ace palettes just look so cheap to me, and I feel like the color pay off won’t be there.

    • Ace beaute palettes are amazing. They have excellent color pay off.

    • We got the Ace Beauty Grandiose pallet awhile back and it’s still in the top three of the gazillion pallettes I’ve gotten from Boxy. The colors were really pretty pinks and golds and it was the first pallette the really got me out of my comfort zone. Before all I ever used on my eyes were neutrals. The pigmentation and blendability was awesome too.

  38. Canceling boxy charm. I’ve already cancelled ipsy. Neither one is making me happy anymore. If I could just get luxe I would probably keep it but even this quarter I am underwhelmed by the spoilers. Maybe I have too much stuff..,,

  39. I thought shadow colors couldn’t get uglier than those mini storybook palettes. I was wrong.

    • I agree Alice! So glad that is a choice item. Love Dr Brandt products

      • The Dr. Brandt is the way to go!

  40. I really think it’s not fair that some people gets the sleeping mask. That should be a choice product with another mask. Then they should have two different types of concealer. Those eyeshadows are okay. I thought we all were getting complexion products in 2020.

  41. I knew it was to good to be true about bein able to pick between the highlighter an the concealer, which the owner himself said!! I don’t want that concealer an that’s the dang sample I got an tested in my box to take the survey on! I was so happy and frankly y i was staying with boxycharm is bc I knew I was gonna pick the highlighter! They have got to get it together this is absurd telling ppl things then changin it. I’ve always been pretty happy with my boxycharm until last month that just was so bad I’ve been sitting on the fence waitin to see if it’s gonna continue bein that bad or get better with how they do things. Sub boxes r not as great as they use to be. I’m thinking of takin the money I spend on all my sub boxes and put it towards really amazing brands at sephora wish list products instead ya know.

    • That’s what I’ve done. I was totally fed up with shady BC. I’m watching sales and purchasing exactly what I want from companies I trust. There’s no sense in what BC does. Good riddance.

    • I was also going to pick the highlighter. Now maybe I’ll just cancel because Allure has the highlighter palette this month. I don’t want to risk it and try to garner a trade for it later.

    • I almost subbed to this month’s Boxy just for the chance to choose the highlighter next month. Glad I waited.

    • I’ve decided to cancel Boxy after my prepaid boxes end. The choice process and items are disappointing and we all should get the sleeping mask if that’s what they’re advertising.

  42. I REALLY want that sleeping mask…which means I won’t get it. I should cancel but FOMO is a terrible thing!!

    • You can buy that exact size at Sephora for 22 dollars. I’m thinking about canceling and just buying the mask since that’s the only thing I really want.

      • That’s what I did and im happy. I’m watching all the discounts and sales and have already purchased several items I truly wanted at fabulous prices. These boxes don’t make sense to my wallet – and taste – any longer.

      • Another tip- when an item is featured in a popular subscription box like ipsy or boxycharm you can usually buy it for much cheaper than usual on buying/selling apps like poshmark or mercari, as the market gets flooded with people trying to get rid of stuff they don’t want and/or make some of their money back. You are buying secondhand (often unused) items from individual sellers but I know from experience Mercari is very buyer oriented; the money you pay isn’t even released to the seller until the buyer confirms the item is as described. I’ve gotten a lot of items featured in boxes this way, brand new and dirt cheap. No more FOMO 😉

      • I wasnt approved for premium when they had the watermelon sleeping mask and they didnt have it as an add on so I searched Google under shopping and found several people were selling it for half the price of sephora on Ebay and Mercari so I purchased a brand new one on ebay. I ended up purchasing that and the little briar rose palette for 25 dollars total. So try checking out there too if you want to save a bit more.

  43. Ooo I hope I get the sleeping mask and concealer! Choice items are meh. Eyeshadow colors aren’t doing anything for me and I never notice any difference using any eye creams

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