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BoxyCharm January 2020 Early Access Add-Ons Available Now!


Early Access for the January BoxyCharm add-ons is open now! Early Access is open for BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium Subscribers and Waitlisters. Access opens for all active Charmers on 12/10.

Add-ons are beauty products at member-exclusive prices with free shipping. They will ship separately from your monthly box.

Here are the January Add-ons:

Are you getting any add-ons?

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

Use this link and coupon code JOLLYCHARM to get this tarte palette free with your first box!

Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before November 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while December’s box and Tarte gift supplies last. December’s box with new subscriber gift value shown. Box contents vary. Sample of items featured in past boxes or in current boxes shown. Promotion valid while December’s box and gift supplies last. You will be charged $25 plus applicable taxes and shipping. Free shipping to continuous US only. No refunds or exchanges. Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew each month. Prepaid subscriptions will automatically renew in the first month of the next subscription period. Cancel at any time by logging in and editing your “Subscriptions” in “Account Preferences” under “My Account” on

BoxyCharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (57)

  1. Really not thrilled with the choices this month.

  2. Choice and add ons are live now. They have the Ace Beaute palletes and the eye cream.

    • Thank you! That’s nice that you can choose between the two palettes as well 🙂

      • You’re very welcome 😊 I love they allowed us to choose between the two palletes. Of course I couldn’t, so I chose the scarlet dusk and bought vintage dawn.

  3. What time is access today? Or is it just screwed up again?

    • On the website it says to follow them on social for the opening choice time. MSA usually tells us when choice starts.

    • If you’re talking about access for add-ons, I’m not sure what time that starts today, it still says open for early access. MSA usually alerts us when things start on boxy even before I get an email from boxy (which I sometimes don’t get).

  4. I’m really concerned that I still don’t have tracking info for my first Luxe box. They took my money and sent me the congratulations email, i wonder what’s going on.

    • Seems like they are late for a lot of people this month.

    • I didn’t get my shipping email from them yet either. I have a Fedex account so I was notified a shipping label was created on Dec 2nd but it hasn’t been sent out yet.

    • I got my box today. But I never received tracking number for it. I received one of two of my add on orders. Maybe yours is on the way without a tracking number??

  5. This Add-On is an absolute joke! Boxycharm couldn’t handle the regular monthly box but now with all the extras. The bait and switch is ridiculous. Last month Joe in a video said ALL Charmers would receive those Brushes, Premium would get 5 piece set and Base Box 2 piece set. But that was a lie. Some people contacted Boxy about it receiving an apology & the brushes. Others were chastised over it being a box Variations. No way am I giving Boxy money for brushes.🙄 They never launch anything correctly.

  6. Ok. I wasn’t able to choose items for December, or this upcoming month. I have all 3 boxes. I am quite new, but I have about had it. What do I do?

    • Choice for regular boxy starts sometime today for 48 hours. For Premium it is 12/12 for 24 hours. It’s on the opening page of the boxy website. No one has been able to choose for Jan yet.

  7. I didnt get an email about the add ons and the page didnt work at all. I also didnt get the opportunity to get choice. I was charged for my december boxyluxe, but it stated that I was not signed up to boxyluxe and couldn’t get access to choice… I dont know what is happening because I don’t have shipping information or an email from boxycharm. This month my account isba mess…

  8. I had cancelled the regular box which in doing so cancelled my Boxyluxe automatically. 😳 I freaked out. Thank goodness I had already been billed and they had sent out my December Boxyluxe cause now I’m on the “waitlist” to get Boxyluxe 😩 At least I’ll have until March to get off the dang waitlist. I love how BC hooks us in 💵💶💲

  9. I got brushes and pallet. I received two brushes in regular box and wanted complete set. I was stalking e bay for it but people want too much money. Super excited because it is REALLY good brushes.

    • I still have the brushes if you’re still looking to get them

  10. This is so confusing to me…

  11. Probably the lamest add-on sale EVER…

    • I agree! I don’t see a single product I’m interested in. OTOH, I sure don’t need to be spending any extra $$$ this month!

    • BC thinks $21 per past box is a deal?! That’s too funny. That was the original price of the box at those times of distribution.

    • Yeah… nothing even tempting, just old leftovers. I’m much more pleased with Ipsy right now, and I’m mad I forgot to cancel December Boxy/Luxe. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Agreed

    • Agreed!

  12. SO glad I’m not dealing with BC. I got an annual Causebox with my money that went to BC. Causebox’ customer service has already done a favor for me, and fast, too. So refreshing to get great service. Kinder did as well. They’re intent on pleasing their subscribers.

  13. I’m so done with Boxy Charm showing zero respect for long standing members and annual purchasers. By the time I got to the darn pop up sale, I stopped counting at over a hundred items being out of stock. I’m done after my annual is up and will never throw good money to bad companies. He is always throwing other sub boxes under the bus when he does the same shady dealings.

    • I only have a 2 months left on my prepaid and I am done. Each months just ends up being completely aggravating, the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. I received a duplicate item, in Luxe and Premium, even though it was guaranteed we wouldnt. I was told by customer service that was for NEW subscribers. I don’t even know what to say to that BS.

    • I left Boxy this month too. I’ve been with them for almost 4 yrs. I got tired of never receiving the better products only to see influencers getting them and then shown as a possible free gift out of 2 or 3 a month or two later. I even order two boxes the month hoping to get that better product. Its happened over and over. I then signed up for the premium only to see members comment about getting it this month after they opt out and then back in. I never got one. Thrj I had 2 things in my cart on the sale and it sold out within seconds while in my cart. They didn’t send me an email about it until 3 pm that day. I need a break from the bait and switch. Atleast with ipsy you are not getting hopes up for products they never were gonna send non influencers and we don’t have to chase down information in Insta gram. I even unfollowed everything Boxy so I won’t be tempted. I spent my money on ipsy sales instead and plan to stick with them.

      • Same. Staying with Ipsy.

  14. I got the brushes in the last box and I actually got another set of five. They ARE that good and an amazing value at $12 – far better quality than Luxie IMO.

    Just because it’s a Boxy brand, doesn’t mean it’s bad quality. And the converse is also true as I’ve gotten some mediocre (or worse) stuff that was from a “coveted” brand with a high retail price.

    I suspect they are made by the same factory which makes the Iconic brushes which have a high retail price.

  15. LoL I wasn’t feeling ahead! Thanks 😊

  16. Yeah he mentioned that there were going to be a Dr Brandt cream and two eyeshadow palettes. I thought he said we would have early access today if we were premium and everyone else tomorrow. I’m confused.

    • Those will be out on tuesday at 1pm.

    • Those appear to be the choice items for the January base box (see MSA spoilers). Makes sense to sync your choice and add-ons for those items.

  17. I did like the dose of colors lippie and may eventually want more but meh. I’m ok for now

  18. So I ordered two separate orders from the popup sale. The second order is already here, the first order doesn’t have a tracking number yet. Is that normal???

    Also I’m one of the unlucky ones who’s box has yet to ship this month.

    • Not normal 😂, you’re ahead. I don’t have anything yet and placed 2 orders.

    • Mine hasn’t shipped this month either but I always get mine later. I must be in the last batch.

  19. Not amused by any of these items. Pretty lame.

  20. Dear BoxyCharm, I am not happy that you (BoxyCharm) are trying to flog your own brand stuff (at a ridiculous markup to boot). Please take a look at how well that went for LA Ritzy, which stopped sending brand-name products and replaced it with their own rubbish. The vast majority of us don’t want anything from the BoxyCharm brand, and we will let you know by cancelling our subscriptions. Thank you for your consideration, Someone With Multiple BoxyCharm Subscriptions (for now).

    • The price on their own brushes is amusing, most definitely.

      • Definitely exaggeration on the value. I found the brushes unbalanced, unwieldy, and prickly. They don’t distribute product smoothly. I hated them. I have no use for them as a facial brush. I will use them for my art.

    • Those brushes are really good. I’m OK with branded items if they are quality, but do not have any interest in tote bags and such. But, to each their own.

  21. I looked at add-ons earlier. There were 3 items under “Out of Stock”. There was a note that they would be available for purchase tomorrow. There was an eye cream and an eyeshadow palette in 2 different colors. I believe they were $12 each.

  22. Just grabbed the Dose of Colors ILUVSARAHII EYESHADOW PALETTE for 12$ !!! yayyy

  23. My account STILL doesn’t let me shop add ons… I like the Boxy Luxe products but their process is so frustrating it makes me want to unsubscribe. This is the third time this has happened to me and Customer Service has been useless. I have both premium and luxe!

    • I am having the same issue.

  24. Meh..Not impressed..might just cancel for January all together. I’m waiting on more spoilers.

  25. wow the options are absolutely awful.

  26. I wish I knew which one was which

    • Just look at past boxes it’s in the menu

      • I did and they don’t have all of them just 1-2 from that month

      • You can look at the reviews and spoilers on MSA 🙂

  27. Either there’s a problem and all the products just aren’t loading or this is quite a sad selection. Probably not worth offering these few things. It would make more sense to stick them in the equally sparse charm room.

  28. *giggle*

    I’m good.

    • How do you order ? There is no cart choice

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